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A Father's Love

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If words were to describe this evening, Hisashi Midoriya muses to himself as he skims through the newspaper, horribly domestic could possibly come to mind. His son Izuku was finishing up his assignments in the living room. Inko, his wife, just baked a fresh batch of cookies and was letting them cool while she went to take a quick shower.

So horribly, wonderfully domestic. Just how Hisashi liked it.


What expressions his business partners would make to find All For One, the most feared villain of centuries, in such a scene. With a beautiful wife and child no less. But even at the promise of delightful amusement in exposing the truth, he would never trade his precious family like that. Nothing in all the world could rip them from his hands, but he would oh so gladly rip the world for them in a heartbeat.

However, at his core, Hisashi is an opportunistic man. And with his wife and son distracted, this was the perfect moment to strike.


Smiling, Hisashi heads to the kitchen.





Hisashi looks up just as his three-year-old son takes a picture with his All Might-y Printout Camera, becoming momentarily blinded from the flash popping between the painted All Might's teeth.

He blinks away spots to see his son pulling out the printed photo of him with a triumphant grin.

"Caught you," Izuku waves the photo. It was a perfect image capturing Hisashi’s surprised face stuffing two cookies stolen from the oven tray into bulging cheeks. "Mama put me in charge, so you're going to get in trouble!"


"Is that so," Hisashi swallows down his food before speaking. He wants to set a good example to his son after all. "But I am the adult here, so shouldn't I be in charge?" His son shakes his head, the mess of green curls waving to and fro.


"Nuh-uh! Not for cookies. Mama said I was in charge of making sure that no one eats the cookies before dinner. Mama said if I catch you eating cookies I have to tell her too. And if I be good at being in charge, Mama will give me extra computer time! I followed you into the kitchen and got evidences so she knows I'm not lying!"


Hisashi can't help the proud smile that stretches across his face. His Izuku, at three years old, is thinking ahead to ensure his enemy's demise. Of course, he shouldn't be showing his cards before the game ends, but Hisashi will make that a lesson for another day. For now he wanted to see what brilliant plan his precious son created.  But first…

"Evidence does not follow the 's' rule," The All for One user corrects gently. "The word follows the same rule as the word dirt. Dirt can be used for one or many pieces, but it's mostly used to signal many pieces.” Izuku tilts his head at that, processing this new information


"That's weird." His boy finally decides.


"It is," All for One agrees. "Evidence follows the same rules, except that people usually assume there is only one piece of evidence. If you want people to know there is more than one, you can say 'all of the evidence' or say the number of pieces of evidence you have. How many do you have, Izuku?"


"Three!" He holds up three fingers for emphasis. "I have three pieces of evidence."


"I only see one," The supervillain makes a dramatic show of searching for the other evidence, much to his son’s amusement. "What are the other two?"

“The cookie crumbs!” The three-year-old giggles.

All For One points to the crumbs lingering on his own cheeks. “Oh, you mean these cookie crumbs?” Then with an evil grin, he wipes them off, much to his son’s shocked betrayal.


“I’m the villain here, little hero.” Hisashi teases. The irony of the situation was not lost upon him, and it took all his willpower to keep from snorting and breaking character. “I’m going to takes whatever means necessary to make sure I don’t go to cookie jail. In fact,” He sweeps his arms out dramatically and pokes his son’s tummy, who giggles even more and pushes his finger away. “I’m going to frame you! What will you do now, oh mighty hero? Your mother will not believe you.”


“She will!” All For One nearly caves at the sight of the three-year-old puffing out his tiny chest in an adorable act of determination. “Because you have cookie breath! And she will smell it and know!”

“Not if I brush my teeth. Or use my quirk to hide the scent.” Hisashi let’s out a stereotypical villainous laugh before posing as if he was ready to grab Izuku. “All I have to do now is destroy the photo, and victory is mine!”

“Never!” Shrieks the three-year-old, and races out of the room. Hisashi gives chase, mock roaring and providing many close encounters. Though he observed that Izuku has improved in his dodging skills and maneuverability. He hums in approval and makes note to expand on that skill set later. With a little more work in speed and body language, he would grow in valuable potential.

Finally, Izuku dives under the kitchen table to hide, scooting the chairs closes to provide a barrier. All For One reaches for him through the chairs, but he is clearly no match to a three-year old’s strength and kitchen chairs. Just like the supervillain could never teleport the picture to him, or even use a duplicate quirk to replace the eaten cookies.

No, instead of the million and six ways Hisashi could have cleared his name, he obviously had no choice but to bargain with the young hero-in-playing.


“Well played, young hero.” Hisashi let’s out a sigh of defeat. “With the photo in your grasp I will be defeated, and you in turn rewarded. Even if it is such a small reward.” Izuku frowns at that.

“No it’s not.”

“Well, it is compared to what I can offer you,” Hisashi chuckles. “I’ll give you twice the amount of computer time than your mother promised you, and buy you ice cream the next time we go to the park. That is, if you destroy the evidence and promise not to tell.”


Izuku bites his lower lip as he considers the offer, much to All For One’s dismay. But not unexpected. Children are so easily influenced, especially over the opportunity of materialistic gain. And even if Izuku is better than majority of his peers (and in Hisashi’s humble opinion, the whole population as well), his son is still a child. A child with ample time to grow out of it, and no doubt he will with little guidance needed.  In the meantime it can be used to detour his son from pursuing a heroic career.

“What about the missing cookies?” His little boy asks loudly, as if increasing the volume signified how terrible the accusation was. “Mama might think I ate them, and you could blame me for it.”


Did Hisashi already mention how proud he is to be the father of this precious baby boy? Again his son is proving how superior he is than most of those idiots parading in costumes who jump blindly into any situation. Usually their demise, if the supervillain has anything to say about it. At any least he can’t help but let the warmth in his chest blossom into a smile.

“What a smart hero! Fear not, for I have a plan to make sure we both escape blame. Just leave the explanation to me and we will be fine.” He extends his pinky finger under the table to reach Izuku. A sign of an oath no three-year-old would dare break, least they want to unleash ultimate betrayal.  “Pinky promise.”

Forest eyes squint suspiciously at the offered appendage, clearly mulling over his choices. He looks behind Hisashi for a brief moment, probably to gauge his chances of escaping his father, before locking eye contact with the older man once again. Then with all the determination his tiny body can muster, Izuku shakes his head.

“No thank you.”


“Oh?” All For One raises an eyebrow. That was unexpected. He was so sure his offer had enough temptation to win his son over. What changed his mind? “And why not?”

Izuku giggles into his hands, looking all too pleased about his decision. “Because.”

“Because what?”

“Because I am here.” Inko answers just as the room plummets into Hell itself. The supervillain freezes.      


“H-H-Hello dear,” All For One can barely turn to greet his wife standing in the doorway. Rings of droplets still form on her damp hair. “I-I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Really?” Inko hums cheerfully, making the cool sweat form faster upon his brow. “That’s odd. I could hear you promise to lie to me after Izuku worried how you could blame him for missing cookies that you ate.”

So that’s why he accused so Hisashi so loudly. Izuku must have heard the shower go off sometime during his offer and used that to alert Inko of the situation. Then he used that time deciding said offer to stall for her to come down and hear the rest. All For One would have leaped in joy of how well he was played by his son if not for the fact that he was now essentially thrown to the sharks. To be betrayed by his own flesh and blood once again!


“Honestly Hisashi,” Inko shakes her head and gives her husband- who is now sobbing mournfully on the floor- a peck on the cheek. “If you would learn to have a little more self-control you wouldn’t be in this mess. Just remember you brought this upon yourself. Izuku, sweetie, would you like to do the honors?”

“Okay Mama!” Izuku hurries to climb out from under the table and pushes himself to stand on a chair. Now looming over the man, the three-year-old gleefully condemns the supervillain to his merciless sentence.


“Papa, you’re grounded!”



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“Just watch me!”


Izuku watches his childhood friend leave, determination coursing through his veins as he prepares for the fifth round against class 1-B. Even though he was volatile as ever, Kacchan really has come a long way from the arrogant bully back in their elementary days. Izuku wanted to prove just the same how much he had changed too.

Before, Izuku wasn’t just ‘quirkless’. He was a “no-show”; someone who lacked the extra toe joint, but never manifested his quirk. Or he was until All Might gave him One for All. Now he was just classified as having a latent quirk. Even so, he was miles behind the starting line his classmates began. Hard work has brought him to the point of reaching 20% of One for All without breaking his bones, but that wasn’t enough. He has to go beyond to catch up if he wants to become a hero and uphold All Might’s legacy.


“You have a good childhood friend.” Speaking of All Might, he had joined Izuku’s side to watch the other young man leave. Pride rings out in his voice, and it makes Izuku smile even wider.


Izuku scales the pipes, careful not to place too must trust in the worn structures. His quirk remains steady, a constant hum that eases the fear of him losing control. Meanwhile his teammates discuss their battle situation below him, and it warms his heart to see them briefly show off their quirks. Even if he sees their quirks daily, they always spark that joyous wonder that has been with him since childhood. That awe in the endless potential each induvial quirk can hold. His classmates have worked so hard to bring out that potential, Shinsou too. He can’t wait to see what potential his opponents in class 1-B have unlocked.

“I’ll be the scapegoat!!” Izuku jumps down in front of his teammates as a solution to their dilemma. His quirk makes him the strong house of the team, so he already has a bigger target on his back. With the other team targeting him while he tries to lure them out, Uraraka, Ashido, and Mineta will use their distraction as an advantage to catch them. Overall it’s a risky plan, with so much riding on Izuku’s shoulders to keep their attention, but he will do it. They will win.

Ashido doesn’t look convinced. “How are you feeling? You said you thought your quirk was acting strangely…”

“Yeah,” Izuku admits, looking at his hand. The first One for All user’s grasps still lingers there; a gentle reminder of his vision the night before. The pre-quirk era. The rise of All for One. The warning. He internally pushes away those memories. “There doesn’t seem to be anything different, just the same as usual. But…” He looks up at them.

“After watching the fourth round, I fell like the opposing team is wary of us. We need to be even more vigilant than ever!”

“I’ll be alright!” Mineta states. “We’re counting on you, y’know?”

Izuku nods, clenching a fist with a determined grin.

“It’ll be fine. We’ll definitely win this.”


Ashido and Uraraka cheer while Mineta voices his doubt. Izuku looks back at his hand, flexing his fingers. He didn’t feel any discomfort. That was reassuring.

“THE FIFTH ROUND WILL BE THE LAST ROUND FOR TODAY” The speakers crackle to life. Uraraka grins and gives him a thumbs up, which Izuku easily returns.

His teammates are counting on him. He can’t show any signs of weakness.



The buzzer goes off.





Was that Uraraka?

He doesn’t dare respond. It could be a trick by Shinsou.


Monoma is there a few ways off in broad daylight, speaking up a storm about cleverness and how it was so easy to figure out their strategy. But Izuku cannot allow himself to get agitated by Monoma’s pompous attitude. For all he knows, Monoma might be copying Shinsou’s brainwashing.

“I’m pretty sure my other comrades have already found the other three on your team,” Monoma continues. “So it’s now three against four? Will they even be okay? Shinsou’s there as well! They won’t be able to communicate with each other closely. It seems like you need to rush to their aid right now! Oh, but wait…” He tilts his head, the arrogant smile never leaving.

“What if that ‘AHHH’ just now was Shinsou’s voice? That means the other three haven’t been found yet. That’s what you probably thought, right?” Monoma laughs. “You’re stuck, aren’t you?”

Izuku propels towards Monoma, ignoring the helpless. Ignoring his desperate urge to go help his friends. He needs to keep Monoma in his line of sight, he was a wildcard. A dangerous, aggravating wildcard. Monoma was a priority and Izuku can’t let himself be caught unsurprised.


“You won’t help your comrades? How heartless of you!” The blonde clasps his hands together and points them straight at Izuku.

“You know, I talked to Shinsou-kun about this. ‘Those who are blessed in the world will bring it down.’ If you’re his friend, then tell me this. How can Bakugou-kun smile so confidently?” He opens his hands wide, allowing tiny objects to levitate from his palms. “Especially since he’s the reason for the demise of the symbol of peace!”

Izuku’s blood boils.


How dare he. He thinks, twisting his hand, his middle finger and thumb* ready to unleash One for All at Monoma’s smirking face. He flicks his fingers. How dare he say th-eh?!

He had flicked his finger, and everything went wrong.

Izuku screams


It was reaching inside him, pulling out his guts, ripping out his cells, wrenching out his very being.


What’s going on?! This… up until just now…there was nothing wrong with it!

Jet-black vines explode out of his arm, crackling with red and green energy. Coiling for an instant before surging towards Monoma.



Monoma jumps away, narrowly escaping the tendrils that latch is the place he once stood. However he is too slow to dodge one of the others that are lashing out, letting out a startled cry as it seizes him to slam into the ground.



No! Though the burning tears, Izuku sees a purple blob run towards him.

“Run away! I can’t…control this power. Its overflowing!”


With a snap, the inky whips yank him forward, freeing themselves from where they once struck. Flaying out for something new. A surge of power waves bursts through him, sending colorful spots to lance through his skull.

What was that just now? Any curiosity is instantly crushed by the sharp pain sizzling through Izuku’s spine. More vines rupture into the field.


“Stop! Stop this!” Izuku curls up on his arm, trying to repress the quirk physically. Why is One for All doing this? Why? It hurts it hurts it hurts why-?!

“Stop!” He doesn’t want to worry others anymore! Please! “Stop it...One for All!”


“Shinsou-kun!” That’s Uraraka’s voice, he thinks. It’s hard to think.


Something pink flashes in the dark haze creeping in his vision. Something coming towards him.

He can’t even open his mouth. It’s too much. Everything is fading.


The pipes.

The pain.

The screams…


He’s not in ground gamma anymore. Its that place again, the one he visited in his dreams with One for All. Just like before, a dark haze engulfs pieces of him. It is the same haze that stretches along the background, swirling endlessly through the vast unknown.

Except this time, he’s not alone.


Uraraka? He tries to say, but he has no mouth. Uraraka stands in front of him, inches away from his grasp. There’s something like a smile on her face, but it’s too sad. Her eyes are too accepting.

“I wanted to save you,” She states simply, looking down, looking away from him. “I’m sorry I couldn’t.”

What does you mean? He wants to ask, but in a blink someone else has taken her place. Shinsou?


“I had a real chance of becoming a hero, you know.” His gaze travels above, teeth flashes something bittersweet. “Who knows what will happen now.”

The eyes shift from violet to blue, and Monoma now gazes at Izuku.


“Those blessed with strong quirks will bring society to its knees.”

And suddenly all three are in front of Izuku. Monoma, Shinsou, Uraraka. Staring, turning, leaving him to walk into the endless mist.


Wait! He cries. They cannot hear him.

Don’t go in there! He tries to stop them. He cannot move.

He can only watch, hand outstretched, as they are swallowed into that dark mist. Vanishing from sight.


“All for One and One for All.” The inky darkness shifts. Out steps the First User. Again, he slides Izuku’s hand into his. Tired eyes meet Izuku’s, filled with so much emotion. “A powerful quirk that comes with a hefty price. But you had no idea this would happen, did you, my little nephew?”


“Of course not, you were never aware of your heritage.” A frail hand gently wipes away Izuku’s tears. Tears Izuku finally realized that he was crying. “You would have stayed in the dark longer, if our vision hadn’t awoken that part of you. Sleeping so deep that none of us knew until it was too late.”


The First embraces him.

“We apologize.”


All of the precursors join. Uraraka, Shinsou, and Monoma too.

“It’s all we can do for now.”


Izuku wakes up.



NAME: Midoriya Izuku

QUIRK: All For One and One For All

DESCRIPTION: A quirk that allows the host to access energy and quirks stolen from other people. The quirk also allows the user to transfer stolen powers/quirks to those of their choosing, and the presence of the once owners of these energies/quirks is imprinted on the quirk.



(Extended version below; noted summary)

  • Izuku wakes up and sees the destruction his quirk caused. He sees Uraraka on the ground close by, unmoving. He crawls over to her, calling her name and shaking her. But when her head flops sideways to show dead staring eyes, he loses it.
  • Meanwhile the teachers rush in. All Might is calling his name and approaching him but Izuku leaps back to the wall, screaming that they stay away from him (“Please! Just s-stay away! I can’t- Uraraka! S-She’s! DON’T TOUCH ME!”). He can see Shinsou lying hazardously a distance away, and hears one of Monoma’s teammates yell “Sensei, come quick! Monoma’s not breathing!”
  • Izuku starts dry heaving and convulsing from the shock of everything (i.e. finding out he’s All for One’s son, accidentally killing his classmates), his quirk automatically sparking up again. So Aizawa activates his quirk and restrains him. But Izuku is still convulsing, going pale, and honestly dissociating. All Might tries to ground him (“Hang on, young Midoriya! Keep- “)
  • Izuku blacks out



Chapter Text



“…custody of Midoriya Izuku.”

It takes the mention of his name for Izuku to snap back into reality. Or what he prayed was not actually reality, but the effects of a villain’s quirk that left him immobilized in a ditch somewhere to die from complete disbelief. Alas, he is not lucky enough to have such a fate and actually has to attend this mess of a case. He looks at the judge on the bench. With his thick glass and kid-you-not grey wig, it was strangely reassuring that the man thought it necessary to look the part of a 1600s Western judge. Probably because it brought more evidence that the judge wasn’t an actual judge or was the only one crazy enough to run this circus-show.   

The circus show being a trial to have five wannabe dads fight over him. At the same time.

Judge Judy would be so disappointed.


Speaking of a disappointment, Izuku cannot believe that his biological dad is still showing face (well, the remains of his face) after that humiliating defeat against his mom in court. Watching his mom single-handedly reduce a supervillain and his “money-can-only-buy-the-best” lawyer to the laughing stock of the room was amazingly priceless. Why in quirk’s name did he ever think All Might was the number one hero?         

Izuku would almost feel bad for the supervillain, if he wasn’t 1010% certain that the man bribed that judge. Thank goodness that his mom won sole legal custody over him, but the visitation rights? It was bordering on joint-physical custody, which should never be awarded to a psychotic absentee parent who spends their time running a criminal underground while trying to murder All Might and upthrow the government. Oh, and most likely killed that money-can-buy-best lawyer, given that Kurogiri was here and the other lawyer was nowhere in sight.


Thanks to Izuku’s luck, multiple people decided that this court decision was a problem and submitted appeals against All For One having these rights as a dad. Also thanks to Izuku’s luck, these multiple people thought they would be better dads and submitted appeals for the right to share physical joint custody with his mom instead of All For One. Thus, here they are.


“Let’s begin the trial for joint custody of Midoriya Izuku.” the judge says like a teacher getting ready for an elementary school campaigning session. Because, you know, protocol was thrown out the window a long time ago. “Which of the plaintiffs will go first?”

“I AM…going to the witness box for my oath!” All Might answers with a booming laugh, followed by a quadruple-somersault backflip to the box because he’s extra like that. He also didn’t need to go up to the witness box to swear, but this is the Symbol of Hope trying his best, so everyone rolls with it.

“You are Toshinori Yagi, who goes by the hero alias All Might?” the judge asks.

“I am!”

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

“I do!”

“Who is the representative you brought to speak?”

“Todoroki Shouto, a rising hero and student of mine!” All Might gestures proudly to the young man approaching the podium which much more poise and dignity. At this, All for One scoffs.

“Using another child fight to fight your battles, All Might?” the supervillain’s snark is cut off by the banging of the gravel.

“It is not your turn to speak,” the judge growls as he adjusts his glasses, unknowingly signing his untimely death via All For One. He turns to Todoroki. “Now then, tell us why you believe All Might should have joint-custody of Izuku Midoriya?”

“My father forced my mother into a quirk marriage and had me in the process. I underwent physical abuse and other abuse all under the guise of hero training from my father. My siblings were cast aside and I was not allowed to associate with them, because I possessed a “desired” quirk and they did not.” Todoroki deadpan expression throws a one-eighty to the word-bomb dropping out of his mouth. He would have continued too, but the sound of the judge clearing his throat stops him.


“Er, well, yes.” The judge titers as he tugs at his collar. “I am well aware of your case, Todoroki, as I will be addressing yours after Midoriya’s case is settled. But there is no need to bring it up at this time. Please wait your turn as we decide whether All Might is fit as a guardian for Midoriya Izuku.” Todoroki looks blankly at the judge

“That’s what I’m doing. I was created to surpass All-Might, because my father hates All Might. Everything All-Might is, my father is the opposite. Thus,” The dual colored boy gestures to All-Might. “My father is a horrible man, and All Might isn’t. My father is also a horrible parent, so All-Might must be a great parent. Anyone is a better parent than my old man. If I had to choose between Endeavor or All Might as my parent, I would choose All-Might.”

Endeavor’s roars of outrage can be heard as he is dragged out of the hearing, but his voice is drowned out by the world’s tiniest violin playing “Zero Fucks to Give,” written and composed by Todoroki Shouto.  When the song ends, a series of applause greet him. Standing novation is given by Todoroki’s mom, Todoroki’s two siblings, Izuku, and surprisingly that scarred villain named Dabi.

All Might’s smile becomes a bit more awkward.


“Todoroki, while I appreciate your confidence in me, I’m afraid that logic falls-“ Todoroki raises a hand to  silence him and instead approaches Midoriya.

“If you had to choose between All-Might and AFO as your parent, you would choose All-Might?”

“Ahh…yes?” Cue sad potato noises in the background. Todoroki nods.

“Just as I suspected. Midoriya looks up to All-Might and wants to be just like him. They hang out together in various son-father bonding activities.” Todoroki pulls out a picture and shows it to the court. It’s a grainy shot with All-Might and Izuku in a stadium, wearing matching jerseys as they cheer loudly together for the game below. “Just a week ago they went to a local baseball game that All-Might had tickets for. They had a wonderful, family filled time.”

“T-Todoroki! I-I never told-! W-where did you get that picture?”

“I took it, along with these.” Todoroki states as he pulls out dozens of photos over Izuku’s shrieks. “The world needs proof that you are All-Might’s secret love child after all.”

Izuku suddenly has unwanted flashbacks to that time during the sport’s festival.

“That is a lie,” All Might interjects with a cough, cheeks speckled red with embarrassment and the blood of his injury. “Young Midoriya is not my biological son, but he is like a son to me! His shining spirit inspires many and saves more to come…and it brings me great joy to have the responsibility to have him under my care through his journey. Truly, there is no better successor than young Midoriya!”

“A-All Might!” Izuku blubbers, and the room is flooded with enough tears to drown a man. All For One would be crying tears too, if he had eyes. But for very different reasons.


“Responsibility?” The supervillain wheezes between laughter. “He breaks his bones and hurts himself constantly under your care. And what do you tell him? “Go beyond…Plus Ultra!’. Driven by your foolish words, my son is now an injury away from never being able to use his arms again!”

“You are no father to him!” All Might roars back. “Giving up your family to terrorize the innocents, trying to kill him and his classmates…you have no right to call him ‘my son’!”

“I have never caused bodily harm on my child. Unlike you, who broke his back and inflicted other horrendous injuries all in the name for an exam. An exam!”

“Your honor if I may,” Kurogiri interjects calmly, as if the rising slap-fight that could level cities wasn’t occurring just behind him. “While it may be true that Midoriya Hisashi has been physically absent for the early ages of Izuku’s life, he has not been absent in other aspects. I have compiled a record of all financial support he has given both his wife and child, if you would like to see.” At the judge’s nod, the security officer transports an impressive stack of files to the judge’s stand.

It was true that All For One did provide a lot of financial support to his mom. They had used a bit of it too until his mom found out who Hisashi really was around Izuku’s 7th birthday. She never touched a single yen after that, instead opting to work several jobs to avoid using any illegal and/or immorally obtained cash from her husband. She would have also divorced Hisashi as well, but the fear of what All For One might do kept her from acting out or telling anyone. She didn’t even tell Izuku until two months ago, after All For One revealed himself as Izuku’s biological father. That had hurt a lot, but he could understand a little. She was not only trying to save his feelings from such news, but also protect him from what his own reckless actions would bring trying to protect her. Even today with his better control of One For All, he knew that if they ever fought, he would only be able to barely hold his ground against the man’s immense power. He would have never stood a chance before…


“In addition to providing financial stability,” Kurogiri continues as the judge brushes through the records. “Midoriya Hisashi has experience in raising children. While he was busy running his…career, he stumbled across a young orphan on the streets, homeless and inexperienced in his quirk. While other civilians and heroes did nothing to help this young boy, Midoriya-san took this child under his wings. A villain cared and raised that orphan boy into the young man he is today.” He gestures to the spectator benches. Heads turn to see Shigaraki Tomura who, at that exact moment, loses the boss battle for the 56th time on his portable gaming system. In a fit of rage, the young man curses loudly and disintegrates half of the device before chucking it out window. Suddenly noticing that everyone is staring at him, Shigaraki scowls and scratches violently at his neck.

 “That game fucking cheated!” he snarls to the crowd.

Everyone turns back to warp-quirk user.

“Well,” Kurogiri clears his throat. “Midoriya has parental experience, but he is also willing to undergo many child-raising classes for his son.”

“This is true, your honor.” All For One clarifies from the time-out corner Inko placed him in. All Might had been placed on the opposite side. “I will go to extreme lengths and more for my son and my wife if it means a second chance. I thought I would protect them by leaving them far away from my work. I will destroy the world for them in a heartbeat.”

“Please don’t.” Izuku squeaks from his chair. He likes the world, thank you very much. All For One nods.

“If that is what you wish. But if you ever change your mind, just say the word. Time or place will not matter, my son. I have the quirks to find you.”

Wow. Thanks. Izuku really did not need to know that.


“You’re a sick bastard.” Bakugou Katsuki’s voice rings out from his table besides All For One. Sitting next to him is Kirishima, who shuffles his papers awkwardly but makes no move to stop his friend. “I can’t believe Auntie Inko ever married a psycho like you.”

“Ah, Bakugou Katsuki. The infamous ‘Kacchan,’” All For One’s nose crinkles upward in disgust at the bristling teenager. “Trying to gain custody so you can bully my son again? Where years of burns and verbal abuse to him not enough to satisfy your overcompensated ego?”

“FUCK YOU OLD MAN!” The blonde bursts up in a shower of light and explosions. Or he would have, if not for Kirishima grabbing his ankle from propelling skyward. “I show you years of burns! That way your body can match the rest of your scarred-ass face!”

“ORDER IN THE COURT!” the judge finally tries to take some authority in the room.

“Sorry about my client’s behavior, your honor.” Kirishima flashes a sunny sharp-tooth smile which makes half of the people in the room want to adopt him. Too bad he already has well-adjusted, responsible adults as parents. “May I start our hearing?”

“You may."

“Long ago, your honor, my client made an important promise to a very special friend. His childhood friend who, while having a wonderful mother raising him, was missing the love of a father. And he was made fun of by the other kids for it. But my client showed true masculinity when he stopped those kids from bullying Izuku for his absentee dad. He also made a promise. He promised four-year-old Izuku that, and I quote, ‘You don’t need a dad Deku, you got Auntie Inko. But if you really want one or if your old man comes back and is shitty, I guess I can be your dad.’” The crowd awws, but glance at the silent blonde, given his reputation. Could he have really said that? “While they may have drifted apart, Bakugou Katsuki is a man of his word.”

Seems like the judge had a hard time believing it either. “Is this true, Bakugou Katsuki?”

Bakugou bristles a bit at the accusation, but finally clicks his tongue and turns his head to the side.

“Yeah,” he says to no one in particular, the tip of his ears tinged a faint pink. “And I don’t do anything half-assed. So you better shut up and watch me the best dad there is!” The crowd awws again, and Izuku can’t help but get a bit misty-eyed.

“Kacchan –!“

“Shut your mouth Deku before I come up there and fuck your ass!”

“D-Don’t you mean ‘f-fuck your ass up?’”

“No,” Bakugou yells. “I am going to fuck your ass!”*

The whole room is silent. Bakugou looks around in confusion.


“Please let me leave,” Izuku begs the judge. The judge ignores him.


“Dude!” Kaminari pipes up between peals of laughter. “You’re telling me that you tried to adopt Midoriya because you have a daddy kink?” Those peals of laughter turn into terrified shrieks as Bakugou unleashes explosions of rage and denial. Meanwhile, Izuku mouths something in horror and tries to have the earth swallow him whole.

“Bro, it doesn’t help your case if you attack our opponent’s lawyer.” Kirishima stage whispers to the explosive teen.

“Ha?” Bakugou takes a moment to stop struggling against the security guards pinning him down. “How the fuck did dunce head get a degree in law? He can barely dress himself.”

“Hey, I’ll let you know that I only dress myself in the finest of outfits.” Kaminari huffs in his Pikachu onesie. “Unlike some people, who just toss on a T-shirt and call it a day. No offense, Midoriya.”

Midoriya nods in acknowledgement and straightens his T-shirt that reads ‘TAILORED BLAZER”. “Offense taken personally, but continue.”

“And second, I earned my law degree in one week fair and square.” He whips out a printout certificate and proudly waves it around. “Read it and weep.” Kirishima grins and pulls out his own certificate.

“No way, you did the Lawyerz Online University course too? Nice bro! Did you do it too, Todoroki?”

Todoroki nods and unrolls his. Kurogiri too, hesitantly displays his own print-out.

Present Mic, who actually went to law school and is a seasoned part time lawyer, carefully hides his authentic, real credentials in his briefcase.


The Judge hums in approval. “Ah yes, Lawyerz Online university, Sister school to Judgez Online University. That’s where I attended, you know.” And honestly, that explains so much. “Who are you representing for this case, Kaminari Denki?”

“My best bud Sero of course!” He finger-guns to the smiling teen, who waves cheerfully to the court. ”Which you should totally choose to win this case, because…uhhh…” The electric quirk user frowns and starts patting his pockets. When he pulls up empty-handed, he frantically searches the floor. Sero’s smile falters into confusion.

“What’s wrong, Kaminari?”

“I can’t find my notes!” Kaminari wail-whispers as he looks under the table. “I wrote all my points down so I wouldn’t forget them.”

“Dude, don’t sweat. Just say what you remember.”

“I don’t remember anything!”


“Um, uh,” Beads of sweat roll down Kaminari’s face. “Three six nine? Damn she’s fine.? Na na na na nana one more time?”

“Get low!” Sero, like the true bro he is, joins in. “Get low, get low, get low!”

“TO THE WINDOOOOW!” Kaminari screams.**


“TEAM SERO ROCKS IT ALL!!” The duo ends the finale by standing on the table, smiling and panting for breath. After a moment everyone politely claps, except Bakugou and Kirishima, the latter opting for whoops and cheers. The former just thunks his head on the table and groans about ‘Fucking idiots”.

“Right,” the judge says slowly. “If you do not have any more… evidence for your case, I must move onto the next plaintiff.”

“But-!“ the gravel silences him.

“You may try again in your closing argument. Now, Yamada Hizashi, proceed.”


Present Mic did, with his dramatic flair and announcer voice. But unlike the rest of his opponents, he was an actual lawyer as well, and a good one to boot. By the time he was done presenting his argument, everyone was convinced that they would win. Heck, even Izuku was ready to pack his bags and say hello to his new dad. Except there was one problem…

“Your honor, I don’t want another child.” Aizawa states flatly from his sleeping bag. “I was brought here against my will. My coworkers want me to get one, but I refused. So one of my coworkers drugged me and brought me here.”

“OBJECTION!” Midnight calls from the audience. “Your honor, I did no such thing. Aizawa, we know what’s best for you so stop acting like a child and start raising one.”


“Babe, c’mon.” Present Mic shakes the sleeping bag. “I promised that we don’t have to adopt all 20.”


 “Eri would love to have Izuku as her big brother.”

“He is a problem child. I have to deal with his messes every day.”

“See? Your'e practically his parent already!”


“Order in the court!” the judge bangs the gravel till everyone falls silent. “I’m afraid these cases have gone on long enough and I cannot reach a verdict until all cases are heard. This trial is adjourned for 30 minutes. Gentleman, please collect your items and make room for the new plaintiffs.” Grumbles and murmurs build as people rise up and grab their possessions. Izuku blinks.

“New plaintiffs?” He asks the judge.

“They weren’t the only people to submit appeals for your custody. If I remember correctly, there were 73 appeals. Your quiet the popular lad.” The judge chuckles and pats Izuku’s shoulder, oblivious to the absolute dread washing over the young man’s face.