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A Little Something Sweeter

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I walk down the large hallway leading into a giant opening that the betas called the commons entering the school. The daily scents make my nose scrunch up. I hate the smells of large groups of alphas and omegas, too many clashing smells. In this larger community, however, you have to get used to it. The festivals, which would last for days leaving us out of school more often than I really wanted, hurt me more than I cared to admit; too many smells. The only person's scent I really enjoy is my best friend Amber. Her scent is stronger than the beta's body odor. Our school is mainly full of betas. "Do you not know how to fucking bathe?" I think to myself as I reach the table where my friends sit. My friend group consists of two omegas, a beta, and an alpha. We like to keep our friend groups small, most of our other friends from the festivals or the omega den were disperse amongst the mainly alpha/beta schools. I sit my small backpack down on the table and sigh. "Do people not know how to fucking bathe?" I spoke my thought from earlier out loud. Amber snickers.




"Betas are fucking...weird..." My friend Willow, an omega, says bluntly.




"Hey! I'm right here!" Kianna, the beta, responds in a playfully offended tone. I snicker.




"You should explain your bathing habits some time." Amber, my best friend who is an alpha, speaks up at the exchange. "We like learning more about how betas live. That's kinda why we have an entire class about it" she added on to her statement. I nod in response.




"It's the only class I'm failing at the moment..." I say looking down and sighing.




"Dude! You should've told me sooner! I'll come over to the omega common room after school and we can study together!" Amber looks at me and I nod with a smile.




"Thank GOD you are my best friend," I say with a look at Amber and a small smile. The bell rings loudly and I glance at the clock hanging on the wall. It takes a lot to get used to reading time like that, but being at a mainly beta school, it's almost a requirement. We all make our way to the orchestra room and the hallway that reeks of pre-rut. It's so strong I almost gag.




"Damn. Either someone is about to have a strong one or multiple people are about to fucking cause something nasty," Amber says making a disgusted face.




"Wait....why haven't they been excused from school?" I ask confused as we walk into the foyer of the orchestra room.




"Some people say fuck the rules, and it's not like the betas can smell it," Amber explains and I nod. We make our way into the locker room to grab out music and instruments. As we walk in, I make direct eye contact with the one person who I never wanted to. As soon as I smell him get closer, I notice that his scent also reeks of pre-rut.




"Shit!" I whisper and Amber looks at me with big eyes, she noticed too.




"Are you fucking kidding me?" She whispers back and her expression changes when she notices the slight smell of anxiety in my scent. She walks in front of me and the others make a box around me. Kianna didn't understand entirely what rutting was or why alphas were required to stay home during those times, but she saw the look of fear in my eyes and decided to help in my protection. We get to our seats and he makes his way, slowly, over to me.




"Well, well, well, don't we have quite the sight." His voice was never something I noticed, he never talked to me in really any way before and I didn't like his tone of voice. He sniffs, taking note of the anxiety in my scent and which, in turn, pisses Amber off. "You're scared of me...and your little alpha friend is here to protect you?" He asks me with a smirk. I look at the ground knowing that if I move a muscle he would try shit with me.




"Excuse me, what the fuck!" Amber steps in glaring at him, "And who do you think you're talking to like that?" She asks him staring into his eyes, her own filled with pure rage.




"Just your little omega friend over here who I'd love to get in the peak of her heat..." My anxiety spikes which makes Amber growl, something I've never really heard her do before.




"Dalton, how about you back the fuck off and go home before shit gets nasty," Amber says making her way in front of me. I remain still, scared for my life. "You reek of pre-rut and it's so strong you're going to fuck with every omega's cycle in the fucking vicinity!" She yells in rage. The majority of the class was filled with betas, but there were a few other alphas and omegas in the class with them.




"How about you fucking back down from the omega so I can relieve myself and then we'll talk" He smirks and she stands up.




"How about you get bonded to her before you even THINK about touching her." She says with an aggressive snarl.




"Hey knothead who reeks of fucking pre-rut" a familiar voice rings out making the whole class silent. Dalton turns to face the guy. "Yeah, I'm talking to you." The person was none other than Alpha Min Yoongi who aided our conductor Omega Honey with anything she needed for the class.




"What do you want Yoongi?" Dalton snarls.




"What makes you think you can speak to me like that? That's 'Alpha Min' to you, and I would suggest you back off of Leo over there since she's not your fucking omega." He snarls back. "Also, stay home tomorrow since you're not even in your rut and you already want to pounce on anything that moves." He warns and walks back into the office of Omega Honey. Amber snarls at him and he walks away pissed off, I finally notice myself breathe.




"God, I hate alphas that don't even know how to deal with their damn rut," She says with a roll of her eyes and sits back down to soothe me. Everyone was staring at the Alpha who was sitting in his seat staring intensely at Amber and I. Yoongi was looking out the window that allowed Omega Honey to see the class from her office. He was on the phone with someone and was staring directly at Dalton as he spoke. He set the phone down, walked out into the main room, and sat on the table at the front of the room. Next thing I see is Yoongi point and Alpha Namjoon, the school's principal, making his way over to Dalton. The room goes quiet.




"So tell me, why did you decide to come to school?" He says, sitting in front of Dalton who simply shrugs his shoulders. "That's not the appropriate answer, it's on record that you've had your rut more than once, and currently your scent fucking reeks of it. I would suggest you go home for the rest of the day and don't come back until your rut is over, because it's going to get nasty the longer you stay." Alpha Namjoon speaks to Dalton knowing the whole class is listening. Yoongi has a slight smirk on his face that just reads 'that's-what-you-fucking-get' and it makes me giggle. Omega Honey stands at the podium as Alpha Namjoon escorts Dalton out of the room. Everyone quickly unpacks and waits at the ready for Omega Honey's instructions. The hour goes by extremely quick and I don't notice how Alpha Min is looking at me the majority of the time. Amber notices it and snickers. I don't quite pay attention, thinking it was a small mistake she made while playing. When class ends and we make our way into the locker room she looks at me.




"He was looking at you." She says with no context and I give her a confused look.




"E-excuse me?" I stutter out and she smiles.




"Alpha Min," She whispers to me with a smile. I blush and she giggles at my love struck scent.




"W-why would you fuck with me like that," I asl playfully, hitting her arm as we stand in the locker room.




"I wasn't playing, I'm being serious." Her voice changes and I realize she wasn't lying. "I know you have eyes for him and the elders wouldn't let you do anything with him for a long time, maybe a year at best, but he was." She shrugs and we make our way out of the locker room. My face turns red and we go to sit by our bags.




"I mean, you have eyes for Omega Taehyung." I tease with a scrunched face and a smile. She hits me playfully.




"Leo." I hear Alpha Min's voice ring out across in the room. I freeze and look up at him.




"Yes, Alpha Min?" I respond.




"Come see me in Omega Honey's office." He turns away from the door and walks back into the office. Amber lightly shoves me and smiles.




"Get one of his furs. I dare you!" She whispers to me and smiles. I make my way over to the office and knock on the door. It opens promptly and I walk in. Alpha Min sits down in front of me.




"So, I wanted to talk about that sorry excuse of an alpha who harassed you earlier." He says, looks at me. I looked down to escape his intense gaze. "Do you have a history or something?" He asks and I can't help but nod.




"I used to be interested in him, but things changed," I respond, looking at the floor as he looks at me. He leans back.




"You don't deserve him anyway. He can't even control himself pre-rut. Every good alpha knows when their rut is coming and will stay home." He says and leans forward to face me. I look at the floor remembering the shit I went through the first year I joined this school. A tear runs down my cheek.




"A-alpha Min-" I choke out, but I am quickly cut off.




"Shhh call me Yoongi." He says trying to soothe me. I immediately start crying.




"I just..." I wipe my face and finally meet his eyes. "He's never done this before and I thought he was going to fucking murder me," I say and feel a hand on my head.




"Shhh, it's okay." He croons, petting my head. "I understand, and I know you're not used to being around any alphas during their rut. It's really scary. I'm sure if you were to ask the alpha you always hang out with about them, she'll confirm that shit is scary." He says with a soft gummy smile. I can't help but smile. I love his genuine gummy smile. "I'm sure everything will go back to normal again, hopefully after his cycle passes. I talked to Alpha Namjoon, he wants me to kinda be your protector while I'm here. Especially when that alpha you're always around isn't around or isn't in a class with you. I guess he trusts me with you. He's also going to be talking to the Alphas in the school about our policies and how we're going to update them for cycles becuase this is becoming a more common thing. I'm worried about omegas like you getting hurt." He concludes and I nod. "Besides this class, what other classes do you have?" He asks me and I have to think.




"Uh, Beta History and Life, an algebra class, a free block kinda thing, and I forgot the other class." He nods at my list.




"Okay well, starting tomorrow I go with you to those classes."




"What about the other orchestra?" I ask him, curious as to how he was going to accompany me to the other classes if he helps the concert orchestra all the time.




"They don't really need me. Omega Honey normally has me sorting music in the library, so I don't do much." I nod at his response. He stands up and dismisses me. I make my way back to Amber.




"Damn, you didn't get a fur!" She says with a grin and I roll my eyes. "Otherwise, how did it go?" she questions and I sigh.




"Well, he's going to accompany me to all of my classes now." Her smile fell as soon as the words left my mouth.




"Oh.. really?" She tries to say with enthusiasm.




"Amber, why are you not trusting him?" I ask and she looks to the side.




"I just... I don't trust other alphas around you. I don't want them to hurt you or anything. Dalton really hammered than one in today." She sighs out and continues to look down. I gave her a small smile.




"I'm glad you care for me Amber, but I'm sure it's going to be okay. He's not like Dalton." I explain and she reluctantly nods. I knew she didn't have trust for him mainly because he was older than me.




"If he tries shit with you when I'm gone on my rut leave, let me know and I will deal with him...or anyone for that matter." Amber finishes and I nod. The bell signaling the class switch period rings right after and we gather our things and part ways.  


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After parting ways with Leo, I begin to feel anxious. I always worry about her when I'm not around. Seriously, who's going to keep her safe from other preying alphas? I don't Who's going to stop alphas from trying to give her furs? Right, me. Who's going to protect her from dumb fucking alphas not staying home during their rut? Me. Alpha Min is doing a fucking great job of trying to take that away.


"Fucking dumbass knot-headed fleabag high-rank Alpha... " I growl to myself which gains a few curious glances from other alphas as I continue to my next class.


Out of everyone I know, alphas, omegas, and betas alike, Leo is the only who truly understands me. As much as an omega can understand an alpha.


She's the one who makes me smile and laugh and forget my rank and dynamic, traditions, rituals, and the alpha's end goal of finding a mate and creating a pack. The stress of falling lower in the rank is relieved when I'm with her.


Being friends with an omega as an alpha is generally frowned upon. Not only are they the lesser dynamic, but the contrast between rut and heat makes it hard for alphas to be near them. My parents thought I was crazy when I told them I was friends with an omega and they threatened to split us up. That was the first time I ever snapped at my parents and I think that showed them how much she meant to me.


I take a deep breath to calm myself. However, inhaling the stench of pre-rut did the exact opposite. I could feel the hair along my arm and neck stand up. Another dumbass alpha not staying home. Great.


While turning the corner to get to my English class, I notice the smell getting clearer and more suffocating. Too focused on the smell, I barely noticed someone ramming into my shoulder. I come to like the smell of pre-rut engulfs my senses.


"Who the fuck.." I mumble to myself. A snarl from the person makes me snap my head towards them. Turns out they're no stranger.


Fucking Jayden.


For those who don't know, Jayden is the most egotistical alpha in the school, maybe the entire world. He seduces every omega in the area and takes them home for some 'fun'. I can only imagine him during his rut.


"Hey, fucking watch where you're going mutt!" The scent of pre-rut rolling off of him agitates me further. I grimace and snarl in return.


"Excuse me? You're not the one who almost got shoved to the floor. I'd suggest you watch where you're going, but your head is so far up your own ass all you see is shit. Get the fuck out of my way before I claw your eyes out." The pre-rut smell makes my instincts kick in. Rage builds up and my bag drops. We are both clearly prepared to rip each other's throats out.


"Amber! Are you ready for- Ewww, what is that smell?" A familiar gentle and deep voice exclaims in disgust. I notice the alpha's gaze drift to who was behind me, rage turning to lust in his eyes.


"Taehyung. Not right now." I growl in no way directed at the omega behind me. A shaky, yet gentle, tug at my sleeve makes me turn around, hesitant to put my back to the alpha.


"Come on... let's just get to class, okay?" I can smell the discomfort on him from the other alpha's gaze. I really want to rip him apart and send him off with his tail between his legs... but those adorable omegean eyes persuade me otherwise.


"Fine... let's go." I snarl one last time and pick up my bag. Jayden's growling increases as I put my hand on Taehyung's shoulder. The way he acts towards the omega forces a protective snarl to rise from my throat.


"If you think for one fucking second that we're done, you're more of a dumbass than I thought. Come near my omega and I'll tear your throat out." I sneer while grabbing Taehyung by the arm to drag him towards our classroom. A loud snarl leaves my throat as I catch Jayden's dark and lustful gaze following Taehyung from my peripheral vision.


"O-ow. A-Amber.. you're hurting me.." The pained squeak from the omega beside me makes me freeze and drop his arm. Guilt scent practically sweeps off of me as I rub his arm to sooth it. Tae must smell it because he hugs me.


"I'm sorry Tae.." I stand stiff. Afraid that I hurt or even frightened the omega with my behavior.


"It's okay. I know you didn't mean it." I can hear his voice rumble in his chest. The deep and soothing tone mixed with his scent calms me and the hair on my neck finally begins to lay flat. I couldn't help the low, content rumble in my chest.


To be honest, Taehyung was extremely attractive, though I'd never admit it out loud. His deep voice, the way his light brown, almost blonde, hair falls over his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Taehyung's scent, one unique to him and him alone, smells of mint and cherrywood.


His scent threw me back in time, in a way, to when I would run through the woods with my grandpa as a young pup. Feeling what it was like to be an alpha during the days of The Pack. The pure wild instincts to hunt and provide. To be free and truly wild. For a split moment, I thought about what it would be like for Taehyung to be my omega, but the moment was far too quick.


"Come on. Let's get going." Taehyung's quiet voice pulls me out of my thoughts. He pats my shoulders signaling that the hug has ended and slowly pulls away. The content rumbling in my chest is replaced with a reluctant whine. The tall omega gives a deep giggle.


"Alright.." I murmur in response. Taehyung stays close to my arm and we continue.


The walk to class was quiet except for the sound of our shoes against the floor. Somehow, my thoughts went back to Alpha Min and Dalton. I then realized that Jayden is still in the building and could be harassing some poor omega somewhere. Some poor omega that could be my friend. My shoulders were tense as we walk into the classroom. Taehyung notices and gives me a reassuring pat on the back.


"Ah, Amber, could you come here for a second?" Omega Romay calls to me from her desk as we enter. I give a brief nod and a smile.


"Here, I'll take your stuff to your seat." Taehyung smiles down at me and offers his hand to take my bag. I give him a questioning look.


"Are you sure? I'll only be a mo-" Before I can finish my sentence, the Omega takes the bag from my shoulders. He briskly walks over to our table with a smug grin on his face.


Shrugging, I walk over to Omega Romay. She places the assignments she was grading neatly on her desk. Spinning her chair to face me, she makes a gesture for me to sit in the chair across from the desk.


"I heard you and another student practically eating each other in the hallway. Do you care to tell me what that was about?" She gazes at me curiously.


"It was just some dumb alpha who doesn't know how to apologize for rudely knocking into someone. He called me a mutt and things got nasty." I simply shrug. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth either. She nods in understanding and picks up another stack of ungraded assignments.


"Alright. Just let me know if it happens again. I'm not afraid to put alphas in their place. You're a good kid and I'd hate to see you get hurt or something." Omega Romay always gave off a motherly feeling. I smile and thank her.


Walking back to my table where I sat with Taehyung and two betas, I noticed they all watched my exchange with our teacher curiously. Taehyung moves his chair over so I'd have room to sit down. As soon as I take my seat, they explode with questions. I didn't really bother to listen until Taehyung asked.


"What did Omega Romay want?" Taehyung questions as I got out my writing journal. I shrugged and flipped to the next empty page.


"She heard what happened in the hallway and just wanted to make sure I was okay." Taehyung nods slowly knowing exactly what happened and how bad it could have gone. I glance at the board to see what the writing prompt for today is. Good thing it's a free write day.


"Are you ready for the test?" Taehyung's statement makes me freeze on the spot. My eyes flick over to meet his, amusement evident in his expression.


"... We have a test today?" His deep and musical laugh makes my cheeks flush.


"Of course we have a test. You forgot to study, didn't you?" Taehyung smirks at me. I shake my head realizing why exactly I had forgotten the test.


"No.. a lot has just happened. I can't quite explain it but.. I feel like something bad is about to happen. Well, something even worse. Call it alpha instinct." I begin to write down some random ass thoughts in my journal. Taehyung watches what I write with an intensely concerned expression.


"Amber..." His quiet voice had a bit of an edge to it. I hum in response.


"Are you... really okay?" His question startles me slightly. I look up at him with a confused expression.


"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I feel Taehyung's searching eyes trying to detect anything from me that might expose my true feelings.


"I don't know... you just seem tense. More tense than usual." Taehyung shrugs his shoulders and begins to write in his journal as well. I sigh and drop my pencil.


I just hope everyone is okay.


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As I walk down the hallway alone, I feel a sadness. I'm away from an alpha who I trust with my life and I want to be near her. I don't really know why I'm feeling clingy, but I am. I sigh as I walk into the classroom and set my stuff down. I feel drained and extremely tired. Everything felt different to me and I didn't know why. I close my eyes and catch the scent of Yoongi. Soon after, two strong arms wrap around me. I let out a small yelp at the sudden feeling and open my eyes.


"Shh, it's just me," Yoongi says. I let out a sigh of relief and melt into the hug.


"Did you follow me here?" I ask and turn my head upward to look at him.


"I left a minute after you did and then had to sprint down the hallway to catch you." He explains and I nod in understanding.


"How did you get here without me smelling you?" I question and he shrugs.


"You looked lost in your thoughts as you walked in so you probably weren't thinking of that." I nod at his response.


"Oh Alpha Min!" The teacher says in a surprised tone as she makes her way into the classroom.


"Hello, Omega Strauss!" He smiles in an adorable way that shows his gums.


"What are you doing here?" She asks, he finally let go of me from behind.


"Alpha Namjoon has required me to attend her classes due to some...complications with other alphas." He explains. Omega Strauss nods and makes her way to her desk and takes a seat. The remaining students enter the room looking confused. Probably wondering why one of the high ranking alphas is standing next to a lower ranking omega. I catch some omegas staring at Yoongi and the look in their eyes was lustful. I feel a surge of jealousy at the way they were looking at the alpha standing behind me.


"I got that email, I thought that was starting tomorrow?" She asks in confusion.


"Well, I decided that it would be good to go today just to get the feel of her schedule and get the other students used to my presence." He explains and she hums in understanding.


"Well, welcome to Biomedical Science." She says with a cheerful voice and he smiles back politely. Yoongi walks away to grab a chair to pull up to the desk, but as soon as he began walking away, I feel the urge to whine for him to come back. I don't want him to leave my side. I notice I'm being unusually clingy and make a mental note to bring it up to Amber later. When he returns to my side, I feel myself relax and become content. As Matt walks in, his expression changes from a tired one to a surprised one when he saw Yoongi sitting next to me.


"Alpha Min, Hello." He greets as he takes his seat. Yoongi nods in acknowledgment.


"Hello, Matt" Yoongi responds as the bell rings, signaling for the class to begin. Omega Strauss quickly takes roll and then turns on the projector.


“You guys have some bell work really quick to get you thinking about today’s lesson.” She starts as everyone pulls out their binders and notebooks for the class. She pulls up the question on the projector and we all write it down in our notebooks.


What are some of the signs of an Omegas heat?


I thought to myself, we had never truly discussed this, and I didn’t really have a family to discuss this with me. “Feel free to look it up or ask a friend. I know not everyone in here uses technology and such.” She announced to the class and the chattering began. Yoongi sat with his hand under his chin.


“Hey, Leo, would you know?” Matt turns to ask me and I shake my head. He looks confused, “Have your parents not talked about it yet?" I cringe a bit at the mention of my parents. I was the product of an unwanted pregnancy. His face quickly changed. “Oh my god, I didn’t-“


“It’s fine, only a few people know. My dad was an asshole alpha who only wanted an alpha kid and I am. An omega with no family except Amber, and she’s not even blood, but she’s the best I have.” I say and his face drains some of its color. I see Yoongi curl his fingers, turning his knuckles white and his scent became tainted with anger. I look at him as he stared off into space. I lightly touch his arm and hear a slight growl as he looks down to see my hand. Matt seemed scared and I look at him with sympathy.


“Fucking knotheadded prick...” Yoongi whispers, just loud enough for me to hear.


"It's okay Yoongi," I say and he sighs, eyes closing soon after. I've never told him about my family and how my dad forced me away at a young age. His reaction was similar to Amber's when she first found out. I guess it's just an alpha thing. A few minutes pass and Mrs. Strauss walks up to the front of the room.


"Alright, so what are some of the signs you guys knew or found?" She asks and everyone looks at each other. A few of the omegas in the class look uncomfortable. Matt raises his hand and Omega Strauss nods.


"Scent change." He suggests and Omega Struss nods with a smile.


"That's a good one and it's a good indicator, surprisingly scents can tell you a lot about an alpha or omega. What's another one?" She asks the class and a female alpha speaks up.


"Omegas going into heat tend to be clingy, especially to alphas which they trust." She says and my eyes go wide. I can't be going into heat. I brush it off and write it down. I look over at Yoongi who had fallen asleep and I smile to myself.


"Correct. Today if you haven't figured out already we're going to be talking about mating cycles. Considering this is the only class without any betas I feel like it may go over more smoothly.

Yes, it is important for you to notice the signs and stuff just in case you need to isolate while in the field." She explains while gathering some papers and begins to pass them out to the tables. "It's also important because we've been having a problem with Alphas coming in during rut." She sighs, setting the papers down at our table and moves on. We all take the paper and look it over.


"What is this?" An older alpha asks from the side of the room.


"It's a sheet of scenarios you will be filling out once you learn about the cycles and you will determine if it is someone in heat, rut, or just a side effect of their sickness." She explains and we all nod. All of a sudden, Yoongi wakes up and looks at the door with a slight growl. The scent of pre-rut hits my nose and my anxiety picks up. I hear a sigh come from Omega Strauss. "As I was saying, alphas coming to school while their rut cycles are happening are becoming a problem." She finishes as the door opens and an alpha enters the room. I recognize his face, but I can't put a name to it.


"Hi, I just transferred in. I'm Jayden." He says to Mrs. Strauss in a polite way. The name slightly clicks, but I don't know if it was the same Jayden who had caused so much pain to Amber. I should ask her about it later.


"Yes hi, take a seat somewhere." Omega Strauss says and walks to her desk to write him down and fix him in her role. I look over at Yoongi who is almost throwing daggers to the new kid.


"Seems as if the only seat is next to this beautiful omega." He smirks looking directly at me and I tense. I hear some alpha's sigh at his entrance. His voice also sounds familiar to me. The slight trace of anxiety taints my scent which causes Yoongi to growl. He seems to overlook the Alpha that was sitting right next to me who was glaring daggers at him with his eyes. "Oh no, did I scare the poor omega? I'm sorry." He tries to sound sincere.


"Excuse me, who do you think you're talking to?" Yoongi snaps, a slight growl in his voice. Omega Strauss looks up at me in concern and then it clicks that Yoongi wouldn't be acting like this without a reason.


"Oh, are you her alpha protector?" He says with a cocky attitude.


"In fact, I am. It's because of alphas like you who think it's okay to come to school during your rut and act like you're better than everyone else." He growls out and the entire room goes silent. Some of the omegas in the room nod in agreement.


"Jayden, I would hate to already be having problems and you've only been here for three minutes." Omega Strauss calls out and he sighs. I was now sure it was the same Jayden that Amber has problems with. I hear Omega Strauss sigh and then pick up a few papers to hand to Jayden. She sets them down in front of him and then walks back to the front of the room. I turn to the front of the room to pay attention to the lesson. She starts out by explaining the different systems of alphas and omegas. We were taking notes, so I turn back to the table to write. I took a quick glance at Yoongi who was listening to the lesson. I'm in the process of writing stuff down when he leans over and whispers.


"Why do you find this stuff interesting?" He questions me and I turn to him with a sigh.


"My mom was studying to become a nurse to help alphas, omegas, and betas. I saw her in the news recently because she got transferred to the most well-known hospital in the country, which means my known family is no longer here. We went over it in class and we got to explain what her role was to each other. I think Omega Strauss realized that she was my mom and that it was a sore subject for me because she never made me participate in it." I explain and he nods. I look at his eyes as the thought processed and his eyes went wide.


"I knew I recognized 'Seung' from somewhere." He whispers and sits back up.


"Alright so now we're going to be talking about the more nitty-gritty details about heats and ruts. This will get uncomfortable, but it's important for you to know and understand this stuff." She explains and everyone groans with reluctance. "I'm going to let you all take a quick little social break before we get into this topic. We're all going to need it." Before she even finishes, the class erupts into loud talking.


"What is your next class?" Yoongi asks me. I took a moment to think.


"Fuck...I can't remember right now." I sigh. I look down at my paper and zoned out. I feel an overwhelming urge to cling to the alpha that's sitting beside me, looking over the paper I would have to do later. I sigh and zone back in since our break is coming close to an end. Matt notices me acting weird.


"Leo are you okay?" He asks me, his voice barely above a whisper. I nod.


"I'm tired, not going to lie. I've also had a long day." I respond back and close my eyes. I take a deep breath and open my eyes. Yoongi's scent filled my nose and I began to feel calm. I feel the urge to fall asleep wash over me. If Yoongi was in my room in the omega den, I would happily cuddle him to sleep. I hear a deep sigh come from my teacher as she stands up. She walks to the front of the class and sets her computer down.


"It's time you guys. We get to talk about what happens in heat and rut." She says while taking a deep breath. I set back in my chair and face the front. I suddenly feel a hand run across my thigh and notice Jayden looking me straight in the eyes with a smirk. Fear taints my scent. Only seconds pass before Yoongi's hand slam against the desk. Everyone jumps and Omega Strauss turns to see what the commotion is. Her eyes go wide when she sees why Yoongi had slammed his hands down.


"Get. Off. Her." He growls out. Jayden just smiles and tightens his grip on my thigh, making me cry out in pain as he digs his nails into my skin. Yoongi's low growl fills the dead silent classroom.


"And if I don't?" Jayden sneers at Yoongi. The whole class holds their breath. Suddenly, Alpha Namjoon rushes into the classroom. Jayden tightens his grip, breaking the skin on my thigh. I cry out louder in pain, tears welling in my eyes. He smirks and lets out a low growl. Yoongi's scent is filled with rage. Namjoon rushes over to take Jayden off of me. I can feel my skin tear more has he is pulled out of his chair. Tears fell from my eyes as I sob from the pain, my scent filled with distress and panic. I look down at my leg which has long scratch marks up my thigh. The scratch continues to burn as Jayden is escorted out of class, my blood tainting his fingertips. Matt stands up to help me, but Yoongi growls when he reaches out to touch me. Yoongi looks to Omega Strauss who nods. He slips my bag over his shoulder and picks me up. We walk outside the room and down the long hallway to the nurse.


"Yoongi, I can walk," I whine, wrapping my arms around his neck as he carried me bridal style.


"I don't care, I'm carrying you to the nurse's office." He says coldly and takes a deep breath. "You can't seem to escape bitch-ass alphas can you?" He asks me rhetorically. "Two in one day, not even an hour apart." He sighs as we make our way into the main office. I hear Alpha Namjoon yelling through his closed door. The secretaries look up to see me and the small amounts of blood that have managed to roll down my thigh. We walk into the office and one of the nurses turn and to see me. She gasps, hands flying to cover her mouth.


"Oh no, honey! What happened to you?" She spoke with a slight southern accent as she examines my leg. The head omega nurse comes over to check it out.


"Those scratch marks are intense, who did this?" She looks up at me still in Yoongi's arms and wipes the few tears that stain my face. She looks to Yoongi who threw a glance back to the muffled yells and she nods.


"Set her down and let's get 'er fixed up." The southern nurse says as Yoongi sits me down

on the bed-like table. The nurses grab stuff out of the cabinets while Yoongi sits on the floor right beside me. "This gon' sting a lil' bit honey, but don't you worry your little head. It won't last long." The southern nurse soothes as she applies an antibacterial cream making me hiss slightly. Yoongi stands up and sits down next to me on the bed. He wraps his arm around me and starts releasing relaxing pheromones.


"All right. We'll let that soak into the wounds to kill any bacteria that was on his hands, in the air, etc, and then will apply bandages and stuff." She says and goes over to the computer. She starts quickly typing what I think is an email, but I don't really care. I close my eyes and lean into Yoongi's arm. I take a deep breath as he pulls me in closer and wraps his other arm around the front of me. I feel him nod for some reason, but I ignore it. "Is she staying the rest of the period?" The nurse asks and Yoongi gives a brief nod.


"Bless your little heart." I hear the southern nurse say in a quiet tone followed by the quiet shuffle of papers and feet on the floor. Yoongi's breathing was even and smooth, his heartbeat the only sound filling my ears in the silent room. The yelling has stopped, but I'm not sure when. We hear a quiet knock at the door and Alpha Namjoon pops his head in.


"Can I come in?" He asks quietly. I open my eyes to see the head nurse nod and Namjoon step in. I yawn and Yoongi lets go of me. I stretch out while Namjoon pulls up a chair to sit in front of me.


"Hello, Alpha Namjoon," I say, my voice laced with sleepiness.


"Hello, Omega Seung. I wanted to check and see if you were okay and look at the extent of your injuries." Namjoon says very formally. I nod and yawn once again. He lightly grabs the side of my leg to turn it and get a better look. I hear a low growl from Yoongi at the touch. I set my hand on top of his as a form of reassurance. Yoongi knows that Namjoon is already bonded to Seokjin, but that doesn't stop him from feeling slightly jealousy at the touch. Yoongi takes a quick deep breath.


"Wow, I didn't know nails could do that..." Namjoon says with slight surprise looking at the five scratches that cover the majority of my thigh. He sighs, "Today has been quite a day. It's only second hour and I'm already sending another person home because of their rut. On top of that, they're going to get some suspension time because they harmed another student. I'm sure it's been rough for you too." He says looking up from the scratches on my leg to my eyes. I nod. "I know you can't go home, but I'll dismiss you from all your other classes for the day and you and Yoongi can go hang out somewhere since I trust you are in good hands," Namjoon explains and I nod.


"Yoongi, I want to go to the orchestra room," I say quietly and he nods. He stands up with Namjoon.


"I'll be right back," Yoongi says and walks out with Namjoon. His smell lingers in the room and I feel like whining over his missing presence.


"Alright sweetheart, let's get that leg bandaged up so that way you can get out of here as soon as possible." The head nurse says and lightly applies my bandages. I yawn for the third by being overwhelmed with sleepiness. Yoongi comes back in and sees me with my bandages.


"Can she go?" He asks slightly out of breath and the nurse nods. I stand up and pick up my backpack from the floor. I follow Yoongi out of the nurse's office and down the hallway we came in. We make our way through the commons and reach the orchestra room door. Yoongi opens it and we walk in. Omega Honey looks out from her office and smiles.


"Hello, Leo and Yoongi!" She calls out and we wave to her. We make our way through the empty room to the large practice room. We enter and shut the door. Yoongi makes his way to the piano sitting in the corner. I yawn and Yoongi looks at me.


"You should take a nap." He suggests and I nod. I sit down next to the piano and rest my head against the wall. I close my eyes as I felt exhaustion take over my body. Before I fell asleep, I heard Yoongi start playing the piano. I can hear how he breathes as he places his hands on the keys. Each breath matched as his fingers hit the keys. He stops playing for a few seconds and takes a deep breath. He starts to sing in Korean. His voice is smooth and my eyes began to feel heavy. I hear a slight shakiness in his voice as he sings. The acoustics of the room give the song a place to flourish with sound and emotion which sends a shiver up my spine. His scent is filled with a slight twinge of sadness which makes my heart hurt. I could feel through the emotion in his voice that this song isn't a nice, happy song. When he reaches the pre-chorus of the song, his voice gets slightly rough. "날 받아줬던 너 Without you, I'm nothing." I hear his voice break a small bit and I open my eyes to see a few tears running down his face. His eyes are closed, but he played as if his eyes were open. I sit up and watch him as he continued on. His voice is rough and his playing is smooth as he crescendoed into the chorus. "그때 기억해 나의 십대의 마지막을" He sings out and I watch him. We both forgot about me trying to sleep. I see a few more tears fall down his cheeks as he sings out the last line of the chorus slightly out of breath. He finishes out the song as a final tear falls down his face. He slowly opens his eyes and turns to me. I stand up and walk over to embrace him in a hug. He lets out a quiet sob and I hug him tighter.


"It's okay." I coo and try to comfort the alpha crying in my arms. Alphas are known to not cry and when they did. It was a big deal especially around an omega, Amber explained it to me when we first became friends. He was straddling the piano bench and moved back for me to sit down and hold him. Despite that making me shorter than him I didn't let him go. He quietly cries as I rub circles around his back whispering words of comfort. He pulls away to face me and I wipe his tears with my hand. This is what omegas lived for when an alpha they love opens up their feelings to them. To try and impress omegas and other alphas they had a stigma where they had to control their feelings and never show any signs of weakness in their dominance. Amber had only shown this side of her to me once, she always wanted to seem strong, but I knew she had her troubles.


"I'm sorry you had to," Yoongi starts, but I cut him off.


"You don't need to apologize, I understand," I reassure him and he nods. His face is red and slightly puffy. "Just take some deep breaths and calm down. It's going to be alright." He nods.


"I've just...never really sang that for anyone before because it makes me do..." He motions towards his face. "This." He says and I smile which makes him laugh a little. "I wish alphas could show this side more often, I hate putting on this cold hard persona sometimes, it just, makes me feel bad because I scare omegas and betas." He confesses and I nod.


"It's good when your instincts kick in and you protect your omega from danger though." He smiles and I let out a small giggle.


"What are you gonna do for the rest of the day?" He asks me and I shrug my shoulders. "I'll probably surprise Amber and join her at lunch for today since we are normally in separate lunches." He nods and thinks for a minute.


"Wanna help out with 4th-hour orchestra?" I think about it and nod. I have never helped out the younger orchestra kids before, so this should be a treat.


Chapter Text

The class was semi-boring. Taehyung and I would exchange jests every now and then and get a playful yet stern look from Omega Romay which just made us laugh a little harder. Eventually, the bell rang and we were dismissed. As we exit the classroom, I turn to Taehyung before we head to our next class.


"Tae... text me if you see that alpha again okay?" I look at him with a serious expression. Taehyung gave me a wary yet reassuring smile.


"Don't worry Amber. I'll be fine. Have a good lunch! Oh, and Omega Layla better tell me you actually ate today okay? Bye!" Taehyungs smile was the last I saw of him before he disappeared into the crowd.


The crushing feeling of abandonment and loneliness strikes up again as I make my way to the table I usually sit at. It was a usual thing that happened when I wasn't around my bubbly omega friends. Sitting down, I take out my journal and read over what I wrote down. To be completely honest, I was out of it when I wrote in it. Scanning over the text, my eyes widen at what I read.


It was all death threats. Mostly at Jayden. The guy who ruined my faith in my own dynamic and made me despise relationships. That's a story I don't want to get into right now. All of the threats mention something about a throat being ripped out, breaking a bone or two, or just making him whimper in pain until he succumbed to his injuries. I close the journal and lay my forehead on the table.


"Hey, Amber!" A soothing voice speaks from the other side of the table. I look up for a moment to see my curly headed omega friend look down at me.


"Hey, Angel. How are you?" I ask politely, but without spirit. Her happy expression shifts to one of concern.


"I'm good... but what about you? I heard about what happened with that one alpha. It's all over the school now." She sits down and looks over to my journal which I never kept out for personal reasons. I sigh and push the journal over to her, my forehead never lifting from the table.


"I'm fine, but what I wrote is concerning. You know I'm not a violent person and there are people who drive me fucking insane, but I would never do something like that... right?" I sit back up a bit while a glare is tossed my way at my swear. Angel leans over and begins to read.


"Jesus Amber... what happened to no muerte!? This is... this is really bad." Angel looks at me, concern and fear written all over her face. Layla, another omega who I didn't know was here until just now, looks at Angel quizzically.


"What is it?" Layla looks between me and Angel. Angel's fear scent slowly gets stronger.


"She's been writing about a certain someone in a certain not friendly way." Angel glances at me with a bit of disappointment, the fear still evident in her judging gaze. She slides my journal back to me.


"Can I read it?" Layla looks at the journal, her curious eyes watching the exchange. I shrug and give her the journal.


"Geez, Amber. This is serious. Whoever this guy is must really be an asshole for you to do... whatever this is." Layla snickers half-heartedly and gives my journal back to me.


"He is... trust me." A small growl starts to form in my throat. Apparently, it doesn't go unnoticed by my omegean friends as they stare at me in disbelief.


"Holy shit... I've never heard you growl before." Layla looks at me, an internal debate going on in her head of whether to comfort me, leave me alone, or maybe even run away.


"It only happens when I want people to leave me the fuck alone, I get protective, or I'm extremely pissed off. And no one pisses me off more than that knotheaded bastard." An attempt to suppress the growl was made with no luck. Instead, it only grows louder. I put the journal back in my bag while people in hearing distance were glancing at me with confusion.


"Guys! No bad words! Amber, maybe you should go to the Eld-" I cut Angel off with an even louder growl. She looked extremely shocked, the fear in her scent multiplied.


"Amber.. she's right you know? This guy is causing problems, so they should know." Layla pats my shoulder. The growl was conflicted between growling at Jayden and growling at my friends, something I would never even think about.


"They don't care. Especially about a dispute between two alphas. It's too common and frankly, it doesn't affect anyone which makes it the least of their priorities." I begin to gather my things and stand up. The fear in Angel's eyes is too much.


"Where are you going?" Angel spoke quietly from across the table. I shrug.


"I'm not really sure. I just need to walk." I don't bother to say goodbye and begin walking in a direction.


Unlike betas, alphas and omegas get to walk around the school. We were once a part of the wild and some of us can't sit still for long. The administration knows this, so they permit us wondering hours after classes or during lunch. I've never really took up the offer simply because I've never needed it. I sure am glad for it now.


I take a deep breath and walk around a corner into the art corridor. Walking further down the hallway, the scent of something tickles my nose. The smell of paint is clearly evident, but something more familiar intertwined with it. One clearly overpowering the other, but not any less pleasant. I lean against the wall and close my eyes trying to put a name to the scent. I go through all the names of people I know when suddenly, it clicks.


That's Taehyung's scent.


The realization that my omegean friend is nearby, makes my tense muscles relax. He's close enough that I can smell him. Close enough to where I'm not alone.


"Amber? What are you doing here?" Omega Romay's gentle voice penetrates my thoughts. I open my eyes and look at her.


"I needed to take a walk.. lunch wasn't exactly relaxing." I shrug and lean against the wall, still taking in the faintness of Taehyung's scent.


"I see, but why to the art corridor? You could have come to see me or Omega Cox. Unless..." Omega Romay makes a curious expression. She sniffs the air and a knowing smile was sent my way.


"Well... you enjoy your downtime. Make sure you get to class on time." She gives my arm a gentle pat and heads off towards her classroom. I check the time out of impatience.


"The bell is about to ring.." I turn towards the closed door that I can only assume is Taehyung's class. I smile hoping I'd see him before I head to Culinary with Omega Cox.


As if on cue, the high pitched ring of the bell sounds throughout the school. First lunch has ended. I know Taehyung has second lunch, so he should be leaving soon. I watch the door to Tae's class with a sniff of discontent at how long it was taking. I close my eyes and decide to wait. A couple of minutes pass and the door finally opens.


"-and it's just a simple shading technique. Nothing too difficult." The familiar voice of Taehyung fills in my ears. I can't help the smile on my face.


"Taehyungie!" I call out. The surprised omega turns towards me with slight shock in his gorgeous brown eyes.


"Amber? What are you doing here? You should be at lunch." Tae runs up to me. He leans in to sniff me. A disappointed expression floods his features.


"Amber... you didn't eat." The Omega gives me a pout which only makes me smile wider.


"I wanted to see you before I went to class. Make sure you say hi to Leo for me." I give him a quick hug and head down the hallway to my class. His shocked and analyzing gaze burn into my back as I enter the class.


As soon as I sit down, something in my stomach stirs. I pass it off as my discomfort from not eating. Maybe I should have listened to Taehyung.


However, as the class progresses, the feeling gets worse. The other alphas in the room look at me with concerned looks. I shift in my seat trying to calm the feeling. While attempting to work, Omega Cox comes over to me.


"Amber, can I talk to you outside?" Her gentle voice calming the feeling if only for a second. I nod and follow her out the door.


"You seem preoccupied. Your recipe didn't make any sense.. you're usually one of the best chefs in my class." The omega's concerned look makes me feel hot with shame.


"To be honest Omega Cox, I'm not really sure. I just have a bad feeling is all." I shrug and look at the floor. An understanding hum is heard from the omega across from me.


"I see. If something does come up, please leave and take care of it. You're not usually like this, so it must be something important." I nod in thanks and we both head back into the room.


I sit down in my seat and begin working again, fixing the recipe I messed up on before.




Ah, the joy of cooking with dimwitted betas who don't know the difference between chives and basil. Yes, the sweet, sweet smell of burning soup while no one does anything. When will the sarcasm end?


"Take the pot off the stove, pour the soup down the drain, and clean the pot. Cut up some more basil. No, that's chives. Put the garlic in with the caramelized onions at the same time with the roasted tomatoes. Do not forget the vegetable broth this time. 1 and a half cu- That's the dry measuring cup you need the liquid- The glass one, yes." I sigh heavily at the disaster in front of me.


For a beta food, they sure do not know how to cook it.


I breathe in the smell of the kitchen. The stench of the burnt soup is still evident, but the smell of the new soup slowly starts to fill the room. I release a deep sigh.


"That's it. You've got it now. Turn the temperature down a few clicks. You don't want to burn it again." I walk over to the pot and examine the contents. Everything looks perfect. And smells perfect, too.


I walk over to the cutting board to mince the basil left by one of the betas. I huff while grabbing the small kitchen knife to my left and begin mincing. The other betas watch my process and I can't help feeling a little smug at their action. Once the basil was diced, I mix some in with the soup.


Grabbing a small tasting bowl from the cupboard, I spoon a bit of the soup into it. Everyone watches me while I take the first sip. My face contorts and the betas look at me with fear.


It tastes wrong. Something is missing.


I wander around the kitchen thinking about what could be added to the soup to add something. Something in the herb pantry catches my attention. I reach out, open the jar, and sniff.


"Oregano... that's what it needs." I bring the jar over to the cutting board and begin to mince the oregano. Once done, I mix it in with the soup. Spooning a bit more into the tasting bowl, I take another sip.


"It's perfect." The betas around me cheer. I set the bowl down and step back, the stress slowing ebbing away. Footsteps appear from the door and approach the pot. I look up to see a tall, broad-shouldered omega.


"It smells wonderful. What is it?" The man looks down at me with a curious and affectionate expression. He has a familiar scent on him.


"It's roasted tomato and basil soup. Would you care to try?" I offer him a bowl of the soup and he nods eagerly. I smile at him and reach for a bowl and an eating utensil, preferably a spoon.


The omega sits down and places a napkin neatly in his lap. I fill the bowl halfway and garnish it with a small mint leaf. With a clean rag, I wipe the inside rim of the bowl to give it a neat look and set it in front of the waiting omega. He takes a small sip.


"This is... this is delicious!" His eyes widen with awe. The praise makes my face flush in embarrassment. I scratch the back of my neck.


"It's still a work in progress, but I appreciate it." He waves off my statement and politely wipes his mouth before stepping back to push in his chair.


"Nonsense. You have a true alpha nose. You were able to use that ability and smell the oregano and mix it with the smell of the soup. The mint garnish is also another scent tactic. It takes away from the bitterness of the oregano and gives it a sweeter scent. You have talent." The way he explains something that I can never begin to express myself makes me feel some sort of admiration for the omega.


"Oh, where are my manners. I'm Kim Seokjin, but please, call me Jin. No omega formalities." His charming smile was infectious.


"I'm Amber Rose. It's nice to meet you, Jin. I hope you can try out some of my other recipes in the future." I give a polite bow making some of the betas gasp in surprise. They've never seen me be so polite to anyone before, especially an Omega I've never met before.


"Absolutely! You'll have to inform me beforehand, however. My mate and I are constantly busy and it's hard to make space in our schedule. I hope you understand?" I nod and Jin claps his hands a little louder than it needs to be.


"Then it's settled! I have to leave now, but I hope to see you again. Bye~." The omega left the room, the little hop in his step not going unnoticed by the betas in the class. They snicker a bit and begin to clean up. One of them reaches for the pot.


"No, not yet. I need to take some to a couple of people." The beta reaching for the pot nods quickly and steps away. I gather a couple of bowls and fill them halfway like before.


"Clean up while I'm gone." I carry the bowls in my hand and leave the room. The faint sound of a door opening and the smell of Taehyung inform me he's about to go to lunch. It's a good thing he usually waits for Leo.


I pick up my pace and eventually catch up to him. He must have smelled me because his head whips around to look at me. I smile at him as I walk closer.


"Amber? What are you doing, don't you have class?" Taehyung looks at me quizzically. I simply nod and hand a bowl to him.


"I made some food. I want you to eat it for lunch." His eyes widen at my statement. I hand the other bowl to Leo and Taehyung stares at the bowl.


"A-are you sure? I mean-" I chuckle at his adorable stutter. He looks at me with an even more confused look than before.


"Yes, of course, I'm sure. I'm not going to poison you. Now, go eat. Make sure you give the other bowl to Leo when you see her." I give the omega a small smile and head back to the Culinary class.


As I enter, the betas are sitting around and chatting. The dishes and countertops were clean. A pleased rumble made its way from my chest, gaining the attention of the betas.


"You all did well. I'm proud. Now it's time for one of you to take my place." I project across the classroom. Omega Cox steps up next to me and pats my shoulder, a gesture to show my work is done.


"I'll choose one of you to be the next kitchen manager. Amber was a perfect example of knowing what to do when a recipe goes wrong. Jimin, I hope you can live up to the expectations laid before you." Omega Cox gestures to a short brown haired omega who looks at me with wide eyes.


I remember him as one of Taehyung's friends. He's a good cook and probably one of the best choices as my replacement. I nod and he walks up to stand in front of me. As per alpha/omega tradition, I place my hand on his head and he looks down.


"I hereby renounce my position of authority to Omega Jimin. Please, lead us well." I remove my hand from his head as I finish the phrase. He looks up from the ground and instead looks me in the eyes.


"I won't let you down Alpha Amber." Jimin shook my hand and left to discuss his recipe with Omega Cox. I sigh and gather my stuff at my desk.


As soon as I get everything together, the door to the classroom opens and Taehyung walks in. Timidly, he looks around the classroom and only began to smile when we saw me.


"Ah, Amber! I wanted to thank you for lunch. It was delicious!" Taehyung was holding the two now empty bowls. I couldn't help the pride swelling under my skin.


"I'm glad you liked it Tae-Tae. Here, I'll get those washed up." I reach for the bowls, but Taehyung pulls back. A small laugh escaping while he shakes his head.


"I was going to do that if it's alright? To repay you for feeding me." I feel the hair on my neck and arms raise at the mention of feeding. I nod and allow him to wash the dishes. Taehyung smiles and makes his way to the kitchen sink. I follow close behind him, ignoring my instinct to wrap my arms around his waist.


It's not used anymore, but in the older days, alphas used to hand feed their omegas as a way of courtship. My grandpa told me all about the old courting techniques when I was younger. The thought of actually feeding Taehyung like that made my face flush lightly.


"Amber? Where do these go?" Taehyung asks from the sink, clean and dried dishes in his hands. I shake myself out of my daze.


"The bowls go in the cabinet over your head and the spoons go in the drawer to your left." Taehyung nods and places the dishes in their correct places. I can't help but notice the way the muscles in his arms flex as he reaches up to put the bowls away.


"Stop thinking Amber. Pull yourself together!" I think to myself as Taehyung turns around to face me, a serious look on his face.


"Leo said she liked the food, although, there's something you should know.." The dark sound of Taehyung's voice makes the hair on my arms raise.


"Something bad happened, right? Is she okay? Who did it?" The questions flew out of my mouth and I didn't have time to think. This is what that feeling was.


"Well.. that alpha from before, he hurt her. Alpha Min was there. At lunch, too. He almost didn't let me sit with her, but I understood." Taehyung shuffles his feet on the floor, his gaze not meeting my eyes.


"Jayden hurt her? Where is he? I'll make sure he never-" My rant is cut off by the bell.


"Huh? How is third period over already?" Taehyung exclaims and runs out of the kitchen.


"Thanks for the food Amber! I'll make sure to say hi before I leave today!" Taehyung calls as he runs out of the class. I barely hear him through the rage ringing in my ears. I grab my things and trudge towards my last class, a snarl leaving my throat.


Something happened to my best friend.


And I wasn't there to stop it. 



Chapter Text

The bell rings signaling for lunch to begin. While people were switching classes, the people in first lunch were getting their lunches. “I’ll be right back, I'm going to check the lunch room,” Yoongi says standing up from the piano bench and walking out the door. I don’t get a chance to protest his absence or leave the room with him. Now I'm sitting on the floor alone. I look down at my leg which is now bandaged up. I trace the bandages lightly. Amber is going to murder him later I know that for sure. It feels like centuries before Yoongi makes his way back into the room. I stand up quickly.


“Can we please go now?” I'm practically begging to leave the room, ready to surprise my best friend. He holds out his hand. I take it and he starts to walk in front of me. However, when I enter the commons, I don’t see her.


“Do you know where she sits?” Yoongi asks and I nod.


“Yeah, but I don’t see her.” My heart sinks a little bit which makes Yoongi come closer to me. I see Layla and Angel at the table. There's an empty spot next to them and I let out a sigh. Yoongi’s thumb rubs the back of my hand to try and make me feel better. I unlace my hand from his and make my way back to the orchestra room. I sit in the foyer waiting for second lunch so I can see Taehyung, the omega that I know will become mated to Amber.


“I’m sorry she wasn’t there,” Yoongi says and sits in front of me. I just sigh and stare at his feet which are touching mine. I glance up at him and see him looking at me with slight concern. I lean into my knees and close my eyes. It feels like centuries before I hear the lunch bell ring signaling second lunch is starting. I perk up and quickly stand up. Yoongi follows suit and takes my hand. I quickly walk in front of him and find the table that I share with Taehyung. I sit down and Yoongi sits directly next to me. I scan the room looking for Taehyung's honey orange colored hair. When I spot him, he was carrying two bowls and some spoons. He quickly makes his way over and sets the bowls down on the table.


"Amber made us food!" He says energetically as he starts to sit down next to me. I feel Yoongi stiffen and let out a low growl. Taehyung jumps at the growl and steps back from the table. I turn to Yoongi and look him in the eyes.


"Alpha," I say and he looks back at me, "You don't need to growl, he's an omega, you can smell him right?" He nods and closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath. I look to Tae who appears very confused. "Sit, you'll be fine," I say and let him sit next to me.


"Why is he-" He starts to ask and looks down at my bandaged leg. "Oh..." He makes the connection in his head. He furrows his eyebrows. "Is he? You know..." I'm in the middle of taking a spoonful of soup and almost spit it out.


"Not! No!" I drop the spoon into the bowl and he lets out a small giggle. "He just has to be with me because I've become a target for alphas." He nods.


"If I was a target, I would choose Amber to be the alpha with me all the time." He smiles while eating a spoonful and closes his eyes.


"I didn't really get to chose," I say taking a spoonful myself enjoying the soup, perfect as always.


"I mean you said you'd-" He starts but I make it seem like I choked. I start coughing.


"God Leo, you gotta be more careful," Yoongi says as he quickly gets up to get napkins to wipe my face off.


"I thought you, you know, wanted to mate with him" Tae whispers and watches as Yoongi sprints back. I hold up a finger to my lips gesturing for him to keep quiet. He nods with q mischievous smirk. Yoongi sits down and begins to wipe off my face.


"You should be more careful because if that happens when I'm not around, you could die or something." He says and sets the dirty napkins on the table. I nod with a small blush.


"So who did that to you," Tae asks gesturing towards my thigh.


"Jayden," I shiver as I speak his name.


"Oh, the knothead that's plastered all over Omega Romay's room?" Tae asks and I look at him confused. "Oh that's right, you haven't been in there. So the one that Amber fights with." I nod slowly.


"I think so yeah." He lets out a laugh.


"She's gonna fucking kill him when she finds out he harmed her favorite omega." I could hear the slight jealousy in his voice when he calls me her favorite omega. If only he knew her feelings were mutual. "So was Alpha Min there to stop it or something?" I nod and feel a head on my shoulder.


"Yes, I was, and I was five seconds away from murdering him myself." He says which makes Tae giggle and look at me. I blush a slight shade of pink and smile. I finish eating and look at the time. Lunch was close to ending. I pass my finished bowl to Taehyung who smiles.


"I'm going to go take these back to Amber," Taehyng says and I wave as he walks away. Yoongi stands up and stretches.


"Wanna go back to the orchestra room?" I nod as he takes my hand and we walk back to the orchestra room. He opens the doors and we walk in. As they close behind us, he turns around to face me. He's slightly taller than I am and his hair fell barely covered his eyes. “I got what Taehyung was trying to say,” My face turns red from embarrassment and I look to the floor. I feel his hand under my chin as he lifts my head up. My eyes meet his. “It’s okay, omegas at your age start to feel like that.” He continues and tears fill my eyes. I don’t know what to say. I close my eyes and a tear silently fall. I hear him take a deep breath and then his lips press into mine. He pulls back and I open my eyes.


“Y-yoongi,” I say with a shaky voice and he hugs me.


“Don’t worry. I understand.” He coos as hugs me tightly. I stand there in shock being embraced in his arms. I feel comforted in his embrace but I'm confused as to why he kissed me. It's not entirely normal for alphas to use beta love tactics, especially with someone who's not their intended partner. I am speechless. "I'm willing to wait to be your alpha if it means I have the best omega I could ever dream of." I smile, I feel like the puzzle pieces of my life were finally falling into place. Maybe one day Amber would be okay with this decision. Maybe once she's intended with Taehyung and he became pack omega, I could finally let her know that this is who I want to be mates with.

Chapter Text

I enter my last class which I have with Layla and Kianna, an omega and a beta. I wouldn't have survived World History if it wasn't for these two. They've always been able to help me calm down.

Today I'm not so sure.

My rage from Taehyung's news still rolls off my body. That bastard alpha-wanna-be hurt my best friend and I wasn't there to stop it. I'm thankful that Yoongi was there to help her, but it should have been me!

"Amber, are you alright?" Layla calls to me from our shared table. I grumble in response and sit down.

"You haven't been yourself today. What's going on?" Kianna questions while placing her hand on my shoulder. I gently shrug her off with a quiet growl.

"Nothing is going right and I'm losing everything. It's like the world is against me and it's just going to get worse." I let out a short snarl gaining the attention of everyone around us. Layla sighs.

"There are going to be bad days Amber, but you're not losing everything. You still have us." Layla makes another attempt at calming me, but my anger is too much.

"It's not enough!" I shout while jumping out of my seat. The two alphas in the class look at me with pity.

"Amber! You're stinking up the whole class with your smell. Go take five and come back when you feel better." Omega Peterson calls to me from the doorway. I

"Yeah, right. Just don't count me absent." I leave my stuff at my table that I share with my two friends. They watch me pitifully as I walk into the hallway.

I decide that maybe some fresh air will help me calm down and walk down the hall to the outside doors. I walk out and breathe in the crisp clean air, relishing in the warm sunlight. I slowly feel myself calm down even if the rage is still there.

"I'm such a failure." I murmur to myself, a soft, halfhearted chuckle escaping my lips. I run my hands through my hair and breathe out.

"Amber?" A familiar voice calls from behind me. I swiftly turn around and am met with a tall figure.

"Alpha Kim.. what are you doing here?" I ask slightly monotonous. The principle scratches his head softly while in thought.

"Well, the monitors showed a student leaving class and going outside. What was I supposed to do?" The alpha sighs and makes a gesture for me to come back inside. I follow and allow the door to close automatically behind me.

"I'm sorry Alpha Kim. Today hasn't exactly been, how do I put it.. pleasant?" I rub my arm unconsciously and let out a hefty sigh. The principle looks at me in a way that tells me to continue.

"This alpha has been a nuisance all day. I'm sure you remember who and what happened last year." I grip my arm in an attempt to keep myself from growling out his name.

"Forgive me, but do you mind reminding me?" Principle Kim sits down on the stairs near the exit. Hesitantly, I follow suit and sit as well.

"You know alphas aren't supposed to be together, right? The alpha dynamic just doesn't work well with itself, but it's not entirely impossible. This alpha, Jayden, he was kind to me at first. I wasn't used to this treatment by another alpha.. I was so roped in I didn't notice what he really wanted. He tried to-" I broke off. I didn't want to continue. I didn't want to relive that conversation. The way his hungry eyes ate at me.

"I understand. Please, don't force yourself. In fact, I dealt with him earlier. Apparently he assaulted an omega." I grit my teeth and remember why I'm here in the first place.

"Yeah, I heard. Bastard didn't stay home during his pre-rut and picked a fight with me in the hallway. Then he hurt my best friend and I wasn't there to stop it." I dig my fingernails in my skin to keep myself from growling in the presence of a higher rank alpha. He let's out a small chuckle which catches me by surprise.

"You really are an alpha. You know, she asked about you earlier. She never found you during lunch." Alpha Kim stands up and runs his hand through his hair.

"I also heard that my mate visited you last block. I apologize for him." I abruptly stand up which startles the other alpha.

"It's fine! He promised he'd come in and try my cooking whenever he could. He's the school's high ranking Omega, it's an honor for me, really." I rub the back of my neck suddenly embarrased. The principle chuckles louder this time, his dimples making an appearance.

"He seems to like you. That's funny, actually. He doesn't like younger alphas very much. He says they're too much like teething pups, rambunctious and never listening to their uppers." The principle let's out a content sigh and turns towards me. I look down a bit, not meeting his gaze.

"I apologize for assigning Yoongi to your friend, but you should know it's for her own safety. He has authority you don't have. You're still a child." I grit my teeth and look at the floor. The harshness of his words takes my breath from me.

"I know that, but what kind of alpha am I if I can't protect my pack?" I say underneath my breath. I'm too close to Alpha Kim so he heard me. He sighs and puts a hand on my shoulder. I flinch slightly and pull my head a bit closer to my chest.

"You are one of the smartest alphas I have had the honor to watch over. Don't you dare, for one second, doubt yourself. Go to class and take care of your pack." Principle Kim Pat's my shoulder before he starts walking down the hallway to go back to his office. I let out a shaky breath and walk back to class.

I open the door and walk back in. Omega Peterson looks at me with a curious brow then turns back to work. I sit down at my desk and catch up on what we're doing. Apparently we're doing a slide about World War II and what words are associated with it. I sigh and grab my phone to play music. However, a text from Taehyung freezes me.

Tae-Tae: Hey, can we meet after school?

I sit and think for a second. Why would he want to talk after school?

Me: Sure. Where?

I set my phone down and begin working. Not even a minute later and I get a reply. It's not like him to respond so quickly.

Tae-Tae: Under the stairs near the science wing. It's important.

I freeze.

Underneath the stairs by the science wing, that's where a lot of rutting alphas go to do things to omegas. Why would Taehyung want to go there? He knows I hate that place so why..?

Me: Fine. I'll see you there.

I turn off my phone and get back to work. Against my will, I can feel my hands shaking. A bead of sweat slides down from my forehead. That knot of dread in the pit of my stomach tightens and I know something isn't right.

"That wasn't Taehyung." I think to myself. I pick up my phone and send a quick text to Leo. She has Yoongi with her. Maybe he can help as much as I hate asking for it.

Me: Leo, I have a favor. I need you and Yoongi to go to the stairwell by the science wing and wait until you hear me. I can't explain, but something isn't right.

I send the text and lean back in my seat. Taking a deep breath, I try to finish up my assignment while theorizing every possible scenario. World War III might as well be going down in my mind with how much my thoughts are fighting each other. A notification pops up on my phone, a text by Leo.

Leo: Okay, but why do you want Yoongi there? You don't exactly like him.

Me: In case something happens, I need an alpha with authority to be there to stop it.

Leo: Alright, just be careful. We'll be there.

I turn of my phone and breathe. There are only a couple minutes of class left. I guess that talk with Principle Kim lasted a bit longer than I thought. Packing up my belongings, I place my head on my table and wait for the bell to ring. My friends look at me with a questioning gaze as they stand up and sling their bags over their shoulders.

The staircase is just down this hallway.

"Amber.. are you feeling better?" Kianna questions from my side and I give a brief grunt in response. She looks towards Layla with defeat in her eyes.

"We need to go. The bell will ring any minute. You have to practice for the chair test next week you know?" Layla calls from my other side a bit far away. I turn my head away from her direction.

I need to stall for as long as I can.

Ding, ding, ding

The bell finally rings and all the students leave to flood the hallways. I wait for them all to leave before I head for the door. I'm barely able to make it out the door when Omega Peterson calls to me from her desk.

"Amber, please take care of yourself." Is all she says and I walk out the door. Unsurprisingly, all the students are already in the commons chatting before they go home.

"Lucky for me." I grumble to myself and readjust my bag strap on my shoulder. I take a slow, but deliberate walk to the double doors leading to the stairwell.

Taking a deep breathe, I push the door open.