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Kingdom AU: How Dare She?

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Princess Beverly watched as the flowers withered beneath her and sighed. “One more day”, she said to herself. She was planning to overthrow the tyrant, Lord Samuel, her regent. She was almost old enough to rule, but she couldn’t take one more day of sitting in this damned tower. The princess was going to overthrow him tomorrow, she was certain that the plan was going to work, it had to. She watched as the leaves fell from the trees.

Prince Edward, whom had been adopted by the royal family, stood outside the palace with Captain of the Royal Guard, Captain Tozier. Tozier had became captain of the Royal Guard, not long ago. The Prince and the Captain stood in silence. The Prince asked, “What do you think if the King was overthrown, Captain”? The Captain replied, “Should I give my honest opinion, your highness”? The Captain answered in his slight accent. “Yes, and call me Eddie”. The royal answered. The Captain stared at the prince in shock, “You want me to call you Eddie, but your Highness”- The Prince replied, “It’s okay, I’m no better than you are”. The Captain cleared his throat, “Eddie it is then”.

King Benjamin sat atop his throne, as with his royal adviser, Michael standing right next to him. Benjamin sat in painful silence as the royal adviser kept speaking. “Those are all your duties for today, your Highness”. Ben smiled and said, “Thank you”. The King thought of the Princess from the Kingdom across the land. She had light blue eyes, hair red as fire, and the most beautiful freckles he had ever seen, he wanted to marry her, but he had been told many times it would cause war. The King sat back in his chair, once more.

“The King is a true tyrant, his pathetic rule has caused this land to die, along with the people’s spirits”. The Prince stood there in thought, as he realized that the Captain was right. He said, “Your opinion is very interesting, Captain, I feel the same way”. The Captain smiled, the Prince stared at the Captain before zoning back in. The Prince retreated back in the palace, as with the Captain by his side.

The Princess woke up to the sounds of misery and despair, or so to put it, the Lord’s tyranny. She walked out of bed and ran to her royal servant, whom she befriend during these long years, Stanley’s room in her nightgown. She smiled and asked, “Are you ready”? Princess Beverly was planning to overthrow the tyrant by revealing his old life as a criminal and warlord, ‘Pathetic’, she thought as if such loyal citizens would ever choose such a evil, selfish, reject as their king. The curly haired brunette boy pulled a stash of documents from under his mattress. The Princess smiled at the sight in excitement.

After her meeting with Stanley, The Princess hurried to breakfast in order to avoid suspicion. She went to her dining room, as given to her by the King. She assumed he only gifted to her, because he didn’t want to be bothered by her presence. Princess Beverly huffed as she watched the cooks set down a banquet. She only ate a few grapes, some pastries, drank some milk and moved on. After breakfast, The Princess hurried to her dresser and told her, “I’ll need to look my best today”. The dresser looked at the Princess confused and then nodded in obedience. The Princess gave a wide smirk.

Stanley ran down the halls in rush, as usual, but this time, it was something important. Stan took quick glances at the walls, which were decorated in gold from a foreign land, lavish chairs and mirrors enhanced in silver. This palace never ceased to amaze Stanley, even though he lived here. The Palace was enormous, as if any others could compare. The height of the ceiling being almost as tall as a giant. Stan reached the Royal Advisor’s room and knocked on the door in a weighed knock.

William woke up to the sound of banging on his door, he rubbed his head in confusion. ‘I thought we could sleep in’, he thought. He walked to the door in a sluggish movement and opened it. “Yes”, he asked with his eyelids draped over his sea green eyes. Stanley pushed him out of the way and said, “Y’know we’re overthrowing the King today”. The boy said in his cockney accent. Then that’s when William remembered the plan.

The Princess walked out of the Royal Dresser’s room in her best dress. Down the hallways of the Royal Palace. Her heels were bothering her, she yelped in pain as the length of the halls progressed. She watched as The King’s entourage pass her, and multiple servants. She grew more weary, as she walked. She hurried to avoid anyone that knew her, which was everyone, and she finally arrived, she opened the door to the Royal Documents room.

The air smelled of dust and bothersome particles, Stanley coughed as he breathed in the air. Stan heard the door creak, and he told William, “Hide the papers”!, in a hurried whisper. William hurried to hide the papers, until he realized it was just the Princess. She stood there in a glamorous dress, face contorted into pain. Stanley asked the Princess, “What’s wrong”? She replied, “These damned heels are so bothersome”. She sat in the chair near the door and took the shiny shoes off.

As William worked and stamped the documents, while Princess Beverly muttered about her very uncomfortable shoes. Stanley asked, “How will we spread the message to the people”? The Princess smiled and said, “I have a plan for that”.

William held the papers in his hand and said, “We’re finished”. The Princess replied, “Get dressed and meet me in the throne room”. Stanley and William nodded.

As The Princess walked down the halls, she saw Prince Miles, the King’s son. She bowed her head, in the same moment he did the same. The Prince was tall, with brown hair, and hazel eyes. His crown stood on his head, slightly crooked. He whispered, “Hello, Your Highness, has my father asked for my presence”? He asked. The Princess shook her head and said, “No, I haven’t seen him”. The Prince said, “Thank you”. As he walked away, the Princess looked in confusion, as to question his sudden thanks. She walked away to the throne room.

Prince Eddie sat at the tiny table in the study. He had always came here, he didn’t know why, but it gave him a nostalgic feeling. He sat there, drawing. It saw it was majestic, in its own way, he sighed before seeing the door open. The Royal Advisor stood there papers in his hand, he said, “Your Highness, the Princess needs your assistance in the throne room”. The Prince asked, “What for”? William looked at him and said, “It’s a private matter”. The Prince looked around in suspicion.

The Prince entered the throne room and the Princess sat on the throne, as she said, “I need your help”. The Prince asked, “For what”.

“I’m going to take the King’s throne”.

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"What"? Eddie asked in confusion and slight rage. Princess Beverly got up from the throne and replied, "I'm going to take the king's throne". "And I need your help, you're the most popular and socially acceptable member of the Royal Family, right"? The Princess had that look on her face, one that was the cause of destruction. Prince Eddie replied, "What do you plan to do, Your Highness"? Beverly replied, "I'm going to need you to read a few documents to the people, here and there". She said as she muttered incoherent words into the air and said, "That's it"! Prince Eddie asked, "What are you thinking of, You Highness"? The Princess grew an innocent look on her face and said, "Nothing".

"Stanley"! The Princess shouted. The boy ran into the throne room, with a stack of documents in his hands. Stanley kneeled down to the Prince and said, "Your Highness". Eddie blushed, as to Stanley being the first person, (besides the captain to call him that). Eddie was rarely called Your Highness because he wasn't of royal blood. There was another reason also, some envied him, because of his popularity among the people, some being the King himself. No one actually believed the rumors being spread about Eddie since there were so many, but he still couldn't help, but to feel alienated from his adopted family.

He took the documents with a sudden sense of pride, revenge, almost a consuming hunger all at once. None of the feelings were wrong, just overpowering. He grew a grin at the King's soon-to-be replacement, The Princess. He said, "Yes, when shall I start with the announcement, Your Highness"? The Princess nodded and said, "Today, at noon". The Princess walked out with Stanley and said, "The future of this kingdom rests on your shoulders".

Benjamin sat and across from him was the most dangerous person in every land known. He had ruffled dirty blonde hair, a permanent, viscous smirk on his face. King Ben couldn't be alone in a room, with present warlord, Henry the Horrific. Yes, Benjamin sat across from him, but that was only because Henry had barged in without any permission what so ever. Ben clenched his teeth and asked, "What do you want"? Henry leaned over the wooden object and said, "What I want"... He grew a terrible smile and said, "How about every valuable object you have in this palace, you probably won't need it, since you're the King and what not".

Ben grew a cold look. "Absolutely not". Ben said. Henry grew a mocking pout, "Aw, the King doesn't want to give up his treasure". "A man's treasure is his pride, isn't that right, Henry"? The King said. Henry gave the king a look and said, "That's exactly why I want yours". Ben replied, "No". Henry said, "Then I'll call a war on your country". Henry got up from the red leather chair and walked out the door. "And you'd better be ready". He grew a cackle as he left the palace.

Eddie stood on the balcony of the palace, nervous as the royal announcer stood beside him. He fidgeted with the multiple gold and bronze rings on his fingers. "The future of the kingdom rests on your shoulders". He looked down and saw the captain staring at him with starry eyes. He turned away from the promising gaze. Then, the Prince spoke. "People of my Kingdom, I have news". From Eddie's expression, the people muttered among themselves in worry. The prince raised his hands in assurance and said, "It was given to me by the Your Highness".

The captain of the Royal Guard stood in the crowd of people, monitoring any signs of future riots, there had been a lot since King Samuel was crowned, and he heard a voice, "Captain Tozier, the Highness needs you". He darted to see a messenger with a piece of paper in her hands. He read the paper slowly until he replied, "Take me to the Princess".

The Captain was led into a room where the Princess was sitting, multiple portraits surrounding her. The lineage sat in this very room. The Princess fiddled with her glove until the messenger said in her high pitched voice "Your Highness". The Princess sat up and smiled, "Captain Tozier".

King Samuel sat in the dining room, eating everything he could get his hands on. Pastries, fruit, bread, cheese, any delicacy you could think of surrounded the greedy tyrant. He smiled as maids brought to him, multiple beverages. All of the staff bowed down to him. The power never felt so ecstatic, he lived in paradise. Anyone who dared to challenge him would be in brutal anguish. He smiled before he saw two soldiers come into the room.

Captain Tozier bowed to the Princess. She said, "I need a favor". The man replied, "Of course, your majesty". Captain Tozier replied. "I need to send a few soldiers to King Samuel's current location". She clapped her hands. A servant boy with curly, hazel hair entered the room. He gave the Captain a stack of paper. "Look over those documents". The Princess said. The Captain let out a deep exhale of air. "T-the King"? The man said in shock. The Princess matched his blue eyes with her sea green eyes, "Unfortunately, yes".


Eddie said, "People of my Kingdom". He raised his arms in the air. The whispers suddenly went silent. "I have come to you with bad news, good news to some". He said as the royal announcer sat multiple papers on his stand. The Prince breathed in and said, "Our King is a traitor". Gasps engulfed the crowd as the prince continued, "He committed over ten thousand deaths documented, in a brutal war crime". Eddie looked at the astonished crowd. "Children were turned orphans, lives were lost, homes burned". He looked down and said, "He killed our former King and Queen". Eddie felt his throat parch and his eyes water. 'His parents were killed by this monster'. Eddie walked away in dread.

King Samuel heard banging at the front palace door. "Traitor, evil devil"! He heard loud and hatred filled insults pollute the air. He looked around as he pointed at the soldiers, "B-barricade the door, now"! The King was grabbed and he tried to wiggle out of the guards' iron grip. "What are you doing, you idiots"! He screamed as he writhed under the stronghold. "You don't understand, do you"? The first guard said. The King looked around in anger and confusion, "You're being overthrown". The second guard said as he smiled.

Princess Beverly rushed down to the sound of banging and yelling. She stood there in shock, 'My plan worked a little too well'. She thought. The Princess saw the King being restrained by the two guards. A smile crept onto her pale face. Captain Tozier looked down and asked, "Where do you want him to go, Your Highness"? The Princess looked down, "Take this traitor scum to the dungeon". Her smile will be the last thing he saw.

Eddie shook in fear, as he saw multiple civilians banging on the palace door, yelling terrible insults. He watched as multiple soldiers came down to the first floor. He ran downstairs to find soldiers guarding the door, and the King yelling bloody murder. He looked around in confusion, "Bev, what happened"? The Princess replied, "He's finally gone".

Eddie felt the remnants of his fear take over him, then the anger, the pain, the hunger for revenge. It was all too much, he decided to take a seat and relax for a moment. God, this was one of the best that could ever happen to him. He smiled, not knowing exactly why. It was the true, filling, feeling of happiness. He knew he shouldn't be happy over someone else's shortcomings, but his emotions were too much.

His goblet still sat there.

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Eddie sat there, almost knocking the golden contraption over in sudden excitement, adrenaline, dopamine. Every possible chemical that was imaginable. His hands were shaking. Knees trembling, lip too. He was ecstatic, overwhelmed by his uncontrollable actions. God, it almost hurt. How he felt.

Princess Beverly ran to the gazebo and stopped to pick roses growing around the structure. Gloves protecting her from thorns. She ran and ran till she saw a glint of silver glowing in the golden light. She dropped to her knees in happiness, crying. "I did it, mother". "I finally did it". Rose petals peeling from the red cluster. Her tears dripped on the epitaph and she put the roses on the metal plate.

The plains were cold, as she walked back makeup ruined due to her excessive crying. She peeled off the gloves and put them on the table in the gazebo. She would never forget this, for how could she? All she did was remember. Oh, how her mother swung her around and taught her songs from the huge book of nursery rhymes. She smiled at the old memories, tears shedding on her collarbone.

Captain Tozier changed in his private quarters, finding the most appealing thing in his closet. He was anticipating this moment, almost predicting it. Oh, and what a moment it was. He had lost hope, but seeing that tyrant in that small steel cell made him revive a little. He made jokes about how much he hated the King, the only reason he got away with it is that no one knew who he was. Underrated was an understatement. But at least he was appreciated by someone.

Humming, Eddie got ready. He hadn't been this happy in a long time, this was the best. Having his stylist dress him, buttoning his shirt. He giggled, having the stylist look up and say, "What's so funny, my lord"? "Oh nothing, just happy". He smiled, returning back to humming the tune.

"Your Majesty, we couldn't afford the funds"! Mike exclaimed as he ranted about the warfare. Ben sighed and slouched in his chair, thinking of something that might make him feel better, or to benefit his country. He looked up and beamed, "Maybe we can negotiate with the others and have them help fund the war". Michael smiles and replied, "I'm right on it, your majesty, he took a bow and left".

Princess Beverly stood in the mirror. Her hands were shaking, she wasn't supposed to be nervous, but she was. Grabbing the pendant and wrapping it around her neck, causing the cold metals to give her a shudder as it connected with her skin. She sat on her bed, shooing her stylist away and laying her bed. This would be the first dinner without him. Finally, we made it.

Having one of the servants pull out his chair, Eddie sat in it. Grabbing a napkin, he laid it in his lap. King Samuel's, no Samuel's chair was empty. He sat relieved as every dinner he practically early, munching on fresh fruit staring at Eddie with his greed-filled stare.

He heard footsteps clinking and he straightened from his slouching state. The Princess walked through the door, wearing a faint smile as she passed by. Eddie smiles back, receiving a tiny bow in return. The servant pulled out the chair, and the Princess straightened her dress and sat down in the velvet seat. "Where's the captain"? She asked. "Probably nervous that he has a celebratory dinner with the Princess (that's going to be crowned in a few days)". He whispered the last part.

"Oh stop, me being Queen is going to be anything big, it's just me being a ruler for the first time". Eddie clapped his hands and said, "But it will change everything and it is a big event, for not just us, but other royals"! Beverly blushed then smiled. Footsteps echoed throughout the empty palace and Captain Tozier walked in, kneeling on one knee. "I'm sorry for the wait, My Highness".

Beverly smiles and said, "It's okay, I'm sure you had many things to do". The captain replied back, "Thank you, Your Highness, I'm sure you'll make a fine Queen". Beverly smiles and watches as the Captain made himself comfortable in his seat. Food was served, and conversations were started. Beverly saw Stanley and gave him a wide smile and an enthusiastic hello, making him do so in return.

Tomorrow was the crowning, every day of her life was leading up to this moment. Every heartache, every page to study, every deliberate remark. The Princess sat in her gown, hands in her lap. She kept fidgeting with the rings on her fingers. The gold and silver, occasionally decorated with diamonds and multiple jewels of the sort. It was her purpose, her duty to serve, and she was quite happy to do so. It was her eternal promise, after all.

Ben rode in his chariot, pausing for certain sounds. He was invited to the Princess's crowning, which was perfect for negotiation. For, how he longed to see her. Mike looked up inquisitively and perched his eyebrow. "What's wrong, My Highness"? Ben shrugged the feeling off and replied, "Nothing Michael".

'It was time'. The Princess looked at the portrait of her mother. 'Time to become what you were meant to be, your purpose, promise fulfilled'. She sighed before standing and exiting the door.

It was noon as they arrived, having clearance from the invitation. "Oh, I haven't been this excited since your coronation, My Lord". Michael beamed before being escorted into the palace doors. There was trumpeting coming from the side of the door and Ben entering with a slight smirk on his face. The announcer bellowed, "King Ben from the land of Reitan"! Everyone bowed in his presence. He walked up the palace's stairs before entering his assigned room.

Soon everyone was there, no one left behind. The Princess greeted the guests and led them to the place they'll be staying in. "Are we missing anyone"? The Princess asked. "No Your, Highness". Her royal advisor replied. She yawned behind the palm of her hand and reached out and stated, "We have a lot of things to do, plan the dinner for our guest, and if you need me I'll be taking a quick nap". The Princess smiled as she retreated back to headquarters.

'Becoming a queen is difficult, you must have everyone's best interest in mind'. 'It's never jewels and roses becoming royalty, due to you caring for everyone, and if it was you wouldn't be a Nobel'. Her mother's voice echoed in her head. 'I want you to be the kindest Queen you can be Beverly, don't forget that'. Beverly woke. The bells ringing. She ran downstairs. The bells meant that an intruder had snuck in the palace. She saw Stanley and William standing at the palace doors. Trembling in fear, she got a good look and gasped.

It was him, scowl and all. How dare that heathen show his face here! His laughter bellowed throughout the palace. "How dare you"! The Princess yelled. "I would like to see King Samuel". He said calmly with an atrocious grin on his face. The guards were holding him back with their iron spears. But that wouldn't stop him, at all. "He's no longer king". The Princess said calmly, right back. "Your opinion doesn't matter, I want to see him". He replied, slight grit in his teeth. The Princess waved her hands, making Stanley protest in fear. "B-but my Highness, he's"- "Stanley, you don't think I know who he is, let him in".

He smiled, "Good girl".

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Captain Richard heard bells ring and ran to his post. He saw the menace from a mile away. He could smell smoke. Very vividly. He pointed at two soldiers and yelled, "You two, go put that fire out". They ran with a sense of urgency. He frowned at the uninvited guest arriving. 'That wicked beast is going to ruin everything'. He turned, running to find the royals.

Princess Beverly scoffed at his words. "Since you are wondering where Samuel is, let me give you a sight for sore eyes, Henry". "Tie him up". She said, watching the guards use materials to tie him up. She smiled at his bondage. 'Who's the powerful one now, bastard'? She watched as he walked over to her. She walked, leading him into the chambers, guards following her lead. The horrific smell invaded her nostrils. The Princess heard a pompous voice trying to bargain. "Please, I'll give you anything riches, fame among all lands, anything"! "Just let me out". The tyrant begged.

Beverly chuckled at his words. All attention was directed towards her, the guards bowed while the bastard sat there. "I'll never bow, never"! He bellowed from his captive state. "I don't care, your opinion doesn't matter, me being queen is the reality whether you like it or not". The Princess looked down and cringed at his filth. "I should've done the same to you when you became my regent, maybe you wouldn't be down here, you'd be dead instead". She smiled at his momentous squirming. "But like they say, alls well that ends well". The Nobel waved her hand at the guards, "Throw him in, maybe he'll learn that those who betray me, and that I despise will end up in his shoes". Her nose wrinkled at the smell, "His very filthy shoes". And with that last word, she retreated to the place they needed her the most.

She heard Captain Richie consoling the guests. "Everyone the unexpected guest has been confined as of now". The ravenette turned to see the princess standing. He bowed and said to her, "Of course Your Majesty contained the brute". Everyone bowed and gave applause. A voice said through the crowd, "I need to talk to Your Highness". A man appeared from the crowd. He bowed at her feet before looking up and saying, "If you'd let me". The Princess replied to his statement in a slight blush, "Of course".

Eddie ran downstairs in a frenzy, confused as to what was going on. He ran up to Captain Tozier and asked, "What is going on"? Captain Tozier replied to his outburst, "Henry the horrific arrived, and caused slight dysfunction in our activities. Eddie nodded before turning around, "Where's the Queen"? Captain Tozier replied, "She's taken him to the dungeon". Sneering when he said the word him. "Who's him"? He asked inquisitively. "Let's talk somewhere private, not to cause more panic". Before leaving, he directed six guards to the Royals presence.

Prince Ben bit his lip, hard. He didn't mean to cause this, but this was somehow his fault. If only he hadn't refused Henry. Now everyone was in danger. Nobody but Ben knew how awful Henry was. He was definitely underestimated by all his enemies, and Ben refused to let what happened to his Kingdom happen to hers. "Henry made a chaotic visit to my Kingdom too". "He wanted my treasure, and when I refused to give it up, he declared war on my land". Ben looked down, "If I knew this would have happened I wouldn't have caused it"- The Princess replied, "No you did what was the best option". "But Henry's not going down without a horrible fight, and just for him to give up like this, we should better prepare". She looked up into his eyes, "Starting now".

Captain was appalled, never in his life he'd seen someone so naive. Even the most innocent of the innocent knew who Henry the Horrific was, he was just that infamous. Eddie cocked his head and asked, "Now, who is this him"? The Captain stiffened and replied, "Henry the Horrific, one of the worst war criminals to grace the known Earth, he's looted, killed, and done a lot of horrible things that have caused some of the nations to divide. Eddie raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh".

Ben sat at the table and heard Mike chuckled, "I've heard that you had a conversation with the Princess, it went well, I presume"? The King replied, "More or less". "What was it about"? Ben raised his eyebrows and said, "Something personal". "So Henry's personal now"? Mike asked. "Look, it's obvious he traveled here just to cause a reaction out of you, so you'd give up your treasure". Ben nodded, 'That isn't going to happen, it's too transparent'. The King said, "Of course, I wouldn't give it up even if a million nations were conquered". 'That's a lie'.

Beverly sat at the table smiling at Ben, before proceeding to put her napkin in her lap. Then the other Royals arrived, and the Princess stood for a small toast. "For everyone who has decided to join me into this journey from one world to the next, thank you". "For years I stood a orphan, unable to know where to go, sometimes who to be". The people nodded at her words. "I grew to hate myself for having someone in life who was pure evil, a murderer to my people, my parents and let him stand by my side, it was unbearable and we call for his execution later tonight". "I thank you for your kindness and patience when we were under attack, I appreciate your willpower to stay here after that, altercation". Some chuckled, "We plan to feast, like it's our last night alive"! They raised their glasses and cheered.

It was just the beginning.