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This was, by far, the fullest he’d ever seen the mangaka’s house. It wasn’t as if he had been here often, only visiting twice or thrice in the last year with Koichi, but it was still impressive to see so many people gathered in the usually lonely home.

Josuke took a sip of his drink; he’d lost count of how many he’d had during the night and was most certainly feeling the effects of the alcohol clouding his mind. “And then what happened?” he found himself asking Okuyasu, who was excitedly telling him and Yukako about his first week of working at Tonio’s.

“I was gettin’ there, bro… Tonio told me I did a good job! Can ya believe it?”

Yukako smiled at him briefly. “That’s remarkable. You must be proud of yourself.”

“Yeah, man. That’s really cool,” he said, his gaze running over the crowd in search for something to focus on. Josuke hadn’t been entirely sure of what he was searching for until he found it. There, standing right next to the birthday boy, was none other than Kishibe Rohan. Today he was wearing a tight fitting black crop top with a lace up front and white jeans. The cut of his top exposed his collarbone and shoulders, as well as his thin waist and well sculpted abs. The sight of him sent an odd warmth through Josuke’s body, and he suddenly felt the urge to walk towards the manga artist.

Rohan looked his way, letting his eyes trail all over his body. Josuke felt his face heat up at the sudden attention. After a few seconds, they locked eyes and Rohan quickly turned his gaze away from him.

“Josuke? Are ya listenin’?”

He tore his eyes away from the mangaka for a second, looking over at his friend with a dazed expression on his face. “Y-yeah? Sorry, bro. I was, uh…” he faltered, trying to look for any sort of justification to his spacing out. His drunk brain didn’t manage to come up with anything.

“He was making googly eyes at Kishibe, as per usual,” Yukako said with a slight smirk on her face.

Josuke frowned at her. “Hey! That’s not… I don’t always check him out!”

Yukako shrugged. “You do whenever you’re drunk.”

Okuyasu laughed at their exchange, shaking his head in mock disapproval. “Josuke, Josuke, Josuke… ya gotta stop bein’ in denial. S’okay, we’re not here ta judge you. Besides, Rohan’s kinda hot, ain’t he?”

She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “If you’re into pretentious, disconsiderate assholes, then I guess you could say he’s attractive.”

Josuke raised an eyebrow. “You okay there, Yukako?” He chuckled, eyeing her warily. “I mean, the guy is definitely an asshole, but… what’d he do to you?”

“Y’know, he steals Koichi away from her ta do weird manga shit,” Okuyasu chimed in.

“Oh! Right, true. Rohan’s always doing weird shit isn’t he? He must be just as freaky in bed… Do you think he’s got fucked up kinks too?” Just the thought of it had him hot and bothered, desperately wishing he could experience it all firsthand. What made Rohan tick? What would make him scream out in pleasure?

Both of them shared a look, then stared at him with blank expressions on their faces. “Josuke. I think… maybe you’ve had enough alcohol for now,” Yukako said, taking his drink away from him. Josuke pouted at this, resisting the urge to try and take it back from her. “In regards to your question, though, I don’t want to ever imagine that man having sex. So no, I don’t think he’d be freaky in bed. As far as I’m concerned, Kishibe Rohan does not fuck.”

Okuyasu bursted out laughing at this, so much he nearly spilled his drink on Josuke. “HA HA HA, oh bro… I mean, I don’t want ta think of Rohan that way either, honestly. But he’d probably be into weird stuff yeah.”

The subject was dropped, and all three of them went back to talking about their jobs, classes and daily lives in general. Josuke kept stealing glances over at Rohan, and Rohan kept looking his way every so often.

About an hour after that, Josuke was left alone, sitting on the living room couch and feeling much too sober to keep partying. So, naturally, he got up and headed towards the kitchen to get his hands on any kind of alcoholic drink.

Once he finally arrived at the kitchen, Josuke sighed, heading straight for the mini cooler placed on the counter. A wide arrangement of beers were laid out inside of it, and it took him a while to pick out the one he wanted to drink.

“Higashikata. What are you doing here?” Josuke turned towards the source of the voice, not at all surprised to find one angry Kishibe Rohan staring down at him. His arms were crossed over his chest and a scowl was present on his face.

Josuke smiled at him, hoping to ease some of the tension. “Ah, you know, just getting myself a beer.” Rohan huffed, turning away from him to pour himself a drink. Josuke didn’t let the opportunity pass him by and he stared at the mangaka’s ass unapologetically. “How about you, Rohan?” He drew his name out, well aware of how much it annoyed Rohan to be referred to by his first name.

Rohan didn’t even bother to turn and face him, pouring a dangerous amount of vodka in his cup. “What the hell does it look like I’m doing, you idiot?”

He chuckled, taking a few steps toward him. “It looks like you’re drooling all over me,” he teased, leaning against the counter right next to Rohan.

“Excuse me?” Rohan asked, his tone shifting into something much more spiteful.

Josuke shrugged, taking a swig of his beer. “I mean that you’ve been checking me out the whole night. Your eyes won’t leave me, babe.”

Rohan turned to face him, with a frown on his face. “Babe? Who the fuck do you think you’re calling babe?” He took a step closer to Josuke, nearly pinning him against the counter. “If I recall correctly, your drunken ass has been the one checking me out all night. You WISH I had been reciprocating your disgusting stares.”

The position they were in only further fueled Josuke’s arousal and rage. “Oh fuck off, Rohan. You KNOW you want me.”

“I do not!” Rohan exclaimed, getting impossibly closer to Josuke. They were so close that Josuke could feel Rohan’s breath on his skin. “Stop projecting your damn emotions onto me.”

“Hey! I’m not the one in fucking denial about my own feelings, Rohan,” Josuke said, gradually raising his voice with each word. Rohan raised his fist and Josuke caught it, pulling Rohan closer to him again. Their faces were just inches apart from each other’s, and Josuke suddenly had the strange urge to close the gap between their lips.

“Um… guys?” Koichi asked from the door, holding a plate of chips in his hands. It seemed he had just been passing them out to guests. “What are you doing?”

Almost immediately, both men pulled away from each other, trying and failing to appear casual. “O-oh, we’re just… Hanging out,” Josuke tried, picking his beer back up from the counter. Rohan, helpful as always, simply huffed and walked away.

Koichi shot him a sympathetic look. “He… can be a little difficult sometimes, huh?”

Now that was an understatement. Still, Josuke agreed with his short friend and they shared a few friendly words before Yukako arrived to steal him away.

The rest of the party was more or less uneventful; Josuke shared a few hate filled glares with Rohan, checking each other out when they thought the other wasn’t looking, but, other than that, nothing else really happened. Josuke made sure to keep his glass full all throughout the event, so that pleasant little buzz he’d achieved wouldn’t leave him quite yet.

“Hey, Rohan. Would you like some help cleaning up tonight? I mean, it’s not fair to just leave since we used your house and all,” Koichi asked, once almost everyone else had left.

The only people remaining in the house were Josuke, Rohan, Yukako and Koichi. Josuke would have left ages ago, he really would have. He had no business staying here for longer than the average partygoer. Koichi, however, had asked him to please stay in order to help him and the mangaka clean up once the guests left. He’d mentioned that his stand could be useful in the odd event that anything had been broken by a partygoer.

Rohan shook his head, shooing Koichi out of his house. “It’s your birthday. You go home with Yukako. I’ll take care of all this myself. If push comes to shove, I’ll hire a maid tomorrow.”

Koichi glanced over in Josuke’s general direction, suddenly looking much too nervous. It was as if he hadn’t really realized Josuke was still there, in the house. “Y-Yeah, but I mean… maybe I should stay a while longer?”

“Nah, Koichi. I’ll help our good old buddy Rohan with the cleaning. Don’t worry about that,” Josuke intervened with a smirk. Rohan turned to face him, as if he’d completely forgotten he was still there. “I’m good at cleaning, don’t worry. Plus Crazy Diamond is always willing to lend me a hand.”

Rohan crossed his arms over his chest, frowning down at Josuke. “Absolutely not. You are not allowed to summon your stand here.”

“Josuke, maybe it’s best if we all left Rohan-sensei to it. We can all come help in the morning too, if he needs us!” Koichi chimed in, a small smile on his lips.

Josuke shook his head. “Nah, don’t worry about it, Koichi. I’ll follow Rohan’s wishes. It is his house after all. No stands.” Rohan glared at him, the frown never quite leaving his face. “What? Don’t you want any help?”

Yukako raised an eyebrow, then held on to Koichi’s hand. “Alright. We’ll leave you both to it. Have a great night… Be safe.” Koichi started to complain, but Yukako shook her head and whispered something in his ear. Whatever it was, it got Koichi to stop complaining and stare at both of them with wide eyes.

“Goodnight, guys… and, um, good luck.” With that, Koichi and Yukako walked out the door, leaving Josuke all alone with Rohan.

Once they were alone, Josuke stood from his spot on the couch and walked towards Rohan. “So… You gonna kick my ass, we gonna address the raw sexual tension between us, or what?”

Rohan raised an eyebrow, looking him up and down, then licking his lip. “Don’t tempt me, Higashikata. I could make you bend to my will with a snap of my fingers.”

Josuke grinned at that, feeling himself grow excited at the prospect of having to fight for dominance, probably a little more than he should have. He loosely wrapped his arms around Rohan’s slender waist and pulled him close. Rohan’s glare never once wavered as he brought a hand up to Josuke’s pectorals. “I’d love to see you try, Kishibe.”

Without missing a single beat, Rohan brought his free hand over to the back of Josuke’s neck, pulling him down into his lips. The kiss was open mouthed, rough and messy, with teeth crashing against each other and saliva dripping down each other’s mouths… but, god, was it hot. Rohan tasted of vodka and cranberry and, although Josuke wasn’t particularly fond of either one, he found himself wanting to taste him more and more.

Josuke pulled back from the kiss, leaning down to trail rough kisses down Rohan’s neck. He made sure to suck on the skin and bite down hard enough to leave a few marks. He wasn’t sure why, but he wanted to ruin the older man’s perfect, porcelain skin.

A soft moan escaped Rohan’s lips as Josuke bit down on his collarbone and it took everything inside of himself not to marvel at how sweet it sounded. “Mmmm… what did you say earlier? Doesn’t seem like you’re really following through.” He accentuated his words by licking up his neck and pressing his lips against the mangaka’s jaw.

“Fuck you, Higashikata.” Rohan pushed Josuke up against the wall, with his cheeks flushed and his breathing uneven.

Josuke hit the wall hard, then looked down at Rohan. “Oh, I bet you’d love to… wouldn’t you?”

Instead of giving him an answer, Rohan smashed their lips together again. Josuke was caught off guard, but he kissed back eagerly, trying to follow Rohan’s desperate pace.

The mangaka tugged on Josuke’s shirt, parting their lips in order to pull the offending piece of clothing off. Rohan stared at his exposed chest with hungry eyes. “You’ve got some real nice tits, Josuke, you know that?” Josuke felt the heat rise up to his face at that and he faltered, unsure of what to answer with. Rohan chuckled at this and brought his hands up to grope at his chest. “You have a nice body overall, really. It’s your one redeeming quality, if I’m being entirely honest.”

“Well, you’re not far off from the mark either, Rohan. You’re a pretty shit person.”

Rohan raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment, leaning in to take one of Josuke’s breasts in his mouth. Josuke couldn’t help but moan at that, feeling his cock twitch in his pants as the mangaka sucked on his right nipple. Rohan ran his tongue along the stub, then grazed his teeth along it. Josuke let out a soft whimper at that, unable to really hold his voice back. “So cute, Josuke. Moan for me again,” Rohan said, going back in to bite at the other nipple. His hand made its way to the front of Josuke’s pants and he rubbed him through the fabric. Josuke nearly pushed his hips against Rohan’s hand, the feelings running through his body right then were nearly overwhelming. Rohan unzipped Josuke’s pants, sliding them down before continuing to stroke him through his briefs.

Josuke grabbed a fistful of Rohan’s hair and pulled him backwards, causing the mangaka to grunt in frustration. Before he could complain, Josuke slid Rohan’s shirt off, sinking his teeth into his shoulder almost immediately. He cupped the artist’s ass in his hands as his mouth worked on his neck. Rohan let out a soft moan and then squeezed Josuke through his underwear, making him moan as well.

It wasn’t long until Josuke pulled back, picking Rohan up and pressing their lips together once more. Josuke pulled away from the kiss, looking him in the eyes. “I’m going to fuck you now, Rohan.”

Rohan raised an eyebrow at him. “You’re going to fuck me? Really?” he asked, his tone mocking. Josuke frowned, and Rohan kissed his lips once more. “Are you really man enough to fuck me, Higashikata?” Instead of answering, Josuke moved to bite at his neck again before carrying him up into the bedroom.

Once they were there, Josuke threw the mangaka on the bed and rushed over to the nightstand to pick up the lube. He held the bottle up for Rohan to see, a satisfied smirk on his face. Rohan merely rolled his eyes, looking at him from where he lay on the bed. “Well? Are you just going to stand there all night?”

“Impatient, aren’t we?” Josuke teased, climbing into bed with him. They stripped themselves of their remaining clothing and Josuke opened up the bottle of lube. Rohan looked like he was about to speak or to complain in some way, but Josuke didn’t give him a chance to as he quickly lubed up his fingers and went right in.

Rohan hissed, glaring up at him with a frown. “Go slower, you idiot.”

Josuke smiled down at him, moving his finger inside him for a bit before sticking a second finger inside. “I’d rather not.” Rohan narrowed his eyes at him, but said nothing, biting his lip instead. Josuke scissored his fingers in, trying to stretch Rohan out enough to not hurt him later on. Rohan’s hand moved over to cover his mouth and he closed his eyes. “Mmm? Why are you suddenly so quiet? No more snarky comments?”

“F-Fuck off, Higashikata,” Rohan managed, a small moan slipping out right after, though it was muffled by his hands.

Josuke slowly stroked his cock with his free hand, spreading lube all over it, as he inserted a third finger inside of Rohan. A minute after this, he carefully aligned himself with the mangaka, licking his lips in anticipation. “Ready?”

Rohan sighed, shaking his head briefly. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, I guess,” he muttered, staring right at Josuke for the next bit. “Go on.”

Josuke nodded, finally sliding his cock inside the artist. “Fuck,” he muttered out, once he felt how warm and tight Rohan was. “You feel so good, Rohan.” A small moan escaped his lips as he slowly pushed himself all the way in. The way that Rohan’s ass clenched around his length was nearly enough to bring him over the edge. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to last very long.

Under normal circumstances, Josuke would have taken his time to make sure that his partner was comfortable, but this was Rohan… Rohan didn’t need any of his usual gentleness. Josuke pulled back out in order to ram back inside of the mangaka, finally eliciting a loud moan from him. It was the most beautiful sound Josuke had heard in his whole life. He wanted, no, he needed, to hear it again. Josuke reached over and pulled Rohan’s hands out of his face, pinning them to his side. “I want to h-hear you, Rohan.”

Rohan glared up at him, even as another moan slipped past his lips. “I hate you so much, Higashikata.” Josuke shook his head, managing to fall into a steady pace with his thrusts. Rohan kept biting his lip, trying as hard as he could to stop himself from making any noise. “You damn b-bastard,” Rohan continued, as soon as he realized he couldn’t move his hands from where they were.

“Don’t pretend you’re not loving the feeling of my cock inside of you, Rohan.” Josuke chuckled and sped up his pace just slightly. He wasn’t one to dirty talk, most of the time

“Me? Love t-this?” Rohan kept on in between breathy moans. “G-God, it isn’t hard to tell you’re an incompetent fool even when it comes to- A-ah- to this.”

Josuke frowned, thrusting into Rohan harder than before, his grip on the mangaka’s arms tightening slightly. “Shut the hell up.” He wasn’t exactly sure why, but the constant barrage of insults was definitely getting on his nerves.

Rohan raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smile on his lips. “Make me.”

Without really thinking things through, Josuke’s hand made its way towards Rohan’s neck. He wrapped his fingers around his throat and squeezed, not hard enough to break anything, but hard enough to cut off his breathing and make him stop talking. Rohan’s lips curved up into a wicked smile at this, and he moaned louder than before.

Josuke felt heat crawl up to his face at the sight and he moved to pull his hand away. “No,” Rohan croaked out, holding his hand in place. “Do it again.” Had he not been so lost to pleasure, he would have questioned the mangaka about this. Instead, he followed orders and squeezed again.

Once he let up again, Rohan struggled to catch his breath. “Good boy,” he finally managed and Josuke nearly died right then and there. Being praised had always had… an odd effect on him. He kept his hand in place, thrusting in and out of Rohan with small noises spilling out of them both.

One of Rohan’s hands made its way towards his own cock, and he began stroking himself in sync with Josuke’s thrusts. “F-faster.”

Josuke complied, of course, and he began to mercilessly pound in and out of Rohan, whilst gradually tightening his hold on his throat. Rohan looked like he was right on the verge of passing out, but Josuke didn’t stop… he couldn’t bring himself to stop, not when it felt this good and definitely not when Rohan looked like he was having the time of his life. It seemed he’d finally dropped the act, and began letting himself enjoy the moment instead of needlessly antagonizing Josuke.

He finally eased up his grip on Rohan’s neck, and watched curiously as the mangaka struggled to catch his breath while he moaned out in pleasure. Josuke moved his hand towards Rohan’s face, pressing a finger against his lips experimentally. Rohan didn’t hesitate to press his tongue against it and take it in his mouth. Needless to say, the action was enough to make Josuke’s breath hitch. He pulled his hand back and held on to Rohan’s hips once again.

“Fuck, J-Josuke… I’m…” Rohan nearly whined out, holding on to the base of his own cock, in order to prevent himself from cumming before him. That wouldn’t do. Josuke moved his hand out of the way, thrusting into Rohan twice as hard as before.

Rohan’s ass clenched around his cock again and he let out a broken cry. Josuke watched in amazement as Rohan’s lips parted and he closed his eyes. Two more thrusts and Rohan reached his orgasm, white strips of cum shooting out into his stomach.

The sight of Rohan like this, sweaty, bruised and messy, was enough to send Josuke over the edge. He pulled away before finally cumming, all over Rohan’s disheveled figure.

Josuke collapsed on the bed right next to Rohan afterwards, his whole body covered in sweat and his breathing uneven.

Rohan seemed to recover first, somehow, and he moved his hand to the back of Josuke’s hair, running his hand through it. “Are you alright, Josuke?” Josuke nodded, unable to bring himself to reply verbally. Rohan kept running his hand through his hair, humming softly.

Josuke moved his head to face the mangaka, a small smile on his lips. He watched Rohan in silence, taking in every bit of him now that they were relaxed. He took notice of his slender waist, his well sculpted abs, his sharp features and his bright emerald eyes. Most of all, though, he noticed all the different colored bruises that Josuke had left on his body. He winced, thinking back on how rough he had been, even if the sight of him gave him a strange sense of accomplishment. “You truly are gorgeous, Rohan,” he said, without really thinking it through.

The mangaka raised an eyebrow at him, pulling his hand back towards himself. “Just because we had sex, doesn’t mean we’re on good terms, Higashikata.”

Josuke chuckled, then sat up, leaning over to the nighttable in order to pick up a box of tissues. “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.” He picked one from the box, then gently began wiping the cum off Rohan’s chest and abdomen area. “You still hate me and whatnot.”

Rohan watched on with interest, his eyes following Josuke’s every move, almost as if he suspected his motives. “Exactly. Don’t get any funny ideas.”

Once he was done wiping him off, Josuke put the tissues away, then stood up to throw the dirty ones away. “I won’t, don’t worry. Though… we should definitely do this again sometime. It was fun.”

Rohan bit his lip, seemingly considering things for a minute before replying. “Yes, we should. It... wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed it.”

“I’m gonna summon my stand to fix you up, alright?” he asked, sliding his underwear back on and walking towards the bed again.

Rohan quickly shook his head and sat up. “No, no you won’t. I told you that you’re not allowed to use your stand inside my home.”

Josuke rolled his eyes, taking a seat right next to Rohan. “Then let’s go outside and I’ll heal you there.”

“I refuse.”