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Hello! So while I do intend to continue adding chapters to this fic in coming weeks, I wanted to take a moment to address an uncomfortable but undeniable truth: part of what I am doing in this story is sexualizing fascism and the struggle against it. On my end, this is largely a means of a) processing trauma, and b) engaging in cathartic wish fulfillment. I don't think creating dumb fanwork like this is harmful, but nor do I think any of us should be engaging with our own desires uncritically, or thinking of them as in any way divorced from the realities of the world around us.

If you've enjoyed this fic so far, I urge you to take 30 seconds out of your day to make a donation to the National Bail Fund Network. Protesters across America are getting arrested right now for standing up against anti-Black racism and police brutality, and while freeing people from the notoriously violent US prison system is always a worthy cause, the pandemic makes it more urgent than ever.

Here's the link:

For every donation over 20 USD, I'll donate an extra 20 myself. You can direct your donation receipts or hate mail to

Look I know this is a weird forum for this and I'm sorry to those of you who were expecting a new chapter, but please do it you guys - if you have any extra money at all, please please please donate. Getting people out of cramped, unsanitary prison conditions and out of the hands of the cops will literally save lives. So instead of getting off to sexy sexy fictional fascists, put your money where your dick and/or pussy is and help fight them IRL! Do it for John Boyega! And send me those receipts, it would make me so happy.


PS. This is emphatically Not an invitation to debate the validity of these extremely valid protests and anyway I can moderate the comments section on here so don't bother trying to pull any #alllivesmatter shit, k thanks :)