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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, United Duelists Academy

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Chapter 18: Fire Spreads Quickly

"Wow, they really are identical…" Yuya said as he stared at their opponents.

"The Amazon Sisters, huh?" Yuto said as he eyed them.

Facing the quadruplets, were twins. One had blonde hair while the other had silver hair, which turned out to be the easiest way to identify them from each other.

"So, you four are the boys that the headmaster has his eyes on…?" The silver-haired one, Grace, asked.

"Huh? What does that mean?" Yuya asked.

"Well—" Grace started to speak before she was cut off by her sister, Gloria.

"That doesn't matter," she said harshly, shooting a look at Grace, who smiled sheepishly as she backed off.

"They're strange…" Yugo whispered.

"You're one to talk, Fusion," Yuri whispered back.

"Same to you, and my name is Yugo you ass!" Yugo hissed.

Meanwhile, the sisters began to whisper amongst themselves. "So, our orders are to crush them?" Grace asked.

"We were told to spare no effort in attempting to crush them, so basically, we have to crush them beneath our heels," Gloria replied with a grin.

"Ooh! Yay!" Grace said excitedly, "Does that mean we can go all-out?" She asked.

"Definitely," Gloria said with a grin, "Let's grab the boy in white. That dragon he showed off during their last match is pretty fast…" she said as they began to formulate their plan.

"Now then! Will the Amazon Sisters please select a stage for this battle?" Nico's voice boomed throughout the entire arena.

"We're never gonna get to select a field, will we?" Yuya sighed.

"Well, we ARE a team of four people," Yuto pointed out.

Suddenly, the field began to glow and change.

"They picked something already…?" Yuri said out loud.

"We already knew which field would suit us the best," Grace said confidently as each team began to move further away from each other, "sorry boys, but you don't even have a sliver of a chance now!" She declared.

Large trees were now rising from the ground, covering the entire arena, and almost blotting out the sky above the boys.

"What the heck!? We're in…" Yugo exclaimed.

"It's a jungle…" Yuri muttered, "this might be a problem…" he said as he clicked his tongue.

The entire arena was covered in lush greenery, and the audience couldn't even see the duelists inside the arena anymore.

The crowd immediately started to get riled up.

"Hey, we can't see anything!"

"What the heck, what kind of stage is this?"

"What's going to happen now?"

"Relax, everybody!" Melissa suddenly declared, "We will be providing a live feed from inside the arena, so even though you might not be able to see them in those trees, you'll be sure to see the action!" She exclaimed.

Holographic screens popped up in front of the spectator seats, showcasing multiple cameras broadcasting live footage on both teams.

"The teams will be unable to hear our commentary, but rest assured, we'll make sure that this intense battle is shown, no matter what the cost!" Nico declared.

Yugo looked frustrated, "Argh! I can't see their crystal anymore!" He yelled.

It was true, the lush greenery had completely obscured their view, and the other team was nowhere to be seen.

"Ugh, fine!" Yugo yelled, "I'll blow past all of these trees and hit their crystal with Crystal Wing!" Yugo declared.

"Yugo, wait!" Yuto exclaimed, "They picked this stage for a reason! Don't just charge in blindly!" He yelled.

"It'll be fine! I'll be too fast for them to do anything anyway!" Yugo said confidently.

"No, you should leave it to me," Yuri said calmly, "With my monsters, I can blend into the surroundings better and attack them while they're off-guard," he explained.

"Oh, shut up!" Yugo yelled, "Just watch! I'll take them down the second the match starts!" Yugo declared.

"Yugo, maybe you should listen…" Yuya tried to speak up.


The word that signaled the start of the match rang in their ears, and Yugo immediately began to transform.

"Strike them down in an instant! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!" Yugo yelled.

In a flash of white light, the large dragon appeared with an enormous roar, immediately dashing forward at full speed.

There was a tree in the way, but Yugo didn't slow down.

"As if a tree will be enough to stop me!" Yugo thought as he charged straight forward.

To Yugo's surprise, however, he collided with a tree and bounced off.

"Huh!?" Yugo exclaimed as he quickly regained his balance.

"Damn, I bet this is a gimmick that comes with the field," Yuri growled, "The trees must be incredibly tough… we won't be able to just knock them all down," he said as he knocked his hand against one of the trees.

Sure enough, despite the bark's wood-like texture, it felt like he was knocking his hand against diamonds.

"Fine! I'll just go above them, then!" Yugo declared as he flew straight up.

He immediately burst from the jungle at the top, where the spectators could now see him in the sky.

"If our crystal is here… then their crystal… should be there!" Yugo declared as he flew at the other side of the arena, wind covering his body.

"Crystallos Edge of the Gale!" Yugo declared as he crashed through the leaves that covered the top of the jungle and vanished into the greenery.

The sound of something shattering filled the arena.

"Did… he do it?" Yuya asked.

But ten seconds passed, and the field was still active, and the duel was still running.

"Crap… what happened…?" Yuto muttered.

"The idiot obviously fucked it up…" Yuri groaned.

"Wait, do you guys hear that?" Yuya spoke up.

Everybody went silent.

The sound of roars was faint, along with the sound of metal clashing against metal.

The noise was getting louder… meaning that it was getting closer.

"Everybody, be on guard!" Yuto yelled.

Each of the brothers transformed.

"Come! Break Sword!" Yuto yelled.

"Devour everything! Starving Venom!" Yuri declared.

"Come! Odd-Eyes!" Yuya exclaimed.

Each of the brothers appeared as their respective monsters in a flash of multicolored light, Yuto standing in the front as The Phantom Knights of Break Sword, Starving Venom and Odd-Eyes standing protectively around the crystal.

Suddenly, Yugo as Crystal Wing burst through the trees, a long purple chain wrapped around him, and a dark-skinned female warrior riding on his back, tugging at the chains as Yugo roared and thrashed.

"Get off me!" Yugo yelled as he rammed himself into one of the trees in an attempt to shake the girl off of him.

"That's…!" Yuto gasped.

Ridin on top of Yugo was Gloria, transformed into Amazoness Empress, a sword hanging on her back as she tugged at the chains that were binding Yugo.

"Yugo! What the hell are you doing!?" Yuri yelled.

"I don't know!" Yugo roared, "I can't control my movements properly!" He yelled.

"Be a good boy… and sit down!" Gloria yelled as she stomped her foot down on Yugo's back, sending them both flying to the ground, where Yugo crashed into the dirt with a loud crash.

"Ow…" Yugo groaned.

"As of now, you're under my command!" Gloria declared as Yugo's body glowed with a sinister purple aura.

"Huh? As if!" Yugo yelled as he attempted to shake her off again.

Gloria squeezed the chain, and Yugo's body suddenly stiffened up.

"W-What the… I can't move…!" Yugo grunted.

"Hurry up and take off your transformation, Fusion!" Yuri yelled.

"I-I can't! I'm trying!" Yugo yelled back, "And my name is Yugo, damn it!" He quickly added.

"Now is not the time for that old gag!" Yuya yelled, "We have to help him!" He exclaimed.

"On it!" Yuto said as he charged forward, his broken sword held high.

"Not on my watch!" Gloria declared as she yanked at the chain.

Suddenly, Yugo swung his tail and smacked Yuto away from him, sending Yuto flying into a tree.

"Agh… what the hell, Yugo!" Yuto yelled angrily.

"I-I don't know!" Yugo yelled, "T-That wasn't me! I couldn't control my body!" He yelled in a panic.

"Is she controlling him…?" Yuya asked.

"Of course Yugo is the one who starts following every single command a girl gives him…!" Yuri cursed.

"Hey! I'm being controlled, but I can still hear you, asshat!" Yugo snapped.

"Yuya! Take the crystal and get out of here! We'll handle Yugo!" Yuto yelled as he transformed into Dark Rebellion.

"As if I'm just going to let you get away!" Gloria declared.

Yugo suddenly shot forward, flying full-speed at the crystal.

Suddenly, Yuri was in front of him, catching Yugo and clashing with the dragon, holding Yugo in place.

"Tch… you're too fast for your own good…!" Yuri grunted as his wings extended and clamped down on Yugo, helping Yuri to hold him in place.

"Lightning Strike Disobey!" Yuto yelled as he charged at Gloria, electricity crackling around him.

Gloria drew her own sword and clashed with Yuto, blocking the attack while she had Yugo struggle against Yuri.

"Go!" Yuri yelled, "This bastard is too fast, we can't fight while protecting that damn thing!" Yuri yelled.

"R-Right!" Yuya yelled, "Timegazer! Stargazer!" He declared.

His two magicians promptly appeared and grabbed the crystal, quickly flying alongside Yuya as he ran with the crystal carried behind him.

"Heh, it's too bad that I can't be the one to destroy that crystal," Gloria smirked, "but against my sister, he doesn't stand a chance!" She declared.

"Shit, I forgot that there was another…!" Yuri mentally cursed.

"It'll be fine, Yuya can handle it, I know he can…!" Yuto thought as Yuya got further away.

Syrup was quickly running back to the waiting room after leaving to get something for Soul to eat after she found out that he hadn't had breakfast yet.

"Sheesh… even now, he still forgets the simplest of things…" Syrup muttered as she reached the entrance to the room.

"Hah… I made it," Syrup sighed as she wiped some sweat off of her forehead.

"Um… miss?"

Syrup looked down to see a small girl tugging at her skirt and looking up at her.

"Hm? What is it…?" Syrup asked as she looked down at the small girl.

"Um… can I get… can I get a picture…?" The girl said nervously.

"Huh?" Syrup tilted her head.

Suddenly, a woman ran up to her and the girl, and Syrup assumed that she was the girl's mother.

"I'm sorry, I took my eyes off for a second…" the woman apologized profusely.

"Oh! Don't apologize, it was fine!" Syrup said quickly.

"Mommy… can I get a picture with her…?" The girl asked.

"A picture of… me?" Syrup thought.

Then she remembered her head-accessory.

It was a green headband with leaf-like ears at the top, and to a young child, it wasn't exactly impossible that a girl would see her as some kind of mascot. On top of that, she was a duelist after all, so perhaps she had a fan?

"Oh, is it okay with you?" The mother asked.

"Oh, of course!" Syrup said happily.

One picture later, and the small girl had a wide smile on her face as she stared at the photo on her mother's phone.

"Thank you so much for your time!" The mother said as she picked her daughter up, "Where did you get that accessory, by the way? It looks so real!" She said with a smile.

"Well, um… sorry, somebody else gave it to me, so I don't know where it was bought," Syrup said as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Aw, too bad," The mother sighed, "but thank you anyway! Have a nice day!" The mother said before walking away.

Syrup sighed, "They look real, huh?" Syrup sighed.

How ironic.

"If I can find the crystal I can end this… but I have to protect this thing as well…!" Yuya grunted as he weaved around the trees.

Yuya quickly skidded to a halt so he could catch his breath, "Alright, I should be far enough now…" Yuya sighed.

Although, on the other hand, he was also lost.

"The trees are really tough, right…?" Yuya wondered out loud, "What if I set fire to it…?" He wondered.

He quickly decided against it, since there was no guarantee it would really damage the incredibly durable trees, and a forest fire was not only ill-advised but a bad idea in general.

Unbeknownst to Yuya, a single red eye was watching him from the shadows.

Yuya felt a chill run down his spine, and he quickly looked around at his surroundings.

He couldn't see anything except more and more trees… but what was this eerie feeling?

Suddenly, as his back was turned, something leaped from the shadows at the crystal behind him.

Yuya quickly turned around, but it was too late.

The form of Grace's ace, Amazoness Pet Liger, was about to slash at the crystal.

"Stargazer!" Yuya yelled.

The white-robed magician quickly moved to defend, but the beast simply blew the magician way with a powerful swipe with its claws, and it was about to do the same to the crystal.

"Timegazer!" Yuya yelled as the claws slashed at the crystal, the crystal starting to crack.

A large gear extended around Timegazer's body, and an image of a clock-hand moving counterclockwise appeared as purple energy flowed around the gear.

"Time Reversal!" Yuya declared.

Suddenly, the world began to move backward, Stargazer reappearing while Grace moved back towards the area where she had jumped at Yuya.

"W-What the!?" Grace exclaimed.

"She's close to Timegazer, so she'll be aware of time reversing…" Yuya thought, "But it'll still give me an opening!"

The crystal had promptly repaired, the pieces moving back into place and re-attaching to the main body.

Time began to flow normally again, and Yuya immediately jumped and turned around, fire forming in his mouth.

"Spiral Strike Burst!" He yelled as he shot a spiraling stream of flames at Grace's position.

Grace quickly jumped out of the way, but the flames brushed against Liger's back-leg and she had to quickly return to hiding.

The fire, meanwhile, struck a nearby tree.

The tree IMMEDIATELY caught fire, and the entire tree was now covered in flames.

"Ah! It does catch fire!" Yuya panicked.

And to make things worse, the fire was quickly beginning to spread.

"Oh no! It looks this match is about to heat up, literally!" Nico declared.

"Let this be a lesson to the kids watching, don't start fires, kids!" Melissa declared with a cheery tone.

"Hey, isn't this bad?" Serena asked.

"The fact that Yuya is burning down a rainforest, or the fact that this entire jungle is about to become a giant flaming death-trap?" Sora asked.

"Both, obviously!" Yuzu panicked.

"Oh, well then yeah, it's pretty bad," Sora said bluntly.

"The fire is just going to spread from there, and though it isn't really smoke, the air will become harder to breathe," Gongenzaka explained.

"What do you mean, it isn't really smoke?" Rin asked.

"The air is simply being affected by the Real-Solid Vision technology, which I'm sure is set so that it doesn't kill you," Sora explained, "The smoke that they'll breathe in won't be real smoke, but the air will be thicker and harder to take in," he explained.

Yuya was quickly running away from the flames, his eyes darting around in a panic.

"If the other sister is fighting me… then that means that they left their crystal undefended!" Yuya thought as he weaved between the trees, "If I can find it, then we can win…!" he thought as he looked around for wherever the crystal could be.

"Trying to run? As if I'd let you!" Grace yelled as she lunged at him from the shadows again.

Yuya was ready this time and quickly reacted by turning around and swinging his tail and smacking her away before she reached the crystal.

Yuya attempted to attack again, but she had already leaped back into the shadows.

"This is bad… I'm out of my element…" Yuya muttered as he took a step back before continuing to run.

And to make things worse, he could still smell smoke from where he had basically started a forest fire (Smokey The Bear would be so disappointed).

Transforming into Rune-Eyes was something that Yuya decided not to do. This was because Rune-Eyes was slightly bigger and clunkier, and not to mention slower.

Meanwhile, his brothers were having a tough time as well.

Gloria was darting around the area, riding on Yugo's back and striking Yuto and Yuri before quickly retreating, and then repeating the process.

"Treason Discharge!" Yuto yelled as electricity flew from his wings to wrap around Yugo, only for Yugo to fly out of the way in an instant.

Yugo ended up flying into Yuri, who wrapped his arms and wings around Yugo and holding tight.

"Quit moving, you annoying bastard…!" Yuri said with a grin.

"Crap…!" Gloria cursed as she drew her blade to strike at Yuri.

"Quit being a fucking dead-weight! Fusion!" Yuri yelled as he reared his head and brought his head down, headbutting Yugo square in his forehead.

Yugo flew backward in a daze, Yuri doing the same.

"Don't waste this chance…!" Yuri hissed at Yuto.

"Yeah!" Yuto yelled as electricity crackled violently around him, even causing the air around him to look distorted and blurry. "CRUSH THOSE CRYSTALS WITH YOUR FANGS! REVOLT OF THE LIGHTNING, DISOBEY!" He yelled as he charged forward and drove his fang right into Yugo.

Electricity flew through the air, both dragons roaring as Yuto's attack was received in full by Yugo.

"Agh…!" Yugo coughed as the chains that wrapped around him were shattered, his body glowing white as he reverted to his human form.

"Hah! Congratulations, you took down your own brother!" Gloria taunted.

Yuto's eyes flashed, and the electricity never vanished from his glowing fang.

Gloria's eyes widened as he continued to charge, aiming at her this time.

"Be struck down!" Yuto yelled, "Revolt of the Lighting, Disobey!" He yelled.

Yuto's fang clashed against Gloria's sword, which caused electricity to rapidly spread out and strike Gloria as she fought against Dark Rebellion.

The sword shattered, and with a massive roar, Yuto's attack pierced her defenses and struck true.

"AAAAAAAGH!" Gloria yelled as Yuto rammed her into a nearby tree, knocking them both to the ground. Dark Rebellion landed on his feet, while Gloria quickly grabbed a branch on the tree and swung forward, leaping away from the brothers.

"You won't get away!" Yuto yelled as he flew after her.

"Fine, just leave the idiot to me…" Yuri grumbled as he rubbed his forehead tenderly.

Yuto weaved between the trees, electricity sparking violently around the fangs on his chin and arms, as well as his wings.

"Revolt of the Lightning! Disobey!" Yuto yelled as he lunged forward.

"Getting a little predictable, aren't we?" Gloria taunted as she leaped from tree to tree, dodging Yuto's attack with ease.

"TREASON DISCHARGE!" Yuto yelled as electricity shot from his wings toward Gloria.

"Oop! That was close!" Gloria said confidently as she jumped away from the electricity and continued to jump to different trees again and again.

"Stay still!" Yuto yelled as he swung his tail at her, missing and hitting a tree instead.

"What, getting annoyed?" Gloria taunted.

Yuto reared his head, and with a powerful roar, let loose a breath attack of blue energy from his mouth, turning his head and sending the attack in every direction as he rotated.

"Getting frustrated?" Gloria taunted as she dodged the attack with ease.

"I'm just getting started!" Yuto yelled, "Follow and pierce! Revolt of the Lightning! Disobey!" Yuto yelled as he charged at Gloria again.

"Again? You do know what the definition of insanity is, right?" Gloria taunted as she jumped away.

But to her surprise, Yuto turned and faced her as he moved, continuing to follow her.

"…!" Gloria gasped as she quickly jumped to another tree.

Yuto continued to follow her, not once turning his fang away from her direction.

"What the… I thought you could only go in a straight line…!" Gloria cursed as she continued to run.

"This is for Yugo!" Yuto yelled as he sped up and continued to follow Gloria like a homing missile, dodging the trees and slowly decreasing the distance between them.

"Tch… eat wood!" Gloria cursed as she swung her body around and took cover behind one of the trees.

"These trees are ridiculously tough… the synchro kid couldn't break past them, so neither will you!" Gloria thought confidently.

Yuto's fang struck the tree, and electricity flew violently from the area where his fang pierced the wood.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Yuto yelled as electricity spun around his wings, the purple gems glowing brighter than ever before.


In a single instant, his fang pierced the bark of the tree, and the entire thing burst into splinters.

"What!?" Gloria exclaimed.

"For my brothers, nothing will stop me!" Yuto yelled, "DISOBEY!"

His attack struck true, and Gloria couldn't react fast enough to block the move.

"This power… are you seriously just a bunch of first-years!?" Gloria yelled.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Yuto screamed as he rammer into her, crashing her into, and breaking through, another tree before aiming them toward the ground and crashing her into the ground.

A flash of purple and Gloria was back to normal as Yuto stood over her as Dark Rebellion.

Yuto reared his head and let loose a powerful roar into the sky, confirming his victory.

His celebration was interrupted, however, when his nose suddenly twitched.

"Huh…? Why do I smell smoke?" He said out loud.



Yuya was rotating in a circle, letting loose a large stream of spiraling flame in his attempt to defeat Grace.

And now, the entire area around him was on fire.

The fire was beginning to reach Yugo and Yuri, and Yuri was waving the air in front of his face in annoyance.

"What the hell? Who went ahead and started a forest fire!?" Yuri hissed.

"Damn it… I went overboard…!" Yuya grunted as one of the trees began to topple and fell near him.

"You're mine!" Grace yelled as she leaped at him from the flames.

"Beast-Eyes!" Yuya yelled as a purple light covered him as he moved to block Grace's attack.

The two beasts clashed heads, and Grace jumped backward as Beast-Eyes stared her down.

"Hell-Dive Burst!" Yuya yelled as a blast of fire that took the shape of Beast-Eyes' head at Grace.

Grace quickly jumped away from the attack, which hit the ground and burst into flames (making the fire even worse).

"Dang it, where the heck are you, sis!?" Grace yelled as she tried to avoid the ever-increasing wall of flames.

Yuya coughed as the flames increased in intensity, "Ack… I wish I had more strong attacks that didn't involve fire…!" Yuya coughed.

"That's it! Screw the plan! I'm out of here!" Grace yelled as she attempted to run.

"Hey! Watch out!" Yuya yelled.

"Huh?" Grace said as she looked up.

One of the flaming trees was now falling on top of her.

"Oh crap…!" Grace exclaimed as she saw the pillar of wood descend at a speed faster than she could dodge.

A loud crash reverberated through the arena as the tree supposedly hit the ground.

Grace had, in her shock, ended up reverting back to her normal form.

Yuya stood above her as Odd-Eyes, the tree having struck him square on his back. Though his legs were shaking, he was still standing straight up.

"A-Are you okay…!?" He panted.

"Wha… why…?" Grace gasped, "I'm your enemy! It would've been better if you had just let the tree fall on me…!" She said with wide eyes.

"I… I did it without thinking," Yuya gasped as he struggled to keep standing, the burning tree having damaged his back quite heavily. "I saw that you were in trouble… and I can't just stay still when somebody is in danger in front of me…!" He grunted.

"But…" Grace muttered, but her voice trailed off.

Yuya grunted as he tried to lift himself up and push the tree off of him, but the second he did, a sharp jolt of pain shot from his spine and through the rest of his body.

"Agh…!" Yuya gasped as he staggered but quickly caught himself before he crushed Grace under him.

"A-Are you okay!?" Grace exclaimed.

"I-I'm fine…!" Yuya gasped, "This tree is just… surprisingly heavy… and my back is killing me…!" He explained.

"Crap… I can't stand up… and Grace is pinned underneath me…!" Yuya mentally cursed.

Grace, meanwhile, could feel her face heating up. "My face is burning up… is it because of the fire…?" She thought as her cheeks pinkened.

Yuya turned his attention toward the crystal. Timegazer and Stargazer floated around it and had conjured up a barrier that was protecting it from the flames, but it certainly wouldn't last if a tree like the one on top of Yuya were to fall on it.

On top of that, the flames that covered the tree that had just-about crushed Yuya was beginning to burn through the scales on his back, and he could slowly feel the temperature on his back rising.

"Break… out…!" Yuya grunted as he tried to stand again, causing the pain on his back to spike.

"Whirlwind Helldive Slasher!"

Yuya suddenly felt the weight leave his back as Yugo, transformed into Clear Wing, crashed into it from the side and knocked it off of him.

"AGH, DAMN THIS SMOKE! I CAN'T SEE A THING!" Yugo yelled in frustration, "I had to deal with being chained up and then headbutted by Yuri! Can this match just end already, damn it!" He yelled.

"Yugo! You're okay!" Yuya exclaimed.

"Yuya!" Yugo exclaimed, "You're okay! And… you've pinned the white-haired girl under you…" Yugo's voice trailed off.

"She was about to be crushed!" Yuya exclaimed.

"She would've been fine, and if she's fine, then she could easily handle you after taking a hit for her," Yuri said as he entered the area. "And why the hell is this place on fire!?" He yelled.

"Yuya, that attack was almost all of whatever energy I had left…" Yugo said as he hovered next to the crystal, "But I saw where they had their crystal! They were burying it underground!" He exclaimed.

"Alright! Where is it?" Yuya said as he got to his feet, Yuri immediately flying over as Starving Venom and standing menacingly over Grace, who was seemingly in a trance, staring at Yuya.

"Over that way!" Yugo yelled, pointing at the direction to his right, "I'll send a beam in that direction, so just follow it and shoot attacks at the ground like crazy! Me and Yuri will keep this thing safe," Yugo explained.

"Wait, Yuya is injured, I should go…" Yuri started to speak up.

"That's a bad idea, this whole burning-forest situation is a bad matchup for you," Yuto said as he suddenly joined the group, landing on the ground with a thud.

"Then you should go, right?" Yugo asked.

"No, I used up all of my stamina… and the air is getting harder and harder to breathe," Yuto explained, "Yuya, do you think you can do this?" He asked.

Yuya winced as he got to his feet, his back screaming at him to stop moving. "Of course…!" He declared.

"Alright, then go!" Yuto yelled.

"Dichroic Mirror!" Yugo immediately yelled, his wings glowing green as he fired a large stream of light in the direction where the crystal apparently was.

"Alright…!" Yuya said as he dashed in the same direction, ignoring the pain in his back.

Yugo gasped for air, "Alright… that was the last of whatever energy I had…!" Yugo wheezed.

"Just protect the crystal! Yuya will do it for sure!" Yuto said as he and Yugo circled the crystal, along with Timegazer and Stargazer.

"Crap… I'm stuck doing nothing again…!" Yuri hissed under his breath.

Gloria, meanwhile, had hardly noticed any of the events that had transpired. "It's… just the heat…" she mumbled as her face remained pink.

"And this chick is just sitting here in a trance or something…!" Yuri groaned.

"Rune-Eyes! Unending Shiny Burst!" Yuya yelled as he transformed into the fusion monster and began to fire countless beams of light at the ground as he ran through the forest.

Eventually, he finally found what he was looking for.

He skidded to a halt as one of the beams struck the ground and uncovered the crystal, which was gleaming brightly as flames licked the background.

"Alright! Beast-Eyes!" Yuya yelled as he jumped into the air, switching to Beast-Eyes as fire began to form in the blue crystal on his chest. "Helldive Burst!" He yelled as he fired a large burst of flames at the crystal, taking the shape of Beast-Eyes' head.

"I won't let you!"

Yuya's eyes widened as Gloria, transformed into Amazoness Empress, jumped out from the burning trees and deflected the attack with her sword.

"That Xyz kid really had me on my toes… but he didn't make sure that the job was done…!" Gloria gasped as she stood in front of the crystal defensively.

"Hey! Come on! Look around you!" Yuya yelled, "Everything is on fire! We need to end this match!" Yuya exclaimed.

"Then destroy your own crystal!" Gloria yelled back, "But no matter what… we will not lose! We will win and bring glory to Academia!" She yelled.

"T-That's some impressive school-spirit…" Yuya mumbled.

"I'll chain you up and use you to attack your brothers!" Gloria declared, "I can still win this… with everybody as worn-down as they are… you'll do fine, even if you're injured!" She declared.

"So that was your ability…" Yuya said as he took a step back, the pain in his back starting to kick into high gear.

"Now, come on!" Gloria yelled as she thrust her hand forward, purple chains suddenly shooting from a glowing spot in her palm and flying toward Yuya.

"Crap… move…!" Yuya thought as he jumped out of the way.

The chains, however, followed him.

"Not even your annoyingly-fast brother could avoid these chains!" Gloria yelled, "Now then, bow down to your queen!" She declared as the chains wrapped around Yuya's body and began to tighten.

"U-Urk…!" Yuya grunted as he landed on the ground, purple energy running through his body from the chains.

"Tch… looks like you're a little harder than your brother…" Gloria clicked her tongue.

Beast-Eyes let loose a loud roar as Yuya thrashed against the chains but to no avail.

Suddenly, an idea (or rather, suddenly remembering something) flashed through his head.

Yuya skidded to a halt and took a deep breath. "That thing I did in the preliminaries… I should be able to do it again… right?" He thought.

The chains were beginning to tighten, but the world around him seemed to move in slow-motion. "Remember it… remember that feeling…!" Yuya thought as the blue jewel in Beast-Eyes' chest began to glow.

Suddenly, Beast-Eyes' form vanished, and Yuya stood inside the space that the chains surrounded. "What…! But you can't transform or revert to normal while wrapped in my chains…!" Gloria gasped.

Yuya's pendant glowed bright blue as it swung from side to side. "Swing, Pendulum of my Soul!" Yuya chanted, "Eternal Pendulum!"

Yuya's body glowed a brilliant blue, and Yuya felt the pain in his back immediately vanish, a wave of relief washing through his body.

The chains around him suddenly shattered like glass, and Gloria recoiled in shock. "W-What!?" She exclaimed.

The glow dissipated, though Yuya's body still shined with a faint blue glow. "I did it…! My wounds are gone…!" Yuya thought in surprise.

He didn't have time to relax, however, as Gloria was already charging at him. "End it now…! If you don't, she'll overwhelm you again…!" Yuya's mind screamed at him.

"Just one attack… just one attack!" Yuya yelled as a blue and green card appeared in front of him.

"That monster…!" Gloria thought as she ran at him, "I can't let him transform into that!"

But it was too late.

"Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon!" Yuya yelled as he crushed the card in his hand.

The night before…

Yuya laid on the ground, gasping for air and drenched in sweat. Kachidoki stood nearby, equally exhausted.

"You've… improved…" Kachidoki said through his gasps for air, "you're nowhere near mastering that beast, but you can at least remain transformed for a short period of time," he sighed.

"Not long enough to do anything useful, though…" Yuya sighed in response.

"You have a match tomorrow, so we'll be ending this training session early," Kachidoki said as he walked over and extended his hand to Yuya, "It's not much, but it's still an improvement," Kachidoki said, "For now, your goal is to remain transformed into Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon for just one attack," he explained.

"Alright," Yuya sighed as he took Kachidoki's hand and pulled himself to his feet, "Oh, and before I forget…" Yuya said as he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

Kachidoki raised an eyebrow, "Hm?"

"Thanks for everything," Yuya said with a smile, "I didn't expect you to do something like this for me, but I probably wouldn't have gotten to this level for a while if it weren't for you," Yuya explained.

"I'm just paying back my debt to you," Kachidoki sighed, "now get out of here, you're going to need to sleep if you're going to fight properly tomorrow," he sighed.

"Right, I'll see you later!" Yuya said as he exited the room.

Kachidoki waited until the door closed, and Yuya had gotten a fair distance away.

"There are much stronger duelists in Academia than me… making sure you're strong enough to face them is the least I can do…" he sighed.

Back to the present…

Purple lightning struck the ground, and the air itself seemed to vibrate as the black-scaled dragon appeared, it's red and green eyes shining menacingly in the dark.

Gloria suddenly stopped moving, her legs freezing in place.

"W-What…?" Gloria gasped, "I… I stopped instinctively…?" She said as her eyes widened.

"I feel stronger… I can probably use one attack…!" Yuya thought, "Hold it together… and go…!"

Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon's wings opened, and purple electricity sparked to life, forming the rest of the wings.

"Crap, the crystal…!" Gloria cursed.

Yuya flew up, flipping and slamming his two fangs (which were now glowing purple and crackling with electricity) into the ground and charged at Gloria.

"Imperial Wrath Revolt!" Yuya yelled.

"I won't let you!" Gloria yelled as she swung her sword down as Yuya tore through the ground.

"STRIKE DISOBEY!" Yuya yelled as he reared his head, his fangs clashing against the sword, causing electricity to shoot in every direction.

Gloria stood in front of the crystal, being the only thing between it and Yuya. "Don't think… that you stand a chance…!" She grunted.

Yuya roared as he continued to push her, "Crap… I can't keep clashing like this… I won't be able to keep this form up…!" Yuya panicked inside his head.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAH!" Gloria yelled as she began to push back against Yuya's attack.

Suddenly, just as Yuya began to falter, Yuto burst out from the trees behind Gloria, transformed into Dark Rebellion.

"What!?" Gloria shouted.

"I thought it was taking too long…!" Yuto thought as electricity crackled around him, "Revolt of the Lightning! Disobey!" He yelled as he charged at Gloria and the crystal from the opposite side.

Gloria clicked her tongue, and a flash of light enveloped her arm, revealing a shield.

Yuto's fang struck the middle of the shield, and Gloria now stood over the half-buried crystal, fending off both Yuya's attack and Yuto's attack.

However, with her strength now being divided into blocking both attacks, both Yuya and Yuto began to push through.

"Go! Yuya!" Yuto yelled.

Yuto's fang shattered the shield, and he continued his attack on Gloria, striking her and blowing both of them away.

A loud roar reverberated through the area, coming from Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon as the two fangs finally hit the crystal.

And finally, in that instant, the crystal shattered like glass.


Bonus Scene!

"Yuri," Yuzu said bluntly.

"I dunno… I think I'll pick Yuto…" Rin replied.

"Yuto's gruff but he's super gentle, so I'll go with Yuri," Ruri said with a cheerful smile.

"Yuri's easy to handle if you know him well enough," Serena stated.

"What are you guys talking about?" Yuya asked as he entered the room with Yugo following from behind.

"Oh, it's nothing…" Yuzu started to say.

"We're debating about which of you four is the scariest when they get mad," Serena cut her off, "and we don't mean 'slightly peeved' or 'frustrated'. We're talking about downright furious," Serena explained.

"The scariest when furious?" Yugo said as he stared at them, "Well, you'd actually be pretty surprised…" he muttered under his breath.

"Wait, does that mean its not Yuri?" Yuzu asked.

"Or Yuto?" Rin added to the question.

"Well, Yuto's pretty scary when he gets pissed, but he usually calms down pretty quickly," Yugo explained, "I'd say he's in second place," Yugo concluded.

"Yeah, remember when he found out that you broke the game console he bought with his own money?" Yuya asked.

"I was like, eight!" Yugo protested, "I thought something neat would happen if I stuck a cookie into the damn thing instead of a disc, okay!?" He yelled angrily.

"Well, Yuto sure didn't care," Yuya chuckled, "the second he found out that it was your fault, he dashed out of his room, found you, and proceeded to tackle you to the ground," Yuya said cheerfully.

"I saved up money on a child allowance of five dollars a week, along with selling various possessions at school, for six months," Yuto said as he suddenly appeared behind Yugo, causing Yugo to jump in surprise, "I think I'm allowed to be angry if somebody broke it less than a week after I bought it," he said, shooting a look at Yugo.

"T-That was a long time ago!" Yugo said nervously, "Y-You're not mad about it anymore, right?" He said as he fidgeted in place.

"I'm not mad at you about it anymore," Yuto said coldly, "but I now know to never let you anywhere near my stuff," he stated.

"You used a lot of bad words that day," Yuya commented, "None of us except Dad knew what most of those words meant, and even then, we had to look in a dictionary to find some of the words you used as you tried to maul Yugo to pieces," he teased.

"Yeah, I got in a pretty hefty amount of trouble with dad because of the language I used…" Yuto sighed, "but I honestly didn't care too much at the time,"

"What about Yuri?" Serena asked.

"Oh, him?" Said Yugo, "Oh, he's just good at getting revenge, but in the end, he's just a harmless plant-obsessed freak that can't ride a bike or anything with less than three wheels, even if his life depended on it…" Yugo started to speak.

Unbeknownst to him, Yuzu and Rin's faces had gone pale, Serena was snickering, Ruri had her hand covering her mouth in an "Oh my!" fashion.

Yuya gulped, and Yuto let out an exasperated sigh, but Yugo continued to go on.

"I mean, it's pretty easy to tell when he's mad because his left eyebrow twitches and he gets this stupidly big grin on his face," Yugo continued to speak, his eyes closed as he continued to diss Yuri. "After you notice that, you just have to be on guard for about a week and then you're in the clear. So he's really just a plant nerd with none of the basic fine motor skills needed to ride a bike…" he said as he opened his eyes and noticed everyone's reactions.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Yugo asked.

Suddenly, a hand came up from behind Yugo and latched onto his shoulder.

"Ack!" Yugo yelped as he slowly turned his head to look behind him.

Yuri was standing there, a smile on his face, and his left eyebrow twitching rather rapidly.

"Y-Yuri!?" Yugo exclaimed.

"Well? Go on!" Yuri said cheerfully, "I'm not stopping you, you can keep going!" He continued as his hand shook ever-so-slightly, Yuri's grip growing stronger by the second.

"U-uh…" Yugo stammered.

"I particularly liked that part where you called me a harmless, plant-obsessed freak…" Yuri continued to speak with a sickly-sweet tone, "oh! And that part where you said I had no basic fine motor skills, I really liked that part!" He continued.

Yuri's hand was now shaking violently as it gripped Yugo's shoulder with even more strength.

"W-Wait—O-ow! Hey, you're gripping me way too hard!" Yugo started to shout, "O-ow! OW! Hey! Let go! Yuri!" Yugo's voice continued to raise as Yuri's hand clamped onto Yugo's shoulder like a hydraulic press pushing against another hydraulic press.

Yugo attempted to run, but Yuri's hand remained attached to Yugo's shoulder, and Yuri promptly yanked him back in place.

"Y-Yuri, maybe ease up a little…?" Yuya started to speak.

"Whatever do you mean?" Yuri asked, "I'm simply encouraging Yugo to keep talking!" Yuri said cheerfully.

"OW! OW! OWWW! I get it! I'm sorry! Just let go before you break something in there!" Yugo screamed in a panic.

Finally, Yuri released his hold on Yugo, and Yugo promptly dashed away from him and collapsed to the ground, holding his shoulder in pain.

"Agh… Jesus, since when did you have the grip strength of a fucking gorilla…!?" Yugo cursed as Yuya helped him to his feet.

"Come on, let's get some ice…" Yuya said with a comforting tone.

"Y-Yeah…" Yugo muttered as they left the room.

All four of the girls (except for Serena, who looked like she was about to burst into a laughing fit) stared at Yuri nervously.

"I'd say I tie with Yuto for second place in terms of scare-factor when I get pissed," Yuri said nonchalantly.

"Wait, but if you're both second place…" Yuzu began to speak, "then who's in the first place?" She asked.

"It… can't be Yugo, can it?" Rin asked.

"If it's not Yuri or Yuto, it has to be Yugo though…" Ruri pointed out.

"He's the only other option… but I don't think Yugo can do anything as terrifying as what Yuri just did," Serena added.

"Um, you do realize that you've forgotten someone," Yuto pointed out.

All four girls stared at him in bewilderment.

"There's absolutely no way it's Yuya," said Yuzu, "He's the kindest and most forgiving person you'll ever meet!" She exclaimed.

"You're bullshitting us," Serena said bluntly, "It has to be one of you two because it's impossible for Yugo or Yuya to reach that kind of level," she stated.

"Yuya… scarier than Yuri just now?" Rin asked, "Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that Yuya is incapable of something like that," she said confidently.

"I really just can't imagine Yugo or Yuya being scary like that…" Ruri said nervously.

Yuto inhaled sharply and bit his bottom lip, and Yuri actually looked… uncomfortable.

"Well, to be fair… Yuya pretty much never gets too angry…" Yuto admitted, "and when he does get angry, he's still pretty mellow…" he continued.

"Yeah, it's pretty hard to believe, but…" Yuri said as he scratched the back of his head, an uncomfortable expression on his face.

All four of the girls stared at them in disbelief.

"A-Actually…" Yuto suddenly spoke up and grabbed Yuri by his shoulder and brought his face close to his ear and whispered something to him.

Yuri nodded, and Yuto quickly backed away.

"Me and Yuri actually tie for first place, Yuya is pretty much incapable of getting, well… pissed," Yuto said quickly.

Yuri cleared his throat and continued for him, "Y-Yeah, you guys actually believed that Yuya of all people could overpower a full-grown man and send him to the—" he started to speak.

Yuto promptly elbowed him in his side to cut him off, and Yuri winced in pain.

The girls were growing even more confused because suddenly both Yuto and Yuri were saying an entirely different thing than from earlier.

"A-Anyways! W-We gotta go!" Yuto said quickly.

"Y-Yeah! See you!" Yuri said just as quickly before dashing out of the room with Yuto close behind.

The door slammed shut, and the sisters stared at each other.

"What the hell was that?" Serena asked.

Meanwhile, Yuya had just given Yugo a bag of ice to put on his shoulder.

"Ah… ACHOO!" Yuya suddenly sneezed.

"Bless you…" Yugo said as he laid on the couch.

"Agh… either somebody is talking about me, or my allergies are just acting up…" Yuya groaned as he sat down.