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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, United Duelists Academy

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"This ritual will be dangerous, Soul… are you sure about doing this?" Said the worried voice of a girl.

"Yup, I can handle it, what's the worst that could happen?" Said the voice of Soul, tired, but not as tired as we usually see him.

Soul's eyes shot open, waking up from a dream that unlike other dreams, he didn't particularly welcome, he looked around and found himself laying next to Syrup, who was sitting up and looking at the live feed of the round.

She noticed him and smiled, "Finally awake, sleepyhead?" She asked cheerily.

"Finally awake, sleepyhead?"

The voice that talked to him in his dream seemed to echo even more now, he sighed and laid back down, "Not for long…" He said lazily, Syrup chuckled and allowed him to continue dozing off.

Apparently, most people forgot about their dreams after having them, or at least, most of the important details. But for some reason… he didn't, he remembered every dream he's had as though it was an actual memory, perhaps it was because he slept so much.

He felt his eyes droop again, "Not exactly a nightmare…" He muttered so nobody could hear him, "But I'd rather have something else please…" He said, slowly drifting back into a deep slumber.

"That boy… Yuya Sakaki, correct?" Asked the Doctor, Atem glanced at him, "Yes… he's been quite… interesting…" Atem answered, wary of the grey-haired man. "A new type of monster…" The Doctor said, clearly interested in the image of the boy holding a short, unconscious girl in his arms.

"Yes… we've been monitoring him during his classes… it appears he's given them the name Pendulum Monsters…" He said calmly, "The first to use them… and it doesn't seem he knows particularly much about them either…" He explained, "His Dragon… it was originally a Standard Monster… but it changed…" He said.

"The first Pendulum User…" The Doctor said in a creepy sort of awe, "But it seems that he's not the only one anymore…" The Doctor pointed out, turning their attention to the team lead by Reiji Akaba.

Roger decided to join the topic, "Akaba… is he not the son of Academia's Headmaster?" He asked with a smile, Doctor grinned at him, "Why yes actually…" He responded. Atem raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" He asked, the truth was that he already knew, but he never did find out why he attended his school instead of his father's, "Why does he not attend classes at Academia instead?" He asked curiously, but he kept his guard up.

"Hmm… yes, I wonder why…" The Doctor said cryptically, though his face remained stuck in a large smile, actually, he hadn't stopped smiling since he came into the room, Atem admitted to himself that he was a little creeped out by that.

Nevertheless, Atem could tell he was lying, a little gift he's always had, this man knew exactly why… but he wasn't going to get an answer by prying any further. "Hm…" Atem said, dropping the subject.

Suddenly, a loud explosion echoed through the battlefield, Atem looked towards a floating monitor that displayed Kaiba standing over a series of brutally beaten teams. He was laughing loudly, gloating his victory over the fallen opponents.

Atem grinned and placed two fingers up to the side of his head, "Kaiba…" He said calmly, "I believe I told you to hold back…" He said with a grin, knowing what kind of answer he'd get in response.

"Pah! If they can't handle this level of strength than they never should have challenged me in the first place!" He yelled angrily, Atem was speaking directly into his mind, so only he could hear him.

Atem smiled as a memory flashed through his mind.

"I swear to you!" Kaiba yelled, "I will not lose… I will lose to NO ONE until I defeat you…" He yelled, gritting his teeth, he was struggling to stand, injuries covering his body, but he still stood tall.

"YOU HEAR ME?" He yelled, "NO ONE, I WILL LOSE TO NO ONE, UNTIL WE FIGHT, AND I EMERGE VICTORIOUS!" He screamed, his deep blue eyes shining with a burning determination. "I SWEAR IT!" He yelled before turning and walking away, ignoring the pain caused by his injuries.

"Should've figured… but Kaiba, all of the orbs have to be recovered for the game to end…" Atem said calmly.

"Then I guess this game will never end then!" Kaiba said angrily.

"Kaiba…" Atem said calmly.

"Keh!" Kaiba ignored him.

"Kaiba," Atem said, his voice now stern.

Kaiba continued to ignore him.

"Kaiba," Atem said, even more sternly now.

"Oh FINE," Kaiba said angrily, he looked at a team that was observing him from nearby, they thought he couldn't see them, they were wrong.

He transformed into Blue Eyes again and chucked the orb directly at them, they dodged the large, white orb frantically, it crashed into the ground and kept going for a few feet.

"Take it and leave! I'm done here!" He yelled, turning back to normal and walking away.

Atem decided to just leave it be.

"I'm never listening to that girl's crazy divinations… ever again…" Teppei groaned.

"They… usually, turn out to be true…" Michio replied.

"Define usually…" Teppei said back.

"…She has her bad moments…" Michio admitted.

"OH REALLY?" Teppei yelled from underneath his own net.

Both he and Michio had been defeated, despite doing everything Mieru had told them to do. "Good to see you remembered you could shoot light from your wings…" Yuto said to Yugo, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Yeah yeah…" Yugo said, it had taken him a full 10 minutes of Yuto fighting alone for him to remember he could do that, and he promptly broke free from his confinement.

"I said that I could throw up on command…" Yuri said, holding his stomach, "But I never said it was pleasant…" He groaned, Yuri had spent his 10 minutes deciding whether or not it was worth it to hurl up that much food in one go, but inevitably did what he had to do.

"Both of you still need to redeem yourselves…" Yuto said in a tone that told them that the next time something like this happened, he wouldn't help them.

Yuya ran up to them with the girl in his arms, Yugo whistled, "Damn Yuya! Already picking up chicks?" He teased, Yuya blushed hotly, "N-no! That's not it!" He yelled, "She just fainted! It's not right to just leave a girl laying down in the middle of nowhere!" He shouted.

"Ooh… such a gentleman…" Yuri teased, "Someone's gonna be a good boyfriend someday…" He said mischievously, "I'm placing my bets on Ms. Pink-Hair…" He whispered, though he intentionally made sure Yuya could hear him.

"W-WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" He yelled, a blush prominent on his face.

"Yuri, it isn't a bet if everyone agrees…" Said Yuto, adding more fuel to the teasing-fire.

"Guyyyyys!" Yuya yelled, his brothers all laughed.

"Let's just leave them here, we'll travel on Yuya to try and stay low and get back without any trouble…" Said Yuto, Yugo pumped his fist in the air, "Woohoo! No more constant flying!" He yelled happily.

"Uhh… how far are we from the goal anyway?" Yuya asked nervously, "And which way is it?" He added to his questions.

"From when I was in the air earlier, I can confidently say it's that way!" Yugo said with a grin, pointing directly in front of him.

Both Yuya and Yuto looked at Yuri for confirmation.

Yuri shrugged, "Believe it or not, Fusion is actually correct…" Yuri said casually, earning a "Hey!" and a "My name isn't FUSION, It's YUGO!"

"And the distance…?" Yuya asked hesitantly.

"Hmm… well, how should I put it…" Yuri said with a grin, "I'd say… and this really is just a guesstimate really…" He said, his mouth slowly contorting into a grin. "About 15 miles away!" He said cheerfully.

Yuya groaned, "I guess I've got some running to do…" He said with a loud sigh.

"Hey… what's going on over there…?" Gongenzaka asked. Sora turned his attention to what he was looking at, he had a pretty good view from the large height Big Benkei offered.

He saw a three-man team surrounded by three four-man teams of identically dressed duelists, all of them wore a blue uniform, as well as a white mask with red eyes.

"Hmm… Academia students I believe…" He responded, staring at them with interest.

The three-man team each transformed into different monsters, "Cut them down! Flame Swordsman!" Yelled one of them, transforming into a large man with an orange helmet and armor, as well as a large, flaming sword.

"Fight them off! Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1!" Yelled another, transforming into a large blue dragon, "Beat them down! Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2!" Yelled the other, transforming into an identical dragon, except red instead of blue.

All of the Academia students grinned maliciously, "Fools… know your place!" One of them yelled, and all at once, all three four-man teams-twelve people in total, transformed into identical monsters.

"Ancient Gear Hunting Hound!" They all yelled in unison, suddenly surrounding the three duelists with a pack of mechanical dogs, each growling menacingly. The Flame Swordsman grinned, "There may be a lot of you… but if that's all you've got, then we've got this!" He yelled confidently.

How wrong he was.

Before they could even move, a shower of fireballs was shot from the mouths of every single Hunting Hound, showering them all with attacks that were more powerful than anybody expected.

"Crap…! These guys are stronger than they look!" Yelled the red Winged Dragon, holding his wings up defensively, however to no avail.

"Crap…! Take this!" Yelled the swordsman, waving his sword and sending a burst of flames towards the enemies, only to be canceled out by one of the many fireballs raining down on them.

In less than a minute, all three of them laid defeated on the ground, covered in burn marks.

"That's… they're teaming up!?" Gongenzaka yelled angrily, clenching a shaking fist. "This… this is unfair! Unmanly! I the man, Gongenzaka, WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" He yelled, starting to move towards them.

He got multiple hard knocks to his head, courtesy of Sora. "Hey!" He yelled, Sora took a lollipop out of his mouth and stared at him, "Are you an idiot? There's only two of us, we'll lose to the same strategy, even if it does take a little longer than those guys…" He said calmly.

"But still!" Gongenzaka protested, Sora patted the large head of Big Benkei, "Relax, if we see them in the next part of the tournament, we'll just kick their asses then!" He said with an innocent smile, Gongenzaka was clearly annoyed, but he turned his back and continued walking towards the goal.

"Dishonorable… of all the cowardly…" He grumbled as they made their way through an expansion of trees, the large podium where their victory awaited was visible in the distance.

"Hey, Soul…" Syrup said to the sleeping male, he opened a single eye to show he was paying attention. "Why are you always tired?" She asked curiously, "I mean, you're almost always sleeping…" She pointed out, Soul sighed.

"I'm just a lazy guy who likes to sleep, nothing more, nothing less…" He said calmly, Syrup gave him a curious look, "I dunno… you seem like the kind of guy with a backstory…" She said, turning around to face him and laying on her stomach, staring him in the eye.

"Well… you definitely have a backstory…" Soul pointed out, "What? No, I don't!" She said cheerfully, "If I did, it'd be pretty lame actually!" She said jokingly.

"Syrup…" Soul said, now looking her in the eye, "I'm a writer, and you…" He said, grunting as he sat up, "are a character that just screams about a backstory…" He said calmly.

"Real life, unfortunately, is different from a story, Soul…" She said as she pulled on his cheek, Soul sighed.

"I dunno… for some people, their backstory makes for some pretty good plot material…" He said casually, "I bet yours is about your ex, you always get awkward about the topic of what happened that caused you to break up…" He said, staring into her green eyes.

"That's just because it's a sensitive subject!" She said in a defending sort of way, "Hm… you see, that just now was you telling the truth…" He said with a gaze that seemed to gaze into her soul (pun entirely intended).

"Yes, I was…" She said, her voice trailing off.

"Hm… I'll drop it for now…" He said, laying back down on the ground.

"What about you then!" Syrup said as she poked his cheek, though he didn't visually react to it, "I know you're strong! Way stronger than even Armed Dragon LV 10!" She said, raising her hands in the air in a hand gesture towards the amount of power he apparently had.

"Yeah, so?" He said in response.

"But you NEVER use it!" She said with a hint of anger in her voice, "That's because it's a pain!" Soul said, matching the slight anger in her voice.

"Clearly not when you get angry though!" She said accusingly, "I may not have seen it, but you definitely blew a guy 10 feet away in an instant when he ruined your art!" She said, reminiscing about their first meeting.


"Hey, whatcha drawing?" Asked some big, jock-like dude, in Soul's hands was a notepad with a halfway-finished drawing of a man with a large greatsword in his hands.

"Nothing…" Soul responded, that response usually being enough to let people know that he was too focused to care about having a conversation.

"Come on… lemme get a better look!" He said loudly, placing a large hand on his shoulder and accidentally shaking him while his pen was on the page.

Suddenly, a long stroke of ink had been slashed across the page.

"Ooh… sorry man…" He said, seeming apologetic, but then he had the nerve to start laughing about it, directly after apologizing.

A flash of dark blue light enveloped the room.

The guy was suddenly blasted across the room.

Another flash of light and Soul was back to normal before anyone could even see what he had just done.

He scribbled large lines over the page and turned it over, "Now I have to start all over again…" He muttered angrily.

He suddenly saw two female hands slam themselves in front of him, he looked up at who was bothering him now.

His and Syrup's eyes met in that very moment, her eyes were full of wonder and surprise.

"Oh great…" He thought to himself, "Here we go…" He said out loud with a tone of exasperation.

Flashback over.

"Okay, that guy was an asshole!" He retorted, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go back to sleep!" He said loudly before plopping his head down on the ground and promptly, immediately even, fell back asleep.

Syrup puffed her cheeks, the power she had seen that day was much higher than anything Armed Dragon could pull off, and she was determined to see exactly what that power was.

"Are we there yet?" Yugo asked for the umpteenth time.

"I wish we were…" Yuya said tiredly as he ran through a plain, Yuto holding onto the horns on his head, and Yugo and Yuri each holding on to one of his back-horns.

"You know, I heard that the more you ask about whether we're at our destination…" Yuri said with a grin, "The longer it takes to reach the place you're going to…" He said calmly.

"Oh come on, that's just some superstitious bullsh-" Yugo started to say before being cut off by Yuya, "Yugo, can you kindly shut up?" He said with a kind tone.

"…Fine…" Yugo muttered, promptly shutting up.

"So Yuya, what was your fight with the short-chick like?" Yuri asked curiously, Yuya grinned, "Well, I unlocked a Fusion Monster, so that's cool…" He said casually, Yuto and Yugo nearly fell off of him.

"Seriously!? That's awesome!" Yugo said excitedly, "Now you can use Pendulum AND Fusion!" He pointed out. "I see you made the right choice and took after me in the regard of monster type…" Yuri said smugly, "Oh, shut up Yuri…" Yuto grumbled.

Yuya laughed, he enjoyed moments like this, just him and his brothers bickering over whatever.

As he thought this, he ran through some trees and stopped as he made his way into the clearing.

"Well, we got off to a rocky start…" Yuto said with a grin, "But we've done it, you guys!" He said, they all grinned.

They could see the podium clearly, other contestants were already there, waiting for the round to finally end.

Yuto clutched the orb under his arm, "Alright Yuya, you ready to sprint?" He asked. Yuya grinned (though he was panting visibly), "Of course!" He said optimistically, Yuto patted his head, "Sorry for making you run this long…" He apologized.

"You can make it up to me later," Yuya said to him, Yuto chuckled, "Whatever you want Yuya…" He said as Yuya took off at full speed.

Suddenly, a large crash of lightning hit the ground in front of them, "WHOA!" Yuya yelled while skidding to a halt, his brothers yelled the same as they nearly fell off of him.

"What… the hell was that!?" Yugo yelled angrily. Before his attention was grabbed by three figures standing in front of them. All of them wore some sort of kimono for clothing, one had dark-brown hair and a long ponytail, the other wore an orange headband that had two knots at the side, and behind them was a taller boy with long, purple hair.

"Oh?" Yuri said with a look of interest, "Are you the asses that shot lightning at us?" He asked politely, though he glared at them with a malicious smile.

"Sakaki brothers!" Yelled the purple-haired boy, stepping forward and glaring directly at them. "Sons of Yusho Sakaki, correct?" He asked although it was in more of an accusing tone rather than a questioning one.

"Who wants to know?" Yuri replied smugly, Yuto clenched the orb under his arm tightly.

"As if we have to tell you!" Yelled the guy with the headband, Yuri took note of how he was the shortest of the three. "Enough…" Said the purple-haired boy, stepping forward again.

"My name is Kachidoki, Isao Kachidoki…" he said while he glared at them, "The two behind me are Ken Umesugi…" He said as he pointed to the boy with the long ponytail, "And Makoto Takeda…" He said as he pointed to the boy with the headband.

"Alright… are you here to fight with us?" Yuri asked with a grin, Kachidoki glared at them.

"We aren't here to fight… we're here to destroy you!" He declared angrily, Yuri's grin widened, his other brothers were inclined to take a step back, as they could practically feel Yuri's urge to jump off and attack them right this instant.

"Bold of you to assume that you weaklings will stand a chance against us…" Yuri said mockingly, "As if we would lose to the son of the man who duels in such a disgraceful manner" Kachidoki replied, Yuri's eye twitched.

"He's referring to Dad's entertainment dueling, isn't he?" Yugo said, like all of his brothers, he was glaring at the purple-haired boy.

"Yuto? May I please go and thrash the plebeians who insulted our dear father?" Yuri said with a scary amount of kindness.

Yuto's eyes were dark, "I'm thinking about it…" He said darkly.

The headband boy, Makoto, sneered and laughed, "Oh? Looks like they don't like it when we insult their daddy!" He said mockingly, Ken (long-ponytail-guy) grinned as well.

"That's it, I'm killing them," Yuri said, dismounting Yuya and walking forward.

"Yuya, get the orb to the pedestal, but wait until we thrash these guys…" Yuto said as he shoved the orb into the odd-eyed dragon's mouth.

"H-huh!?" Yuya exclaimed before he was rendered unable to talk due to the orb in his mouth, he quickly changed back into himself while keeping Odd-Eyes out as a spirit, the orb still in the dragon's maw.

"You guys pushed the wrong buttons…" Yugo muttered as he also walked forward, Yuya sighed, he was also mad about their father being insulted, but his brothers probably got the angriest in that regard.

"Can't help but notice you have no orb…" Yuri said to their opponents as they walked forward, "You didn't happen to be waiting here just for us to come along, were you?" He said in a mocking manner.

"Yes, we were also able to confirm that the orb you carry is the last one available…" Kachidoki claimed, "Fitting for the sons of a weakling…" He responded.

"I dare you to insult dad again…" Yugo said as he cracked his knuckles, "See where that gets you…" He said as he gritted his teeth.

"If you insist…" Said Ken, "Your dad is…" He started to say.

"Starving Venom!"
"Clear Wing!"

"Dark Rebellion!"

In a flash of purple, white, and blue light, all three of Yuya's brothers charged at the three boys in front of them in the forms of their dragons.

"Come!" Kachidoki yelled as he and his teammates ran forward, all of them glowing with purple light.

"Supreme Thunder Star, Raijin!" Yelled Ken.

"Fujin, the Great Storm Star!" Yelled Makoto.

"Idaten, the Conqueror Victory Star!" Yelled Kachidoki.

Three large warriors clashed with the dragons, Ken had become a large warrior clad in yellow armor and carried a large yellow spear, Makoto became a similar monster with green armor and a large green spear as well.

Kachidoki clashed with Yuto as a monster with purple armor and a red cape, along with a sinister-looking purple spear, Ken clashed with Yuri, and Makoto clashed with Yugo.

Meanwhile, the duelists who had already passed noticed the large shockwave that reverberated around them when they clashed.

"Oh! Look at that!" Said Ruri, standing up with her sisters.

"There they are! Took them long enough…" Serena said as they watched the Dragons clash with the large warrior monsters.

"Who're those guys though…" Yuzu muttered, referring to their enemies. The brothers separated into the air with their opponents following them.

The crowd murmured with excitement as the monsters flew through the air, clashing together occasionally.

"Take this you asshole!" Yelled Yugo as his wings glowed, "Dichroic Mirror!" He yelled, firing a large stream of energy towards the green-armored warrior. "Bring it on!" Yelled the duelist, pointing his spear at him and sending a large tornado in his direction, the two attacks clashed and exploded in the air.

"Take this!" Yelled Makoto, raising his spear into the air, the sky suddenly darkened with clouds.

"Hm?" Yuri said before being struck by a large bolt of lightning from the sky. "Ugh… I take it you're responsible for the lightning earlier…!" He said with a grin.

The large yellow warrior grinned at him, deciding not to answer him and continued to shock him with electricity.

"It's a nice ability… I'll be taking it!" Yuri yelled, his wings suddenly opened up, revealing to be large, carnivorous plants.

"What the…!" Makoto exclaimed before one of the wings suddenly shot off of Yuri and flew towards him, biting down hard on his arm.

"OW!" Makoto yelled, the attack shocking him out of his attack and stopping the stream of lightning that was striking Yuri.

"Ah… that's better… now…" Yuri said menacingly, the mouth that had latched itself onto his enemy started glowing with sinister red energy, suddenly Makoto yelled out in pain, and the red glow around Yuri's wing changed to yellow, and that energy began to flow down through the plant and into Yuri.

Yuri licked his lips as the energy flow stopped and his wing detached itself from Makoto, returning to him while his eyes glowed a menacing green. "Mm… tasty…" He said as the large warrior clutched his arm where it was bitten.

"Damn you… take this!" He yelled, pointing his spear at Yuri and firing a large stream of lightning at him.

"Hah! You wish that would work again!" Yuri yelled, raising a large arm that crackled with electricity. "What!?" Makoto yelled as an equally large stream of lightning was fired from Yuri's hand, clashing with his own attack.

"Hm… quite a nice ability, I must say…" Yuri said with a large grin, his enemy entered a state of slight panic, and Yuri noticed it. "It looks like I was right…" He said as his wings opened again and large roots spread out behind him, a large green orb of light forming in the middle.

"You're just no match for me…" He said with a malicious grin as he fired a large laser at the large yellow target, he was too occupied with the lightning attack he was already fighting to counter the second attack.

"Agh!" He yelled as the attack hit its mark, knocking him out of the sky, Yuri grinned evilly and chased after him.

"Take this! Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!" Yugo yelled, his body surrounding itself in a storm of powerful green winds as he charged at Ken.

"I won't lose to you!" Yelled the large green warrior, clashing with the large dragon with a spear surrounded by the wind.

"It's over for you!" Yugo yelled, putting more force into his attack, causing the spear to break clean in half. "D-Damn it!" Ken yelled as he was hit with the full force of Yugo's attack.

"We're not done with you!" Both Yuri and Yugo yelled, continuing to chase after their opponents even after their attacks were successful, "You're going down!" They yelled.

Meanwhile, Yuto clashed with Kachidoki in the air, electricity sparkling around Yuto as his fang clashed with Kachidoki's spear.

"Take this! Rebellious Lightning Strike, DISOBEY!" Yuto yelled, flying backward before charging at Kachidoki again.

"Victory Star Thrust!" Kachidoki yelled, his spear glowing with yellow and purple energy as he met Yuto with his own attack.

Electricity and energy flew around them as they clashed, Yuto pushed harder, starting to push the spear back towards Kachidoki.

Suddenly, a pang of pain shot through him, originating from his side, he faltered for a single moment.

Kachidoki grinned, "As I said, you're WEAK!" He yelled, thrusting his spear harder and blasting Yuto away from him.

"Agh…! My injuries…!?" Yuto yelled as he began to fall to the ground, he quickly righted himself and attempted to fly back towards him.

Another pang of pain from his side, "Gah…!" Yuto grunted, clutching his side tightly, "Not… not now…!" He grunted, he looked up and saw that Kachidoki was gone.

"You're wide open…"

He heard the voice from behind him, he whipped around to face it, only just managing to catch Kachidoki in his eyesight again.

"It's over! Now fall!" Kachidoki yelled as he thrust a glowing spear straight at Yuto before he could react, in an instant he was blasted straight towards the ground.

"Yuto!" Yuya yelled, a worried look etching itself onto his face.

"What…?" Ruri said with a hand up to her mouth, "Yuto wouldn't go down that easily… what happened?" She said with a worried expression.

Yuzu slowly started to walk away.

"Yuzu… didn't you treat their injuries?" Ruri asked.

"I… may have been warped away before I could get to Yuto…" She said sheepishly.

"So Yuto is fighting while already damaged… but Yuya looks fine…" Serena pointed out, she grinned at the pink-haired girl, "Looks like someone ended up ignored while the other was completely doted on…" She said teasingly.

Yuzu tried to find an excuse, unfortunately, she couldn't find one.

Yuto's transformation came undone, leaving him lying in the middle of a large crater, defenseless.

Kachidoki landed in front of him with a loud thud, a spear was suddenly thrust into the ground near his head, causing Yuto to flinch.

"A weakling like you never had a chance anyway…" He said while staring directly into Yuto's eyes.

"Stargazer!" Yuya yelled as he transformed into Odd-Eyes, he tossed the orb into the magician's arms, "Timegazer! Let's go!" He yelled as Timegazer also appeared next to him, both he and Timegazer charged at Kachidoki (leaving Stargazer with the orb).

"Get away from him!" Yuya yelled, "Spiral Flame Strike!" He shot a stream of flames at him as he charged toward him.

Kachidoki jumped away just in time to avoid the attack, Yuya however, wouldn't have it.

"Timegazer! Inverse Gears!" He yelled. Timegazer placed his hands around the large yellow gear around him, purple energy flowed and time began to move backward.

"W-What!?" Kachidoki yelled as his body moved on its own, though only he, Yuto, and Yuya were aware of it, the stream of fire started to move backward and Kachidoki moved back into the place where he was standing before.

Time finally returned to normal, and Kachidoki found himself once again in front of the stream of fire.

"Shit…!" He yelled, attempting to dodge again, but ended up grazed by the attack due to being caught off guard.

"Alright!" Yuya exclaimed in celebration, Kachidoki gritted his teeth in anger, "That power… is annoying!" He yelled, throwing his spear directly at the black-robed magician.

"Timegazer! Loo-" Yuya started to yell, but the spear pierced straight through the magician anyways. "Timegazer!" Yuya yelled, Timegazer gave Yuya an apologetic look before glowing and disappearing, fading back into Yuya.

"I can't bring him out… so this is what happens when a Pendulum Spirit is defeated…" Yuya thought as he attempted to call Timegazer out again, it seemed that Timegazer was now in a sort of "recharging" state.

The spear landed in the ground nearby, before disappearing and reappearing in Kachidoki hand.

"In that case…!" Yuya yelled, reverting back to normal and calling Odd-Eyes back out as a spirit, a purple card appeared in his hand as he ran forward. "Come forth! Dragon with Mysterious Powers! Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" He yelled as he was surrounded in purple light.

He let out a loud roar as he emerged as his new Fusion Monster, Odd-Eyes ran up next to him and roared alongside him.

"That's Yuya's fusion monster…" Yuzu muttered, looking at the form in amazement, "Impressive…" Serena said.

"Take this! Unending Shining Burst!" He yelled as the ring on his back glowing with white energy, multiple streams of energy were shot at Kachidoki, Odd-Eyes joined in by attacking with his own fire breath.

"I will not lose!" Kachidoki yelled as he spun the spear in his hand, "Why? Because…" He said as the attacks began to reach him, his spear glowed as he readied it in his hand, "You're WEAK!" He yelled, thrusting the spear and blasting the attack away in a single instant.

"What!?" Yuya yelled, the attack was canceled out in a single move, just how much power did this guy have!?

"Again!" Yuya yelled, Odd-Eyes roared in agreement, "Unending Shining Burst!" Yuya yelled, firing a single large stream of light at Kachidoki, Odd-Eyes sent its own Spiral Flame Strike along with it, the two attacks merged together and flew towards Kachidoki.

"As I said before… you're WEAK!" Kachidoki yelled, thrusting the spear into the attack again, instead of canceling it out this time, the attack flew in many different directions around Kachidoki as his spear met the attack, but none of it hit Kachidoki.

"You're the one… that I want to beat down the most!" Kachidoki yelled as the attack died down, he charged at the two dragons with his spear raised in the air.

"Crap…!" Yuya yelled. Before he could respond, however, Kachidoki swung his spear and knocked Odd-Eyes away from him, before pointing his spear directly at Yuya.

"Take this! Victory Star Thrust!" He yelled, thrusting his spear directly at Rune-Eyes' chest.

In a single moment, both Yuya and Odd-Eyes ended up being blasted away, "GAAAAAAH!" Yuya yelled as he crashed into the ground.

Stargazer placed the orb on the ground and flew towards him, before the same spear that defeated Timegazer was thrown directly at him, piercing through him and defeating him as well.

"Stargazer!" Yuya yelled as he felt the magician return to him, he could feel that Odd-Eyes was still good to fight, but other than that, his only other spirit was Trump Witch, and he could feel that in a fight, she wouldn't be much help.

"It's over, you've lost…" Kachidoki said as he walked over to him, "Your power as that Fusion Monster is great, however something like that is easy for me to deal with…" He explained.

"Yu… Ya…!" Yuto grunted, both Yugo and Yuri were occupied with their own opponents, and at this point, he was unable to transform.

"Now… it's over…" Kachidoki said, raising his spear and pointing it at him, readying to finish him off.

"Crap… is there nothing I can do…!" Yuya thought frantically, the spear that Kachidoki was using was capable of canceling out the energy from Rune-Eyes' attacks, as well as defeating his magicians in a single attack, it was likely that he had an advantage over magic-based monsters.

"Now… fall!" Kachidoki yelled, raising his spear to finish him off.

"Not… not yet!" Yuya yelled though he could do nothing, "Not yet!" He yelled.

Suddenly a red and green light flashed from behind Kachidoki, and something struck him from behind.

"Agh…!" Kachidoki yelled as he was knocked off balance, Yuya saw a chance.

"Take this!" Yuya yelled, swinging his tail and knocking Kachidoki away from him.

"What…!" Kachidoki yelled as he was knocked to the ground, Yuya stood up quickly, the ring on his back glowing again. "Unending Shining Burst!" He yelled, firing a single beam of light at him, Kachidoki was unable to block and was blasted away from him.

Yuya breathed hard as he fell onto one knee and reverted back to his normal form, he looked around for whatever had saved him.

Eventually, he laid his eyes on a silver dog-no, it was a wolf, a silver wolf wearing a polka-dot bow-tie and a big, doglike smile.

Its tail wagged happily as though it was expecting praise, "Who… who are you…?" He asked.

"What, you aren't gonna name him yourself?" Said a voice in his head, he recognized it immediately, "Trump Witch?" He said softly, as he said this, the young girl appeared in the air in front of him with a large grin.

"Well, I guess he does already have a name…" She said to herself, "I guess I'll be the one who explains these things to you!" She said cheerfully, "This boy's name is Performapal Silver Claw! And he's such a good boy!" She said as she scratched him behind the ear, despite being a wolf, he was very doglike as his tail wagged rapidly from the ear-scratch.

"Silver… Claw…" Yuya muttered, Trump Witch grinned, "Yup! Now have fun! I may be brilliant, but I'm not fighting that guy!" She said as she pointed at Kachidoki, she faded into light and disappeared.

"Silver Claw… huh…" Yuya muttered, he patted the wolf on the head, earning a happy whine, Odd-Eyes suddenly appeared next to him again, he looked battered up, but he was apparently ready to fight.

"Alright… then let's do this!" Yuya yelled as he transformed back into Rune-Eyes, "Let's go!" Yuya yelled, charging towards Kachidoki with Silver Claw and Odd-Eyes at his side.

"I don't have enough power right now to break through Kachidoki's own power…" Yuya thought, "So I'll overwhelm him with numbers!" He thought, in an instant, Kachidoki was surrounded by Yuya and his spirits.

"Do it!" Yuya yelled, Odd-Eyes fired flames at Kachidoki while Yuya sent multiple blasts of light towards Kachidoki, Silver Claw ran around him, making quick attacks before retreating a few feet.

"Damn you… know when to quit, will you!" Kachidoki yelled as he blocked a stream of flames from Odd-Eyes, except allowing himself in the process to take hits from Yuya's attacks.

"Damn it… THAT'S ENOUGH!" Kachidoki yelled, his body now surrounded by dark energy, "Crap…!" Yuya yelled, quickly attempting to jump backward.

"I'm ending this NOW!" He yelled, suddenly moving directly to Odd-Eyes in an instant and thrusting his spear into the dragon, the dragon roared in pain before dissipating into light.

"Odd-Eyes!" Yuya yelled before Kachidoki suddenly appeared in front of him and did the same to him, unlike Odd-Eyes, the spear didn't pierce through him, but it did knock him a fair distance away.

Yuya crashed into the ground again, he quickly got back onto his feet despite his body telling him to just stay down, he heard a loud yelp and saw Silver Claw flying towards him, also crashing into the ground next to him.

"Crap…! He's strong…!" Yuya said to himself, unlike his lackeys, it looked like this guy was actually going to be a bit of a problem.

He saw Kachidoki walking towards him again, the dark energy was gone and he was breathing hard. "Well, at least I don't have to deal with that again…" Yuya said to himself, even if Yuto wasn't injured, even he would have trouble dealing with this guy.

"Well would you look at that, I guess I still need to help out!"

Yuya chuckled, "Hey, Trump Witch…" He said as the small girl floated in front of him.

"Luckily for you, it looks like I can actually work with this…" She said, staring at both him and Silver Claw.

Trump Girl stared at them for a bit before grinning giddily, "Alright then! Let's do this!" She said happily, taking out her staff and holding it up.

Her staff glowed and a purple orb of energy flew out of Yuya's chest, a similar orb of red and green flew out of Silver Claw.

The two orbs began to swirl together into a whirlpool of color, "Prideful silver wolf. Become one with the Arcane Dragon, and reveal to us your new power!" She yelled, raising her hands and cupping them around the whirlpool of color.

She brought her hands down in front of her, "Fusion! Come forth! The ferocious dragon with luminous feral eyes! Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" She yelled, a burst of purple light shone from within her hands, a powerful roar echoed from within it.

She opened her hands, and a purple card emerged from it, floating towards Yuya.

Trump Witch yawned, "Two fusions in one day! I must really be something special!" She said pridefully, "I'd tell you to call on me if you need me, but I need a nap! See ya!" She said, disappearing into light.

"Heh… alright then…" Yuya muttered, he saw Kachidoki charging at him now, "Go down already!" He yelled, throwing his spear at him.

The large spear crashed into the ground near him, "Yuya!" Yuto yelled as he struggled to his feet.

Suddenly, a flash of purple light blasted through the smoke caused by the spear, a loud and bestial roar echoed through the area.

Yuri looked up from pummeling his opponent when he heard it, as did Yugo. "The hell was that?" Yuri said curiously, dropping his opponent to the ground.

"Hey, Yuri!" Yugo yelled after also dropping his defeated opponent, "The hell was that?" He asked.

"How would I know? I've been kicking this guy's ass this whole time!" He yelled back, "Should we go check it out?" Yugo yelled.

"Later!" Yuri yelled, "I'm not done beating this guy into submission!" He yelled casually.

"What… the hell!?" Kachidoki said as he stared at Yuya's new form.

His right eye was yellow, and his left eye still the same shade of green, he seemed to be covered in fossil and bone-like armor, and he growled ferociously.

In his mouth was Kachidoki's spear, Yuya suddenly started grunting as he tightened his hold on the spear before it suddenly broke into pieces, Kachidoki was speechless.

"The hell…" Kachidoki muttered, "You can't be serious… my spear has never been broken before…" He said, even though it was broken, it was a simple matter of holding out his hand and having a new one manifest in his hand.

But still, it had never been broken before, yet he just saw the damn thing be crushed in the jaw of whatever new form Yuya had now taken.

Yuya roared again before charging at him, "Damn you… this changes nothing!" He yelled, charging at him as well.

They clashed, Yuya's eyes staring directly into his, it seemed like an even fight.

Kachidoki suddenly felt his hold on the ground weakening, he was being pushed back by Yuya's charge alone. "T-The hell!? What kind of power is this…!" He yelled, Yuya roared and opened his mouth, the blue orb on his chest glowed with orange light.

Yuya suddenly twisted around and smacked him away with his tail, despite Kachidoki's efforts to block, the sheer power from his tail blasted him away with no regard for whatever defense he might've had.

Yuya jumped into the air as he crashed into the ground, orange flames building in his mouth.

"Take this!" Yuya yelled, "Hell Dive Burst!" He yelled, shooting a large stream of flames at Kachidoki, the front of the flames changed to match the shape of Beast-Eyes' head, roaring as it descended on his opponent.

"Crap…!" Kachidoki grunted, his spear glowed again as he met the attack with his own, "Victory Star Thrust!" He yelled, his attack clashing with Yuya's.

"This… this is nothing!" Kachidoki yelled, putting more power into his attack before he suddenly felt his attack being pushed back. "W-what!?" Kachidoki yelled. The power in the attack seemed to increase in power as he clashed against it.

"Another fusion monster…" Yuzu muttered, "Yuya's getting stronger…" she muttered, she looked at her sisters, Ruri could use Xyz Monsters, Rin could use Synchro Monsters, and Serena could use Fusion Monsters, meanwhile she…

Standard Monsters aren't necessarily weak, take Kaiba and his Blue Eyes' for example.

But she couldn't help but feel like she was being… left behind.

"Crap… stay back!" Kachidoki yelled to no avail, his spear suddenly shattered again, time seemed to slow down as he stared at the pieces of the spear floating in the air, the flames slowly moving forward towards him.

"Am I… losing…?" Kachidoki thought, "No… I can't lose…!" He thought, "Not to him… not to him!" He yelled, "Not to anyone… no…!" He thought as a glowing tattoo started to creep up his neck, attempting to reach his face.

Meanwhile, the Doctor started to grin widely, Atem noticed and glanced at him curiously, the Doctor continued to grin.

The flames finally reached Kachidoki, blasting him far away, his transformation began to dissipate as he flew through the air.

Yuya reverted back to normal, "Incredible…" He muttered, "Beast-Eyes is slow… but he's powerful" He said in awe of what he had just done.

He suddenly remembered his goal, "Oh crap, the orb!" He yelled. Silver Claw (who was still out) ran up next to him, "Silver Claw! Let's go!" He yelled, quickly jumping on the wolf and mounting him, Silver Claw took off at max-speed.

Kachidoki gritted his teeth, the glowing tattoo slowly making its way onto his face. "No…" He grunted, "I can't lose… I won't lose…!" He said aloud, he started to scream as the tattoo continued to stretch onto his face.

Yuto watched Yuya grab the orb from where he'd left it and quickly turn around, running towards the podium, he grinned, "Sorry, I wasn't too helpful, was I?" He muttered as he ran past.

Yugo and Yuri flew down next to him, "Whoa… looks like you had a rough time…" Yugo said.

"Wow Yuto!" Yuri started to say mockingly, "I think I've lost any and all faith in you!" He said mockingly, Yuto groaned as he realized what Yuri was doing.

"You're gonna need to work hard in order to redeem yourself!" He said as Yuto closed his eyes and groaned louder, "I get it, I get it…" He said calmly, "I was also defeated easily, are we even now?" He asked.

"Oh, I dunno… are we? Fusion?" Yugo asked.

"Hm… I wonder…" Yugo said with a similar grin, "Also it's Yugo, not Fusion, you pompous purple bastard…" He pointed out.

"Oh shut up you two…" Yuto muttered, his brothers snickered.

Suddenly a burst of dark energy erupted from the ground nearby, Yuto turned and stared at the pillar of energy, his brothers did the same.

"…If Yuya gets to the podium, we don't have to deal with that, right?" Yugo asked.

"Yeah… which is why…" Yuri muttered, he quickly turned around and yelled, "Yuya! Stop! I wanna kick this guy's ass before we go!" He yelled.

"Wai-NO! KEEP GOING!" Yugo yelled back frantically.

Not that Yuya could even hear them from the distance he was at now anyway.

"Well…" Yuto muttered, "I hope you two aren't gonna let your injured brother fight that, are you?" He asked.

"Wow, what an unreliable big brother…" Yuri said teasingly.

"Oh don't you start…" Yuto shot back.

Suddenly they saw Kachidoki floating inside the pillar of energy, the glowing tattoo was now completely stretched to cover his face, and his face was also contorted in pain and anger.

"I will not lose…" He muttered, "I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU!" He yelled loudly.

"Wow, someone's a sore loser…" Yuri muttered.

A purple card appeared in front of him, however, dark and sinister energy glowed around its purple glow.

"Guide me to victory… and send these fools to their rightful place… beneath me!" He yelled, "Destroy them, Shura the Supremacy Star!" He yelled, the energy surrounding him increasing in size.

Silver Claw suddenly stopped, its eyes were widened in fear and it hadn't even looked at Kachidoki yet.

Yuya stared at the pillar of sinister energy in shock.

"Just what…" He said.

"Is that…" Thought everyone else.

The Doctor continued to grin giddily, before breaking into a burst of maniacal laughter, Atem stared at him with widened eyes.

"Is… is this your doing!?" He exclaimed.

No answer was given to him, instead, the Doctor continued to laugh as the sky darkened with black clouds.