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Never dead enough

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Dry piece of bread
Bone with scraps of flesh
Dinner leftovers
Dog desperately clinging with his teeth
To whatever people toss to him
Some kind beggar
Some blue collar in a hurry
Stray wandering through cold streets
Whole tomorrow depending
On what life throws at it today

Cold wind
Warm gust
Flower petals slowly opening
In hopes to catch a ray of sun
Of warmth
Of life
Before wind takes it all away
To survive until another morning dawn

Alarms ring
Cold blankets
Human being jumping from one day to another
Full of fake smiles
Empty laughs
I don't have times
Falling asleep by the desk
Tired eyes staring from the mirror
Changing plans once again
Waiting for a gift from life
Until mercy is given
And no more cold blankets
That welcome waking humans
For another empty tomorrow