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Nothing More than a Casual ****, Isn't that Just How We Operate?

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“That was fast! Did you give yourself time to take your happy pills, old man?”

Aizawa slid in next to you and immediately picked up the menu you both knew he memorized months ago. He didn't even glance at you.

Somethings never change, you thought while rolling your eyes. Why did you even still bother with him? Sure, he had looks.

His long, black messy hair fit perfectly with his pale skin, constant five o'clock shadow, and bloodshot eyes with unnervingly small irises. Though his unruly locks did hide that sharp jawline you enjoyed leaving marks on. That was all he had, however. Outside of the handsomeness and mind blowing sex he gives, Aizawa was the most boring person alive and sometimes you weren't even sure if he was alive.

Past steady hookups had something interesting about them. Their choice in food, they were party animals, a weird birthmark, something. Aizawa on the other hand always ordered the same tired vegetable soup with rice and an ale, never went beyond his limits (and refused to touch you if you did), and his skin was pristine, save the rough feeling scars under his right eye, on his elbow and a few other places. Those imperfections, of course, were none of your business. He wouldn't even tell you what his Quirk was and he didn't want to know about yours. 

You two met up here, ate, fucked, and went your separate ways twice, maybe three times a month for nearly a year now. No unnecessary contact or small talk. He never stood you up, abused you, or satisfied himself more than you, so you kept seeing him. However, today you were five seconds away from just leaving.

It wasn't your fault a pack of werewolves decided to cause havoc in Tokyo that your team had to go clean up so you were gone for a month. It wasn't your fault you couldn't tell him that.


He continued to ignore you in favor of his food, but was now also glaring at a group of meatheads and airheads staring at you two from the bar. His eyes narrowed especially at an obviously vampire Quirked person openly gawking at you with thirst in their gaze. You winked at them just to mess with your partner. Aizawa's expression darkened, but he still didn't look at you. 

With a huff you put a hand on his thigh and started wandering up. You weren't here to save a civilian from starting a fight, you were here to fuck said civilian. The dark haired man’s eyebrow twitched and his attention finally turned to you. You smirked.

“Not here, pet," he grumbled. 

“He speaks!"

Aizawa glanced back over at the vampire who was now whispering with their friends and pointing at you. You moved your hand closer to his crotch and, Aizawa, sighed while shifting so you couldn't feel what just your touch was doing to him. 

“Sorry, I don't have time to keep a stranger updated on my every movement.”

“Oh that's what I am now?" you pouted, scooting closer, “Just because I haven't sucked you off in a month?"

“A month and a quarter," he muttered more to himself than to you. 

Your eyebrow raised at the comment. Surely he found someone to take care of that frustration in his voice during your absence. You decided to put that thought away for later as your hand found stillness on his growing arousal. Then your fingers began a familiar search. Aizawa moved his eyes to glare at you again with a warning rising in them. You happily ignored it.

“Does a stranger know exactly...there it is.”

You found the crotch button to the custom made looking black pants he's always wearing and pulled out his half hard cock under the table. You swore you saw Aizawa’s eyes flash red for the briefest moments before grabbing your deviant hand.

“Pet, don't challenge me,” he hissed, “You won't win.”

“Oh, a big tough guy, huh? What are you going to do about it?”

You smirked wider and started moving your hand. Aizawa gritted his teeth and called for the check before yanking your hand off him, stuffing himself back in his pants, and dragging you outside.


“Louder, pet, louder, dammit…”

You obeyed his demand and shouted his name to the world, not caring about how pathetic it made you look or the back pain fighting those damn wolves gave you. You only cared about how good you felt right now. You caught a glimpse of, Aizawa, staring at you before he blushed at being caught and quickly looked down at where your bodies connected. He quietly cursed and your eyes closed as he started making each thrust harder and faster than the last.

Your sweaty hand slid down the blacked out back seat window as you tried to catch your balance, forgetting he handcuffed one wrist to the coat hanger so you wouldn't fall while he thrusted up into you in the uncomfortable, tight quarters. If you had your wits about you, you would've asked months ago why a seemingly average guy even had blacked out back car windows and pure silver handcuffs in his glove box, but every time, as soon as he pushed you inside his black SUV, it was game on.

You wanted to top today so you could take out work frustrations on his body, but he wanted to “punish you by taking away the little power I allow you to have.” You didn't even have time to roll your eyes before he handcuffed you, dared you to come without permission with his creepy grin, and shoved himself in you, foreplay be damned.

Not that you needed it. You were wet the moment your fuck buddy sat down next to you. Kind of embarrassing, but it didn't look like either of you were going to last long right now. Aizawa definitely wasn't by the way he panted and groaned underneath you. His flushed face red as a tomato and lust clouded his eyes.

“Keep screaming, pet, maybe I'll let you come.”

“Y-you're a dick!”

“Who's inside of you.”

You started a retort back, but then he sat up and started bouncing you on his cock, hitting your sweet spot every time. Your eyes crossed and you squeezed around him. Aizawa stiffened.

“Dammit, dammit…come, pet,” he demanded, “Come now.”

He didn't have to tell you twice, because a thrust later, you started shaking around him. Aizawa continued moving you until with a curse and a grunt, he climaxed in his condom. He face planted into your chest.

“Shit,” he groaned.

You nodded lazily in agreement, ready to go home and sleep in your own bed again. You lifted yourself off him so he could clean himself up. As he unlocked your handcuffs, you noticed he kept glancing outside through his front windows. You shook your head at his paranoia. You were a trained professional, albeit an unlicensed one. If anyone was protecting someone from monster Quirks it was going to be you. 


“Let's go to my place."

You raised an eyebrow in confusion. Usually this is the part where drives you home, in fact you'd be safer at home since that's where all your hunting supplies were. He must be really nervous about that vampire. How cute. You decided to tease that. You folded your arms and turned your head away. 

“No, I want to go home."

Aizawa grabbed your chin to lift your head. Your eyes met his coal black ones. Whatever brief concern they held was stomped out and he smirked the one that melted you the most.

“'s been over a month. You owe me."

You huffed and smacked his hand off of you. You ignored the worry that flashed across his face. 

“First off all, I don't owe you anything, Aizawa, you have a hand the same as me. But it does seem like someone needs attention..."

You bent over to slowly run your tongue over his crotch and he bit back a groan. 

“Kitten, kitten please...just give me one more?" 

At the sound of his begging, and even calling you a nicer name, you decided to give him a bone.

“Only if it's in your bed," you agreed, “My back won't last on the couch at this point.”

Aizawa grinned smugly before bringing his face close to yours. He almost kissed you before catching himself and backing off. As he climbed into his front seat, you saw the slightest of blushes on his cheeks. You felt your face heat up too. He never expressed any desire to kiss you non-sexually before and you never wished for it until he stopped himself. 

“Coming, grandma?”

Your partner's sarcasm cut through your thoughts and you shook the remnants of them away. Meet, eat, fuck, leave. That's it. You crawled through to the front, pleased when you saw, Aizawa, licking his lips and staring at your bouncing chest while you settled. 

“Not yet, dick.”

“Wait for it, pet.”



As soon as you two entered his apartment, Aizawa slammed you against his door and captured your lips with his. Your eyes widened in surprise. Usually, he pushed you onto the couch or into the room, and started going down on you or vice versa. Sure you two kissed before occasionally, but it was always cold and rough, just something to help him get it up. Never has it been...passionate. Almost like he missed you.

You internally slapped yourself for even thinking, Aizawa, could feel anything besides using you as a means to a happy end, and focused on kissing him back.

He groaned when you snaked your fingers into his hair. You started tugging on it and rubbing circles into his scalp, just to see his reaction. Real lovers you had in the past either liked it or hated it. Aizawa loved it.

At one point, he broke away from your mouth and rubbed his head against your hand. You went faster and you could've sworn his leg started bouncing a little as the smallest of content smiles twitched in the corners of his mouth. You giggled, thinking about whether or not he was going to start, as you called it the first time he did it, purring, but your breath hitched when his eyes opened to look into yours.

For a moment, you thought you saw affection in them. Just as fast as they showed the emotion, all emotions, disappeared and, Aizawa, suddenly let go of you. You didn't even realize he picked you up so you stumbled before righting yourself. You huffed, smoothed your clothes out, and put your hands on your hips. He already stalked off to his room, the earlier moment ruined.

“Hey! Didn't your folks ever teach you how to treat a lady?” you shouted. 

“Tell me if you find one around here and I'll show you.”

You fumed as you followed him into his bedroom, ready to argue until it became a hate fuck. As soon as you closed the door to the dark room, you knew your partner had other plans. He sat naked on the bed, cock in hand already starting to rub one out. He held up his free hand and you didn't come any closer. Finally, he spoke.

“You don't answer or call for a month and then you show back up wearing the bare minimum of clothing. Did you see the way everyone was staring at you?”

You looked down at your choice of fashion tonight. You wore a black miniskirt that did almost nothing to cover your bare butt and a maroon quarter sleeved cropped shirt with a deep v collar. Your breasts were in plain view. 

“You wanted them to look at you, didn't you, pet? You winked at one of them like I wasn't even there...I don't know if I should even give you my cock again tonight."

You huffed again and at your indignation, Aizawa, started moving his hand faster over himself. You don't know why irritating you turned him on so much, but you weren't having it today. You walked forward despite Aizawa's earlier command to stay put.

You knew how his “jealousy" act played out. He got off to your image, then he either ate you out or fingered you. Then it was walk the mile home time while he passed out. Well, not today. Since he dragged you here, you were getting his cock more than once tonight. When you got to the edge of his bed, you put a knee on each side of his hips and started teasing him with your entrance.

“Well, I needed a backup plan. I have needs, Aizawa. Needs that I don't necessarily need you to fulfill.”

His eyes flashed dangerously as he stopped jerking himself and tightly grabbed your hips. He searched your eyes for a moment and your smirk faded. His face didn't give anything away, but something about him seemed...hurt. You didn't ponder it long, however. In an instant, you were on your back with his hands up your shirt, pinching and pulling at your sensitive skin. 

“Is that so? If I didn't show, you would've just slept with any one of those sleazeballs? No hesitation?”

“Didn't you?”

He didn't confirm or deny your question. Your shirt finally disappeared and Aizawa's mouth took over for his hands while he worked your skirt off. You decided to tease him even more in hopes of figuring out who took care of him in your absence. 

“I was actually eyeing someone when you came in. They had pretty red eyes, a nice looking body, and a jawline that looked like it could cut stee-oh Aizawa..."

Two of his fingers dug into your entrance and started pumping. You started moaning. Aizawa leaned in like he was going to kiss you again, but instead he brought his lips to your ear.

“They weren't worth your time. None of those animals can take care of you like I can, kitten.”

You unconsciously nodded and rocked your hips into his hand. Aizawa made a quiet noise of content that turned into a plead to stop teasing him when your hand started stroking him. You, of course, didn't and suddenly you found yourself sitting on his face. He only said one word before eating you out.


You didn't need to be told what he meant. You immediately grabbed onto his thighs, bent over, and slowly deepthroated him. Aizawa made a choked noise and bucked his hips. You gagged, but didn't lighten up on him anymore than he did on you. Soon you were both caught up in the movements of your mouths. Aizawa licked hungrily at your folds and fucked your entrance with his tongue, while you wrapped yours around his cock and sucked on his head. If he wasn't using his hands, neither were you. 

Eventually, his attentions started focusing on your clit and you ground into his mouth, desperate for more friction. He kept trying to push your head down so he could fuck your throat raw. You let up with a wet pop.

“Ai-Aizawa," you gasped, “I want to come on your cock.”

“I don't have any protection in the house," he mumbled. 

You were floored for a moment. You knew he used the last of his "apartment condoms" the last time you saw him. There wasn't enough time between you telling him to meet you and him arriving at the bar for him to have bought any. That meant he either had a revolving door in your absence, fucked unprotected, or-

You threw that though away. There's no way he waited for you.

“My Quirk makes it so I can't get STDs to give. I can't get pregnant either, so it doesn't matter," you reasoned, "Just fuck me, Aizawa.”

You rolled off of him before he could grab you and sat up. Both of your faces looked a mess which made you ache even more. Aizawa wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and opened it, but you quickly closed it with yours. You meant it to be a quick peck to shut him up, but then he cupped your chin faster than you could pull away and closed his eyes. He mumbled something before he gently slipped his tongue between your lips. You instinctively pressed up against him as your eyes shut too and sat down in his lap. Then he gripped the roots to the back of your hair and pushed you closer to deepen your embrace. He sighed blissfully when you didn't pull away.

At that moment, your heart twinged and the realization that you missed, Aizawa, when you were gone crossed your mind. Your eyes flew open and you quickly stomped those thoughts out. You had to stop putting feelings for him into this. You had to stop kissing him altogether. He made that decision very difficult to carry out, however, as he didn't seem to want to stop anytime soon. 

One of his hands now cupped your cheek and he slowly stroked it with his thumb while the other caressed the small of your back. His mouth worked tenderly against yours, only taking pauses for air or savor a moment. It was the most content you've ever seen him and all the alarms to bail went off in your head. This type of intimacy was definitely not in the deal you, or him for that matter, agreed upon eight months ago. You needed to remind him of that before it gets weird. 

You took his hands and put them on your breasts. Aizawa took the hint and with a great effort, broke away from your lips to wrap his around the tender skin of your chest. You took your opportunity to lift off him a bit and lined your aching entrance up with his throbbing cock. As soon as you felt the stretch of his head going in you, however he halted your hips. You opened your eyes to find his skeptical ones searching your face for any kind of deception. 

“Just trust me, please?" you sighed, “Believe me, you're not worth lying to, Aizawa.”

With that, Aizawa, growled in offense and sat up to flip you on your back. He held your arms down and you bit your lip. His displays of just how much stronger he is than you were as sexually arousing as they were emotionally. 

“You want this cock, pet?” he asked as he slowly pushed his length into you.

You nodded vigorously and moaned out a breathy affirmation. The heat in his eyes grew in proportion to his smirk. He pulled back out to only his tip.

“What do you want my worthless cock to do to you, pet? Fill you up?”

In one motion, he shoved himself in to his base. You both let out a loud groan of pleasure. Aizawa bit his lips in a valiant struggle to keep them off yours. His fingers dug into your forearms when you wrapped your legs around his hips and squeezed him to keep yourself from coming. After a few seconds more, you gave him the go ahead to move. 

As he did, he freed your arms so he could shift to a better angle. You took that as your opportunity to bury your hands in his hair again. When you started tugging, Aizawa, went faster and laid his forehead on yours. His mane created a curtain hiding both of your faces.

“Is this what you wanted, pet?"


“You wanted my cock to take care of your perfect cunt?”

“Yes, yes, harder, Aizawa! Fuck me harder!”

“You gotta scream for it, pet. You know I need to hear you…”

You did as asked and his self-control snapped. His lips met yours in an urgent passion and you reciprocated despite yourself. Being plowed and tongue tied by the beautiful man above you, what a homecoming.

Dammit, kitten," Aizawa grunted suddenly between kisses, “No one else gets me so damn hard…you feel so damn good every fucking time…you're ruining me, kitten...”

He buried his face in the crook of your neck, which turned his words into a bunch of low growls you couldn't understand as continued his mission to put you through his mattress. You tried to make since of what you could make out. It sounded like he cared you were gone, like he really waited for you to call him again. You tried to get out of that thought process, because it lead no where good, but the pounding, Aizawa, currently gave to you made it difficult. Your eyes rolled back in your head as he shifted to make you see stars.

“Aizawa, don't stop!,” you begged, “Don't stop, please don't stop!”

“Never, kitten, never,” he promised, looking you right in the eye, “No one else gets to fuck you like this…I'll ruin you, kitten...I will ruin you...”

He mumbled something else before he kissed you with emotions you never felt from him or anyone else before and you came with muffled moans.

“That's it, come for me, squeeze me go-oh, oh dammit, kitten…”

You felt him shoot his load a minute later. For a moment or two, no sounds or movements were made except panting and, Aizawa, pulling out of you. Then he laid down on his side and pulled you close to him, your back to his chest. Your face heated up, going into panic mode. This cuddle session was not happening. You and him do not engage in any after intimacy what so ever. Finally, you spoke, hoping to slap some sense back into him.

“See you in a couple weeks.”

You moved to get up, but he immediately wrapped himself around you. You turned your head to find his face as expressionless as ever, but his blush, body, and heart rate were silently pleading.



“It's too late for you to walk home now."

You glanced at the clock that read just past one. You shook your head with a nervous laugh. This can't be the same man that passed out immediately after making you come a month ago. This can't be the same man who suddenly woke up and told you he wouldn't fuck you for the rest of eternity if you turned on the lights when you had to dress at three in the morning. 


He pulled you closer into his chest before kissing your shoulder and letting out a satisfied sigh.

“Just stay, kitten. Sleep.”


In the morning, you woke up in an unfamiliar room. After a minute of panic, you remembered and then hit your head against the wall. You stayed the night. You broke a top five rule of casual sex. The worst part was, you were more upset that, Aizawa, wasn't in the bed too. 

You swung your legs over the side and looked around a bit. His room was different when you could actually see it. Clean, but clinical. You saw no photographs or decorations, nothing to indicate what his personality or personal life was besides...boring. Now you started to get suspicious. Who was, Aizawa, if that was even a real name for him. 

You told yourself that you weren't curious because you wanted to get to know him better, rather because your hunter instincts told you he was no good. 

You got off the bed to search for your clothes and heard his laundry room running next to the bathroom. They were in the dryer. You smiled and shook your head. Your clothes must have been disgusting if he felt the need to clean them.

You picked up his discarded black long sleeve shirt from last night. It appeared to be made the same way as his pants laying next to it. You frowned, wondering why someone like him needed such custom clothing. You slipped on his shirt with every intention of searching his apartment while you waited for your clothes, but then you heard his voice coming from the living room. You tip toed down the hallway. 

“...Nezu. I know I said no overnight visitors, but-Nezu if you saw the way they were gawking at her, I had no choice-yes...the same girl-I told you, Nezu, I have no romantic feelings. I just did what I had to do.”

You deflated as you looked down at the floor. 

So all that stuff he said last night was just to sweet talk you into staying because of the monster squad possibly following you. At least you knew for certain those kisses meant nothing. You laughed humorlessly to yourself. To think you almost believed that he wanted you to stay...

“Yes. Fine. I'll be over later.”

You heard him hang up with a sigh. You swallowed your mix up emotions and walked out to the room with your head held high. Aizawa didn't react. He held a black adult cat in one arm and looked down at his phone, apparently in his own little world. Your heart cracked a bit at the soft expression in his eyes. You wondered what or who could melt Mr. Freeze.

“She's more beautiful than ever, huh?" he asked the sleeping animal, “I wish I could tell her that, I wish I could tell her everything, but she might bite my dick off..."

A great sadness washed over his formerly carefree expression. You clenched your jaw. So he does have another woman, a pretty important sounding one too. But if she was so great, then why was he still bothering with you? You shook your head. What do you care what his relationship issues were? That was his problem to explain when they found out about you. 

“Oi, Aizawa.”

His head shot up and his phone disappeared faster than you could blink. You sighed and thought about your training. Everyone's got something to hide. Trust nothing and no one. 

“Kitten, how long-?" he began.

He suddenly realized what you were wearing. He clammed up, but his eyes were on fire as he looked you up and down. His tongue ran over his lips again and again. You went on tip toe to kiss his cheek and his face turned tomato red. You smirked and winked at him. No need to throw away your best toy yet. Maybe one of these days you'll meet this beautiful woman and get to watch her beat the crap out of, Aizawa, for being a womanizer.

“I don't need you looking out for me," you smiled bitterly, “But thanks for washing my shit. See you in a couple weeks.”

He struggled to keep still as you walked back into his room with a swing to your hips. You were glad. Judging by the tent in his sweats, if he moved even a millimeter, you wouldn't be leaving his apartment until after noon. You two knew you couldn't stay any longer, however. You both crossed a line last night; him by not kicking you out and you by staying instead of sneaking out.

When you closed his apartment door, you leaned against it and exhaled heavily. You tried thinking of unpleasant images, but all you could see was him standing in the living room with sex and sleep tousled hair, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. 

In the dark, you can never really see his body, but it actually does look every bit as good as it feels. Well toned, long, and lean, built more for speed and agility than brute force. You groaned as your clothes became uncomfortably hot, thinking about what you would have done to him if you had less self-control. Unfortunately, Aizawa, didn't appear to have the same level of restraint. You felt his door open and you quickly stepped away from it. 

"Kitten can we...just this one-?"

You pushed him back inside and slammed the door behind you both before dragging him to his room by the elastic of his pants. He threw his shirt at you. You quickly stripped off your street clothes and put it back on before leaping into his arms. 

You never had such great morning sex in your life.