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Hoshizora no yoru e no negai (Your wish to the starry night)

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To Javier life hasn’t changed much especially at school. He still spent most of this time helping his students, teaching half the day, correcting tests and papers in the remaining time. What for sure changed was that now Yuzuru stayed over at least 3 times a week, especially on days when they had one of their study sessions to help the other prepare. Javier made room in his closet so Yuzuru could keep change of clothes around, nevertheless the shirt he offered on the first night he stayed over remained to be his sleeping attire. Javier would be lying if he said he hated that.


Today was yet another day where they had a study session planned but Javiers last class got delayed and Yuzuru was waiting for him in the small cafeteria. He hurried to grab his things and albeit ran there to spot the younger buried in his notebook, possibly doing some of the homework he was assigned to already. Javier approached and tapped the youngers shoulder to bring his attention to him.


I am sorry, this took longer than I planned. We can leave if you want? ” Yuzuru smiled, shaking his head.


It’s alright, you were helping Jason, right? ” Javier nodded, releasing a sigh.


He is a cute kid but definitely had some issues with his last essay, though I believe it was due to Shoma distracting him in class...those two. ” Javier shook his head with a fond smile on his face.


They are cute. Shoma asked me to help him with some of the things he didn’t understand, though it was physics which I do not know why he knows I am good at. Maybe we can organize some kind of study group before we have our exams in a month? ” Javier thought about it, the idea was in itself good and while he may not be good with some subjects, obviously Yuzuru could help out.


Sure. We can write a draft and maybe suggest to the classes. I could ask Tatsuki if he wants to help out as well. Some extra hours shouldn’t be a problem, students are cramming in hours since the exams are really close. ” Helping Yuzuru pack his things he put his own bag on his shoulder. “ Do you want to eat before we study? What should we make?


Yuzuru followed Javier out of the cafeteria, walking with him down the stairs and out on the street towards Javier's apartment. “ Can we have cold noodles? It has been so warm lately, something cold could be good.


Javier hummed, nodding his head a couple of times. “Sounds good to me, I think we can make some Naengmyeon. Like the cold Korean noodles with vegetables? Quite simple, healthy and refreshing. What do you say?”


Yuzuru nodded with a bright smile, brushing their hands together for a moment, the only physical contact they really allowed themselves around the school, or at least to it’s close proximity. They kept to their promise not to display affection until Yuzuru was done and got his high school degree. On some days Javier found it difficult to keep his control, as apparently Yuzuru tends to have an adorable expression on his face each time he is confused, tapping his chubby cheeks with the panda at the end of his pen. Two weeks ago it was a cat but now it was a panda and Javier had to bite his lip from cooing in class at him. Arriving at his apartment, he left his bag by the coffee table, Yuzuru walking off to change into more comfortable clothes and unpack his books but he piled them up neatly instead of laying them out.


Javier washed his hand in the kitchen sink, taking out all the vegetables they needed, along with the noodles. Yuzuru joined him a few minutes later, wrapping his arms around his waist from behind; chin resting on his shoulder. He smiled turning his head to press a kiss to his temple, finally a form of affection they could indulge in. Javier turned around, hands reaching up to cup his boyfriends cheeks and leaned in to kiss him properly for the first time that day. Yuzuru melted in his arms, his fingers curling into the front of his shirt. Javier pulled back out of breath, thumb stroking the youngers cheekbone.


“I wanted to do that all day.” He said, making Yuzuru smile, peck his lips before pulling away.


Me too but now I am hungry now. Let me help you. ” Together they prepared dinner, making sure Effie got her own food too before the two sat by the table to eat. Dinner went by quickly and after clearing the dishes together, they settled by the coffee table to go over Yuzurus homework and questions.


You have become better with the mock questions. Should we do a full exam on the weekend? With timing and all? ” Javier asked once they were finished. Yuzuru brightened up at the idea, always liking the challenges, nodding so hard Javier wondered if his head would fall off soon.


I would love to. Sounds like a good test for me. ” Yuzuru packed up his books, placing them back in his bag and sat down on the couch, Effie already climbing in his lap.


Pick something you want to watch, it’s still early for bed. I will make some tea. ” Javier stood up glaring at his cat for a second. “And you princessa are not getting any treats from me, I feel betrayed. You obviously love him more than your owner. ” Yuzuru read his lips and laughed, running his fingers through her fur. Javier rolled his eyes but leaned in for a kiss, to make Yuzuru stop laughing.


Though I can’t really blame her. I am just as much of a fool. ” Yuzuru blushed bright red, pushing Javier away.

Cheesy...Go make tea...I will find turn on our favourite cooking show. ” Yuzuru reached for the remote and turned the TV on, ignoring Javier completely, touching his cheeks to feel how hot they really were. The Spaniard felt pleased at the reaction, a skip to his step as he went to the kitchen to make some chamomile tea for both of them. As he prepared their drinks Javier started to think. In the past month everything has changed, his apartment was now filled with cute animal decorated pens, a Winnie the Pooh mug in his cupboard, extra toothbrush in his bathroom; there are at least two more pillows now on his bed because the younger likes to have several around him. Javier made room for Yuzurus clothes too in his wardrobe. He swallowed, needing to steady himself for a moment the realization hitting him hard. Javier picked up the two cups and returned to the couch, turning to Yuzuru. The younger averted his eyes from the TV, thanking him for the cup but the expression on Javiers face, make him raise a brow.


What is it? Is something wrong? ” Javier shook his head, taking in a deep breath.


Once you have passed your exams...would you move in with me? ” If the question he asked wouldn’t be of such serious nature he may have laughed at the comical way of Yuzurus expression changing, his eyes widening so much he wondered if that wasn’t painful.


What? ” He asked, hands shaking lightly.


“I am wondering if you could see us moving in together here after you finished high school. I mean things are serious between us right? You spend a lot of time here and I love having you here. Effie obviously does too and I just...Would you move in with me?” Javier started to babble, his own hands shaking a little bit so he masked it with running a hand through his hair, averting his gaze. Yuzuru touched his cheek to make him look at him again.


“I would love to.” Yuzuru bit his lower lip, looking shy and nervous. “If you are sur--” Javier didn’t let him finish, cutting him off with a kiss.