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Ever since the night you stayed at Aizawa's, something was different. At first it started slowly, a good morning text from him here and a good night text there. Then he slowly but surely began to message you throughout the day. Before you knew it, good morning or good night became “what are you doing?" with no sexual expectations, just genuine curiosity. Even on the nights you two met up, you talked with him the entire day prior. continued to spend the night. After detangling yourselves, Aizawa, now always hugged you close to him. You couldn't find it in yourself to argue. Three months later, staying the night entailed either morning sex, breakfast in bed made by him, or both.

However, you two still kept each other at a somewhat arms length away. You never went on dates. He never asked for your name and you still only knew him as just Aizawa. You two talked about your personal lives, but vaguely.

As far as the other knew, you both had a childhood and a few close friends. He told you he taught gym for high schoolers and you told him you did animal control. Both lies based in just enough truth to be believable.

You knew it wouldn't be enough to sustain a true relationship, but for now, his pretty face and dry sense of humor was enough. There was one thing that you two weren't getting enough of, surprisingly, though. Sex.

Between your job responsibilities, you and him only found two or three nights to be physically intimate before he left for “work reasons" a month ago. Usually when you had time, he didn't and vice versa. For example, right now. 

Mr. Freeze: Are you available in about an hour? I'll be done with meetings for the day then. 

You frowned at the message as you finished applying your whiskers. He couldn't have asked two hours ago? You sighed in frustration and answered. 

You: No I'm going to a friend's birthday party in half an hour 

Mr. Freeze: That sounds interesting.

You: Yeah it usually is. He made it costume themed this year but I didn't have time to go all out so I just dug out my cat one from Halloween 

Mr. Freeze: Cat?

You: Yeah. Here hold on

You sent a picture of yourself in your black cat costume. It was a body suit with a zipper going from your collarbone to your just above your belly button and a tail. You had on the ears, whiskers, collar, and cat eye contact lens. You held your hand up like a claw. You waited for a response but none came. After five minutes, you rolled your eyes.

There's no way he got in trouble for it. It wasn't even racy. You almost messaged him again when your phone started ringing. You picked it up and heard panting on the other end.

“It's not nice to tease your master, pet.”

“'Master'?” you scoffed.

“That's right, you best remember who you're talking to."

You heard him shifting before he spoke again. 

“Are you alone right now?”

“Yes," you said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, what, pet?"

“Yes...sir?" you asked.

“Good girl," Aizawa approved, “I'm going to call again in one minute. You better answer.”

He hung up and you felt yourself getting hot under your collar as you realized what he was getting at. You threw your phone on your bed and, as usual when, Aizawa, was involved, covered up Bro's, Sheele's, and Mine's respective cages so their delicate snake eyes wouldn't have to see their mother in any lewd positions, before closing and locking the door to keep out your newest stray cat daughter, Leone, and her brother, Lubba. You laid down on your bed and stretched out.

After the night you're about to spend going alpha on some unwanted handsy people at your friend's overly populated party, you'll take some omega time.

True to his word, your phone did go off sixty seconds later, with a video chat request. You answered and in a darkened room sat a flushed, shirtless Aizawa. His dark eyes held a hungry look and in his hand lay his half hard cock. Your face went a million degrees as you realized what your costume did to him.

What a weirdo, you laughed to yourself, A cute weirdo, though.

“Pet, set your phone down so I can see you."


You propped your phone up on your night stand for Aizawa. You rolled onto your tummy and twirled your tail a bit so he knew what the whole costume entailed, before laying on your back again. He started moving his hand over his cock while staring at your chest.

“Play with your breasts, pet," he ordered, “Over your costume.”

You did as asked and started rubbing slowly at your nipples just to get them peaked. As you became more sensitive, your movements hastened. You closed your eyes and imagined Aizawa's warm hands. They were the perfect size to cup, pinch, pull, and rub you. As if he read your thoughts, you heard, Aizawa, smirk.

“How do I feel, pet?”

“I miss your hands...” you pouted. 

Even though he didn't tell you to, you unzipped your costume so you could get a better angle on your chest. You started mewling and you heard a quiet curse from your phone. You opened your eyes to see Aizawa's hooded ones analyzing your face with a small smile. He blushed and looked away when he noticed you noticed, however. He returned his full attention to the task in his hand.

“Dammit...I wish I could get those noises out of you myself, kitten..."

Aizawa's eyes went up and down you, stopping at your chest when you moved your hands and your breasts slipped out of your costume. Then he focused in on the flap you would unfasten to go to the bathroom. You slid your hand down your body and circled the little black button. Aizawa licked his lips.

“Spread yourself out for me, pet. Get ready for my cock.”

“As you wish...sir."

You turned around, opened your legs, and undid the cloth. Then you ran two fingers through your folds, going deeper with each pass until you aroused yourself enough to sink them into you. You gasped out his name while you fingered yourself. Aizawa growled out low sentences.

“Dammit I wish I was there, kitten. I wish I could taste you…”

You couldn't see him from the angle you were at but you could hear him squirting something before his panting renewed with a vengeance. 

“...Then I'd get you on your knees and fuck that pretty mouth good, before burying myself in that perfect cunt…Pet, pet start-."

“Give me one second," you said, getting up.

While he was busy putting his favorite lube of yours on his cock (you'd get him back for that; he stole your expensive bottle!) you remembered something in your closet. A smirk spread across your face when you found what you were looking for. A toy only a bit smaller than him. You waved it in Aizawa's face when you jumped back onto the bed. His eyes darkened.

“Pet...blow me," he ordered. 


You suctioned it to the head board and grabbed the base like you usually did to him before running your tongue slow up and down it. Then you licked around the head before swallowing it down as far as you could go. Out the corner of your eye you saw, Aizawa, gripping his base tightly giving it small, fast jerks.

“That's right, pet, take all of it. Choke on me, pet.”

You moved the toy in and out of your mouth, putting it as far down your throat as possible. Every time you gagged, Aizawa, cursed. 

“How do I feel, sir?” you smirked in between licking at the head and choking it down. 

“Good, kitten. You're always so good to me…”

You looked over and huffed at his closed eyes. You didn't get this out for him to not watch.

“Look at me, sir. What's the best fuck we've had?”

Aizawa opened his lust clouded eyes and stared you down. 

“A few weeks ago. When we were laying in my bed on our sides, I was kissing you before I started kissing your you know how great yours are, kitten? I always want to be buried in them..."

“What was I doing, sir?"

You knew full well what you were doing that night. You got up onto your knees and started rubbing your cunt on the toy, teasing your entrance with its head. Aizawa bit his lip and rubbed circles into his own cock's head to try and simulate the feeling of you.

“What you're doing now, grinding against me...teasing were so wet, I just slipped in...yes, just like that...oh, kitten, you squeezed me so good, I couldn't wait for you to tell me to go, I just..."

His words faded off, but his eyes didn't leave you. You could tell he wasn't completely in the present anymore, however. While he got lost in his memory, you fucked yourself with your toy to your own recollection of the night before he left to be “an instructor for a summer camp".

You started moving yourself forward and back on the artificial length while rubbing circles into your clit, remembering how hot everything felt with him wrapped around you. One hand held your hips still, the other squeezed around your neck; both left bruises that took a couple days to fade away.

Every movement of his cock inside you was so rough yet smooth. Coupled with the intermittent touches to your little ball of nerves under his thumb, it was a great ride. Little sounds of pleasure started coming out of you and, Aizawa, spoke again. 

“You made such pretty noises, kitten," he sighed, “I just had to move faster so I could hear more...then you wrapped your leg around me so I could pound into you and you just took it…

You let me get so deep inside you, started screaming for more and more of me, like you'll never get enough…it gets me so hard, kitten...I-.”

He bit down on his fist so he couldn't talk anymore. That reminded you that his face was half buried in your hair the whole time he beat his hips against yours in his tortuous rhythm. It made sure all his words were muffled, unintelligible growls except for one sentence:

“You ruined me, kitten."

You loudly cried out in pleasure as his declaration repeated in your head over and over again. It made you shiver wondering what else he wanted to whisper in your ear, but contained himself. 

Aizawa let out a loud groan and you heard him hit his bed frame. You looked up at your phone. One look at the expression of overwhelming ecstasy on his face told you that he was as close as you.

Yes...just like that, pet...then you looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes and begged me to let you come on my cock am I supposed to say no to that for long?”

He opened his eyes in the hopes of seeing that scene one more time. You obliged him by dropping your hand from your throbbing clit and moving on your almost as fast as he was fucking you that night. Soon you brought yourself to breaking point and looked up at him.

“Sir, please?" you pleaded, “Please let me come!”

“I don't know, pet, do you deserve it?” he smirked. 

“Yes! Yes!” you whined, “Please, sir!"

Dammit, kitten...come. Come now.”

No sooner than him saying it did you cry out his name while shaking around your toy. When your limbs became jelly you heard him repeat his name for you a million times.

You felt your face heat up again as you looked at one of your favorite views of him. His long hair was even more of a mess from sweating and raking his free hand through it over and over. Red colored his normally pale skin and stained his lips from when he bit down on his hand to keep his volume down. His cock stood at a painfully full length, dripping with lubricant and precome.

“Did I do good, master?" you purred. 

Aizawa stiffened and cursed out praises of what a good girl for him you were while streams of white coated his hand. When his climax subsided, he sat back against the bed frame behind him with a satisfied sigh.

You both lay there panting, trying to collect yourselves. You smiled as the blush on his cheeks deepened when you looked him in the eyes again. He glanced away with a “tch" and a poorly suppressed smile. 

“That-," you began.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and the screen went dark.

“Hey, can-oh I am I interrupting?" a female sounding voice asked. 

“Yes..." Aizawa grunted. 

“Well clean up, I need you to do something for me," the woman requested, “I'll make it worth your while, sh-."

“Okay! Okay, I'll be out in a minute, Nemuri."

You heard a moment of silence before the woman let out a squeal.

“Oh, I see what's going on! We'll talk later."

The door closed and you heard, Aizawa, groan in frustration while pulling tissues out of a box. You took this time to put yourself back together too and think about the woman you just heard.

She seemed pretty comfortable with talking to, Aizawa, half naked with his cock out, almost as if it was a regular occurrence. And the way he cut her off. He did it so quickly like she was about to expose something he didn't want you to know about...what did she have that was so worth his while?

You didn't get to dwell on the nagging fear that this, Nemuri, was the very important beautiful woman as, Aizawa's face reappeared. His chin was partially covered with a large gray scarf. You didn't get to ask him about the fashion choice in the middle of summer, however, as he cut you off in a brisk manner. 

“Pet, I'll be back home in three days. I'll be knocking on your door around eight in the evening. You better be waiting for me, dressed up with all your little toys.”

“Wait, Aizawa!"

He stopped his hang up with a raised eyebrow. You felt your face burn as you thought about your next statement. 

“You really think my eyes are pretty?”

Aizawa froze for half a second before looking away. You analyzed his face, looking for any signs that he's just stringing you along for your body alone. You found no malice in his pale, scruffy face. Only a grown man reduced to an embarrassed school boy trying to bury himself in his scarf.

“Beautiful, kitten," he answered quietly, “I said beautiful.”

I LIVE…But only so I can put my terrible fan art into my even worse fics lmao, If you want to read the story this belongs to here you go. It is NSFW though.