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A Change of Heart

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Mine stood outside the meeting room door waiting for Kanda to bring him in to introduce him to the Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Though he'd never admit it, he was nervous. This wasn't some business merger or financial deal, if he messed it up somehow and wasn't welcomed in all his efforts would be for naught. The door handle clicked, he held his breath. Kanda opened the door and stuck his head out.

“Ready, kid?”

'Kid? Dumbass...'

“Of course,” Mine replied, keeping his composure.

Kanda opened the door wider to let him in. Mine walked with him to far end of the room passed rows of black leather chairs. Three men were standing and talking amongst themselves near the chair set at the front. There was an older gentleman with a scar running across his nose, who looked like a “no nonsense” type of guy. The other man, wearing an eye-patch, looked slightly younger than other one, but had a more dangerous vibe about him. The third was the youngest and thankfully didn't look as intimidating as the other two. They stopped in front of the three men and bowed. The youngest of the three came forward.

“So this is the guy I was telling you about, Chairman,” Kanda motioned to him, “Yoshitaka Mine.”

Mine looked up at the man who would hopefully accept him. He was a little bit shorter than Mine, nice black suit, hair slicked back from his face… his face... looked kind of familiar. Daigo's eyes grew wide in panic. Mine clenched his jaw to keep from shouting.

'Are you fucking kidding me...'

Daigo quickly and awkwardly put his hand out to shake Mine's.

“Daigo,” he paused slightly, “D-dojima.”

The older gentleman, with the scar across his face, gave Daigo a look of concern. Mine confidently took Daigo's hand and shook it, he still had to make a good impression. If not to Daigo, then at least to the other higher-ups.

“Chairman, it's wonderful to finally meet you,” Mine said with a small smile.

Daigo looked like he wanted to escape the room as fast as possible.

“Yes, same to you. Kanda-san has been telling me about your,” he smiled awkwardly, “business savvy.”

It seemed he had not forgotten about their talk at the bar a while back. Daigo was still shaking his hand after a minute, he suddenly looked down and let go immediately. He was so out of his element right now and it was absolutely hysterical to Mine. However his moment of amusement was countered with realization of the fact that the charismatic… cocky little bastard in the white coat was the head of one of the largest Yakuza organizations in the Kanto region. And was about to become his boss?

“Chairman, are you alright?” the older gentleman asked, bringing both Daigo and Mine out of their head space.

“Uh, yes. Just a little tired. Nothing to worry about, Kashiwagi-san,” Daigo looked away from Mine.

After a short interview with the three of them, they all got up from their chairs and shook hands. The other two, Kashiwagi-san and Majima-san, seemed to like him which was a huge relief. He couldn't quite read Daigo though. Daigo kept a very business professional attitude the whole time, which floored Mine. Who knew he actually had it in him? As they started to leave the room Daigo turned to him.

“Mine-san, would you mind stopping by my office before you leave today?”

“Not at all, Dojima-san.”

The three of them walked down the hall leaving Kanda and Mine behind.

“Do you think you're in?” Kanda asked.

“Well Kashiwagi-san and Majima-san seem to be in favor of it.”

Kanda laughed obnoxiously, slapping him on the shoulder. Mine flinched and gritted his teeth.

“Well that's good news! If the tightwad and the lunatic like you I don't think you'll have a problem. They practically hold the Chairman's hand for every little thing.”

Mine clenched his fists. He already had far more respect for Kashiwagi and Majima than Kanda after only just meeting them today and to hear him speak ill of them made his stomach turn. But when he heard him talk down Daigo it almost sent him into a full rage. Mine kept a calm demeanor, he had to keep up this charade if he didn't want trouble from Kanda.

“Right. Anyway, how do I get to his office?”

Mine made his way down the hallway to Daigo's office. He felt a little unsure how this would turn out. Daigo was definitely wary of him being there. Was he going to talk him out of joining? As he approached he noticed that one of the double doors stood ajar. He came closer and knocked on the one that was still closed.

“Come in.”

He held his breath and pushed the door open further and walked in. Mine looked around, Daigo wasn't at the desk or sitting on one of the couches. Suddenly the door closed behind him. Mine cautiously turned around. Daigo was leaning on the wall, hand in one pocket and his other on the door, glaring at him. Still one for the dramatics it seemed.

“What are you doing here?” Daigo demanded.

“Me? Can you imagine my surprise seeing you?” Mine said calmly.

Daigo lowered his hand and swaggered up to him, putting his face close to Mine's.

“Answer the question.”

Put him in an expensive suit and style his hair to make him look mature, doesn't matter, he's still the same punk he met in the alley that one night.

“You think I followed you here, don't you?”

“Well did you?”

“Goodness no. Like I said, I was just as surprised as you were to see me. Honestly, I didn't even recognize you right away,” Mine smiled slightly, “I must say though, since our last meeting your appearance got quite an upgrade.”

“Still have that oh-so charming sense of humor I see,” Daigo said sarcastically, clearly unamused.

“Now I'm curious. When we last spoke, you didn't tell me your last name, were you afraid I'd find out you're the Chairman of the Tojo Clan?” Mine asked ignoring Daigo.

Crossing his arms, Daigo huffed and turned his head away, dropping the business professional persona completely.

“I wasn't Chairman then. It was only after,” he paused, “a bunch of shit went down and a friend of mine insisted on it.”

Daigo seemed a little annoyed about that. He walked past Mine and over to his desk. Mine followed at a safe distance. Now that he had time to think about it properly, he felt relieved to see Daigo. After many months passing without a word or a sighting of him, Mine had wondered if maybe Daigo had run into trouble and thought he'd never see him again.

“So I'm guessing that's why we never crossed paths again? To be honest, I thought something had happened to you.”

Daigo looked over at him in surprise.

“Well yes. A lot of things did happen to me actually, but I made it out alive. And after everything I needed to be introduced into the Tojo clan and start a family and so on and so forth. So, uh, play time was pretty much over for me. Didn't have much of a chance to run into you since,” Daigo glanced at him and smirked, “So you were wondering where I went? You were worried, that's sweet. And here I thought you didn't like me. Were you really hoping to see me again? Missed me?”

It was true he was worried and did want to see him again, but he sure as hell wasn't going to tell him that.

“Don't flatter yourself,” Mine rolled his eyes and turned away.

“Damn, you really didn't change, did you?” Daigo gave him a small pout.

“Same could be said about you,” he gave him a side eye, “I only wanted to thank you for the money you gave back.”

“Money? I have no idea what you're talking about,” Daigo put his hands in his pockets and looked away with a sly smile.

He's really pulling this type of shit again? So much for being mature. Mine wanted to be annoyed by this but, to his surprise, instead found it kind of…. endearing? Daigo's boyish charm was some how winning him over and he hated it.

“No. Of course you don't. What was I thinking?”

Daigo chuckled, leaning on his desk and looked up at Mine.

“So enough playing around. You never answered my question from earlier. What are you really doing here? You run a legitimate business, is that not enough?” he asked.

“I'm expanding my horizons,” he had no intention of telling him his real motive.

“Interesting way of going about it, joining up with organized crime. Probably would be best for you to stay a civilian honestly,” Daigo pulled out a cigarette.

He started to reach for his lighter, but Mine already had his out. Daigo slowly looked up at him. Mine smiled somewhat flirtatiously, he wasn't going to let Daigo talk him out of this. He flicked the lighter and after a moment Daigo leaned towards the flame, never breaking eye contact with him. Daigo inhaled, lighting the cigarette, and blew out a small steady stream of smoke away from them. He turned back to Mine.

“Thanks for that.”

“Of course, Chairman.”

They stared at each other for a few moments. Daigo placed the cigarette between his lips and turned away from him, trying to hide a faint smile.

“Chairman, huh? I haven't given you an approval to join us yet, you know,” he said as he continued to avoid eye-contact with Mine, “Trying to win me over with that small gesture?”

“Perhaps. I mean I thought I already won you over, since you gave me a kiss before you left last time.”

Daigo choked and coughed out a cloud of smoke. He braced his hand on the side of the desk, by doing so his elbow knocked over a stack of papers.

“Ah shit!” he wheezed.

He put the cigarette in the ashtray and kneeling down he began to gather them up. Mine knelt down across from him to help.

“Oh! Thanks.”

As Mine leafed through them trying to help organize he noticed a few things that were filled out wrong. Mine looked through a few more. Daigo reached out and plucked the one he was reading from his hand, giving him a dirty look. Mine felt a little ashamed for overstepping his boundaries.

“My apologies. I had noticed a few errors and I guess I just went into work mode,” he looked at the floor.

“Errors?” Daigo asked quietly.

Mine looked up at him. There was a little bit of a shock as Daigo's face was very close to his. He couldn't help but notice Daigo had very nice eyes. Mine adverted his gaze quickly. Now was not the time to be thinking about something like that.

“Um, yes. Some of the areas were filled out incorrectly.”

“Would you mind showing me? Please,” Daigo suddenly looked a little desperate.

Mine was surprised by Daigo's quick change of attitude. Well he did say he hasn't been Chairman for very long and there's probably a huge learning curve no doubt. All of sudden he felt a huge rush of adrenaline. This could be it. He may have found a way to solidify his place and gain Daigo's trust.

“Of course. Lets just clean the rest of this up first and if you like,” Mine tried to keep his voice steady, “I can go through anything else you may have some second thoughts about.”

“I would appreciate that very much,” Daigo smiled happily.

It was the first time Mine had seen him with such a genuine smile. Mine's heart fluttered as it did before when he found the money that Daigo had given him back. He was a little unnerved by this. They stood up and placed the papers back on the desk. Daigo looked up at him gratefully and it was like Mine's heart melted. Maybe there was something to Daigo's vow to “sweep him off his feet” when they would meet again...


Late one evening, Mine laid in bed trying to sleep. He let out a content sigh. Many months had passed since he joined the Tojo clan and he could say it was one of the best decisions he ever made. He opened his eyes and turned his head to the side. Daigo was sound asleep next to him, with his arm across his chest holding him close. Mine smiled and moved forward slightly, pressing his lips to Daigo's forehead. Daigo stirred and snuggled up closer. Resting his head on Daigo's, Mine felt tears starting to well up in his eyes. To think that when they first met Daigo had every intention of stealing his money and in the end he wound up stealing his heart in instead. Mine smiled at his own corny thought. He lifted his hand and reached up, running his fingers lightly through Daigo's hair.

'How did I ever get so lucky?'