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Someone Borrowed

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Izuku yawned. He looked out the second story window of Yuuei Academy, and then back at his easel. He was trying to paint the cafe across the street, shrouded by the great, green trees and clusters of spider lilies. There was a woman typing away on her computer, a chubby little pug asleep at her feet.


The issue he was facing was he simply couldn’t get the dog’s stubby little body right. He sketched it on the canvas lightly in pencil, but the amount of eraser smudging might have already ruined the piece.


He didn’t see why he couldn’t draw what he wanted: people, his friends, his mother. He liked practicing anatomy, not landscapes. He liked hands, not trees; and eyes, not rivers.


Unfortunately, the professor had said he couldn’t go to people unless he learned how to draw backgrounds first. He didn’t know why that was the process, but if that’s how the rich and plentiful learned their art, he’d go along with it. After all, he was trying his best to blend seamlessly into the the well-to-do lifestyle of his friends.


Izuku leaned closer to the canvas, pressing a freshly sharpened pencil to the canvas. He inhaled deeply, prepared to start his hopefully final attempt at drawing the dog. He was about to glide the lead in a curve when someone startled him. “Whatcha doing?”


Izuku jumped on his stool, jerking his head to the side he got an eye full of red and white. His heart pounded from surprise, but he quickly recovered. He shot his friend a warning glance. “Why would you do that?”


“Do what?”


Scare me!” Izuku sat his pencil at the bottom of the easel and spun on his stool to look over at Todoroki. He was dressed in his school uniform, a messenger bag strap across his front. He looked bored, tired. “Why are you in your uniform? It’s summer break.”


Todoroki looked down at his uniform and back at Izuku. He shrugged. “Student council meeting. Iida likes us to wear our uniforms because it makes us look more professional.”




“Why are you here?”


Izuku bit his lip and glanced back at his canvas. “Practicing,” he sighed. “I applied for Art-I for the next semester, but the professor says I need to improve some of my skills for a high school level art class.”


“Oh, alright,” he nodded, stepping closer to look at the art piece. “It looks good. I like the spider lilies.”


Izuku groaned. “They’re probably the only good thing about it. I don’t even want to draw landscapes.”


“What do want to draw then?”




“If you could draw people, who would you draw?”


Izuku shrugged again. “My mom, my friends--like you and Iida--and,” Izuku gulped. “Kacchan.”


Todoroki glanced at him, unreadable in his expression. Izuku hardly even noticed it, too focused on pointing out the flaws in the ‘damn pug he couldn’t get right’.


“Where is Bakugou, anyways?” Todoroki asked, spurring Izuku from his muttering.


“He’s in Milan,” Izuku sighed. “He’s been skipping out on business trips for awhile and his parents were getting annoyed. Usually he’d come stay with me for a school break, or I’d stay with him at his house--since its bigger and all--but this time Auntie and Uncle Bakugou said he had to go.”


“Oh,” Todoroki nodded. “Do you miss him?”


“Well, yeah. He’s my best friend.”


“Well,” he started. “What are you going to do for break while he’s gone?”


“I’ll probably work.” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck and offered Todoroki a pathetic smile. “I know it’s lame, but I got to help my mom out with the bills.”


“Oh, okay.” Todoroki shuffled on his feet and looked down at the tiled floor. “What are you doing tonight?”


“Tonight? Nothing,” he admitted. “Mom’s got a shift at the hospital and I don’t start work until next week. I’ll probably get some takeout and watch cult films online.”






“I just thought you might like to come over?” Todoroki asked.


Izuku furrowed his brows and knocked his head to the side. “Like? To hang out?”


Todoroki nodded slowly. “Only if you want to. I have three friends: You, Iida, and Bakugou. Bakugou doesn’t like admitting he’s my friend--and he’s out of the country--and Iida is too busy following his dad around on business during breaks. So, I thought maybe we could hang out. I don’t get to hang out with a lot of people because my father is very strict and awful. He typically tries to decide who I hang out with and what I do. He’s really overbearing and my mother doesn’t like to be around him, so the mood is sometimes really strained or the house is completely empty ‘cause no one wants to be around each other. But my brothers and sister are okay! Well, for the most part. Touya can be a handful. The point is, my father is out of town, so me and my siblings get to have fun! And I’d like to have fun with my friends! Like you! If you want…”


Izuku stared at him, a little taken back by the sudden life story unfurling in front of him. It was very different from Katsuki, who only let you know what you needed to know at the most inopportune times. Then there was Iida, who was completely business formal. Anything that was not asked, was not answered. Even the things Izuku asked, sometimes, were deemed unnecessary to the conversation and would be left for answering at another time. Until now, he’d expected Todoroki to be somewhat like the other two, not completely open to sharing the intricacies of his life at the drop of a hat.


Still, the nervous look on his face was endearing. He seemed almost unsure of whether Izuku would even want to join him. He smiled warmly at his friend and nodded. “I’d love to come over.”



They took a limo. It was the first time Izuku had ever been in one. Katsuki hated taking the limo home from school, preferring they walk. He’d say ‘It’s good for you!’ and ‘Why would you want all that rich bitch stuff anyways!’. Therefore, Izuku never got the opportunity.


Izuku was especially wowed by the fact that there was a container in the center console filled with candy and soda. “Natsuo put them there,” Todoroki informed him. “He likes sweet things. If it weren’t for the amount of time he spends doing sports, he’d probably be as fat as a Buddha.”


Izuku laughed and picked a peppermint from the container. “So how many siblings do you have?”


Todoroki sucked on his bubblegum lollipop. “Three. We’re each about a year apart. Touya is the oldest, and he’s nineteen. Then there’s our sister, Fuyumi. She’s eighteen. Then Natsuo, who just turned seventeen. I’m the baby.”


“Wow,” Izuku grinned. “It must be nice having siblings. I grew up by myself, all alone.”


“Didn’t you have Bakugou?”


Izuku sucked the mint into his throat, the candy lodging in his throat and blocking his airway. He started to hack and cough as Todoroki continuously asked if he was okay. Izuku grabbed a water bottle from the center console and chugged, the candy sliding down his throat with the helpful lubrication. Tears pricked his eyes, but he smiled and answered Todoroki in a raspy voice. “I-It’s not like that.”


Todoroki tilted his head and questioned Izuku. “How come?”


“Well, um…” Izuku averted his gaze to the fine, carpeted floor as his face burned. He was sure it would be mistaken as part of the choking, though, so he didn’t panic over it. “He’s just-”


The door popped open and the chauffeur appeared inside. “Young Master Todoroki, we’re here.”


“Thank you, sir,” Todoroki smiled, nodding. “Are you ready Midoriya?”


“Yeah, mhm,” Izuku agreed, scrambling to grab his bag and deck out of the car before Todoroki could ask him more. “Let’s go!”


The chauffeur stepped out of the way as Izuku ducked out the door and caught sight of the most extravagant abode he’d ever seen. Katsuki’s home was dwarfed by this one, and a lot less ornate, if that were possible. He knew Auntie Bakugou loved decor, finding a crystal chandelier dangling from the porch was a shell-shocker. Not to mention, that porch was made of pure, white marble. Izuku saw it glitter beneath the chandelier’s illuminated crystals. He looked to his left and his right, finding the drive filled with exotic and discontinued cars in hues of red, orange, and blue. Izuku gaped.


“It’s a bit much, isn’t it?” Todoroki asked from his side. Izuku jerked his gaze over to him and smiled softly. “I promise the inside is a bit more humble.”


Izuku gulped and nodded. “Right.”


They walked up the front steps and the door opened before they even got near enough to enter. A maid appeared in the doorway, bowing. “Young Master.”


“Hello, Maj,” Todoroki nodded. “Who’s home?”


“Your mother is in her wing,” the maid informed them as they walked past the threshold. “She has asked not to be disturbed. Fuyumi is in her quarters studying so she will not be joining you all for dinner. Touya is watching TV down in the Theater, and-”


“-BABY BRO!” A new voice echoed through the extravagant entry way, a room that Izuku’s entire apartment could fit into twofold. Izuku looked up at the marble split staircase where a boy a little older than Todoroki was running down. Izuku noticed that his hair was worse than his friend’s, nearly white in its entirety. Although, his eyes did match Todoroki’s right eye.


He barreled over to them, wrapping his little brother in a bone crushing hug. “Oh, I missed you my sweet, little bear cub.”


“Natsuo, you saw me last week,” Todoroki deadpanned, his arms limp at his sides. To Izuku, it seemed like he had no intentions of returning his brother’s embrace.


“Doesn’t mean I can’t miss the most sane of my siblings!”


“Fuyumi is sane.”


Natsuo pulled off him, holding him firm by the shoulders and smiling endearingly at him. He bopped the tip of Todoroki’s nose. “Yes, but she’s boring.”


Natsuo glanced over Todoroki’s head, seeing the maid who stood behind him. He casually pushed his younger brother to the side and ran up to the maid, wrapping her in his embrace and forcing her head to his chest. “Maj! Oh, dear Maj! I missed you more than you could ever imagine! I dreamed of the day when we--two, star-crossed lovers--could be together again!”


Maj groaned and attempted to pull herself from his grip. “Sir, we are not in love.”


Natsuo laughed, pulling away to grab her soft, round cheeks in his hands and lean close. “You are a queen! A goddess! I yearn for the day when you accept me, a humble worm, as your loving husband.”


“Sir, I am your maid.”


“AND I AM YOUR KNIGHT!” he shouted, letting her go and dropping his hands to his waist, puffing out his chest.


“But… I don’t need one.”


“Natsuo, we have company.” Todoroki groaned, shooting a reprimanding look at his brother.


Natsuo broke from his stance, turning his head in the direction Todoroki nodded. He quirked his head to the side. “Shouto! You made a friend!”


He ran for Izuku, grabbing his hand and shaking it profusely. “It’s so nice to meet you! Shouto has trouble making friends! I’m so glad he’s got three now! Holy shit,” he turned back to Shouto. “Three friends!”


“Maj,” Todoroki asked. “How much sleep has my brother had?”


“I do not know, sir,” she admitted. “He got home from his tournament an hour ago. I’m just now seeing him. Katie was the one who took his bags to his room.”


“Natsuo, how about we go get some sleep, yeah?” Todoroki asked, grabbing his brother and pulling him off of Izuku. “Maj, can you take him?”


“Yes, sir,” she nodded, grabbing Todoroki’s brother by the forearm and leading him up the stairs. She called back to Todoroki. “Dinner is ready for you two over in the kitchen! I’ll be down shortly to serve you.”


“No need,” Todoroki shook his head. “We can get it. Please check his bags and make sure he’s been taking his Adderall, Maj.”


“Yes, sir.”


Todoroki turned back to Izuku, an apologetic smile plastered on his face. “I apologize for my brother. He is… special.”


Izuku shook his head and waved his answers in a gesture of acceptance. “Don’t worry about it! It’s funny! He seems nice!”


Todoroki smirked. “He’s probably the most relaxed out of my siblings. He’s the middle child and he’s not very talented at anything besides sports, so my father doesn’t care what he does. Come on, lets get dinner.” He beckoned for Izuku to follow him, and he did. Izuku adjusted his backpack and paced down the hallways to the right of the foyer. It was elegant. The halls’ white walls lined in gold trim, adorned with landscapes paintings. Izuku grimaced at them.


“Right in here,” Todoroki nodded, cutting off to a double door on the left wall. He slid them open, revealing an elegant dining hall with a long, cherry wood table, a total of fourteen chairs surrounding it. There was a fireplace on the wall opposite the door, but it was summer and not in use. The table itself was adorned with fresh flowers, a combination of white lilies, light pink tulips, and the occasional yellow rose. “My mother picked those out. Flowers are one of the only things that make her happy.”


Izuku blanched. “I’m, uh, sorry? Don’t… don’t you guys make her happy?”


Todoroki shrugged, and beckoned him towards the door on the left wall of the room. The two entered into the most illustrious kitchen Izuku had ever seen. It was professional, clearly. The appliances and ovens were state of the art. Cast iron pots and pans dangled from the ceiling and the prepping island was large and pristine. It was nicer than any and every diner kitchen that Izuku had walked into.


Two men were at the island, one whisking in a bowl as the other placed garnishes on three individual plates. They walked over to them, hopping onto stainless steel stools on the opposite side of the counter. “Good Evening Calvin. Good Evening Sam.”


“Nice to see you, young master.” The one on the left nodded. He was short, stocky, with blue eyes and brown hair.


“What’s for dessert?” Todoroki asked him.


“I’m whipping up some whip cream for strawberry shortcake. Your sister says she needs it for brain food.”


“Of course she does.” Todoroki rolled his eyes.


Izuku smiled, was about to mention how good it smelled, when he noticed the other man set a plate in front of him. He was massive, definitely towering over his coworker. His dark skin contrasted his pearly white smile, and despite his clear capacity to knock Izuku out with a single swing, the guy gave off a kind, welcoming aura. “Eat up.”


Izuku looked down at the plate, grinned at the fat, juicy pork chop. Fried onions and a bourbon glaze adorned it and Izuku could hear his stomach growl. Unfortunately, it seemed wrong for him to go in and eat it. This meal was far more expensive than anything Izuku would eat back home. He’d be lucky to get this for his birthday, maybe.


“Are you sure?” he asked.


Todoroki nodded, already cutting into his own. “Go on. Natsuo is going to sleep, so we need someone to eat his portion.”


“Oh, um, okay,” Izuku nodded, grabbing the fork and knife in his hands. He cut into the steak and lifted a piece to his mouth. When he chewed, it melted in his mouth and he nearly moaned at the savory, sweet taste. “It’s so good!” he gulped, before diving in, inhaling rather than eating.


“Alright guys, I am actually dying!” Someone shouted from the doorway and Izuku, mouth stuffed full, turned to see an attractive man with wild, jet black hair enter through the doorway. His eyes were a piercing blue, and he exuded confidence as he walked, like he was the most important person in the room. “Give me food before I crumble on the floor and wither away.”


Todoroki groaned beside him. “Act normal, Touya. We have a guest.”


Touya quirked an eyebrow. “A guest you say?” He came up and leaned on the counter as Calvin slid a plate over to him. He ignored it though, letting his eyes trail over Izuku before resting on his face. He smirked. “What’s your name?”


“Um, Midoriya Izuku,” Izuku answered, his voice distorted from the food stored in his cheeks.


A wide smile replaced his smirk. “Well, hey there Midoriya. It’s nice to meet you!”


Izuku gulped. “You too!”


“You friends with my little brother?” he asked, reaching over to ruffle Todoroki’s hair and leave it in a mismatched tangle of red and white. Todoroki swatted at his hand, but Touya dodged.


“Yeah, I am.”


“Hmm,” Todoroki’s older brother hummed, watching Izuku through a curious stare. “How? You look too normal.”


“Touya, what the fuck?” Todoroki snapped.


“Hey! I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” he argued, holding his hands up, palms out, in a show of submission. “I’m just sayin’ dad isn’t one to let you hang out with normal people.”


Izuku felt uncomfortable, fidgeting in his seat. He looked down at his plate and let his fingers drum on the counter. He suddenly felt like he shouldn’t be within a mile radius of the Todoroki household--or any wealthy household--after this. He felt like a rodent, a mutt, or a feral cat that someone would feed in passing and then become stuck with. He didn’t like that feeling.


“Anyways, I like him,” Touya assured his brother. That caught Izuku and he looked up, unsure of what he’d just heard. He caught the older Todoroki’s warm smile and relaxed stance. He looked Izuku in the eyes as he went on. “You seem sweet. I’m glad we’ll have someone a little different from Bakugou and Iida around here. You’ll take care of my brother, right Midoriya?”


Izuku grinned, nodding aggressively. “Right!”


Touya clapped his hands together and rubbed them rapidly. “Excellent!” He turned to his steak, cutting a piece off the edge and popping it in his mouth. He moaned, almost erotically, and it made Izuku feel embarrassed. Touya saw him though, and his awkward demeanor. He winked. “Hope I get to see you around here more often.”