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Class 1-A Needs Some Milk.. Wait That's Vodka

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Tenya Iida has added Izuku Midoriya and 19 others in group chat


Tenya Iida changed the name of group chat to Class 1-A


Tenya Iida: Hello fellow classmates and Aizawa sensei. Yaoyurozu and I created this group chat for sharing information etc. for our class.


Momo Yaoyurozy: This way it’s much easier to keep everyone updated and connected.


Tsuyu Asui: You realize that no one is actually going to use this for that right? ribbit


Tenya Iida: I’m sure that our classmates are clever enough to use this responsibly.


Denki Kaminari: I smelled that something was happening and I was right…


Denki Kaminari changed their name to PikaPikaBitch


PikaPikaBitch: seems about right




Hanta Sero: Too late…


Hanta Sero changed their name to DuctTape


Ochaco Uraraka: Honestly what were you two expecting to happen?


Tenya Iida: ...


Ochaco Uraraka changed their name to Uravity


Tenya Iida: Not you too Uraraka…


PikaPikaBitch changed Tenya Iida’s name to SonicTheHedgeHog




PikaPikaBitch: Muahahahahahahah


Eijiro Kirishima: Genius…


Eijiro Kirishima changed their name to HardForYou


PikaPikaBitch: Good one BRO


HardForYou: Bro <3


Kyoka Jiro: I can never look at Kirishima the same way again…


Kyoka Jiro changed their name to BetterThanAirPods


BetterThanAirPods changed Momo Yaoyurozu’s name to MamaMomo


MamaMomo: Accured


SonicTheHedgeHog: Not you too Yaoyurozu, I trusted you Brutus.


MamaMomo: Sorry ಥ_ಥ




Mina Ashido changed their name to ItsPinkyBitch


HardForYou: Bakusquad is Connected


PikaPikaBitch: Except Bakugo…


HardForYou: Easy to fix


Katsuki Bakugo: no


HardForYou changed Katsuki Bakugo’s name to LordExplosionMurder


LordExplosionMurder: Fuck you Shit for Brains!


LordExplosionMurder: ITS KING FOR YOU!!!!


SonicTheHedgeHog: It’s*


LordExplosionMurder: FUCK YOU TOO


SonicTheHedgeHog: No thank you.


PikaPikaBitch: OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!




ItsPinkyBitch: RISPECT!


HardForYou: Iida is so dead…


Mezo Shoji: I was gonna ask why Bakugo was running and yelling Iida’s name but now I know...


Mezo Shoji: and I’m so surprised and confused at the same time…


Toru Hagakure: Welcome to the club…


Mezo Shoji changed their name to ArmsForDays


Toru Hagakure changed their name to DoYouSeeMe


PikaPikaBitch: Yeah get those Gucci names guys!


Fumikage Tokoyami changed their name to SatanBae


BetterThanAirPods: Mood


Izuku Midoriya: Has anyone heard of Iida or Kacchan


LordExplosionMurder: Shut up Deku


Izuku Midoriya: ⊙︿⊙


Izuku Midoriya changed their name to FutureGreenHero


LordExplosionMurder: Nerd


Shoto Todoroki: Don’t care what he says Midoriya, that’s very good name. At least it’s better than Bakugo’s


DuctTape: Can we talk about the fact that Todoroki says something only to protect Midoriya…


Shoto Todoroki: Yup…


LordExplosionMurder: WANNA FIGHT ICY HOT?!


Shoto Todoroki changed their name to IcyHot


PikaPikaBitch: OH MY GOD


ItsPinkyBitch: Todoroki is secretly sassy…


IcyHot: I don’t know what that means but okay…


FutureGreenHero: It’s fine Todoroki.


IcyHot: Okay


DoYouSeeMe: Sato, Koda, Ojiro, Aoyama I can see that you are reading this chat!!!!


DoYouSeeMe: Talk!


Mashirao Ojiro changed their name to ThatTailGuy


DoYouSeeMe: ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ


ThatTailGuy: (☞◑ω◑)☞


DoYouSeeMe: ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ


Rikido Sato: I’m too confused to say anything…


DoYouSeeMe: I have that effect…


ThatTailGuy: I wonder why…


DoYouSeeMe: ಠ╭╮ಠ


ThatTailGuy: ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌


ItsPinkyBitch: Hagakure and Ojiro having conversation with jemoticons like; ಠ_ಠಠ▃ಠ( ̄ε ̄)ಠ_ರೃ(ㆆᴗㆆ)(/。\)( ̄ー ̄)b


DoYouSeeMe changed Rikito Sato’s name to SugarDaddy


SugarDaddy: I… I’m not even mad..


ItsPinkyBitch: I’M WHEEZING


DoYouSeeMe: Thank you, thank you. I’m not worth of your affection...


PikaPikaBitch: Hagakure is such a legend and we have only had this chat for half an hour


Tsuyu Asui changed their name to Froppy


Koji Koda changed their name to Animals4ever


Yuga Aoyama changed their name to SparkleBaguette


SparkleBaguette: I already love ce chat…


Minoru Mineta changed their name to GrapeJuise




MamaMomo: Iida I thought that we agreed on that…


SonicTheHedgeHog: Yeah but it wouldn’t be fair.


MamaMomo: Fine but one wrong move and I will put both of your heads on a sticks…


SonicTheHedgeHog: I'm feeling frightened…


MamaMomo: Ups my hand slipped…


BetterThanAirPods: (ಡ艸ಡ)


Shota Aizawa: I don’t know what you kids are doing up at this hour but go to sleep right now or I'm not responsible of the consequences…


Shota Aizawa changed their name to Eraserhead


Eraserhead: And my hand didn’t slip.


PikaPikaBitch: HOLY SHIT!


 To be Continued...

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Class 1-A

PikaPikaBitch: Has anyone ever thought about how Kirishima’s teeth look like that


PikaPikaBitch: Like how? Does he file them or some shit….


BetterThanAirPods: It’s literally 4am Kaminari, go to sleep


PikaPikaBitch: But I need answers!!!!!!!!!!!


PikaPikaBitch: Why are you up anyway?


BetterThanAirPods: good night


LordExplosionMurder: SHUT THE FUCK UP


PikaPikaBitch: Night Jiro. Night Bakugo


LordExplosionMurder: FOR FUCK SAKE…

DuctTape: What the fuck happened while normal people slept?


Uravity: That’s what I ask myself everyday…


It’sPinkyBitch: Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Bakugo casually defended Kirishima at 4am…


PikaPikaBitch: Hey! Don't point out others being gay. It's rude!


It’sPinkyBitch: Sorry bro…




PikaPikaBitch: No one…


DuctTape: I’m more concerned by the fact that Bakugo hasn’t changed the screen name that Kirishima gave him…


LordExplosionMurder: BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!!


DuctTape: ¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’sPinkyBitch: Agree to disagree


LordExplosionMurder: Fuck you!


PikaPikaBitch: Ooo… Kinky!


DuctTape: (⊙_☉)


BetterThanAirPods: I need to bleach my eyes…


It’sPinkyBitch: You can dip me in bleach.


FutureGreenHero: Please somebody burn it…


IcyHot: Burn it like my will to live…


SatanBae: Todoroki is bigger mood than my life


IcyHot: Thanks


FutureGreenHero: Awww… Todoroki don't be sad… Everything is gonna turn okay.


IcyHot: Thanks Midoriya…


Uravity: Deku-kun is so pure…I just can't even ╥﹏╥


FutureGreenHero: More pure than yo mama!


Uravity: Never mind….


FutureGreenHero: Take that floaty girl!


Froppy: Midoriya even if that was meant to be a burn it was mild…


FutureGreenHero: Yeah… I know. I just didn't know what else to say without being too mean…


Uravity: Innocent Deku is back


FutureGreenHero: Uraraka I literally know where you sleep…


Uravity: Yikes o.O


SonicTheHedgeHog: Uraraka, Asui what did you do to our sweet Midoriya?


Uravity: We broke him!!!!!


Froppy: We did?


Uravity: Yeah…


Froppy: Oh…


Froppy: We broke Midoriya, ribbit


BetterThanAirPods: Oh come on! Midoriya was the only functional person in our class!


MamaMomo: What about me!


BetterThanAirPods: Oh yeah…. Ups


SonicTheHedgeHog: Could you all just pay attention to what Present Mic is trying to teach!


PikaPikaBitch: Meh ¯¯\_(-_-)_/¯


SonicTheHedgeHog: KAMINARI!

DoYouSeeMe: Is no one gonna point out that Kirishima hadn’t said anything to the whole teeth question?


DoYouSeeMe: Like is no one else even a little bit interested to know the answer?


DoYouSeeMe: No?


DoYouSeeMe: Just me?


DoYouSeeMe: Okay….


HardForYou: They are naturally like that…


ThatTailGuy: But why? Does someone in your family have a shark quirk?


HardForYou: No… it's disease…


ArmsForDays: disease that makes your teeth grow like that?


DuctTape: That's rough buddy


SatanBae: I wish I had cool teeth


SparkleBaguette: At least they are shiny Mon’ami


PikaPikaBitch: How does it feel to bite your tongue with those


HardForYou: I..


LordExplosionMurder: What the hell?! Can't you see that he is fucking uncomfortable talking about this? GOD DAMN IT LEAVE HIM ALONE!


MamaMomo: Bakugo is right


DoYouSeeMe: Sorry Kirishima…


PikaPikaBitch: Yeah sorry


DuctTape: Won't happen again sorry


ThatTailGuy: Sorry but they are cool tho


HardForYou: No! You don't have to apologise. It's fine


SparkleBaguette: I think they are really pretty <3


HardForYou: Thank you Aoyama <3


SparkleBaguette: Je vous en prie.

DuctTape: Okay… Who the duck is playing music so loudly?!


PikaPikaBitch: duck


It’sPinkyBItch: duck


FutureGreenHero: duck


SatanBae: duck


DoYouSeeMe: duck


Uravity: duck


ThatTailGuy: suck


ThatTailGuy: fuck I mean duck


Froppy: Suck


MamaMomo: Suck.


IcyHot: suck


ThatTailGuy: I’m failure…


IcyHot: Mood


FutureGreenHero: Todoroki-kun! No!


IcyHot: Shoto YES


FutureGreenHero: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


FutureGreenHero: Take that affection and hearts Todoroki!!


IcyHot: Oh.. thanks….


FutureGreenHero: No problem….


BetterThanAirPods: I was playing P!ATD and you can't stop me you knock off Spiderman


DuctTape: Haaaa… HOW DARE YOU!?


DoYouSeeMe: BURN!


It’sPinkyBitch: Excuse me mister. Do you need some holy water for your crash burns?


DuctTape: Mina! You were supposed to be on my side!


It’sPinkyBitch: Nah….


HardForYou: Betrayal


Froppy: Top 10 Anime betrayals



From: Shoto Todoroki

To: Momo Yaoyurozu


Shoto: Yaoyurozuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!


Momo: Yeah


Shoto: He send me hearts!!!!!!


Momo: I can see that


Momo: Oh


Momo: And now you are gay panicking


Shoto: I know that he didn't meant it like that but still…..


Momo: Maybe you should talk to him. Tell him that you like him and if he also likes you then you can be together and you don't have to scream at me every time he is cute.


Shoto: I don't like him…


Shoto: I mean I think he is amazing but if my feelings go away.


Shoto: I will just wait


Momo: Shoto…


Momo: That didn't even make sense…


Shoto: Sorry… I just panicked


Momo: Tell him when you are ready.


Shoto: Maybe



From: Katsuki Bakugo

To: Eijiro Kirishima


Katsuki: Hey shitty hair do


Katsuki: Are you okay


Eijiro: Yeah


Eijiro: Why wouldn't I be


Katsuki: I don't know




Eijiro: Everything is fine Bakugo


Katsuki: Fucking good….



To be continued.... 

Chapter Text

Kirishima let his phone fell on his chest. Of course his friends didn't mean anything bad and it wasn’t like he wouldn't be interested if someone else had shark teeth. His eyes stared the light grey ceiling. He didn't know how long he just laid there without moving. Ten minutes, fifteen, forty maybe an hour. Then he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. The knock on his door made him aware of his surroundings. It took a couple of seconds before he realized where he was. Then someone knocked on his door more aggressively. Kirishima stat up on the edge of his bed. His phone slid on the blanket. He just stared at the door. Then somebody started to bang his door.

“Hey Shitty hair! Are you there! Fucking open this door!”

That voice was one of those which he didn't expect.



Kirishima stoop up and ran to the door. He turned the doorknob and pushed the door open only to see Bakugo behind the door. The sleeves of his black and orange hoodie were rolled up. His hands were on his pockets and he was staring at Kirishima With his normal annoyed expression.

“Oh… Hi Bakugo. Wasn't expecting you…”

“If I wanted you to know I was coming I would have texted…”


Kirishima just looked at his friend. His own lips parted but he said nothing. Then Bakugo lifted one of his eyebrows.

“Are you gonna fucking let me inside or just stand there?”

Kirishima quickly closed his mouth and then nodded before fully opened the door and stepped aside. Bakugo just stomped in.


Blonde didn't sit down. Instead he stood in the middle of the room and crossed his arms waiting for Kirishima to close the door. When red hair turned around Bakugo was just staring him but the expression of his face hadn’t changed. Kirishima looked his eyes.

“So…. Why are you here.”

Bakugo could hear the confusion in his voice.

“I can be where the fuck I want.”

Kirishima was taken back by the angry tone in Bakugo’s voice.

“Yeah, sure. But why in my room.”

Bakugo closed his eyes for second and then stared him with even angrier expression covering his face.

“Well because you won't fucking tell me the truth you hair for brains bastard. I asked I you are fine and you fucking lied. You don't fucking lie to me. Tell me the truth  or you won't see the daylight ever again because I will push your fucking head so deep inside your fucking asshole.”

Kirishima just stared at his classmate with his mouth open.

“I… I really am fine bro.”

Then Bakugo growled and ran the steps to Kiri and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt in his fist.


“Why are you so aggressive about this…”

Bakugo let go of his friend’s shirt and turned to stare the posters on the wall.

“Because you if you don't talk about this you are gonna act whiny and edgy and that's hella annoying…”

“You don't have to pay attention to it…”

“Well how can I not to when I’m stuck up with you and those three others.”


Bakugo turned back to his friend.

“So now tell me how do you actually feel Shitty hair-do.”


Kirishima let his gaze fall to the floor.

“No, I’m actually fine. Our classmates didn't offend me. I just… sometimes words still hurts. But they don't know it feels bad... so… it's fine…”

Kirishima smiled and looked up.

“I’m manly and  tough guy… words can't hurt me.”

For a second he could swear that Bakugo’s face softened but just for second.

“You know. You can feel hurt. You are not as tough as me and everyone knows it.”

Kirishima laughed.

“You are right Bakubro…”


Small explosions blew up on Bakugo’s hands. Kirishima let out another laugh.

“Hehe… sorry, sorry.”


“Soooo… what now.”

Kirishima was laying on his bed while Bakugo was laying on the floor. His hands were still letting some smoke on the air and the ends of Kirishima’s hair had turned slightly black but not actually burned. Bakugo sat up.

“We go to McDonald's.”

Kirishima turned his head to see the other boy.


“You heard me. Don't make me repeat myself!”

He lifted his phone to see the time before turning back to blonde.

“It's like… 3 a.m….”

“And? What do you  want me to do? Fucking turn the time back?”


Bakugo stood up and walked to the door. Then he turned back.

“Are you fucking coming or not?”



Kirishima stood up and followed. He pulled the door close behind.

“I won't pay your fucking food.”

“I wouldn't even expect that…”


And about 4 a.m. Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima were sitting on the empty parking lot of nearest McDonald's and eating french fries. Bakugo was sitting with his knees up and Kirishima just like child, his legs all spread out on V shape.

“We should do this more…”

“Sit on dirty ass parking lot of McDonald's at night?”

“What? No! I mean do stuff together.”

“Skip that. I have had my monthly dose of Kirishima today.”

“Awww… come on. Isn't this fun? This is what friends do?”

“Friend isn't the word I would use to describe us…”

Kirishima stopped eating on mid fire and turned to look at Bakugo.

“You don't think me as your friend?”

There was squeeze on Bakugo’s heart caused by the sound of hurt in that line. Bakugo sighed and took another fry.

“Okay. Whatever you want…”


Kirishima smiled happily and wrapped one of his arms around Bakugo’s neck and pulled him closer. It made blonde drop three fries on the ground.

“For fuck sake don’t handle me like a fucking rag doll you Spiky hair!”




To be continued...

Chapter Text



Class 1-A

It’sPinkyBitch: Why are those quizzes so hard (T Д T)

SonicTheHedgeHog: Because you don't study ¯\_(O.O)_/¯

DoYouSeeMe: Do I smell SASS?!

DuctTape: No that was Kaminari.

PikaPikaBitch: HEY!

DuctTape: Sorry not sorry…

It’sPinkyBitch: You guys are just mean…

It’sPinkyBitch: You did just as bad as I  ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ

SonicTheHedgeHog: #cantrelate

MamaMomo: And some of us did better

MamaMomo: #no1student

SonicTheHedgeHog: #no2student

LordExplosionMurder: #no3student

FutureGreenHero: #top10

IcyHot: #top10

Uravity: #top10

Froppy: #top10

DoYouSeeMe: #top10

Animals4ever: #top10

It’sPinkyBitch: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


MamaMomo: ☆=(ゝω・)/

SparkleBaguette: Is that moi?

MamaMomo: Yup!

SparkleBaguette: I love it (●♡∀♡)

BetterThanAirPods: (⌐▨_▨)

SonicTheHedgeHog: Maybe you should pay attention to teaching and not your phones you would be better.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Just saying…

DuctTape: Iida is sassy today… I'm surprised.

ThatTailGuy: When he isn't?

DuctTape: Have you seen the guy?

DuctTape: I’m not sure if he knows how to unlock his phone

ThatTailGuy: Fair point (-_-)

SonicTheHedgeHog: I'M NOT STUPID SERO! ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Uravity: He doesn't…

SonicTheHedgeHog: URARAKA!

HardForYou: How can I hear him move his arms through text?

FutureGreenHero: I did too.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Midoriya, YOU ARE LITERALLY NEXT TO ME!

FutureGreenHero: Oh yeah.

Uravity: Deku-kun is so pure…

FutureGreenHero: I will stab someone with my All Might figurine if you don't stop

IcyHot: That’s not very hero like Midoriya.

FutureGreenHero: Oh…

FutureGreenHero: I will stab gently…

IcyHot: Fair enough.

FutureGreenHero: Thanks Todoroki-kun. You are the best. <3


FutureGreenHero: Todoroki-kun lets me stab people…

Uravity: I will hide the body <3

HardForYou: That heart doesn't fit there at all…

SatanBae: Who will we stab first?

IcyHot: My dad.

FutureGreenHero: My father…

LordExplosionMurder: Deku

MamaMomo: Mineta

BetterThanAirPods: I like the way you think

MamaMomo: (人◕ω◕)

GrapeJuice: Hey…

GrapeJuice: I would let one of you stab me any day ಠ‿↼


BetterThanAirPods: (ಠ ∩ಠ)

DoYouSeeMe: (●≧艸≦)

It’sPinkyBitch: ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

Uravity: (ʘдʘ╬)

Froppy: ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

PikaPikaBitch: Wow… Even I feel attacked….

HardForYou: Not cool man…

DuctTape: That was just horrible.

SonicTheHedgeHog: This is disgusting behavior.

GrapeJuice: 乁( °u° ) ㄏ

It'sPinkyBitch: Sthaaaaap you demon

SatanBae: I know demons and that's not one. Even Satan would be good guy if compared to him.

ArmsForDays: True

LordExplosionMurder: Shut the fuck up everyone!

SugarDaddy: Thank god…

PikaPikaBitch: Bakugo is God confirmed


Uravity: I think we should do something together

Froppy: I agree. We haven't done anything together after moving to the dorm…

FutureGreenHero: Good idea.

PikaPikaBitch: I'm in!

DuctTape: So am I!

It'sPinkyBitch: I am coming

HardForYou: I will be there.

HardForYou: And Bakugo also…

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck no!

HardForYou: Pleaaaase….

LordExplosionMurder: Fucking fine

MamaMomo: I don't know…

BetterThanAirPods: Of course you will come and so will I.

MamaMomo: Okay then.

FutureGreenHero: I’m coming too. Will you be there too Todoroki-kun?

IcyHot: I'm not much of a movie person…

IcyHot: Actually I don't remember when I saw movie last time.

FutureGreenHero: I would like you to come. It's nice to spend time together after all. You are really good company Todoroki-kun. Even tho you are antisocial, bad with people and awkward but you are always calm. I like to spend time with you. I consider you as my best friend at least one of them. And I think you are so cool and amazing future hero. You have amazing powers and you try to be good person. Not that you aren't or anything.

IcyHot: I will come then…

FutureGreenHero: Yay!!

MamaMomo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IcyHot: Momo! Stop!

DuctTape: Did he just mumble by texting?

SonicTheHedgeHog: Yup.

Uravity: Yup.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Anyway. I will be there.

SparkleBaguette: Moi will come.

SatanBae: Meh why not…

ArmsForDays: Sure…

DoYouSeeMe: You see me there suckers…

PikaPikaBitch: Probably won't tho...

ThatTailGuy: I will come to watch that you don't broke anyone… or anything

DoYouSeeMe: へ(´д`へ)

Animals4ever: As long as we don't watch horror movies

BetterThanAirPods: *throws away all Jason Voorhees movies* Sure

SugarDaddy: I will bring some snacks!

PikaPikaBitch: Oh Daddy~! Now we are talking…

SugarDaddy: Never mind…

PikaPikaBitch: No! Wait!

GrapeJuice: I will be there!

MamaMomo: What….

SonicTheHedgeHog: Momo!

MamaMomo: Ugh… FINE!

Uravity: See you all in Common room at 7.30 p.m.


From: Momo Yaoyurozu

To: Shoto Todoroki

Momo: So… not going to confess huh…

Shoto: Never

Momo: You are making big mistake you know

Shoto: Bigger I will make if I tell him.

Momo: Ugghhhhh….

Shoto: Promise you won't tell him

Momo: I would never tell. You are my dear friend Shoto.

Shoto: You too Yaomomo

Momo: Sthaaap!!!

Momo: Sometimes I hate you.

Shoto: Me too.

Momo: We have talked about this.

Shoto: yeah….

Momo: Want to talk what happened at home?

Shoto: No.

Momo: Okay… Remember that I'm here for you.

Shoto: Yeah.


Class 1-A:

FutureGreenHero: I'm heading to the grocery store to buy some chips for the movie? Does some want to come with me?

IcyHot: I would like to.

ItsPinkyBitch: Me too.

PikaPikaBitch: I need food so yeah.

DuctTape: Same…

FutureGreenHero: Meet me at the door at 10 minutes and we well leave.


DuctTape: Update. Midoriya is currently comparing two chip bags. Todoroki almost bought hot sauce with ice cream but I stopped him. Mina has basket full of marshmallows and Kaminari is squatting at noodle section trying to find the cheapest…

IcyHot: You can't stop me from buying hot sauce. NO ONE CAN STOP ME!

DuctTape: No Todoroki. STOP!

DuctTape send picture; (thisisamess.jpeg)

DuctTape send picture; (idontthinkthatweareallowedhereanymore.jpeg)

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck… I actually liked their hot dogs.

BetterThanAirPods: Ripperoni said pepperoni…

MamaMomo:  ….. Please don’t…

Uravity: If we just… Start fifteen minutes later. Okay?

Uravity: Good.

SatanBae: No one answered…

Uravity: You can't stop meee!

Uravity: I'm a queen!

Froppy: More like a princess.

Uravity: OwO

MamaMomo: Sthoooop…

Uravity: OwU

DoYouSeeMe: Ew… ಠ▃ಠ

DuctTape: We will be there in 10 minutes!

DoYouSeeMe: (b^_^)b




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Izuku, Shoto, Hanta, Mina and Denki walked back forwards their dorm. Everyone had their groceries in bags. Streetlights made yellow glimmer on the sidewalk and warm air tinkled against cheek. Mina jumped couple of steps before them and lifted her phone.




Quickly everyone took pose. Denki took a rap pose, Hanta T-pose and Izuku just pulled Shoto close and smiled widely. Shoto didn't have time to react so he just stared at the phone.

“This is good. I'm gonna send it to everyone.”

Sero walked next to Ashido and looked at the picture.

“Yeah, that's epic.”

Midoriya walked forwards to see the picture also.

“It’s good picture. Maybe I should crop it so I can post picture of me and Todoroki-kunon instagram…”

Kaminari leaned over Midoriya and wrapped his hands around his neck.

“You would cut me from your life? Midoriya! I trusted you!”

Todoroki walked past them.

“Maybe it’s because you are such a dramatic personality..”

Kaminari let go and Midoriya ran after Todoroki.

“Wait Todoroki-kun! I want to walk with you!”

Sero, Ashido and Kaminari looked at each other.

“Do you see what I see?”

“Those idiots…”

“Poor dumbasses don’t even realize.”



Midoriya put the chip bags on the couch table. Iida lifted his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

“So, let me get this correct. You didn’t know which one was more worth it to buy. So you took both?”


Iida’s hands were swinging on the air between bags and Midoriya.

“In what logic does that make sense?”

Midoriya smirked to him.

“In Midoriya logic!”


Uraraka placed bowl of popcorn and some candies next to chips. Asui was carrying three bottles of soda and Momo lifted the cups after those.

“So future dropouts, what are you going to watch?”

Jiro placed her movies on the floor. Mina light up.


“Fuck no!”

Mina pouted and kicked Bakugo on the back.

“You are meanie!”


Bakugo grabbed her leg and pulled her away from the couch. She landed her stomach first on the footstool.

“Owww! God dammit…”

Kaminari jumped from the hall to common room.


Ojiro turned to look at Hagakure.

“Did he just say it out loud.”


Ojiro turned back to look at the TV screen and didn’t say something. This class was confusing as heck.

“What if we watch The Karate Kid?”

Jirou swing the movie on her hand across air.

“Sounds good.”

Everyone just nodded as agreement. Jiro gave the movie to Uraraka who was squatting next to the TV and she pushed the dvd in. When the movie started everyone sat on one of the couches in common room or on the floor. On moss green couches there was Todoroki, Uraraka, Momo and Asui was laying on two girl’s lap. In front of it was sitting Midoriya, Iida, Jiro and Kaminari. On the other couch there was Kirishima, Hagakure, Tokoyami, Ojiro and Aoyama. Bakugo, Sero, Shoji and Mineta sat front of that couch while Mina, Koda and Sato sat on three footstools.



“Mineta can you stop touching my hand!”

“But I’m scared… I want to hold your hand.”

“For fuck sake Grape wart. Can’t you act like normal fucking human?”

Then Mineta fly forwards.


Kirishima leant to whisper on Hagakure’s ear. if he was even close to ear…

“Good kick.”

“Thanks I thinks so too…”

Mina just mouthed ‘thanks’ on Hagakure’s direction and smiled. Then Kirishima answered her mouthing: ‘she says no problem’. Mina just showed two thumbs up.



Kirishima leaned down.

“Yo, Bakubro. Can you hand me the chip bag?”

“Why don’t you just stand up Shitty hair?”

“Oh yeah. Good idea.”

Kirishima stood up and placed one of his hands on Bakugo’s hair. Then he leaned over him to get the cheetos bag.

“You fucking well know I didn’t mean that!”

“Ups… Want chips?”

Bakugo put his hand in the bag and took some then he just grunted and let his gaze fall back to the movie.

“I will never watch fucking movie with you again…”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear?”
“Nothing you shit for brains.”

“If you say so Bakubro… “



Midoriya leaned against Todoroki's legs as the movie was on half way. His eyelids started to close and couple of times his head fell but he woke up.

“Hey Midoriya. You can change places with me if you are tired. I can sit on the floor.”

Midoriya turned to look at the girl behind him who was sitting next to Todoroki.

“Thanks Momo-chan. If it doesn't bother you…”

“Not at all.”

When Momo stood up Todoroki grabbed her hand and started to whisper.

“What do you think you're doing? “

Momo smirked to him.

“Giving you a chance you big idiot.”

“No...this will end badly.”

“It won't trust me and relax.”

Momo sat next to Jiro and Midoriya squeezed between Todoroki and Uraraka. Asui lifted her legs on Midoriya's lap.



Midoriya was letting his head to fall back down as he closed his eyes. Todoroki gently bit his bottom lip and tapped green haired boy on his shoulder. Huge emerald eyes turned to look at him.

“Yeah, Todoroki-kun?”

“You can… You can lean against my shoulder. That is bad for your neck… “

Midoriya smiled his brand smile to half n half boy.

“Thanks. You really fine with it?”

“Yeah. Sure. We are friends after all.”


Then Midoriya fell asleep against boy's shoulder. Momo turned to smile at him and nod knowingly. Jiro leaned over to Momo.

“Ship it.”




“Okay shut up everyone! I actually want to watch this!”

“Sorry Kaminari…"

" What movie are we watching again? "

There was loud sigh.



To be continued... 

Chapter Text

From: Shota Aizawa

To: Izuku Midoriya


Shota: Hey Midoriya.

Izuku: Okay who are you? And what have you done to Aizawa-sensei?

Shota: (- _ -)

Izuku: I’m actually really scared right now…


Izuku: Okay, sorry. How can I help you Aizawa-sensei.

Shota: There is someone who I want you to keep company.

Izuku: Sure.

Izuku: Who is it?

Shota: You have met him before.

Shota send contact Hitoshi Shinso

Izuku: But why him? (O.O)

Shota: I still need to make some arrangements but soon Shinso will be transferring to 1-A and you are the best choice to help him to.. get some friends…

Izuku: Of course!

Shota: You are going to help him? Even after the  sports festival.

Izuku: Yeah! It’s not  like he is bad person.

Izuku: Also Shinso is so cool!

Shota: Whatever…



From: Izuku Midoriya

To: Hitoshi Shinso


Izuku: Hi Shinso-kun! It’s Izuku Midoriya.

Hitoshi: Hello…

Izuku: Aizawa-sensei told me that you would be transferring to our class soon and wanted me to company you!

Hitoshi: Yeah.

Izuku: I’m gonna add you to our Deku-squad group chat and ask Iida to add you in our Class chat!

Hitoshi: Thank you.

Izuku: No problem <3

Hitoshi: Hey Midoriya…

Izuku: Yeah?

Hitoshi: You are not salty because of the sports festival?

Izuku: Of course not. I think your quirk is so cool and you could have beat me. I’m glad that you are finally getting the attention you deserve. It was stupid that UA put you on General Department and not on Hero course. It’s not like your quirk makes you villain and then they put students that are clearly not gonna become heroes on our class instead. *Cough* Mineta *cough*. I hope you are going to enjoy being in our class.

Hitoshi: Thanks?

Izuku: Sorry.. I tend to do that.

Hitoshi: It’s fine.

Hitoshi: Thank you Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku: (^ω^)



Broccoli salad:

FutureGreenHero has added Hitoshi Shinso in group chat

IcyHot: ?

FututreGreenHero: Shinso-kun will be transferring in our class!

IcyHot: Ok

SonicTheHedgeHog: Isn’t he the one who brainwashed you?

Hitoshi Shinso: (ー - ー;)

Uravity: Even he can use emojis (゜ロ゜)

Froppy: You need to up your game Todoroki! (⌐▨_▨)

IcyHot: ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)

Uravity. NOOOOOOOO (≧m≦)

Froppy: ( ̄ー ̄;

SonicTheHedgeHog: (╭ರ_⊙)

FutureGreenHero: Todoroki-kun! NO! ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

Hitoshi Shinso: ((└(:I」┌)┘))

IcyHot: Sorry…

FutureGreenHero: It’s okay. You just need more lessons!

IcyHot: Okay…

FutureGreenHero: oH… Iida-kun can you add Shinso-kun in our class’ chat!

SonicTheHedgeHog: Sure. I got you covered.

Hitoshi Shinso: Thank you.

SonicTheHedgeHog: It’s fine.

Hitoshi Shinso: So.. in this group chat we have, Midoriya, the Half-Ice Half-Fire, frog one, the angry floaty one and the fast guy.

Uravity: Is your knowledge only based on the Sports festival?

Hitoshi Shinso: Nah… I also know your names.

Froppy: Then why don’t you use the?

Hitoshi Shinso: Why I should?

Froppy: Fair point


Class 1-A:

SonicTheHedgeHog has added Hitoshi Shinso in group chat

PikaPikaBitch: What is happening?

DuctTape: Yeah?

HardForYou: New bro?

ThatTailGuy: Why is the purple controller here?

Hitoshi Shinso: Still salty because I brainwashed you?


FutureGreenHero: GUYS!

FutureGreenHero: Shinso-kun will transfer to our class. Be nice.

LordExplosionMurder: Like one purple problem wasn’t enough…

Hitoshi Shinso: With that nickname I wouldn’t be talking.

PikaPikaBitch: I’m loving this bro already!

DuctTape: Can we keep him.


Hitoshi Shinso:  (⌐▨_▨)

Hitoshi Shinso changed their name to LocalCatLady

HardForYou: Our new bro is hilaribrous

MamaMomo: Maybe we should do round that everyone tells their name, hero name and maybe quirk?

SonicTheHedgeHog: Good idea. I can start.

MamaMomo: Sure.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Tenya Iida, Ingenium, engine.

MamaMomo: Momo Yaoyorozu, Creati, creation

FutureGreenHero: Izuku Midoriya, Deku, super strength

IcyHot: Shoto Todoroki, Shoto, half-cold half-hot

BetterThanAirPods: Kyoka Jiro, Earphone Jack, earphone

PikaPikaBitch: Denki Kaminari, Chargebolt, electrification

Froppy: Tsuyu Asui, Froppy, frog

It’sPinkyBitch: Mina Ashido, Alien Queen, acid

DuctTape: Hanta Sero, Cellophane, tape

HardForYou: Eijiro Kirishima, Red Riot, hardening

LordExplosionMurder: Katsuki Bakugo, Ground Zero, explosion...

Uravity: Ochaco Uraraka, Uravity, zero cravity

SatanBae: Fumikage Tokoyami, Tsukuyomi, dark shadow

ArmsForDays: Mezo Shoji, Tentacole, dupli-arms.

Animals4ever: Koji Koda, Anima, anuvoice.

GrapeJuice: Minoru Mineta, Grape Juice, pop off

DoYouSeeMe: Toru Hagakure, Invisible Girl, invisibility (and meme)

SugarDaddy: Rikido Sato, Sugarman, sugar rush.

ThatTailGuy: Mashirao Ojiro, Tailman, tail

SparkleBaguette: Yuga Aoyama, Can’t Stop Twinkling, navel laser.

LocalCatLady: Hitoshi Shinso, don’t have hero name yet, brainwash

LocalCatLady: I have to say. First, all of your screen names are so great. Second, you all seem like moods.

DoYouSeeMe: I have only had Shinso for a ten minutes but if anything happens to him, I would kill everyone in this class and then myself.

LocalCatLady: If I liked girls I would kiss you right now.

GrapeJuice: ( 〇_〇)

HardForYou: ...

FutureGreenHero: Anyway.. Shinso-kun, when you will move in our dorm?

LocalCatLady: On next week.

Uravity: Deku-squad will help you.

HardForYou: So will Baku-squad!

LordExplosionMurder: No we won’t…

PikaPikaBitch: YES WE WILL!

LocalCatLady: Your class has squads?

BetterThanAirPods: Kind of… we mostly hang out all together..

LocalCatLady: Oh, Okay.

Uravity: We stan our new purple boy!

GrapeJuice: I think that there is one purple guy too much in our class…

SonicTheHedgeHog: That can be fixed. I don’t think that Aizawa-sensei will mind.

SonicTheHedgeHog removed GrapeJuice from Class 1-A

MamaMomo: FINALLY!

BetterThanAirPods: fuck yeah!

DoYouSeeMe: #blessed

Froppy: Thanks Iida

Uravity: I would thank God but that’s Bakugo. Iida is Jesus

It’sPinkyBitch: へ(´д`へ)

Eraserhead: I approve!

Eraserhead: Also… Welcome to class 1-A Shinso. Don’t disappoint me.

LocalCatLady: I won’t. Don’t worry Mr. Aizawa.

Eraserhead: Good.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

At breakfast Midoriya asked Shinso to sit with them. They hadn’t met since Sport Festival. Shinso's hair was wild and pointing on every direction and his under eye bags were just as dark as before. First the group is kind of awkward.. Well except Asui. She probably even can't be awkward. Shinso was eating his toasts and coffee silently as Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka and Asui talked about school and some tv-series they were planning to watch.

“So, Shinso. When are you gonna be in same classes with us, ribbit?”

It took Shinso by surprise and half of his toast fell from his mouth on his plate.

“Um… on monday…”

“Okay. We are gonna help you move today and then we can hang out tomorrow.”

The ends of Shinso’s lips made a little twitch but he didn’t smile.

“Sure, sounds fine.”



“Hi bros. Good Broning to y’all.”

“For fuck sake Kaminari, stop that!”

Baku-squad with Hagakure, Ojiro, Yaoyorozu and Jiro sat on their table and started to eat their breakfast. Kirishima smiled as he leaned back on his chair.

“So? What is our plan for today?”

“We need to go to Shinso’s room and pack his things. Then bring them to our dorm and unpack everything. Mr. Aizawa promised to drive us to Shinso’s home if he needs something that he doesn’t have in his old dorm.”

After Midoriya’s comment Shinso inhaled some of his coffee and it made him cough. Uraraka started to slap his back.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?”

“Ye… yeah… I just forgot how to drink..”

Bakugo let out a laugh. And crossed his arms.

“You don’t want us to come in your house? Do your have seacret you don’t want to tell us.”

Uraraka stood up.

“Once in your life Katsuki Bakugo be nice to someone and take that stick out of your ass.”




Suddenly there was ice wall between Bakugo and Uraraka who stopped arguing immediately as they were knocked off guard. Then they turned to look at Todoroki ho had now crossed his arms.

“Can you two stop arguing for three minutes. “

Iida stood up and started to wave his hands on the direction of Uraraka and Bakugo.

“That is not good behaviour. You guys are suppose to help Shinso. “

Bakugo sat back down.

“Fucking fine. “

Shinso just sighed.

“This is gonna be long day isn't it? They are always like that?“

Everyone just nodded.

“Just great…”



Soon Shoji, Tokoyami, Aoyama, Sato and Kida joined them and they made their way to General Department dorm to pack Shinso's stuff. No one was surprised when Mineta didn't come and it was better that way. Shinso opened the door to his room and everyone just stared in the room that hardly had any stuff in it. Bed and desk that were from U.A. and light grey sheets and curtains. Couple of books were on his desk and one poster was on the wall next to his bed. Ojiro was the first one to say something.

“I was expecting something more edgy… “

Shinso just shrug his shoulders and walked in. His new classmates followed him. Then he threw some boxes forwards them.

“You can pack anything you just get on your hands. I don't have much stuff so…”

There was long silence before Bakugo threw one box at Kirishima.

“Let's do this so we can leave.”



Todoroki helped Midoriya to fold Shinso's clothes from wardrobe to one of the boxes.

“Do you have more clothes Shinso-kun? “

Shinso was taking his sheets off with Momo.

“No. I own like five shirts and three pants.”


Midoriya turned to close the wardrobe.

“I also have one jacket and one pair of sneakers.. “

Shinso bit his lover lip and was relieved when no one said anything.



When all the boxes were moved to Shinso's new room on the 4th floor, next to Bakugo's room they all just sat and laid on the floor. Then Aizawa-sensei appeared on the door.

“Are you ready to go get some stuff from Shinso's home?”

Midoriya stood up.

“We are Aizawa-sensei!”

Shinso swallowed thickly.

“I don't think that's good idea… “

Aizawa inhaled loudly and crossed his arms.

“Based on the loon of this room you don't have enough clothes or any other supplies for that matter. We are going. The car fits 7 people plus me. Who is coming with me and Shinso?“



When the group walked to the car that Aizawa unlocked Kirishima could help himself.

“Wow Mr. Aizawa. I didn't know you had family car. You don't seem like a dad.“

“Stop trying to be funny. It's U. A.‘s car. One more bad joke and you are not coming with us.”


Shinso sat on the front seat next to Aizawa. Behind them were Midoriya, Todoroki and Momo. On the least row were Kirishima, Bakugo and Uraraka. Bakugo leaned back and hummed.

“Why the fuck did I even come?”

“Because I told you to.”

Bakugo just turned his face away from Kirishima.

“Fucking fine…”

“Shut up you all or I will leave you on the road. “

“Sorry Aizawa-sensei.”



Blue family car parked on the road next to old house that had only one floor.

“This is it… My home…”

Midoriya was already opening his seatbelt.

“You can stay in the car. I will just get what I need.”

Aizawa turned to look at the class members.

“No. They will come to help you and I will wait you kids here.”


All of them followed Shinso across the yard to the door. You could tell that the grass hadn’t been cut for long time and if you didn't know that Shinso lived there you would think the house is empty. Shaky hand turned the key in the lock and pulled the door open. He didn't step in yet.

“Mom? Dad? Are you guys home? “

Bakugo had to let out his thoughts.

“I can't believe you live in place like this….”

“Shut up Bakugo… “


Shinso ignored them and walked inside. His steps were careful as he walked from the hall forwards his room. Everyone could take quick glance inside the living room. Floor was covered with dust but you could see lots of footprints. Old and empty cans and cigarettes were laying on tables and floor. The house smelled like dirt. It made them physically stop.

“Guys… Can we hurry up? “

“Yeah. Sorry Shinso. “



Shinso quickly started to put some stuff in his backpack and Momo helped him.

“You don't have mattress?”

Shinso looked back at Uraraka.

“Oh? Maybe my parents threw it away after I moved to U.A. it was old and broken… “




Shinso was done packing when he heard the door open and close. Then woman's voice broke the silence.

“Hitoshi? You are home?”

It made the boy freeze and was able to move only after his mother was standing on his door frame. Shinso's mother was average sized woman who had straight lavender hair.

“Oh hi mom…”

Woman's grey eyes traveled across the room.

“You brought some friends?”

“No… I just came to get the rest of my stuff… “

“Hitoshi, come to the kitchen. Dad and I want to talk to you. Alone.”

Shinso walked after his mother.

“I will be back soon…”

Then he closed his door.



“What was that all about? “

Midoriya couldn’t help but worry over his new friend.

“I don't like his mom very much…”


Then Momo saw Kirishima leaning against the door.

“Eijiro Kirishima. What are you doing?”

“Don't worry. I just wanna hear them.”

Kirishima pushed the door slightly open but soon wished he didn't.



The yelling they heard was full of anger.


That voice was clearly Hitoshi's mom.


There was sound of punch, glass breaking and someone falling.

“You should have never been born!”

Midoriya was first one to recover from the shock he ran out of the room Todoroki right behind him. Two boys were stopped by Hitoshi' before the living room. One of his eyes was swollen and starting to bruise and his bottom lip had cut on it.

“Shinso-kun… “

“Please… Let's just take my bag and leave… “



Bakugo carried his bad as Midoriya and Todoroki helped him to the car. When Aizawa saw Shinso his lips parted from surprise.

“What happened?”

Shinso pressed as far into his seat as he could and turned his gaze to Window.

“Please, can we just go… I just want to leave..."



To be continued ... 

Chapter Text

Class 1-A

DuctTape: Are you gonna be back soon?

ItsPinkyBitch: WE MISS YOU!

HardForYou: Something  came up… this is going to  take a while longer.

DoYouSeeMe: What happened?

Froppy: Are you guys okay?

IcyHot: If you mean that we are in one piece then yes…

IcyHot: Then we are okay…

FututreGreenHero: Let’s talk when we get there…

BetterThanAirPods: Let’s do that….

Aizawa parked the blue  family car back on the yard and turned to look at Shinso who was sitting as close to door as he could.

“Let’s go kids. Others are waiting.”

Bakugo was first one to exit from the car. You probably would think that he just wanted to get away from the group and that he didn’t care. That would be the case but the illusion was broken quickly because on his back… he was carrying Shinso’s bag...Everyone followed him except Todoroki and Midroiya who decided to wait Shinso. As the purple haired boy was opening the door Aizawa-sensei placed his hand on top of Shinso’s shoulder.


“I don’t wanna talk about it…”

Then Shinso stood up and walked forward their dorm with Midoriya and Todoroki.


Sero and Kaminari were laying on the edge of Shinso’s bed and Mina was laying ontop of them.

“What took you guys so looannggg…. what happened to your face?”

Shinso’s eye was no bright purple and his lip was swollen.

“Where did that come from?”


Everyone turned to look at Midoriya.

“I think that’s, very rude, Shinso-kun is clearly uncomfortable.”

“Midoriya is right everyone.”

Suddenly Hagakure stood up.

“What if…?”

“No what ifs!”

“For once, Bakugo. Listen what others want to say.”

Hagakure leaned forwards.

“And this time my idea is good.”

Iida lifted his glasses.

“Let’s hear it then.”

“We could, hang out together. Eat some ice cream, listen to some music and talk. As a class.”

“Oui. That’s great idea!”

“At least someone supports me. From this day forwards Aoyama is my best friend.”

Hagakure pulled the blonde boy next to her.


“Actually. Your idea is not bad. We could all do that.”

“Sounds good. What do you think Shinso?”

Shinso turned to look at Momo. Black haired girl clearly could tell that Shinso would do anything else instead of talking about his parents.

“Sounds, nice… I guess?”

“That’s settled then.”

Fifteen minutes later everyone was sitting in the common room of their dorm. There was chips and ice cream on the table and Shinso sat next to Midoriya. It was nice to spend time with his new classmates. Soon he realized that most of them were really funny and Meme™. He was just laughing because of something Kirishima said when he felt tap on his shoulder and turned to look at Ojiro. Boy was standing behind him awkwardly.

“Hey, Shinso. Could we talk for minute?”


Shinso followed him to the hall so they were alone. Then Ojiro turned to look at him. Then they were just silent.

“Soo… what do you want to talk about?”

“I’m… sorry.”



“I’m sorry that I have been so rude to you. I have been a real dickhead. I was just angry for myself when you won me so easily at the Sports Festival. I shouldn’t have been blaming you. You just wanted to win and it’s not like you can change your quirk. So… I’m really sorry.”

Ojiro offered his hand to Shinso.

“So will you forgive me? Friends?”

Shinso swallowed thickly but grabbed Ojiro’s hand then.

“Yes, friends…”

Ojiro smiled as he let go of Shinso’s hand. His eyes traveled to look at the bruised eye. Then his hand slowly made its way to touch the skin glowing purple.

“Want to talk about what happened?”

“Not really.”

“Okay. Not going to push you or anything. I just want you to know that even that you haven’t been part of our class for long you are our friend and we care about you. We just want to make sure you okay. You are amazing person Hitoshi.”

“Thanks Mashirao.”

“You remember my first name?”


Ojiro smiled.

“If you ever feel like you want to talk you know I’m just phone call away or one floor away.”


On the background there was loud yell.



Ojiro’s thumb rubbed Shinso’s bruise and eye back. That’s when Shinso realized that blonde’s hand had been on his cheek for far too long. Quickly he backed away as his cheeks heated and his own hands came to cover his mouth.

“We...should probably go back.”


Shinso laid on his bed. He was on fetus position and tears made wet spots on his pillow. His own hands were pulling his hair and it was pounding inside his head. He couldn’t breath. He screamed as he cried. He just hated those panic attacks. He screamed like he was dying. Hysterical state made him feel small in his room. His legs were tangled on his sheets. Then some light came from his door as two pairs of feet walked in.

“Hey. Hey, Shinso…”


Someone sat on his bed and talked to him. Someone else closed his door and walked next to his bed. Hand gently stroke his hair. Moonlight shined into his room.

“It’s okay. Breath slowly. We got you.”

After five minutes of slow breathing he finally noticed who were in his room. Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo. He turned to look at Kirishima who was sitting on his bed. Tear still rolled down his cheeks.

“W-what are you, doing here…?”

“Bakugo heard you crying and came to get me.”

Shinso sat up. Rocked back and forth.

“S-sorry for waking you up.”

Kirshima wrapped his arms around purple haired boy and hummed.

“It’s gonna be fine. We won’t tell anyone.”

Bakugo didn’t say anything but Kirishima could see him watching them with soft expression and crossed arms. They spent  almost an hour there before Shinso finally fell asleep. Their new friend had some serious problems and many of their classmates could relate, even Kirishima himself.




To be continued...

Chapter Text



Class 1-A:

It’sPinkyBitch: Morning hoes!

DoYouSeeMe: Morning bitch!

ThatTailGuy: Why are you like this?

DoYouSeeMe: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ThatTailGuy: (  ̄ -  ̄)

SonicTheHedgeHog: Rise and shine prostitutes.

DuctTape: Iida… I don't think you understand how this works…

SonicTheHedgeHog: At least I tried.

Uravity: I lived bitches!

Froppy: mood

It’sPinkyBitch: Oh shoooot! Here come dat boi!

Froppy: O shit waddup! (⌐■_■)

LocalCatLady: I haven't even eaten any breakfast yet and I'm already giving up…

PikaPikaBitch: Shit…

PikaPikaBitch: Our new purple boy is moodest mood here

PikaPikaBitch: Change my mind!

MamaMomo: moodest?

BetterThanAirPods: Did he just use mood on a past tense

DuctTape: I mean, Kaminari isn't the sharpest pencil in the case…

DoYouSeeMe: In fact. He isn't even in the case.

HardForYou: You guys are wrong…

HardForYou: Kaminari isn't even a pen. He is pencil shaving…

SatanBae: #canrelate

PikaPikaBitch: UM, RUDE!

HardForYou: Momo is sharpener…

PikaPikaBitch: Everything that goes in her comes out sharper?

MamaMomo: O _ O (- _ -)

MamaMomo: I'm lesbian Kaminari….

DuctTape: SHOOT!


HardForYou: HOW?


BetterThanAirPods: You are both idiots…

LordExplosionMurder: What did you say!

DoYouSeeMe: Wild Bakugo has appeared to protect Kirishima

LordExplosionMurder: Because he is the only one I can fucking tolerate!

Uravity: Whatever you say.

Froppy: Now we can change the subject

DoYouSeeMe: Pretend I never brought it up

MamaMomo: Same old story anyway.

HardForYou: Later we can work it out

BetterThanAirPods: Right now you’re talked out

FutureGreenHero: Yeah, whatever you say.

PikaPikaBitch: But I'm not sure you are listening

DuctTape: I hear what you're sayin’

LocalCatLady: But still there's something missin’

ThatTailGuy: Whether I go, whether I stay

SonicTheHedgeHog: Right now depends on…

SparkleBaguette: Whatever you say!

LordExplosionMurder: What the fuck!

Uravity: It's Martina McBride's Whatever You Say…

LordExplosionMurder: I don't care…

IcyHot: Don't worry I don't know it either…

LordExplosionMurder: LIKE THE HELL I CARE!

HardForYou: Anyway…

HardForYou: If Momo is sharpener and Kaminari is travel charger then Iida is white out.

PikaPikaBitch: Because he covers all of our mistakes…

HardForYou: Mina is pink gel pen.

PikaPikaBitch: She spits some weird ass ink…

HardForYou: Sero is tape roll

DuctTape: Accured…

HardForYou: Bakugo is broken ink pen that spits ink all over everyone

LordExplosionMurder: fuck you

HardForYou: Uraraka is pink highlighter

PikaPikaBitch: She makes everything important

Uravity: Awwwwww UwU

HardForYou: Tsu is the frog charm hanging from our backpack (a.k.a our class)

Froppy: I approve

HardForYou:  Todoroki is lunch box

PikaPikaBitch: Keeps food cold and drink hot

HardForYou: Aizawa-sensei is eraser.

PikaPikaBitch: Removes everything we do wrong

HardForYou: Sato is the lunch

SugarDaddy: Sure

HardForYou: I'm that rock you picked from the ground because it was cool

HardForYou: Jirou is pair of earphones that are tangled at the bottom of bag

HardForYou: Hagakure is the pen you lost in your bag and can't find

HardForYou: Ojiro is the yarn that was sewed on the bottom of the bag after it broke

HardForYou: Midoriya is mechanical pen

HardForYou: Aoyama is that glitter your bros threw at you year ago and you still find it

HardForYou: Tokoyami is the quill and Shoji is the ink

HardForYou: Koda is calendar

HardForYou: Shinso is empty package that used to contain melatonin

HardForYou: Mineta is all the garbage at the bottom

HardForYou: And All Might is the bag

Uravity: This is valid



FutureGreenHero: Sorry Aizawa-sensei


From: Kyoka Jiro

To: Denki Kaminari




Denki: Sorry gurl

Denki: I don’t speak disaster…

Kyoka: DON’T LIE!

Denki: Okay maybe a little…

Kyoka: Anyway

Kyoka: She is LESBEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denki: I can read Jiro!

Kyoka: Oh sorry, I forgot…

Kyoka: I can’t read idiot.

Denki: Touché


Boroccoli salad:

FutureGreenHero: Shinso where are you?

LocalCatLady: at hall why

FutureGreenHero: Come to eat lunch with us

LocalCatLady: sure

FutureGreenHero: Great! See you soon!


Class 1-A:

PikaPikaBitch: I don’t understand a word Yamada-sensei is saying…

SatanBae: Same…

SonicTheHedgeHog: Tokoyami! You are doodling pentagrams on your english book! I see you!

DoYouSeeMe: Do you see me too?

It’sPinkyBitch: I’M WHEEZING

LocalCatLady: Please… end my suffering… ( ̄Ω ̄)

IcyHot: Mine too thank you…

LordExplosionMurder: Gladly!



LocalCatLady: Just saying the truth…

LordExplosionMurder: FUCK YOU!

LocalCatLady: I mean… sure… When ever you free  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

LordExplosionMurder: Wait… what?

Froppy: what just happened?

Uravity: Bakugo just went silent…


LordExplosionMurder: I CAN BE QUIET!

DuctTape: Was fun while it lasted…

LordExplosionMurder: WHATEVER. I’M GONNA STUDY!

HardForYou: Someone made Bakugo to Bakugone!

PikaPikaBitch: GOOD ONE!


FutureGreenHero: I love you guys too <3

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck off Deku! No one cares!

FutureGreenHero: Oh? I thought you already had plans with Shinso, but sure <3


DoYouSeeMe: Midoriya just sprinted from the classroom!

DoYouSeeMe: Bakugo ran after him

ArmsForDays: We can see we are all in the same classroom…

DoYouSeeMe: Present Mic’s face right now is mood!

SugarDaddy: With this class? I relate to him…

MamaMomo: Bitch me too *sips wine*

SonicTheHedgeHog: Momo! You are underage!

MamaMomo:  *sips metaphorical wine’

ThatTailGuy: Did you hear that?

HardForYou: Definitely Bakugo’s explosion…

Eraserhead: What the hell is happening?

Eraserhead: Why is there smoke on the hall?

Froppy: Oh hi Aizawa-sensei, we are listening Bakugo killing Izuku

Uravity: Want popcorn

FutureGreenHero. GUYYYSS HEEELP!!!!!!

IcyHot: Where are you!

FutureGreenHero sent his location

IcyHot: ( ̄ー ̄)b

Uravity: O ma goo!

Uravity: He’s getting better…

DoYouSeeMe: And now Todoroki left…

SatanBae: We can see that…

DoYouSeeMe: I’m just keeping Mr. Aizawa updated!

Eraserhead: I fucking can’t with you kids alone…

Eraserhead added Toshinori Yagi and Hizashi Yamada in Class 1-A

Eraserhead changed Toshinori Yagi’s name to AllMight

Eraserhead changed Hizashi Yamada’s name to PresentMic

AllMight: I’M HERE!

PresentMic: Oh god! Shota save me! These kids are crazy!

PresentMic: Oh hey kids, hey Yagi!

Eraserhead: That could have been the worst decision I have made in my life…

FutureGreenHero: (O∆O) Σ(・口・)


Froppy: He dead



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Wednesday night:


Class 1-A:

PikaPikaBitch: Hey bitches! What’s going on?

LordExplosionMurder: I’m trying to fucking sleep motherfucker!

DuctTape: What is that alarm anyway?

SonicTheHedgeHog:  Oh it’s just U.A.’s warning alarm…

ItsPinkyBitch: Wait! What?!

HardForYou: We are so gonna die…

SatanBae: Finally…

ArmsForDays: Not the time Tokoyami!

DoYouSeeMe: What is happening?

MamaMomo: That’s what we are trying to find out!


PikaPikaBitch: How can we not when alarms are going off!!!!!!!


PresentMic: Just some villains breaking in U.A…..

ItsPinkyBitch: Just some villains? JUST SOME VILLAINS?!

Eraserhead: Calm down all of you. SItuation is somewhat under controlllllllllllllllllllllllllKKSJEJGKZJjlk,ajglhjag

Uravity: Somewhat…

Uravity: What a relief…

DuctTape: You serious?


Uravity: Stop texting guys and start to fight!


Eraserhead: Yagi is right! Stay back!

PresentMic: Everything is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy

Froppy: clearly

ThatTailGuy: It can be just that I’m still half asleep but do you also see the smoke outside?

PresentMic: What?

SugarDaddy. Oh yeah…. and blue glow too… looks familiar

Eraserhead: Must be that fire guy…


SatanBae: Too late…

AllMight: WHAT?

SatanBae: Midoriya already left his room.

IcyHot: What?!

LocalCatLady: Why?!

SatanBae: Just heard him leave.

LordExplosionMurder: Because Deku is fucking stupid!

DuctTape: Yeah… Sooooo… Todoroki just ran after Midoriya….

HardForYou: So did Shinsou…

LordExplosionMurder: Fucking idiots!

HardForYou: We going too?

LordExplosionMurder: Of course!

HardForYou: Nice!

PikaPikaBitch: Wait for us!

Uravity: Deku-squad is coming too!

MamaMomo: We are gonna be there!

Eraserhead: What did e just say about not leaving?!

PresentMic: Told you Shota those kids are crazy…

Eraserhead: I’m coming there! Don’t do anything stupid!

DoYouSeeMe: I’m gonna keep you updated!


Whole class was running after Midoriya, Todoroki and Shinsou. When they reached the ground floor they finally saw heads with purple, green and red and white hair standing outside dorm’s door. Blue fire was blazing behind them and light gleamed all over the yard. Its dance around the dorm seemed so magical and pure. Momo was the first to reach three boys and her pale hand came to rest on Todoroki’s cold shoulder.

“What is happening?”

Momo was out of breath after running with slippers and Todoroki himself was still panting.

“I don’t know… we reached Izuku just seconds ago… “

Uraraka shook Midoriya’s arm.

“Deku, are you okay?”

“Yeah.. I’m just fine… Nothing happened. I just came here and the yard was n fire…”

Iida lifted his glasses and stared at the fire.

“Must be that one  villain, do you remember? From the summer training camp?”

“Oh yeah… Daddy or whatever his name was…”

Jirou couldn’t help but facepalm and Sero just stared at him.

“Kaminari, no.”

“I can’t believe he just called villain daddy…”

“Sero! You are my bro! You’re supposed to be n my side!”
“Sorry not sorry.”

Momo looked around.

“Maybe we should go back inside. Mr. Aizawa is coming and it would be safer.”

“Good idea.”

When everyone turned around and Mina who was closest to the door lifted her hand to pull it open.


She never had chance to even touch the doorknob as blue flames surrounded them leaving them stand at yard. Mina pulled her hand back as it had burned slightly. You could see as Midoriya’s muscles tensed and right fist squeezed.

“Stay aware of your surrounding guys! Villain can be anywhere!”

Everyone was ready to fight if needed. They took positions in case they had to soon. Then firewall let human through.


Human with black hair and turquoise eyes. Scarred skin glowing purple around his eyes and lower face. This villain was familiar to them from before.

“Did you doubt it?”

The edges of his lips curled up. Blue flames faded from his clothes and left them look untouched. His blue eyes looked so familiar and so… foreign… like something that you had seen many times before but couldn’t put your finger on it. Black pupils were so small inside those irises. Whole class 1--A tensed as the villain took first slow step towards them on damp grass. His mostly burned hands came out of his pockets and as warning some blue flames burst from his palms.

“Let’s get this quickly over with so I can go back to others and leave…”

Right hand swing through air in front of their eyes.


Blue fire spread  and separated their class into two groups. It with Midoriya, Todoroki, Shinso, Momo, Uraraka, Sero and Kirishima separated from the others. Fire covered rest of the class under it like cocoon made from hot flames. Midoriya’s body was quickly surrounded by green light as he was waiting for the first strike. His gaze traveled to meet Shoto’s heterochromia ones. As a hint Todoroki leaned slightly forwards his right hand reaching up.


Whitish ice shoot from his hand and dashed forward Dabi. It made him take couple of steps on the side and right on the place where Izuku had wanted him and as villain was paying attention to Todoroki he made his move. He took couple steps and jumped. He fly across the air ready to punch. Once again the situation changed too fast for them to react.


Blue fire melted the ice in one blink of an eye then those familiar and crazy blue eyes met Midoriya’s bright green irises. Izuku couldn’t do nothing but let his eyes grow wide as Dabi rose his hand right before One for All punch landed on him and shoot…



Shoto stopped everything he was doing and turned his head. Dabi’s fire had sent him fly back and now green haired boy as laying on the grass. He didn’t answer to Shoto’s scream calling him. He just laid there lifeless and his body smoking. Uraraka ran and kneeled. She lifted Midoriya’s head on her hands.

“You are gonna pay for that! Not cool!”

Dabi turned to look at Kirishima.

“I told you kids not to play with me… now just be nice kids and nothing will happen. Shigaraki just wants that boy and nothing more.”

Thin finger pointed at Izuku laying on the ground unresponding.



Dabi smiled as he turned back to Todoroki. Then he let out small laughter.

“What do you care Endeavors son? You don’t seem like caring person. He is not your problem. Just let me take him and I won’t hurt the rest of you.”

“I already said no!”

Dabi rised his eyebrows.

“There is something more to that. Isn’t there, Todoroki Shoto?”

“Shut up?”

Then Shinso made the surprise move and stepped forwards.

“What are you gonna do with Midoriya?”

Dabi turned his gaze away from Todoroki to look at the new speaker. Everyone else ne exactly what Shinso was trying to do. Except Dabi because purple boy was new face.

“It’s none of my business what happens to him. My job is just to bring him to league of villains.”


Dabi played just into their bag and did exactly what Shinso had wanted. Shinso had Dabi fully under his control.


As response Dabi’s posture straightened and he petrified. Shinso turned to others.

“Tie him up guys...”

With the help of Sero’s tape, Momo’s rope and Todoroki’s ice the fiery villain was quickly tied on that place. Then Shinso and Todoroki ran together to Uraraka and Midoriya.

“How bad does it look?”

“His t-shirt is completely burned on top of his skin… not good.”

Todoroki brought his cold hand to touch the collarbone of other boy he felt how hot the skin still was. Momo kneeled behind him.

“He is going to be fine…”

Still, Todoroki couldn’t help the memory that creeped from the back of his mind. Hot liquid touching his face and the screeching of her mother. Then the pain that didn’t go away.


As Dabi was under Shinso’s control the flames that had surrounded them burned off. Revealing the situation to rest of their class members. Who ha been trying to get to them. Hugs were changed between students and soon Aizawa-sensei appeared from the shadows.

“Are you kids okay?!”


Aizawa took glance of his class to get the hang of the situation. His eyes sifted between Midoriya and Dabi.  

“How did you kids…”

“It was Shinso.”

Kirishima and Sero wrapped their hands around Shinso’s neck.


“I can’t take  the credit… I didn’t do much…”

Todoroki stood up from the ground.

“Don’t say that. You were able to stop him… we could have lost Midoriya.”

Shinso just smiled to Todoroki. That boy truly cares about their broccoli head.

“Perhaps it was right decision to transfer you into this class..”

Then Aizawa turned back to Dabi.

“He still under your control?”


Aizawa crossed his arms.

“Let him go.”


“Relax Todoroki. He can’t even escape.”


Shinso took couple of deep breaths and closed his eyes. When he opened his lids again Dabi’s head fell down for moment but soon rose up again. His eyes were different now. Normal sized pupils rested on turquoise irises and looked around. Those eyes weren’t crazy person’s. They studied angry and scared faces around him.

“W-where am I?”

They were taken back.

“Why am I here? Who are you all?”

It made Todoroki angry. This guy had hurt Midoriya and now… this.

“What are you talking about.”

Blue eyes stopped to look at Todoroki’s face.


Those blue eyes were just like the eye on left side of Shoto’s face. That’s why they were so familiar….




To be continued...

Chapter Text


Todoroki stared at those eyes. Eyes of the man which he had stared so many times before. Eyes of the man who had hit him so many times. Still… he had no idea who the villain actually was.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“Shoto! It’s me! Can’t you recognize me?”

Shoto kneeled down.

“Listen, I have no idea who you are. But one thing I’m sure is that you are gonna pay.”

Black eyebrows rose up and Dabi just stared at Todoroki with surprise.

“It’s me Shoto, your own brother! Toya!”

Shoto was taken back by the words that Dabi had just said. It’s true he hasn’t seen Toya in… forever but it couldn’t be.

“Don’t lie to me. You are not my brother! Toya would never do anything like you have done!”

“Shoto, baby bro. Don’t look at me that way… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“No! I’m telling you the truth!”

“What do you mean you don’t remember?”
Shoto turned to look over his shoulder to see Shinso standing right behind him.

“I… I can’t remember much after I left when Shoto was just a kid...I lived couple of months in small apartment. Then I met this guy…”

“What guy?”

“I can’t remember his name… he had dark brown hair… we spend some time together. Then just blank…”

“Liar! You don’t just lose your memory like that!”

“Relax Shoto…I got this.”

Shinso’s hand squeezed Todoroki’s shoulder brotherly. Their gaze never met as Shinso kept staring at Dabi… or Toya…

“I have one last question…. who really are you?”
“I already told you! I really am Toya Todoroki…”

Dabi’s eyes glazed as yet again Shoto took control over him. Shoto turned to look at him once again but Hitoshi’s eyes didn’t meet his. Same time All Might and Present Mic arrived at the scene to see what was happening. They had caught almost all the villains with other teachers. They saw Midoriya on the ground with Uraraka ja last villain in the ice.

“Now, let’s ask some questions again… What is your real name?”

You could hear everyone holding their breaths as they waited for an answer.

“Toya Todoroki…”

Shoto’s eyes widened with terror he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Now that he was really looking, the face before him looked so much like the face that he remembered being Toya.

“Shinso… Is there way he could be lying?”

“No. They can’t lie and even if he was I would know. I see what’s in his mind. He can’t lie to me. I’m sorry Shoto…”

Shoto’s facial expression changed it softened. The guy really was his brother. Toya…



Shinso looked at Aizawa-sensei who was now standing right next to him.

“Yeah Mr. Aizawa?”

“Ask some more questions. We want to know what happened.”


Shinso let his gaze travel back to Dabi… or Toya now.

“What happened to you?”

“I can’t remember anything after I met Chris… At least that’s what he called himself. He took me to meet someone. I can’t remember what happened next…”

Aizawa sighed.

“Well, there isn’t much to work with.”

“Wait Mr. Aizawa...”

Shinso locked eyes with Toya and his own eyes glazed. Everyone was silent for long moment. Uraraka and Iida had been given the job to take Midoriya to recovery girl. Leaving the scene quickly. Then Shinso snapped out of his trance.


“I know mostly what happened. I couldn’t find anything else from his head. He needs to start remember them by himself with time.”

“What did you see?”

Shins let out loud exhale.

“The guy who introduced himself as Chris was someone he met at library. He had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Pretty ordinary looking. He convinced him to dye his hair black. They were together in bar. Toya drank and everything went black. When he woke up he was in the same room with this Chris guy but this time he had this weird mask thingy. Kind of like those plague doctor mask. With them was this man. I didn’t see his face. He was back facing Toya. Then suddenly something happened and everything went back again. I think that man mind controlled Toya…”

“Did you get his name?”
Shinso turned his head to All Might before answering.

“He was called something like All for One…”

All three of their teachers turned to look at each other.

“Are you sure young Shinso?”

“Pretty sure… but the memory was blurry…”

Aizawa’s hand patted Shinso’s fluffy hair.

“You did well Hitoshi…. Now let the boy go.”


After that Toya’s head fell down. He was unconscious.

“Sorry… messing with memories sometimes causes that. He will wake up eventually.”


Toya was moved to one of the room on the other side of second floor. Present Mic and Aizawa laid him on bed.

“You kids should go to sleep too. You don’t have to be in class tomorrow. This has been long night…”

“But Mr. Aizawa, shouldn’t we watch Toya and Midoriya. In case they wake up?”

“Well Sero… It’s not like I can stop you. I’m not your dad.”

“Bakugo and I will take the first turn of watching Deku. We will wake someone else after an hour.”

“Fuck no!”

Kirishima smiled.

“Please? For me Bakubro…”

“Fucking fine whatever…”

“Shoji and I will watch the adult Todoroki first.”


Momo hugged Shoto’s side.

“No. Go to sleep Shoto. We will wake you up later…”

“Thanks Yaomomo.”

“Stop that you demon!”

Shoto showed his tongue to Momo.

“Night guys…”

“Night Todoroki. Night Momo.”


Momo and Shoto walked towards their rooms without saying a word. When they reached 5th floor and was time to separate. Momo one last time turned to his best friend.

“Shoto. Don’t worry. They will both be okay.”

Then Shoto broke down. He fell on his butt and started to sob.


“Oh Shoto….”

“Momo I don’t know what to do….”

“Shoto relax.”

Momo kneeled next to the boy sitting against the wall.

“They are going to be fine…”

“I could have lost Izuku today… my first real friend… and I already once lost Toya. And I didn’t even recognize him!”

“It’s okay Shoto..”

“W-when Izuku wakes up, I need to… tell him.”


Tokoyami was sitting on floor while Shoji sat on the chair.

“Revelry in the dark..”

“Stop that. You have being doing that last twenty minutes.”

“Okay. I will stop…”


There was long silence.Then Tokoyami whispered.

“Revelry in the dark…”

“Oh holy Ghost save me… Why are we even friends…”

“Because I  need someone to make sure I manage…”


Tokoyami let out small laughter and crossed his arms.

“It’s almost like you are my boyfriend or second husband…”

“I could be…”

Shoji just stared at the eyes of his classmate all serious and waiting for his reaction. Tokoyami was taken off guard and his mouth fell open.


They were silent again until Shoji turned back to Toya’s bed and crossed his arms.

“I was just joking don’t worry.”


Now the atmosphere in the room was literally awkward. Then Shoji realized something really important that he had missed totally.

“Wait. What happened to your first husband?”

Tokoyami jumped on his feet and pointed at Shoji.

“Nothing you can proof!”

Shoji laughed shortly when Tokoyami sat back down.

“Revelry in the dark…”

“Stop or I will be your last husband.”

“Aww… because you will love me until the death us apart?”

“Because I will kill you…”
“Oh… same thing..”


“Why the fuck did I come here?”

“Because I asked nicely and you can’t say no to me.”

“Yea, but I also fucking hate both Deku and Icy Hot.”

“No you don’t Bakubro. You are big old softie.”

“Fuck you…”

“Yes please.”

Bakugo choke and looked at Kirishima.

“What the fuck?”

“Calm down. I know you are not gay. I just love it when you don’t know what to say.”

“Fuck off Shark Week.”

“Haha. I’m going to get some water.”

When Kirishima stood up Bakugo jumped up and grabbed his waist to pull him close. His head rested on Kirishima’s shoulder.

“Woah.. bro. What’s wrong?”

“I was fucking worried.”


“You were on the other side of the fire and I didn’t know what was happening or if you were okay.”


“I care about you Red Riot…”

“Awww… I like you too Lord Explosion Murder.”

Bakugo pushed Kirishima forwards.


“Aw. Don’t be like that Bakubro. I care about you too…”

“I hate you!”

“You just told me otherwise…”

“You are so dead!”



 To be continued...

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

MamaMomo: Any update on Midoriya or Toya?

Uravity: Midoriya hasn’t woken up yet.

ThatTailGuy: So is Mister Todoroki Senior

DoYouSeeMe: Glad you specified which one…

ThatTailGuy: Hagakure… you are literally right next to me!

ThatTailGuy: You don’t need to text me!

DoYouSeeMe: But I want everyone to know what failure you are (人◕ω◕)

ThatTailGuy: (╬ಠ益ಠ)

DoYouSeeMe: They see me rollin', They hatin' _(:3」∠)_

ThatTailGuy send picture; (sheliterallyrolledoffchair.jepg)

DuctTape: Forgetting the fact that we can’t see her…

DoYouSeeMe: Um… RUDE!

DoYouSeeMe: ( ̄`Д´ ̄)9


LordExplosionMurder: WE CAN’T FUCKING SEE YOU!

LordExplosionMurder: THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT!

LocalCatLady: The real question is…

LocalCatLady. We can’t see you… so doesn’t that mean you are sitting there naked?

DuctTape: Wait….


DoYouSeeMe: (ಥ﹏ಥ)

MamaMomo: EW! What are you? Second Mineta? (≧m≦)

LocalCatLady: Don’t attack me! I just pointed out!

LocalCatLady: Besides… I’m not even into girls...

MamaMomo: Approved ( ̄ー ̄)b

It’sPinkyBitch: WE STAN OUR LGBTQ+ PURPLE BOY! へ(´д`へ)

LocalCatLady: Thank you! Thank you! I was born this way! ꒡ꆚ꒡

MamaMomo: Oh my god! Me too! We should totally bond! (・ε・`)

LocalCatLady: As long as you don’t make me wear slippers, facemask or nail polish

LocalCatLady: Actually… If it’s black or dark purple then yes.

MamaMomo: What if I have purple sparkle slippers?

LocalCatLady: Fuck it! I’m down!

IcyHot: So… you just changed me to him

IcyHot: Huh….

PikaPikaBitch: HIT OR MISS







Uravity: Oh shoooooooooooooot!

LocalCatLady: I- I don’t know what that is but I hate it….

IcyHot: Same.


LordExplosionMurder: Fuck…

LordExplosionMurder: Icy-Hot and Shitso are like fucking twins..

LocalCatLady: Shitso...You couldn’t do better?

LordExplosionMurder: Shut up! I’m half asleep okay!

LocalCatLady: That’s still old one. Like I haven’t heard it before…

LocalCatLady: Father used to call me that…

LordExplosionMurder: Oh…

LordExplosionMurder: Sorry…

It’sPinkyBitch: (☉_☉)


HardForYou: I’m so proud of Bakubro!

LordExplosionMurder :FUCK YOU! I’M SLEEPING!

Uravity: Sometime I feel like our class should bond over daddy issues…

SonicTheHedgeHog: Mood…

MamaMomo: Jiro and I will take next shift of watching Midoriya.

DuctTape: Me and Kaminari will watch over the crazier Todoroki!

LocalCatLady: Can we also bond over mental health problems?

LocalCatLady: No? Just me?

LocalCatLady: Okay...


From: Eijiro Kirishima

To: Hitoshi Shinto

Eijiro: Hey Shinso…

Eijiro: Are you okay?

Hitoshi: Not really…

Eijiro: Want me to come over?

Hitoshi: If it doesn’t bother you…

Hitoshi: I don’t want to be alone

Eijiro: I will bring Bakugo too.

Hitoshi: Please… Don’t leave me alone…

Eijiro: I’m on my way.

Hitoshi: Thank you Kirishima!


From: Hizashi Yamada

To: Shota Aizawa

Hizashi: SHoooooooota!!!!1

Hizashi: Did you see what the kids texted?!

Hizashi: Can’t we do something?

Hizashi: Pleaaaaaaaaase!

Shota: We are sleeping in spoon…

Shota: Why are you texting me?

Hizashi: I wasn’t sure if you were already sleeping.

Hizashi: And I’m too tired to actually talk….

Hizashi: Back to the original conversation!

Hizashi: What will we do?

Shota: Nothing. It’s not our business.

Hizashi: But you are his homeroom teacher

Hizashi: He is your responsibility!

Hizashi: Besides he is just like you!

Shota: Stop that. There is nothing we can do.

Hizashi: But Shota…

Shota: No. The subject is over. The end.

Shota:  Hey! Where are you going?

Hizashi: I’m going to sleep on the couch…

Shota: Hizashi…

Shota: I’m sorry okay?

Shota: Come back to bed…

Shota: Fuck...


Class 1-A:

MamaMomo: Midoriya just woke up! He is still tired and in pain but he is up!

IcyHot: I will be there!

IcyHot: There is something I need to tell him!

IcyHot: Like right now!

MamaMomo: You could literally tell him the whole Toya situation also.

BetterThanAirPods: Because he was unconscious before everything turned out good…

IcyHot: Yeah.. I will take care of that…

IcyHot: How is Toya?

PikaPikaBitch: Older firebender is still sleeping like dead body…

IcyHot: Firebender?

PikaPikaBitch: Bending? Like Avatar the Last Airbender?

IcyHot: The what now?

PikaPikaBitch: You gotta be kidding  me…

PikaPikaBitch: Todoroki is literally better Zuko and he doesn’t even know it…

IcyHot: Zuko?

PikaPikaBitch: Can someone fix him?

PikaPikaBitch: Please?

MamaMomo: Don’t worry.

MamaMomo: I will make sure Midoriya watches all the seasons with Shoto after everything is figured out.

BetterThanAirPods: Have you seen his ATLA t-shirts?

DuctTape: They are so cool?

LordExplosionMurder: Shut the fuck up! SOMEONE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!


Izuku was sitting on hospital bed. Almost his whole body was wrapped in bandages. He had no clue of what had happened after he passed out. Yaoyorozu and Jiro were sitting on chairs next to his bed. When he had asked about the subject they just said that it wasn’t their place to tell. He was really worried. What had happened to others? Were they okay? No  one else was laying on the other beds so everyone should be okay, right? Midoriya’s body felt really warm and everything was painful at the same time.


Then Todoroki appeared on the door.

“Hey Midoriya…”

“Oh Hi Shoto-kun. I’m glad to see you are okay.”

Momo and Jiro changed gazes and stood up.

“We will give you guys some privacy…”

“See you later.”

Two girls excused themselves and left complete silence after them. Todoroki walked to sit on one of the chairs next to green haired boy.

“How are you feeling?”

“In lots of pain but I’m getting better…”


There was awkward moment when they just stared at each other. You could hear when the clock on the wall was ticking. Then Todoroki reached to take Izuku’s left hand between both of his own.

“Midoriya… There is two really big things I need to tell you..”

“Is everything okay?”
“Kind of. But I don’t know how you will react.”

Midoriya smiled.

“Don’t worry. No matter what you say I will always be your friend. You can tell me anything.”

Todoroki nodded.

“I’m just gonna go straight to the point…”




To be continued....

Chapter Text

“Shoto-kun? What’s wrong?”

Todoroki swallowed and opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. He just stared at Midoriya’s hand.

“I…. I…”

Izuku smiled.

“Maybe you start by explaining what happened after I passed out… It will probably be easier.”

Todoroki breathed out and smiled.


“Well, after you fainted the villain told us that he was sent to get you. We were about to fight and then Shinso stepped up.”


“Yeah. Then he asked what they were going to do with you and when he answered Shinso took him under control. Then Momo, Sero and I tied him up with help of Kirishima while Uraraka was taking care of you.”

Midoriya looked actually surprised.

“Wow. You all did so well without me.”

“Yeah. They were amazing. Anyway. That isn’t even the weirdest part. The real surprise is probably even more shocking.”

Midoriya’s face switched to worried and Shoto couldn’t look at him in the eyes. What if Izuku would hate him after he knew that he was related to the villain.

“Tell me Shoto-kun. You are really worrying me…”

“Well, Shinso asked some question from him and turned out that… he is my long lost older brother Toya.”

Midoriya sat up quickly.

“He what? Owwww..”

Izuku immediately brought his hands on his chest. It still hurt to move a lot or fastly. Todoroki bit his bottom lip.

“He is my oldest brother and left when I was just a kid. I don’t remember much but I have heard stories. I don’t know what happened to him until now. He has been mind controlled by villain named All for One.”

Midoriya’s veins ran cold, his hands started to shake and he left some mumbles from his mouth.


“That explains a lot. Why he never came back to you guys and why he never seemed so you know actually villainous. Also he has same kind of fire quirk with you. And his eyes look like the one on your left side. He looks like he has been through a lot and probably will have some kind of traumas. I’m glad Shinso was there.”


“Oh sorry.”

Todoroki wasn’t sure what to say.

“You, you don’t hate me?”

Midoriya’s mouth fell open as he squeezed the hand of his best friend.

“Why would I?”

“Because my brother is villain.”

Deku smiled sadly and sighed. This was that type of conversation again…

“Against his own will Shoto-kun. What your family does doesn’t define you. I don’t think Toya would have acted that way if he wasn’t controlled.”

Shoto squeezed Izuku’s hand and smiled. He hasn’t been happier in long time.

“Thank you Izuku…”


After ten minutes of them just sitting there silent Izuku finally broke the silence.

“Was there other thing you wanted to talk about Shoto-kun.”

Shoto gulped but nodded then without lifting his gaze from the floor.

“Yeah. But I’m not sure I want to tell you.”

“Why? You know you can tell me anything.”

“I know but this thing might change the way you see me… and I don’t know if you will like it.”

Midoriya reached to hold both of Shoto’s hands.

“No matter what you say. It can’t change the way I see you Shoto.”

“I like someone…”

Midoriya smiled.

“Oh, that’s fine. I like lots of people. Like Uraraka, you, Iida, Kacchan…”

Shoto shook his head.

“No Midoriya. I have a crush on someone.”

“Oh, that’s fi…”

“It’s a boy…”

“O-oh…. That’s completely fine Todoroki-ku…”

“I have a crush on you!”



Shoto squeezed his eyes shut as hard as he could. This was the worst decision in his life. Why did he listen to Momo. She was wrong. Midoriya is going to hate him. He just lost his first real friend he ever got. Midoriya let go of Shoto’s hands.


Two hands pulled his head forwards. Then he felt warm lips pressing against his own. He opened his eyes and they widened. Midoriya had closed his eyes and was now kissing Shoto. Well it wasn’t a real kiss. Izuku had just pressed his lips against Shoto’s but wasn’t actually moving them. Todoroki didn’t know what to do. This had to be mistake right? Todoroki wasn’t a girl and Izuku knew that. Where should he put his hands? What should he do?


Then Izuku pulled away and opened his eyes. He had moved to sit on his knees on his bed. His green eyes stared at Shoto’s mismatched ones. Todoroki could count all the thousands of freckles that laid on Midoriya’s cheeks.

“I have a crush on you too Shoto-kun…”

“W-what? But I'm a  boy?"

Midoriya giggled.

"I know Shoto-kun. I don't care about the gender. As long as I like the person."

Shoto couldn’t believe it. Midoriya liked him too. He had a chance.

“Then. Then would you like to… Would you like to be… boyfriends?”

“Yes! Of course!”

Midoriya leaned forwards to move his arms to wrap around Shoto’s neck. He rested his had on the cold shoulder. Todoroki carefully moved his arms on Izuku’s waist. The green haired boy’s waist felt soft and muscular under the hospital gown. Shoto’s hands were shaking and he was nervous he didn’t want to hurt the boy more after all his burns were still fresh.


Momo appeared on the door frame.

“Sorry to interrupt you two sweethearts but I just wanted to inform Shoto that Toya just woke up.”

Shoto’s eyes lighted up.

Jiro nodded from behind Momo.


Shoto stood up quickly and was about to run to his brothers room. Before he could he turned around. Midoriya was sitting on the same position that Todoroki left him.

“Izuku… I-I.”

“It’s fine Shoto-kun. You haven’t seen him in long time. Go.”

“Thank you Izuku.”

“No problem Shoto.”
Shoto smiled to his best f… boyfriend.

“I will be back soon.”

“Don’t worry about me. Just go.”

“We will take care of Midoriya. Right Jiro.”


Then Shoto ran from the room. Leaving three of his classmate alone. Momo smiled to Izuku.

“We can get you some food. You must be hungry.”

“Y-yeah. Actually.”

Pink tint covered Izuku’s cheeks and Momo and Jirou turned around. When they entered to the hall Momo leaned down to whisper into the smaller girl’s ear.

“Totally ship it…”


Momo was putting some soup from dinner onto the plate and collecting some other light foods on the tray. Jiro leaned against the wall one of her legs up.

“Hey Momo?”


“Would you go to movies with me? As a date?”

That made Momo drop apple on table. She turned to look at Jiro. Girl was staring at the dark hall and biting her lip. Momo didn’t meet hr eyes.

“Sure. Is Sunday okay?”

Jiro turned around because she was surprised.

“Y-yeah. Sunday is perfect.”

“Great. Sunday it is.”

Momo walked past her the tray in her hands.




To be continued...

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

BetterThanAirPods: Came here to tell that elder Todoroki also woke up

BetterThanAirPods: Also got myself hottest date for Saturday! (⌐▨_▨)

MamaMomo: Sorry but I think mine is hotter (人◕ω◕)

DuctTape: Wait a fucking second!

PikaPikaBitch: Is this a thing now? (≧m≦)

MamaMomo: Yup! ( ̄︶ ̄;)

DuctTape: ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ

PikaPikaBitch: I can’t believe our own Tik Tok e-girl got a date before me (ಥ﹏ಥ)

BetterThanAirPods: Never call  me that again you used outlet! (πーπ)

PikaPikaBitch: ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

PikaPikaBitch: #foreversingle

DuctTape: #same

It’sPinkyBitch: (☉_☉)

It’sPinkyBitch: You seeing what I do?

BetterThanAirPods: ಠ_ರೃ

MamaMomo: Anyway… Midoriya is okay now. He is sleeping and ate.

Uravity: (b^_^)b



Shoto slowly pushed open the door to the room his brother was. The lights were on and Kaminari and Sero were on two chairs next to bed where Toya was sitting. Older Todoroki brother held mug full of steaming tea in his hands. Shoto’s head peeked inside the room.


It made all three boys turn to look at the door and you could see Toya’s eyes light up.

“Hey Shoto come in.”

Todoroki closed the door behind him and walked to his brother and classmates. He crossed his arms and let his gaze fall back to Toya.

“How are you feeling?”

“I have been better. Your classmates have been so nice ever since I woke up. They got me some food and we talked a little bit.”

Shoto looked at the empty Oreo and Pop tarts wrappers on the bedside table.

“I think mine and yours definition of food is a little bit different….”

Kaminari just huffed and leaned back on his chair.

“Well sorry… It’s not like I ran to grocery store or anything at 3am….”

Sero let out a laughter and both Todoroki brothers chuckled. Then Sero patted his best friend’s back.

“Don’t worry ‘Nari. I think your effort is appreciated.”

Toya smiled and sipped his tea.

“Totally. I’m really thankful for you, Kamihari.”

Sero couldn’t help but tear to laugh.

“Actually… It’s Kaminari.”

“Oh sorry.”
Sero held his stomach as he leaned forward on his chair.

“Oh my god this is great. I’m gonna cry!”

Shoto lifted his fist next to his mouth and let out couple loud coughs.

“Guys. I really appreciate your help but could we get some private time?”

Kaminari’s eyes sifted between the two brothers then he stood up and grabbed Sero’s arm.

“Come on Sero. Let’s go.”

Then Kaminari just pulled Sero out with him and you could hear Sero yelling to him to slow down.



Shoto sat on the end of Toya’s bed. His hands were resting on his knees and he was staring straight (not so much) down. He couldn’t look at his brother even tho he knew that Toya was staring at him. Those turquoise eyes he knows too well felt like burning holes on his skin. Still… he hasn’t seen Toya in years and he wants to say something to him. But he doesn’t know what. He can’t.


“Shoto… I’m sorry.”

Shoto had to turn to look at his oldest brother.

“Why are you sorry?”

“I’m sorry I left. I’m sorry of what you have gone through. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I’m sorry I was bad big brother. I wasn’t there to guide you. I should have stayed strong for you. I’m sorry I wasn’t the kind of brother you needed. I left you, Natsuo, Fuyumi and mom alone with dad and ran away. I should have been there for you. Instead I just left…”

Shoto quickly turned to look at his brother to see his sad eyes. Toya wasn’t crying. Actually Shoto didn’t remember ever seen him cry. But something in his brother’s eyes told him that he was truly sorry.

“It wasn’t your fault! You couldn’t have done anything! You did what you could and even if you ran away you couldn’t have done anything. I don’t know why you ran away. Neither Natsuo or Fuyumi told me what happened… but I know you had a good reason.”

Toya let his gaze fall on the planket.

“You were so young…father and I… we had a fight. Big one. And let’s just say I can never forget what happened.”

Toya looked at the burned skin on his hands.

“He… he didn’t….”

Toya sighed and let his hands fall back down.

“At least we match now little brother… Besides, I’m here now aren’t I? And I promise, I won’t ever leave you again. No matter what happens on the  future. I will make everything I can to fixs the things I did wrong. I will protect you Shoto. I will be here for you.”

Shoto couldn’t help it anymore. Hot and cold tears started to roll down on his cheeks. He was crying. Toya’s burned but still familiar arms opened on the air to welcome him. He just threw himself forward. Two arms catched him. He pressed against his brothers chest and cling to his white shirt. Shoto’s tears left wet dots on Toya’s clothes but he didn’t mind. His little brother was holding on to him for dear life and sobbing loudly and Toya just held him.

“It’s okay. I got you Shoto.”
“I missed you so much Toya….”

“I missed you too little brother.”



After an hour just sitting on Toya’s bed and holding each others Shoto had finally stopped crying. His eyes still red and buffy he was still laying on Toya’s lap like a small child. Then he swiped last tears away from his cheeks. Toya smiled to him and held him in his arms loosely.

“So… that boy from earlier. With green hair….”

Shoto felt his cheeks and ears warming.

“What about him?”

Toya chuckled.

“Who is he? He seems really special to you.”

“Midoriya Izuku, he was my first friend in U.A…. well if you don’t count Yaomomo. But she wasn’t actual friend at the start. Father introduced her to me, he probably hoped that we would start to date or something…”
“Like that would ever happen.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Toya smirked.

“Well… if I remember correctly you wanted to marry All Might as a kid and played gay weddings with Fuyumi’s dolls also...That’s when I knew; “That kid ain’t gonna be straight! “

If Shoto would have been drinking he would have spat the tea out of his mouth.

“I did WHAT?!”

“They never told you? Poor kid.”

Shoto rubbed his face with his hands.

“I didn’t want to know this….”
“Sorry sorry sorry. It was kind of cute tho.”


“Okay. Whatever you say mister Gay Wedding.”


Toya laughed at his little brothers embarrassed reaction. He had missed this so much. Even if he didn’t remember much of those years under All for One’s mind control.


“Anyway. Back to the small boy that you were talking about. How did you manage to get such a cute little friend?”

Shoto swallowed thickly.

“Well.. I wasn’t going to make any friends and I kind of wanted to graduate from U.A. without using my fire quirk… And that’s what was happening at first.Then sports festival happened and everything changed… He told me something I didn’t know I needed to hear. He helped me to accept myself.”

Toya rubbed the back of his little brother.

“Well, that’s really great.”

“Then we grew to be pretty close friends. He is amazing. He is so gentle and good with people. He is passionate about being hero and doing the right thing. He helps me to be better person and I may have developed a crush on him…”

Toya’s smirk widened and he crossed his arms on his chesT.

“Awww…. man I missed my baby bro’s first crush.”

“Stop that and let me tell the end.”

“Okay sorry… Man should have grabbed some popcorn.”

Shoto stared Toya with furrowed brows.

“Okay, okay, I will listen.”

“There isn’t much to tell after that. When I saw what happened when you attacked Midoriya it made me realize how much I actually liked him. So we talked it through and now we are kind of… dating.”

“Kind of?”

Shoto’s cheeks were starting to show some color.

“He agreed to be my.. boyfriend and we kissed once but nothing more.”

Toya wrapped his arms around Shoto and squeeze him into a hug.

“I’m so proud of you Shoto. Your first boyfriend. You are all grown up. Remember to come to me if you need any advice with dating.”

Shoto rose one of his eyebrows.

“If I know correctly you have never dated anyone.”

“Well, that’s just one small detail. But that doesn’t mean anything. I have good advices. So when am I gonna meet your lovely boyfriend?”

“We will see…”



For couple more hours Shoto and Toya just talked about everything and got to know each others a little bit more. As you would expect Toya didn’t have much to tell since he basically lost many years of his life under All for One. At the end Shoto fell asleep next to his older brother. He hadn’t felt this happy in really long time.






To be continued...

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

AllMight: Hello dear students! How are you holding up?!

FutureGreenHero: Better. All my burns are healing slowly but surely. I get out from the Nurse’s office today.

Uravity: That’s great news!

LocalCatLady: We are gonna be there when you can leave

Froppy: We gonna have some ice cream when we come

SonicTheHedgeHog: Also we are bringing some clothes for you.

FututreGreenHero: Thanks guys. I knew I could trust you!

PikaPikaBitch: BETRAYED!

HardForYou: Top 10 anime betrayals

FutureGreenHero: Does someone know where Shoto-kun is?

DuctTape: He was with Toya last night. Maybe he is still there?

MamaMomo: I’m on my way there I will check if he is still there

FututreGreenHero: Thanks <3

DoYouSeeMe: ୧☉□☉୨

DoYouSeeMe: Do you see what I’m seeing?

ThatTailGuy: d( ̄◇ ̄)b

LocalCatLady: I smell gay!

It’sPinkyBitch: SHINSO!

It’sPinkyBitch: WE DON’T SAY IT OUT LOUD! ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ

LocalCatLady: Why?

BetterThanAirPods: Because we are accepting everyone and we don’t wanna assume anything…

LocalCatLady: Oh, okay.

MamaMomo: GUYS!

Uravity: What?

MamaMomo: Look at this!

MamaMomo sent picture; (lookhowcutethosetwoare.jpeg)

Uravity: Awwwwwww…. look at that (人◕ω◕)

Froppy: It seems like they both missed each others really much.

PikaPikaBitch: I need someone to hug while I sleep (T▽T)

DuctTape: Same ╥﹏╥

BetterThanAirPods: *sips dumb bitch juice* ( -_-)旦~

MamaMomo: *sips big dick energy juice* ~~旦_(・o・;)


MamaMomo: *sips big metaphorical dick energy juice*

SatanBae: She is spending too much time with Jiro…

BetterThanAirPods: Bitch! She is my date on Saturday!

SatanBae: My point exactly

BetterThanAirPods: Bitch let my emo ass be lesbian for one time!

SatanBae: Revelry in the dark….

ArmsForDays: STOP!!!!!!!!!

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck you all!

LordExplosionMurder: You are all so fucking stupid!

LordExplosionMurder: And so fucking blind!

LocalCatLady: Wow Bakuhoe…. that totally made my day <3

Uraviry: Bakuboi trying to call us out while while drooling after K********...( ̄ー ̄)


Uravity: (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )

Froppy: Aw… that would be bad. Since you have really pretty face Ochaco

Uravity: UwU thanks. You too <3 (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

Froppy: <3

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck this shit!

PikaPikaBitch: Can someone tell me why isn’t that an actual thing?

FututreGreenHero: Trust me I ask the same question everyday.

Uravity: Well excuse you!

DoYouSeeMe: It’s because they both are too pussies to ask each other out…


DoYouSeeMe: Bitch I’m invisible not mute!

LocalCatLady: Don’t mind me. I’m just eating my popcorn

DoYouSeeMe: Bitch you better be!


IcyHot: Once in my life I slept and something must have happened because there is like 60 messages in my phone…

IcyHot: Does this mean if I sleep ever again the world will go into a chaos?

IcyHot: I can never sleep again….

FutureGreenHero: Todoroki-kun, no!

Uravity: Deku-kun gets out from Nurse’s office today. We are gonna be there in an hour.

IcyHot: Oh… I will be there too!

FutureGreenHero: Yay <3

IcyHot: <3

Uravity: Wait a fucking moment….

Uravity: No….


FutureGreenHero: ?


From: Ochaco Uraraka

To: Izuku Midoriya

Ochaco: You sly little bitch!

Izuku: Ochaco-chan I literally don’t have a single clue of what you are talking about….


Izuku: Todo… the what now?

Ochaco: Todoroki x Deku… like you two. Are you together?

Izuku: I mean….


Izuku: It just happened and honestly I’m still a little confused myself… It all just happened so fast and I didn’t know how to react.We didn’t talk it through. Shoto-kun just kind of confessed to me and then we kissed and then Toya woke up and he left and then Momo and Jiro came there….

Ochaco: Hold on…



Izuku: I KNOW! I’M SORRY! I was just so confused and I didn’t know what to say or do. I’m still not sure. I mean Shoto-kun asked me to be his boyfriend and I said yes but I’m not sure if we are actually dating or if it was just a momentary error. And I don’t know what will happen when I see him again. Will it be awkward or will he act like nothing ever happened?. What will everybody say? Oh please Ochaco don’t tell anyone about us! At least not yet!

Ochaco: Deku-kun calm down! You are panicking! I won’t tell anyone. And it’s not like it’s my bussiness

Ochaco: I’m just salty that you didn’t tell me.

Izuku: I know! I’m really sorry! I just had lots of things in my mind…

Izuku: Anyway… What about you and Tsu?

Ochaco: There is nothing there.

Izuku: U sure?

Ochaco: Positive.

Izuku: Sure whatever…


Class 1-A:

Eraserhead: I was shopping today and I bought a phone for Toya.

IcyHot: You should have said something…

IcyHot: I could have bought one with our father’s credit card…

Eraserhead: Oh believe me. Enji will get a big bill from school soon.

IcyHot: Nice v( ̄ー ̄)v

Eraserhead: I actually just gave it to him so…

Eraserhead has added Toya Todoroki in group chat

Eraserhead: Play nice!

Toya Todoroki: Sure. Thanks dad!

PikaPikaBitch: He just didn’t!

It’sPinkyBitch: I’M WHEEZING

Eraserhead: I-

Eraserhead: I’m too tired for this shit….

PresentMic: Just letting you know he is smiling right now!

Toya Todoroki changed their name to DabbingTheVillains

DuctTape: Our Todoroki’s brother can meme?

DabbingTheVillains: I surely can! (⌐▨_▨)

DabbingTheVillains: I was born for this moment!

Froppy: Can we keep him?

MamaMomo: Of course we can!

SonicTheHedgeHog: What have I told you about bringing all abandoned humans to the dorms?

SparkleBaguette: Not to bring them to our maison?

SonicTheHedgeHog: Exactly!

Uravity sent picture; (ournewbrother.jpeg)

Uravity: But Iiiiddaaaa! He is so cuteeeee!

SonicTheHedgeHog: Okay fine.

Uravity: Yay!

DabbingTheHaters: Is the one guy actually french or does he just act like one by adding french words into his sentences.

BetterThanAirrPods: He isn’t actually french.

SparkleBaguette: Say whatever you want to!


PikaPikaBitch: Toya is now the big brother of class 1-A!

DabbingTheHaters: I am THE Biggest Brother!

DabbingTheHaters: I never imagined I could have so many little brothers and sisters.

IcyHot: Wow… Just wow. I had Toya for a day and now I’m already supposed to share him?

DabbingTheHaters: I mean, we have two other ACTUAL siblings who don’t even know where I’m so….

SatanBae: I've only had Toya for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

DabbingTheHaters:  I've only had Class 1-A for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would burn everyone in this room and then myself.

DoYouSeeMe: OH MY GOD! HE IS PERFECT! ( ̄个 ̄)

DabbingTheHaters: BITCH, I know (┐「ε:)_三┌(.ω.)┐三_(:3 」∠)_

MamaMomo: Okay guys. I know we kind of all have met Toya in… some... way… but we wanted to take the time to actually get to know him. So tomorrow after school we will have a class gathering in the common room!

DabbingTheHaters: Sounds fun! Can’t wait to actually meet you all.

MamaMomo: Aw… you too!

LordExplosionMurder: Fucking fuck…





To be continued....

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

MamaMomo: Class gathering at 5 pm. !

FutureGreenHero: Todoroki-kun, Ochaco-chan, Shinso-kun, Kirishima-kun, Kacchan and I are going to the store to get some snacks.

FutureGreenHero: Any wishes?

LocalCatLady: I didn’t agree to this…

FutureGreenHero: Shut up. You are our friend now and we will drag you everywhere. Wanted you it or not!

It’sPinkyBitch: SHRIMPCHIPS!!!!!!

It’sPinkyBitch: A LOT!!!!!!!!

FutureGreenHero. Shrimpchips, got it.

Froppy: Can you guys bring some Matcha powder? We ran out of that this morning.

FutureGreenHero: Sure!

BetterThanAirPods: Also Onion ring chips!

FutureGreenHero: I got you covered!

DabbingTheHaters: Can you bring some pocky sticks in case we want to play some games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IcyHot: No

DabbingTheHaters: Aw.. but Shotoooooo! I just wanna have fun and play with everyone.

LocalCatLady: You are old as fuck. Were you gonna play with yourself?

DabbingTheHaters: Well…

DabbingTheHaters: I don’t wanna flex but I would say that I’m pretty good at playing with myself…

DoYouSeeMe: ಠ_ರೃ

DoYouSeeMe: Hello, 911?

IcyHot: I've only had Toya for three days and I’m not sure I want him anymore...

SatanBae: The darkness...dissipates…

PikaPikaBitch: Can we return this Big brother somewhere and never pick him up?

Uravity: Begone thot!




FutureGreenHero: Please stop yelling through text.


Midoriya let put his phone back to his pocket and lifted his gaze. Bakugo was stomping forwards and Kirishima was trying to stay right behind him. Shinso was walking behind them, hands in hi pockets and looked even more uninterested than before. Uraraka was right in front of Midoriya and she was moving with airy steps. Then there was him and Todoroki. Izuku bit his bottom lip and his hand moved on it’s own. His fingers took a hold of Shoto’s sleeve. Then he pulled it.


The boy next to him turned to look at him and stood still.


“Can we… talk?”


“About the night at Nurse’s office…”


Todoroki’s body tensed up and he could feel Midoriya’s body trembling lightly.

“Actually, I wanted to talk about it too. I have something to say.”

“I do too…”

“You can say first Midoriya.”

“No you can say first Todoroki-kun.”

Then mismatching eyes met green ones.

“I wasn’t really kidding about the… dating part. I like you a lot.”

“I want to be with you Todoroki-kun. I like you very much.”

They just stared at each others and Midoriya’s mouth fell open. Then… they both let out a laughter. This was so stupid.

“So? Are we dating now? Shoto-kun.”


Midoriya smiled widely and his face was almost glowing. Todoroki couldn’t help but let his own face fall to smile.


“Hey fuckers? Are you fucking coming? We need to be back at dorms today not fucking next week?”

“Oh! We are coming Kacchan!”

“Fucking great!”

Midoriya gave the last smile to Todoroki and then two boys followed after their other friends. Izuku’s hand reached to take Shoto’s. Their fingers interlocked. They spend rest of their way to store holding hands and none of their friends said anything about it.


Midoriya lifted the groceries on the table still not letting go of Shoto’s hand. While standing there in awkwardness they didn’t realize Toya who creeped behind them. Neither one knew if they should let the other’s hand go.

“Sooo… is this a thing now?”

The already familiar voice coming from behind them caused them to let go and back away from each other. They both looked like the touch burned their skin and they turned to look at Toya.Black haired man had his arms crossed on his chest.

“Woah. I didn’t mean to scare you guys.I just wanted to...never mind. I did want to scare you guys.”

Shoto’s brows furrowed as his eyes met his big brothers.

“Yes. It’s real thing not. Toya, this is my boyfriend Midoriya Izuku.”


Midoriya showed a shy smile. In the end this was the same guy who had attacked them so many times before and had caused the painful burns on Izuku’s chest.


Toya’s hand slid to his pockets and he smirked.

“I’m happy that Sho-Sho found someone so adorable. He is too much of a mess by himself. Also I’m really sorry of causing so much trouble to you and everyone else.”

“It’s not your fault. You were controlled by someone else. You lost your memories and did so many bad things without knowing what was actually happening. And after what your father did to your guys’ family and how you ran away. It’s not like I could blame you anyway. If anything it’s All for One’s fault. All of this.”

Toya’s eyes blew wide.

“Woah. Slow down little buddy…. Do you always mumble with that speed?”
“Um, yeah…”

“That’s pretty cool man. Want to see what I can do fast?”

Toya added a wink after his comment and smirked.


“Toya I swear to All Might if you do or say what I think you will I promise I will freeze you on the ceiling!”

Toya smiles widely showing his teeth and then….

starts to dab incredibly fast.



Kaminari’s head pops from behind the corner.

“WOW THAT’S SO COOL BIG BRO! Also are you guys coming? We are ready except the snacks?”

“Yeah we are coming.”

When the three boys followed Kaminari,Toya turned to look at Midoriya.

“So that you know. I give you guys my blessing. Just make sure neither of you guys dies. Also if someone gets my baby brother so worked up and excited I can’t say no to that.”

Midoriya stared to cry.


“No one has ever said something so nice to me…”


For the rest of the evening Toya got to know his brother’s class and his new baby siblings. Except one who they said wasn’t worth knowing and that they called “Grape pee” (for whatever reason).


“Where did you even get a bottle of vodka? You look like a fucking ten year old Shinso.”

Shinso smirked and swung the bottle in his hand.

“I have my ways…”

“You stole it didn’t you?”


Iida’s hands cut the air in front of Shinso’s face.

“Shinso Hitoshi! Stealing is bad and not hero behavior!”

“It’s not like my dad deserved it anyway!”

“First daddy/mommy issues mentioned! Time to get wasted!”

“Kaminari no!”

Then Mina started to share shot glasses made out of plastic.




U.A. Teachers:

PrincipalNezu: Toshinori and I have been planning. We need to get some information from Toya Todoroki. All for One probably has realized that he isn’t under his control anymore and may target him or his family soon. And in case there is other people under his control they need to be freed.

AllMight: I AM HERE!

AllMight: Young Shinso is our best shot on this one. He can break the connection to AfO and he can see into their minds. Nobody can keep a secret from him.

Eraserhead: But he is new to the whole hero thing. He isn’t confident enough with his quirk yet.

AllMight: Do we have any other way? And we don’t have time Aizawa.

Eraserhead: No.

PresentMic: Shota, this is about people’s lives! We will help the boy and so will his classmates! He can do it!

Eraserhead: Okay, I will talk to him tonight…

PrincipalNezu: It was amazing idea from Aizawa to move him into a hero course. He will be useful to the world.





To be continued....

Chapter Text

From: Shota Aizawa

To: Hitoshi Shinso

Shota: Shinso, I need to talk to you. Are you at dorms?

Shota: Hello?

Shota: Where are you?

Shota: This is really important and I need to talk to you today.

Shota: I’m coming to your guys dorm.




Shinso poured from his bottle to every glass that was lifted and couldn’t pay attention to the phone buzzing in his pocket.Only people who were completely sober at this point were Iida and Midoriya. Iida because he refused to drink alcohol and Midoriya ‘cause he took a sip and accidentally spit it on Bakugo. After that no one wanted to give him new glass. Now he was sitting next to Todoroki on the couch.

“Soo…. “


“I was gonna go to the kitchen to eat something… W-want to come with me?”

“Sure. Do we still have ramen?”

“I think so.”


Asui was laying on the floor head on Uraraka’s lap. Fingers combed through her green hair and holding her empty shot glass in her hand.

“Hey Tsu, did you realize that Todoroki and Izuku left ~together~?”

Tsu turned her eyes up to look at Uraraka. The other girl’s face was smirking and in her eyes there could be seen some hints of knowledge.

“Could that mean what I think it means, ribbit?”


“I’m happy for them.”

“Mhmmm…. I’m kind of jealous.”


Uraraka’s fingers stopped.

“Because they, ribbit, seem happy and like they have no worries. Besides, I would love to have someone in the future… mfm…”

A pair of small but plump lips pressed and moved against Tsu’s wide mouth and thin lips. She had to open her eyes to see Ochako’s chin, neck and collarbones. Brown hair fell from her shoulders to Asui’s face. Teeth clicked together and Tsu was pretty sure she drooled and Uraraka didn’t breath the whole time. Her already pink cheeks flushed and Tsu closed her eyes. Her lips moved in sync with Uraraka’s and she could feel the other girl’s relaxed.

“Woohoo! They are getting laid tonight!”


“Uraraka and Tsu! This is the wrong place to perform physical interaction.”
“If you ask me this is the right place…”

Jiro smacked the back of Kaminari’s head.



“Who just yeeted their shot glass?!”



Everyone was sitting in the common room as Aizawa held the almost empty Vodka bottle in his hand. The shot glasses were gathered on the couch table.

“Now, you little shits. If you were my kids I would leave you on the side of the street. But because I’m not your father but your teacher I can’t legally do that. Now tell me who brought this bottle so we can all go to sleep. I have no interest in being here tonight.”

Everyone just sit silently sat there not daring to look at each others in the eyes. No one wanted to throw a friend to wolves… or to Mr. Aizawa for that matter.

“Listen kids….”

“I’m an adult.”

“Who is living with kids, drinks with kids and can’t wash his own clothes. I don’t know how you define adult but I think we do that in very different way, Toya.”
“Okay fair enough. I can still legally buy alcohol.”

“Oh so this is your bottle?”

“I didn’t say that. Do you think if I got out to buy alcohol that I would be sitting here and not in jail. Everyone out there knows what I look like and thinks I’m a villain.”

“Then someone can tell me who’s bottle this is so we can leave.”

But yet again the large room remain silent as everyone stopped breathing. Aizawa’s tired eyes traveled across the room and studied everyone. When no one said anything he sighed.

“Okay, let’s do this hard way. Every single one of you have detention on Monday after school.”

“You can’t do that!”

“I can do it and more if I need to. Does someone want to tell now?”

Some of the students changed looks but still stayed silent and looked back at the floor.

“No? Okay then. Monday and Tuesday. Is someone ready to talk now?”

When Aizawa’s eyes passed Iida, the boy gave Shinso meaningful look as way of saying that he should just confess. But Shinso gave him puppy eyes and shook his head. Bakugo’s eyes blew wide and he looked people around him as he was making silent argument. Kirishima just patted Katsuki’s back as he crossed his arms.

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

“Aizawa-sensei, you can’t do that!”

“I said I can do whatever I need to get the truth…. No one else has anything to say? Okay, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”

Toya smirked and leaned back.

“I’m glad that I’m adult and not student here. I don’t have to go to detention.”

“Hah. Don’t be so sure. You will be there also.”

“But… You can’t do that….”
“No buts. I can do the heck I want. When you don’t live at school you don’t have to be part of this.”

All of them looked really uncomfortable now. Four day of detention after school. Well isn’t that just great.

“Are you kids kidding me? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fr…”

“It’s mine. I brought it.”

Aizawa and everyone else turned to look at Shinso. Who was now standing up and rubbing his arm uneasily. Aizawa put the bottle on the table next to glasses and crossed his arms on his chest.

“I would say I’m surprised but your class isn’t good at showing what they think without letting everyone know.”

Bakugo let out low growl for everyone to hear.

“Now you all will clean this mess and go to sleep. I will then talk to Shinso.”

“Do we still have to go to those detentions next week?”

“Yes. That’s your punishment and I will send messages to your parents about what you did.”



When the common room was cleaned the students made their way either to their rooms or to shower. Aizawa poured himself a cup of coffee that he had just made and walked back to the living room. To his surprise it was completely empty.

“Shinso? Are you here?”

There was no answer but the clock on the wall ticking.

“Shinos! Where are you?”

Still, Aizawa was the last one in that floor and the person found guilty for this whole mess was gone.

“Fucking problem child. Maybe he should be fucking kicked out from U.A….”

Aizawa-sensei pushed open the door to Shinso’s room. He hadn’t been there since the whole moving and Shinso’s home incident. The room was dark but because of the moon you could see Shinso laying on top of the bed. Aizawa tried to switch the lights on but nothing happened.

“Your lights don’t work huh?”

Hitoshi didn’t answer. His back was facing Aizawa who saw him shift and wrap into himself even more.


Hitoshi’s room was still mostly empty. Just like last time he saw it. There was the bed with the exact same sheets like before, on his desk was just some papers and couple pens. His phone was on charger and there was one movie poster on the wall next to his bed. Aizawa didn’t know what the movie was but poster looked old and the title was “ Close Encounters of the Third Kind ” from the look of the poster it was probably from 70’s or 80’s. Some kind of space, science fiction or something like that.

“Get up, we need to talk.”

Shinso’s body stayed unmoving as Aizawa’s sentence went for deaf ears.

“Listen kid. I want to go to sleep and someone is waiting for me at home so… can we get this over with.”


When Shinso did answer to that either Aizawa made his way to Shinso’s bed. His hand touched Shinso’s small shoulder. The body under grey hoodie felt pretty thin but not underweight.

“Hey… could we just get this done?”

Aizawa leaned to look over him to see boy's face. Shinso’s arms were wrapped around white pillow and silent tears were rolling down on his cheeks. When they fell they left wet dots on the blanket. Aizawa quickly pulled his hand away like he was scared that he had hurt the boy. Then he sat on the edge of bed.

“Hey? Are you okay Shinso?”

Hitoshi just let out a sniff and swiped his tears away but still he didn’t say anything nor turned to look at his homeroom teacher.

“I- I’m not good with words Shinso…. Or with emotions for that matter. And I’m bad with situations… where, other people's emotions are… involved… But I know something isn’t right with you and you need to talk to me.”


Hitoshi didn’t let go of his pillow and his posture didn’t change but his eyes shifted to look at Shota in the eyes. Young boy’s eyes were red and watery and he had clearly been trying for long time.

“P-please… don’t tell my parents that I stole their alcohol and brought it to school…”

Aizawa sighed.

“Shinso.. I have to. That’s part of my job.”

Shinsoo’s eyes turned back to look at the wall and he started to sob. Not that loudly at first but the sound grew stronger as the time went by.

“Hey Hitoshi calm down!”

“Please! Please don’t! Don’t tell them!”

“Hitoshi.. you should have thought that before, it’s too late now. I have to tell to them.”


Shinso’s breath started to catch on his throat and only thing that could come out from his lungs were short and puny gasps of air. He couldn’t breath. He was going to choke on the air around him. Panic traveled through his body. At least if he died he didn’t have to see his parents again.

“Hey! Shinso! Calm down! Breath!”’

“I… I… c-can’t… I….”

Aizawa took a hold of Shinso’s sides and quickly lifted him to sit up. Then he held him on that position and looked at him in the eyes.

“Breath with me Shinso. In, and out. Again, in, and out. Slowly. In, and out.”

“I can’t!”

“Yes, you can. Just concentrate. In, and out.”

Tears kept rolling down on Shinso’s cheek but he was able to take couple decent breaths between sobs.

“Good. Keep doing that. Breath slowly, everything is fine. I’m here to help you Hitoshi.”


When Shinso was breathing normally again Aizawa wrapped his hands around him to pull him closer. He closed Shinso into a hug. Fairly small hands of teenage boy took a firm hold of Aizawa’s black shirt. It was like he scared that Aizawa could just disappear if he didn’t hold on to him for dear life. Shinso was like a small child when he sat there in Shota’s arms.

“Dare to tell me what that was about?”

Shinso swallowed thickly trying to get the piece from his throat that could make him cry anytime. You know that feeling when you try not to cry and you just feel something in your throat.

“I don’t know where to start…”
“Maybe from the beginning so I can fully understand.”


“My parents are both unemployed and they may have some really big problems. My mother has quirk that allows her to see into her victims mind and mess with that and my father has quirk that makes you unable to use and control your own body. And I was an accident….”

Already at this point Aizawa knew that everything had been really wrong in Shinso’s life.

“It was too late to get an abortion when mother realized she was pregnant. Then she wanted to put me up for adoption. Father told her that because she had gotten pregnant I will be her punishment for the rest of her life. So… I stayed with them. Everyday in my life they remind me that I’m not wanted.”

Aizawa tightened his hold of the boy.

“I mostly ate instant ramen noodles and canned foods, My clothes are mostly from when my father was in high school. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house unless I went to school or grocery store for them. I bought my first pack of cigarettes for them when I was eight.”

“Who sells cigarettes for eight year old?”

“Let’s just say that with the amount of money we had, the places that we went to buy food didn’t care. I’m only allowed to use cold water when I shower because hot water is too expensive for three people. Usually when I did something bad,tried to lie or broke something they hit me or used their quirks on me. My mother sometimes gave me nightmares and looked into my mind to see if I was lying. Father usually just hit me and his quirk is sure way to keep me from running. Once I spent week locked in a cabinet. Usually it’s just fists, cigarettes, bottles, forks, knives or hot frying pans.”

Shinso slowly but surely pulled his sleeves up to show dozens of scars on his arms. Small cuts, holes and burns covered the skin.

“Can I?”


Aizawa touched lightly the skin on the arms and pink scars. It was bumpy and far from smooth. Some of them were newer and that told Aizawa that they still hurt him.


“You can’t tell them. If they get to know that I stole from them, they will kill me. I can’t ever go back home.”

Now Aizawa understood why Hitoshi wasn’t going to tell it was his vodka bottle.

“Why did you steal it?”

“Last time I was there… with you and my classmates. They came home suddenly and when they learned that I had brought friends and teacher there…. they hit me. I was so angry. I took it and stuffed into my bag. I was thinking it’s good revenge. I know it was a bad idea.”

Aizawa didn’t know what to say anymore. Shinso had only been scared the whole time. Shota felt how pair of arms wrapped around his torso and head came to rest on his chest.

“Please Aizawa-sensei. I don’t want that they hit me again! I don’t want to go home!”

His shirt was getting wet as Shinso was crying again.

“I won’t. I won’t tell them. Everything is okay. I’m here. I have got you Hitoshi. No one is going to hit you again, I promise. I will take care of this, you don’t need to worry.”


Half an hour later Shinso was sleeping on his bed. He had fallen asleep on Aizawa’s lap and man had laid him down and pulled the blanket over him. You could still see the wet on his cheeks as Aizawa gently stroke his purple hair. Now he needed to go to home. Hizashi was there waiting him and Shota had something he needed to tell his boyfriend. He had made probably the biggest decision in his life yet.





To be continued....

Chapter Text

Kiddo: Hello and welcome to our late night show “Specials with Kiddo”. Really original, I know right? Anyway it’s me, your host Kiddo. Today we have some special guests answering our questions that you, my lovely audience, left to us. I’m kind of like wannabe Ellen DeGeneres...

Kiddo: NOW! Let’s meet our guests for tonight. Class 1-A, Toya Todoroki slash Dabi, Inko Midoriya and pro-heroes Eraserhead, Present Mic, Midnight and All Might from Boku no Hero Academia! Welcome!

Kiddo: *aplodes herself hands because there isn’t actually any audience*


*Wall slides up and reveals the class 1-A and adults looking around and probably really lost.*

Kiddo: Come in! Come in! You can sit on my huge ass couches that I bought just for this!

Bakugo: Where the fuck are we?! How the fuck did we get here?!

Kiddo: Well that’s easy question. *Smirk.* I’m the author of this fic and I can do whatever I want.

Kaminari: Fic?

Sero: Author?

Bakugo: She is nuts. *Sits on the couch.* Let’s get this over with.

Kiddo: I mean… this is literally happening in my head and you guys aren’t real so…. that might be true.

*Everyone just looking at each others.*

Kiddo: I’m here just to break the fourth wall. And in next chapter everything will be back to normal and you guys won’t remember this happened… ANYWAY! Our readers have some really good questions for you guys!

Izuku: Oh! That sounds fun!

Kiddo: That’s what he said.

Izuku: Huh?

Kiddo: Nevermind… Anyway. I’m gonna ask you guys some questions and hopefully you have good answers. If not I will say something stupid to make it funny.

Hagakure: Same….


Kiddo: *Looks at her cards.* Now to the first question. The first one is from Lily, and we already getting spicy y’all. She says; “God dang it Sero!!! You need to get your mans. Try asking out Kaminari sometime, alright?”

Sero: I.. What?

Kaminari: I’m sorry, What?

Sero: I don’t know where this comes from. Because Kaminari and I are just friends, kind of best friends.

Kaminari: But single ones.

Sero: I won’t ask Kaminari on a date because we are just a good friends. Nothing more.

Mina: Even tho sometimes you guys act like a old couple.

Kaminari: Just because we share lots of clothes doesn’t make us couple Mina!

Mina: Just saying…

Kiddo: Note to myself, make it gayer. Anyway, next.


Kiddo: WritingforFUNandbecauseBoredom asked from Todoroki: “Have you ever considered Sero might be distantly related to Aizawa?”

Shoto: Well no because they aren’t similar to eac…. Wait a moment… They both have black hair. Sero always smiles creepily and shows his teeth. Aizawa looks always creepy and shows his teeth when he smiles. The tape that comes from Sero’s elbows looks like Aizawa’s scarf. They both have same color scheme on their hero costumes and they both are basically dating a loud blonde… GASP! So by the anime logic they have to be related!

Sero: I’m not dating anyone…

Mina: Close enough tho…

Kiddo: I wish.


Kiddo: SkyArt asked: “Mic, On a scale of 1-10 how much do you regret entering the kids chat? (。+・`ω・´)”

Ojiro: *Whisper.* How did she say the last one?
Hagakure: *Whisper.* I have no idea.

Hizashi: Well, I’m not sure how to answer to that one. Haha… The scale ends at 10?

Kiddo: Yeah?

Hizashi: Sometimes I lay awake at night next to my significant other and think that tomorrow I have to teach class 1-A for whole hour….

Aizawa: And I understand why.

Yaoyorozu: I don’t think we are that bad.

Aizawa: Yes you are.

Shinso: Fair enough.


Kiddo: Next one would have been NyahNyahOhhLaLa’s question for Shigaraki aka Mr. Handjobs but he isn’t here today so maybe we will ask this question in the future. *Throws the card over her shoulder.*


Kiddo: A noon a moose left couple questions. First for Dabi: “How are you going to be dealing with ALL the trouble magnets and problem children in your new siblings?”

Toya: I won’t, I have too much problems just at myself that there is enough work for the rest of my life. No, but in real manner, I will give them all so much love and affection that they know they are valid. Also who said I was going to deal with them. I’m one of the problem makers.

Aizawa: One more kid to take care of…


Kiddo: Smooth  jump over to Eraserhead: “What all will you be billing Endeavor for (is parenting lessons included on the statement. I have to know for great lulz)?”

Aizawa: Currently? Well with other school expenses we have the cost of Toya’s new phone, clothes, food, and basically everything that his oldest son did destroy before the whole shitstorm broke out. For the record people like Enji Todoroki can’t learn to be good parents and because Toya is still wanted villain for the world we can’t just go and tell him “Hey your son is back!” so…. I added my own tax to the bill for all the suffering he has caused to his kids.

Toshinori: From inside Shota is just a big softie.

Aizawa: I will literally cut you if you say that again.


Kiddo: Third one is for everyone in general: “Has anyone thought about investing in bubble wrap and/ or medical supplies?”

Inko: Medical supplies, all the time….

Aizawa: ALL. THE. TIME.

Inko: Yeah… Sorry, my son is really decomposable.

Toshinori: True.

Izuku: I try not to break myself….

Uraraka: DON’T LIE TO US!

Iida: Bubble wrap, not so much.

Kaminari: But that could keep Midoriya from breaking his bones if we just wrapped him in bubble wrap.

Bakugo: Sometimes I ask if you are stupid! OR STUPID!

Sero: Isn’t that like a same thing?


Sero: No. Not at all. I would never.

Bakugo: Good!

Izuku: But hear me out… If I snap all my bones, I don’t have 206 bones but 412 bones. That doubles my flexibility and I can move more freely!

*Everyone turns to look at each other.*


Yaoyorozu: Should we be concerned?

Uraraka: Most definitely.

Shoto: I have literally never been so worried in my life… And trust me honey…. I have seen some shit.

Toya: Same….

Aizawa: I’m too old for this shit….

Kirishima: And here I was…

Kaminari: …. Barbeque sauce on my titties…

Kirishima: I was gonna say; “Here I was thinking that Sero, Kaminari and Mina are the stupid ones…”

Sero: Hey!

Mina: Fair game tho….

Iida: I don’t even know what to say...

Izuku: Guys! It was a joke!

Asui: Surely didn’t sound like one, ribbit.

Kiddo: Don’t worry. I also always break my bones.


Kiddo: And the last one from A noon a moose: “I feel like we are missing Mamadori for some reason.... Can we get her a spa weekend somewhere and maybe a less stressful job environment that pays well since her sweet cinnamon roll of a baby broccoli is #1 trouble magnet/ problem child?”

Inko: Oh that would be lovely. Don’t get me wrong, I love Izuku with all my heart but he sometimes stresses me out. Being a single parent is hard sometimes.

Izuku: Aw… I love you too mom!

Nemuri: Oh! I could take all mothers to spa!

Aizawa: We will work on that one…

Nemuri: RUDE!

Kiddo: We also have a long list from RaeCan… RaeChan_The_Otaku so… Let’s get to work! Only true LuxuryPranks fans understand. Anyway, first one is for Momo: “How long have you known Todoroki? And how close are you two friend-wise?”

Momo: Well, I think we first met when we were like 10 or 11? His father is pro-hero and my dad was a pro-hero, he has retired now. So obviously they knew each other and all that stuff. And because my family has money and Shoto’s family has lots of money our fathers introduced us to each others. I think Endeavour was thinking that we would end up together in the future but that didn’t ever happen. I turned out lesbian and look at Shoto. There is no way he is straight. We weren’t actually friends before U.A.

Shoto: I wasn’t much of a… friend person.

Momo: But now I would say we are like best friends. We tell each other everything.

Shoto: No argument there.

Kiddo: Aww how cute. I wish I had friends.


Kiddo: Next one is for Toya, “Do you have any stress or worries? Like after being controlled, your father, and being a villain, and having your memories gone. . . Are you okay?”

Toya: Well, how do I say this? I don’t currently remember much from my time under All for One’s control, Shinso said that I will get my memories back slowly but surely and I believe him. But of course I have stress and worries. I’m still wanted villain and it’s not like I look extremely pretty.

Hagakure: I give you that one.

Toya: Thanks. Also, I have lots of things to worry but I try to stay rational and I’m worried about my siblings. Two of them don’t even know if I’m alive.

Kiddo: Don’t worry. Anime community is full of different people. I believe many people find you plenty attractive. I would too but I’m not about that wiener life you know.

Toya: I’m not sure I know….


Kiddo: Shinso, this isn’t actual question but we will hear your answer anyway:  “You need to tell people about your parent's abuse! They're horrible and Dadzwa will totally adopt you!“

Shinso: I told Aizawa-sensei about everything and he said he got this and he will take care of everything. But it’s not like I have very good experience with adults in my life so I’m not expecting much. Also I just don’t want to go home anymore.

Kirishima: Wait! Why haven’t you told us about this?!

Shinso: First of all I didn’t want to bother anyone. Secondly it’s not like someone in our class could do anything.


Kirishima: Bakubro calm down and sit down.

Mina: Soft Bakugo what a treat!

Bakugo: I’M NOT FUCKING SOFT! Besides, the crazy girl said we won’t remember anything after this so I can be nice.

Izuku: Aw, Kacchan. That’s so nice!

Bakugo: Not for you!

Hizashi: Shut up! Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that the person that asked the question called Shota Dadzawa?!

Aizawa: Hizashi… for once let it be…

Nemuri: More like Daddyzawa, am I right?

Aizawa: NO!


Kiddo: Oh, this is fo all the teachers. “How the hell do you deal with your students?”

Nemuri: I don’t at this point. Also alcohol.

Hizashi: They don’t pay attention, I don’t pay attention. Also with painkillers and I show lots of videos.

Aizawa: Be angry. Be scary. Sleep. Coffee.

Toshinori: What are you talking about. I think they are lovely and I have no problem with them.

*Nemuri, Aizawa and Hizashi turn to look at Toshinori and back to you silently.*

Aizawa: He is new to teachers job. Don’t listen to him.

Hizashi: Those kids are demons.


Kiddo: Oh this one's interesting. Bakugo: “Are you gay. . ? If so, how did you find out? Did you have a crush on someone else before but lost feelings for them and now like someone else? Or do you like someone currently? EXPLAIN!”

Bakugo: Who? Me? I don’t like to label myself! No one is cool enough for me. I don’t like anyone because everyone I have ever met is too much of a pussy for me. Besides I don’t need anyone to stand on my way to becoming the top 1 hero! But if I had to choose one gender to date. Men. Girls are weaklings.

Uraraka: EXCUSE ME??!

Sero: Wow… his answer is even sadder than I thought.

Iida: Probably that you lack normal human emotions and that no one can stay with you long enough to even consider dating…

Tokoyami: Bakugo will so die alone.

Bakugo: HEY!

Kiddo: Almost a month ago I would also had said I will die alone but now I think I have found the girl of my dreams so… I think there is someone out there for you Bakugo.


Kiddo: Don’t lie to me.


Kiddo: NEXT! “Tooru how the hell are you such a legend?”

Hagakure: Oh dear! I WAS BORN THIS WAY! And I know. I’m like next gen John Cena or Bob Ross!

Mina: I think I found the love of my life!

Kiddo: Hagakure is the best girl…

Hagakure: And don’t ever question that!


Kiddo:Shoto, this one is for you: “What do you think of Toya? (And a certain green pure boi-)”

Shoto: Well I like him very much. Because he has been away for so many years of my life that I don’t actually know him that well but I think that when we get to know each other again we can fix our broken family.

Toya: Except Endeavour!

Shoto: Except him! Anyway, in general I think that Toya is cool and amazing. And Midoriya is… cute and soft.

Izuku: HIYYYYYYYY! *Jumps away from the couch.* Why would you say that!

Uraraka: Probably because it’s true.

Shoto: It’s true. Plus it’s not like everyone will remember that I said that.


Kiddo: Awwww… How cute. NEXT! “To all of Class 1-A, what do you like the best about the class?” Let’s go from left to right.

Sato: Probably that we are all pretty good friends so there is always someone to talk to.

Mina: Except Mineta.

Sato: Yeah, except that one.

Koji: That everyone is so nice to each other.

Sero: Except Mineta and Bakugo.

Bakugo: HEY!

Mina: NEXT!

Tokoyami: The fact that we all are literally dead inside.

Hagakure: So true!

Shoji: That this class actually gets shit done.

Kaminari: Not true but go on.

Tokoyami: That’s seriously the best thing you could think of?

Shoji: Don’t judge me.

Jiro: That everyone is a little bit emo also I think everyone has actually good music taste.

Kaminari: You can’t say two things!

Jiro: Bitch I just did!

Momo: Everyone is so supportive to each other and believes in others.

Mina: Minus Bakugo.

Momo: And Mineta…

Shinso: Does he even count as part of class anymore?

Momo: No.

Aoyama: That everyone is so ouvert about their lives.

Toya: Again! Does he just add french words into english sentences?

Kiddo: That might be my fault. I try to learn french on my own and I have no clue if the words are even used correctly so…. Don’t judge me.

Aoyama: Le seul vrai langage au monde est un baiser.

Toya: I give up.

Mina: That everyone here is so gay.

Kaminari: I thought you are straight.

Mina: BITCH! I’m pansexual!

Hagakure: She is basically a unicorn!

Mina: You know I’m!

Kaminari: MEMES!

*Making T-pose for a second.*

Kaminari: I have nothing else to say.

Sero: Stole my idea god damn….

Sero: Probably all the funny things that we have done together as a class.

Kaminari: That’s actually true. We have lots of funny memories.

Uraraka: And we probably will make more good memories.

Mina: Awwww….

Bakugo: Nothing… WAIT! Actually it’s that no one of you is as good as I’m so you guys make my way to top 1 hero easier.

Uraraka: Wow! Just wow! Would have been so hard to say something nice.

Bakugo: Yeah.

Uraraka: I can’t believe you…

Kirishima: All my manly friends!

Mina: What about us!

Kirishima: All my manly and feminine friends!

Asui: That doesn’t sound good…

Kirshima: All my manly and femanly friends!

Hagakure: Oh my god! Femanly?! I’m so gonna use that!

Ojiro: That we have met each others and now we have group of friends for the end of our lives.

Uraraka: That’s actually really nice...

Hagakure: Our class has become such a legend. We will always be remembered!

Aizawa: Well I for sure can never forget you…

Hizashi: Same.

Shinso: I have never had so many friends. These people are like family.

Iida: You say these people like you aren’t part of the family. Got some news for you Buster Brown, you’re already in the Christmas card.

Asui: Isn’t that like 50% off reference?

Iida: Maybee….

Kaminari: Iida is funny… I feel like a proud father.

Jiro: No one wants to have kids with you.

Shoto: Best thing is I get to hangout with these amazing guys.

Izuku: That’s so nice…

Shoto: Except Bakugo.


Izuku: I think the best thing has been that we have met each other and everyone is ready to risk everything to save others.

Shinso: So that everyone is ready to die?

Midoriya: I didn’t say that!

Shinso: But that’s what you meant.

Izuku: No.

Shinso: You can’t lie to me!

Iida: That everyone tries so hard to improve themselves.


Asui: Everyone is so different, it never gets boring.

Uraraka: All the fun things we get to do with each other.


Kiddo: Next question! To the author. That’s me! “How long will this series be? Are you thinking of writing new fanfic series in the future that co-exist in the same universe?”

Bakugo: Even the fans are crazy….

Kiddo: Shut up!

Bakugo: EXCUSE ME?!

Kiddo: Anyway! I’m not sure how long this series will be. I’m currently working on the plotline for this fic because at first I was just gonna swing this fic. I decided to actually plan the plot so… And yes I’m thinking that when this fic is over I will write sequel as like after U.A. when everyone are heroes and adults and have their families and stuff like that. I need to finish this first.


Kiddo: Next question is from Togaru_Kamakiri; “Question for Ojiro. Are you gonna get with Shinso soon?”
Ojiro: ME? Gonna get with Shinso where?

Hagakure: I think they mean like, together.

Ojiro: Together where?

Uraraka: No! Like boyfriends together.

Ojiro: Where do they get this from. I don’t feel like we are even that close I mean we are friends but not attracted to each other in that level.

Shinso: Also because I’m actually attracted to guys and he isn’t.

Ojiro: I mean. I identify as a straight BUT, and it’s big butt, I wouldn’t be against being with a guy.

Jiro: I feel that we learned lots of new things about you….

Ojiro: Nah, I don’t discriminate because of gender. I’m a chill guy. But no we aren’t getting together.

Kiddo: Keep telling yourself that.


Kiddo: We have couple of questions from Mary. First; “Kiddo. Are you part of the LGBTQ+ and where are you from?”

Kiddo: I’m from north, more specifically from Finland. I live on countryside on small farm with my parent and our animals. Yes I’m part of the LGBT community. I identify as cis woman and bisexual. Sexuality wise I’m more into women and I can only imagine myself marrying a woman. But if I meet someone I really like that is guy or some other gender I don’t give a single shit about gender. And my gender… well… I identify as woman but… I have never been controlled by gender roles and my parents have always been okay with me liking girls. There are days when I wear dresses and makeup and things that you would consider “girly” and there are days when I wear binders, button downs and ties. I don’t need like I have to be one thing and I do what feels right. And I have many feminine and masculine things and hobbies. Let’s say in my friend group with straight girls I’m the “guy friend”. I use she/her pronouns and I think myself as full woman but without the need to care about gender roles. Life’s too short for that

Kiddo: Sorry about the long answer.


Kiddo: Second, “Kiddo, what fandoms are you part of? And do you cosplay? What kind of music do you listen to?”

Kiddo: All the fandoms where the series are either ended or on going that I’m part of are Bnha, Votron, Harry Potter, GoT, DC, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Bones and Brooklyn 99. The list would be longer but I’m only somewhat in other fandoms... And no I don’t cosplay but I would love to. I just have so much stuff going on in my life that I don’t have time to. I listen 80’s rock. Mostly Queen, Bon Jovi, U2, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd and Def Leppard.


Kiddo: This is from Hiba to Tokoyami, “What other catchphrases do you have?”

Tokoyami: Besides the “Revelry in the dark” some of my favourites are: “Prepare to be absorbed by the darkness”, “THE POWER OF DARKNESS SHALL SWALLOW YOU WHOLE!”, “Poor soul...Had no chance…”, “The darkness is with you” and “The darkness...dissipates….”.

Shoji: He is so fucking emo…

Sero: Says wannabe Kakashi.

Kiddo: *Whisper* The fact that I had to google what is his name made it even sadder. I never watched Naruto.


Kiddo: Second question from Hiba. This time it’s for Sero: “Do you like Kaminari?”

Sero: I mean of course. We are basically best friends. He’s funny and helps me to be better person. He is always there for me.

Mine: Um… What about me?!

Sero: Oh. I guess Mina is there too.

Kiddo: Follow up question: “If so why don’t you ask him out?”

Sero: Wait! NO! NOT THIS AGAIN! I don’t have crush on Kaminari an I’m not going to date him!

Kaminari: Bro! Betrayal! My Brutus!

Sero:Don’t act like that! You aren’t even into dudes!

Kaminari: Maybe but I’m attracted to anyone who is into me!

Jiro: And that’s why he hasn’t ever dated.

Kaminari: Jiro, you are the worst wingman…

Jiro: Jokes on you! I’m not even a man!

Momo: I sure hope you aren’t.

Bakugo: You are all idiots.


Kiddo: Last person who left a list of questions was Niyah606. Let’s answer them but first. “To all of class 1-A someone PLEASE show Baku go the theme song to bakugan battle brawlers .” I think they mean theme song...

Kiddo: We actually have it on huge screen. And I had to watch it before hand and do some internet surfing. I was like 7 or 8 when it was shown first time in finnish TV and I have to say… Ten years later, Julie is still pretty hot. Now. LET’S PLAY THE VIDEO!

*One video later.*


Kirishima: He is Bakugan now.

Sero: We need to watch the whole series together.

Bakugo: It’s… pretty badass…. BUT I WON’T WATCH IT!


Kiddo: “To all of class 1-A, DC or Marvel?” From left to right.

Sato: Marvel

Koda: Marvel

Tokoyami: DC

Shoji: Marvel

Jiro: DC

Momo: DC

Aoyama: Marvel

Mina: DC

Kaminari: Marvel

Sero: Marvel

Bakugan: DC

Kirishima: Marvel

Ojiro: Marvel

Hagakure: DC

Shinso: DC

Toya: DC

Shoto: DC

Izuku: Both

Iida: Marvel

Asui: Marvel

Uraraka: DC

Kiddo. DC

Iida: You aren’t part of our class!

Kiddo: I DON’T CARE!


Kiddo: Shinso, “What would everyones character song be?” Again from left to right.

Shinso: Sato - Sugar, Maroon 5

Koji - Fireflies, Owl City

Tokoyami - Whispers In The Dark, Skillet

Shoji - Smoke on The Water, Deep Purple

Jiro - Do It Like A Dude, Jessie J

Momo - Sit Still Look Pretty, Daya

Aoyama - Beautiful, Christina Aguilera

Mina - That’s My Girl, Fifth Harmony

Kaminari - Thunder, Imagine Dragons

Sero - Sunflower, Post Malone & Swae Lee

Bakugo - Whatever It Takes, Imagine Dragons

Kirishima - Immortals, Fall Out Boy

Ojiro - Beat It, Michael Jackson

Hagakure - Invisible, Anna Clendening

Shinso - Naturel, Imagine Dragons

Toya - Things We Lost In The Fire, Bastille

Shoto - You Can Be King Again, Lauren Aquilina

Izuku - High Hopes, Panic! At The Disco

Iida - Runnin’, Adam Lambert

Asui - Cool Kids, Echosmith

Uraraka - Gravel To Tempo, Hayley Kiyoko

Aizawa - Blood // Water, grandson

Toshinori - Centuries, Fall Out Boy

Nemuri - 7 Rings, Ariana Grande

Hizashi - On The Radio, Reckless Love

Inko - Mama, Clean Bandit

Kiddo: You can listen those songs in one playlist on Spotify or Youtube !


Kiddo: “Todoroki are you ever going to tell your teachers about what you told midoriya?”

Shoto: No.

Izuku: But Shoto-kun it would be better if you actually told someone and..

Shoto: No. Next one.


Kiddo: Oh! We have one for Iida. “Are you gonna add tensei for a bro-off?”

Iida:I don’t currently have any reason to add Tensei in our chat but if there is ever a situation that that’s required I will do it.


Kiddo: “Kirishima can you like kiss Bakugo already? Also. I bet you can’t wear a crop top and pull it off.”

Kirishima: I-

Bakugo: Why are they ordering you to kiss me?! IF YOU DO THAT I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!

Kirishima: I don’t know! I’m not gonna, relax bro! I have no idea where they get that from… haha-. I can wear whatever I want. Plus have you seen me? I look great in crop tops and I own dozens of them.

Sero: Why didn’t I know about this?

Kirishima: Because I usually wear hoodies?

Sero: True.


Kiddo: Well… that was… new. “Baukgo when will you and Midoriya have a deep talk without fucking each other up?”

Izuku: Yeah! When Kacchan?

Bakugo: Fucking never! I fucking hate you fucking nerd!

Izuku: Ow… Come on!

Bakugo: FUCK NO!


Kiddo: “Mina! Who would be on your twerk team?”

Mina: I mean, our class is just one big twerk team, am I right? But if I had to choose… then Uraraka, Momo, Hagakure, Aoyama and Midoriya.

Izuku: What? Me?

Mina: Yeah! Have you seen yourself?! You have a great butt!


Shoto: Dare I say different?

Uraraka: You broke him….


Kiddo: This one is not actual question, “Midoriya you are a valid sunshine child and we love you. That being said what would you look like in a cute dress!!”

Izuku: What is whit my butt and dressing me in cute stuff?!

Uraraka: You are fucking cute! Just accept that!

Izuku: Oh? That being said… I wouldn’t be against wearing a dress. It would be fun and it would be cool to break some roles.

Shoto: Please do.

Izuku: ….


Kiddo: “Shouji could you arm wrestle yourself?”

Shoji: Yes. But the real question is who would win?

Tokoyami: Who?

Shoji: That’s the question….

Hagakure: You can’t leave us hanging!

Shoji: I didn’t. You don’t hang. You fell.


Kiddo: “Yamomo we love you and your majestic ass hair what products do you use?”

Momo: I only use the products I create myself. They contain aloe vera, almond oil and honey. And a hairbrush. You can’t buy them anywhere but if this whole hero thing doesn’t kick off I can always start business with those. Shoto uses them. He says they are pretty good.


Izuku: They make Shoto-kun’s hair smell good.

Toya: Too much information…


Kiddo: For Tsuyu, “I don’t like frogs but oml you are ADORABLE! Can you and midoriya dress up like twins one day? Also take your girl out on a damn date already oml.”

Asui: Thank you, ribbit. That would be so fun. Right Midoriya? Also the other thing is on progress.

Izuku: Sure <3.

Shinso: How did you say that out loud?

Izuku: <3



Kiddo: For Hagakure: “We stan a naked queen. Also have you ever sang the john cena song in your head?”

Hagakure: That’s, one of the weirdest things I have ever been called… Also John Cena theme is my ringtone, alarm song and I have sang it in my head.

Ojiro: And also out loud in our dorms…

Hagakure: You got me there….


Kiddo: “Kaminari you meme trash ILYSM! So can you stupid off against satou?”

Kaminari: Ou! Ou! Question for me! I LOVE YOU TOO! Sato, can we do that sometime?

Sato: Sure. Whatever you want man.

Kaminari: FUCK YEA!


Kiddo: “Sato Red velvet, Chocolate ganashe, strawberry shortcake or carrot cake?”

Sato: Cake with one layer of each but if I have to choose then… strawberry shortcake.

Kiddo: Red velvet.


Kiddo: I don’t care.

Bakugo: You are fucking worst host!

Kiddo: Jokes on you! I know I’m shit at everything!

Shinso: Wow… this became depressing really fast.


Kiddo: “Tokoyami revelry in the dark. Lol do you like chicken nuggets?”

Tokoyami: Revelry in the dark.

Jiro: Is that some kind of emo secret greeting I don’t know about?

Shoji: It’s Tokoyami being dramatic.

Tokoyami: No! It’s Tokoyami stan greeting.


Tokoyami: Yeah. I like chicken nuggets.

Uraraka: What?!

Tokoyami: I’m not chicken besides they are good.

Asui: Cannibalism.

Tokoyami: I’M NOT CHICKEN!

Iida: Close enough.’

Tokoyami: I’m human!

Ojiro: With bird head.

Tokoyami: No. Actually don’t eat chicken nuggets. Just in case. I eat soy nuggets.


Kiddo: “Sero you keep being boo and take your boy out.”

Sero:Kaminari ISN’T my boy or my man! This is the third time someone asked about us!

Mina: It doesn’t say who.

Hagakure: You just automatically asumed it meant Kaminari….


Kaminari: I didn’t know he could scream that long.

Mina: Wouldn’t you know…

Sero: MINA!


Kiddo: “Ayoyama what would your drag queen name be? Also Ru-paul or Tyra?”

Aoyama: Je? I would be Dame Joli Sparkle.

Toya: I’m not even surprised anymore….

Shoto: I said you would get used to this.

Aoyama: Ru-Paul. Always Ru-Paul. No one can be better drag queen.

Kiddo: Also because I hate Tyra….


Kiddo: Now, our last question. “Jiro can you listen to music with your earphones jacks? Also you should do an ultimate Karaoke battle for top singer.”

Jiro: Yes I can. I just need to connect one of them to my phone like normal earphones and tada. There you have it. Also yes I should. Maybe in future specials.


Kiddo: That is everything this time. Hope you had fun. This took over 5000 marks, 14 pages and lots of blood, sweat and tears. We will see you next Monday with new chapter. Until then: Good night World and wear your shoes. Bye~


Chapter Text

From: Shota Aizawa

To: Hizashi Yamada

Shota: I’m leaving the school now. See you at home.

Hizashi: That took long. Is everything okay?

Shota: Not really…

Hizashi: Did something happen?

Shota: Yeah… I will tell you when I’m back home.

Hizashi: Okay. Come back safely. I will heat up some dinner.

Shota: Thank you love.

Hizashi: No problem.


U.A. Teachers:

PrinsipalNezu: Did you talk to Shinso, Aizawa?

Eraserhead: Not really….

Midnight: Why?

Eraserhead: Something came up and I had to change our plans. Shinso definitely isn’t mentally ready for any big mission. It’s not like it’s even his job to help us… He is just a kid.

Midnight: You really like that one don’t u?

Eraserhead: I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about..

Midnight: Sure <3

PresentMic: Ew

VladKing: Aizawa, can you keep your personal life away from our chat.

Eraserhead: Personal… life?

VladKing: No one is interested to hear about your problem students.

Snipe: Or maybe you should shut up and let him be….

Midnight: You are just jelly because 1-A has better students than 1-B!

VladKing: Whatever…

AllMight: I AM HERE!

Midnight: You know you don’t have to say that everytime, right?

AllMight: Yeah...I know.

AllMight: It’s just something that’s stuck with me…

Midnight: Okay.

AllMight: Aizawa, is everything okay with young Shinso?

Eraserhead: He’s…. a project…

AllMight: Need any help?

Eraserhead: Everything is under my control.

AllMight: Okay but if you ever need help know that I AM HERE!

Eraserhead: Got it.

PresentMic: I’m always here for you too!

Eraserhead: I know.

Eraserhead: Driving. See you at home Hizashi.


Eraserhead: Bye.


When Aizawa’s finally parked his car at the parking lot of their apartment building at Musutafu. When he pulled the keys from ignition switch his other hand automatically reached into his pocket. He needed to check his phone in case Shinso had woken up and texted or called him. Nothing.


From: Shota Aizawa

To: Hitoshi Shinso

Shota: I don’t know when you wake up.

Shota: Text or call me when that happens no matter what time is!

Shota: I’m at home so it will be fine. It won’t bother us.

Shota: Sleep well Hitoshi….


Then he locked doors of the car behind him.

“This is one hell of a night…”


Door of the third floor apartment opened and Aizawa was immediately welcomed by the lovely smell of dinner. He left his shoes next to Hizashi’s boots and walked forwards their kitchen. Their apartment wasn’t that big.  Three rooms and kitchen and small balcony. It wasn’t much but just enough for them… and maybe for someone else. There was the hall, small bathroom, living room, kitchen, their bedroom and one more room that currently didn’t have anything in it. It was meant as a children’s room.


Shota walked to the kitchen to see his boyfriend setting food on two plates and humming something. His extremely long hair was hanging on freely on his back,still partly wet. Aizawa loved that silky, blond hair when it was just down. He took couple last steps and wrapped his arms around muscular and fit waist and rested his head against shoulder.

“Oh god! You scared me! Say something when you touch people.”

“Mh… Sorry.”

This was exactly what he needed after day like this. Some good food, home night, some sleep and Hizashi.

“Hard day with your class?”

“You have no idea. They had some vodka…”

“Vodka?! Sounds just like you back in High School…”

“It still doesn’t mean they should do that.”

“I didn’t say that. Now, dare to tell me what happened with that Shinso kid?”

Aizawa sighed and lifted his forehead from Yamada’s shoulder.

“If we eat first, I take a shower and then we talk okay?”

Hizashi turned around to look at Shota with his vivid green eyes. His brows arched with worry and slim hands took a hold of Aizawa’s neck.

“Something bad happened, right? You wouldn’t act like that other wise. Is the boy okay?”

“As okay as he can be…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Shota inhaled loudly and rubbed his face with his hands.

“Hizashi… this is really big and I would like to talk about it after that.”

Hizashi leaned little bit down and pressed a kiss on Shota’s cheek.

“Okay. Let’s eat.”

“What do we have?”

“Yaki don with pork.”

“Sounds good.”


Half an hour later Hizashi was sitting on their gray couch and waiting when Shota walked in. He sat down next to his boyfriend and took his hands in his own. Then he exhaled couple of times.

“You know you can tell me anything…”
“Yeah. I’m just not sure how you will react to this.”

“Shota, I’m pro hero and a teacher and also your boyfriend. You can tell me anything.”

“The vodka bottle was Shinso’s.”


Shota sighed.

“Well after the whole thing I ended up in his room comforting him. He was crying and I just… held him in my ams. He was so fragile, so broken. Then he started to tell me what his parents did…”

Then Aizawa started to tell from the start what Hitoshi told him.


“... And then he fell asleep on my arms and I laid him down on his bed. I covered him with a blanket. Then I decided something that will change everything in our lives.”


“I want to get him away from those monsters. I want us to adopt him, Hizashi. I want him to move in here, have his own room, do things that he has never done. I want him to eat real food, sleep in real bed, wear clothes that were bought for him, play games, watch TV, go out with friends. I want him to call you and me dads.”


Aizawa swallowed but didn’t back away.

“I want him to become our son. You always talk about getting kids. We can’t have our own and I know I said no before. And I know he isn’t a baby, he is a teenager but we need to save him. Hizashi…”

Then forehead pressed against Shota’s own. Their hands parted and Shota felt pair of those cupping his cheeks.


Then he finally could lift his eyes to see that Hizashi had closed his own and was crying and smiling. Tears of happiness.

“Yes, Shota. That kid deserves everything. When can we start buying stuff for his room?”

Aizawa smiled.

“First we need to talk to him and talk to social worker. Then there is huge pile of paper work. Are we ready for that?”

“As ready as we’ll ever be!”

“Then we will talk to him tomorrow. Now what if we go to sleep.”


When they laid awake on their huge bed. Rested against each other, Hizashi couldn’t help but wonder.

“Do you think you would be dad and I would be papa? Or other way around? Would he sleep between us?”

“Hizashi. He is teenager not small child.”

“I know… Just could it be possible?”

Shota sighed and closed his eyes.

“If you don’t shut up you will sleep on the floor.”


Saturday morning:


From: Hitoshi Shinso

To: Shota Aizawa

Hitoshi: Just woke up.

Hitoshi: I slept fine. No need to worry.

Shota: Good.

Shota: Present Mic and I will come to your dorm today. We have something we need to talk.

Hitoshi: Shit…


From: Kyoka Jiro

To: Momo Yaoyorozu

Kyoka: Still up for today’s date?

Momo: Of course!

Momo: When and where?

Kyoka: 5pm at common room. Is that okay?

Momo: Sounds good!

Momo: I will be there.

Kyoka: See you then.

Momo: Yup!

Momo: What are we going to watch?

Kyoka: I don’t know yet. I was thinking we could decide at the theater.

Momo: Good idea.


From: Momo Yaoyorozu

To: Ochako Uraraka

Momo: I need your help.

Momo: I have a date tonight and I have no idea what to wear.

Ochako: I got you gurllllll!

Ochako: I will be there right after breakfast!

Momo: Where are you now?

Ochako Uraraka sent picture; (tsuissodamncute.jpeg)

Ochako: I slept in someone else’s bed…

Momo: Oh…

Momo: Take your time.

Momo: No need to hurry.

Momo: You can bring Tsu too!

Ochako: This is Tsu on Ocha’s phone.

Ochako: I will be there :P

Momo: Good.

Ochako: Now we will cuddle!

Ochako: See ya!

Momo: Bye!




To be continued...

Chapter Text

From: Ochako Uraraka

To: Momo Yaoyorozu

Ochako: BITCH!

Ochako: We are coming to your room!

Momo: Okay. I will be there then!

Ochako: Good job girl!


Fifteen minutes later Uraraka and Tsuyu were sitting in Momo’s room on her bed.’

“I forgot how cool your room is. It’s been a long time since we were here last time.”

Momo just chuckled and opened her huge wardrobe. Row of clothes were hanging on a rack inside, tightly packed against each other. Under the rack there was shelf and boxes.

“I have so much clothes that I don’t know what to wear. I don’t go to dates.”

She moved aside revealing the insides to her two friends who were on top of her bed.

“Dig in! And if you find anything you want you can take it. I can always make myself new clothes.”



Soon two girls, (now girlfriends?) were at her closet and looking around.

“Wow. That’s lot of clothes. What all is in here?”

“Well not me anymore.”

Both Tsuyu and Uraraka both turned to look at Momo with wide eyes then laughed.

“That’s good one Momo, ribbit!”

“Oh my god! I didn’t know you could joke!”

Momo had to let out a laughter herself. That was pretty funny. When the laughing in Momo’’s room finally calmed down they were back to work.

“I understand why Jiro asked you out. I would too.”

“Hey! Ribbit!”

Uraraka turned to look at Tsuyu who threw some of the clothes on the bed next to Momo. Who was now sitting on top of the bedspread. Her legs beautifully crossed.

“Well someone hasn’t actually asked me out yet…”

“It’s not like you have either.”

“I took the first move! It’s your turn this time.”

“Sure, ribbit.”

“Guuuuuuys! Stop being useless lesbians and help me with the outfit! That’s why I asked you here!”

“Okay. Sorry.”

For moment Uraraka looked every piece of outfit they had gathered on the bed. After a while she picks up red off the shoulders top and white high waisted skirt.

“This will look amazing. Trust me.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Tsuyu straightens herself and lifts black ankle strap heels with thick heel.

“I think you should pair outfit with these!”

Momo had to let out a laugh once again.

“I’m already 6 inches taller than her add 5 inch heels and she is either gonna cry or someone is going to think I’m her mom.”

Uraraka smirked.

“They look hot tho.”

“Okay fine….”


One hour and a half later:

From: Kyoka Jiro

To: Momo Yaoyorozu

Kyoka: Are you ready?

Kyoka: To go.

Momo: Yeah!

Kyoka: I will wait you at the door.

Kyoka: See you soon.

Momo: Yeah.


Momo left her room in 5th floor and made her way down stairs. When she closed the door of her room Uraraka and Tsuyu gave her last thumbs up. Then she took couple deep breaths before walking through the common room to the hall before dorm’s front door. Jiro was there, waiting already. Short girl was leaning against the wall. She had black jeans, ripped from thighs and knees, dark purple and navy top with her signature black leather jacket. She didn’t see Momo coming.


She jumped a little but turned to the direction of familiar voice. Then shy smile spreader on her face.


Kyoka’s dark eyes studied Momo’s figure from up and down. Then pink tint covered her pale cheeks.

“You look really good…”

Momo smiled  and swung her hips for side to side little.

“Thanks. You too.”

Jiro walked to in front of her and looked up.

“Hey! You are taller than normal.”

For nano second Momo had time to panic.

“If… if it bothers you I can change to flats!”
Then Jiro smirked.

“No. I have always liked tall girls. Should we go now?”

Then they left the building holding hands.


All in all the movies was awkward. When they got back Jiro’s black jeans were covered with popcorn seasoning and she also had cola on her shirt. Because maybe… just maybe horror movie wasn’t the best choice for first date. Momo may have accidentally spilled her drink on Kyoka. When they walked back to the dorms Momo fell over and ripped her tights. In the end they got back mostly unharmed.

“I had really fun tonight.”

“I don’t know if you can call that fun…”

Momo chuckled as she opened the door to her room.

“Of course it was. Kind of like mild adventure.”

“Mild adventure?”

“Yeah. Like everyday life fun. Unlike those adventures that Midoriya causes to us when he rushes to fight.”

“Okay true.”

Momo stepped closer to her door and turned to look at Jiro one last time.

“Should we do it again sometime?”

“Oh.. Yeah sure!”

Momo just smiled.

“Good night Jiro..”

And placed little peck on her cheek before closing the door.


At the same time:

Aizawa’s black car parked next to class 1-A dorm. Yamada was sitting on the passenger seat. He hasn’t bothered to style his hair up. Instead it laid flat on his back. Instead of their usual hero outfits they were wearing their casual wardrobes. Shota had black jeans and black Metallica shirt from 90’s and Hizashi had mustard yellow yoga pants and black hoodie that is old Eraser head’s merch. When Aizawa pulled the key from lock and was about to leave the car. Then familiar and skinny palm landed on top of his hand.

“Shota, I can feel you being nervous. Breath. It’s gonna be fine. They boy likes you.”

“I really hope you are right Hizashi.”


Aizawa breathed out and knocked firmly few times on the door and then stepped back. For at least five minutes nothing happened. Then the door slowly opened to reveal teenager’s head with purple messy hair.

“Hey Shinso…”

“Mr. Aizawa. Mr. Yamada….”
Aizawa touched the door with his left hand.
“Dare to let us in?”

“Yeah sure.”

Shinso opened the door fully an moved aside. Letting two of his teachers in. Hitoshi was wearing oversized t-shirt that clearly wasn’t his size and college pants. His face and bed looked like he had just woken up or just laid on his bed. Aizawa crossed his arms on his chest and stood next to the window. At the same time Shinso sat on the edge of his bed while Hizashi looked around in his room. That didn’t take long because it’s not like he had much stuff anyway. Then he stopped to look at his poster of Close Encounters of the Third Kind he leaned close to it.

“That’s a good movie.”

Shinso turned to look at him. He was so confused.


Then Hizashi smiled and pointed the poster.

“It’s a good movie. One of Steven Spielberg’s best works. Not as known anymore as E.T. or Jurassic Park or Twilight Zone, but it’s still pretty good.”

Shinso didn’t even smile, he turned to look at his legs.

“It’s my favorite… well I haven’t seen the others. We have it in VHS tape at home…”


Aizawa let out sigh and changed looks with his boyfriend. You could cut the tension of a room with a butter knife. Neither of the adults was ready to say anything. So Shinso had to.

“Say what you have to Mr. Aizawa…. so we can get this over with.”

Shota swallowed and sat on the right side of Hitoshi while Hizashi sat on his left.


Shinso wasn’t ready to lift his eyes up but he felt hands on both of his shoulders and the other one on his right came to cover his own.

“Shinso. Me and Hizashi have been talking about many things and…”

“You want me to leave the Hero course. I understand…”

Hitoshi squeezed his eyes. This was it. Mr. Aizawa wants him to leave the whole U.A. He have to go back home…. to his parents.

“Hizashi and I did lots of thinking last night… And we have made a really big decision.”

This was it…

“Shota! Stop bullying the kid and tell him. He’s so scared he is shaking!”

Aizawa swallowed.

“Hizashi and I decided that we want to adopt you. Only if you want us to, of course.”

Shinso’s eyes widened with shock.

“W-what? What did you say?”

He had to turn to look at Aizawa and then Yamada.

“You two want to… adopt me?”

Mr. Yamada was nodding his head up and down like a maniac. For second Aizawa could see Shinso smile but it faded as soon as it had formed.

“But why?”

“Why would you want me. I’m all broken. I’m not worth of anything. I’m useless. I make everything worst for everybody. I should have never born.”

Shinso pulled his hands away from Hizashi’s loving touch. He lifted them to cover his eyes as tears fell down. He sobbed. He never cried when his parents hit him. So why was he crying now? How did those two men have such effect to him. Was he really this fragile.


Then hands left his shoulders. One pair of arms wrapped around his torso and pulled him against firm chest. He had felt it once in his life before. It was Aizawa.

“No. You aren’t broken or useless Shinso.”
“You are worth of everything in the World an even more. You make people’s days better and them happy.”


“No Hitoshi they aren’t.”

“I have never been told anything else. I know I’m good for nothing. I’m… I…”

Then the arms around him opened. Instead of  letting go other pair of arms came from behind him. They wrapped together and he was pressed between two warm chests. He had never felt anything like it.

“Hitoshi, you are so amazing, beautiful, smart and amazing kid.”

“We want you because of the way you are. Your parents are the aassholes. Don’t think believe anything that they have ever said to you. Those things aren’t true.”

“If you just let us adopt you. Let us save you Shinso.”

“But… But would be so easier to just walk to the closest orphanage and adopt a baby?”

“Maybe but we only want you Shinso.”

“Besides. Shota hasn’t ever really been the type of guy that chooses the easy path.”


Finally Shinso leaned back.

“You really want me?”

“Yeah Hitoshi. We want only you.”

“Then… Then.. I want you to adopt me…”

Both Aizawa and Hizashi smiled as yet again they pressed the kid between them in a hug.

“Everything is gonna turn out fine Hitoshi.”

“They won’t get to you never again.”


For long hour they just sit there hugging each other until Shinso had fully calmed down and he was hugging them back.

“Are you really, really, really, really gonna adopt me.”

“For millionth time Hitoshi yes.”

Hitoshi smiled wider than he had in long time.

“I just don’t believe it. It’s like I’m in dream and I could wake up any minute now.”

Suddenly Hizashi took of his Eraser Head hoodie and was left with grey T-shirt.

“Here. Take that. As a proof that this is real. It's really old and it doesn't fit me anymore. You can hold or wear it if you ever feel lonely.”

He looked the hoodie in his hands, then Hizashi. Hitoshi hugged the blonde man tightly.

“Thank you.”


On his next night at his dorm room Hitoshi slept with his new hoodie on. It was like he was still hugged by them.




To be continue....

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

HardForYou: Morning gays

HardForYou: Auto correct! I meant GUYS!

HardForYou: Actually… goes either way…

LocalCatLady: True

Uravity: Don’t ignore us that swing both ways!


MamaMomo: Now I just imagine Mina swinging uncontrollably on a swing…

It’sPinkyBitch: Bold for you to assume I haven’t done that.

BetterThanAirPods: Yeah…. she definitely has done that…

BetterThanAirPods: She seems like swinger

PikaPikaBitch: Is swinger even real thing?

Uravity: It’s a thing… but has nothing to do with actual swings that you see outside….

DuctTape: What does it actually mean?

Froppy: It means a person who is dating or sleeps with multiple people at the same time.

Froppy: Or something like that….

It’sPinkyBitch: Well… I’m not one.

PikaPikaBitch: U sure?

It’sPinkyBitch: Bitch I would be happy to date even one person!

It’sPinkyBitch: BUT NO!

DuctTape: Honestly same…

Froppy: #cantrelate

Uravity: #thegirlikissedstillhasntaskedmeout

Froppy: #thecutegirlwhokissedmeknowsthatimworkingonit

FutureGreenHero: Wow… I knew you guys were useless mess but that’s next level.

LordExplosionMurder: You are the only useless mess here Deku!

IcyHot: Acting like a dick won’t make yours any bigger Bakugo.


DoYouSeeMe: Now Bakugo has two choices for comeback! Will he: admit that he has big dick and say that Shoto is the one with small dick! OR! Will he change the subject and give us the impression that he actually has a small dick and is insecure about it!

SonicTheHedgeHog: I think we shouldn’t talk about anyone’s dick in this chat!

LordExplosionMurder: FUCK ALL OF YOU!

PikaPikaBitch: I didn’t know you were into that bro…

PikaPikaBitch: But I mean…

PikaPikaBitch: You only live once.

DabbingTheHaters: Ah… I love those kids…. They grow up so fast

DuctTape: You have known us two weeks...

ArmsForDays: This conversation really makes me want to end myself.

SatanBae: Too late. I’m gonna be first on that matter.

ThatTailGuy: Not the right thing to joke about guys….

SatanBae: Sorry...

PresentMic: I think you kids don’t remember that we are here…

IcyHot: ¯\_(-_-)_/¯

EraserHead: I wish I wouldn’t have woken up today.

LocalCatLady: Can’t relate more….

AllMight: I’M HERE!

EraserHead: No! Stop!

SparkleBaguette: Do you know that french dick means…..

EraserHead: NO! STOP YOU TOO!


Broccoli salad:

Uravity: Okay guys!

Uravity: I have good idea!

IcyHot: Oh no…


IcyHot: I don’t have pants on right now….

LocalCatLady: TMI Todoroki! T.M.I!

IcyHot: ?

FutureGreenHero: TMI = Too Much Information

IcyHot: Thanks Izuku

FutureGreenHero: No problem <3

Uravity: Ew….

Uravity: Stop that and listen to me!

Uravity: I was thinking… because today is Sunday we could all go together to the cafe downtown!

IcyHot: That’s…

IcyHot: Actually good idea…

Froppy: I agree ^^

SonicTheHedgeHog: Sure.

FutureGreenHero: I’m in!

LocalCatLady: I… don’t know…

Uravity: Awwwww… come on Shinso!

LocalCatLady: I don’t have any money…

IcyHot: I got you covered!

IcyHot: I have my father’s credit card (⌐▨_▨)

SonicTheHedgeHog: Shoto Todoroki!

IcyHot: I hear your disappointment and hands...

SonicTheHedgeHog: You can’t just steal someone’s credit card!

IcyHot: I didn’t steal anything. I’m simply borrowing it.


IcyHot: Without permission.

FutureGreenHero: Bitch had it coming tho!

SonicTheHedgeHog: Midoriya! Don’t support him!

LocalCatLady: It’s fine!

LocalCatLady: I will just ask money from my parents!

IcyHot: You sure?

LocalCatLady: Yup.

IcyHot: Okay but if you don’t get any I will pay you!

LocalCatLady: K!


From: Hitoshi Shinso

To: Shota Aizawa

Hitoshi: I was thinking that maybe I could get some money…. I’m gonna go hang out with friends and if I could get couple hundred yens to buy a coffee. You don’t have to of course...

^[Hitoshi Shinso deleted the message]^

Hitoshi: Don’t mind that.

Shota: Did you ask something?

Shota: Didn’t have time to read it.

Hitoshi: It’s nothing.

Shota: You sure? You know you can talk to me.

Hitoshi: Yeah. It’s nothing.

Shota: Okay. If you say so.


Broccoli salad:

LocalCatLady: Actually.. I would really appreciate if you would pay my drink Shoto.

LocalCatLady: I promise I will pay you back when I get money.

IcyHot: Of course. The fact that I can use my Endeavor’s credit card with good reason. You don’t need to pay back.

LocalCatLady: Thanks. Really appreciate your help.

LocalCatLady: Still gonna pay you back tho….

Uravity: See you guys at the common room in fifteen minutes!

Uravity: Also Momo is coming too!

FutureGreenHero: SURE!


Class 1-A:

Uravity send picture; (mainhoeswenttocoffeeshop.jpeg)

PikaPikaBitch: You didn’t ask us?!

DoYouSeeMe: Hmmm… I wonder why is that…

DuctTape: I do actually…

DoYouSeeMe: Probably because when our whole class hang out together at the mall last time we were banned.

BetterThanAirPods: Because 9 idiots decided to have shopping cart race there.


BettertThanAirPods: I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about...

LocalCatLady:  I haven’t heard this story…

DuctTape: We were hanging at the mall and decided to have small race around the mall.

It’sPinkyBitch: Our teams were Sero and Kaminari, Kirishima and Aoyama, me and Jiro and Midoriya and Uraraka and then there was Tokoyami with his Dark shadow.

SparkleBaguette: We rolled down the escalator.

FutureGreenHero: That’s just one of the reasons why we are banned there.

LocalCatLady: Don’t leave me hanging!

LocalCatLady: Who won?

BetterThanAirPods: Midoriya and Uraraka.

LocalCatLady: That’s actually… pretty surprising.

PikaPikaBitch: I know, right!

DabbingTheHaters: You guys still at the shop?

IcyHot: Yeah.

DabbingTheHaters: Could you bring me a coffee with splash of milk?

DabbingTheHaters: Please Sho-Sho!

IcyHot: I will.

IcyHot: Also don’t call me that?

MamaMomo: Sho-Sho?

DabbingTheHaters: We used to call him that when he was baby.

DabbingTheHaters: Back when Sho-Sho used to be cute.

IcyHot: Stop.

IcyHot: Or else I will kick you out!

DabbingTheHaters: Bitch jokes on you! I’m already disowned!

Uravity: I don’t know if that’s something you should be proud of.

IcyHot: Trust me, I would like to be disowned too…

LocalCatLady: Daddy issues

IcyHot: True!

FutureGreenHero: Can’t have daddy issues if you don’t even remember him.

Uravity: Izuku no….

LordExplosionMurder: Well it’s not hard to guess why he left…

Uravity: OKAY! THAT’S IT!


PikaPikaBitch: Low one dude….

HardForYou: Not cool…

DoYouSeeMe: Not at all.

LordExplosionMurder: Okay fucking fine.

LordExplosionMurder: I guess I’m sorry Deku.

FutureGreenHero: Apology accepted.

LocalCatLady: Midoriya is too soft for this world.

IcyHot: True.




To be continued....

Chapter Text

From: Toshinori Yagi

To: Izuku Midoriya

Toshinori: Young Midoriya!

Toshinori: It’s been a while since we have talked.

Toshinori: Is everything okay?

Toshinori: Is it something I did?

Izuku: No! No! You haven’t done anything!

Izuku:  I just had lots of things in my mind recently.

Toshinori: Like what? You can talk to me Midoriya.

Izuku: Well the whole All for One thing is kind of stressing me out. It makes me worry about the safety of my friends. I’m also worried how we will go against him when the time comes. Will we actually be ready? The situation of Todoroki family also worries me. Now that Toya is back he needs to live with us at dorms because he can’t actually go home. Endeavor isn’t interested to take care of his kids and it will be a long time before Toya-kun and Shoto-kun can actually live happy, normal family life. I’m even more worried because Shinso-kun’s situation is even worst. His parents hurt him and he is scared of every adult he meets. His parents take awful care of him and he barely has any normal everyday needs. Then there is one more problem. I may have started  to dating with Shoto-kun but I’m so insecure about the whole thing and we are both so awkward. I don’t know what to do.

Toshinori: Wow…..

Toshinori: Um….. Wait a second so I can read that…

Izuku: Sure.

Toshinori: I think you worry too much about life young Midoriya. You’re just a kid and you shouldn’t be thinking all those things that are happening right now. I understand that you are worried with both Shinso and Todoroki families current problems. I promise I will take care of those. You need to relax a little and stop worrying so much.

Toshinori: And what comes to dating young Todoroki, I think he is just as scared about the whole thing as you are.I think you should spend time with him and maybe talk about you know… things.

Toshinori: Oh, and I’m happy for you and him. Have you told your mom yet?

Izuku: No. I will tell her when I get a chance.

Toshinori: Good. I think she would love to know. She is amazing lady.

Izuku: Yeah. She is the best mom in the whole World.

Izuku: I will text Shoto if he wants to spend some time together.

Toshinori: Have fun.

Izuku: Thanks Dad!

^[Izuku Midoriya deleted the message]^

Izuku: Thanks Yagi-sensei!

Toshinori: No problem! I’m here for you kid.

Toshinori: Now text to your boyfriend.


From: Izuku Midoriya

To: Shoto Todoroki

Izuku:Hey Shoto-kun!

Shoto: Hi Izuku.

Izuku: Are you busy right now?

Shoto: No.

Shoto: Why you asking?

Izuku: I was thinking…

Izuku: Maybe I we could spend some time together?

Shoto: Okay, sounds good. Who is coming?

Izuku: No… I mean like just the two of us. You know. Boyfriend time.

Shoto: Oh!

Shoto: Sure.

Shoto: What do you want to do?

Izuku: WelI remembered that you once told us that you haven’t seen many movies besides the ones we have watched in those class hangouts.

Izuku: So we could either watch a movie or start watching some series together.

Shoto: Sounds good.

Izuku: Great! See you in common room. We can use the TV.

Shoto: See you there.



Fifteen minutes later Izuku walked into common room just to see Shoto already sitting on a couch. He had mug in his hands and was sipping the liquid that was steaming in the cup. Midoriya guessed it was tea because Shoto wasn’t big fan of coffee. Also because the room smelled good and comforting instead of bitter like coffee. It could also be Todoroki smelling good instead of tea. Then Shoto realized the other boy and turned to look at him. He didn’t actually smile but the edges of his lips made a little movement upwards.



Izuku sat next to him on the couch but not actually close. You could fit two hands between them. There was familiar All Might mug sitting on the table full of see through black tea with some other flavour.

“I made you some Black tea with cranberries. I took your mug from the kitchen. I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

“No, it’s fine. Thank you Shoto-kun.”

“No problem. What are we going to watch?”

Izuku connected the TV-series streaming service to their TV and scrolled down. Then he stopped at My Neighbor Totoro.

“This one is classic. Have you seen it?”


Izuku smiled brightly before clicking the movie and leaning back. He took the mug full of tea in his hands and sipped some. Then his eyes went wide and sifted between Shoto and the mug. Then back to Shoto.

“Shoto-kun, this tea is really good!”

Shoto let warm smile on his lips. If the common room wasn’t so dark, only the light from TV shining, Izuku could have seen the light blush covering Shoto’s cheeks.


Half way through the movie Izuku leaned his head against Shoto’s shoulder. No because he was sleepy but because Shoto was leaning against the arm of the couch. Izuku wanted to lean against something and it’s fine right. Shoto decided to be brave and his warm arm wrapped around Izuku’s upper body pulling him closer.It felt soothing and warm lay against Shoto’s body. It was one of the nicest things that had happened to them for a while.


When Izuku placed the mug back on the table and was about to reach his phone to unconnect it from the TV he felt something touch his hair. First it was hard to identify and Midoriya was so surprised he couldn’t move. Based on the pressure and movement that happened in his wild head of hair couldn’t be anything else. Shoto had kissed the top of his head. Then the other boy leaned back not sure if he had done the right thing. Maybe Midoriya didn’t like things like these. Toya had specifically said that soft boys like Izuku would love small kisses on the head or cheeks. Of course that over cooked onion had been wrong. Why onion? Because onion has layers, just like Toya’s bullshit… and he is basically the same color with red onions.


Shoto returned from his thoughts when muscular arms wrapped around his neck and emerald green eyes were staring back at him. He hadn’t ever actually realized how many freckles dusted on Izuku’s cheeks before now. They were so beautiful. Like stars on the night sky. And long dark lashes framing the huge eyes that looked like the prettiest glass bottles.

“Now would be a really good time for the first kiss…”

After those words Shoto’s eyes sifted to stare at Izuku’s plump lips.


Then the gap between them closed. This was so different when compared to the “kiss” in Nurse’s office. Their teeth weren’t clattering against each others and they weren’t ass stiff. Shoto actually dared to move his lips. Maybe the kiss wasn’t still perfect but Izuku was for sure.

“You are so pretty Izuku…”

“No you are pretty…”


They made out for good ten minutes before they both fell asleep on the couch. Whispering some sweet things to each others’ ears. They didn’t care enough to go upstairs to sleep on a bed. Izuku laid on top of Shoto’s chest. Their faces just inches away from other and legs wrapped together.



Class 1-A:

Froppy: I went to kitchen to get some water and look who I found

Froppy send picture; (ourtwocutegays.jpeg)

Uravity: Awwwwww!

MamaMomo: They are so cute!

BetterThanAirPods: I would kill for them!
SonicTheHedgeHog: Please don’t.

DoYouSeeMe: I will definitely kill for them.

LocalCatLady: I already killed someone for them.

MamaMomo: Please tell me it was Mineta!

LocalCatLady: Oh fuck! I should have thought about that!

It’sPinkyBitch: I would die for them.

SatanBae: Already did that.

PikaPikaBitch: This thing now?

Uravity: Yup!

DuctTape: Like we didn’t see it coming.

SparkleBaguette: True.

HardForYou: Aw… soon we need our own Pride parade!

ThatTailGuy: Not bad idea ^^

LordExplosionMurder: Good for those two….

DoYouSeeMe: Soft Bakugo part 397.

LordExplosionMurder: Whatever.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Guys leave them alone. We have lots of time to annoy them tomorrow.

PikaPikaBitch: Okay dad!


It’sPinkyBitch: Sorry...


PresentMic: Please don't kill him.

AllMight: This may have been my fault.

EraserHead: Why am I not surprised...



To be continued....



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Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

FutureGreenHero: Tsu…. Please delete that picture.

Froppy: Let me think about that….

FutureGreenHero: Pleaseeee!

Froppy: Nope.

Froppy: It’s too cute.

PikaPikaBitch: So you two are thing now?

FutureGreenHero: ….

IcyHot: Yeah.

FutureGreenHero: Shoto!

IcyHot: What?

IcyHot: It’s true.

MamaMomo: You guys are the cutest thing! ( ̄∇ ̄)

IcyHot: Yaomomo… stop.

MamaMomo: Oh honey. You can’t stop me.

IcyHot: Okay true…

DuctTape: I swear to god everyone here is gay…

DoYouSeeMe: Is that a dare or are you admitting something?

DuctTape: No.

DoYouSeeMe: U sure?

DoYouSeeMe: Because I was so sure I saw plenty of gay.

FutureGreenHero: To be fair gays don’t look like anything.

DoYouSeeMe: Bitch, I have amazing gaydar!

DoYouSeeMe: I smell my gays miles away.

ThatTailGuy: Girl is a fucking predator.

Uravity: Hide your gays!

LocalCatLady: Bold for you to assume I’m not already hiding!

BetterThanAirPods: We need to gather somewhere where she doesn’t want to follow us.

SatanBae: Mineta’s room?

MamaMomo: Fuck no.


PikaPikaBitch: Dad! Momo cursed.

SonicTheHedgeHog: At this point I’m not sure anymore if you mean me or Aizawa.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Also Momo, Stop cursing. You are bad influence to these children!

Froppy: Look at this class. I don’t think Momo curing is the worst thing we could do.

PikaPikaBicth: Yeah.

PikaPikaBitch: Once Sero tried to smoke weed through his nose. Like he rolled it up and put the end to his nose. Then he breathed smoke in and then out through the mouth.

DuctTape: That was you.

PikaPikaBicth: Was it? ( ̄Д ̄;)

HardForYou: Yup. It was you bro.

PikaPikaBitch: Eh. That may be true.

BetterThanAirPods: Kaminari: *Trying to figure out how to pull open a sliding door*

Kaminari’s IQ: Am I a joke to you?

PikaPikaBitch: Okay that might to be also true.

PikaPikaBicth: But why are you all exposing me?!

PikaPikaBitch: This was supposed to be annoy TodoDeku not bully Kaminari day!

It’sPinkyBitch: Yeah but they are far too cute.

PikaPikaBitch: Are you saying I’m not cute? (ʘ言ʘ╬)

DuctTape: Don’t worry. You are plenty of cute.

DuctTape: Until you open that mouth.

PikaPikaBitch: Thanks… (-_-)

SatanBae: That’s what she said.

HardForYou: Don’t worry Kamibro. If the Hero thing doesn’t work out for you, you can always start career as comedian!

LordExplosionMurder: Because you are so fucking funny! You don’t even need to do anything!

PikaPikaBicth: Thanks… I guess..

HardForYou: Bro!

PikaPikaBitch: Broo!

HardForYou: Broooo <3

PikaPikaBitch: Bro!

HardForYou: Broo?

PikaPikaBitch: Bro.

HaedForYou: Broo.

LordExplosionMurder: WHAT THE FUCK!

Uravity: They just held conversation with only word bro…

DoYouSeeMe: I’m gonna print it and frame it on my wall!

ArmsForDays: Every time I see Kirishima’s name it makes me die little bit more from the inside.

LocalCatLady: Life is just one big countdown for death.

SatanBae: You’re scaring the children. Stop.

Froppy: That’s deep.


FutureGreenHero: Okay wait!

FutureGreenHero: What is TodoDeku?

PikaPikaBitch: That? Oh that’s just ship name we chose for you guys.

FutureGreenHero: Ship name…?

BetterThanAirPods: Sometimes I think your life would be easier if you just didn’t ask so many questions Midoriya…

FutureGreenHero: Yeah, probably. But I’m a curious soul.

LordExplosionMurder:  Because you are a fucking nerd Deku!


FutureGreenHero: Oh.

FutureGreenHero: Kacchan doesn’t bully me. It’s just friendly taunting. We are childhood friends after all. Right Kacchan?

Uravity: Friendly taunting he says…

Uravity: We’re friends he says…


FutureGreenHero: One day he will  say it… trust me.

IcyHot: Kacchan, huh?


It’sPinkyBitch: Jealous boyfriend arlert!


FutureGreenHero: It’s something I said, isn’t it?


From: Izuku Midoriya

To: Shoto Todoroki

Izuku: Shoto-kun, is everything okay?

Izuku: Did I say something that upset you?

Izuku: Whatever I said or did that made you feel bad I didn’t mean it. I never wanted to make you feel bad or that you need to be jealous. Tell me what I did and I promise I will fix it right away. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything. I just don’t know what I did that could upset you. Please tell me so I can do something to.

Shoto: It’s nothing like that. I’m not jealous to Bakugo.

Shoto: Actually I kind of am…

Izuku: Shoto-kun…. Why are you jealous to Kacchan?

Shoto: That’s why.

Izuku: Huh?

Shoto: Why does he get a nickname and I don’t?

Izuku: That’s why you are jealous?

Shoto: Yeah...

Izuku: You should have said something!

Shoto: …?

Izuku: That’s easy to fix.

Izuku: I just need to make you a nickname or pet name.

Shoto: Sure.

Izuku: How about Shochan?

Izuku: It’s easy and cute…

Shoto: I would very much like that…

Shoto: Can I also call you something?

Izuku: Sure <3

Shoto: Then if I call you Izuchan?

Izuku: Yeah!

Izuku: That’s okay with me!

Shoto: Good.


Shota Aizawa has added Hizashi Yamada and Hitoshi Shinso in group chat

Shota Aizawa changed the name of group chat to Noob Family

Shota: This is here for us to talk without anyone else reading our messages.

Shota: It’s better if we don’t tell about the whole situation to anyone yet.

Hizashi: Agreed.

Hitoshi: Sure…

Shota: Also Hitoshi…

Shota: If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to ask. We will be happy to help you.

Hitoshi: Sure.

Shota: Anyway.

Shota: Me and Hizashi have actual reason why we need to talk to you right now.

Hitoshi: Shoot.

Shota: We met social worker today.

Hitoshi: ?

Hizashi: You need to talk with her so she can estimate the situation. Then she will make sure you are up to adoption for us. Your parents won’t have any control over you after that.

Hitoshi: Okay. I will meet her.

Hitoshi: When?

Shota: Is friday okay?

Hizashi: One of us or both can come with you.

Hitoshi:: Friday is okay.

Hitoshi: If you both could come I would appreciate it.

Hizashi: We will be there with you.

Hitoshi: Thanks.

Hitoshi: I’m going to eat now. With my friends.

Hizashi: Have fun (⌒∇⌒)

Hitoshi: Sure. Talk to you guys later.

Shota: Bye Hitoshi.


Class 1-A:

It’sPinkyBitch send picture; (itsnicethattheylikeeachotherbutwhyaretheymakingoutincommonroom.jpeg)

MamaMomo: We aren’t making out!

MamaMomo: We are just cuddling.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Not on our couch!

BetterThanAirPods: Upsie dupsie!

PikaPikaBitch: Those god damn lesbians..

BetterThanAirPods: Sero come here to get your mans or I will strangle him!

DuctTape: Not my mans. I don’t have mans.

MamaMomo: Someone get Kaminari.

MamaMomo: Jiro is literally chasing him with frying pan.

HardForYou: Isn’t Mina there?

It’sPinkyBitch: I’m eating grilled cheese. I ain’t gonna stop anyone.

HardForYou: Bakobro?

LordExplosionMurder: What?!

HardForYou: Come to help me with those two!

LordExplosionMurder: Whatever…

It’sPinkyBitch: Baku-squad bonding!

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck no!




To be continued....



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Chapter Text

Noob Family: 

Shota: We are waiting outside.

Hitoshi: I will be there in five minutes.

Hizashi: See you soon!


Shinso closed the door of his room as he entered to the hall. Artificial lights were creating weird shadows on the walls and the floor. Breath was catching on his throat and cold sweat was covering his hands. Everything was just silent, so silent, like nobody else had ever lived in the dorms. It felt like eating him alive. Never ending staircase. Emptiness of the common room and kitchen. Pulling his shoes on. Finals steps to front door felt heavy, like he had cement blocks on his feet. This was the day that he had to tell complete stranger his whole life story. This one conversation would change his future. Then he had to step outside. Sun shined to his eyes and it made them water. Aizawa-sensei’s black car was parked right next to the door. He could see Yamada-sensei sitting on the front seat and waving at him uncontrollably. Shinso made small wave with his hand and walked to the car.


Aizawa-sensei was sitting on the driver's seat. He didn’t turn to look at Shinso when he sat on the back seat. Instead his dark eyes studied young boy from the rear-view mirror. When Hitoshi pulled his door shut and put on his seatbelt Shota started the door. Car pulled to the street and Shota turned it towards downtown of Musutafu. Hizashi turned around on his seat to talk to Hitoshi. 

“How are you feeling?”

“I don’t know. Stressed, scared and I’m kind of panicking…”

Hizashi gave him wide smile but it had sad undertone.

“You don’t have to worry. We will be there with you and you just need to tell her everything that you told us. Everything is gonna go fine.”


 Shota kept his eyes at the road but decided to join the conversation that his boyfriend and adopted wannabe son were having.

“After the meeting I think we should get some pizza and ice cream. What do you guys say?”

Hizashi didn’t turn back on his seat but instead just turned his head. 


Aizawa had to bring his right hand to his ear. then he rubbed it to make the ringing stop.Sometimes Yamada forgot how loud he can be. Hitoshi didn’t have much of choice in this situation. After all… adults always get angry when he doesn’t agree with them or do what they want.

“Sure, sounds fun…”

Then both Aizawa and Yamada stayed silent and Hitoshi knew he had made the situation awkward. 


When the car finally stopped and  Aizawa-sensei parked the car Shinso looked out from the window. The building right next to them was grey office building with large glass windows. There were some letters on the wall that wrote out Musutafu Social Center. Hitoshi felt his hands getting sweaty and shaky. It’s not like he has done anything like this before. He followed Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei inside from the front doors. The hall was so white it hurt his eyes. He stayed behind his teachers backs when they signed him up at the info. Lady behind the desk directed them down one hall, then another and told them to wait there. It was like one of those police tv-series, women and men dressed in suits walked past them. They walked fast and were talking loudly. It made Shinso feel small and like they didn’t fit there. Both adults were wearing black jeans and band shirts. Yamada’s hair was down and resting against his back while Shota’s hai was on low bun. Hitoshi had the same gray t-shirt and pants he always wore.

“Shinso Hitoshi?”

They were greeted by a woman, plus-sized, brown bob cut hair and those ugly ass round glasses that looked too small for her face. The brown suit she was wearing looked too small. Aizawa-sensei stood up.

“That’s us… I mean that’s him.”

“Well, come on then.”

Hizashi’s warm palm came to rest on Shinso’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. We will be there with you.”


The office was white and inhumanly clean.  One desk, three leather chairs and one office chair. The woman sat down, looked at her computer for moment and then turned to Shinso.

“So,you are the kid…”

Like that wasn’t obvious.

“Uh… yeah…”

She smiled widely and shook both Mr. Aizawa’s and Mr. Yamada’s hands.

“Nice to meet you. Now Mr. Shinso. Tell me everything about your childhood, parents and your life right now. I want to hear everything.”


Shinso started to tell everything to the lady, just like he and told to Aizawa-sensei. Except this time someone asked him questions. Most of the time he didn’t know how to answer to any of them.

“Did you try to defend yourself from them?”

“Yeah… At first but it’s not like I could have won their quirks.”

“So you haven’t tried recently?”

“No… I…”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Teacher or nurse.”

“I tried but no one believed me.”

“Did you try to make your parents life harder because they didn’t want you?”

“I… Don’t know…”

“Did you try to make them stop?”


“I begged, I… told them to stop…”

“Did you provoke them with your actions?”

“I… I… No… I didn’t try to…”

The lady wrote something down and Hitoshi turned to look at his teachers...maybe future dads.They were holding hands and Hizashi’s eyes were red. Hitoshi knew he had cried. He bit his lip.

“Well I guess this is everything. Thank you Hitoshi. I will soon take surprise visit to your parents house. Then I will start the paperwork and hopefully soon this whole situation will be solved.”

“Thank you so much. We appreciate your help.”

“Of course Mr. Aizawa. It’s my pleasure to help you guys.”


“No problem Hitoshi. Everything we do is for you.”

When the door closed behind them, leaving them alone in the hall, they looked at each other. Aizawa lifted his eyebrows. When they walked to the parking lot he finally smiled.

“So? Still down for that pizza and ice cream?”

“Hell yes.”

Hitoshi sprinted to their car like he was running from his problems.

“Hitoshi! You aren’t allowed to fucking curse!”

“You know babe, Shota, I think you will have to train your parenting skills…”

“You are probably right.”


“That pizza!”

“We are coming.”


Sitting at the pizza place, Shinso had never felt so comfortable and relaxed. This was something Shinso wanted to feel for his rest of his life. But he didn’t want to admit that to his teachers. He held the menu in his hands but didn’t know what to order. He had eaten one piece of frozen pizza couple times in his life. Not once in his life had he been in pizzeria. He didn’t know what to order so he let Hizashi pick for him.He had pizza with chicken, onions, olives and extra cheese. While Shota was having normal pepperoni pizza and Hizashi had one called frutti di mare. Shinso had no idea what pizza called that would have as a topping.



“You know you can always ask us anything or talk about anything to us. We want you to be happy. You can trust us. We won’t judge you or leave you. We care about you a lot.”

“I know. I just… have hard time with emotion. And this is all new to me. I don’t know how I should feel.”

“It’s okay. We will be here for you. Just know that if you need anything, we will listen.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“No problem. We just want to help you.”


The pizza was so good. It was nothing like anything he had ever tasted.He was sure that no any frozen version would be that good. Cheese was so stretchy and mixed well with the sauce. Toppings were on point and tasted fresh.Nothing in the world would taste better than that. Or so was he thinking until Shota drove them to park and they bought ice cream. That’s also something he had never tasted in any shape or form. He knew technically what ice cream was like but he had never held cone in his hand.The one he had, chocolate, was everything. It was so creamy and sweet and cold but it didn’t taste like actual chocolate that you can buy from grocery store. More like hot chocolate but cold and firm. Shinso dared to think it was the best day of his life. It was like he lived in a dream. His childhood again but better, much much better. If this was dream he didn’t want to wake up. Everything was great once in his life.



To be conitnued...

Chapter Text

Class 1-A:

PikaPikaBitch: Have you guys ever thought that when you choke on water you've failed both drinking AND breathing

Uravity: Well now I have….

LocalCatLady: When you realize you can't even breathe right

Froppy: Said person with asthma to other. 

IcyHot: Bold for you to assume those are the only things that I failed at

DabbingTheHaters: Shut up. You are the only one of us that isn't failure

DabbingTheHaters: Father thinks rest of us are failures

LocalCatLady: Hah same

DoYouSeeMe: This class needs two things. Good therapist and some bonding because of family issues

DuctTape: This class needs some milk

It’sPinkyBitch: No we need something stronger

HardForYou: Vodka? 

It’sPinkyBitch: I meant something like love or friendship but I think that works better… 

LordExplosionMurder: You know he is a keeper if he keeps gun and antidepressants in the same locker

SatanBae: Only one of those works… 

SparkleBaguette: You need Jesus! Or a croissant. 

BetterThanAirPods: Probably both. 

SatanBae: Jesus can't save me! 

LocalCatLady: Hell Squad? 

SatanBae: Hell Squad. 

FutureGreenHero: No hell squad! You guys are so depressing. 

Uravity: Nothing alcohol can't fix

MamaMomo: Mood


DabbingTheHaters: Too late. Can't stop me. 


Noob family:

Shota: Just got a call. 

Shota: Hitoshi's parents will be informed about the situation tomorrow and he will be taken to foster care. 

Hizashi: That’s us right? 

Shota: Yeah. 

Shota: Hitoshi, we will go get rest of your stuff from your parents. Then you will come home with us and you will see your new room. 

Hitoshi: I… 

Hitoshi: Thank you. I don't know how to Thank you enough. 

Hizashi: You don't have to! Also tomorrow you can finally tell to your classmates about this. 

Hitoshi: Great. 

Hizashi: We miss you~! 

Hitoshi: Same


Bakugo and the Extras:

It’sPinkyBitch: GUYS!

DuctTape: Oh god here we go again…. 

It’sPinkyBitch: BITCH! 

It’sPinkyBitch: I haven't even said anything yet!

PikaPikaBitch: Go on. We are listening

It’sPinkyBitch: Thank you! At least I can trust one of my friends. 

HardForYou: Burn! 

LordExplosionMurder: GO ON WANNABE BUBBLEGUM! 

It’sPinkyBitch: UM, RUDE! 

It’sPinkyBitch: Anyway… 

It’sPinkyBitch: I was thinking. 

LordExplosionMurder: Wow, that's so impressive. Want a medal? 

It’sPinkyBitch: Honestly fuck you…. 

LordExplosionMurder: Fuck no. 

PikaPikaBitch: Fuck this. 

DuctTape: Fuck that. 

HardForYou: Fuck everything. 

It’sPinkyBitch: GUYS!!!!!!!!! 

HardForYou: Sorry

It’sPinkyBitch: I think we should have Baku-squad bonding! 

LordExplosionMurder: Not in fucking million years. 

PikaPikaBitch: Why not? 

LordExplosionMurder: Because I don't wanna spend time with losers like you

DuctTape: That’s mean (T - T) 

LordExplosionMurder: It was meant to be mean

It’sPinkyBitch: Aw come on

It’sPinkyBitch: Just this once? 

LordExplosionMurder: NO

HardForYou: But Bakubro…. 

HardForYou: We want to spend some time with you! 

LordExplosionMurder: Okay, fucking fine. Whatever. 

PikaPikaBitch: So all it takes is Kirishima?

LordExplosionMurder: Yeah. Because he's the only cool one.

LordExplosionMurder: Rest of you suck

DuctTape: Wow, Thanks. 

HardForYou: U think I'm cool? 

LordExplosionMurder: Cooler than rest of those idiots but nowhere near my level. But sure, coolish. 

HardForYou: Thanks Bakubro! 

LordExplosionMurder: Whatever shitty hair

It’sPinkyBitch: See you guys downstairs

It’sPinkyBitch: We are gonna go to the mall and then to park

PikaPikaBitch: See you soon bois! 


Class 1-A:

It’sPinkyBitch send picture; (bakusquadatthemall.jpeg)

Uravity: Isn't that the mall we were banned from? 

PikaPikaBitch: Yeah

FutureGreenHero: Rebels! 

BetterThanAirPods: I love it! 

SatanBae: Same…. 

MamaMomo: Wait, is that Kaminari sliding up on his stomach on escalator at the background? 

It’sPinkyBitch: Maybe…. 

DabbingTheHaters: Such a legend

It’sPinkyBitch send picture; (ohmygodhefelloff.jpeg)

DuctTape: Rest In Pieces… 

DuctTape: Kaminari was too young to leave this World.


DuctTape: Sometimes I can still hear his voice…. 

PikaPikaBitch: I’m right here! 

DuctTape: He will be missed. 

SonicTheHedgeHog: I can already feel you guys being banned again from that mall. 

FutureGreenHero: Can't get banned from a mall if you're already banned. 

DoYouSeeMe: You are a wise man Midoriya

FutureGreenHero: I know.

SonicTheHedgeHog: Dare I say different?

Froppy: No! 

Uravity: Stay away from our small bean you evil demon!

LocalCatLady: Deku protection squad? 

IcyHot: Deku protection squad. 

LocalCatLady: Nice. 

SonicTheHedgeHog: I thought I was part of that squad?

IcyHot: Not if you just bully Izuchan. 

SonicTheHedgeHog: Okay fair

SonicTheHedgeHog: I’m sorry Midoriya if the words I wrote made you uncomfortable or sad. 

DoYouSeeMe: When Iida has the character development we all wish Bakugo had…. 

LordExplosionMurder: HEY?! Fuck off! 


It’sPinkyBitch send picture; (wearerunningfromtheguard.jpeg)

It’sPinkyBitch: I think he wants to throw us out

ThatTailGuy: How are you running and texting? 

It’sPinkyBitch send picture; (seroiscarryingmewhilerunningsoicantext.jpeg)

SparkleBaguette: In any other situation that would be romantic

It’sPinkyBitch: Never date your friend guys! 

IcyHot: Oops, I fucked that one didn't I? 

DabbingTheHaters: Yeah

DabbingTheHaters: But I like this one. He is Sweet and strong. Plus he is basically cinnamon roll. 

DabbingTheHaters send picture; (alsoihaveyourboyfriendshoto.jpeg)

IcyHot: What are you doing with Midoriya?

DabbingTheHaters: We are having the "Hurt my brother and I will burn you" talk. 


DabbingTheHaters: Too late! 

FutureGreenHero: It's fine Shochan! 

DabbingTheHaters: Now we are just chilling and playing Mario Kart

Froppy: Without us? (;Д;)

FutureGreenHero: Come to the common room

FutureGreenHero: We are sitting on a couch


DoYouSeeMe: Mina has been silent for too long. 

DoYouSeeMe : Is everything okay?

PikaPikaBitch: It was. 

PikaPikaBitch: Until Sero fell down and dropped Mina. Then of course we stopped to help them but we also kind of fell. 

BetterThanAirPods: I think I know where this is going…

DuctTape: We couldn’t get up and just laid on top of each other

It’sPinkyBitch: Then the guard kicked us out. 

It’sPinkyBitch: Now we are eating chips at park

MamaMomo: Mood

SonicTheHedgeHog: You guys can't go anywhere.

HardForYou: True but it was worth it. 

ArmsForDays: Wouldn't call it that but okay…. 

PikaPikaBitch: Long story short we can't go to that mall anymore. 

LocalCatLady: Weird flex but okay

LocalCatLady: Hey I have something I need to tell everyone. 

Uravity: Go on? 

LocalCatLady: Can't tell yet but if you all could stay at the commom room after lunch. I will tell you then. 

MamaMomo: We will all be there. 

Uravity: Right Bakugo? 

LordExplosionMurder: Sure…

LocalCatLady: Thanks guys. This means a lot. 

PikaPikaBitch: But if this is so that you can come out from closet as a gay, trust me, we know already. 

LocalCatLady: What? No. This has nothing to do with that. 

PikaPikaBitch: Okay if you say so. 

LocalCatLady: Besides it's not like you guys didn't know that already. 

HardForYou: Kaminari pointed it out so I think none of us is stupider than him. 

It’sPinkyBitch: Yeah if Danki knew it everyone else also knows it. 

PikaPikaBitch: Hey! I'm not that stupid! 

LordExplosionMurder: Keep telling yourself that. 

PikaPikaBitch: I hate you all. 

DuctTape: We love you too. 

PikaPikaBitch: Aw. I love you guys too! 

DoYouSeeMe: Virtual group hug! 

LordExplosionMurder: NO fucking way! 

Uravity: Too late bitch! 


PikaPikaBitch: Real question:

PikaPikaBitch: Who won the Mario Kart?

FutureGreenHero: Jiro

It’sPinkyBitch: I'm not even surprised…

BetterThanAirPods: All glory to me! 

MamaMomo: That’s my girl <3

BetterThanAirPods: All yours <3 

PikaPikaBitch: Ew

BetterThanAirPods: I'm gonna snap your fucking neck

PikaPikaBitch: You have to catch me first! 



To be continued... 

Chapter Text

Sunlight was piercing through Shinso's greyish purple curtains. Warm sunlight shined to his eyes. It made him turn on his other side. That side of his bed felt cold against his body. Then the indigo eyes opened to look at the wall right in front of him. Paper white walls and his movie poster. His room at UA… first place that felt like home. Today would change everything. He could finally have real, loving family. So much has happened since he came to U.A. So many new friends that actually care about him. He was transferred to hero course. And now Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada aren't only going to get him away from his parents but also let him come live with them. There is nothing in the World he would want anymore. Well except boyfriend and a cat… or twenty cats. But like… family, home and boyfriend. Would that be too much to ask? It's not like he has high standards. As long as the guy isn't allergic to cats and doesn't hit him. Maybe you could only have two of those three wishes. The ringtone of his phone pulled him back from his thoughts. Then he turned around to see the screen. Mr. Yamada? Shinso took couple of deep breath and answered to the phone, while trying to sound like he had been awake for long time. 


Okay he sounded just like he woke up after six years of sleep. 

"Morning Hitoshi! How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?"

"I guess." 

"Good. Good. Shota and I will be there in hour. Be ready. We will bring some breakfast with us for you and then we will get your stuff."

"Yeah. I will be ready. Just text me when you guys are here."

"Sure. See you later 'Toshi."

"See you soon Yamada-sensei."

After that Hitoshi just hang up. This was it. There was no turning back now. 


Hitoshi spent next twenty minutes scrolling at social media and his text messages. Then he put his phone back on the table. With slow and uneasy movement Shinso was sitting on his bed. After five minutes of just him sitting on there and staring the door he quickly rubbed his legs. They felt sore after last night leg cramps. He stood up and went to his closet. There wasn’t that many actual pieces of clothes besides his U.A. uniform and training outfit. Hitoshi reached for T-shirt with cat on it and black College pants. Exactly same outfit he would wear every day. It's not like he has any other clothes to wear. Then that paired with socks with cannabis print and dark purple sneakers. Nothing special but good enough. It's not like he had any choices. Hitoshi took his phone and walked down stairs. 


Kaminari and Sero were sitting on the couch and playing something on xbox. First they didn't even realize the purple haired boy. Then Kaminari's eyes traveled across the room and landed to Shinso. Then he just smiled. 

"Hi man. Where are you going?"

"Morning. I have to go home for a little while. Need to get some stuff and do so some… I will tell you guys later."

Now Sero also turned to look at them. 

"Sure. No pressure. Whatever you want to tell us can wait until you come back."

"Thanks guys."

But Denki's smile had changed to concerned look.

"You are gonna go home? Alone? Not to be rude Shinso but last time you went there didn't go well. Remember? Your whole eye was bruised."

Shinso's teeth started to chew the inside of his bottom lip. 

"Yeah, I know. That's why Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei are coming with me."

Sero nodded and patted Kaminari on the shoulder. 

"Well that's good."

Shinso's phone vibrated so he turned to look at it. 


Noob family:

Hizashi: We are at the parking lot. 

Hizashi: We got some breakfast for you. 

Hitoshi: Coming! 

Hizashi: ^ω^


Hitoshi waved at Sero and Kaminari. 

"See you guys later. I need to go."

"See ya later boi!" 

He left the building and without looking back. Then he looked around trying to find familiar black car. He couldn’t find them at first but the sounds of yelling made him turn around. That's when he saw Mr. Yamada half way out from the car window, waving at him. 




Shinso couldn’t help but smile when he walked towards their car. Waving his hand. 

"There is our boy! HITOSHI!" 

Shinso reached to open the back door. And sat on the seat behind Hizashi. 

"Hey Mr. Yamada. Hey Mr. Aizawa." 

"Hitoshi… You know you can call us Shota and Hizashi."


"Don't be. It's fine."

Hizashi turned around to look at Hitoshi. Then he pointed at the grocery bag. 

"There is some cold tea and sandwiches we bought from store. Eat something before we go."


After that they drove in complete silence and Shinso ate his breakfast. 


When their car parked at the sidewalk next to Shinso's parents house. There was big dark blue car parked on the yard. He had never seen that before. Reality hit him right on the face. He would have to meet his parents after they had heard about the whole foster situation. They would be so mad. He shifted his position to see window that was at the kitchen. Maybe he could see if his parents were there. Unfortunately the blinds were closed so you couldn't see in. Hitoshi didn't even realize his hands started to shake until slim and pale hand squeezed them. He looked back at the front seats of their car. Hizashi's warm and steady hand was holding his. Both adults were looking at him and Hizashi was smiling warm but sad smile. 

"It's going to be fine kid. We are here with you."

"Yeah and we will leave right after we get all your stuff."

"You don't even have to look at them Hitoshi."


"We promise."


Every step close to the front door felt heavier and heavier. His legs were cramping. Hizashi never let go of his hand. It was somewhat comforting. It made him feel like a small child. A lost one. That's basically what he is. A lost child that doesn't know where he belongs. The last step before the door was hardest one. It was like gravity was pulling him against the ground, like his body was ready to give up and he couldn’t move his legs. He couldn’t breathe. 

"It's okay Hitoshi, we got you." 

Shota knocked on the door while Hizashi was still holding Hitoshi's hand and standing right next to him. For good five minutes it looked like no one was going to open the door. Then the same social worker woman who Shinso met before almost slammed it on Shota's face. 


"AH. Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada, I have been waiting for you. And young Hitoshi. Nice to see you too." 


" Come in. Come in so you can get your stuff and say bye."

Women disappeared into the house. Hizashi and Shota looked at each others. 

" If I will go with Hitoshi to get his stuff and you make sure his parents stay away from him."

"Yeah let's do that."

Hitoshi hold on to Hizashi's hand as hard as he could. He didn't want to do this. He just wanted to leave with his teachers and never look back. He stopped and pulled Hizashi's hand. Causing the man to turn around. 

" 'Toshi, is everything okay?"

" I- I don't want to see them. I want to leave with you guys."

"Oh Hitoshi… I know. Just five minutes okay?" 

"Sure. Five minutes…." 


Shota was waiting them at the small shoe hall. His facial expression didn't change but he gave them worried look with his eyes. 

"So, which one us your room?" 

"That one…" 

Shinso didn't look up from his feet. His finger pointed the door at the end of small hall. Shota just nodded and started to walk. Hizashi and Hitoshi were following right behind him. When Shota was right next to the living room entrance a skinny woman ran against him. Then her eyes traveled to look at Hitoshi. 

"You! Fucking good for nothing! I bet this is your fucking fault!"

As a reflex Hizashi moved Hitoshi right behind himself.

"We are gonna kill you! I should have aborted you when you were fucking fetus!" 

Hizashi and Shota changed looks. 

"Now you bring fucking social worker with you! And then she tells me that you want to live with two fucking gay men!" 

She ran towards Hizashi and Hitoshi. That’s when Shota had enough and tackled her on the ground. 

"If I was you I would stay calm so this would be easier for all of us."

"Fucking Pro-heroes!" 

When she was struggling with Shota Hizashi saw that this was his moment. He ran through the hall with Hitoshi and slammed the door shut behind them. They could hear Hitoshi's mother yelling at the hall. Hizashi turned to look at Hitoshi. 

"Now just collect all your stuff and we will leave, okay?" 



Quickly they packed everything in the room that was Shinso's. It wasn’t much. Some T-shirts, pants, one sweater and one pair of jeans. There was a copy of Close Encounters of the Third Kind hidden in his closet. Hizashi held it in his hand and smiled at Shinso. 


Mild tint of red dusted on Hitoshi's cheeks. 

"Did you steal it?" 

"What?! No! But…. I stole the money for it from my parents…"

Hizashi let out small laugh and rubbed his purple hair. 

"Good boy." 

"Aren't you supposed to be angry. What if I steal money from you and Aizawa-sensei?" 

"You don't have to. We will give you money. But if you steal something you probably have good reason to." 

Hitoshi didn't say anything. He just kept packing some small books and pens in his bag. Someone knocked lightly on the door. Hizashi's relaxed posture quickly changed to tense. 


"Dare to let me in? Hitoshi's parents calmed down already."

Hizashi walked to the door and let Shota in. His right cheek had some light scratches on it.

"Did she hit you?" 

Both adults turned to look at him. 

"No, just some scratches."

"What about my father?" 

"Just yelled something about us trying to steal you. Don't worry about that."

Hizashi placed small kiss on Shota's cheek. 

"You guys got everything?" 

"Yeah…. I don't have much stuff so it was quick." 

"Okay. Then we should probably leave."


They left the building at the sametime with the social worker lady. Hitoshi's parents kept yelling after them. 

"Ungrateful little shit!" 

"You can't just take our son!" 

"I know why gay people like you want to adopt little boys! That's sick!" 

"This isn't over yet!" 

Hitoshi looked at Shota. 

"I'm sorry…" 

"Don't be. Don't think about them." 

Shota lifted the bags in the trunk while Hitoshi and Hizashi sat in the car. 

"Now we will go home and unpack your stuff. Then we should eat some lunch and we will take you back to your dorms."

"Sounds good." 


It was first time Hitoshi saw their apartment. Three rooms, bathroom and kitchen. The furniture was modern in colours of black, white, grey and some yellow. The hall had jacket closet with mirror doors and shelf for shoes. There was also small key stand right next to the door. Both Shota and Hizashi left their shoes next to the shelf. Yamada bend down to empty one of the four levels on the shelf. 

"Here. This is where you can put your shoes."

Hitoshi removed his sneakers and put them in the shelf. 

"Thanks but I only own one pair of sneakers."

Hizashi smiled and stood back up. 

"Don't worry. We will fix that on Monday." 


Aizawa dropped the bags on the floor of empty bedroom. 

"Now, this is your room. We got you new bed yesterday. But we didn't buy anything else because we didn't know what you actually like."

Twin size bed was on the other side of the room. It had lavender colored covers and a cat pillow. White walls had one movie poster on it. It was from E. T., the movie that Hizashi mentioned when they told him they were going to adopt him. Then there was black desk and one closet. It wasn’t much but lot better than his old room. 

"If you unpack everything while we make some lunch, okay?" 


"We will call you when the lunch is ready."


Shota closed the door behind them leaving Hitoshi alone in his new room. He sat on his new bed. The mattress was so soft. A lot softer than his old one. Memory foam bend under his body. Then he sighed and started to unpack his things. 


This was best day of his life. He never have to go to that house again or see those people who he called 'parents'. He would have everything in his life that he will need. Food and clothes and warm water. Clean home. Hitoshi didn't even realize that warm tears started roll down his cheeks. He didn't notice Hizashi who was standing at his door way. 

" 'Toshi? Is everything okay? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" 

Warm hand was wiping his tears. 

"No. I'm fine… I'm just so happy that I can stay here."

"Oh, Hitoshi…" 

Yamada reached forwards to give him hug. They stayed like that for a while until Aizawa interrupted them. 

"I'm sorry that I have to break this beautiful moment but our lunch is getting cold."

Hizashi smiled and stood up. 

"Let's go then."

On their way to the kitchen Aizawa and Yamada shared a kiss. That's something Shinso had never seen his parents do. Everything was new and wonderful. He could get used to this life. 


Class 1-A:

LocalCatLady: I will be at the common room in fifteen minutes. I hope you are all gonna be there. I want to tell you guys something. 

FutureGreenHero: Deku-squad and Toya will be there! 

PikaPikaBitch: So will Baku-squad!

LordExplosionMurder: No.

HardForYou: YES we will be. 

BetterThanAirPods: Momo, Ojiro, Hagakure, Tokoyami, Shoji and I will be there. 

SparkleBaguette: Moi will come. 

SugarDaddy: Me too. 

Animals4ever: Same. 

LocalCatLady: Thanks guys! 

FutureGreenHero: See you soon. 


When Shinso stepped inside the common room everyone was already there. Everyone was either sitting on couches or on the floor. Midoriya was first one to realize him. 

"Hi Shinso-kun."

"Hey guys…." 

"What the fuck is this? Fucking Pikatchu told us you went to see your parents."

"Hey! I told you guys not to expose me!" 


"Why did you go back there Shinso?" 

"Yeah. Your parents are insane bro." 


Every went silent and turned to Momo. 

"Let Shinso talk." 

"Thanks Yaoyurozu… "

Shinso took a deep breath. 

"So… Aizawa-sensei didn't like the way that my parents treated me so he talked with Yamada-sensei. After some thinking they decided that they would adopt me. So we saw social worker last week and now they took me to foster care. It will take some time before they are my legal parents but they will be. We still have to do some paperwork but I'm now moving in with them."

Everyone looked at each other. Who would be the first one to say something. 

"Shinso, that's great news!"

"Our purple problem boi is finally getting the love and affection he deserves!" 

"I wanna come visit when your room is ready." 


"Does this mean we can go shopping and get you some new clothes?" 

"Finally something good is happening." 

"I feel like proud older brother…"

"But you are my older brother Toya…" 

"That’s why I can't be proud often." 



Kaminari waved his hands in the air. 

"Are you telling us that Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei are both gay and A COUPLE?" 

Shinso looked both confused and surprised at the sametime. 

"Well…. Yeah?" 

"That’s so cool! And we didn't even know!" 

"We are gonna tell Aizawa-sensei that we love our gay wannabe dads, right?" 


"Oh boy… I already feel the detention coming…" 

Shinso couldn’t help but laugh. Everything was so great right then and there. Life couldn’t get anymore wonderful. They gave him a new life. 





To be continued... 

Chapter Text

Monday felt normal in every way as class 1-A was walking to the cafeteria together to eat lunch. Things that they had gone through together had brought them close to each other. Toya  was already sitting at the longest table and eating his meal. When his little brother and their friends were putting their bags on their seats he finally look up. 

"Sup bitches!" 

"Hey Toya. How has your day been?" 

"Normal, nothing much. I have just been playing on the Xbox."

"Not faaaiir! Why we have go to school while semi old Todoroki gets to play video games!?!" 

"That’s because I'm an adult, moving phone charger."

"I would argue about that but okay…"


Everyone left again to get some food and Todoroki and Midoriya were first ones to come back. Shoto sat between his brother and boyfriend. For a good while he just ate his lunch before his eyes traveled back to look at Toya. He was looking at his phone and not paying any mind to what was happening. Then warm hand stroke his hair. Toya turned to look at his right to see Shoto looking at him. 

"What now lil Broh?" 

Shoto was thinking for moment before answering. 

"Your hair is growing."

"So is yours…. What about that."

"Your roots are red…."


Toya clicks open his front camera on his phone to look at himself. Shoto is right, his hair is getting little long and his roots are flaming red. It's not like he doesn't know that or anything. It's just that he doesn't always remember it. And to be fair ever since Hitoshi freed him from All for One he hasn’t really wanted to look at himself from the mirror. It's not like he is pleasure for eyes. Actually he would prefer not looking at himself at all but all bathrooms have mirrors so… there is that. 

"Oh yeah, you are right." 

Toya couldn’t help but move his fingers through his own mop of hair. There was about half inch root of red hair. It was just as vibrant as his father’s and left side of Shoto’s. He hadn’t seen that color in really long time on his head. There was something so familiar yet so foreign in it.

“Hey Shoto…”

His brother turned to look back at him while bunch of noodles were hanging from his mouth.


“Do you think I should let the red grow back and not dye it again?”

Before Shoto could answer to him Midoriya peeked behind the half and half boy.

“You should definitely do that. Red suits you.”

 Shoto just nodded as an agreement. Toya hummed to them and turned back to look at himself. Was he really ready for new chapter in his life?


When Deku-squad was walking to their next class Shinso turned back.

“Hitoshi-kun, where are you going?”

“Oh, I forgot my book to the droms. I will go get it and then come to class. Tell Aizawa-sensei that I will be late.”


“Thanks Midoriya, see you guys soon.”



Midoriya informed Mr. Aizawa that Shinso would be late from the class and he just nodded. They waited and waited. After fifteen minutes Aizawa-sensei decided to start the lesson. Izuku couldn’t help but stare at the door and wait. But Shinso didn’t come. Maybe something happened? Maybe he decided to skip the class? But he didn’t usually do that. He seemed so much happier after Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei had taken him away from his birth parents. He didn’t act usually like this. Maybe he got in trouble?


When he, Todoroki, Uraraka, Iida and Asui were leaving the classroom Aizawa-sensei stopped them.

“Hey, kids… Have you heard anything from Hitoshi? I tried to text him at the class to see if he was coming but he didn’t answer.”

“All we know is that he was going to the dorms to get his book but he never came back.”

“Okay, thanks anyway.”

Uraraka smiled at her teacher and friends.

“We can go to see if he is at the dorms or in his room.”

“Yeah, you do that. Or maybe he went to our apartment with Hizashi. I will call him.”

“I think he is fine Aizawa-sensei. He probably just didn’t want to come.”

“Yeah. Probably.”


Uraraka knocked on Shinso’s door, waiting for it to open. Nothing happened.

“Maybe he just didn’t hear it.”

She knocked louder and leaned closer to the door while Midoriya was leaning over his shoulder.

“Hitoshi-kun? Are you there?”

The door sayed shut. If Shinso was there he didn’t hear them or he didn’t want to answer.

“Move, ribbit.”

Asui pushed her friends aside and pressed her ear against the door. 

“Do you hear anything?”


For a good moment she just listened but then turned back to look at them.

“Nothing. He isn’t there.”


Iida and Todoroki walked up the stairs to their friends.

“Was he in there?”

“No his room is empty.”

“We found nothing either.”

“Maybe he is with Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada.”

“Yeah, probably.”

It’s like Shinso had disappeared or had never existed. This wasn’t normal for him. Felt like he had lied when he said he was going to get his book. Maybe he just ran away from U.A. This all was probably stressing him out.


Class 1-A:

Eraserhead: Did you kids find Hitoshi?

FutureGreenHero: No

FutureGreenHero: Nothing.

Uravity: So he isn’t with you either?

Eraserhead: No. Hizashi hasn’t seen him since morning. And he has his phone turned off. I tried to call him.

HardForYou: What is happening?

SonicTheHedgeHog: We think that Shinso has disappeared.

It’sPinkyBitch: Where could he have gone?

Eraserhead: I don’t know anymore places that he would have gone

DabingTheHaters: Maybe his birth parents house?

MamaMomo: I don’t think he would go there….

DabingTheHaters: True

PikaPikaBitch: Maybe he is just at the grocery store?

PresentMic: Let’s hope so.

BetterThanAirPods: I think he is just fine Yamada-sensei.

FutureGreenHero: Maybe he just needs some time. Lots of things have happened to him in really short time. He is probably really stressed and tired. He just needs some time to himself right now.

IcyHot: Izu-chan is probably right.





To be continued....

Chapter Text

To Shinso the World was really dark place. There was no light for him. Nothing was waiting for him. He couldn’t see anything. Everything felt so empty. He didn’t know if he could have future.His life had changed forever. 


His head was pounding. It hurt and he couldn’t see anything. The ground felt cold against his cheek. He tried to get hold of something so he could sit up. Only hitting his hand on wooden roof. It was only five inches away from his head. He started to feel to walls with his hands. He wasn’t in a room. It was more like a box. Small box. He could feel the wood under his fingertips. His head didn’t stop from hurting. He brought his hand to feel the back of his head. His fingers felt sticky. They smelled like iron. Carefully tasting his fingertips. Blood.

“What the hell….”

He didn’t remember what had happened to him before this. Last thing he knows that happened was him opening the door to his dorm room. Then nothing. 


He didn't remember what had happened after that until he woke up in this place. Or was he even awake. If this was all dream? Or did he die? If this is what afterlife looks like it's fucking boring. 


"He just fucking disappeared! We are never gonna find him! HE LEFT US! OH MY FUCKING GOD!" 

"HIZASHI! Stop fucking yelling and crying! That doesn't help shit!" 



"Aizawa-sensei! Yamada-sensei! Stop yelling! That doesn't help anything!" 

Everyone turned to look at Iida. He was standing right behind their teachers and his face was completely red. Yelling at someone, especially his teachers, was very unusual for him. But if did the job. 

"You guys said all his things were gone?" 

Midoriya and Uraraka looked at each others first but then turned back and just nodded. Then Izuku turned to look at Aizawa. 

"I'm sorry but I don't think he left by choice." 

"And what makes you think that?" 

"I just know. He wouldn't leave just when he had everything." 

"If that's true then who took him?" 

"I only have two guesses."


Shinso wasn’t sure how long he layed there but it felt like forever. Then he heard footsteps coming to his direction. Stopping right in front of him. He could recognize the sound of those steps. These steps had given him nightmares for so many years. Bright light came inside when the door was opened. It made his eyes water and had to cover them with his hands. 

"Finally awake, huh? Come out before I lock the door again."

Hitoshi forced his eyes open. Not looking at his mother when crawling out from the closet. 

"Get up or are you playing the little bitch you are?" 

Slowly standing up, Hitoshi's legs trembled. His hand searched support from the wall next to him, eyes glued onto the floor. 



"HITOSHI! Come to the kitchen!" 

Cold sweat started to run down his back and face. His legs couldn’t move. 

"Hurry up. I think your father wants to talk to you." 


Slowly Hitoshi's legs started to move. Traveling him towards the kitchen. His head was still pounding and his legs felt like giving up. He couldn’t look at his father when he stopped at the doorway. He could hear how his father stood up and walked in front of him. His breath smelled like old rum and cigarettes, it burned Hitoshi’s nostrils. Then he could sense how father lifted his right hand. Hitoshi closed his eyes to protect them.


Then he felt how hand slammed on his cheek. His head turning because of the speed and power of the slap. Red handprint started to form on his cheek. Hitoshi fekt tears forming into his eyes. He wanted to back away, make a run for it but that would only make it worst. Father would stop him before he could get out from the door.

“You little useless bitch! You caused us a lot of problems. That social crone came here with a fucking police. THEY SEARCHED THE WHOLE HOUSE! And now we are on a fucking watch! Now you have to for it!”


Then first landed on his stomach. It sent him flying on the floor. He held his stomach with his arms. It hurt and he lost all the air from his lungs. 


Hitoshi took a hold of their couch to get up. As he was standing second fist hit him on the left eye. He fly back on the ground. Now he couldn’t get back up anymore. It hurt too much and he couldn’t feel his legs. 

“Fucking accident. You really thought that those two faggots wanted you? What did you do to make them keep you. Were you their little bitch.”


Hitoshi tried to get a hold of himself. He couldn’t see how his father took a old and dusty beer bottle from the floor. Holding it in his hand and thinking for a moment.


Hitoshi felt glass breaking against his Temple. Sharp pieces piercing through his skin and blood starting to run down his face. Dripping on the floor from the tip of his nose. He was too tired to fight back. But he had to get away. 

“Go to your room! And don’t come out!”

Hitoshi tried to stand up but he couldn’t, his body was too tired.

“Didn’t you hear me? Hurry the fuck up!”

“I-I can’t…”

“What did you say?!”

“I-I can’t… I can’t stand up…”

His father squaded down on his level.

“You can do anything if you just put your mind on it.”

“No, please… Don’t do this. Please.”

His father had a firm hold of his jaw and turned him to look up. Their eyes met.

“Go. To. Your. Room. And. Don’t. Come. Out.”

Hitoshi tried to fight it but he couldn’t. His body moved and it hurt but he couldn’t do anything. His body taking slow steps and not stopping until he was in his old room. When his father's quirk stopped controlling his body he just fell on the floor. Too tired to even trying to stand up Hitoshi pulled himself on the mattress laid on the floor. 


He just wanted to sleep. Tears wetting the mattress and removing some of the dried blood. Sharp pain still on his right temple. Slowly bringing his fingers to touch the skin. Bumps. There was pieces of glass stuck on his skin. He had to remove them. Starting to pull one that he felt between his finger tips out. He couldn’t. It was too painful. 


Biting his teeth on the pillow the mattress had on it, Hitoshi started to pull again. Soon the piece from the beer bottle was thrown on the floor. It left drops of blood on the dirty floor to mix with the dust. Hitoshi squeezed his eyes shut otherwise the blood or pieces of glass would go in them. He had done this so many times in his life but he had forgotten how bad it felt. Living with Aizawa and Yamada had been so much better than this but of course his parents had to take that from him. They always had to make his life hell. Tears falling from his closed eyes he cried until he didn't feel anymore glass on his skin. Normally he would go check from the bathroom mirror and clean it with some vodka that his parents had. This time that wouldn't happen. If he left his room he couldn’t even imagine what his parents would do to him if he got caught. He just has to wait until they fall asleep. Hitoshi could only cry himself to sleep for a couple of hours.


"I called to the police but they said there isn't much to do because we don't have any proof that his parents kidnapped him… They won't start looking for him until it has been 24 hours since you guys saw him last time." 

"What the fuck is this? Some kind of police country? We are literally Pro Heroes! Why can't we just rush in there and save our baby boy?!" 

"First of all Hizashi. He isn't ours yet and because we don't even know if he is in there."





"Y-you don't mean that…." 

Shota didn't say anything. He hid his face on his hands so he didn't have to look at Hizashi. 

"I just want him back. It's my fault he gets shit from his parents…" 

"Shota, it's not and we will get him back."

"But it is. If I hadn’t decided to adopt him his parents wouldn't be angry." 

"You know that isn't true. Those people hate him."

"But now even more because of us…"

Hizashi was going to say something but he couldn’t because Shota's phone started to ring. Someone was calling but he didn't recognize the number. 

"Aren't you going to answer?"

"I don't want to talk with anyone."

"Maybe it's something important." 

"Don't care."

"Well give me the phone and I will answer. And stop being so childish."

"Says you…" 

Hizashi only glared at him before answering the phone. 


"Yamada Hizashi on Aizawa Shota's phone. How can I help you?" 



That made Aizawa stand up and walk behind his boyfriend. 

"Hitoshi, where are you? Are you okay?" 

"I'm at my parents house. I… I don't want to be here. Please…"

"Hitoshi, calm down. We are coming. Are you hurt?" 

"I-, yeah." 

"Okay. We are…" 

Hizashi fell silent when he heard the screaming from Hitoshi's end of the phone call. 

"What the fuck you think you're doing?! Who are you talking to?!" 


Then the call ended. 

"Shota, we have to go!" 

"What happened? What did he say?" 

"He is at his parents house but his father caught him calling us. We have to get him now!" 


When Aizawa finally parked the car in front of Shinso household there was no lights on. The house looked empty and abandoned but it has looked like that every time they had been there. They run out of the car and to the house. The front door was locked. Yamada started to bang it with his fist. It took almost 10 minutes for someone to open the door. It was Hitoshi's mother, she looked annoyed and tired. 

"What do you two want?"




"Isn't he supposed to be with you. You guys stole him from us after all." 

Her lips curled up on smug smile. 

"We know he is here! Where is he?!" 

"For the last time. The boy isn't here." 

Aizawa pushed the woman off the doorway and walked inside. Down the small hall and pulling open the door to Hitoshi's room. 


It was empty. Not any signs that there has been anyone in a long time. Thick layer of dust covering the floor. He wasn’t there. He hadn't been there. Then where is he? 

"I said he isn't here. Anything else you guys need?" 

"Hizashi, check the other rooms. He has to be here." 

Shota stayed in the hall with Hitoshi's mother as Hizashi went to kitchen. 

"This is what happens if you don't discipline kids. They ran away and cause problems. Maybe you guys aren't right people to become parents but then again… So says the nature. If you guys can't have your own kids don't steal others."

Thin hand touched Shota's shoulder for just a moment but he pushed it away. 



Hizashi looked defeated. 

"He isn't here."

"That’s what I said to you guys. Now can you leave so I can go back to sleep, next to with my husband." 

When they were at the door Aizawa turned back one last time. 

"You may have won this time but we will find him. I know you tricked us." 

"Good night to you too." 

She slammed the door shut right behind them. So they were left in the cool autumn night without knowledge of where Hitoshi was. Maybe he just had called them to lead them on a wrong direction. Maybe he really left by himself. 


The closet door opened again. This time the light didn't burn Shinso's eyes but everything was blurry. Tears had made his face wet and eyes red. Ropes on his hands had rubbed the skin raw and the fabric around his mouth was damp from his spit. 

"Good boy. Now you spend the night in here. Just in case if you decide to do something stupid again."

And so the door closed and left him in the darkness once again. 

To be continued... 

Chapter Text

It had been a week since Shinso disappeared. Neither Aizawa or Yamada could teach their classes so Principle Nezu had given them some time off. Toshinori was teaching Aizawa's 1-A and Nemuri had taken care of Yamada's classes. Even if no one in class 1-A was able to actually pay attention on the lessons. Shinso had become part of their class faster than they had expected. They all missed him, even Bakugo although he didn't say that out loud.


Hizashi was lying on their couch and watching TV. Some lady was talking about street fashion at local talk show. Shota was talking on a phone in the kitchen. After about five minutes he came to the living room. His eyes puffy and red. Hizashi said nothing as his boyfriend fell on top of him. Shota lay his head on his chest.

"Police called…"


"They checked their house again. Nothing. There was no signs that he had been there…"


Hizashi covered his eyes with his hands.

"Shota… I just want him back…"

"I do too. We will get him back…"

"But if he doesn't want to?"

"Then, I don't know what we will do."


Shinso was sitting at kitchen table, holding a water glass in his hand. His left eye had swollen shut and the wound on his right temple was infected and pus was coming out of it. His throat felt sore and tears had left wet trails on his face. He wanted to back to Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei. He wanted to go back home. He wanted back to his new family but he couldn’t escape. His mother tapped her fingers against the table. Taking the last inhale from her cigarette.

"Hurry up. I don't have all day."


World was so tiring. He was too tired to live. He just wanted this to end. When the hot end of cigarette touched his scarred arm he didn't even flinch anymore. He didn't have any energy to move. It left burned mark on his skin, just like they always did.


The closet had become his new bedroom. He had spent most of his childhood timeouts in there. Now when he was older he didn't fit there as well anymore. He could only lay down and curl to himself. Every time he was put in there his mother covered the wooden door with piece of wallpaper. From the outside you couldn't tell there even was a door. He just hoped that Aizawa-sensei or the police had been more careful when looking for him. If one of them had found the door he wouldn’t be here anymore.


"Time to go back to sleep."

Shinso stood up and slowly followed his mother. On the living room she took his phone from her pocket.

"Oh! Would you look at the. Your teacher has tried to call you and even left a voicemail."

Hitoshi lifted his eyes from the floor to look at her. She pressed play to listen to the voicemail.

" Hey Hitoshi. It's me… Aizawa. I don't know if you will listen this but I hope you do. We miss you here. I don't know if you left because… Please, just come back. Whatever we did wrong we will fix. Just come home. We love you…"

His mother smirked at his direction.

"Aw. Sounds like they are really looking for you. How sweet."

Blood inside his veins boiled. These people that he was supposed to call his parents had taken him away from his real family. They had taken away all he loved. He finally had a chance for normal life and they tore it away from him. Now, he wanted it back. He took couple deep breaths before launching forwards. His mother didn't have time to react before he tackled her on the floor. He didn't waste time lying on there. He stood back up as soon as he could. Running through the hall, his mother's screams echoing in his ears.


Steps followed him. He had to run faster. Just when his hand reached for the door handle, someone else opened it.

"What the the HELL is happening here?!"

His and his father's eyes met. He tried to back away but it was too late.


His body froze.


This can't end like this.

"What happened here?!"

"Shithead attacked me and tried to ran away!"

"IS that so…"

His father took fist full of hair and yanked.

"I think we need to teach him little bit."



He had to get away. This was his last chance. He wanted to see Shota and Hizashi and his friends. There was no way to escape when his father controlled his body. Then his father came back. Long metallic thing that looked like small spatula was glowing orange at the tip and looked hot.

"Stay still and keep your eyes open."

When the metalic tip started to move towards his eyes Hitoshi finally understood what was happening.

This can't happen! If I let this happen I won’t ever escaped! I have to get away. Now! I can’t go blind like this.

"I just have to make sure you won't ever try anything like this again. This will teach you some manners."

No! No, no, no, no, no, no! NO! What do I do? This can't be happening! Please someone help me!

Hot metal was so close to his face now that he could feel the heat burning his face.


Shota's words echoed inside his head.

"Just come home… We love you."

He had never felt anything like that before. It was like his mind was pulling away from his body. Everything around him felt like it shattered into small pieces. He was truly fighting back, first time in his life. He wasn’t going to lose. This was the reason why Aizawa-sensei believed in him.


His body fell backwards. Both of his parents stopped in shock. Hitoshi had pulled away from his father's hold. He had won his father. He was more powerful. His mind was too powerful.

"H-how did you do that?"

Those words left both of his parents' mouths. His eyes grew wide.

"Don't move!"

And they really listened him. They stopped moving.


First time in his life he had taken control. He had brainwashed those people who he once called his parents. Now they were just two people who had made big mistake once in their life. He had brainwashed them. He had full control. He could get his revenge after all these years. After all that pain and those nightmares. He could finally make them pay. They would know how he felt during his years living with them. If they disappeared no one would miss them.

But he didn't. He wasn’t that kind of person. He didn't want to become something those people were. This was his only chance. He took his phone from Hibiko Shinso's pocket and some money from the wallet on the counter. Then he made a run for it. He escaped from the front door and ran as fast as his legs carried. He concentrated to keeping Shinsos at their home for as long as he could but the further he got he felt like the brainwashing started to wore off. Then he just run. He knew that they would go after him and if they catched him he probably wouldn’t have another chance.


People stared at him when he ran through the Kōfu streets. His face looked so fucked up that people avoided him and moved away from his way. When he stopped finally at Kōfu train station, his legs almost gave up. Checking the train schedules. There was train leaving to Musutafu in ten minutes. He sat down on a bench to wait. His hand reached into his pocket to get his phone.  Hitoshi tried to turn on the phone but battery was empty. He let his head lean against his hands.


He had done it. He had escaped. Now he just had to find his way back to Aizawa's and Yamada's apartment.


Hizashi was putting together their dinner table while Shota was watching him at the doorway. They were both so tired. They couldn’t live like that. They had to go back to work at some point. Knock on their door woke Shota from his thoughts.

"Maybe it's the police. Maybe they have some information."

"I will go open the door."

Shota walked lazily to the door. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to someone. Especially about Hitoshi.


He pulled the door open and sighed.

" How can I help…"

Then something hit him on the chest. Something warm and it wrapped around him. He had to open his eyes and look down to see the head with purple hair. His eyes widened.

"Hitoshi?! Oh my god, Hitoshi!"

Tears rose into his eyes when he wrapped his arms around his kid.

"Shota, what's happening? Who is it?"

Hizashi stood at the doorway. His face looked surprised.

" 'Toshi! HITOSHI!"

He ran to hug their son from the backside. They all cried together and sat on the floor at their door.


After they finally called down Hitoshi didn't let go of them. Shota's shirt had tears and snot all over it but he didn't care. They got Hitoshi back.

"We knew you would come back… We know you would."

Hitoshi slowly pulled away and his new parents finally saw his face.


"I-... Can we go inside?"

"Yeah. Of course!"

Hizashi helped Hitoshi to the couch while Shota went to get some bandages and wound cleanser. He started to carefully clean Hitoshi's wounds.

"Tell us what happened. Why did you leave?"


"I didn't want to. My ex-parents kidnapped me. I was going to get my book from the dorms but they attacked me from behind. Then they took me back to their house."

Hizashi held his hand.

"But both we and the police went there and you weren’t there."

"They looked me inside of an old closet and covered the door with piece of wall paper."

Shota slapped himself on forehead.

"I should have looked more…"

"Don't blame yourself. No one notice it. They mostly kept me there. Except when my ex-father hit me or when they let me out to drink some water."

"Did they give you anything to eat?"

"Not really…"

"I will put you a plate on the table."

Hizashi stood up and went to the kitchen but stayed only where he could see them both.

"How did you get away?"

"I tried to ran away but ex-father caught me and was about to burn my eyes with hot mental stick. But I broke away from his quirk

Then I just brainwashed them and ran away to the train station. Then I came here."

"Oh baby… We are so sorry that this happened to you."

"I will call the police."


After bandaging Shinso and removing last pieces of glass from his face, they ate together and Aizawa called the police to inform them. Then he called both Nezu and Toshinori to let them know about the situation. Hitoshi took a shower and changed to clean clothes. He was so tired. He just wanted to rest. He wanted to sleep in a real bed. He didn't want to leave anymore.


Later on that night Shota and Hizashi were lying on their bed when someone opened their bedroom door. Hitoshi stood there holding the door for dear life.

"Hitoshi? Is everything okay?"

"Can I… Can I sleep with you guys? I don’t want to be alone."

They looked at each others. Then made room between them.

"Sure. Come here."

Hitoshi crawled between them and curled into a ball. Both of his new parents moved close so they were all lying against each others. 'Toshi fell asleep almost immediately but mumbled.

"Good night dad. Good night papa. Love you…"

"We love you too Hitoshi."


To be continued...


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Chapter Text

LocalCatLady: Hi guys… 

FutureGreenHero: SHINSO! 

It’sPinkyBitch: Oh MY GOD! 


HardForYou: BRO! 






LocalCatLady: Guys, don't worry. I will come to the dorms today. 

FutureGreenHero: Yay!!!!! 

MamaMomo: Sleepover at the Common room? 

PikaPikaBitch: FUCK YEAH! 

Froppy: Shinso, when will you be here? 

LocalCatLady: In like an hour. 

DuctTape: We'll get everything ready. 

LocalCatLady: See you all soon. 

LordExplosionMurder: Happy to have you back shithead…

LocalCatLady: O_O…

LocalCatLady: Thanks? 

LordExplosionMurder: You're welcome. 


SatanBae: Mood

BetterThanAirPods: Bakugo is just a big old softie! 

LordExplosionMurder: NOT FUCKING TRUE!

BetterThanAirPods: Say whatever you want but we both know the truth. 

LordExplosionMurder: FUCK YOU EARPHONE ASS! 

FutureGreenHero: Anyway

FutureGreenHero: See you soon Shinso

LocalCatLady: See you soon guys!!! 


Shinso sat on the back seat of Aizawa's car with his new stuff. Yamada-sensei went to shopping with him earlier today. They bought him new clothes, school supplies, bedsheets and some toiletries. This was first time in his life, when someone had actually used their money to buy him something. He had never had brand new clothes before. Yamada-sensei even let him decide what kind of clothes they bought. He got two pairs of jeans, dark blue and black, 4 hoodies, black, purple, baby blue and pastel lilac, so many pairs of socks that Hitoshi lost count, pair of white sneakers and one light blue denim jacket. Aizawa-sensei had ordered new phone and laptop from online for Hitoshi. Hitoshi rubbed his hands together nervously. It had been many weeks since he and his classmates had seen each others. His new dads wanted to keep him at home for week so they could look after him. Maybe they were scared that if they didn't watch him all the time he might disappear again. Hitoshi on the other hand seemed calm, even too calm. He had been kidnapped by his biological parents. They had starved him, beat him up and in the end they even tried to make him blind.


Police went to Shinso household and arrested his parents after Aizawa had called them. Turned out that when Hitoshi had escaped they went after him. When they couldn’t find him they decided to try to leave the city. Their luggages were already packed when police arrived. Shota and Hizashi had decided to sue the Shinsos for kidnapping their foster son and child abuse. They will go to court and if everything goes to plan Hitoshi's adoption will be sped up and he will be their legal son. Social worker and lawyer had insisted that they would win the trial. 


Hitoshi had fallen asleep on the back seat when their car finally pulled over to U.A. dorms. Lights were on at the ground floor of 1-A dorm. Someone must be at the living room or kitchen. Hizashi turned around on his seat when Shota turned off the car. 

"Hitoshi. Hitoshi!" 


"Wake up. We are here." 

Hitoshi rubbed his eyes before opening them. His eye bags looked even darker than before. He hadn’t slept well for long time. Shota also turned around. 

"I think your friends are waiting. You can be with them, we will take your stuff into your room."

"Thanks… Dad…" 

Shota couldn’t help when warm smile creeped on his lips. 

"No problem…"

Hizashi suddenly wrapped his arms around Shota's neck and started to tear up. 



Aizawa's tone was angry but he smiled and didn't try to push Hizashi away. 

"Can we go now?" 


Aizawa and Yamada took Hitoshi's bags from the car trunk and followed him to the front door.


His keys turned in the lock and front door opened with creak. Before Hitoshi could step inside something pushed him back. He couldn’t keep his balance and he fell back on the damp grass. Something heavy fell on top of him. He opened his eyes to see his whole class and Toya lying on top of him. Even Bakugo was on the top of the human mountain. 

"Shinso! You are back!" 

"We missed you so much!"

Hitoshi smiled and tears rose to his eyes. 

"I missed you guys too…" 

"Okay kids. Get up and go inside before you catch a cold."

Aizawa-sensei was standing at the doorway. Hitoshi could see his black figure against the light coming from inside. Yamada-sensei wasn’t in sight. He was probably already inside.

Slowly all teenagers stood up and walked inside. Midoriya and Uraraka waited until Hitoshi himself walked inside, before going inside. 


Their living room floor was covered with mattresses, blankets and pillows. Hitoshi hadn’t realized before, but all of his classmates were dressed in their pajamas. Momo sat on one of the mattresses with white sheets. 

"We carried all of our beds down here so we could all sleep together." 

Midoriya's left hand patted Shinso's shoulder. 

"We even asked All Might to open the door to your room so we could get your bed too." 

Hitoshi smiled and let out a small laughter. He loved his friends. 

"Thank you so much guys…" 

Tears started to fell down on Hitoshi's cheeks. He started to sob. This was all so overwhelming. Just little over a week ago he was sure he would die in a small closet, alone and forgotten. Now he had his friends back and most amazing dads he could ever ask. 

"I love you guys…" 

Hitoshi tried to wipe his tears and snot on his sleeves. Many arms wrapped around his torso. 

"Don't cry Shinso. We love you too." 

"Yeah. You are the best purple disaster we ever had." 

"I guess you are okay… Lil shit."

"Wow… Bakugo really is a big old softie…" 


"Sorry, sorry, sorry…" 

Slowly the big hug diverged. Shinso smiled and wiped last tears from his face. 

"I'm so happy that nothing changed when I was gone." 

"Maybe but you should go to change on your pajamas and come to spend night with us." 

"Yeah. I will be back soon." 


Hitoshi ran up the stairs and into his room. Aizawa-sensei and Yamada-sensei were in his room and had just stopped putting his new things into their places. They turned around when Hitoshi had opened the door. 

"We will leave now Hitoshi. Call if anything happens or you need anything." 

"I will, I promise." 


Aizawa offered a credit card for Shinso. It looked brand new and was held between two fingers. 

"I got you a bank account. I will put some money for you every week." 

Shinso took the card in his shaky hands and held it like it could turn to dust in any minute. 

"Really? For me?" 

"Yeah. Teenagers nowadays. Don't you need money all the time?" 

Yamada placed small kiss on top of Hitoshi's head, like on a small child. 

"See you tomorrow on class Shinso." 

"Yeah see you." 

After that Hizashi and Shota left and Hitoshi finally changed on his new sleep wear. Purple T-shirt and white pyjama pants with cats on them. Then he made his way to the living room. 


Everyone was sitting on the mattresses placed on the floor. Ice cream, chips and soda had appeared on the coffee table and Jiro was connecting her phone onto her stereos. Hitoshi stopped at the bottom of stairs. He felt awkward. Everyone knew what had happened to him and that he wasn’t brave or strong to defeat his parents.His breath was shaky when he exhaled. He wasn’t even sure why Aizawa-sensei transferred him into the hero course. He can’t become hero. He isn’t reckless like Midoriya, not independent like Todoroki, not smart like Iida, not caring like Uraraka, not brave like Kirishima, not... ambitious like Bakugo, not focused like Tokoyami nor dedicated like Yaoyorozu. He could never be a hero. All those people were right, even his quirk was unsuitable for a hero. Hero with brainwashing quirk, what good would that do? He was useless.


“Hey, Shinso… What’s wrong? You seem panicky.”

Hitoshi turned around to look at who had caught him at the staircase. Ojiro was standing behind him. He was holding something in his hands. He realized that Shinso was staring so he showed the movies that he was holding.

“Jiro asked me to get my Karate Kid movies so we can watch them tonight.”


“But you didn’t answer. What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Not really.... I feel like I don’t fit in with you guys. I’m not meant to be a hero… I don’t have any heroic abilities like the rest of you guys. This is all so stupid.”

Shinso felt like crying again. He had become such a cry baby.

“That’s not true.”


“You are so clever, you don’t take shit from anyone and you say what everyone else is afraid to. You are so brave and powerful. We all care about you and love you. You survived pure torture by yourself and here you are, still standing strong. If you aren’t meant to be hero then neither are we.”

Ojiro wrapped his arms around Shinso who hugged back.

“Thank you Mashirao.”

“You’re welcome. We’re friends after all.”

Slowly they pulled away and Ojiro smiled wide smile to Shinso.

“Should we go? I think everyone is waiting?”



For the rest of the night they listened music, eat ice cream an chips, danced, marathon watched all the Karate Kids and then cuddled as a group. Kirishima had to do some extra work to get Bakugo to cuddle but was successful in the end. Shinso didn’t know what he did to deserve all this love but he didn’t care. He was happiest he had ever been.



To be continued...

Chapter Text

Monday went by fast. Shinso was so happy to be back at his classes and to see his friends again. Their whole class sat together at lunch. Everyone talked about everyday things like nothing had happened. Todoroki had laid his against Midoriya’s shoulder. The green haired boy was talking about something Shinso couldn’t quite catch, probably about hero stuff.


“Sup you little nerds. How is school?”


When Shinso turned around he saw Toya standing there holding his tray of lunch. He had seen the older boy yesterday at their sleepover but he hadn’t really looked at him. During those weeks that Hitoshi had spent at his biological parents’ closet older Todoroki had changed his looks. He had grown truly impressive flaming red roots to his black hair. He had even removed those staples or piercings or whatever they had been. Shinso had been so sure that they held his skin together but apparently not, the guy was just edgy. He had kept his nose and ear piercings though. He was wearing black ripped jeans, gray hoodie and black leather jacket.



“Bakugo calm down…”

“Shitty as usual. I thought that we could have some easy days because we just got Shinso back, BUT NOOOOO!”

“Kaminari I hope you realize that it was Shinso who was kidnapped so he’s the only one who needs easier days. Not us.”

“Yeah okay…”

“Seems like you kids are having a hard time.”


Toya sat between Shinso and Jiro. Then he turned to look at the purple haired boy.

“How are you feeling?”

“I have been better but I’m happy to be back.”

“That’s good to hear. Remember that you have whole class full of people who are here for you.”

“Yeah… I know.”

Shoto lifted his head from his boyfriend’s shoulder and looked at his older brother in the eyes.

“Since when are you giving good advice to anyone?”

“Since today apparently.”

“Sure, whatever you say...”

“Anyway. Don’t you guys have literature?”



“Sorry Iida!”

They started to stand up and collect their stuff.

“See you later Toya.”

“See ya kids.”


In the afternoon they had literature with Cementoss-sensei and English with Present Mic. After Shinso had come back both Aizawa and Yamada had come back to their duties as teachers. Yamada-sensei smiled the whole class and sometimes just looked at Shinso, like making sure that he was still here. It was funny how fast Shinso had trusted them and let them into his life. He had already called them dads and came to them when he couldn't sleep. Someone would say that he was childish but not to Aizawa and Yamada he was just perfect. He never had loving parents as a child, now that he had someone to care for him he has every right to live the childhood he never had. No one had ever made him breakfast, come to wake him up for school, bought him school supplies, go to playground with him or let him watch kids shows from TV. No one had ever tucked him to bed or told him that monsters aren't real when he had nightmares. For him his parents had been the monsters. Hitoshi’s childhood had been full of pain, cigarettes and liquor. 


He had never been happier than right now. Sitting in the classroom while his dad tried to teach him English. He finally had a real family, people to call family. People who he loved and who loved him. People who accepted him and are there for him. He had people who he could call dads. Who the heck needs a mom when you have two gay dads who can kick ass.


Hitoshi didn’t notice he had started crying until tears rolled down his cheeks and dripped on his desk. When he lifted his face up he could see everyone looking at him with wide eyes. Yamada-sensei’s eyes were glued to him. 

“Shinso are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing Yamada-sensei. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I was just little overwhelmed.”

“Are you sure you want to be here? You can leave if you need to.”

“I’m sure. I’m fine.”

Shinso wiped his cheeks to get rid of the rest o f the tears.

“If you say so.”

Yamada-sensei went back to talking about the subject he had been teaching just a minute ago. Shinso turned to look out from the window.


That was the only time Shinso cried on that week. Everything went smoothly after that and he spent almost all his free time with his friends. All was fine until friday evening. Shinso was sitting on the couch at their common room with Jiro, Momo, Toya, Sero and Kaminari when his phone rang. Aizawa-sensei’s name popped on the screen and Shinso pressed green before pressing it against his ear.

“Hi dad. What’s up?”

“Hitoshi are you at the dorms?” 

“Yeah, just watching some garbage comedy show from TV. Why?”

“We will be there soon. There is something we need to talk about.”

“Okay? Is everything okay?”

“Just wait for us. Okay?”

“Did something happen to dad?”

“No. Nothing like that. Just wait, we will be there soon.”



After fifteen minutes there was sound of key turning in lock and door to 1-A dorm was pulled open by Aizawa-sensei. He walked in and Yamada-sensei walked after him and closed the door. Shinso stood up from the couch and walked to them.

“Is everything okay? What’s going on?”

Aizawa walked him to the kitchen and pulled chir from table before making him sit down.

“It’s better if you sit down.”

“What’s going on? You are scaring me.”

Aizawa sighed before both adults kneeled in front of their son and held his hands.


“Shinso, your birth-parents complained to the Supreme Court about us being our foster family and wanting to adopt you. They want you to be removed from our custody and that you are given back to them because they are your biological parents.”

Aizawa-sensei’s words shattered Shinso’s world. He couldn’t feel or hear. Breath catched on his throat and he couldn’t get air. Tears pooled into his eyes and cold sweat ran down his back. 

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…”

Shota and Hizashi stood up and wrapped their bodies around Hitoshi. Tears and snot ran down on his face.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NOO!”

Hitoshi’s fists banged against Shota’s chest but they just held him.


“Hitoshi… Hitoshi. Calm down. We aren’t going to give you to them… Not without a fight.”

Shinso stopped hitting them and squeezed their shirts into his fists. He buried his face, wet from the tears, to their chests.

“Wh-what can we do?”

“We are on the court in two weeks. We will convince them that they are the bad people and you want to be with us.”


Hizashi made some chamomile tea for Hitoshi when he had calmed down. 

“Here, drink this. It will help.”

“Thank dad…”

Hizashi smiled at him sadly and rubbed his back. Hitoshi took a small sip of tea.

“How can the court believe them?”

“I don’t know. They said some things…”

“What things?”

Shota and Hizashi looked at each other.

“What things?”

Shota sighed before turning back to look at Hizashi with worried face.

“They said that we kidnapped you from us and that you have developed some kind of Stockholm syndrome and..”


“And they said that they know that because we are gay… That we only want to adopt you so we can…”

“Can what?”

“So that we can fuck you…”

Hitoshi’s eyes blew wide.

“But nothing of that is true. You could never.”

“Yeah but the court wants to have trial. Only thing we can do is tell the truth and hope that they believe us.”

Hitoshi started to cry again and pulled his dads to tight hug. This had all been too good to be true. Life was never fair to him. This time Aizawa and Yamada couldn’t hold it anymore. Tears rolled down from their eyes. They all just held each others and cried in the kitchen while the chamomile tea steam filled the room with calming scent.



To be continued...