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The Siren Next Door

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Minoru woke up with a snort, his forehead a little red from resting on his arms. The lamps were already off in his room, the only source of light being from his laptop, the ten minute video having ended on a woman’s fucked-out, cum drizzled face. He’d knocked out after he got his desired ending, his room smelling dimly of his own pearly fluids, maybe an hour or two old. But, as he’d noted, the video had ended.

Which was why he wasn’t sure where the slight whimpering noise was coming from.

At first, he thought there was an advertisement on the computer playing. Some of them did pop up every once in a while. With that in mind, Minoru huffed and shut his laptop without closing his browser—it wasn’t like no one knew what he looked at, the benefit of being a pervert in public—and he prepared to go to bed. He’d clean off his desk and put his lotion and tissues back where they usually were on his desk in the morning.

But then he heard it again.

A low sigh, petering off into a slight whimper.

Alright, not his computer. The lights on it were all off, evidence of it’s shut-down. So then…

Perhaps it was his imagination. He had a rather rampant one, but it served him well. More than once, Minoru had imagined the girls in his class moaning from the sounds they made exercising. Yet another reason that U.A. was such a prime, grade A+ school. He’d use their noises either for his fantasies about them or he attached his personal remix of those mental recordings to any random girl he could create in his mind.

Either way, he was likely just thinking about some mixture of what he imagined Mina and Momo to sound like and it was echoing in his head. It was a good voice, soft and sweet like Momo’s but rough around the edges like Mina, though he thought he’d imagine her being louder. Either way, he came up with some absolutely wonderful soundscapes. He hoped to remember it when he finally started dreaming.

But then, as if to slap him upside the head and call him a bitch, the voice uttered again.

A reedy little thing, barely contained, and a bit lower than the other stifled moans he’d heard.

Right from the wall he was staring at.

Minoru blinked.

Then it clicked.

The thing was, he wasn’t at home or anything. This was U.A., in their super defensive, super strong, fairly well soundproofed dormitory...that he discovered wasn’t as soundproofed as he’d hoped when Midoriya had come knocking on his door with his face red as a damn tomato to ask him to turn his movie down or put in his headphones.

That was exactly why he knew the room beside his didn’t belong to a sweet girl or anything—a travesty, really—but the green-haired favorite. Honestly, he couldn’t blame so many of his classmates for liking him. Midoriya was super cool! He really tried to protect Tsuyu and him that one time in the USJ, and he had gone all-out against a powerhouse like Todoroki! That, and he just kinda gave off an air of safety some of the others were only starting to develop.

But that wasn’t the issue at the moment. What was the issue was that, because he knew exactly who his next door dorm-neighbor was, he hadn’t expected to hear what were very obviously sex sounds coming from his room.

Minoru’s eyes trailed to his phone, and he pressed the button on it.

2:24 am.

Ah. The early-early morning hours. Prime time for beating something other than villains.

Minoru wasn’t stupid, after all. Midoriya was a boy as much as he was, despite how goodie-two-shoes he seemed to be sometimes. So of course he had a libido. He was honestly a little relieved. Had he not heard Midoriya making noises, he would’ve thought the boy’s dick was broken. No hero-in-training deserved a broken dick. Except for maybe Monoma. Fuck that guy.

Either way, Midoriya was getting his rocks off, and Minoru was proud of him. Probably thinking of Ochako’s busty boobs or her voluptuous hips or her thick thighs or something, all wrapped up in the pretty package the mysterious two-dots signature-user put her in. The two heroes-in-training seemed to have some chemistry, lucky bastard.

Either way, Minoru had a guy code. There was to be no intruding on the green-head’s personal massage session. Besides, guys sounded gross.

He nodded his approval at Midoriya’s actions, slid out of his chair, and knocked out not long after his head hit the pillow.

He broke the guy code a week later because curiosity was killing him.

After he’d woken up and brushed his teeth the next morning, the first thought that came to mind was how on earth he could’ve ever confused the sounds of a moaning man to that of Minako’s lucious, heartful cries.

Minako was a goddess! A deity among human kind! She spread her legs and popped her pussy for the good of humanity and Minoru felt nothing but gratitude for her and the way she opened her mouth!

And Mina! Momo! Two of the hottest girls in class! Given, all of the girls in their class were startlingly hot—U.A. was great for more than one reason. But that wasn’t the point!

What he’d thought was a combo Mina-Momo whine of pleasure, birthed from the miraculous DJ that was his own, wholly unholy imagination, had come from the boy next door, and Minoru couldn’t stand for it!

Couldn’t fathom it!

It was unheard of!

By misjudging the sound, Minoru had practically committed heresy! They were goddesses in their own rights—Momo the goddess of creation and boobs and the easiest on the eyes out of all the girls, and Mina, the athletic and shameless, her excitability merely evidence of her feminine virility!

“It’s inconceivable!” he’d accidentally screeched out loud in the middle of Aizawa-sensei’s morning speech. That got him sent outside class to hold a bucket full of water.

He calmed by the time first period started, but still! He couldn't wrap his mind around it! No! There had to be something else going on. Something fishy.

There was no way that Midoriya actually made sounds like the ones he’d heard last night.

But to determine if he had or matter how gross it would be...Minoru had to listen to him.

He had to wait and try to hear what it was like when Midoriya Izuku was beating his meat in order to determine that the sound hadn’t been some strange auditory hallucination that he needed to get checked out. Or perhaps, that a villain wasn’t trying to trick him somehow. It would be a prime tactic—fool him into thinking guys sound sexy when having sex to turn him gay when actually it was a ruse all along.

...Hah, that was funny. No, he wasn’t that crazy to believe that. A villain wouldn’t even be able to get on U.A. grounds with how much security they’d put up.

Besides, it wasn’t like he could be ‘turned gay’. That wasn’t how that worked. Dimly, for a moment, he remembered an old meme with an American guy saying something about ‘water turning the frogs gay’, and thought then, with a chuckle, that no. No water was needed to turn the frogs gay. The frogs were gay on their own, if the way Tsu-chan looked at Ochako was any indication.

Tsuyu and Ochako in each others arms...sitting in a tree, with Tsuyu keeping her grip with her quirk and Ochako floating, her hair a halo around her head...k-i-s-s-i-n-g...Tsuyu’s long tongue slowly pushing Ochako’s supple lips apart as their shiny pink lips met, their cheeks flushed...first came panties—

As if she knew what he was thinking, Tsuyu’s tongue burst through the veil between fantasy and reality and smacked him on the cheek hard enough for his head to bobble.

“Stop grinning like that, kero. You’re making yourself obvious.”

When he turned back from the way his head had snapped, the frog girl was walking away with the gaggle of 1-A girls, some of whom were looking at him with mild disgust. Beside him, Kaminari hid behind his class binder and laughed.

Well, actually the smack helped. He had some more important things to pay attention to.

The reason why it took a week to hear Midoriya again was because the boy was some super soldier monster who didn’t jack off once every two days like a normal boy. Either that, or Midoriya staggered his jack-off times to never really be at the same time. Either that, or Minoru just flat out fell asleep before the 2 a.m. hour.

But almost an exact week later on a Saturday night, he paused his video because he heard the slight undercurrent of something that wasn’t Harime’s beautiful, sultry MILF voice. Something softer and quieter, yet rough at the edges.


He paused Harime’s voice—his dick cried out in anguish—but he had duties to attend to. This was one of his few chances to catch Midoriya in action and he was hoping with this single confirmation, he could put his worries to rest.

This time, Minoru was prepared. He had a glass cup to put his ear against and listen to the other side of the wall. Softly, he pushed some of the things on his desk aside to sit on it with his whole body, and moved his ear around near the wall, hoping to hear the sweet spot.


A-hah! There it was! He quickly brought his cup up and softly placed it on the wall—thank goodness it was still within range of being on his desk. He wouldn't know what to do if it was behind his figurine shelf.

With the cup there, he could hear Midoriya more clearly. Now it was time! Now he could free himself from the beginnings of the curse! He’d been wondering all week what Midoriya actually sounded like, taking his attention away from his usual girl-watching, and that had to end now!

Midoriya moaned again, and Minoru listened intently.


Soft. Breathy. Barely there.

Despite how loud Midoriya was on a daily basis, he was strangely quiet.

But it made sense. People who lived among thin walls learned to move silently. He’d heard Midoriya talk about his mom, how much he loves her and everything. She’d made his first hero costume, as unfortunately flimsy as it was. It was still clearly made out of love. Of course green-head wouldn’t want her hearing her only son abuse himself.

But somewhere along the line of protecting his mother’s innocence, he’d developed a very...uh…

A very nice voice.

Midoriya breathed out on the other side of the wall, sucking it back in with a hitch of his breath. Concealed, but barely, like a murmur, his voice soft as the air itself. A little grunt caught on the butt-end of his pleasured whispers. Soft in all the right places, with just a little oomf to keep it going.

That was different from what Minoru’d heard or imagined before. Well, girls could grunt, too. After all, that was where most of his irl spank-bank material came from—the beautiful sounds of strain from his lady classmates. He couldn’t imagine himself screwing them softly because of that though, not unless he remixed them into a sultry cocktail of his imaginative prowess, slowing down grunts to moans, speeding up strained noises to cries.

But he’d never actually heard any of the girls masturbate, not like he was hearing Midoriya. And that made it all the more natural.

There was a little choke to the boy’s voice, and at the same time, he heard the slight wetness of something slick against skin. Ohh...Midoriya was starting to speed up on himself. Apparently he was getting close.

His murmured whines turned into panting, still so quiet and tilted high, yet it filled Minoru’s ears more, like clouds puffing up in the highest points of the troposphere. Minoru felt his cheeks start to heat. There was a low skipping sound in the other’s throat, like he was trying to hold back his panting, but they jumped on a speed bump and kept going.

Those sounds fed straight into his mind, and his mental DJ started recording.

Now then...what was the scene? Minoru imagined Midoriya, leaned against the wall separating their bedrooms, one hand on his cock, the other...hmm. He’s not sure. He hadn’t made it a habit to have vivid mental images of guys.

...Hey, wait a minute.

Why was he imagining Midoriya in the first place?

What the heck was he doing when he had a laptop with Harime waiting patiently for him?

What the fuck?!

Minoru backed away from the wall, eyes wide. He lowered the glass from it quickly, trying not to scrape it or make a single sound. His hands shook a little even after he put the glass down and slid off of the desk.

That...that wasn’t normal. He wasn’t acting normal at all!

He blinked, and shifted the way he stood. His pants were weirdly uncomfortable…


Minoru’s mind blanked out completely.

...He was hard.

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Until the wee hours of the morning, Minoru sat in his bed with his covers over his head, eyes wide and shocked at the betrayal his dick had committed to womankind.

It wasn’t just wasn’t right! Not for him, anyway!

He loved women! Dedicated his whole life to them! To Momo-tiddy and Ocha-ass! To Mina-thigh and Tsu-tongue! To the imaginary image of what Tooru looked like and the tsundere possibilities that Kyouka offered! To the boastful, pleasant promiscuity of Miss Midnight and the blessed, bouncing derriere of Mt. Lady! He loved it all!

And yet, from the other side of that damned wall, Midoriya’s voice had called to him.

Well, not really. He couldn’t put all the blame on the green-head. He was just getting his rocks off and Minoru had thought it was about time. But still! Why the hell did his voice have to sound like that? Why did it have to sound so soft and pleasant and pleading, like he was calling for someone to go over and right the world’s wrongs by giving him what he wants—

Dammit! Minoru’s mind was going there again! Shit!

He groaned and hid his face in his pillow. The alarm in his phone was going to go off in about an hour and he hadn’t managed a wink of sleep. He was going to suffer a terrible, terrible death by Aizawa-sensei when he had to go to class. And it’d be all Midoriya’s fault.

He remembered hours later, after he’d fallen asleep and hadn’t been awoken by his alarm clock, that it was actually Sunday and they had no class that day.

Even in his masturbating habits, Midoriya Izuku was still saving his life. For that, Minoru couldn’t bring himself to resent the green-head, despite the mental, physical, and emotional turmoil all of this was causing him. That afternoon, he plodded downstairs with a sluggishness to his gait, the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“Yo, Mineta, what’s up homieeeeshit, you look terrible,” Kaminari greeted. His hand had been raised, but it quickly curled and lowered at the distress apparent on his face. He’d been smiling, but it twisted with a bit of concern.

Minoru squinted at the boy’s faded Zappers! shirt like the light was bouncing off of it and straight into his eyes.

“Dude, you okay?” Kaminari moved closer, bending down to get nearer to his level. “...Bad night?”

Minoru shook his head. “No, nothing like that.”

Kaminari didn’t look convinced. It was a bit heartwarming that his friend was so concerned, even when he himself had a few bad nights. The blond would dream of being held hostage in the USJ, phantom hands holding the back of his clothes and sparking deadly energy in his other hand. Meanwhile, he himself would dream of grim, grinning faces hiding in the water, crusty hands heading towards Tsuyu’s face, and the hulking black figure grasping Midoriya, ready to break him like it had broken their sensei.

Ah, now that he thought about it, he was really kind of happy Midoriya had a way of getting off. Jacking it was some serious stress relief.

“You sure bud? You’re looking a little haunted.” Kaminari sat on his haunches, crouched to the ground with his feet flat against it, knees supporting his elbows.

Playfully, Minoru smacks the boy’s closest elbow. “I said I’m fine, ya dunce!”

Kaminaru pursed his lips, looking mock-hurt as he rubbed the elbow. “Ruuuude.”

“But yeah, it’s nothing. Just thinking too much about stuff.”

The mock hurt morphed into a grin. “...What kiiiiiind of stuff?”

“Believe me, you don’t want me getting into it. I mean, you’re on the right track but…”

“Uh huh, you know I’m going to pester you tell you tell me, yeah?”

“It involved some very bad porn.”

“...How bad we talking.”

“Super Plus Ultra bad. Like...the kind of butt stuff you don’t want. The, uh, usual stuff. That gets done. With the butt.”

It took the blond a second. He tilted his head a little, blinked, squinted. Then, Kaminari’s face immediately scrunched up. “Duuuuuude…”

“Believe me, I was not looking for it. But the algorithm messed up and...well...I got two-girls-one-cupped all over again.”

Kaminari’s face scrunched up further, then he reached a hand out and patted his shoulder. “Damn.”

This. This was for the best. He was better off convincing his friend he’d seen a scat video than he was telling him he’d listened to the class sweetheart beat his meat and got hard from it.

“Are you guys okay?”

Well, think of the fucking devil.

Midoriya was walking past, a notebook and papers in his hands like the nerd he is. He had his big, soulful eyes pointed straight at them with that same ‘I’m here to help’ aura he always had around him. It was as if it was coming off his skin in waves, and Minoru was starting to suspect they were actually pheromones. He wore an old Present Mic t-shirt that was a little on the smaller side as far as his shirts went. It conformed to his body more than his usual tees, showing how his biceps and chest had gotten thicker from what they were back at the beginning of first year.

Minoru was about to say that it was nothing. There was no reason for Midoriya to be privy to their salacious conversation. No point at all when Minoru was struggling to not connect that soft, breathy voice to the stocky, baby-faced powerhouse in front of him. But then Kaminari, bless and curse him, he opened his mouth with a still cringed look on his face.

“Have you ever heard of scat, Midoriya?”

The green-head blinked twice in rapid succession. “Huh?”

“He said! Have you heard the cat?!” Minoru quickly jumped in, smacking a hand over the blond’s mouth. “There’s been a cat around! We were wondering if you heard it!”

Midoriya blinked rapidly again, his face turning a little pale. Ah, well, that meant what Kaminari had just said had registered.

It had registered.

Meaning Midoriya knew what it was.

“I...ah, can’t say I have. Was someone looking for it?”

And he took the bait to avoid the topic altogether. Yep. That was a person who knew what scat was and wished they never knew. Interesting.

“Ah, nah, not really, just wondering if you’d heard it. We’re gonna go now, bye!” Minoru grinned out, practically dragging a whining Kaminari away.

Midoriya knew what scat was.

Midoriya. Knew what scat was.

During the time Minoru was supposed to be working on his homework, he was sitting with his fingers laced and his hands supporting his head, staring at the wall like he could peer into the room beside his.

Midoriya...knew about kinky stuff. Not just the basic kinky stuff, like orgasm denial or spanking. No. He knew about Level 4 kinks.

Level 4 kinks were, to Minoru, kinks that should never be touched in his own personal book. He was a sex and pleasure addict, that much he knew, but even he had his hard limits. Level 1 was the basic stuff. Vanilla. Level 2 was the spank bank stuff, like spanking or bondage. Level 3 was the more hardcore stuff, like true BDSM and scene plays, like orgies and double penetration, things still within the realm of possibility. Level 4? Don’t touch. Shit like scat and puke. Most things involving bodily fluids, really. Knife play, blood play, severe pain. Nah. He couldn’t stand that. Level 5? Things beyond the realm of possibility, like seeing a girl be abducted by aliens and forced to lay their eggs. That kind of stuff that circled back around from ‘don’t touch’ back into ‘this is maybe good’ territory.

Scat was a hard Level 4. Even the basic knowledge about it wasn’t for a bunch of kids playing around in Weenie Hut Juniors. And Midoriya? Well, he’d expected him to be in Super Weenie Hut Juniors as far as sex went. He was too doe eyed and innocent to know about anything beyond Level 1.

But no. Midoriya once again surpassed expectations and knew about a Level 4 kink enough to be actively disgusted by it and avoid the topic.

And that...well…

Minoru’s imagination was running wild.

How did Midoriya find out about scat? Had he been actively searching for it, his inquisitive mind desiring new knowledge about something he heard in passing? Did he stumble upon it like a kid walking to a candy store only to find a sex shop? If he didn’t like scat, then what did he like? Did he find something amongst the 3rd or 5th levels that got his rocks off? Did Midoriya fit the common nerd stereotype? Was he actually kinky under all that kindness. Minoru had many questions.

Including why he was so obsessed by the prospect in the first place.

With a strangled groan, he reached up and scrabbled at his scalp.

Midoriya had been on his mind ever since he realized that the voice really was as good as he’d imagined it to be. That something about his breathy, choked, desperately hidden moans flipped the ‘YES GOOD’ switch in his dick and his mental DJ had decided the green-head’s cries needed no remix. And again, he was absolutely certain he had dedicated his body to imagining the pleasure of the many, many attractive girls in the world, so how Midoriya had snuck his fuzzy-headed freckled self into the mix was beyond him! Dammit Midoriya!


It was likely that this was just a temporary thing.

Sometimes, Minoru would latch onto a new face and be obsessed with her for a little while, then eventually his interest would peter off. Kind of like a kid who found a new favorite food only to later abandon it and go back to what was already tried and true in their taste buds. And Midoriya? He was just a temporary snack. Just something to be obsessed over for a hot minute before his true instincts as a lady hunter rekindled.

Yeah. Yeah! That was it.

He just tasted some new honey, but he’d be back to his old sweets in no time.

Minoru grinned smugly at the wall, hoping Midoriya could feel him attempting to look at him through the solid wood, plaster, and whatever else between them. Midoriya may have the baby-faced strength that had enchanted classmates and villains alike, but this was one territory that Midoriya couldn’t touch. His mind was a fortress of voluptuous breasts and thick, luscious thighs and thin waists and plush pink lips. Midoriya and his stocky body and hard angles wouldn’t be able to pierce that even for a moment!

He’d defeat the green-head yet!

Assured in his mental victory, Minoru chuckled to himself. Then, deciding that he really didn’t want to die in Aizawa-sensei’s class next time, he actually got to work on his homework, occasionally snickering as he answered the questions.

He suspected it would take him a week or so to get over Midoriya’s sudden hijacking of his dick. But in the meantime, he was in...kinda deep. Deeper than he’d expected.

Minoru didn’t really notice this until they were suiting up for their next day of hero training. He’d been eager to check out the hole in the wall separating the girls’ changing room from the boys’, but he’d been dissuaded by some of the others enough that he decided against it. In the calm after the storm, Minoru’s eyes slid over to where Midoriya was changing, his voice having been among those against his peeking.

The boy’s back was turned to him from where Minoru stood, and he hadn’t quite gotten his whole suit on. The back wasn’t zipped all the way up yet. His zipper sat right at the top of his ass, leaving his back out in the open, dim scars mere light lines cutting through the tan of his uninjured flesh. And he had freckles all along his back, dotting over his shoulder blades. Not unlike a panther, strong corded muscle condensed into his small body. He was the third smallest boy in the class besides him and Tokoyami, and it served him well.

Because his ass was... Whoaly shit, he hadn’t noticed it before.

Midoriya’s leg braces were on, pressing against his thick thigh muscles in a way that reminded him of thigh high socks. And Midoriya’s shoot style had done wonders to his backside. Even more than his arms, his legs and ass had thickened up. But there was what Minoru imagined was a plushness to his ass that had probably always been there, something that remained despite all the exercise they were doing.

It was tasteful, pressing against his green and black suit in all the right places.

Before he could be noticed for his staring, he turned back around and slipped his face mask on, catching the butt-end of Kaminari’s sentence as he made a reply that sounded real enough to his own ears.

When Kaminari and Sero left, he left with them, chatting it up with the two to avoid thinking about the green-head following out behind him.


Oh dammit.

He hoped he’d be over his imaginary infatuation with the boy soon.

During practice, he realized how terribly wrong his Midoriya-watching could’ve gone. It hadn’t made sense to do that after all. Too many eyes.

That was the trouble between peeping at girls and peeping at the one single boy that seemed hellbent on hijacking his libido. Peeping at girls would at most get him a slap on the wrist and a stern chiding. He couldn’t imagine what peeping at Midoriya would get him.


He was not peeping at Midoriya.

He was just...uh...trying to see what the mental fuss was all about. His eyes had just happened to land on him. That was it. He wasn’t really attracted to Midoriya. That was just weird. No, he was just...trying to put a face to the voice. Yeah. That way, he could get rid of the voice and face altogether in one fell swoop. It made a lot of sense to him.

Except now, as he watched another team exercise, as Midoriya worked with Kyouka to find the best possible route to take down the powerhouse group of Shouji and Tokoyami in the rocky landslide zone in the USJ, his eyes kept on trailing over to that ass he’d seen in the locker room.

That belt around his waist didn’t help bring attention away from it. In fact, it was like a blaring red sign that said ‘look just a little lower to see the prize!’ and it made him a little pissed off, but it wasn’t like he could outwardly express that. Despite his attempts to focus on Momo’s nicely revealed chest as she stared narrow-eyed at the screen, or on Mina’s lovely, athletic assets, the boy’s ass would flash across the screen as he moved.

He was so distracted by it that he didn’t notice when he and Kyouka managed to pull in a win, the two giving each other high fives in celebration. Kyouka looked like she was playfully picking on Shouji as she untied his arms, but Midoriya, as always, looked like he was fawning over Tokoyami’s quirk and how he’d used it. Of course, Minoru didn’t see how he’d used it. He was too busy watching that ass shake.

He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and balled his fists up, trying to erase the image from his mind.




It was a school night. Midoriya had been considerate enough to only jack off where he could hear him on weekends, but it was 12am on a new Thursday morning and Midoriya was doing something that made him make those cursed noises.

Any other time, perhaps Minoru would’ve resisted. Perhaps he would’ve hidden under his bed sheets and lulled himself to sleep with the pleasured cries of one of his favorite cam girls. But instead of doing that, he was up on his desk, his glass cup against the wall at just the right place to hear Midoriya moan.

Minoru had initially thought that having a body connected with the voice would make him abandon the effect Midoriya had on him altogether, and yet...and yet!

Even as he knelt on the desk, this time around, he could actually kind of imagine Midoriya. He could imagine tanned, scarred skin reaching down into his pants and palming at himself, maybe wetting his hands with lotion. Maybe those large eyes of his would lid when he pleasured himself. Maybe those eyelashes fluttered against his reddened cheeks. He already knew the sounds that mouth could make.


This was no fair. There was nothing fair about this at all.

His hand dipped down in front of his his own pants as he kept listening, huffing a little when he pressed his hand on himself, trying to tame the beast.

It was no fair, but Minoru was sure he’d be fine. Give it another week or so. Yeah. He was just high on something new being added to his spank-bank repertoire.


In the end, that silky voice would mean nothing to him. Whether the voice is from Minako or the body is from Harime, or he simply remembered the feeling of Tsuyu’s boobs or Momo’s back, all of those were superior to Midoriya in every way. His fortress...his mental fortress would not fall so easily!

The cottony soft sounds escaping from Midoriya’s increasingly desperate mouth would not make his resolve crumble.


Minoru swallowed thickly, a bead of sweat trailing down his temple.

He was just...exploring. Just exploring his options. Just tasting something a little more exotic then going back to the regular meals.

That was all.

Chapter Text

At this point, Minoru’s abandoned all hope for the time being.

There was no way he could go back to his old self with the way he is now.

He knew this well because, despite his claims about giving up his strange Midoriya fascination, he was still listening to the boy nearing orgasm through the wall.

The boy’s bed was squeaking a little as he shook, choked-off moans muffled into his pillows, whining under his breath. Minoru’s almost sure he’s drooling—one time, when he dozed off during lunch, a little trail of it started dripping from his mouth only a minute or two after he’d conked out. There had to be a wet patch on his pillow covers, and an even wetter patch on his sheets. Or a towel if he used one. Midoriya seemed like the kind of guy to put a towel on the bed to masturbate, especially since they were All Might themed.

Maybe...was Midoriya into that? He’s a hardcore hero nerd, so...has his sexual growth been based on burly, strong, cool men? Not being one, but being near or under one? Did he get off on the idea of cumming on his favorite hero’s face? He had to at least be into heroes watching him. Otherwise, he’d have to remove all of his posters every time he wanted to fuck himsef.

Gosh, he’s getting off topic.

Anyway, backtracking a whole lot, he’s almost sure that Midoriya’s into big burly guys. Or into guys anyway. Maybe girls, too, but they’d have to be wearing a strap-on.

Cause tonight’s meal absolutely included a vibrator. But no, not just any vibrator. It was one that rotated .

He should know. After many years of watching and listening to porn, he’s seen and heard many vibrators, enough to the point that he could tell. Regular vibrators buzzed with a purpose, already closed in on firm plastic or silicone walls. It didn’t matter if they were bullet vibrators or dildo ones, they had a similar, solid sound. But rotating ones had a different tune...a moving buzz, one that seems to be close, then further away, then closer again. There was an oscillation to the noise—high, low, high again—when it rotated. 

And, as an accompaniment to Midoriya’s gasps and keens and obvious bed-rocking are the wet smacks of lube and a muffled, oscillating vibration.

That particular sound…

That only got made by the rotating dildos. 

Midoriya “let’s be friends” Izuku owned a likely cock-shaped, vibrating, rotating dildo, and was using it on himself at that very moment.

Aaaa, how dirty, Midoriya!! Minoru thought, face flushed as he huffed with excitement, his ear against the glass cup to the wall. He had one hand curled on his knee, forbidding himself from jacking off. But listening? Well, he’s subdued himself to his unfortunate circumstances. He can listen a little bit. It’s not like he’s going to abandon his imaginary girls.

Nnhh~! Mmh...nnhhh~ ” 

It didn’t help that the boy’s voice was stupid attractive. Like, crazy sexy. Honestly, he’s not sure where the hell a guy got off with a sex voice like that, but shit .

Not to mention, with Minoru’s expertise in sexual scenarios, he was almost certain he knew the scene inside that bedroom.

Face down, since his voice was muffled. Probably ass up, honestly. And that vibrating, rotating dildo, slick with lube, was being thrust in and out of him using his sinful hands. Maybe the scarred one since it’s his dominant hand. Then again, his wrist maybe got tired faster since he fuckin’ crushed his hands at a Sports Festival, but hey. Either way, he’s having fun.

Now, the thing his brain could never quite fully imagine was the...hole.

Like, logically, he knows it’s going into the guy’s ass, and he’s watched enough gangbang to know girls can do it, too. But he really doesn’t think cocks are his thing. Not usually, no. He’s seen an attractive cock maaaaybe once. And he’s seen a ton of porn.

So imagining cocks is, eh. He’d prefer not to do it. So then, how did he compensate?

Well, he’d imagine Midoriya without a cock at all.

Using the magic of his vivid imagination and a little splicing, he could make the perfect imaginary Midoriya. The sounds the boy was making now was only sugar to put into the cake Minoru’s spank oven was baking.

O-Ohh~! A-Ahhmm...mmmh~! Mnnn~

Ah, yeah. That was the sound of an incoming orgasm. The slick, wet noises halt, the boy’s wrist likely unable to keep going. But he made up for it, the vibrating sound becoming a little louder, the oscillations faster. The bed shook a little more, loud enough that he could hear it without the cup to the wall—a testament to how out-of-control he’s gotten. And—



The rocking stopped, as did the vibrations a moment later. 


There’s some deep breaths, and Minoru’s sure he was either going to sleep like that, or he’d move soon to clean up. Either way, the show was over. Minoru sighed, putting the cup down on the desk. He put both hands on his knees and looked down at his pants.

An obvious tent was there, pressing up against his night pants in a playful greeting.

Well, he’d take care of that tonight in his dreams! Well, he likely wouldn’t cum, but at least he’d keep up his little guy’s excitement for maybe a few more hours.

Satisfied with his resolve, he slid off his desk and landed softly onto the floor. A few quick steps, and he was at his bed. He climbed in and under the sheets, laying with his head to the side as his tired body already began to relax. Thank goodness he was usually an easy sleeper. And thank goodness it was the wee hours of Sunday morning.

“Mmm…” His eyes began to flutter a little. “...Movie, start.”

In his dreams, Minoru is bigger .

He’s got a much more handsome face, is bigger, taller, has longer arms, has a bigger dick, all of it. He’s the kind of ikemen the girls would go gaga over. He’s got on some loose-fitting slacks, lounging on a couch with several girls surrounding him. The girls from his class, women in heroics, people he’s seen passing down the street, porn actresses he favors, they’re all there. Them and all of his imaginary renditions of them. 

Two different Momos are currently kissing each other—the normal one and one with longer hair, bigger boobs, and a much more slutty personality. A Mina is getting stretched out by a Tooru’s fingers, the Tooru wearing gloves so he can watch that pink pussy drip around those fingers and wet the cotton. Two Tsuyus are having fun with an Ochako, one of the Tsuyus having more spots and freckles on her body and rectangular pupils, looking more like a frog than her real self.

To his sides, Midnight and Mt. Lady, in all their naked glory, kiss his shoulders and rub their bouncy tits against him. They aren’t quite as he knows they are, some of their features just slightly switched out with the ladies from the MILF video he watched two nights ago, but they’re close enough to the real ones that he doesn’t really care. They moan and play with their own nipples from his presence alone.

He leans his head back on the couch and sighs, mouth open in a smile.

But tonight, someone new is supposed to be there. It’s about time his imagination made her.

The moans and whines from the women around don’t fade away, but their bodies wisp off into nothingness like clouds. The lights in his mental area dim sensually, the imaginary cries turning into a background track. He keeps his eyes closed.

From behind his eyelids, he sees the shadow of a person, and he can feel soft hands cautiously wrap around his neck from the back, the new girl arriving in his dreams quietly. Her skin feels soft, but there’s a distinct roughness to one of her hands, scarred beyond repair. One of her kind, sweet hands.

He opens his dark, handsome eyes to greet her.

Looking down upon him is a sweet-hearted hybrid his brain has carefully procured for the occasion. Hair like Mina’s but with more curls and a pretty dark emerald green. Eyes like Ochako’s but with a few more lashes. Her skin’s light, and her breasts are, even to his own surprise, a bit smaller than he usually imagines them, but they still have to at least be Bs, if not Cs. Pretty pink nipples stand out on them, already hard. Her body is dotted with starscapes of freckles, the most prominent one on her pretty, flushed cheeks. 

“Hi, sensei,” she greets, big, doe eyes fluttering at him. Her plush lips purse into a wobbly smile he’s familiar with.

Ah yes, a voice similar to the original’s, but softened with Momo’s. He’s sure the moans won’t really change, not too much. The original sound was good enough to stay the same all the way through, that he’s sure of.

Minoru grins, satisfied.

“Come around to the other side,” he orders, his smile languid.

Her face flushes up really red, just like that time Midoriya asked him to put his headphones in. She closes her eyes shyly, and, with a little skip behind him, she floats from the back of the couch over to the front, having adopted more from Ochako than he initially realized.

She is, as all his initial imagination girls are, completely naked. The new girl lands softly in front of the couch, facing away from him. He blinks, confused, as the girl’s back looks very masculine—skin too tanned for the rest of her body, back muscles too thick. With a frown, he quickly fixes her, melding a bit of Tsuyu with the mental image to lighten the skin and reshape the back, thinning the shoulder blades and waist. He doesn’t rid her of the freckles though, and he leaves her ass and thighs just as they were, though recolored. It’s just a quick mental Photoshop is all.

When she turns around, her face is still red, and her arms cross under her breasts, like she wants to cover her tits but knows that’s not what he wants. Minoru hums, satisfied. She’s got a bit of muscle to her, though he’s made it leaner than the original. And her hips and thighs are special. Under her belly button, she’s completely clean, without any hair, and her pussy’s his favorite, generic kind. The kind he sees in porn most often, though this one’s dripping a little onto her thighs.

Ah, right, cause Midoriya had been masturbating, after all.

He smiles kindly at her. “Nice to meet you, Izuko.”

Her eyes close demurely, pretty peach lips smiling softly.

“Nice to meet you, too, sensei.”

“You like heroes, right?”

Izuko’s eyes open wide, and her hands press together in that way he’s seen Midoriya’s do, her shy exterior shedding off in an instant. “Oh yes, I love heroes so much! I know everything about every hero!”

“Every hero, huh? Even me?”

Her eyes brighten like stars, looking more like Midoriya’s than Ochako’s at that point. “Yes! Especially you! You’re so cool and handsome, Grape Juice-sensei!”

She skips and floats over, her hands landing on his knees as she gazes up at him with excitement. For a moment, her form seems to morph closer into Midoriya’s body, but with a little wince and a pause on the dialogue, he’s able to fix her quickly back into what he’d imagined before.

Hmm...basing them off of guys really is harder, huh.

He blinks, and it’s like he’s pressed play.

“You were so amazing at the USJ! I remember what you did—you threw your balls into the water, and then none of those villains could come after you or anyone else! You were absolutely amazing! You helped us a whole lot! We couldn’t have been saved without you, sensei~!”

Minoru widens his legs, keeping his actions cool, like any ikemen.

“Yeah? You thought I was cool, huh?”

“So cool! You were amazing! Your quirk is fantastic, you know?”

“Mmm, I’m glad I could help.”

“I am too~ Uhm…” Then, that shyness returns, her eyelids lowering as her cheeks flush. “I’m so grateful to you, sensei. You were so cool. Is there any way I can repay you for that?”

He raises an eyebrow. “Repay? You don’t need to repay me. I saved you because that’s what heroes do.”

Her eyes widen again, sparkling. “Aaaah~ How cool~ You know just what to say~” Her face starts flushing up again, but this time, she’s not as embarrassed. But her legs are starting to press together, and he can see a new slickness to her thighs, the girl having gotten wet just from what he said. “You’re so amazing~ A person like you is such a cool hero, Grape Juice-sensei~ Can’t you let me repay you a little? It’s the least I can do. I’m always willing to help everyone, and I’d love to help you, sensei~”

“You want to help me, huh?”

Her hips shake a little, thighs rubbing together.


Minoru hums, cool as Todoroki and twice as hot. “Well then, I think there’s something you could help me out with.” He reaches down and tugs the waistband of his pants away from his waist, the pink head of his cock bobbing up against his belly button—the one pretty cock Minoru’s even seen. Izuko thinks it’s pretty too, judging from her pleased and embarrassed gasp. He smirks. “Think you can help me with this? Maybe if you help well enough, I can stick this in that slutty hole of yours, hmm?”


Minoru’s face flushes a bit from the uncensored, unedited exposure to the moans he’s come to enjoy from real life. Izuko blinks at his cock before looking up at him, face red and wobbly smile so, so pretty. She’s already shaking her hips a bit, just like how the original shook the bed with those legs. He watches as she lowers herself to her knees, the image of her body mimicking the position he’d seen from “pretty girl sucks cock for the first time.”

But it’s different. Better, even. Because that smile is facing him, and that unadulterated appreciation is there, something he’s only ever seen on Midoriya’s face, even towards people like him at times. That face is really what makes the image whole.

“Of course, sensei~” she smiles. 

Then, as she shifts forward and he feels her tongue run up the underside of his cock, his head bows back and he sighs with pleasure.

Minoru woke up refreshed.

His skin was clear, his crops were watered, his homework was finished, and he was finally popular with the ladies.

It had been hard work, using his lucid dreaming skills to make Izuko and keep her together. A male-based girl was a lot harder to keep together than other girls, but still, he’d done it and had a wonderful, wonderful night. Izuko turned out better than he expected.

“Hmm...maybe I should try a different scene tomorrow,” he murmured, sliding out of bed and slipping his pants off, throwing his underwear into the dirty clothes bin. “Like...a fantasy scene or something. Or maybe sci-fi? Hmmm...I think sci-fi would be good.”

He scratched at the back of his head and yawned, heading over to his little sink to splash his face with water.

Well, he had the whole rest of the day to just kind whatever. Though, Kaminari was probably going to come and try to get homework tips from him later, but eh, whatever. A bro helped another bro out.

Speaking of bros…

Minoru paused, then frowned, standing in the middle of his room.

...What exactly would Kaminari think if he...told him about that particular fantasy he’s come up with? What would he think? Would it be gross? Like, Minoru wasn’t gay or anything. Izuko is Izu ko , after all. Not that being gay is gross! He just...doesn’t get it. Doesn’t feel it. 

Nah, not him.

His fascination with Midoriya was a special thing that was only going to last for a while. How long that ‘while’ was? He wasn’t sure. But it wouldn’t stay with him forever.

Izuko, like some of his other girls, would eventually fade into the background, turning faceless and moaning like all the others he’s forgotten. Maybe bits and pieces of her would stay with some of the others, but that was that. That would be it.

No more weird attraction to his next door dorm neighbor.

Right. Yeah. So it wouldn’t be a thing he’d talk with Kaminari about.


Just wait a while longer, and it’ll be done.

Minoru nodded, his resolve solidified, then moved over to his sink, walking up the step stool in front of it. He turned the water to just the right temperature, cupping his hands under its flow. Then, quickly, splashed his face with it.

You know one thing Minoru hadn’t quite paid attention to as much before?

Neck napes.

He’d always heard about how the nape of the neck was kind of sexy, but, well, he’d always been too short to really see it. Sure, he’d seen pictures of some and, yeah, they do have an allure to them, but he wasn’t really sure if it was his thing.

Well, not until now.

“That’s not very swagalicious of you,” Kaminari said  plainly, looking at Kyouka with sympathetic eyes.

“What the heck is that even supposed to mean?”she bit back, though there was nothing vicious in it. Only the kind of tone she used when she was talking to an idiot.

“C’mon, Jirou-chan, can’t you just slip him a little sympathy?” Minoru said, his hands on the back of Midoriya’s chair for support as he stands on his own desk, ignoring the way Iida is yelling at him about being on the desk. “He’s just asking you to cheat for him.”

“Yeah, that’s all I—hey! That’s not what I’m saying at all!” his friend yelps.

“I mean, that’s what it sounds like to me, man~”


Minoru laughed and finally, seeing how Iida was starting to approach him, hands moving like he’s chopping something, Minoru began to scramble and get down. Laughing under his breath at the robotic movements of their class president, he wasn’t paying attention to what he was grabbing onto. With a knee on the desk, as he started slipping back into his seat, one of his hands grabbed what should’ve been the back of Midoriya’s chair, but—”

“Ah, Mineta-kun, you’re pulling—”


Minoru looked to where his hand was, and instead of the back of Midoriya’s chair, he’d somehow grabbed onto the back of his shirt instead. He blinked, staring at the skin there.

There were a few little freckles there, crawling up Midoriya’s neck and back. Just little small ones on his already tanned skin. And he could just barely feel the slight brush of little hairs against his fingertips, the little microhairs that exist on most people’s bodies. Then there’s the soft incline from where the boy’s curly, soft hair starts, little baby curls lying against his skin, a dark blackish green.

He froze without meaning to, staring for a moment before he finally let go, slipping into his chair with a bit of a thud. Only then did Midoriya turn around to look at him, his hand on the back of his neck. But instead of anger, he looked more concerned.

“Are you okay? It sounded like you slipped.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine! Yeaaaah, I slipped a little there! Sorry for grabbing you.”

“See?” the class president says, having arrived beside their desks. “This is why I was telling you, Mineta-kun! You really shouldn’t be standing on your own desk like that! Not only is it disrespectful to the people who built the desk, but also—”

Minoru cringed, staring at Iida and nodding where appropriate as, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Midoriya saying something, trying to placate their protective classmate. But at that point, he really wasn’t listening. Not really.

His fingertips were still tingling from touching the other boy’s warm skin.

Little hairs on his flesh, little baby curls at his neck...his body, despite looking built like a small tank, was actually quite soft. Even then, as Midoriya spoke with Iida, Minoru shot a glance at his neck again.

Cute freckles trailing up his neck to his face. And the way Midoriya had taken a hold of his neck...was he sensitive? Given, he imagined necks were sensitive, considering their use, but he hadn’t really thought about the erotic posibilities of running his fingers over the skin of one.

And, well, most of his other touch references were obtained in less than stellar circumstances, usually ending up with his head dunked under water or with him getting smacked in the face or poked near the eye. Skin feels a bit different when he can feel it without getting hit afterwards.


The boy blinked again. “Huh?”

He hadn’t realized it, but Midoriya and Iida were now both looking at him. Iida was looking about as usual, but he was more caught on Midoriya’s face, large, doe-eyes open wide with kindness and concern, his body still exuding those same “I’m here to help” pheromones. Hmm...his eyelashes are also a little longer than he’d thought. Less than Ochako’s but longer for a boy.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“You didn’t actually hit anything when you slipped, did you?” Iida also asked, his scolding turning to a stern concern.

Quickly, Minoru collected himself, bringing humor to the surface.“Oh, yeah no, I’m good! Just a bit distracted for a second!” He saluted Iida. “I’m very sorry, sir! Will try not to do it again!”

“Hmm...well, let this be a reminder to you for you to be more careful please, Mineta-kun!”

“Yeah, I’ll keep it in mind.”

Before Midoriya could add anything, the door began sliding open, and all of the class looked up to find Aizawa-sensei walking in. Quickly, they all shuffled back to their seats, ready to deal with the last conversation of the day before they’d be dismissed from school. Midoriya turned back around without saying anything else, not that Minoru minded. 


He looked down at his hand, the one that had run against his skin.


Nape of neck...well. Neck in general. 

Added to spank ingredients.