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How Dragons Do It

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In hindsight, Bakugou really should have seen this coming. Taking two dragon-shifters into a human town when their only prior positive human interaction was with a foul-mouthed barbarian was asking for trouble.

Their natural curiosity over everything might have been endearing at first, but it didn’t take long to lean closer to irritating. He hated visiting the towns as it was. Dragging Kirishima and Tetsutetsu along was a disaster.

They wanted to know every little thing. Kept touching things they shouldn’t and nearly breaking things they couldn’t afford. And they’d been so damn fixated on the childish red hearts littered across stalls. The fresh flowers, sweet wines, and freshly baked rolls. Honestly, Bakugou had forgotten it was this time of the year. It had never mattered to him before. After all, it wasn’t like his people celebrated the same holiday.

The dragons begged to differ. Begged in general.

It wasn’t healthy for their kind to indulge in human food, but even Bakugou had his leniency.

For the rest of the trip they’d pried for more information about the holiday. What it meant. Why humans dedicated a day to love of all things. Why Bakugou hadn’t told them. They’d actually sounded offended with that last one. All while stuffing their maws with sugar dusted rolls.

So waking up with a face full of flowers really shouldn’t have been surprising at all.

They’d been dropped on Bakugou in his sleep, jolting him as he swung his arms wildly, reaching for a blade that wasn’t by his side. It was probably Kirishima’s idea to move it, because hell knows Tetsutetsu wouldn’t have thought that far ahead.

“The fuck are you two doing?!” There were flower petals and twisted stems caught on his shoulders and scattered over his cape. Gaping up at the two grinning companions, Bakugou slowly calmed down when it was clear they weren’t under attack. That didn’t make him any less irate.

“What the hell is… this?” Bakugou’s shout trailed of, eyes trailing down to what the shifters had brought.

The pair had apparently been busy in his sleep, collecting bottles of wine and sweet cakes. Possibly the most confusing part of it all was the fact none of it had been eaten. Bakugou knew perfectly well they didn’t have enough money for even a fraction of this, which meant… they wouldn’t be returning to this town anytime soon.

“What did you do?” Bakugou griped, staring up at the pair again.

Tetsutetsu was put off by Bakugou’s irritation, glancing with uncertainty to Kirishima with a unintelligent ‘aaahhhh-’

Kirishima, on the other hand, didn’t so much as miss a beat. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The dragonkin threw himself at Bakugou, wrapping his arms around Bakugou’s shoulders as he rubbed his cheek against the barbarian’s, a low rumbling sounding in his chest like a purr. Bakugou was irritated that his only reaction to Kirishima’s antics was to catch him, his arm wrapping tightly around Kirishima’s torso.

“Oi! I’m mad at you!”

“No you’re not,” Kirishima chirped back, and Bakugou hated to admit he was right. It was irritating, yes, but it was stupid of him to expect dragons to understand and adhere to human socialization.

“Why the hell did you bring me this crap?”

“It’s not crap!” Tetsutetsu defended, looking dejected and offended. He crashed down on his knees on the other side of Bakugou, the thud so loud it made Bakugou inwardly flinch. He wasn’t sure if he was worried about Tetsutetsu’s knees shattering, or the rock beneath him.

Grasping a glass bottle, Tetsutetsu sat it on Bakugou’s lap, staring at him expectantly. “You said humans bring these gifts to each other today to court them!”

“Yeah,” Kirishima piped up, leaning back to grin wide at the very confused looking Bakugou. “You said it’s human tradition!”

“I know what I said! I-” Stopping short, Bakugou threaded his fingers through his hair, breathing out slowly. “That doesn’t mean I celebrate it.”

“But you’re… human?” Suddenly Tetsutetsu didn’t sound so sure, and Bakugou paused to stare at the beast.

He was gorgeous. A massive brute, even in this form, with scales of silver and horns twisting high from his crown. His wings were smaller than Kirishima’s, but his tail thicker. All around thicker. He was the newest edition to their little tribe, thanks to Kirishima’s insistence, and he was an all around excellent companion to keep around. But he was so easily confused and it took everything in Bakugou not to lose his Goddamn mind.

“Yes,” Bakugou started, looking pointedly at Tetsutetsu, “but I didn’t grow up in human settlements. My people had their own customs.”

“Oh,” Tetsutetsu murmured, frowning down at the bottle in thought.

“Sooo what do your people do?” Kirishima pressed, propping his chin on Bakugou’s shoulder. Bakugou was just grateful his horns didn’t stick out so forward like Tetsutetsu’s.

“Mine?” Bakugou snorted, a corner of his lips curling into a half grin. “We throw them over our shoulder and bring them back to our tribe! At least that’s what my old hag did.”

Tetsutetsu lent around Bakugou’s back, whispering to Kirishima like he actually expected Bakugou not to hear. “We could try that-”

“You’re not trying anything!” Bakugou snapped, shrugging Kirishima off his shoulder and shoving Tetsutetsu back.

“Besides, we’ve kinda already done that.” Kirishima reasoned, undeterred by Bakugou’s reaction, replacing his elbow on the barbarian’s shoulder instead. “We can’t steal him from our own tribe.”

“The fuck are you two- Wait, fuck, are you-”

Both dragonkins blinked back at him, but Bakugou only stared down at the bottle in his lap. The flower petals and sweet scents and- “Oh.”

Him. They were trying to court him.

“Wait,” Bakugou scrunched up his face, closing his eyes as he shook his head. “Wait, which- oh fuck- which one of you…?” Bakugou trailed off, opening his eyes again to glance between them both.

For once, Kirishima was the one who looked uncertain and sheepish. Tetsutetsu just looked determined. Out of the two of them, he was the one least use to humans. It had been a long and annoying journey to get him to trust Bakugou. One that apparently led to Bakugou catching his affection.

“We… both were?” Kirishima offered with an uncertain smile.

“What… the fuck?

“What’s the problem?” Tetsutetsu had the audacity to sound offended, and Bakugou almost laughed at that. This entire thing was a Goddamn trip.

“Look, Katsuki-” How easily his name rolled from Kirishima’s tongue never bothered him before, but suddenly it struck so much deeper. “We’re a pack, the three of us, right?”

Hands dropping to his lap, Bakugou turned to stare Kirishima down. He tried to keep a stoic frown on his face, but it was impossible not to falter under the pleading look Kirishima offered.

“If this is all our clan or pack or whatever we call it is, then I don’t want to leave one of us out. Besides-”

“We want you.” Tetsutetsu insisted, his vice like grip suddenly clamped around Bakugou’s thigh over the fur of his cape. It made Bakugou jolt, turning and find Tetsutetsu leaning over him, face practically a hair away. Bakugou lent back in retaliation, knocking into Kirishima. He was caged between them, confused and mind racing.

Kirishima was much more use to human etiquette but Tetsutetsu, no matter how human he looked, was dragon to the core. No sense of personal space or decency.

“I-” Bakugou huffed a laugh, shaking his head for a moment before reaching for his bottle. “I need a drink.” The morning had barely arrived, but fuck it he needed one to deal with it all.

Both dragonkins remained silent, watching the human between them pop the cork from the bottle before downing a sizable gulp.

It was as sweet as it smelt. Like rose water and plum. He hated it. But, hell, it would do.

Kirishima exercised a bit of restraint despite his tail flicking impatiently behind him, but Tetsutetsu quickly got irritated the more gulps Bakugou took.

“Come on, give us an answer, damn it!” His grip tightened against Bakugou’s leg, claws digging into the fluff of his cape.

Glancing down, Bakugou scowled at the black talons tipped on each thick finger. “You fucking mind?”

Tetsutetsu huffed, wisps of smoke streaming from his nostrils as he pouted and let go. Fucking pouted. It was oddly adorable. Cute.

“Shit.” Gods help him, he liked them. These stupid cute sons-of-bitches who’d tried their damnedest to follow human tradition to court him. An attempt that included a shitload theft. And he was the sap that fell for them.

Holding his hand up to ask for a moment of silence, Bakugou gulped down another mouthful of wine before tossing the bottle into the grass. He had plenty anyway.

“How do dragons do it?” Bakugou prided himself on his extensive knowledge on dragons, but it wasn’t like he had to know this before. At the blank and lost looks they both returned, Bakugou rolled his hand in emphasis. “How do dragons… court each other?” He felt stupid just saying it.

Perking up instantly, Kirishima lent away from Bakugou and stared down at his body as scales rippled and grew on his skin. The scales of his chest were lighter, but bigger and smoother than those of the rest of his hide. Darker scales grew along his arm and down the back of his neck, and Bakugou was worried for a moment that he was going to shift there and then.

Feeling movement to his left, Bakugou noticed Tetsutetsu was doing the same. Metallic silver scales that caught and refracted light in an array of colours sprouting over his skin. Before Bakugou could really question it, he winced as he watched them both begin to pluck out scales.

They picked the biggest; over their chest, their biceps, their belly, their back. Pinching and pulling bright scales and laying them in the palms of their hands.

Ending with a sizable amount, the pair of them held out their collection to him, staring in a mixture of anticipation and glee.

And Bakugou just stared, just as lost as before. “The hell am I supposed to do with them?”

“Do you accept them?” Tetsutetsu pressed, squirming and sitting up higher on his knees.

“The hell kind of-” Cutting himself off, Bakugou bit back his instant hostility. He was the one who asked how dragons did things, he shouldn’t then proceed to insult them back. Eyeing the piles of silver and ruby, Bakugou gave a tentative nod. “Yeah, I do.”

“Then take them,” Kirishima chirped, practically radiating with joy.

Cupping his hands together, he watched as the pair poured the scales into his palms, the bright colours mixing together as the light sparkled against his skin.

“What do I do with them?”

“You wear them!” Tetsutetsu provided, eyes wide and overjoyed. Bakugou was sure he’d never seen the dragon this ecstatic before.

“Uh, that’s kind of… I don’t really know how it would work with humans,” Kirishima admitted, deflating a little. He never let it linger for long though, brightening up and looking over to Tetsutetsu. “Like this!”

As they plucked out more scales, Bakugou cringed again, wondering if it hurt to pull them off. Neither of them seemed bothered by it though.

Kirishima and Tetsutetsu traded scales and Bakugou was intrigued by how gently both of them handled each other’s offerings. Sitting up straight, the pair of them started carefully slipped each others scales between their own across their bodies. The odd silver scale amongst the pelt of crimson red on Kirishima, and the littering of red on Tetsutetsu.

Unattached as they were, Bakugou doubted they lasted long just wedged in, but the act was strangely intimate all the same.

Bakugou was honestly a touch jealous, his fingers curling around his offering as he watched them. Maybe he could make a necklace of them. Or sew them into his cape. It was strange, but suddenly he wanted to be a part of it.

Setting the scales in the middle of his cape, Bakugou gently folded it, careful not to lose any before setting it to the side. He’d figure out what to do with them after.

“Alright you saps, what’s next?”

Both the dragonkins tore their attention away from one another, staring at Bakugou with such intensity that the dragon king stiffened up. They spoke together, unblinking; “we mate.”

Bakugou already regretted throwing away his wine.

“We- What-?

Tetsutetsu had moved in front of him, shuffling on his hands and knees as his wings quivered behind him. He crawled between Bakugou’s legs, heavy hands falling on his thighs as black claws nipped at the fabric of his pants.

Bakugou shuffled back an inch, but Kirishima had shifted too, sliding behind him and bracing Bakugou’s shoulders. With the barbarian caught between them with nowhere to go, Kirishima purred, leaning forward to nuzzle against the back of Bakugou’s neck.

“You accepted,” Tetsutetsu insisted, face pinched in a deep and far too intense frown. “Didn’t you? You said you accepted.” His grip on Bakugou’s thighs tightened, shredding through material with ease and pricking at his skin.

Snarling, Bakugou answered back through clenched teeth, “I didn’t think we’d move so fast.”

He didn’t even get a chance to think of this at all. He was barely coming to terms with the fact two dragons wanted to share him as a mate, let alone what that entailed.

“You can handle it, can’t you, Katsuki?” Kirishima murmured against his skin, and Bakugou turned his head enough to watch Kirishima from the corner of his eye. The dragonkin was blinking up at him, all sweet and innocent. He knew what it really was though. A challenge.

“Shit,” Bakugou hissed, head snapping forward again as Tetsutetsu’s claws hooked at the hem of his pants. “No! No, you’re not fuckin’ tearing them! I’ll get them off myself!”

Tetsutetsu huffed at that, but shuffled back nonetheless, tail wagging behind him as Bakugou hastily undid and shimmied out of his clothes. He was going to do this. Fucking hell, he was.

“I need-” Voice catching with a distressed noise, Bakugou leant heavier against Kirishima as Tetsutetsu instantly started crawling between his legs again. “Just- I need oil-” he tried to reason, eyes flashing towards their belongings.

Warm hands grabbed at his waist from behind, pulling Bakugou back until his ass rested against Kirishima’s groin. He’d been too fixated on Tetsutetsu to notice Kirishima moving to sit behind him, legs open wide so he could cage Bakugou between his legs.

“Don’t need it,” Kirishima purred, sliding his hands down Bakugou’s hips and over the smooth skin of his inner thighs. Curling his clawed fingers under twitching muscle, he lifted Bakugou’s legs to hook over his own, leaving the human’s privates exposed.

“Like hell I won't,” Bakugou hissed, squirming uselessly. Kirishima wasn’t letting him go. “I can’t-

“We’ll take care of it,” Kirishima promised, licking slowly along the stretch of Bakugou’s neck. His tongue was longer now, curling across his throat and over his Adam’s apple.

Bakugou swallowed, feeling the lump bob against the slick hot tongue. His saliva was like slime, leaving a shimmer behind. It was thick, and with Tetsutetsu’s head now nuzzled between his legs, Bakugou finally understood.

Tetsutetsu’s tongue was cooler, but no less slimy. It slid between his parted cheeks, licking over Bakugou’s twitching hole and his taint, coating it heavily. Bakugou tensed up, but Kirishima’s fingers kneaded against the soft flesh of his groin. His cock twitched in response, throbbing and filling.

“You okay?” Kirishima pressed, that tongue of his finally retreating, but Bakugou still felt filthy.

“I’m fine,” Bakugou reassured, even if his voice quivered.

Tetsutetsu wasn’t nearly as hung up. His tongue flicked over his rim, teasing and pushing. Kirishima kept rubbing and kneading, coaxing Bakugou to relax. Leaning his head back against Kirishima’s shoulder, he breathed out slow. Relaxed.

But then things began to shift.

Tetsutetsu’s hands moved to brace on the ground on either side of their legs, claws dug into the dirt as scales bloomed over his skin. As he started to grow. The clothes he wore strained until it was too much, ripping to shreds and falling to stone and dirt.

Bakugou gawked as another round of realization hit him. They had no intention of mating masquerading as humans.

Tetsutetsu continued to grow. All ounce of humanity stripped from his body as Bakugou felt the press of a snout against his balls. Tetsutetsu huffed, smoke trailing over his thighs, and Bakugou’s cock throbbed at the heat. The tongue was thicker, pushing in deeper and curling impossibly. He was fucking Bakugou open with his tongue, coating his walls with thick drool and stretching him wider.

Bakugou scrambled in Kirishima’s lap, grasping at the dragonkin’s arms and pushing back further. But the higher Bakugou raised his hips, the harder Tetsutetsu pushed. The deeper his tongue pushed until Bakugou was sure he could see it squirming under his skin.

Fuck,” Bakugou sobbed, but Kirishima was cooing and whispering praise against his ear.

All Bakugou could do was breathe and watch, the man between his legs replaced with a massive dragon.

When he finally pulled out, Bakugou gasped and shivered, his ass clenching around the emptiness. He could feel globs of drool run down his cheeks as Tetsutetsu licked over his maw satisfied.

Bakugou only had a moment to breathe before he was suddenly being lifted. Reaching out, he could only grab onto Tetsutetsu’s nose as Kirishima lifted Bakugou’s hips and pressed his cock against his too stretched hole.

Tetsutetsu’s tongue had been much thicker than Kirishima’s cock, and it slid in almost too easily. Bakugou bottomed out, his ass hitting the fabric of Kirishima’s pants, his cock nestled between a parted zipper.

“You’re so beautiful, Bakugou,” Kirishima praised, licking along Bakugou’s neck again. Bakugou only just glanced back and caught Kirishima’s eyes before it slitted.

Kirishima too started to shift, scales rippling against Bakugou’s back, and the human’s eyes widened. He grasped tighter against Tetsutetsu’s nose, ignoring the way the dragon licked up his wrists.

Kirishima was shifting under him, his own clothes tearing without a care. Not that Bakugou could either. Not when he could feel Kirishima’s cock grow inside him.

“Fuck!” Bakugou cried out, tears pricking in his eyes. He could feel the cock swell and stretch, inhuman ribs rubbing against his inner walls. It was forcing him to stretch, growing inside him. He could feel it fill him up from the inside and, staring down, he could see his stomach stretch unnaturally.

“Ei-Eijirou-!” A red tail curled around his waist, rubbing over the swell and pushing down at the same time a thick tongue flicked over a nipple. Tetsutetsu began lathering Bakugou’s chest with his saliva, tweaking over his nipples and making him squirm.

Kirishima’s tail tightened making Bakugou mewl pitifully. His body was lifted slowly, pulling his body up Kirishima’s cock like a toy. Bakugou could feel his rim pop over every ridge, stretching and slipping over each before being slammed back down. Bakugou threw his head back with a primal cry, eyes wide and teary as Kirishima continued to use Bakugou’s body.

Each thrust down made Bakugou’s belly bulge, rubbing against Kirishima’s constricting tail and forcing garbled noises from the barbarian. Everytime Bakugou bottomed out, he felt the swell of Kirishima’s knot ram against his abused ass. Kirishima was slow but forceful, and behind him he could hear Kirishima roar.

He was trying to push it in, and Bakugou scrambled between grabbing Kirishima’s tail and the tongue still lapping at his chest. Each battering slam down pushed it just a little deeper, explosions sparking over the palms of his hands as he was stretched impossibly wide.

With one more slam down, Kirishima raised his hips, pushing it in just enough to pop through. Bakugou threw his head back with a cry, his orgasm hitting him suddenly as it roped across Tetsutetsu’s bottom lip.

The larger dragon pulled back, lapping at Bakugou’s seed and watching eagerly as Kirishima knotted their mate.

Kirishima groaned loud and primal as he came, his cock throbbing and spilling seed deep inside Bakugou’s gut. Bakugou felt bloated, his stomach swelling painfully as he clung to Kirishima’s tail. Leaning forward, Bakugou panted, shivering and sweating as Kirishima came down from his high.

Ever impatient, Tetsutetsu chirped, shuffling on his feet as his wings quivered. Kirishima growled back, huffing deep as smoke filled Bakugou’s senses. He’d barely recovered before the tail tightened, squeezing around his bulge and forcing cum to seep past his knot.

Then Kirishima was pulling up and Bakugou scrambled again.

“Wait! Fucking, slow down!

Kirishima seemed to hear him, slowing to a stop until Bakugou stopped squirming. Then he tried again. Slow and easy. Throwing his head back, Bakugou grit his teeth, tears pricking in the corners of his eyes until Kirishima’s knot popped out.

“Fuck,” Bakugou sobbed, head falling forward again as he could see cum gush down his legs. Bakugou wasn’t sure if he was more mortified or turned on. But his ass was gaping, still spasming from the stretch and begging to be filled.

Kirishima turned him around slowly, easing Bakugou to lay down against his warm belly. The scales there were smoother, and Bakugou could make out a light littering of Tetsutetsu’s among them. Slowly, Bakugou reached out a hand to trace over it, his chest and face pressed snug against the warmth of Kirishima.

Then there was darkness. A shadow fell over them, blocking out the sun and casting Bakugou in shade.

He felt the smooth press of scales against his back as Tetsutetsu climbed over the top of them both. He was suddenly sandwiched between the two of them, his hands desperately trying to brace against Kirishima’s belly.

He felt the head of Tetsutetsu’s cock catch against his twitching hole, and Bakugou only had a split second to mentally prepare before Tetsutetsu rutted forward.

Bakugou cried out, his cheek shoved hard against Kirishima’s moving stomach. Tetsutetsu wasn’t as slow as Kirishima, grunting and roaring as he pushed. He was thicker too, the head of his cock pushing hard until it popped inside.

There was nothing Bakugou could hold onto and each thrust just pushed him down harder against Kirishima. Tetsutetsu’s body was pressed against the side of his head leaving Bakugou lightheaded.

Each thrust was brutal, pushing ridge after ridge of his thick cock inside. He’d pull back until a rib threatened to pull at his rim before slamming back in. That too full feeling was back, but Bakugou couldn’t twist his head to look down. His hand fumbled down, sliding between two dragons before rubbing over his stomach. He could feel it. The way it bulged out. If he pressed down tighter, he could feel Tetsutetsu’s cock throb inside him. The impossible heat.

Bakugou couldn’t help but moan a broken ‘yes’. He tried to push back, force more of Tetsutetsu inside him, but there was no room for him to move. He could only lay there and drool until he felt the swell of Tetsutetsu’s knot slam against his ass.

Pushing harder and faster, he could feel a rumble against his back. Deep growls and grunts as Bakugou drooled uselessly against Kirishima. With one final push, Tetsutetsu’s knot started to stretch his ass, and he didn’t stop until he forced it through.

With Kirishima’s seed easing the friction, his thicker knot pushed through, and Bakugou felt Tetsutetsu’s chest warm up as he raised his head and breathed bright flames.

Tetsutetsu pumped him full of his seed, inflating his stomach to the point Bakugou could swear he tasted it at the back of his throat. Clinging to Kirishima, Bakugou’s mouth fell open with needy whines and incoherent curses.

Unlike before, they were in no rush to pull out the knot, and Bakugou could bask in the feel of Tetsutetsu’s knot. In Kirishima’s warmth. The presence of his two mates.