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pandora's box

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"Do you really think I'll be able to get in? I'm competing for a really exclusive spot," Jimin pouts, arms akimbo as he watches their dinner on the stove.

Hoseok is busy wiping down the kitchen table yet again, the chemical smell of the cleaner probably making his eyes water as it usually does. "I know, sweetheart, but I'm more than positive about you being picked. There isn't a doubt about it."

Jimin frowns, folding his arms over his chest as the soup begins to bubble faintly. "But, hyung, what if they don't pick me?"

Jimin suspects he is about to receive the same answer he has been getting for the past week because as soon as Jimin had finished editing his video and emailed his application, the doubt began to creep in. This fact surprised no one considering that Jimin is a perfectionist, but it has been a week and Jimin still hasn't heard back from the dance school of his dreams.

Hoseok supervised his dance, had helped him with his form and even suggested a few steps that Jimin had only quietly wished he had thought of himself, but having his boyfriend help him meant the world to Jimin. He had choreographed his routine by himself and incorporated the moves Hoseok had shown him before rolling everything together and practicing until he was sure he knew the dance like the back of Hoseok's hand. Hoseok had volunteered to man the camera and Jimin rewatched all the film before deciding which version to go with. Editing had taken longer than he would like to openly admit to, but his video was done with plenty of time to spare, so he double and triple checked his application, uploaded the video, and sent it in.

He has been a mess of nerves ever since and Jimin hasn't the slightest idea how Hoseok deals with him like this, but his boyfriend is a literal saint for it and Jimin has promised himself over and over again to make it up to Hoseok once he isn't half out of his mind anymore. Hoseok has been patient and kind and quick to forgive whenever Jimin snaps at him which ultimately amounts to Hoseok being an angel and Jimin being an undeserving gremlin that happens to be the angel's boyfriend. Nothing new honestly.

Except for the stress levels in their tiny apartment. Hoseok has been working more often this week and Jimin has spent his time practicing whenever he isn't at work or sleeping, so they are both busy and exhausted now that the weekend has taken them by surprise. Jimin suspects that they won't do much else other than work and cuddle while watching some romcom neither of them finds funny on Netflix. They are both tired and overworked and having that on top of Jimin's anxiety about getting into the most prestigious dance academy in the country, he is bound to blow a gasket at some point soon.

Jimin had not wanted to let himself even have the chance of hoping for an acceptance email to be addressed to him, but his heart has been a traitor ever since he first fell for Hoseok all those years ago. Now he is fretting about whether he is good enough to be amongst the country's best dancers and denying himself the right to hope with all his might while he secretly does it anyway despite the hurt he knows is bound to come his way.

Hoseok laughs from the table and puts his cleaning supplies away, turning to face Jimin as their gazes meet. "Jiminnie, you're the most talented dancer I know. Trust me when I say that I have no doubts about you being chosen. You deserve to be picked and I know the board will see that as clearly as I do, love."

His face is warm and he lets his gaze drop, rushing to turn the stove off once he catches sight of their soup. "Thank you, hyung. I love you."

Jimin can clearly hear the approaching steps Hoseok takes towards him, but he doesn't relax until he can feel his boyfriend's arm slide across his waist and pull him close. He leans into Hoseok's chest, smiling when the elder rests his chin on Jimin's shoulder and presses a kiss to the roundness of his cheek. Jimin turns his head to the side and tilts it back for the kiss he knows Hoseok is going to land on his lips and sighs when their mouths collide, enjoying the familiar warmth around him.

"I love you, too, Jiminnie. Never forget it," Hoseok murmurs against his lips in between kisses.



(Later when they are getting ready for bed, Jimin will receive an email from the dance academy bearing his acceptance and will turn right around to jump Hoseok's bones as they tumble into bed.)