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The summer heat made the air humid, buzzing of cicadas surrounded the group of five boys as they stared intensely at each other.

"That's mean Kacchan," Izuku cried out, switching his cowed posture to a wobbly fighting stance, "Can't you see he's crying?" He said, referring to the sobbing boy behind him, who has his arms wrapped around himself in pain.

"If you keep going," Izuku's voice came out hesitant as he looked pleadingly into Kacchan's impassive face, "I-I-I'll never forgive you!" He stuttered out, quickly losing any hope as Kacchan's impassive expression morphed into a feral grin.

"Even though you're Quirkless," Katsuki begins as miniature explosions began popping in his small fists, "You're pretending to be a hero, Deku?" Katsuki asks haughtily as the two boys behind him began preparing they're Quirks.

"I'm not Quirkless!" Izuku retorted defensively, "Mommy and the Doctor says I'm just a Late Bloomer!"

"A useless Deku like you isn't gonna get a Quirk, and if you do..." Katsuki trailed off as a sharp glint flashed in his eyes, "You'll just get one as useless as you!" The crimson eyed boy shouts as he dashes towards Izuku along with his two lackeys following closely behind him, about to commit such a violent act no five year old should even think to commit.

Izuku felt fear flooding his senses, shutting his eyes tightly as they dashed at him, stretching out a single arm, putting his palm out in an act to silently plea to his friends to stop. Just as Katsuki's open hand touched Izuku's outstretched one, a bright light flashed between the two boys, causing all five boys to shield they're eyes. Katsuki stumbled back with a shout, falling on his butt onto the dirt, as he glanced up at the shell shocked freckled boy with an embarrassed blush a flash of anger rose in the small boy.

"Now you're really going to get it." Katsuki grumbled angrily as he scrambled off the ground, "Try to stop me with your useless Quirk!" Katsuki shouts as he raises his hand towards Izuku's face, Izuku shielded his face with his arms, bracing himself for the pain to come.

But nothing happened.

"W-what?" Katsuki stuttered out in confusion, a empty feeling in his chest as he dumbfoundedly flexed his hands, desperately trying to activate his Quirk. All five boys watched in horror as nothing happened, Katsuki's two lackeys were already running away as the boy Izuku was trying to protect scrambled off the dirt quickly following. Katsuki grabbed Izuku's shoulders, shaking them roughly as his once haughty expression morphed into one of fear, Izuku's hands rested on Katuki's chest as he tried to shove the blonde off him.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" Katsuki spat in Izuku's face, voice high pitched in fear, "GIVE IT BACK YOU FUCKING DEKU!"

"I-I-I CAN-CAN'T!" Izuku shouted in fear, pulling himself out of Katsuki's grasp with a shove, he fell back on dirt along with Katsuki, quickly scrambling off the ground to run back to his home as quick as his small legs can take him, where he can find the comfort of his Mommy.


Izuku skipped the next day of school, clutching his Mommy's skirt as he sat on the waiting room floor of the Doctor's office. Inko's hand threaded through Izuku's curly green hair, petting the fluffy mess helped ease the anxiety in both of the Midoriya's as time slowly ticked by.

The sound of the office door open made the small family perk up, "Uh, Midoriya Izuku?" The nurse read aloud from her clipboard making Inko sigh in relief.

She stood up shakily, scoping up Izuku into her arms as she walked to the office door where the nurse was waiting expectantly for them. "I'm Midoriya Inko, his mother." She explained with a wobbly smile, her anxiety obvious to the nurse.

The nurse smiled with sympathy, "It'll be alright, hun. It can be hard to adapt at times after your kid gets their Quirk. But, the Doctor always gives good advice to help." She consoled Inko as she led them to their appointment. With a final smile she left the Midoriya's alone once again, Izuku plopping down into his Mothers lap as she sat down in a uncomfortable plastic seat. Now waiting for the Quirk Doctor to arrive, this time not with her heart beating rapidly in her chest or sweat running down her neck, the nurse's kind words calming the green haired woman down.

Which couldn't be said for Izuku as he shook with nerves, the only thing not causing him to burst in tears was the comforting embrace of his Mother's arms wrapped around his belly, and the loving words whispered in his ear. Izuku's gaze snapped towards the doctor office door when a light knock came from the other side before stepping into the room was an older man, googles attached to his face hiding his eyes, unnerving Izuku. The Doctor did a quick one over of the small family before his face split into a smile, sensing their discomfort.

"Goodmorning, I heard little Izuku got his Quirk yesterday. Am I right?" Dr.Tsubasa asked as he sat down in front of the small family, pulling out his clipboard to start writing notes as Inko gathered the courage to reply despite her anxiousness.

"Uh- Yes sir. Izuku came home panicked yesterday from the park with his friends, crying that he t-took his friends Q-quirk." Inko muttered, her petting of Izuku's fluffy curls more frequent than before. Dr.Tsubasa perked up suddenly intrigued as his smile slowly turned to a giddy grin.

"Oh? You said he took his friends Quirk? Can he use the taken Quirk? Has his friend been given his Quirk again?" Dr.Tsubasa rambled off questions, his curiosity obviously destroying any professionalism he once had.

"Um. Yes he did. Mitsuki called me this morning and notified me that Katsuki's Quirk hasn't returned to him, and after Izuku calmed down last night I tried to get him to see if he could use Katsuki's Quirk so he could try to give it back again this morning... but he couldn't. It's like he erased the quirk completely from Katsuki…" Inko sighed sadly at the thought of what Katsuki must be going through, he was so excited to be gifted with such a powerful quirk and in just a few seconds it was taken away.

Dr.Tsubasa seemed to slouch a little in disappointment, "Ah, must be a long term Erasure type Quirk. Did he have to use skin contact?" He asked, crossing out what he suspected might've happened, before adding a new hypothesis- not that it interested him much anymore.

Inko's face twisted in thought before she looked expectantly to the child in her arms, "Izuku?" She asks softly to the freckled boy.

Izuku took a shaky breath, "Y-yeah, I t-touched K-kacchan the-then a bright l-light flashed an-and it was g-gone." He whispered as tears trailed down his chubby cheeks, his face twisted with guilt as he stuttered out a reply.

"Interesting." Dr.Tsubasa muttered as he chewed his pen, writing a few quick thoughts down. "Alright, I'm gonna need a piece of DNA. A strand of hair will do. I don't need much to use my Quirk." Dr.Tsubasa explained as he set down his clipboard onto the counter near he was sitting.

"O-oh okay..." Inko said with a weary smile, it took a few moments to coax the sniffling child but after the promise of information on his Quirk, the young boy gave him a strand of curly viridian hair without a fuss.


The ride home was silent. Inko was worried to say the least, Izuku has always wanted a Quirk and now he got one. A powerful one. One that would allow him to be a Hero, no doubt about it. So, why is he silent when he should be bouncing in his seat overjoyed as he rambled on and on about all the possibilities of his Quirk.

But here he is, staring out the window with dull emerald eyes, a small frown on his face as his lower lip trembled. Katsuki was going to get his Quirk back in the next few days, or at least that's what Dr.Tsubasa told them.

So, what's wrong with her sunshine?

On Friday, Mitsuki called informing Inko Katsuki got his Quirk back the night before. Before she hung up Inko apologized profusely for the trouble but Mitsuki waved it off with a laugh, No harm, no foul. Telling Inko with a sigh that Katsuki was a bit shaken but he was alright, maybe even a bit humbled by the experience.

Izuku went to school the following Monday despite his protests, Inko won in the end.

Izuku's knuckles were snow white as he gripped the straps of his All Might backpack tightly, he kept his head low as he walked through the halls of his elementary school. He flinched as kids began whispering as he passed by fear evident in their tone of voice, children divided like the Red Sea as he pulled up to his classroom, everything was silent as he slid open the classroom door.

He felt sick to his stomach.

No one would look at him directly in his eyes. No one would stand in arms length of him. No one would speak to him. He was isolated.

The few days Izuku was gone from school was more than enough time for rumors to spread, for every truth there would be double the lies whispered about the kid who could take away your Quirk. Everyone knew Midoriya Izuku took Bakugou Katsuki's Quirk. It was seemingly worse than the taunting, the teasing, to occasional shove when he was Quirkless.

Izuku decided to hide away in the Library during breaks instead of being a spectacle for people to be afraid of. No one bothered him at the Library, allowing him to find peace for once, as he was surrounded by seemingly infinite amounts of information in the form of books.

As time passed by, as rumors died down, a few brave souls would occasionally try to confront Izuku. Thinking with their powerful Quirks they can take out the School Villain, whenever it was for popularity or something along those lines it didn't matter. Izuku was scared as flashy, powerful Quirks would erupt suddenly, catching Izuku off guard making his Quirk activate without his consent. Apparently it took over a year for the last kid to get his Quirk back.

When Izuku was ten he made a discovery that changed his entire life. He was at the Library once again when a book caught his eye.

Pre-Quirk Crime

Was the bold title, Izuku excitedly took it off the shelf opening the book with fascination. His emerald eyes sparkled as he read the book, absorbing as much information as he possibly could during the short Lunch Break. Izuku made a conclusion after the short period of time he spent in the Library that day.

The world would be better off without Quirks.


Red sneakers splashed in a pool of water as the small teen ran through the streets of Tatooin Station. The commotion up ahead alerted Izuku to a Villain attack, and where a villain was a Hero wasn't far behind.

Izuku grinned as he tuned the corner of the road, just as he expected three heroes were already on the scene taking care of some gigantic villain on a rampage. He eagerly made his way through the crowds of people overhearing some conversations as he passed. Wow, this idiot is just a purse snatcher, shame. Had so much potential too, Izuku thought as he pulled out his notebook from his bag.

He manages to stand behind the barrier Backdraft put up to keep any objects from falling on any pedestrians, watching as Death Arms picked up falling beams with his strength, and Kamui Woods confronted the villain causing members of the crowd to cheer. The up and rising Hero flew over the petty thief after trying and failing to subdue him on Kamui's first try.

"Illegal use of abilities during rush hour, as well as robbery and assault? You're pure evil." Kamui said raising his voice enough for the crowd to hear, as he landed into a crouch. Izuku rolled his eyes behind his glasses in annoyance, cause really? This petty theif is pure evil? He wouldn't be saying that if he knew of true evil! Uh- not as if Izuku knew of anything the sort either... ha ha.

Izuku giggled to himself as he wrote down a few more notes on Kamui Woods and the few other Heroes on the scene, these were such great notes! It's almost like they want people to see their weaknesses, cause as much as they flaunt their strength just as many weaknesses show.

"Lacquered Chains Pris-" Kamui shouted as he stretched his wooden limbs to subdue the criminal once more, he was cut off as a loud woman's voice interrupted his super move.

"Canyon Cannon!" The giant woman shouted as she flew through the air making Izuku's emerald eyes to widen in shock along with the other bystanders who were too enraptured by the fight to see over 60 foot tall woman who currently has knocked out the petty criminal with a giant foot to the head.

"Today's my debut! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady!" Mount Lady said with a bright smile, seemingly not affected by all the reporters at the scene taking pictures of her as she bent down. The perverted men obviously drooling over the great clickbait thumbnails they can make with their shots. As the crowd began to disperse as the criminal was put into custody Izuku continued to write notes, mumbling underneath his breath as he reread the notes he has taken. Izuku snapped his head towards the side in surprise, barely restraining his Quirk as a man with a mutation Quirk began to speak to him, snapping Izuku out of his numb state.

"Hey kid, you taking notes? You wanna be a Hero, that's great I'll be rooting for ya!" The Bystander exclaimed, encouragement radiating around him as he gave Izuku a thumbs up. Izuku blinked in surprise at the man before a plastic smile settled on his face. "Thanks, I'll try my best." Izuku replied his tone coming out hollow as he walked away. As Izuku walked his usual route to his dump of a middle school, he felt trapped in a feeling of numbness. Not noticing the heads that turned as he walked by. Or the embarrassed looks as people watched the sway of his hips.

Izuku felt the change in the air as he passed through the school gates, the stares burned in the back of his skull, the temperature seemed to drop around him. Yet, Izuku kept on his plastic smile, as he thought what he did everyday he passed through these gates.

Just another day of isolation. No big deal.



"Since you're all third years, it's time for you to think seriously about your future." Izuku's teacher began, face bored as his voice was void of any emotion, not much different from Izuku's own round, freckled face.

"I'll pass out handouts for your future plans now, but..." He trailed off as he grabbed a stack of papers off his desk, "'re all...", the balding man's frown stretches into a smile,"...pretty much planning to go into the hero course, right?" He shouts happily, throwing papers into the air unprofessionally for someone of his status.

"YEAH!" His classmates shout in unison, excitement brightening they're faces, as they all activate they're quirks. Abilities ranging from useless mutations to somewhat useful emitter Quirks, making Izuku roll his eyes behind his round metal glasses, cause really how pathetic if these are Izuku's future foes.

"Yes, Yes, you all have wonderful Quirks!" He says hurriedly, trying to get his students attention back on him, "But, using your powers at school is against the rules!" He calls out over the sea of voices, still being ignored even with the volume of his voice.

"Teach," An annoyed voice calls out over the sea of voices, Izuku glances over at the familiar voice, chuckling softly at the rude posture of his childhood rival, "Don't lump us all in the same group. I'm not gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these rejects!" Katsuki's ignorant statement causes a wave of indignant shouts and voices of disagreements.

"You should all shut up like the extras you are!" Katsuki yells a feral grin on his stupidly handsome face, Izuku notes bitterly.

"Oh, if I remember correctly, you want to go to U.A. High, right, Bakugou-kun?" Izuku's teacher asks, little surprise lacing his voice, a goal expected by one of top students with such a powerful Quirk, Izuku guesses.

"That's why all you guys are just extras," Katsuki states,"I aced the mock test! I'm the only one at this school who could possibly get into U.A. I'll definitely surpass All Might and become the top hero! My name'll be inscribed on the list of top earners!" He shouts proudly as he pumps a fist into the air.

"M-midoriya-kun w-wants to g-go to U.A., t-t-too , ri-right?" His teachers voice interrupts Katsuki, as he stares at the clipboard with wide, worried eyes. All eyes in the room focus on Izuku as he sits calmly at his seat, pleasant smile on his face as he folded his hands together on his desk, emerald gaze sliding across the room, relishing in the power he holds in this situation.

"Yes, but I'm also applying to several other schools across the country, mostly those known for their science programs." Izuku replies calmly, acting aloof to the tense atmosphere surrounding him.

"Hey Deku!" Katsuki shouts from across the room, standing up abruptly from his desk, stomping towards where Izuku sat, leaving a few feet of space in between them, "You're below rejects! You're just a future Villain!" Izuku giggles to himself at the obvious weariness in Katsuki's stance.

"How could you ever think U.A., a prestigious Hero school, would accept a student that's just a future villain for me to defeat!" Katsuki yells into Izuku's face, enraged by Izuku's blatant disrespect.

"It's not like I'm trying to compete with you or anything, Katsuki~ " Izuku sung, smile brightening as he saw the flinch that racked Katuski's body before the crimson eyed teen scowled, growl rising in the back of his throat.

"Believe me!" Izuku said putting his hands in the air, voice carrying out faux fear, "It's just a silly goal of mine since I was little. And well..." Izuku trailed off, as his emerald gaze darkened behind metal frames. Putting his index finger on his plump, pink bottom lip as he looked into Katsuki's wide eyes, as he pretended to ponder of his next words.

"...I'll never know if I don't try." Izuku finished, sweet smile twisting into a feral grin. Amusement bubbled in Izuku's chest as he felt the classrooms temperature drop around him, everyone deathly still as they stared at the scene playing out in front of them, anxiously waiting his next move.

Letting his grin fade back into a soft smile, barely containing a giggle as he watches Katsuki trying to come back to his wits. He pouts when Katsuki opens his mouth again, cause dang it, he really thought he got him that time.

"Whaddya mean, unless you try?!" Katsuki shouts, anger flaring as he stares down at Izuku's playful expression, "Are you taking the test for fun?!" He yells enraged, explosions popping in his clenched fists.

"Maybe I am," Izuku says condescendingly, grinning at the intimidating teen towering above him without fear, "It's not like it matters, U.A. wouldn't accept a future Villain anyways, right?" Izuku asks with a shit-eating grin, as he plays with a strand of curly green hair from behind his ear, batting his long lashes against freckled cheeks. Katsuki stares down at him with wide eyes, opening his mouth and closing it a few times like a fish, speechless at the low-key flirting from his childhood friend.

"Tch." Katsuki mutters with a scowl once he snaps back into reality, "Just don't try anything funny at the Entrance Exams." He grits out as he turns around, shoving his fists into his uniform pockets.

Izuku snorts quietly, rolling his emerald eyes in amusement as he watches Katsuki trudge back to his seat.

"He's no fun." Izuku muses out loud to no one in particular, "All bark, no bite." Izuku mutters the last part, not feeling up to dealing with Katsuki again. He must've not been quiet enough cause he feels someone's gaze on him, tilting his head to the side he locks eyes with a classmate he doesn't remember the name of, not like he pays attention all that much in class anyways.

Izuku smiles sweetly at the classmate to his right, "Hey!" Izuku chirps, watching as his classmate slowly turn a deep shade of pink before they turned away from fear. Izuku try's not to acknowledge the pang in his heart as he turns back to his day dreaming, propping his chin on the palm of hand, humming a soothing tune under his breath.


The sound of the school bell ringing snapped Izuku back into reality, he sighed softly, relieved the school day was over he immediately began to pack up his things into his book bag, excited for a new day of research. Izuku gasped softly as his notebook was snatched out of his hands, looking through his lashes he sees a threating form of Katsuki.

"We're not done talking yet, Deku." Katsuki growled, his crimson eyes narrowing as he began to flip through his notebook before a scowl slowly formed on his face as he looked at Izuku suspiciously.

"What do you got in here, Deku? Diabolical plans for the future?" Katsuki asked making Izuku stiffen before he looked up at the blonde with wide eyes. Just because Katsuki was right doesn't mean he had to know that.

"No. Katsuki just give it back." Izuku said, his voice almost coming out desperate making Katsuki grin as a spark flashed through his red eyes.

"Oh? This must be pretty important to your plans, huh?" Katsuki muttered with his lips still peeled back into a feral grin, before Izuku could even retort sparks began popping out of Katsuki's hand. Burning the book, Izuku watched, devastated as the pages blackened into a crisp, before it was swiftly tossed out the window, a splash of water soon following.

Katsuki didn't say another word as he walked to the classroom door, a proud smile on his face much like the ones he would give Izuku when he was Kacchan to him. It made Izuku's heart twist painfully in his heart, something that was long broken, leaving him in a numb state as the only thing that kept him going at this point was his one goal.

"So anyway don't apply to U.A., would be a shame if you got caught before I even become a Hero, wouldn't it?" Kacc-Katsuki called to Izuku over his shoulder, only to flinch when he was met with the deadliest glare he was ever sent in his life. Even with tears dripping down freckled cheeks it was enough for Katsuki to high tail it out of there, shoving that ounce of regret the weighed his heart down when he saw Izuku's tears.


"Stupid Katsuki…" Izuku whispered hoarsely as he trudged towards the koi pond at the back of the school. Izuku stood in a numb state as he stared at his burnt and water damaged notebook being nibbled by koi, with a dull emerald gaze. "That's not fish food, stupid." Izuku muttered to the innocent koi, he really needed to let his anger out on something, wouldn't want anything to happen like... last time.

As flashes of that suppressed memory begin Izuku smacks his tear stained cheeks, snapping him out of that rabbit hole. He bends down snatching his notebook out of the koi's lips without remorse. Izuku knew it was bound to happen, Katsuki destroying his research, so he took precautions by making a digital file of his years of research. Yet still, it held a lot of fond memories for Izuku, his research gave him purpose after all.

Izuku sighed softly as he began to make his way back home, as he passed through under the underpass Izuku walks through every day, too caught up in his thoughts he didn't hear the clanking of metal behind him. Sucking in a sharp breath as a deep voice came from above him causing the poor boy to shiver. For the first time in years Izuku felt something he never thought he would feel again.


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Izuku's neck snapped upwards as a gurgling sound rumbles through the underpass, causing a shiver to run down his spine. His emerald eyes widen in fear, he could feel a drip of sweat slide down the back of his neck as he was met face to face with a creature he's only seen in his nightmares.

"Hm, A size small invisibility cloak- maybe not the best invisibility cloak, but it will do." The slime demon gurgled out as it wrapped its dripping tentacles around Izuku, destroying any hope of escape by foot. Before Izuku could even scream the oozing beast lunged down at him from where he was looking down upon the frozen boy.

Why the hell isn't my Quirk working?!

Izuku cried as wretched sludge pushed its way through his mouth and nose, he thrashed his limbs in the dripping goo tentacles of the villain. "You're a spunky little thing, aren't 'cha. I would love to take things further and play with such a pretty little thing," The demon's voice rumbled in Izuku's ear making his heart drop, "But someone is currently up my ass-" Izuku couldn't hear anything more as black splotches filled his blurry vision, as his glasses fell onto the concrete below from his thrashing.

So, this is the end. Izuku thought numbly, as his limbs became lax in his sludge prison. Anger rose in Izuku's chest as that thought registered in his mind. He felt his Quirk begin to buzz under his skin, this wasn't the end for him! He had too much to do for this creature to end his life here.

Izuku screamed in frustration under the sludge monster, twitching his fingers as white bolts of light fluctuated between his hands. Milliseconds before Izuku could release his Quirk to free the beast of his curse a shout echoed in the underpass causing the creature to stiffen.


Izuku felt his Quirk dissipate back under his skin as he felt relief flood his senses, because it was fine now. Why you ask, well because All Might was here.


Toshinori heart drops as he looks at the scene in front of him, the sludge villain he was chasing after had his wretched tentacles around a young civilian if they're size is anything to go by. As drooping emerald eyes lock with his, Toshinori couldn't help but feel compelled to save the civilian as relief was evident by they're relaxed expression.

"TEXAS SMASH-!" Toshinori yelled out as he pulled back his fist, releasing 10% of One for All to not cause any injury to the civilian. As a burst of air pressure blew through the underpass the criminal screamed as his bits of sludge splashed onto the walls of the underpass. Toshinori's heart leaped in his chest as he saw the unmoving civilian splayed out on the dirty ground, he jogged towards the civilian and bent down to check they're pulse, sighing in relief when there was a faint beating under his fingertips.

Toshinori ruffled his shopping bag as he pulled out a bottle of pop he bought at the convenient store, popping off the cap Toshinori chugged down the fizzy drink. Coughing into his fist as his throat burned from the carbonated drink, ignoring a droplets of blood that came up. As he began to scoop up the slime villain into the bottles of pop he emptied Toshinori cringed as he heard a loud crunch, picking his foot off the ground he cursed silently to himself as he saw a pair of round metal glasses bent and broken on the concrete ground.

Picking up the civilians glasses, Toshinori delicately dropped them on the civilians chest, his eyes widened as he noticed the middle school uniform the young man wore, or at least Toshinori thought they were male. It was almost a difficult thing to tell these days as mutations changed the human body.

Toshinori raised an eyebrow as he noticed a blue composition book on the ground, the pages burnt and wrinkled from water damage. As Toshinori flipped through the pages of the book he raised an eyebrow at the diagrams and notes inside. The notes written with scientific terms Toshinori has never heard of, notes about DNA splicing, about Quirk factors inside Human bodies and how to potentially remove them completely from the human body.

Toshinori felt beads of sweat drip down his forehead as he read more of the notebook, shakily pulling out his smartphone he begins to take pictures of the crumbled pages of notes. He really has to discuss his findings with Nedzu, because if they were correct than this middle school student could be a danger to society as a whole. Toshinori almost drops his phone on the ground as quiet coughs wrack the small boys body, as emerald eyes locked with his he watched as the boy pushed himself up off the ground before sitting on his knees.

The curly haired boy grabs the shattered pair of glasses off his lap and slides them onto his round face, squinting distastefully as he noticed the broken glass.

"A-AH, I'M SORRY YOUNG MAN. WHILE C-CAPTURING THE VILLAIN I STEPPED ON YOUR G-GLASSES!" Toshinori stuttered as he apologized to the young boy who looked up at him with a blank face, emerald eyes swirling in amusement as he watches the number one hero stumble over his words.

"You're paying for these." He deadpans before he begins to pat the ground surrounding him in search of something, his eyes widen as he locks his emerald eyes onto the notebook in Toshinori's hands. "May I have my school work back?" He asks quietly, holding his small hand out towards Toshinori.

"OF COURSE!" Toshinsori exclaimed as he handed the book back to the boy, "NOW, YOUNG MAN I MUST BE LEAVING! HAVE TO PUT THIS VILLIAN IN CUSTODY, GET HOME SAFE!" Toshinori rambles as he begins to strut off before his time runs out, he couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed at leaving the most likely traumatized boy by himself but Toshinori couldn't risk it.


The soft call fell on deaf ears as Toshinori powered One for All into his legs before blasting off into the sky, his mind on finding a safe place to detransform. Toshinori stiffens as he feels an unfamiliar weight pulling on his cargo pants, tilting his head down he gawks as a blank face stares back.

'Y-YOUNG MAN, PLEASE LET GO OF ME!" Toshinori exclaimed as he tried to squirm out of the freckled boys vice grip, he watched as the boys face twisted into one of disbelief.

"U-uh if I let go, I'll like... die?" The boy huffed as he rolled his eyes. Toshinori sweat dropped at the nonchalant attitude of the freckled teen, teenagers am I right?

"F-fine I'll find a roof top to drop you off at." Toshinori muttered, he gripped the boys school uniform as he lowered himself above some apartment buildings in the middle of the city. Toshinori sighed in relief as he saw a building to drop the boy off at- as he already began coughing up blood from over extending himself.

Toshinori stumbled a bit onto the roof top with the extra weight of the boy hanging from his pants leg, he let the boy detach himself before looking down upon the small middle schooler with his hands on hips. He would've reprimanded this young man if he had the time to; but he didn't.

"Please don't do anything dangerous like that again, Young..?" Toshinori trailed off as he suddenly realized he didn't know the boys name. The boy opened his mouth for a moment before he paused, his emerald gaze darkening making Toshinori shiver.

"Deku." He muttered, bitterness seeped out of his mouth as he spoke making Toshinori assume that the boy- Deku must have resented the horrible nickname. He couldn't help but wonder why he gave that as his name if that was the case.

"Now, Young Deku! I must be off! I bet one of the people who live here will let you down if you ask nicely!" Toshinori rushed out of his mouth as he began making a b-line to the doors leading down from the roof top.

"All Might, What do you think of people who take the law into their own hands, are they heroes too?"

Toshinori paused as a sudden feeling paused him in his tracks, something that made a pit form in his stomach, his jaw unhinge, made his throat close up, his heart skip a beat.

It's been a while since Toshinori has felt this way. Something he hasn't felt since first facing him.



Katsuki huffed as he stalked the back streets he usually took home as a shortcut, "Stupid fucking Iz-Deku..." he grumbled as he slumped back putting his hands in his pockets to control the feeling of wanting to punch the nearest wall. He couldn't get the thought of Deku crying out of his head- it looked too much like Izuku. He couldn't get the two mixed up anymore or it could hinder his duty. His duty to save their society as they know it.

Katuski sighed as he remembered he couldn't get distracted by the enigma that was Izu-Deku. Katsuki glanced over at the bottle with green fluid inside laying on the cracked concrete sidewalk, wouldn't hurt to let out a little of his frustration, right?

He grinned as he kicked the bottle against the wall of the alleyway, the bottle cracking open with a satisfying pop as the green gunk spilled out onto the sidewalk. Katsuki wrinkled his nose at the smell before he began walking back home once more- his mind still on a certain green haired boy.

If he was paying attention to his surroundings he would've heard the slushing sounds behind him or take mind at the sudden stale atmosphere. Katsuki didn't have the time to react as thick sludge wrapped it's way around his body cause suddenly-

Katsuki couldn't breath.

Chapter Text

"All Might, What do you think of people who take the law into their own hands, are they heroes too?" He asked with a toothy grin on his face as he towered above Toshinori his tone light, posture relaxed but Toshinori knew better. Surrounding the two was destruction beyond humanly possible, a body count larger than what Toshinori has seen in his entire career.

"No, people like you can't be Heroes!" Toshinori roared up at the man- no- the monster that killed Nana. How dare he insinuate that he was anything close to a hero.

"But- don't you do the same thing?" All for One gasped dramatically, putting his hand on his cheek as he tutted down at Toshinori like he was a father reprimanding a small child.

"Isn't that right All Might?" He asked viciously before he swung his hand back and blasted a deadly blow- the same blow that ripped his stomach open- made him lose half of his organs- it hurt- it hurt- it hurt- he's dying- he's dying- he's dying-

"-All Might?"

As Toshinori snapped out of his thoughts his attention focused on the young boy looking up at him with a look of concern, his hand reached out towards him. Toshinori couldn't help his flinch as he dodged the threating hand on instinct.

"No, people like you can't be Heroes." Toshinori felt horrified with himself as he spoke those same words from all those years ago but- it was too much like that day for him to do anything but stare as those words registered with the young man.

The freckled teen looked up at him in confusion and hurt as he staggered back from Toshinori with his hand still outstretched. Toshinori couldn't- he couldn't breath-so he fled as his shame followed him.


Izuku gripped his yellow backpack as he walked down the steps of the apartments spiral staircase. His chest felt hollow, his thoughts hazy as he walked on another plane of existence. Normally he would feel amusement from this fear people had for him but now- he- he- felt-




"What the Hell-!?" Izuku screeched out in surprise as a series of loud explosions snapped out of his spiraling of thoughts, he whipped his head around soaking in his surroundings. His cracked glasses distorted the destruction surrounded him as fire raged, explosions blew, and a demon was in the middle of it all.

His tentacles of sludge snapping back at a team of Pro Heroes, standing on the outskirts of chaos, Izuku couldn't help but walk closer to the scene of destruction in front of him.

Izuku's emerald eyes widened as he noticed that there was a hostage in the middle of it all who was the actual cause of all the damage as they kept firing their Quirk, causing explosions... wait a minute. E-explosions? Oh Fu-

"KACCHAN!" Izuku screamed as his legs moved on their own, ignoring the shouts trying to make him stop, he kept running through the destruction until he faced the sludge demon with a look of determination.

Fear closed up his throat as he lurched forwards into the sludge villains grasp, as he was once again swallowed whole inside sludge.

Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki's middle as his skin exploded causing white light to surround the two. Izuku shut his eyes tight as he squeezed Katsuki until he could finally- breath.

Izuku gasped as air suddenly filled his burning lungs, the coughing coming underneath him was like music to his ears because- Kacchan was alive. He was alive. They were alive.

As muffled shouts came louder Izuku didn't mind as he passed out with his Kacchan near him. He would enjoy him until Katsuki comes back and no one could judge him.


Katsuki roared as he thrashed inside the gunk monster that's been trying to murder him for the past few minutes, he couldn't control the fear that made his heart pound, his quirk release causing destruction around him. He isn't gonna let this hentai motherfucker kill him today, Katuski thought furiously as he began thrashing.

He grinned manically as he lurched out of the sludge prison for enough time to get a breath of fresh air- until he felt his throat close up once more as another wretched tentacle covered his air ways.

Through half lidded eyes he sees a blurry green figure run through the fire before they lurched forwards making Katsuki eyes widen as he suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around his middle tightly, making him suddenly feel calm until-

Katsuki shut his eyes as an intense flash of light blinded his vision. Than suddenly he could breath again- See what did he tell you, he wasn't gonna die today! Take that fuckers!

Katsuki laughed breathlessly as he combed his fingers through his hair in disbelief that he actually survived that cause- wow that was a close one. Katsuki couldn't help feel elated because all of this was over and he has those comforting arms hugging him- wait.

Katsuki snaps his neck as he quickly looks down to find a sleeping Izuku hugging his middle tightly, and while his first instinct was to kick him off of him and yell and scream-

He couldn't.

So Katsuki let him stay at his hip until they were suddenly ripped apart by paramedics who began checking them for injuries, the two kept quiet as they sat side by side until they got the okay to go. As Izuku suddenly stood up Katsuki grabbed his sleeve to get his attention because he needed to know-

"Why the hell did you save me Iz-Deku?" Katsuki asked softly to the green haired teen. Izuku opened his mouth before closing it, Izuku sighed before looking at Katsuki with a exhausted expression.

"It would be a shame if you died before I could become a Villain, wouldn't it?" Izuku said to him softly with a broken smile as he looked down upon Katsuki. His crimson eyes widened as he felt his throat close up and once again-

Katsuki couldn't breath.


Izuku walked away from a speechless Katsuki with a cloak of regret on his shoulders, maybe they could've made up but Izuku couldn't do that to him. Especially with what Izuku plans to do.

As reporters and Pro Heroes surrounded him raising their voices, their questions blending together making Izuku's head spin from being overwhelmed- and- and-

"SHUT UP." Izuku screamed at them, they looked down at Izuku in shock at his outburst- he didn't care- he just wanted them to-"Shut up. Are you people fucking stupid you're hounding a child after a traumatic experience so you have a story to tell- guess what your just assholes!" Izuku huffed at the end of his rant feeling a little bit proud at leaving them speechless.

"Hey- now kiddo-" Death Arms says with his arms up in surrender, making Izuku's emerald eye twitch," We just want to know what happened to the Villain." He tells him calmly making Izuku roll his eyes.

"Are you an Idiot? I erased his Quirk." Izuku deadpanned before he pushed his way through the group of adults surrounding him, "Oh yeah! He'll have his Quirk back by the end of his sentence, don't worry about that!" Izuku called out cheerfully from behind his shoulder.

Izuku skipped away waving to the cameras, because if they wanted a show they would have one. Izuku let his cheerful act go as he was out of sight from people, so he could finally, truly, just breath.

He breathed in slowly before he began walking back home with a sigh. Oh joy, he gets to go home to an empty apartment. Fun-

Izuku's legs felt like jelly as he suddenly fell to the ground like a ragdoll, fear pounded in his chest as he turned his head to the side and saw a black limousine pull up besides him. As it screeched to a halt a masked man came out of the limo and pulled Izuku inside the lavish vehicle as his head spun.

Izuku felt hands on him as he suddenly felt all the energy zap out of him making his vision blurry until he suddenly saw-


Chapter Text

The world came to Izuku in fragments, his eyes half lidded, heavy from exhaustion. His button nose wrinkles in disgust at the heavy smell of chemicals and bleach in the air, his vision blurry as he tried to focus on those piercing gold eyes in front of hi- wait.

Izuku bolts upright as his senses snap back in place, his brain running on overdrive as he took in his surroundings as fast as possible. Izuku sat on a stiff leather couch inside a small room while directly across from him sat a young man, his piercing golden eyes stared into his soul as he leaned forwards when he noticed Izuku had awakened.

The golden eyed man wore a green jacket rolled up to his elbows, with latex gloves covering his hands and a plague mask covered the lower half of his face as well. Standing behind him was another masked figure in a white hood, and a plague mask that covered their entire face. Izuku relaxed as he felt the faint buzz of his quirk through his fingers, if Izuku was in real danger his quirk would be going off like the fourth of July.

So with new found confidence Izuku slumped back into the leather seat as his plump pink lips turned into a scowl, "You really had to kidnap me, if you were gonna go that far couldn't you just give me some candy or something?" Izuku asked with a flippant hand gesture. He felt like pouting as his humor wasn't appreciated as he was met with a single raised eyebrow from the golden eyed man and silence from the white cloaked individual behind him.

"Good evening, My name is Chisaki Kai, Leader of The Eight Precepts of Death. I apologize for the way my men handled you but I was adamant for the two of us to meet as soon as possible." The golden eyed man-Chisaki replied pleasantly, "But, I did expect you to be a bit more..." Chisaki trailed off as he was looking for Izuku's reaction.

Izuku snorted in reply as a lazy grin slid onto his face, "Afraid?" Izuku asks, to which he throws his head back laughing when Chisaki nods in reply. "Nah, I don't do afraid. I'm more used to being the target of someone's fear- but that begs the question. Why aren't you afraid Chisaki-san?" Izuku asks with a grin as he leaned forwards to Chisaki with a hand resting on his cheek.

"I'm the one supposed to ask the questions, Midoriya-kun. Now, how would you like to be funded for your research?"Chisaki asks Izuku with a smile in his voice, as he watched Izuku lose his grin as his face hardens, the hand once resting on his cheek tightening into a fist.

"Now, Chisaki how would you know about that?" Izuku said lowly his words almost coming out in a hiss as his emerald eyes narrowed at the yakuza leader. Izuku felt his quirk begin to pound against his fingers, it begging to be released.

The white hooded figure stepped forwards at the underlying threat Izuku gives when his fingers spark with white bolts of light, Chisaki held up his gloved hand making the white figure stop taking action.

"Now Chronostasis, I don't want anything regrettable happening." Chisaki tells the white hooded figure- Chronostasis to which he nods in understanding stepping back to take his post by Chisaki.

"I didn't mean to startle you Izuku-kun, but I found out while doing some own research of mine. You see, we have similar goals." Chisaki tells Izuku with a mad glint in his eyes, lighting up his hypnotizing golden gaze.

Izuku felt his Quirk buzz in excitement as he felt a giddy grin form on his face, "And, now what goal would this be, Chisaki-san?" He asks with an excited giggle slipping out of his mouth.

"To rid Quirks of the human gene pool."


Kai lets a genuine smile reach his lips once he utters those words as the boy in front of him beams at him with a manic glint in his emerald gaze.

The small teen jumps up from his seat on the leather recliner as he slams his hands on the table in between them, leaning forwards excitedly. Close enough for Kai to count the freckles on his plump rosy cheeks, Kai thought it was weird he didn't mind the close proximity but didn't pay close attention to that thought.

"Those words made my day, Chisaki-san!" Izuku exclaims breathlessly with child-like glee before he leans back and flops back down into his seat, buzzing excitedly.

"So are you interested in my offer?" Kai asks the freckled teen who rolls his eyes playfully and smiles at Kai.

"Obviously." Izuku replies with a teasing tilt in his voice, "But, I won't say yes to anything before everything is explained to me." He says, suddenly serious, making Kai mentally reel at the complete 180 change.

"Of course, Now I will fully fund you in your research, anything you need will be provided." Kai promises the emerald eyed teen who narrows his eyes suspiciously, crossing his arms around his chest.

"What's the catch?" Izuku questions skeptically, eyeing Kai up and down from his seat on the couch.

"The only 'catch' as you would call it, is that you would have to give us an update on any progress you make on your research. And once you successfully have created the serum you will give us the recipe for mass distribution." Kai assures the freckled teen, there was no point to lie about anything because after all they had the same goal. To create a serum able to destroy the Quirk factor while being easily mass produced.

Kai watched patiently for the teen as Izuku mused the proposition over for a few moments, but Kai already knew the answer.

"I accept." Izuku says with a soft smile as he extends his hand towards Kai, looking up at Kai with his emerald gaze through his lashes. Kai smiles, satisfied as he reached over interlocking their hands together for a handshake.

"Now, let's get started shall we?" Kai asks as he pulls back from their handshake, tilting his head to the side as he waited for an answer. Izuku looked at him with emerald eyes the shone a haunting molten glow as his perfect pink lips peeled back into a grin.

"Of course, lead the way, Chisaki-san."


Chronostasis watched silently the entire meeting between Izuku Midoriya and Kai, Hari learned from a young age that you could learn a lot of things about a person if you just stayed silent long enough.

Yet, Izuku Midoriya was an enigma.

He changed between emotions in a blink of an eye making your head spin. He was a bit manic in behavior, able to send shivers down your spine by a simple blank stare. Something that the green haired teen flaunted with a cheeky grin, while he threated someone with a simple flick of his fingers.

Also to put it simply he was a genius.

Something Kai and him found out when they first discovered the boy. After months of looking through public records they found someone with the quirk they were looking for, someone who can erase the Quirk factor for long periods of time.

And Izuku Midoriya was perfect, as Kai liked to call him. Midoriya had the same goal as Kai, while having the means to create the new world they wished to build.

Hari mused that thought over once more, as he followed behind the two his thoughts dwelled on through the halls of the mansion. They currently were heading towards the Lab where they have been doing their own research these past few months.

Which- well they- they were trying their best, to put it lightly. It was neither of their fault that they've been stuck for the past few months, Kai and him weren't experts in the scientific field. But, now they had their own little green haired genius on their side.


Eri sat on top of the medical table impatiently as she kicked her legs back and forth from where they hang, she's been waiting for Chisaki-Ojisan for over an hour and she's getting restless.

Eri perked up as she saw the lab door swing open revealing Chisaki-Ojisan and Chrono-san in their bird costumes. Eri always thought they looked silly in them! She giggled at the thought.

"Eri," Chisaki-Ojisan silenced her giggles at his sharp tone,"I want you to be polite and respectful to our guest." He said making Eri confused. A guest? They never had a guest before, it's always just been Chrono and Chisaki-Ojisan.

Eri squinted her ruby red eyes as she searched the room for their guest, where wer-

Eri squeaks as a small figure pops out from behind Chisaki-Ojisan and Chrono, the green blur making a b-line towards her to where she sat on top of the examination table.

"Oh! You must be Eri-chan! Chisaki told me about you, you are so cute!" The freckled teen squeaks, making Chisaki-Ojisan sigh in the background.

"t-thank you." Eri mutters as she felt her cheeks grow warm, no one has ever told her she was cute before-

"ohmygoshyouradorable," He mumbled, leaning closer to boop her nose,"Now I heard you have an interesting Quirk!" He exclaimed happily clapping his hands together in excitement, making Eri smile at his joyful energy.

"She indeed has, Izuku-kun. Are tests show promising results." Chisaki-Ojisan tells Izuku, who was currently examining Eri with a critical eye, frowning as he eyed the bandages on her arms.

"Can I see the results?"Izuku asks, muttering thank you when Chrono hands him a stack of papers. Izuku's eyebrows furrowed as he flips through the papers before he sighs softly.

"I don't think she will be needed to create the serum we want." Izuku says glancing over to Chisaki-Ojisan, waiting for his reaction patiently. Eri held her breath, as the room went silent.

"So she's useless than." Chisaki-Ojisan mutters blankly, staring at Eri with an indescribable emotions swirling in his golden gaze.

Izuku frowns at him putting a hand on his hip. "No, but she's not needed." Izuku says shortly, challenging Chisaki with an arched brow.

"I see." Chisaki says solemnly giving a glance over at Chrono before giving his attention back onto her and Izuku.

"What's gonna happen to her?" Izuku asks softly as he moved his slender fingers through her wavy hair soothingly, she felt herself leaning into the soft touch with a sigh.

"We will let the system handle her." Chisaki-Ojisan says making Eri a bit confused as to why Izuku stilled, his face hardening for a moment before it vanished into a smile.

"I'll take her, she can be my lab buddy!" Izuku exclaimed with an elated smile, his fingers going back to combing trough her white locks. Chisaki sends a questioning look at Chrono nods curtly towards Chisaki-Ojisan after a moment.

"I don't see the point but if it will make you happy than I will allow it." Chisaki concedes with a long suffering sigh, Izuku's eyes lit up before he turned back towards Eri beaming.

"So Eri-chan, you wanna come home with me?" Izuku asks her with an outstretched hand, a small sincere smile on his face. Eri instinctively reached her hand out to hold it but paused as the question registered in her brain.

How could she trust this stranger? Ojichan told her to never go with strangers but-

Izuku's kind words, compassionate touches, made her want to trust him, that he would be different from the others who handled her roughly with harsh words. It was something so long forgotten that she- she-

She craved it.

So she decided to put her trust in this stranger she just met, and uttered her next words with no hesitance.


Chapter Text

Izuku's thoughts were going haywire because- well- holy shit did he just adopt a child? He's too young to be a father! Hell, he failed that health course he took over summer back in his first year of middle school.

Well it was Katsuki's fault for exploding his baby ten minutes after he got it- but still! Izuku was way over his head, he could barely take care of himself for gods sake!

What if she didn't like him? What if she didn't like the food? What if she didn't like his lab- apartment? What if she left him? Or she got lost- or kidnapped- or worse-

Izuku snapped out of his daze as he felt his heart stop pounding in his chest, a fiery rage hit him like a bullet to the head. Something so sudden- it hurt before a vale of calm came over him.

Izuku wouldn't let that happen.

If it did happen he would- he would-

"M-mister- uh Izuku, sir?" Eri's soft voice spoke from besides him, her ruby red eyes piercing through him, a nervous air surrounded her. Izuku snapped out of his spiral of thoughts with a small sigh, turning towards Eri with a tired smile.

"Yes, Eri?" Izuku questioned with a raised eyebrow, wondering why on the entire car ride to Izuku's apartment she remained silent and yet decided to speak up now.

"U-um... the car stopped." Eri whispered under her breath, she winced curling into her self once those words left her mouth. Izuku felt his already broken heart almost shatter at the pitiful scene, this little girl was bracing for impact. Izuku could faintly feel a tear drip down his freckled cheek, he gulped.

"T-thank you, Eri. I just spaced out is all." Izuku says, reaching over to pat Eri's wavy white hair softly. Frowning as she flinched under his touch before slowly relaxing into it. Izuku unbuckled their seatbelts before gently pulling Eri into his lap, wrapping an arm around her middle as he grabbed his yellow backpack with his other hand. Izuku got off the car Chisaki sent to drive him home, slamming the car door feeling a bit petty at the moment.

Izuku's heart dropped as Eri flinched in his hold, squeaking in fear at the loud noise. Izuku tensed, oh Chisaki Kai you have made a powerful enemy. Izuku wrapped his arms around Eri as he walked to his apartment,"Shhhh- I'm sorry Eri, I will never hurt you." Izuku whispered into her white locks.

Izuku forced himself to not break down crying when she started to sob in his arms as he climbed the stairs up to his apartment.


When Izuku promised never to hurt her, Eri allowed herself to cry. Just this once she will allow herself to cry inside Izuku's comforting hold, his touch soft and gentle as her carded his fingers through her hair.

Eri didn't care what was happening around her, all she focused on was Izuku's touch. The warmth that radiated from his hands, that feeling of being safe that made her heart ache. She focused on her own tears that poured down her cheeks, the dampness that soaked her scalp.

Eri sniffed, trying her hardest not to cry anymore. Eri made her Hero cry! She had to be strong! When Izuku couldn't she would be strong for him!

As Eri promised herself this she felt her tears slowly dry up, leaving her hiccupping as she slowly calmed herself down. Eri gasped for breath as she tried her hardest to calm down. She almost broke down again when Izuku tightened his comforting hold. Is this what it felt like for the characters in her story books? When their parents held them?

Eri squeaked in surprise as she was pulled from Izuku's chest than plopped down onto a bouncy mattress with fluffy white blankets. That she was immediately wrapped in, Eri sighed in bliss at the immediate warmth that surrounded her, the soft fluffiness that brushed across her skin.

"Good night, Eri." Izuku told her with a soft, loving smile as he combed his fingers through her hair softly. Eri closed her eyes in bliss, feeling more loved than she has ever felt in her life.

"Good night, daddy..." Eri muttered as her mind felt hazy from the oncoming spell of sleep taking hold of her. Maybe it was the haze of sleep that made her say it, or that Izuku was the first parental figure she has had. But it just felt like the right thing to call him.

The last thing Eri saw was the blurry image of Izuku's beet red face looking down at her with his huge emerald eyes, before she fell asleep with a smile on her face.


It was the day after Izuku took home Eri, early in the morning before the sun rose. Leaving Eri sleeping in his bed, Izuku spins around in his office chair, his desk piled with paperwork in front of him his phone ringing softly in his ear before a faint click followed by a questioning response.

"Hello?" Chisaki asked, his voice an octave lower than usual probably from the early time. Izuku was understandably tired as well, but he had to get this done today.

"Good morning, Chisaki-san." Izuku grinned, happy his call was answered. His face hardened as he remembered the reason he called Chisaki.

"Ah, Izuku would can I do for you?" Chisaki questioned, his voice pleasant as he answered. Izuku felt a bitter taste in his mouth at Chisaki's pleasantries, especially after last night after meeting Eri.

"I would like a new apartment for my research, somewhere preferably by an elementary school. Maybe closer to the nicer parts of town, would be harder for people to catch on what's happening in places with false security." Izuku demands, he left no room for Chisaki to say no. If Chisaki wanted Izuku's complete cooperation than he would pay for it.

The line was silent for a few moments before a faint rustling was heard from the other side, "I have an apartment that we occasionally use as a safe house by U.A. It's in a nice neighborhood, close to a few schools. A place for middle class families." Chisaki said with a faint sigh, "The place is already move in ready, I'll give you the address if you'll take it."

"It will do." Izuku responds after a few moments of thinking it over, it was probably the best area for Eri and himself. The area was deemed safe by the public since it was so close to the number 1 Hero School in the country, meaning almost close to no Heroes patrol the area. It was relatively close to an elementary school for Eri, along with it being a good neighborhood for Eri to be safe in, meaning it was perfect.

All Izuku needed was a story to not make anyone suspicious of two children living by themselves in a nice neighborhood. Izuku learned early on that it was better to twist the truth than lie, so all he had to tell any noisy neighbors was that his Father was overseas and sent money to pay for any expenses, allowing Izuku to move closer to his dream school, U.A.

"I wish you luck." Chisaki tells him before hanging up with a click. Izuku sighed before tossing his phone on his desk, he thought about how much work he had to do with a groan.

Oh, Izuku needed as much luck as he could to pack his entire apartment up before Eri wakes up. Yippie∼ This sure will be fun.


"We- we're moving?" Eri asks, surprised as she looked around the small apartment to see everything packed into boxes. Boxes stacked on top of furniture leaving the small apartment sparse with a few pieces of furniture scattered across it.

"Yup! Wouldn't it be fun to go to make friends at Kindergarten? You will even get your own room, you can pick the paint and everything!" Izuku says with a huge grin on his face, clapping his hands together once excitedly to prove his point. Eri looked up at him with huge ruby eyes before a small excited grin appeared on her face as she began hopping in place.

"I can have blue walls!?" Eri squeaks in excitement looking at Izuku like he just gave her the world, Izuku beams at her in return.

"Of course! You can have anything you want for your room!" Izuku exclaims with a small laugh, as he ran a hand through his hair. Realizing that he would give this girl the world, Izuku would be the best Dad ever! He didn't mind being a Dad to Eri if she wanted him to.

Eri gasps, putting her hands on her cheeks,"Even toys!?" She exclaims looking at Izuku with barely contained excitement, about to burst with excited energy. Izuku looked at her stunned of a moment before grinning.

"Heck yeah! Any toy you want I'll get it for you!" Izuku promises with a close eyed smile, giggling softly to himself.

Eri ran forwards hugging Izuku's legs tightly, "Thank you!" She says with a bright grin as she looked up at Izuku.

"Also heck is a bad word, Daddy." Eri whispered to him, as if to save him from embarrassment. Izuku looked at her in surprise before he threw his head back laughing as Eri looked on in confusion.


As Hitoshi walked home from school he was surprised to see a moving crew carry furniture and boxes into the house next door, that apartment had been empty for months and someone finally had moved in. Hopefully their new neighbors were tolerant of his fathers shouting- he tried to control his Quirk but sometimes when he was excited he would accidentally let it lose.

Hitoshi smiled at the memory of Dad having to use his capture weapon to quiet Pa, because Erasure wasn't enough to quiet Pa's voice. The five hundred dollars they spent on new windows was worth the laugh he gets when remembering that day.

Hitoshi turns his head a viridian shade of green catches his eye from his peripheral, he opened his mouth in shock as he laid eyes on the most beautiful person he has seen in his 15 years of existence.

Their curly viridian framed their round freckled face perfectly, his perfect pink lips turned into a eye squinting smile as he bent down to pick up a little girl around 4 years of age, he laughed as she squealed happily when he picked her up. The green haired beauty was most likely his age guessing from his heigh-

"Daddy!" The ruby eyed girl giggled as he began spinning her in the air, as he laughed joyfully.

What the fu-

Chapter Text

Hitoshi reeled backwards, his indigo eyes widening as he cursed silently, falling backwards on his bum. Hitoshi groaned rubbing his lower back, squinting his eyes Hitoshi watches as a green blur jogs towards him.

"Hey, are you alright!?" A startled cry made Hitoshi snap his neck up as he came face to face with the object of his desire. Standing crouched above him was a round freckled face that was twisted in concern, his large emerald eyes stared into his own from behind metal frames.

Hitoshi bit his lip as he blushed realizing he was staring, rubbing the back of his neck he picked himself off the ground with a wince. A goofy grin appeared on Hitoshi's face as he realized the noticeable height difference between the two, he slouched down as he spoke. "Ah- I'm arlight, thanks. So you're moving in next door?" Hitoshi asked hoping that his words didn't come out jumbled- or fuck he would die.

The freckled boy looked up at him with a heavenly smile- and god damn it Hitoshi might actually die.

"Yeah! I hope we can get along, I'm Izuku by the way and-" Izuku looked down with a soft caring look on his features, "This is Eri, how about you say hi Eri?" He asked sweetly to the little girl poking out from behind his legs, a shy look on her face.

Eri squeaked as she noticed his attention on her, her ruby red gaze darting from him and Izuku from under her wavy white hair. After a few moments Izuku sighed softly to himself putting a delicate hand on top of her horned head, Eri flinching in surprise before seeking the comforting hand like a moth to a flame.

Hitoshi raised a brow at the interaction but shrugged it off a moment later, "Yeah, just a warning but my folks will probably wanna meet you later- so I'll let you guys go." Hitoshi muttered as he blushed at the future second hand embarrassment he will have to endure as his Pa drags them over to introduce themselves.

Izuku blinked in surprise before a sheepish look crossed his face, "I'm looking forwards to it." His freckled cheeks lighting up with a blush before he smiles down at Eri once more. "Come on let's go pick out a room for you!" Izuku exclaimed with a beaming smile. Eri looks up at him with sparkling ruby eyes a small elated grin crossing her face, "Okay, Daddy!" She exclaims before running down to the open door of the quaint little house.

As Hitoshi chokes on his spit, Izuku walks away with a little wave towards Hitoshi's direction before running along to catch up with Eri, Hitoshi trys not to let his eyes linger on the sway of his hips as he jogged away.


"I'm Home!" Hitoshi called out as he kicked the front door closed, slugging his backpack off to the side as he slipped off his shoes. His lavender gaze turning towards his Fathers chilling on the couch, they turned towards Hitoshi with laid back smiles as he walked inside the living room.

"WELCOOOOOME HOME!" Pa shouted with a beaming grin, a pair of red glasses fitted to his face, golden hair pulled back into a bun. The casual appearance always threw Hitoshi in a loop, compared to his Pa's Hero Costume it was a great contrast. No one would be able to tell he was the famous Present Mic.

"Hey." Dad muttered, distracted as he combed Shou's lushes grey fur, his purring being heard from across the room. He was wearing his Hero Costume that he seemed to live in, minus his combat boots and belt. Never bothering to take off his capture weapon as it could always be mistaken as a funky looking scarf.

"How was school today, Hitoshi?" Pa asked with bright green eyes- Hitoshi couldn't help but try to compare them to Izuku's sparkling emerald gaze, but failed. Hitoshi frowned and shook his head at the thought.

"Eh- It was the same as always, boring." Hitoshi sighed as he plopped down on the blue love seat in their living room, he put the palm of his hand on his cheek as he slumped over. Just another day of asshole teachers and isolation from his peers, no big deal.

"Sit up straight." Dad sighed out, not even having to look up to know Hitoshi is doing so. Hitoshi groaned as he sat up straight in his seat, he knew it wasn't good to slouch but it was an old habit of his.

Hitoshi perked up at the thought of the news of Izuku and Eri, he let a lazy grin slide onto his face as he looked at his Pa. "We have new neighbors-" As those words left his lips Pa jumped out of his seat with a flabbergasted look on his face.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT FIRST-?!" Pa screeched as he ran towards Hitoshi grabbing his arm as he pulled on his uniform jacket, his eyes wide begging for any and all information Hitoshi has.

"You didn't ask." Hitoshi says with a roll of his lavender eyes, smile still plastered on his sharp features. He decided he would give his father mercy and relented as his Pa gave him large puppy eyes. "Fine, fine I'll tell you about them." Hitoshi sighed out.

"Yay!" Pa whooped before sitting eagerly next to him on the love seat, vibrating in anticipation. Dad huffs in amusement at the display but his attention is on Hitoshi clearly curious as he continues to stroke Shou.

"Anyways, it's a family of two-" Hitoshi begins before he's immediately interrupted by his Pa.

"Oh my gosh- is it a newlywed couple?! Are they cute?" Pa squeals in excitement, leaning forwards with barely contained excitement. Dad just sighs and rolls his eyes at the idea.

"Yes, they're cute but-ew no- they're father and daughter, well they look as if they would be more like siblings even though they look nothing a like." Hitoshi says thoughtfully as he thinks about the odd pair that was Izuku and Eri.

Dad raises a brow at him, interest sparking in his obsidian gaze, "Why would they look more like siblings?" he asks clearly curious.

Hitoshi opens his mouth to answer, pausing mid breath as he began to muse his options over. After a moment of debating with himself Hitoshi glances at his father's before he cracks a small smile.

"I think it would be better to see them for yourselves, than me trying to explain."

Chapter Text

Shouta had a pretty mediocre day, debating on which kids to expel- you know the usual.

Until a staff meeting was called during the middle of lunch. He was frustrated to put it lightly. He planned to grade the homework assignment he gave his class- now he would have to do it at home.

So as Shouta slouched in his seat planning on giving whoever called this staff meeting a piece of his mind; Nemuri shifted in her seat besides him- her posture inquisitive as she looked at Nedzu questioningly.

"Nedzu, may I ask why we were called from our break for another staff meeting?" Nemuri asked- a hint of irritation leaking into her voice.

Shouta felt himself nodding along to the question with several other staff members.

Nedzu just smiled at the group of pissed teachers around him.

"I called this staff meeting to notify you all of a concern are future staff member had brought to my attention." Nedzu explained softly as he took a sip of his tea before placing it down next to his laptop.

Oh yeah, don't even get Shouta started on the whole mysterious future staff member thing. Ever since it was first announced Hizashi hasn't been able to stop talking about it. Sure, Shouta is curious about who it is and why their identity is being kept secret- but you don't see him making it a whole conspiracy. Like a certain loud mouth blonde.

Shouta rolled his eyes as a wave of murmurs went through the room- wondering why this concern would be brought up to them.

"I think it would be best to show you their concerns than try to explain." Nedzu sighed as he opened his laptop- and with a few clicks a series of images popped up onto the TV hanging in the middle of the room.

Shouta sat a bit straighter in his seat as a series of notes were projected onto the screen. His eyes widened a bit as he skimmed through the notes only to notice it was a series of diagrams explaining how to destroy the... Quirk Factor from the human body.

The notes went in-depth, multiple theories of how it could be possible, from a slow process of the Quirk Factor slowly shutting down to ripping the source of the Quirk Factor straight from a person. All scarily accurate with the scientific knowledge to back them up.

On the last page shown listed a series of unanswered questions, but one stood out to Shouta.

Could the effects be created artificially and in quantity?

Shouta shivered at the thought.

"These notes were found on a middle school boy, as our future staff member was on patrol. According to the description of the uniform the boy was wearing and overall appearance; I was able to identify him." Nedzu stated as he pulled up a file onto the screen.

Shouta absorbed as much information as possible from the simple school file.

[Name: Midoriya Izuku

Gender: Male

Birthday: 7-15-XX

Age: 14

Height: 5.2 ft

Weight: 115 pounds

Quirk: Quirk Absorption; allows the user to absorb the Quirk Factor of an individual for unknown long periods of time. Physical effects not permanent. May cause mental distress for victim of Quirks effects.

Description: Midoriya has shown to be a polite young man, often quiet and soft spoken. However he has shown signs of manic behavior, switching moods in a matter of seconds. Causing students to be increasingly weary of him; besides the stigma of his Quirk. Although Midoriya does well in each of his classes, he strives in subjects pertaining Math and Science- showing intelligence beyond his peers.]

Shouta groaned as he pondered over the information causing a few questioning looks to be thrown his way.

"Would you like to tell us what you think of the situation, Aizawa-kun?" Nedzu asked, sipping his tea as he looked at Shouta with curious eyes.

"I think we have a problem child on our hands." Shouta muttered as he gripped on a piece of his hair in aggravation.

He shot a glare at Nemuri and Hizashi as they snorted at his reply.

"Could you explain?" Nedzu questioned, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Shouta sighed at the expectant looks that were in his directions, so he focused his gaze at the small photo of the boy attached to the school file- which who happened to look vaguely familiar.

"I think... we need to find out his motives, before we jump to conclusions and treat him as a Villain." Shouta confessed, giving a hard look as a few of the teachers glanced away in shame.

"I hate to be the devil's advocate, but we can't treat this threat any less either just because he's a kid." Snipe commented, getting a few hesitant sounds of agreement across the room.

"Well, it's possible the kid- uh Midoriya- might just be trying to figure out how to use his Quirk without causing psychological effects. It can be hard to find a positive outlook with typical villain like Quirks, maybe with a bit of help he can stray away from focusing on... uh destroying Quirk Factors?" Thirteen suggested, probably having the most insight about the intentions of the problem child than all of them.

"Exactly! It can be hard to figure out ways to use typically troublesome Quirks. I bet the little listener with a new outlook on things can become a great hero with his Quirk!" Hizashi exclaimed, a hopeful grin on his face.

"While this may be true we can't just assume! Even if the kid has good or bad intentions if this information gets in the wrong hands it can completely destroy society!" Ectoplasm argued, causing a wave of replies.

"We should keep tabs on him!"

"No! We should take him in now when we have an advantage!"

"Why are you treating this as a high profile case? He's just a child!"

"This should be treated as a high profile case! If this information gets out-"

"Let the kid be!"

Shouta groaned as his co-workers began to bicker, arguing if they should pursue the threat or not. He jumped in his seat as a high pitched voice echoed through the waves of voices.

"Quiet!" Recover Girl shouted causing everyone to shut up. The teachers winced at the glare the elderly woman gave them.

"We need to approach the situation with caution." Chiyo sighed softly, " We can't treat the boy as a Villain just because he's doing some research on his Quirk. Yet we can't leave this alone either." She concludes, sending a questioning look to Nedzu.

Nedzu gives Chiyo a grateful smile before announcing his decision.

"Chiyo-san is right. While we can't treat Midoriya as a Villain, we can't leave him alone either." Nedzu says, taking a sip of tea before continuing. "We will keep tabs on him-"

"How will we do that? We can't exactly stalk him all day long." Nemuri interrupted, crossing her arms in disagreement at the idea.

Shouta nodded along at her point, everyone here had a class to teach and patrol. They couldn't exactly play detective all day long.

"Scientific break throughs as big as this take years to come to fruition. Not to mention the amount of funding, also while eradicating Quirk Factors is plausible it's still just a theory at the moment without testing. As many of you have pointed out, Midoriya is only a child. It would be extremely difficult to get funding for testing for such a project even as an adult." Nedzu explained calmly, causing the tension in the room to ease.

"For now we will look for any suspicious activity from Midoriya, and starting the next school year we will begin monthly checkups." Nedzu concludes with a bright grin, clapping his paws together signaling the end of the meeting.

"Wait- How will we be able to have access to monthly checkups without suspicion?" Shouta asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

"I'll give him an offer he can't refuse of course." Nedzu said with a sadistic grin as he sipped his tea. Causing a series of nervous glances to be thrown across the room.

"W-what would that be?" Hizashi spoke up his voice cracking as he cringed in on himself.

Shouta couldn't help but feel a bit nervous himself at this offer Midoriya wouldn't be able to refuse.

"A recommendation for U.A. of course!"


Izuku yawned as he plopped down onto the sofa, exhausted from the long day of unpacking his new apartment.

Eri was already passed out on the sofa next to him, Izuku stifled laughter at her tangled limbs.

Izuku couldn't believe how much had happened in the past 2 days.

He almost died, was saved by his Hero, essentially told that people like him weren't able to become heroes- like what the hell did that mean?

Saved Katsuki from that slime creep, yelled at a bunch of Pro Heroes for being useless. Was kidnapped by Yakuza which actually turned out well.

He even became a sorta-dad? Which was really a spur of the moment decision, but Izuku didn't regret it as he smiled fondly at the drooling little girl asleep on his couch.

He even got a hot neighbor! Which wasn't actually significant in the grand scheme of things... but it was a plus.

Yet, Izuku couldn't become sidetracked by cute boys!

He had priorities. Keeping Eri safe and happy. While making progress in his research- and trying not to get murdered by Yakuza if something goes wrong.

Partnering with a Yakuza group wasn't the smartest decision ever, he'll admit. But, it's not like he could get funding from proper sources.

Especially when Izuku begins human trials... it's not like people would consent and be willing to get their Quirks taken.

Izuku jumped slightly as he was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a knock at the door.

He breathed a sigh of relief as Eri wasn't awoken from the sound while he carefully peeled himself from the couch.

He couldn't help but have an added bounce to his step as he made his way to the front door; he had a feeling who it was.

As Izuku swung open the front door with a beaming grin, opening his emerald eyes to see-


Chapter Text

Izuku froze as he locked gazes with piercing golden eyes seemingly staring into his soul.

"Chi-chisaki, what a surprise- haha..." Izuku trailed off nervously as he was met with a blank, analytical stare.

Izuku flexed his clammy hand against the door knob, trying his best not to show how unnerved he was from Chisaki's surprise visit.

"I came to check up on Eri, and discuss something important with you; I would rather not talk about this over the phone." Chisaki explained calmly- mouth hidden behind a black medical mask.

"Oh- yes come in!" Izuku blurted out, side stepping to allow the taller man to come in.

Chisaki examined his surroundings before heading towards the living room. Izuku froze as he remembered Eri was sleeping still on the couch.

Izuku sucked in a sharp breath as he watched on in horror.

Eri shifted on the couch, blinking up blearily at her surroundings; only to come face to face with the man of her nightmares.

Eri turned pale as she began to shake in fear at Chisaki's presence, slowly backing away from the man until she reached the edge of the sofa.

Chisaki stayed still before he slowly crouched down to her level, posture light.

"Is that how you greet your Ojisan?" Chisaki teased lightly, "I came to see if you wanted to visit Chrono-"

He was interrupted as Eri broke down and sobbed- curling in on herself.

"P-please don't make me go back! I'll be good- I'll be good! W-what did I do wrong daddy? I'm sorry- I'm sorry- I won't-" Eri blubbered as she looked up at Izuku with wide crimson eyes- tears streaming down her cheek.

Izuku didn't think as he ran to Eri, shoving Chisaki away as he wrapped Eri into his arms. Whispering reassurances to her, as she sobbed in his hold.

Izuku's blood ran cold as he suddenly came to a horrifying conclusion.

Chisaki wanted this to happen.


Kai stared down at the disgustingly domestic scene in front of him, a pathetic child holding onto their guardian as they sobbed endlessly; as their guardian whispered sweet nothings in their ear.

As Kai watched on silently he came to a conclusion that he was right; disgusting.

Kai decided to end this quickly- if this kept going on longer he would have to overhaul something- specifically something that talks.

"Don't worry Eri, I'm not taking you back." Kai said causing the useless child and Izuku to freeze, making them to look up at him in confusion.

"w-what...?" The useless child spoke, voice cracking as she wiped her snot and tears; disgusting. He should overhaul her just for that. Yet, sadly he couldn't- even though he hated to admit it... she was needed in another way other than experimentation.

"After all you're useless to me, useless to Izuku." Kai spat, relishing in the way they both flinched at that comment.

Kai mentally groaned as Eri looked up at Izuku in hurt- so he cut Izuku off even before he could deny Kai's cruel statement.

"After you decided to take Eri home," Kai directed towards Izuku, "than demanded to move somewhere safer and family oriented- it made me start thinking. This confirmed my suspicions."

Kai spoke without emotion- but truly he was disappointed. He thought Izuku was perfect until he figured out he suffered from... ugh he couldn't even think about that awful illness.

"What the hell are you even talking about?" Izuku growled out in confusion, looking up at Kai with narrowed emerald eyes.

"You have a case of Hero Syndrome." Kai spat in disgust.

Kai didn't bother addressing the fact that Izuku looked at him as if he was insane. That's what they all think! Until he opens their eyes to see that they are all truly sick; then they understand.

One day he'll make them all understand.

"Don't worry it can be cured. Sometimes quicker than others- but I sense you will hold out longer than the others." Kai mused mostly to himself, putting a gloved hand to his chin; estimating how long he'll last.

Kai gives him 6 months tops.

Especially with what he'll be doing.

"I'm changing our contract." Kai continued; Izuku freezing before looking up at him in frustration.

"What you can't do that-" Izuku began, growling in frustration as Kai raised a hand to silence him.

"Yes, I can actually. If you want to keep being funded, you will have to become more... involved in the project. Or, you can spend the next decade of your life trying to get funded and failing; while we take Eri back and move forward on the project on our own." Kai said nonchalant, eyes flickering at his rolex.

Kai carefully planned his actions, creating the illusion that this meant nothing to him. Now that he knew Izuku cared for Eri he was going to use this against him, he almost felt bad for the naïve boy.

He had much to learn.

"What do you say, Izuku?" Kai asked, he was confident that he already knew his answer.

"Fine." Izuku sighed in defeat, yet his firey gave did not dampen.

Kai smirked in accomplishment. He actually was kinda surprised this worked, he estimated that there was a 35℅ chance Izuku wouldn't comply. But that just shows how sick he truly is.

"You're a Monster, you that right?" Izuku spat out through gritted teeth, looking up at Kai in barely contained rage.

"You'll be one too before you know it." Kai shoots back- snorting in amusement at the thought.

Kai couldn't help but wonder what type of monster he would be creating this time.

He couldn't help but feel this one will be his best work.

"I look forward to be working with you, Izuku." Kai confessed, genuine smile on his face as he began to walk away from Izuku; Eri still latching onto him.

"Same here." Izuku hissed quietly on his way out, Kai only chuckles as he closed the front door behind him.

He'll understand soon.

They all do eventually.

Chapter Text

Izuku exhaled shakily as he heard the front door shut; Chisaki leaving him to pick up the broken pieces he left behind.

Looking down at the sniffling girl in his arms he called out to her; voice barely above a whisper as he threaded his fingers through her white hair.

"Eri?" Izuku whispered softly causing her to glance up at him. Eri wiped her damp cheeks with the back of her hand, as she looked up at Izuku with wide ruby eyes.

"Chisaki is wrong." Izuku said firmly as he rested his hands on her splotchy cheeks.

Eri tilted her head in confusion- looking up at him expectantly.

"You are not useless." Izuku replied lips set into a determined frown.

Eri flinched at the words opening her mouth to argue, causing Izuku to shush her; her mouth shuting with a click.

"Eri repeat after me," Izuku began waiting for Eri to follow, "I'm not useless." Izuku finished prompting her to repeat.

"I'm not useless." Eri whispered softly as she grabbed onto Izuku's shirt tightly.

"I want you to tell yourself that every time you doubt yourself." Izuku said softly with a sad smile on his lips.

"O-okay." Eri agreed with a stiff nod before giving him a small grateful smile that filled Izuku's withering heart with happiness.

They sat there together hugging on the sofa in silence before Eri whispered a question that's been on her mind since Chisaki left.

"Daddy," Eri asked before continuing as Izuku made a small sound on acknowledgement, "w-what did Chisaki-Ojisan mean when he said you'll become a m-monster?"

Izuku sat in silence for a moment pondering over her question trying to ignore the bitter taste in his mouth at Eri calling that monster her uncle.

As Izuku began to answer Eri he was interrupted by a knock on the door. Izuku froze at the sound, his thoughts immediately going to Chisaki.

"Eri." Izuku slowly said, giving her a nod of confirmation as she motioned towards behind the couch.

Izuku began walking towards the front door when Eri scrambled behind the couch, her wide red eyes watching his movements.

As his heart pounded- white sparks of energy crackled against his fingers; Izuku stood before the front door.

As Izuku shakily grasped the door knob he schooled his face into a hardened expression prepared for anything beyond his front door.


Shouta sighed softly as Hitoshi knocked politely against their new neighbors door once more.

He's currently being dragged by Hitoshi and Hizashi to meet their new neighbors. Sure, he's curious about what's behind Hitoshi's mischievous smile but he's currently got other things on his mind.

Hizashi was currently buzzing in excitement besides him, happy for the opportunity to meet their new neighbors.

Definitely in a better mood since that more than unnecessary staff meeting the more that Shouta thought about it.

They suddenly all flinched back as the front door flung open revealing a very small, angry, green haired boy.

"What is it Chisaki-" The boy practically growled out before freezing in surprise along with Shouta.

Shouta could feel Hizashi freeze up besides him- because holy shit.

Izuku Midoriya looked up at them with wide green eyes, face slowly turning a shade of bright pink.

"Oh shi- I'm so sorry! I thought you were someone else, please forgive me!" Midoriya exclaimed in embarrassment, bowing his head in forgiveness.

"I-it's fine, you just surprised us." Hitoshi replied with a nervous laugh, running a hand through his indigo hair.

"Ah, I apologize again- oh I uh never caught your name!" Midoriya said a bit embarrassed at the revelation.

"Oh- it's Hitoshi." Hitoshi replied blushing as Hizashi sends him a teasing grin. Yet Shouta can pick up the waver in his grin causing him to realize that Hizashi is just as on edge as him.

"First name basis already?" Hizashi whispered before teasingly poking Hitoshi in the side causing both teens to blush.

"And-- these are my folks." Hitoshi said with a groan as he ran a hand down his pink face.

"You can call me Hizashi, it's great to finally meet you in person!" Hizashi exclaimed giving Midoriya an eager handshake who raised an eyebrow at his wording; making Shouta mentally face palm.

"You can call me Aizawa-" Shouta began before being interrupted as a small figure suddenly ran into Midoriya causing him to let out a small oof.

"Eri!" Midoriya exclaimed with a laugh as he picked up the small white figure.

Shouta eyes widened in shock as ruby eyes stared up at them which belonged to a small horned child.

Suddenly the pieces were coming together- Hitoshi said the neighbors were Father and Daughter- yet they looked more like siblings even though looking nothing a like-

"This is my uh daughter, Eri," Midoriya said with a uncertain smile, "say hi Eri." He whispered to the little girl who shyly waved at the request.

Well things just got more complicated.

God damn it, Shouta just wanted to take a nap before patrol today.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi sighed as he glanced out the classroom window, his chin propped on his hand. Thoughts lingering on yesterday when he introduced his folks to Izuku.

He fought back a smile as he remembered their shocked faces at the big reveal- fuck he wished he had a picture because that was gold.

Yet, what really caught his attention from their reaction was how they shared a look of 'things just got more complicated', which usually only happened when his fathers were discussing something new that came up for a case.

It made Hitoshi wonder if his fathers knew of Izuku before hand- eh that wasn't likely. They usually discussed cases during dinner, which meant Hitoshi would've known about Izuku before too.

Unless it was a high profile case... Nah, it was baffling to even imagine their new neighbor apart of something that would be 'not discussed during dinner level classified'.

But, Izuku did mistake them as some Chisaki guy, which he seemed pretty mad at. Like ready to murder mad- fuck. Hitoshi needed to stop making a whole conspiracy out of everything. His Dad always told him if he didn't want to become a Pro Hero he would be a great detective.

Anyways Izuku acted too innocent, to be caught up in anything huge, but just because he acts innocent doesn't mean he is- god damn it.

Okay, he actually needs to stop before he goes on another week long investigation with only coffee fueling him.

Hitoshi turns his propped chin as he finally decides to pay attention to class. He thinks it's 5th period so... they're learning Economics. Ew. Nevermind, he'll just daydream some more.

As his thoughts immediately went back to Izuku, Hitoshi swore under his breath causing some of his classmates to give him a weary glance.

Hitoshi wasn't even bothered because he was currently mentally cursing himself out for becoming infatuated with a teen dad.

Someone who was probably straight and even if he wasn't Izuku would never talk to him again when he learns about his Quirk.

Well, he was fucked.


Izuku groaned as he slammed his computer shut, he hated filling out paperwork but he had to to apply for his new online classes.

With taking care of Eri, focusing on his experiments, and doing whatever the hell Chisaki was blackmailing him to do, he doesn't have time for public school.

It's not as if anyone would be missing him, school was hell anyways. Yet his mind couldn't help but stray to Katsuki and how they parted ways those few days ago.

Izuku slapped his freckled cheeks; as he felt his emerald eyes tear.

He didn't want to linger on what was the second worst day of his life- god damn it now he's thinking about the first- fuck.

Okay, he needs to distract himself- what does he need to do- he finished applying for school- Eri is taking a nap- oh Eri!

Eri needs a new wardrobe, her dress- which Izuku was pretty sure was an oversized shirt- will not do. Along with some furniture for her room, also toys- he couldn't forget toys.

Which he'll be able to all get from a strip mall nearby, the place happened to be a bit higher end, the area doesn't happen to be the cheapest, but Eri was worth it.

Izuku slid out of his desk before grabbing a sticky note from his drawer, writing down a list of things he needs.

Slipping the note into his wallet, Izuku turns to the mirror propped against his wall.

Izuku poked at his wild green hair with a sigh, he always disliked the fact that his naturally messy hair made him seem like he just rolled out of bed.

Maybe he could make it a bit neater somehow?

Izuku lit up as he remembered the stray rubberband thrown in his desk drawer.

Throwing open the drawer, he dug around the mess that was his drawer before smiling when he found what he desired.

Threading his fingers through his curls he bunched them together before wrapping them with his rubberband.

Izuku huffed in annoyance as he couldn't pull back two tufts of curls that splayed against his forehead; eventually giving up as it made it worse.

Izuku grinned at the mirror as he admired the small ponytail his curls were in.

Looking down at himself he frowns at his clothes, he didn't bother changing out of his pajamas today and it was already after 2 o'clock.

Skipping over to his closet he dug around for a few moments, throwing pieces of clothing across his room.

"God damn it, I have nothing to wear!" Izuku whined despite having closet full of clothes.

"Maybe I should buy some stuff for myself too..." Izuku muttered as he picked a pair of denim ankle length overalls.

Good enough, he thought as he peeled off his pajamas before jumping in the pair of overalls.

After almost another five minutes Izuku successfully picked out a t-shirt, which was a bright yellow polo.

Izuku smiled at himself in the mirror, actually happy with his appearance for once.

Izuku went over to his desk to grab his essentials, before hovering over his glasses.

His hand itched for the container holding his contacts making Izuku bite his lip.

Izuku usually didn't wear his contacts because he always forgot to take them out at night, but it wouldn't hurt to wear them every once and awhile.

Taking one last glance in the mirror Izuku strolled out of his room into the living room; where Eri was napping on the couch.

Izuku picked up the TV remote on the coffee table to turn off the cartoon Eri fell asleep watching.

Izuku smiled at the sleeping child on his couch before hesitantly waking Eri up with a soft nudge.

Eri shot up from her bundle of blankets, immediately checking her surroundings before relaxing as her ruby eyes fell on Izuku.

"d-daddy?" Eri mumbled sleepily as she stretched out of her blanket cocoon.

"We're gonna go to the shopping!" Izuku whispered excitedly causing Eri to look up at him in awe.

"R-really!?" Eri squeaked as she scrambled off the couch causing Izuku to laugh softly.

"Mhm, we're gonna buy you some clothes, some stuff for your room, oh and some toys!" Izuku exclaimed, clapping his hands in excitement as Eri looked up with wide eyes.

"I- I don't need all that, I have my dress a-and you already let me watch cartoons-" Eri stuttered out, suddenly overwhelmed.

Izuku heart ached for her as he gently put a hand on her shoulder causing her to pause her rambling.

"Eri, you can't wear your dress forever, I'm doing this because you deserve nice things." Izuku reasoned calmly causing Eri to relax a bit, still noticing her uncomfortableness, Izuku smiled comfortingly.

"How about I'll let you choose somethings to get me? I was already planning on getting some new clothes, wouldn't that be fun?" Izuku asked causing Eri to hesitantly nod, he smiled genuinely at her reply.

"Yay~! Let's go get you ready and we can leave!" Izuku exclaimed happily as he picked her up causing her to squeal happily.

Bouncing to the bathroom Izuku plops Eri onto the bathroom counter; as he picked up a hairbrush he slowly began to comb it through her hair.

"Can I have a braid?" Eri asked softly causing Izuku to freeze as he remembered his childhood when his mother would let him play with her silky smooth hair.

Leaving in all his shitty braids and ponytails in her hair the rest of the day, even going out in public with them no matter how many stares she got.

Snapping out of his thoughts as he felt his eyes tear, "Uh- yeah, of course." Izuku muttered as he searched for a rubberband.

Making a small noise of accomplishment as he found one thrown in a drawer, he began to weave her white waves.

Izuku smiled as he looked down at the finished product, it wasn't the best braid ever but it was good enough.

"I'm sorry if it isn't that good-" Izuku began sheepishly before getting cut off by a small sniffle. Eri looked up at him with a watery smile, Izuku heart squeezed at the pure happiness she radiated.

"I love it." She whispered softly as she began to play with a stray hair with eyes sparkling in wonder.

Izuku decided than that he would have to research how to braid after they go shopping.


Hitoshi dragged his feet along the sidewalk as he walked home from school. Slipping an earbud in his ear he turns on his playlist; letting the beat thump against his ear.

As Hitoshi began to subtlely bop his head to the music, he pulled up his messenger app.

Tapping on the conspiracy theory server, he grinned as he noticed some of his online friends online discussing if the moon landing was faked.

Surprised Pikachu: The camera quality is over 250 years old maybe it's just shit?

IcyHot: The American flag is clearly seen moving in the filmed video, as there is no oxygen in space which means no wind could be moving the flag

Tsukuyomi: Agreed. Actual facts are backing us up. Give up Pikachu.

Surprised Pikachu: Maybe, but... have you ever considered you guys are just crazy?

-Explodokills is online-

Explodokills: You're a fucking dumbass, the flag is obviously moving in the video

Surprised Pikachu: First off rude, Second off where the fuck have you been, you haven't been on in almost a week

IcyHot: Yeah, usually you're here to for your daily rants about your ''Arch Enemy''

Explodokills: Fuck you

IcyHot: No thanks

MindWipe: Yeah where have you been, I thought you died lmao

Explodokills: Almost dying doesn't count so fuck you too

MindWipe: wit what

Surprised Pikachu: bro what are ypu joking rn

Explodokills: Why the fuck would I joke about almost dying you dumbass

Surprised Pikachu: sorry sorry just was surprised (no pun intended pls don't kill me)

IcyHot: What happened?

Tsukuyomi: Are you alright?

Explodokills: I'm fine that fucking hentai mother fucker couldn't kill me

Hitoshi raised a brow at the nickname, before he froze as he vaguely remembered an article he read a few days ago.

MindWipe: wait wait Are you talking about the Slime Villain that took a Middle Schooler hostage???

IcyHot: Slime Villain??

Surprised Pikachu: oh fuck that wasn't you was it!?

Explodokills: Yeah that was the fucker and I said I was fucking fine so shut the fuck up

Surprised Pikachu: We're just worried why are getting mad???

IcyHot: Trauma can come out in different ways, Pikachu.

Surprised Pikachu: oh sorry I didn't know


-Explodokills is offline-

Tsukuyomi: I sense a disturbance in the force

Surprised Pikachu: this isn't time for jokes!!??

IcyHot: Explodo always logs off when he needs to cool off though.

Surprised Pikachu: I know but... this time is different he almost died guys

MindWipe: Give him sometime and if he doesn't log back on soon we can DM him

Surprised Pikachu: o okay I guess, god damn it now everything's awkward and depressing

Tsukuyomi: There is a time for everything.

Surprised Pikachu: But I use this as a way to be in denial I'm depressed and awkward

IcyHot: ha mood

MindWipe: Oh fuck guys guess what happened

IcyHot: What?

MindWipe: You know that apartment that has been empty for months, yet people randomly pop up in there and leave the next day, well someone finally moved in

Surprised Pikachu: oh fuck who moved in, was it really a Yakuza safe house?!!?

MindWipe: No, but the most fucking adorable guy moved in

HatsuGadgets: Pics or it didn't happen

IcyHot: Why do you only come when one of us are having a sexual crisis?

HatsuGadgets: Your suffering is enjoyable.

Surprised Pikachu: Why are you like this??

HatsuGadgets: Ask my therapist

Tsukuyomi: lol

MindWipe: Hatsu I'm not a creep who takes pictures of people I just met because I think their cute

HatsuGadgets: You just don't have the balls

MindWipe: I'm pretty sure I'm just not a creep.

HatsuGadgets: fxck you, I'm tight

Surprised Pikachu: Okay but pics or it didn't happen

Tsukuyomi: Pics or it didn't happen

IcyHot: Pics or it didn't happen

HatsuGadgets: Ha now if you don't you'll be cursed with small dick energy

MindWipe: really guys???

Surprised Pikachu: Yes really, this will be a great way to get out of your comfort zone man!

IcyHot: I just wanna see if he really cute or not

Surprised Pikachu: that too lol

MindWipe: okay fine bye assholes

HatsuGadgets: We love you too uwu

MindWipe: fuck off

Hitoshi slid his phone in his pocket, taking a moment to look at his surroundings he realized he's across the street from the strip mall meaning he's half way home.

As Hitoshi began to slip his second earphone in his ear he whipped his head around as he heard his name be called.

"Hitoshi!" Izuku exclaimed, happily waving towards him; Eri held in one hand.

Well, he was fucked.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi cursed silently as Izuku began to walk over towards him.

"H-hey." Hitoshi cringed as his voice cracked, yet Izuku carried on as if he hadn't heard it. Maybe he hadn't, oh thank fuck.

"Hey, What're you doing here?" Izuku asked curiously, tucking a lose curl behind his ear.

Holy shit that's adorable.

Now that Hitoshi has a closer look Izuku has his viridian curls in a small ponytail, small curls coming lose to frame his round face.

He even forgone his glasses allowing Hitoshi to see every color hidden of those forest green eyes.

Oh god, his heart couldn't take this.

Hitoshi coughed in embarrassment as he realized he hadn't answered and was daydreaming again.

"Oh, uh just walking home from school," Hitoshi replied, "What're you doing here?" He asked as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"Oh! I need to get Eri a new Wardrobe, and somethings for her room; I also kinda want to get myself a few things because all my clothes are absolutely horrendous, like what was I thinking when I bought a brown polo shirt-" Izuku ranted before slamming a hand over his mouth.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry for rambling!" Izuku squeaked as his face slowly turned pink, Hitoshi chuckled.

Even Eri seemed amused by Izuku as she tried to force down a smile from her chubby cheeks.

"Nah it's fine, also I bet you would look good in anything, even a brown polo." Hitoshi complimented jokingly, mentally high fiving himself for not stuttering during his first attempt at flirting.

Izuku laughed happily, his emerald eyes crinkling in amusement as he looked up at Hitoshi.

"Thanks. Hey, could I ask you something?" Izuku asked him earnestly with wide emerald eyes that made Hitoshi's heart quicken and cheeks heat up.

"Y-yeah?" Hitoshi stuttered as his mind raced with possibilities. What would Izuku ask him? Was it actually happening?

"Could you come shopping with me?" Izuku asked sheepishly, "I don't think I'll be able to carry everything home, without taking multiple trips."

Hitoshi blinked, he didn't think about that in his moment of fantasies, but he'd take it. You see, Hitoshi happens to be desperate.

"Ah- I'm sorry, I know it's a lot to ask, you're probably exhausted from school. Oh my goodness! How could I be so inconsiderate-" Izuku began in horror as his emerald eyes glistened in shame filled tears.

Which began Hitoshi's panic. He sent Eri a panicked glance, which she returned.

So that was useless, should he comfort him? Letting his hands hover awkwardly over Izuku, Hitoshi began second guessing what to do; so he did the next best thing.

"Sure!" Hitoshi exclaimed in panic, which caused Izuku to snap out of his self deprecating thoughts.

"Huh?" Izuku questioned, voice wobbling as he looked up at Hitoshi with wide tear filled eyes.

"I'll help." Hitoshi breathed out.

Izuku gasped happily, giving him a grin that rivaled All Might himself.

"Thank you!" Izuku exclaimed happily as Hitoshi and Eri exchanged relieved looks.

Hitoshi sighed in relief, crisis averted. Yet, Hitoshi couldn't help but wonder if Izuku was manipulating him.

Hitoshi shook those thoughts out of his head, it was too genuine to be fake.

"Lemme just send a text to my folks so they don't freak out when I'm not home." Hitoshi said as he pulled out his phone.

: Won't be home until later at the mall with Izuku

"Alright, let's go." Hitoshi said with a grin as he slid his phone in his pocket.

"Where do you wanna go first Eri?" Izuku asked his daughter, (Hitoshi's still trying to wrap his head around that.)

"Toys!" Eri squealed happily in Izuku arms, causing him to giggle softly as he sent Hitoshi a soft smile.

Fuck, Hitoshi doesn't think he'll survive this.


Shouta groaned in irritation as he read the text Hitoshi just sent him.

"God damn teenagers and their hormones..." Shouta muttered before he went back to grading the quizzes he gave out today.

Shouta sighed as he heard a high pitched scream coming from the other side of the staff room.

"SHOUUUUUTA!" Hizashi shouted as he ran over to Shouta's desk; "Did you get it!?" Hizashi squealed happily as he shook Shouta by his shoulders in excitement.

"Yes." Shouta said with a sigh, as he checked another wrong answer on a certain students quiz. Failed. Shouta thought as he marked the paper with a 25%.

"Why aren't you more excited?" Hizashi said exasperated as he put his hands on his hips in disapproval.

"No no, I'm glad he has someone to beat his meat to." Shouta replied, hiding his smile underneath his scarf as he heard a few of his co-workers choke in shock.

"Oh? What's this about?" Nemuri asked curiously as she poked her head over Shouta's shoulder.

"Hitoshi's got a crush on our new neighbor, and their hanging out at the mall together!" Hizashi exclaimed as he thrusted his phone in Nemuri's face showing off the text.

"Wait wait, you're talking about our Hitoshi? Like the antisocial, stay cooped up in his room for a week trying to prove lizard people are a thing, Hitoshi?" Nemuri asked skeptically, as she squinted to read the texts.

"Mhm!" Hizashi replied overjoyed as he shook his head in agreement.

"Yeah, Shouta why aren't you happy for Hitoshi? He's finally getting some." Nemuri asked, mimicking Hizashi's disapproving posture.

"Because, Hizashi skipped over the part that he's at the mall," Shouta said with a glare pointed to the blonde, before lowering his voice to a hissed whisper, "with a certain someone we just had a staff meeting about the other day."

Nemuri looked down at him with furrowed brows shooting a confused glance at his now sheepish husband.

"Oooo- fuck." Nemuri swore as she came to an understanding.

Oh fuck, indeed. And, she hasn't even heard the worse part yet.


Katsuki cursed as he threw his phone across the room in anger.

He wasn't fucking traumatized. Fuck those guys. Fucking idiots.

He silently fumed before sighing softly, as he walked across his bedroom to grab his phone.

Katsuki didn't bother to examine it for any cracks since he had one of the higher end protective cases. It's not his fault that he accidentally let's out explosions when he sees stupid shit on his phone.

Katsuki needed to calm down and focus, he had things to do.

Like find out where fucking Deku went. Katsuki's been on high alert since he went to school today and it was announced Deku transferred schools.

Which definitely was a red flag after Deku's parting message.

"It would be a shame if you died before I could become a Villain, wouldn't it?"

Katsuki shivered as he thought back to his broken smile as he uttered those chilling words.

Katsuki plopped down onto his bed with a groan. He couldn't become distracted. Finding Deku was top priority.

But, still he needed to destress. Katsuki mused over if he should log back on the conspiracy server, but decided against it. He was still ticked off at those guys.

To be honest, Katsuki was actually lonely. Some of that was his fault, he'll admit. He knew he had anger issues, which made people wary of him.

But, people also put Katsuki on a pedestal. Adults made him an example for his peers to look up to, causing a divide between him and his peers.

People his age either lookup at him in awe or jealousy, which caused two things. They either are ass kissers or are complete assholes; Katsuki would rather be lonely than deal with that.

So, that's why he was thankful for the anonymity of the internet. He could interact with others without having that rift between them.

Katsuki began to scroll through his phone absent mindedly, checking notifications, playing some mindless games; before he stumbled upon his photos.

All of his photos were organized in their specific folders, yet one drawled Katsuki to it.


Katsuki hesitated as his thumb hovered over the photo album. He held his breath as he tapped on the folder.

Katsuki's heart ached as he was shone pictures of his childhood friend.

Izuku smiling at him with the beautiful grin as they played Heroes together at the park.

The two of them laughing together happily at Izuku's fourth birthday party, All Might themed of course. While... Auntie Inko cut the birthday cake in the corner of the photo, soft smile on her face.


Memories flooded his thoughts as they went back to the incident at the funeral.

As tears pricked his crimson gaze he threw his phone across his bed, before staring at the ceiling in frustration.

That was the day, Katsuki vowed to himself he was going to stop Deku, and bring Izuku back.

"KATSUKI, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" Mitsuki yelled from downstairs, causing him to groan.

"ALRIGHT YOU OLD HAG!" Katsuki yelled back, his voice hoarse. Pushing himself off his bed with a huff, he began to make his descent downstairs.

As he entered the kitchen he could see Mitsuki take out whatever shit she made out of the oven, while his Masaru set the table.

Katsuki plopped down onto the kitchen table with a huff, Masaru sending him a raised eyebrow. Katsuki avoided the knowing gaze as Mitsuki put down a bowl of Katsudon that made his heart ache a but at the sight.

They sat in silence as they ate the pork bowls, while Katsuki avoided the worried glances his parents shot him occasionally.

"Katsuki is there something wrong? There's usually at least some bitching about my food." Mitsuki said as she slammed her chopsticks on the table, breaking the silence.

Causing Katsuki's eye to twitch in irritation, but he stayed quiet to weigh his options.

"Mitsuki-" Masaru began in exasperation only to be cut off by Katsuki, as he made his mind.

"Deku transferred schools, it was announced today." Katsuki muttered as he poked at his rice awkwardly.

Katsuki didn't notice the look of understanding his parents shot at each other, before he glanced up to look at their reactions.

"Oh! Little Izu, when was the last time we saw him?" Mitsuki pondered as she sent a questioning glance at her husband.

"I'd say about three years ago, dear." Masaru replied as he adjusted his glances, an uncomfortable smile on his face.

"Hm, I should give him a call, I've really missed the little sweetheart." Mitsuki muttered as she went back to her bowl as Masaru nodded in agreement.

Katsuki's chopstick snapped in half as he squeezed in frustration. He thought they'd have some actual useful information about Deku, but he guesses that was fucking useless.

Time to ask in a favor.

Chapter Text

Izuku was happy. Happier than he has felt in a long, long time. He had a new light brightening up his numb existence, Eri.

She reminded him a bit of himself when he was younger, maybe even him now- but no. No, Izuku was long broken. Now, it was his responsibility to make sure she didn't turn out like him. To keep her safe. From himself and his goals.

But, he didn't need to think about that now, because now he was spoiling his light.

As Eri clung to him letting out little gasps of awe as they walked through the toy store, he smiled.

As Hitoshi they boy who he has only known for a day which he already considers someone he'd die for, made joking comments of happenings around the store, he laughed.

He was just... happy.

Something so simple, yet so rare. His heart ached as long forgotten emotions made it jump in joy, squeeze painfully in bittersweet happiness.

It was almost too much for him to bear. No, it was too much. He needed a minute to sort through all these... feelings.

"Hitoshi?" Izuku asked, continuing when Hitoshi made a small noise of acknowledgement, "Can you watch Eri for a few minutes? I need to use the restroom."

"Uh, sure." He said in surprise, glancing quickly at Eri who was currently in awe of one of the display cases.

"I'll be back Eri! Have fun!"


Hitoshi was currently panicking. Why, you ask? He lost Eri.

One minute he was watching her gasp in awe at a mountain of teddy bears, next she was gone.

Normally he wouldn't be too freaked out, you know kids wander off sometimes. But, after seeing a hint of Izuku's rage after him mistaking them as some Chisaki guy, he didn't want to be the real focus of Izuku's anger.

As he turned the corner to the next isle to walk upon a near crying Eri and a older boy sneering down at her he knew he was screwed.


As Izuku's shocked gasp came from behind him, Hitoshi realized something.

Hitoshi was dead.


Eri was happy. She was very, very happy! She could burst with energy kinda like the stuff that comes out of her horn when she gets scared!

She was at a toy store! Could you believe that, she was really in a toy store like the ones they show in the movies!

Her cheeks ached as she smiled for the first time in- in- forever! Her eyes sparkled as she absorbed her surroundings which were shelves as tall as trees filled to the brim with toys on every shelf! From plushies, games, dolls, to figurines they had everything!

Eri skipped down the isle happily as she was drawn to figurines from some of her favorite cartoons.

Eri gasped in excitement as a particular figure caught her eye, it was the limited edition Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask figurine! She's wanted one since the first time she saw the commercials on her morning cartoons! It's even the last one on the shelf, how lucky could she be!?

Before she was always afraid to ask for anything from Chisaki-Ojisan or Kurono-san, but her daddy said he'll get her anything she wanted! He wasn't even lying like Chisaki-Ojisan did, could you believe that? She barely could!

As she admired the figure with an awe filled expression; Eri gasped in shock as the box was ripped away from her hands, she instinctively swirled around to meet the thieves gaze.

Above her was a older boy with short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkled with glee as he looked down at the figure in his hands.

"E-excuse me, that's... mine." Eri whispered softly, only to shrink in on herself as the boy shot her a look of disgust.

"So? It's not like you can do anything about it." The boy snorted haughtily, as he pressed the figurine to his chest possessively.

"But--" Eri began before being cut off by the snobby boy who laughed down at her.

"But, what? Like I said you can't do anything about it. It's mine." He sneered, before seemingly realizing something.

"Ha! You're not even wearing shoes, how would you even buy my figure?!" He said with a laugh as he pointed to her bare feet.

Eri shrunk into herself, as she teared up suddenly becoming self conscious.


As her daddy's shocked gasp came from behind her, Eri realized something.

She was safe.


As Izuku watched the scene infront of him he felt... numb. No. No that wasn't it.

He felt calm. Too calm. Oh, that's what it was!

He was pissed.

Izuku as snapped out of his calm rage as a whiney voice woke him from his thoughts.

"Hey! Put me down, asshole!" The kid growled up at Hitoshi as he struggled out of the taller boys grasp.

Izuku numbly walks forwards, putting hand on Hitoshi's shoulder causing the indigo haired teen to look down at him. His lavender eyes widened slightly, alarm flashing in his gaze.

As a silent conversation was made through emerald and lavender eyes, Hitoshi set the kid down and backed off to hold Eri as Izuku leaned down to the younger boys height, a small polite grin on his face as he began to talk to the boy.

"I'm sorry... Oh! I never caught your name." Izuku began before becoming seemingly embarrassed by lacking the boys name.

"It's... Hamada Daichi." He replied cautiously, holding the figurine tighter in his hold.

"Well, Daichi-kun, I wanted to give my condolences for your lack of parents!" Izuku exclaimed with a apologetic bow, causing the boy to look at him in confusion.

"The hell are you talking about!?" He barked confused.

"Well with the way you behave I thought that maybe you had no one to raise you into a basic human being; I guess you're not gonna be missing them if they're that bad!" Izuku said to himself in amusement.

"W-what?" The brat asked in surprise as he took a cautious step back, causing Izuku to only step forwards threatingly.

"Daichi, Daichi, Daichi," Izuku tutted reprimandindly,"You have so much to learn about the world!"

"If you think you can get way with being a little asshole forever, you're dead wrong! One day, you're gonna mess with the wrong person, and what will you do than?" Izuku asked with the tilt of his head, seemingly genuinely interested in the boys reply.

"I-" Daichi began nervously before being cut off by a ecstatic Izuku.

"Don't think about it too much, you'll be finding out really really soon! How you ask? Well, because that day is today!" Izuku exclaimed happily, clapping his hands together.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you not to give your name to strangers? Maybe they should've! Oh well, it's not like they'll get the chance anyways." Izuku giggled softly at the boys stupidity. Before leaning closer in the boys space, causing him to flinch back much to Izuku's satisfaction.

"If you give me that toy you rudely took from my daughter, I might let one of them live." He whispered softly, letting a predatory smirk that he's been fighting the entire time to grow on his face.

It must have been the boys breakpoint because he let go of the box, letting it fall onto the floor with a thud.

As the boy ran off looking ready to wet himself, Izuku smirked in accomplishment as he picked up the box that fell in his fright.

"I really should've made him apologize too..." Izuku pouted softly as he sighed in disappointment.

As he turned around with Eri's toy in his hands with a proud smile he froze as he was met with the wide-eyed looks from his companions.



As Hitoshi fought with himself internally whenever to use his Quirk or not on the spoiled brat. He froze as a small hand rested on his shoulder, freezing as he turned around to see Izuku looking up at him with a sweet smile. Yet... yet something was off.

The normally soft grin was replaced with a plastic smile that twitched periodically as if suppressing a wave of emotions. As his emerald gaze had a manic glint sparking through his firm stare that caused Hitoshi to shiver.

As Hitoshi watched and listened to the exchange intently, he couldn't help but feel bad for the kid. Because, he was currently scared shitless and the emerald eyed boys threatening aura wasn't even directed at him.

Hitoshi knew he should be alarmed but- well he couldn't help but find it a bit hot.

Shut up, stop kink shaming him.

Anyways he should probably say something to Izuku as he looked up at him and Eri in barely contained fear, as if bracing himself for whatever happens next.

"You did a hell of a job scaring the kid." Hitoshi said mildly, not wanting to cause Izuku further distress. He especially didn't want him to cry, which apparently was very easy to do.

"Scare..?" Izuku questioned softly to himself for a moment before something clicked in his eyes as his head shot up to look at him with wide eyes, "Oh! Uh- yeah that's exactly what I was going for ha.. ha." He awkwardly laughed before turning to the little horned girl in his arms.

"Anyways! Let's go purchase everything than we can go get Icecream! Wouldn't that be fun, Eri?" He exclaimed happily towards the ruby eyed girl, who gasped in surprise at the thought of icecream.

"Yeah!" Eri cheered with a barely contained squeal of joy. Her legs kicking in childish excitement cause Izuku to laugh in amusement.

God, why did Hitoshi always have to get a crush on the ones that'd probably murder him in his sleep?


Katsuki was hesitant. About what you ask? Making a deal with the devil herself.

: I need your help.

Katsuki sent, instantly regretting everything as he received a reply seconds later.

HatsuGadgets: ooOOH??? with what owo??? 👀👀👀

He mentally groaned as he realized he was probably gonna explode his phone after this exchange.

: I need to find out the wear abouts of someone.

HatsuGadgets: what for? :333

: I need his wear abouts.

HatsuGadgets: did ur bf weave you katsuuukiii? 😱😱😱

: Fuck off. Will you give them or not?

HatsuGadgets: Will you up hold the usual deal.

: Yes.

HatsuGadgets: yayyaya !!_!;$!🎉🎉🎉

: Just give me the address freak.

HatsuGadgets: okay uwu ur my bestest customer katsuchannn 😍😍😍

: Yeah yeah now give it to me

HatsuGadgets: Nuh uh 🤣

Katsuki's eye twitched in irritation.

: The fuck why not??

HatsuGadgets: I wanna know why 😝

: No.

HatsuGadgets: please

: No.

HatsuGadgets: PWEASE OWO


HatsuGadgets: fine your such a meanie katsuchannn 😭😭😭

Katsuki slammed his phone on his nightstand before he really blew it up.

Now, all Katsuki had to do was wait. Wait, and regret all his life choices.