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The way life goes

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Darkness. That was all you could feel back then. You could feel it taking over you, your soul. It was as if you knew no other emotion. Just hatred and pain. You didn’t know how to control it back then. You never knew how to stop her.

You had always dreamed of going to UA and becoming an amazing hero, but that had been hard for you growing up. People always looking at you like a monster, a villain. Your quirk allowed so many people to believe you were leaning to the evil side; all because of this power.

Not many had seen your true form, but they had seen your quirk in action. It was something you hated, a power that you despised. You never liked to tell people about it, due to all the bullying and grief it had caused you in past years.

You always felt different, you felt like an outcast. You were always shunned away from the other students. It was as if you were the plague; even parents who had heard about you tended to steer themselves and their children away from you.

But you learned. You learned the meaning of family, friends and love. You understood how to become better and stronger. For this is the story about you and about your journey in your life long dream. You had to thank your father for it all; for supporting you and being there for you always.

Truth is your dad actually worked at UA high school so of course you wanted to go; your dad was Shota Aizawa, Eraserhead, the underground hero. He had adopted you at a young age; taking care of you for most of your life. You always did look up to him because he never cared for the fame, money or spotlight of being a hero. What mattered to him was saving people and keeping the people of Japan safe, preferably from the shadows unlike All Might or Endeavour.

Even with all the looks, whispers and rumours, you made sure to ignore them as you strived to become a kind, strong, compassionate hero. This is what lead you to where you were now. You stood in front of the tall gates of UA; you had been here before on many occasions, but today was different. You were going to do the entrance exam that would finally let you into the school of your dreams.

You took a deep breath and continued to the auditorium where you would get information on what the practical exam will consist of. On your way there you bumped into a head of spiky ash-blond hair.

“ Watch where your fucking walking.”

You heard him growl as you got a better look at his face. He was pretty good looking, with crimson irises, almond shaped eyes and a sharp jawline; he wasn’t the typical pretty boy, but still handsome. Thing is he seemed like a total dick. You just glared at him and kept on walking; you hoped everyone here wasn’t as rude.

By the time you got to there it was filled with people and the room was dimmed, so you just sat around the back. The lights started to turn on one by one and that’s when you noticed a familiar face, it was Present Mic. He must be the one explaining the exam. He was someone you saw at least three times a week when he would visit you and your dad. Sometimes he would come and chill by having dinner with you guys or playing mario kart against you. You considered him like an uncle, but a loud one to be honest.

On the screen four images of robots appeared.

“ You kids are going to have to fight three types of robots, each robot has a point based on its strength, 1, 2, 3, and you can use your quirks as much as you want to immobilize these faux villains; the goal of this exam is to get as many points as you can in a matter of 10 minutes, but remember that the other examinees are not enemies, so DO NOT fight them.”

You felt that you would do an exceptional job at this exam, it shouldn’t be too hard to smash some chunks of metal.

“ Excuse me sir. ” A blue haired boy with glasses stood up, he looked tall with a robust build.

“ What is it?”

“You said that there were only three robots, but on the screen there are four; if this is a mistake, UA should be ashamed of causing such a misunderstanding for the people taking this exam. You are supposed to be a very prestigious school after all. And you, green, messy hair boy in the back, stop your mumbling, its giving me quite a headache.”

You looked to see that the green haired boy had stopped mumbling and had turned a bright shade of red from the embarrassment. He squeaked out a quiet apology; you felt bad, he was probably nervous, anyone would be. You noticed that the same blonde male you had bumped into before was sitting beside him with a scowl on his face. ‘Why did he look so mad all the time.’

Present Mic continued to answer the question after the awkward interaction. “ Actually the fourth robot is a 0 pointer so he won’t gain you any points if you get rid of him, think of it as an obstacle that you should try to avoid.” The glasses kid replied with a quick thanks for the explanation to his question.

“ It’s time you all board your buses and head to your designated facility.” You looked down at the card in your hand that showed where you would be headed to, Test Location: Battle Area F. When you finally arrived to the facility you were in shock. It looked like a whole city. ‘How many of these training areas do they have and how much would it be to pay for all of this construction?’

“UA is really the school to go all out, huh.” You heard a kid say. It was true though, UA was the best school after all.

“Hey there!”

You turned around quick, not sure if the voice that called was talking to you. You noticed a boy with spiky red hair that looked like it had way too much gel put in it. “ My name’s Eijirou Kirishima, what’s yours?” ‘Huh, I guess he’s talking to me.’

“ Oh hi, my names Y/N Ikeda, you ready for the exam?”

He answered you with a wide smile; you noticed his teeth were sharp. ‘That’s strange, maybe it’s a part of his quirk’ you thought to yourself.

“ Yea actually I’m pretty pumped to beat up some robots and actually use my quirk in for a test!” He really did seem excited and you laughed at that.

“I guess we have that in common.”

You heard a loud speaker scream, “ What are you sitting ducks doing, there are no countdowns in real life attacks. Run, run, run!” You wondered why did Present Mic had to be so damn loud. ‘Well it seems this conversation has been cut short.’

“Good luck Ikeda!”

“You too, Kirishima!” you yelled as you ran to the front gates, its now or never.

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You were actually one of the first to enter the facility, you took a right turn and noticed a 2 pointer. The bandages wrapped around your arms started to float then attacked the robot and pulled both his arms out. You then used the bandages to pick the fake villain up and smashed it to the ground, leaving it in smithereens.

You continued the exam with this technique. ‘I’m up to 44 points now.’  You were doing okay, but needed more points before the exam ended. But as you crushed one of the robots you felt the ground shake, it felt a lot like an earthquake, but you soon realized you were completely wrong.

 As you looked up you saw this giant robot; it was taller than most of the buildings by about 20 feet. It was absolutely huge, ‘I guess this is what he meant when he said the 0 pointers were obstacles’ you thought. Everyone around you had started running in the other direction, but you had a bad feeling.

 Instead you walked towards the robot; people stared at you like you were a fool. You heard some slight coughing in the direction of the robot and noticed two people stuck under the rubble. A guy that with a wolf like quirk was unconscious and wasn’t moving, while a girl with pink skin was trying to melt the rocks on top of her with her quirk.

 You knew they were in trouble for the robot was getting too close and could flatten them with the one more step. You ran towards the unconscious boy first and used your bandages to lift the rubble and pull him out. You then ran to the girl and yelled, “Hey! Cover your head I’m gonna pull you out. Quickly!” She looked at you in shock, but then nodded and did as she was told. ‘Shit the robot is about to step on her’ , you ran like hell and used your bandages to stop the giant robot from flattening the girl. It wouldn’t last long so you used your strength in one arm to pick up the rubble on her foot and used the other arm to pull her out.

 Just as your bandages were giving into to the compressing weight you got her out just in time and jumped out of the way holding the guy with your bandages and girl with your right hand. “ That was too close.” You breathed out as your heart raced.

 You turned to see the girl was a little shaken from her near-death experience. You wanted to make sure she was alright. “ Hey, are you okay?” She looked at you and smiled, “ I am thanks to you. I don’t know if I would’ve gotten out in time; you saved my ass, I owe you one.”

 You were just happy that you got both of them out before they were injured or even killed.

 “ It’s no problem, don’t worry about it at all.”

 " Name’s Mina Ashido, what’s yours?”

 “ I’m Y/N Ikeda, it’s nice to meet you, not considering the circumstances.” You both laughed at that.

 You heard the bell ring to indicate the end of the exam, ‘I guess I couldn’t get anymore points.’ At least your number of points were okay, so you might have a chance of getting in. Now it was time for you to write your written exam.





It had been a week since the exam and you were eating dinner with your dad. He had made some curry with white rice and you were enjoying the meal.

 “ So do you think I got in to UA?” you mumbled with a mouth full of rice.

 “ Eat with your mouth closed Y/N-chan, you shouldn’t even talk with that much food in your mouth.” Aizawa was always like this when it came to food and dinner. So you swallowed the food in your mouth and asked again.

 “ Okay okay I get it, but do you think I’m gonna be accepted? Because I have a feeling I didn’t get in to the hero course.” you confessed. It was actually bugging you for days now, the points you got weren’t that high and you had a feeling they didn’t only look at how many robots you were able to immobilize, but there was another factor to the exam.

 Your dad looked at you a little confused, he narrowed his eyes slightly trying to figure out why you thought that. “ I told you Y/N-chan, I don’t know if you got in or not, I made sure to not involve myself with your scoring so you could get in on your own. And don’t think so low of yourself, the teachers told me you did a good job so don’t worry too much.”

 You dropped your head and stared at your food, you were terrified that you weren’t going to get into UA. Your dad would be so disappointed; how could his daughter not get into the school he worked at. “Okay.” You knew he was lying to make you feel better. But just as you were going to excuse yourself from dinner to go and sleep the doorbell rang.

 You and Aizawa looked at eachother, it must be the UA letter to inform you if you were rejected or accepted. You stood up quickly and ran to the door. As you opened it, there was no one there, but a letter on the ground. You picked it up and went into your room after telling your dad you needed some time alone.

 You were nervous and anxious, if you got in you would be beyond happy, but what would you do if you didn’t? At this point you didn’t even know. So you readied yourself and ripped the envelope open; a small button fell out and projected a hologram. It was All Might, ‘ but why was he announcing my acceptance/rejection into UA, maybe he became a teacher recently?’ As you thought a little about this the All Might hologram started to speak.

 “Hello there young Ikeda, long time no see. You are probably surprised to see me talking to you. I have actually decided to start working at UA and have become a teacher.” ‘Well I guess I was right.’ “Now I wanted to inform you that in the written exam you got a 91 and in the practical exam…” you knew what was coming, you had probably not gotten in to the hero course due to the low score. “ You got a total of 44 points, but that’s not all.” Your eyes widened at that, how could there be more, you didn’t do that well on the practical.

 “Let me show you the following videos Ikeda,” You were confused to see the pink girl named Ashido in the video. The girl had a smile on her face and was approaching Present Mic, “ Hi there Sir, I was wondering if you could give, I think it was Y/N some of my points. She risked her life to save me and this other boy and I feel a little bad that she couldn’t get anymore points; so can you please give her some of mine?” Present Mic dismissed her with a pat on the head and told her that she didn’t need to. You were shocked, why would this girl who didn’t know you at all try to give her points to you.

 But All Might continued to talk “ But there’s more to see.” ‘What the hell? How is there more.’ This time it was the boy with the wolf quirk; he had approached Present Mic as well. “ Um.. I’m not sure who the girl is exactly, but I was told that she saved me while I was unconscious.” The boy looked a little flustered while scratching the back of his neck; you smiled at his awkwardness. “ I was hoping that you guys could give her some of my points since she saved me from being crushed by those huge-ass robot.” Present Mic also informed him that there was no reason to.

Now you were confused as to what was happening. “ Y/N Ikeda, the point of these videos is to show you that the exam weren’t  only based on fighting those robots, but also focused on rescue points as well! That means with both your fighting and rescue points you have a total of 72 points!” ‘ Wait, WHAT!? How in hell was I able to get 72 points’, you were sure that you didn’t do that well to get into the hero course.

 “How could we turn away a person who not only wants to be a hero, but acts upon it with saving the lives of those they don’t even know. A real hero puts others before themselves and shows great courage towards the danger that they face. And you showed us that Y/N. So, Congratulations, you will be joining the hero course class 1-A.” Holy crap, you got into UA, you couldn’t believe it. You were slowly reaching your goal of becoming a hero.

 You bolted out of the door and found your dad leaning against the kitchen counter drinking some coffee. You jumped at him and embraced him in a tight hug as you cried tears of joy. “I did it Dad, I actually got in!”

 Aizawa looked at you intently as he smiled and his eyes softened, he was proud of his daughter. He knew that you were going to be a strong, capable, amazing hero one day, you just had to accept who you were.





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School started in early February, so you got all of your things ready to leave the next morning. You were excited as hell, you were going to meet some new people and actually learn how to become a hero.

By the time it was 6am you were already wide awake. You couldn’t sleep because you had butterflies in your stomach and you just couldn’t wait to leave. You hopped out of bed and completed your morning routine. You ran down the stairs, skipping four steps at a time.

You were met with your father standing in the kitchen and cooking up some breakfast; you smelt a tasty aroma of some pancakes.

“Good Morning Dad!”

Aizawa looked at you and just continued to finish up making your morning meal. “ Morning Y/N-chan, get the table ready, why don’t ya.”

You nodded and did as you were told. He finished up and brought the food to the table. Your leg was bouncing up and down underneath the slab of wood; you were a little anxious and fidgety. 

“Stop that Y/N-chan, your being a pain in the ass, just finish up your food so you can leave.” It was normal for your dad to swear a little so you never really minded it. “Okay, okay, but are we leaving together or do you not want people to know i’m your kid.”

He looked at you a little surprised by the question, “It’s your choice, but in all honesty I think we should keep the fact that I’m your dad just between us and the staff. I don’t think you want people to think I was the reason to get you into UA’s hero course.”

Honestly you agreed with him, if your classmates knew you were related to Aizawa, they would probably think you had an advantage and that your dad was the reason to get you in and not your own hard work. “ Okay then, sure thing. I can finish up in a minute and head out so I can get there before you do.”

You put your plate in the sink and left to head out. “Bye Dad, see you at school! Sorry I meant Mr. Aizawa . Love ya!” You looked back at your dad to see a small smile on his face. “Yeah, yeah just get out of here already.” You smiled back and ran to the train station. You still couldn’t believe you were going to UA, your dream school.






Your chest was heaving with your quickened breaths, your body was bruised and battered and all of this because of training. You had begun to have weekly training sessions with your father. Practicing the ability to gain more control over your quirk.

“Y/N you must not let anger consume you.”

You nodded hastily, you were practicing multiple things at once. You were focusing on your physical strength, flexibility and emotions. You were impatient, wanting to strike the older man with a decisive blow, but he was skilled. He was a pro hero after all.

“Yes I know dad, but it’s difficult when I get eager to win during a fight.”

You father was practically unscathed, no scratch in sight. “ I understand that you have the urge to defeat your opponent, but if you allow such feelings to affect your ability to fight, you will risk her taking over.”

You knew that it was all a matter of patience, strategy and resolve. If you allowed negative emotions to consume you, you would be risking your self-control.

“ Okay. I get it. I need to be level-headed during a fight.”

You started to hop from one foot to the next, deciding on your next move. Aizawa was anticipating a reckless move, but your plan was far from that. Within the blink of an eye, you had front flipped over the man, kicking him hard right in between the shoulder blades. He staggered forward, but regained his composure swiftly.

“ I didn’t see that coming. Using your speed as an advantage was clever, but it won’t be that easy to beat me.”

You continued on the exercise until the two of you had tired yourselves completely. Walking back home you turned and grinned at your dad, white teeth gleaming in the sunlight, “ Thank you dad, for doing this with me. It has been very helpful.”

He tilted his head slightly to get a glimpse of the face on your small figure, he smiled inwardly at the sight of his young daughter. Even with all the bruises, scars, and dirt on her she was beaming like the sun itself. He put out his fist out towards you,

“ You did well Y/N.”You smiled even more as you returned the fist bump.




You were at UA high school once again, but this time you were officially a student. You walked up the steps and noticed the green haired boy from the auditorium looking nervous like the last time you saw him. He tripped and was about to fall face first, you were about to go catch him, but this other girl with brown hair, pink cheeks and huge eyes caught him before you did. The boy started to float ‘Huh, her quirk must have to do with telekinesis or something’ it would make sense.

You laughed at the scene as you saw the boy blush wildly from being saved by the girl. You turned back and continued to find your class. Even though you had been here before, it was still so weird being in such a gigantic school, but it wasn’t hard for you to find out where you were going.

You looked up to see a door nearly three times your height with the sign 1-A beside it. Guess you found the class. You opened the door to already hear some yelling, you looked at the scene to see two familiar faces.

It was the rude kid with spiky blonde hair and the tall boy with glasses. The glasses kid was yelling at the other guy about respecting school property and how he shouldn’t put his feet on the desks. You understood where he was coming from, but had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to convince the other guy to stop what he was doing.

So you just found a seat somewhere in the middle while the two boys continued to bicker. Not long after you sat, the boy and girl you had saw outside walked in. This time the glasses kid -you should really find out these people’s names- went to talk to the short green haired boy. You overheard that his name was Izuku Midoriya and the other Tenya Iida.

As you watched the scene from afar you felt someone tap your shoulder from behind. You turned to see a familiar head of red spiky hair, it was Kirishima.

“Yo Ikeda-chan, I guess you got in!” His grin reached both his ears, the guy did have a nice smile and seemed pretty chill and nice.

“Oi, I guess you did too, congrats!” You smiled back, honestly you wanted to be his friend, he seemed like he would be a good guy to have fun with.

He replied to you with another smile, “Yeah of course I was going to get in, even though I was kind of scared I wouldn’t.”

You could relate to that, you were terrified you wouldn’t make it into the hero course, but here you were in the 1-A classroom. “ Honestly same here.”

“So do you have any idea who our teacher could be?” He asked you questioningly. You couldn’t let him know that your dad, Eraserhead, would be teaching the class so you acted like you didn’t know. “No idea, it could be anyone.”

“ By the way Kirishima-kun, I was wondering, what’s your quirk?”

Kirishima smiled at your interest, “ I have the ability to harden my entire body like a rock. So I have a ton of physical strength and defensive ability.”

You were intrigued; his quirk was incredible, “ Oh my god! That’s awesome, what the hell. I wish I had a quirk like that.”

His cheeks tinted a light pink as he awkwardly laughed at your compliments. He scratched the back of his neck as he looked up at the ceiling, trying to avoid eye contact with you, “Nah. It’s not really that cool. As a hero it ain’t that flashy.”

“ No way! I disagree. A quirk like that can be used to fight criminals and be able to protect yourself as well.”

Just as Kirishma was going to say something else the door slammed open. You tilted your head to get better look at who was at the door to see someone in a yellow sleeping bag. Oh. My. God. Why the hell was your dad laying on the ground in a sleeping bag in front of his class?! Nevertheless,the scene was honestly too funny, you snorted when you noticed all of your classmates faces, they couldn’t believe what was happening.

Aizawa opened the sleeping bag and stood up introducing himself to the class of confused teenagers.

“Hello, I will be your new homeroom teacher. My name is Shota Aizawa.”

Now you wanted to burst out laughing, the kids looked even more confused. You weren’t going to lie; your dad -or you should say teacher- looked a little homeless and like he hadn’t slept in two weeks. He lowkey looked like shit, but you were used to it.

Everyone settled down pretty quick while Mr. Aizawa continued to speak. “ All of you get your training uniforms, head to the changing rooms and meet me outside.” The kids all got up and went to get their clothes from the numbered boxes.

You changed pretty quick and headed outside to already find some of your classmates standing around. You noticed the pink girl from the exam and went to talk to her.

“Hey Ashido-chan, wassup!”

The girl turned around and smiled at you remembering who you were.

“Hey Ikeda-chan!” she waved at you as you came up to her.

You stood beside her to see Mr.Aizawa standing in front of his group of first year students.

“Today you will be completing a quirk assessment test so I can see your quirks in action.”

You honestly weren’t very surprised. You heard from the other teachers your dad was kind of a strict teacher, but it seemed everyone else was surprised.

He continued to say that the person in last place would be expelled; now that surprised you a little. Damn, someone could get kicked out on the first day. It was normal for Aizawa to expel some kids in his class, but you didn’t know it would be so quick.

Now everyone was practically panicking as the brown haired girl, Uraraka, started to jump up and down. “That’s so unfair it’s only the first day, and even if it wasn’t how can you expel us so easily after passing the entrance exam!?”

Aizawa looked a little angry at that, “ You think natural disasters are fair, or murderers killing innocent lives, or villians causing havoc in our cities?” All the kids eyes widened at what he was saying, “Nothing in our world is fair and you kids better get used to it; to be a hero you are going to have to deal with all these unfair circumstances and you are going to have to find a way to overcome it. The next three years will not be easy. You will all have to work hard to get where you want to be in life.”

He took a deep breath in and continued to talk, he looked at the blonde boy from before,

“ Bakugo, how far was your ball throw in middle school?”

‘I guess his name must be Bakugo then’.

His voice was rough and deep as he answered the teacher, “ 67 meters.”

“ Okay then, try throwing this ball, but using your quirk.”

The boy nodded and stepped towards the white circle on the ground, he took the ball from Aizawa and got ready to throw it. You wondered what this asshat’s quirk was.

As he took a step back and threw the ball, it flew hard and fast, and in less then a second it was out of view. You heard the machine in your dad’s hand beep as he turned it to show the distance of the throw. It was 705.2 meters , you weren’t going to lie, it seemed like he had a pretty powerful quirk. After that you and the other students started to complete eight quirk assessment tests one after the other. You were doing a pretty well, getting some good scores here and there.

You were able to use your bandages in most of the tests. Your best score was probably the grip strength. Using your bandages you tightened them around the machine while also using your arm’s own strength. You were able to get a number of 765 kilograms , but you accidentally broke the machine a little. ‘Dang that’s pretty high, I didn’t think I would do that good’.

A boy with bright yellow hair with a black lightning bolt named Kaminari had glanced at your grip machine.

“Oh shit, how the hell did you get such a high score, you must be hella strong!”

He seemed struck with awe, you were average height with a small build so it made sense that he was surprised; you didn’t look very strong physically. Due to his little commotion some other students started to look at your broken machine and high score.

“Damn girl!” you heard and looked to see someone wearing the uniform, but it seemed she was invisible. You remember her name being something like Hagakira or Hagakari or something like that.

“Wow! I wish I could get a score like that.” a boy with jet black hair said, he had some janky looking elbows to be honest, you remembered him as the tape dude.

Even with all these other people complimenting you on your amazing score, you couldn’t help but notice Bakugou glaring at you from a distance. ‘ What did I do that he’s looking at me like that?’ It was like his  deep red eyes were digging holes through the side of your face. The look in his eyes was like nothing you had seen before and it scared you. After staring at you so intensely for a minute straight - it felt much longer - he turned around and headed to the next test.

By the end you were pretty tired out, all these tests used up some of your strength. It was time to see who would get expelled on their first day. As Mr. Aizawa showed the list of how each person ranked from 1-21 you noticed you had fallen in seventh place. It was good, but not the best; you wished you had done better.

As you looked down the list you noticed that Midoriya had gotten last place, but that wasn’t t oo surprising. He only used his quirk in the ball throw and it seemed that his quirk hurt him while using it. You felt really bad though; as you glanced at him from afar you noticed his face had turned as pale as a ghost. You could tell he was practically shitting himself this very instance.

“ Good job all of you, by the way no one is getting expelled, I just wanted to make sure you all tried your best.” Aizawa explained to the group of students.

You breathed a sigh of relief. You were relieved to hear that, you couldn’t imagine being expelled on the first day. Midoriya shook a little from the scare he had felt earlier, but you could tell he was happy he wasn’t going to get kicked out.

Chapter Text

The next day you had your normal classes in the morning; including English, Mathematics, etc. You were all dismissed for lunch; so you all headed down to the cafeteria. Lately you had been hanging out and talking with Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero. You talked with Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya quite a bit as well. You never really talked to Bakugou yet, but he sat with the group as Kirishima kind of dragged him to, even though Bakugou didn’t seem to like you all very much.

Kaminari had slipped his arm around your shoulder, pulling your body closer to his. You felt a little uncomfortable since you knew he was a total flirt, but didn’t mind much since you knew he wasn’t the type to do anything like Mineta.

“ Yo Ikeda. You wanna explain to me how you got that awesome score during the quirk test?”

You didn’t think he would still wanna talk about that since it was yesterday, but you answered him nonetheless. “ Oh, I just wrapped my bandages around the machine and used my physical strength with-” You stopped yourself before you said too much.

Kaminari glanced at you questioningly, “ Are you okay?”

You shook your head as the two of you lined up for lunch, “ No I’m fine, I just remembered something, that’s all.” That really wasn’t the reason, you just had to be safe with what you said around your classmates.

He nodded in understanding as the two of you moved up the line. When your turn was up Kaminari had retracted his arm from the place on your shoulder as he bowed down dramatically, “ Ladies first.” You giggled at his stupidity and his formalities. You hit him softly on the head, “ Get up you idiot. You look like a fool.”

He chuckled as the two of you grabbed your plates of pizza and headed to the table where the rest of your classmates were. Kirishima saw the two of you and waved at you with a wide grin on his face. You waved back as you sat beside him on his right side. Bakugou was on his left and Ashido, Kaminari and Sero were sitting across from you.

“ Oh my god Ikeda-chan. Guess What?!” Ashido was jumping up and down in her seat.

“ What is it Ashido-chan?” You laughed at her excited behavior. “ We know who has a crush on youuuu!” She stretched out the ‘you’ so long you were sure she had lost her breath; you just looked at her dumbfounded.

“W-what? What are you talking about?” You stammered out in surprise. You had flushed slightly at the unexpected news.

“ It’s Kaminari!!” You face palmed yourself; you had no idea why you believed her. Kaminari retorted in annoyance, “ Hey! That’s not true, she’s just my friend!!” The group started to laugh as the boy with the bright yellow hair tried to defend himself. For a second you had believed someone actually liked you.

“ Come on man, we all know you like her.” Kirishima and Sero started to tease and prod at their flustered friend. Bakugou was glaring at all of you, not saying a word as he ate his food.

You narrowed your eyes at him as you tried to understand what he was thinking; his face was unreadable other than the fact that he looked angry all the time. He must of noticed you staring as he snapped his head in your direction. “ What the fuck do you want?” You jumped a little at his sudden speech, since you didn’t realize you were staring at him.

“Oh sorry. I’m just trynna figure out why your so quiet.” You shrugged.

That just seemed to fuel his angry spirit as he roared at you from across the table. “ Why the fuck is that your business?! I just don’t want to talk to you extras.”

You chuckled at his tone while the others flinched. You were opposite from the rest of your classmates; you and Kirishima were the only people who weren’t really scared of him, his fiery demeanor didn’t affect you whatsoever, even though you knew him for only a day and a half you seemed to be drawn to him. He seemed to ooze confidence and strength and you admired it.

“ Chill out. It was just a question.” You continued on to eat as the rest of them talked and laughed until the bell to the next class rang.

You all sat in your seats as you awaited for your teacher to come in. Only a minute later you heard a loud voice booming as the door was opened, “ I AM HERE…. IN THE CLASS!!” All Might came barging in, dressed in his hero costume and all. Unlike the other students you weren’t that amazed to see him in real time. It was pretty normal for him to come visit you once in a while, even with Aizawa’s annoyed protests.

The entire class of teenagers started to beam with enthusiasm. They couldn’t believe they were in the same room as the number one hero; the man with the smile.

“ It’s really All Might!” You heard one of them yell.

He cleared his throat as he made his way up to the front of the class, “ Now let’s get on with today’s class. You all will competing in…. The trial of battle!” Everyone cheered with excitement and joy. You were pumped to get some training in where you would battle against your classmates.

He explained that you all were to get your ordered hero costumes from the protruding shelves. You grabbed your costume and walked to the girls’ change room with the rest of your female classmates. Your suit was pretty basic; it was a full body suit in the colours red and black, with ¾ sleeves to be able to use your bandages in battle. There was also a tool belt around your waist for necessities and you had some black combat boots that were actually pretty comfortable and easy to move in.

You all met up at ground beta; each of you wearing the hero costumes that fit your designs. You noticed that Midoriya’s costume was pretty much a symbol of All Might; with the bunny ears on his head and the mouth guard covered in a set of white rectangles representing teeth, he looked like a total fanboy.

“ Aye Y/N! Loving the costume girl!” Ashido had come from behind you and jumped on your back, raking her eyes up and down your figure, “ And look at that bod! You must do some exercise to have those type of curves.” You smiled at her compliments, but turned a shade of red at the comment about your body. You felt self-aware that your costume was tight and everyone could see your figure clear as day.

“ SHHHH! Don’t say that so loud, but I appreciate it Mina.” You whispered into her ear. You could feel some of the boys eyes on you; more specifically Bakugou was clearly checking you out, not even aware that you could see his actions. You moved your body to face her as you got a good look at her costume; it wasn’t your style much, but it suit her nicely. “And your costume is pretty cool too. Totally suits you!” She smiled at you as she side-hugged you. The two of you chatted on until everyone had shown up.

“ We will be having mock battles in pairs. There will be two pairs facing off with one another; and one person who will be the odd one out will have to face one of the teams alone after everyone else is done. You will each draw numbers to see who your partner is. After that one team will be named the ‘heroes’ and the other ‘villains’. The objective of this training session is to either seize the fake missile or capture one of the your opponents.”

You each drawed a ballot to find out who your partner was; thankfully you found out it was Midoriya, but your happiness was ruined when you found out you were going against Bakugou and Iida. All Might gave the two of you a map of the building as the other team went inside the building as a five minute head start.

You glanced over at the green haired boy, his body was shaking slightly, you placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder which made him turn his face to yours, “ Hey Midoriya-kun. Are you alright?” The male nodded hesitantly as he answered, “ I’m fine. Just a little worried about Bakugou.”

You had a feeling that the two boys knew each other from before being admitted into UA high school, “ How do you guys know each other?”

“ Oh. We’ve been in the same class since we were five. We’ve known each other for most of our lives.”

“ I see but why does it seem like he hates your guts?” You knew you were asking a little too much, but you wanted to know at least a little bit of background information before you got stuck in this mess.

“ Uh, y-yea. We used to be friends when we were little, but…. When he activated his quirk he started to become angrier and meaner to others and m-me.”

You shook your head in disapproval; you knew the hot-head was foulmouthed and liked to make fun of others, but that was downright wrong. “ I’m sorry Midoriya that you had to deal with that.”

He flailed his arms at you in an awkward manner trying to dismiss your apologies, “ N-no, no. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it…..” You looked at him expectantly, waiting for the rest of his response, “ But I want to face him this time. I consider him my rival and I need to fight him like a man.” You nodded at that; you didn’t want to get in between their rivalry. As Midoriya explained the rest of his plan you were called to begin the match.

“ And the trial….. Begins!”

The two of you slipped in from a side window that allowed you to get into the building easily. You were walking down one of the many hallways when you heard a familiar roar, “DIEEE!!” The ash-blonde male had seemingly come out of nowhere blasting the two of you with a huge explosion. Using your forearms you created an ‘X’ in front of your face and dug your heels into the ground to keep your self standing.

Midoriya on the other hand had fell backwards; the blast had caused half of his mask to be charred off. Izuku had staggered back onto his feet, ready to face the one known as his rival. “ Midoriya-kun! Are you okay?”

He wiped off the soot on his face as he spared you a small glance, then turning back to his opponent, “ I’m fine Ikeda. Go and complete the rest of the mission.” You knew what the initial plan was, but you weren’t sure if you should abandon your teammate like this, especially against such a formidable foe.

But you had no chance to leave as Bakugou had charged at the two of you screaming, “YOU LOSERS WON’T GET AWAY THAT EASILY!” You knew that Midoriya was meant to get the stronger part of the blow so you zipped in front of him, using your bandages to attack Bakugou, but he had caught onto your plan and dodged using the blast to maneuver himself around your attack.

Thankfully neither of you were attacked by another of Katsuki’s flaring combustion. He was moving once again, coming at you with another attack. This time Midoriya pushed you out of the way as he grabbed Bakugou’s right arm; without so much as a glimpse of hesitation the green haired boy flipped the blonde onto his back, causing Bakugou to sputter out, his breath knocked out of his lungs.

“ Y/N, GOO!” You knew you had to trust your classmate with this, so you ran to find your other opponent, Iida.

Chapter Text

You had turned so many corners and climbed so many stairs you were sure that you were lost, but soon found that it was quite the opposite. Turning another corner covertly, you came across your second opponent. He was mumbling to himself about capturing the role of the villain or whatever nonsense.

He was standing in front of the faux missile. Using the earpiece given to you by All Might you contacted Midoriya through the device, “ Hey Midoriya I found it, it’s on the fifth floor. Iida is guarding it. I could use my bandages to get it, but I have a feeling that’s going to be hard with his speed and all.” On the other side of the line you could hear your teammate's heavy pants of breath.

“ Hey Midoriya-kun. You a’ight?”

“Yes I’m fine Ikeda-chan. Listen….. I want you to stand beside the pillar on the opposite side of the missile.” You were slightly confused as to why, but did as he said. Only seconds later you found out his true purpose. He had used his quirk to break the ceiling above him and the roof as well; as the rubble flew upwards, distracting Iida, this gave you the opportunity to use your bandages to your advantage. You grabbed onto the missile and drew it towards you, giving your team the win. You sighed heavily as you leaned against the missile, thankful for Midoriya’s strategy.

When you arrived at the surveillance room where the rest of your classmates had watched your battle unfold, you were bombarded with congratulations on your win.

“ AHH! Ikedaaa! You were great.” Uraraka had come up to you, her round face emitting a bright smile. You smiled back as you rolled your shoulders a bit, “ I didn't even do much. It was all Midoriya.”

“ You still did really good!” You could tell the enthusiastic female would become a good friend of yours, “ Thanks!” The two of you talked as the rest of the teams went against each other; Uraraka was also forced to leave with her partner as well. While watching the rest of the battles, you couldn’t help but notice Bakugou from the corner of your (e/c) eyes.

His entire disposition had become much more intense; radiating a vile sense of hatred. You knew he was upset, especially since it was Midoriya who beat him, but it seemed he was far beyond the point of anger, his attitude was full on rage now. He was shaking, clenching his fists so tightly you wondered if his nails would start to draw blood from his palms. You thought about talking to him, but decided against it, as you were in no position to have to comfort him and you weren’t in the mood for his incoherent yells.

Soon enough it was the end of the day and each of you was off to go home. You and Kirishima left together since you found out that his house wasn’t too far away from yours. From everyone in the class you felt like you clicked with Ashido, Kirishima, and Uraraka the most, but Kirishima seemed to be the closest to you by far.

You knew the two of you would be best friends in no time; all your life, you never truly had a best friend, but with Eijirou you felt happy to speak with him, to laugh with him. Your train of thoughts had caused you to forget the red-head was walking by your side. You turned your head slightly to see that he was engrossed in his own thoughts, a smile etched onto his face. ‘ Hmmm I wonder what’s got him smiling? But it could be anything since he’s always cheerful.’

You nudge your friend in the ribs which caused him to snap back to reality, you smiled at his switch in expression. He looked at you puzzled as you smirked tauntingly, “ What’s got you smiling Kirishima? You got someone on your mind?” you cooed at him watching him flush at your questions.

“ W-what?! N-no. What are you talking about? I’m just happy!” The boy pushed you slightly which caused you to chuckle softly, “ I’m just messing with ya! But actually what’s got you so happy?” Your demeanor had changed as you looked at the boy questioningly.

He had turned to make direct eye contact with you and shrugged, “ I don’t know. I just still can’t believe I’m in UA. It kind of feels unreal.”

You smiled softly as you continued to walk, “ I get that. It’s the same for me.” You let out a heavy sigh; all of the training from today had really tired you out.

“ Hey Ikeda?”

You looked at the red head, “ Call me Y/N, I prefer my first name.”

The boy nodded as he halted in place, turning his entire body to face you; you were a little confused at his change in behavior but mimicked his movements.

“Why do you think our world is so full with chaos and villains?”

The question caught you off guard, “Wh-” You didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t anything weird, but you weren’t quite expecting that.Kirishima sighed heavily, his eyes lidded as he dropped his head and faced the ground, “ I don’t know. Sorry for bringing that up all of a sudden; the thought just crossed my mind.” He turned on his heel and started to walk forward again.

Regaining your composure you caught up to him with quick, short strides and grabbed him by the shoulder, causing him to turn to you, “ It’s fine Kirishima. But honestly I don’t know.” The two of you continued to walk to your homes, “ It’s just how the world is. People are born into different beliefs then us. The way people live affects how they turn out; hero or villain. I would love for there to be world peace, but at the same time there wouldn’t be any need for heroes. I don’t know what my dream would be if there wasn’t such a thing as heroes. But either way I want to be there helping those in pain, those who need someone. I want to be someone people can rely on.”

Kirishima’s slightly saddened features soon turned into a bright smile, “ YEA! Your right. Even with all of the evil in this world we will be there to stop them no matter what!” His smile grew even more at the thought of something, “ Oh.. I have an idea!”

You looked at the boy expectantly, “ Yea?”

He placed his arm around your shoulders, eyes filling with joy, “ We gotta make a promise. That the two of us will do our absolute best in school and try to become the best heroes we can be! Together!”

You laughed softly at the boy’s enthusiasm, “ Together.”

As the orange and yellow rays of sunlight shone onto your backs, you walked off with the smiles on your faces and promises on your mind.

Chapter Text

After a couple of days, you had gotten used to the teachers, the training and even most of your classmates, well all except for one. Bakugo had been glaring daggers at you since the battle the two of you participated in and now you were getting slightly annoyed by it.

“Today we will be heading on a field trip so all of you will go to the changing rooms and put on your hero costumes.” Mr. Aizawa had stated at the beginning of class.

You raised your hand to ask him a question, “Wait dad, where are we going?” but you realized your mistake too late. Your eyes widened in realization as you banged your forehead on the wooden desk; the entire class had gone quiet and you were ready to slap yourself to your next life. After seconds of deafening silence all the students started to bombard you with all types of questions.

“Is he actually your dad?”

“If you guys are related why do you have a different last name?”

“Why didn’t you tell us this before?”

“Does that mean Mr. Aizawa is married?”

Aizawa just rolled into his sleeping bag and left you to deal with the barrage of questions. You stood up and yelled at the kids surrounding you and your desk.

“Okay listen up! Mr. Aizawa is my father, and we don’t have the same surname because I took my mother’s and we didn’t want the students at school to know I was his daughter and cause some uncertainty to how I got in. I got in like everyone else not including the recommendations. My dad had no say as to if I got in or not so it was all me. By the way, can you guys not mention it to the other classes, that will be a great help. Thanks!” you sat back down a little overwhelmed and upset that you did this to yourself. You slumped in your seat; feeling as though the day had already begun with a terrible start.

“ That is really weird though, I never expected Mr. Aizawa to have a kid or even be married. I guess we learn new things everyday.” Kaminari did look a little surprised at this new discovery and you laughed at his comment. It made sense, your dad seemed too grumpy and sleep deprived to be able to deal with you. But the boy was wrong about him being married; Aizawa was never the type to get into a relationship and at the moment you didn’t feel like explaining your life story to the class.

After the commotion, you all got dressed in your hero costumes and headed out to board the bus. On the bus you sat beside the window somewhere in the middle half, as you got comfortable in your seat you felt a body drop down on the seat beside you. You looked to see that the ice boy Todoroki had sat in the seat next to you. He had no emotion in his face and just looked straight ahead. You thought it was a little weird, but you didn't mind it. He didn’t seem like the type to talk much, so you didn’t say a word and just went back to staring out the window.

“So, what is your quirk?” he questioned halfway into the drive. You didn’t think he would talk to you and honestly you were hoping no one would ask you the question, even though you weren’t going to be telling him the full truth. Even with the slight unease you felt, you answered the question anyway.

“Oh um.. It’s actually pretty plain and not that flashy. My quirk is bandage control.I am able to control the bandages around my wrists by moving them and using them in offensive and defensive styles, which are made from carbon fibres and a special metal alloy. I changed their material so it would be better to use in battle.” It was honestly a pretty lame lie for a quirk, but it would have to do for now. Todoroki’s face didn’t change as he answered in a monotonous voice. “Okay.”

Honestly having a conversation with this guy was pretty one-sided, but you hoped that you could still be somewhat friends with him soon. He was pretty strong, getting in with a recommendation and he seemed like a calm and collective guy. The conversation seemed to dry out after that so you just waited until you had gotten to the facility.

When you arrived everyone walked off the bus chattering and laughing loudly with each other. You walked ahead of everyone as you stepped through the front entrance of the USJ. Looking around the huge facility you noticed a familiar white suit and helmet. It was Thirteen, you hadn’t seen him since last year and you missed him. You ran up to him, “Thirteen!”

He turned to see you coming towards him, “ Y/N! How have you been?” You guys did your signature handshake as the other students started to walk in. “I’m good, pretty pumped for what we’re going to be doing today!” you beamed at him, you were happy to see him again.

“Oh yea? By the way congrats on getting into the hero coarse and my have you grown! The last time I saw you, you were shorter than me by a foot now you’re basically my height!” You did have your growth spurt in the last couple of months so you had grown a bit since last year.

As the kids all gathered around in front of Thirteen you waved at him and joined your classmates. Both Midoriya and Uraraka seemed to be excited to see Thirteen in the flesh as both of them fanboyed/girled a little.

“Oh my god its Thirteen!”

“He’s the rescue hero known for saving people from natural disasters!”

Thirteen seemed pretty pleased that some of the students knew who he was, but you couldn’t really tell with his face being covered by an astronaut helmet.

“ Welcome to the U.S.J or known as the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Today you will be dealing with issues like natural disasters and destruction that would cause many injuries and even fatalities. You will learn that being a hero isn’t only about fighting villains, but being able to save those in danger from the aftermath of disasters. Heroes must be able to protect civilians from all types of danger. As heroes we need to be brave and strategic, while also being able to think on our feet when met with calamities. And I truly hope to see you all become great heroes!”

Everyone cheered at Thirteen’s introduction, but as you were about start the training you were cut short by a dark purple portal appearing in the middle of the facility.

“Stay behind me!” Thirteen yelled as some villains started to step out of the portal.

“Thirteen keep the kids safe!” you heard Aizawa yell as he walked towards the villains appearing.

“Dad wait!” Aizawa turned to look at you, “Stay safe.” you were frantic on the inside, worried that your dad might get hurt, even though you knew that he was a capable pro hero. He gave you a curt nod; his wordless actions told you all you needed to know, ‘ I’ll be okay.’

He ran at the villains, but as you were watching him another portal appeared behind the group of students. A man made of the same portal like body appeared; both Kirishima and Bakugou ran at him and attacked, you used your bandages to get a hold of them before they did anything reckless. In an instant you felt your body become light as air, as you were dropped to the ground with a hard thud.

You looked around to notice that both Kirishima and Bakugou were there. It seemed that the villains’ plan was to split you guys up and take you down that way. As you stood up villains started to attack your group from all angles. Bakugou and Kirishima ran head first while you waited until some of the villains got close. You were able to use your bandages to knock some of them out and as some got in close vicinity you were able to get a couple of good punches and kicks in.

After the three of you immobilized all of the villains in view you took a deep breath. Your heart was racing and you were a little exhausted from fighting for that long and honestly you really weren’t in the mood to fight anymore. Kirishima spoke up, “ I think we should go help out some of our classmates that don’t have great offensive or physical power since we’re more of offensive fighters.” You knew that that was the best thing to do right now, but you couldn’t help but think about your father.

“You guys can go do whatever the hell you want, I’m going to give that warp guy a fucking good beating.” Of course Bakugou still wanted to fight, he was the hot-headed type and seemed to love running head first into danger; honestly he was a smart guy, but not very rational.

“I get that we should help out our classmates or maybe even try fighting the villains, but I’m trying to go help my dad.” Bakugou snorted at that, “Ah I see you're a Daddy’s girl.” ‘ What was this guy’s problem, why couldn’t he be a little nicer, like damn.’

You strode up to him, challenging him, “Honestly Bakugou I couldn’t give a single shit as to what you think about me. You don’t know fucking shit about me. You do whatever the fuck you want, he may just be your teacher, but he’s my dad so I’m going to go see if he’s alright. Just because you don’t care about anyone but yourself doesn’t mean the rest of us should do the same.” you retorted with anger in your eyes and venom in your words. Both boys looked taken aback by your sudden outburst for you usually had a friendly and nice demeanor.

Bakugou’s hands started to pop with explosions as he started to growl at you, resembling an angry lion. He thought to himself, ‘ Who does this bitch think she is.’ Kirishima stood in between the both of you trying to calm Bakugou down, “Woah there, now’s not the time to start fights. Since you both want to go to the middle of the facility we can head there.”

You agreed with him and started to run to where your dad was supposed to be. Your heart was racing and you were sprinting so fast you couldn’t even feel your legs that much. You squint your eyes to get a better view of the scene that was unfolding. You couldn’t see your dad, but you noticed a couple of villains, a huge purple monster that kind of resembled a bird and its brain was visible ; the warp gate villain was also there and a skinny blue haired guy with disembodied hands all over his body.

You stopped to get a view, taking in the scene in front of you. Your dad was heavily injured and was being stepped on by the purple monster. The anger inside of you started to build up as you realized your father was in no shape to move and was hurt by those villains. You could hear Kirishima and Bakugou catch up behind you. You had to make a plan to get your dad out. As you thought to yourself for a bit you noticed that both Todoroki and Midoriya had shown up. Todoroki created an ice floor encasing most of the villains, but a few escaped using the portals.

Just as Kirishima was going to run into the scene you put your arm up to stop him from moving forward. He looked at you confused; as you put your arm down you pulled a knife from your toolbelt and cut yourself in both of your palms. “Hey Y/N-chan what are you doing!? Why the hell are you cutting yourself?!” Kirishima had reached to grab your shoulder, but you shrugged it off.

“All of you stay back,” you didn’t want them to get caught up in what you were about to do. Bakugou was sick of listening to you, “ Don’t fucking tell me what to do!” He was about to start screaming another set of profanities, but stopped as the blood on your hands had started to bubble. The blood started to float and it crystalized in the shape of spears, one in each hand. Your (h/c) coloured hair began to fly upwards, eyes becoming blood red; it was as though you had mimicked Aizawa in action. You felt your teeth sharpen their edges, but you reversed them to their original state before they could turn.

“What the-”, but you were already moving, running towards the monster sitting on top of your father like a piece of meat. You were angry; you weren’t scared anymore, but there was a deep sense of hatred and animosity that you had felt at that moment. Using the momentum in your arms you threw the spears into the monster hitting it in both shoulders. You made two more spears using the blood on your hands and propelled them at its thighs.

You had no time to be running, so you jumped nearly 20 feet and flipped as you landed on the monster’s shoulders. Placing your hands onto his shoulder blades, you could hear the monster’s muscles tear underneath the skin. In a matter of seconds the villain’s arms were ripped off of his body. Using the spears still stuck in his shoulders you liquified the weapons and then crystalized its entire body. You jumped down and used the bandages around your arms to grab onto Aizawa and started to run, but a portal had opened up behind you as a hand grabbed onto your hair tightly.

“ Kirishima! Catch him!” You screamed as you tossed Aizawa from the bandages wrapped around him. Kirishima hardened his body as he caught his teacher mid-air. You breathed a sigh of relief as you saw your dad was taken to the entrance by Asui and Mineta. You had forgotten for a second that one of the villains was still grabbing onto your hair.

“ You little brat! How dare you hurt my Nomu. You won’t get away with this.” The blue haired guy you saw from before growled at you as he used his other hand to grab onto your neck. He wasn’t holding your neck too tightly, but it hurt to breathe as you let out shallow, uneven breaths. You realized that the male was holding onto your throat with only four fingers, “ If you so much as move the slightest bit I will disintegrate your very throat into ash with the touch of my five fingers,” you could hear the smile in his voice, echoing through your ear drums.

Thing is you weren’t scared, the adrenaline from before was still coursing through your veins. “Hey, Fuckhands McMike. Did you really think you guys would get away with whatever lame plan this is. You came to the wrong place and you don’t know who your messing with.” You wanted to get under his skin as you tantalized him. It seemed he got even angrier and tightened his hand around your neck.

You could barely hear the yells of concern from Kirishima and Midoriya as you started to lose consciousness. You couldn’t die, not here, not now. You used the bandages around your wrists to grab the villain’s hand so he could let go of your neck. You pushed yourself off of him as you ran towards the group of boys. You noticed that Bakugou had run off and jumped at the warp gate villain, but as he was holding him in place the one called Nomu had jumped at Bakugou. It seemed the monster had gotten out of your blood prison and grew another set of arms, while you were too occupied getting choked.

You just moved, in an instant you went and grabbed Bakugou and placed him beside the other boys as you stood a little far off from them. “ Bakugou how did you dodge him so quick? You must have some fast reflexes!” Kirishima sounded astonished at the fact Bakugou got out in time. Even Midoriya had wondering the same thing “ Woah Kachaan that was amazing! How did you do that?”

Bakugou was just getting angrier by the second, he glared at the back of your head and growled, “It wasn’t me you dumbasses, somehow this bitch got me out of there.” Now all three boys seemed surprised by that. You weren’t even beside them, they wondered how you even got him that quick.

You looked to your right to see that All Might had shown up and had started to get into a fist fight with the one called Nomu. Just as he punched the monster out of the facility and into the sky, another portal had opened up in front of you. You had tripped on air and were slowly falling in and couldn’t stop yourself, but you realized that Midoriya had jumped towards you to get you before you fell into the portal. In an instant another portal appeared in front of Midoriya as Shigaraki reached out to grab him.

Using your falling momentum you pushed yourself off of your left foot and jumped at Midoriya’s stomach grabbing him before he could get caught. Just as the two of you fell hard on the ground you heard gunshots from the entrance. You looked hazily to see that multiple teachers had come to help you guys out. You overheard the villain called Shigaraki complaining about how his Nomu was defeated and how he didn’t get to kill All Might ‘ It seems that’s what they were here for.’

As you heard cheering from some of your classmates, your eyes started to droop as the darkness enveloped you. Midoriya was breathing hard from the impact of the fall and forgot for a second that you were on top of him. “ Hey Ikeda are you okay?”, but you hadn’t answered him for you had become limp in his arms.

Chapter Text

You opened your eyes groggily only to be met with a bright light, you thought that this was yourself waking up in the after life, but you realized you were in a bed as your eyes focused on what was around you. You looked around and noticed you were in Recovery Girl’s office, and it looked like it was midday from the sun outside of the window. “ Oh honey, glad your okay. How are you feeling now?” you saw the little old lady walk up to your bed; she was always so sweet to you. You smiled a little as you answered her, “ I feel a lot better actually, but what happened?”

“Oh, after the teachers showed up to the USJ, I think it was that boy Iida who had brought you here quickly. You had fainted and used up a lot of your strength fighting that terrible monster, but healing you was quite easy.” It made sense that Iida had gotten you here since he was fast with those engines in his legs. As you remembered parts of what had happened you realized you didn’t know where your dad was, you bolted up in your bed, “Wait where’s my dad? Is he okay? Is he safe? Did he get into the hospital in time?” You were worried, you weren’t sure if they were able to get him some medical attention since his wounds looked pretty severe.

“Sweetheart, your father is okay. He’s a strong one you know, don’t worry too much. They got him to the general hospital and was healed of his wounds. He got some broken bones and some facial fractures, nothing way too major, but they were a bit severe.” You were relieved that he wasn’t hurt too badly, but you knew those injuries must have hurt quite a bit.

“ How long have I been knocked out for?”

“For about 16 hours, some kids from your class had come to visit you while you were still asleep. They were worried you were hurt badly, but I assured them you were fine. By the way if your feeling better, Yamada is going to come and take you home.”

“Okay I’m feeling pretty good so I guess I can go.” Not long after Present Mic had come to take you home, as you both hopped into the car, you wanted to ask him a question, “Hey, is it okay if we go to visit Dad in the hospital?” His eyes brightened at the request, “Yes of course we can Y/N-chan!” he told you enthusiastically.

When you got there the nurse told you which room he was being held in. As you stepped into the room you saw that his whole face and arms were covered in bandages. “Dad!”

He turned to see you running towards him and saw Hizashi leaning on the door frame. “Hey Y/N-chan how are you feeling? Were you injured?” he wanted to know if his daughter was hurt at all. You just dismissed his questions as you asked him worryingly about how he felt.

“ Are you okay? How are you feeling?”

Aizawa gazed at you with kind look in his eyes, “ I’m fine don’t worry about me. I’m all good. Can’t really call myself a pro hero if I would go down that quick.” You chuckled dryly, not really in a laughing mood due to seeing your dad this way.


“What is it Y/N-chan?”

You couldn’t keep it in anymore, as memories flooded in from when you used your quirk and how you were so full of hate and anger; you started to sob as tears fell down your face, “ I’m so sorry! I never meant to use my quirk. I was just so mad that you were hurt and that the villains had injured you and and-” Even with both his arms being bandaged up in casts he embraced you in light, warm hug. Aizawa wasn’t sure about what had happened exactly after he was knocked out, but it must of meant you used your actual quirk.

“Its okay Y/N-chan, you shouldn’t even be afraid of using it. It is your quirk after all, not hers. You have to remember that you aren’t a villain or a monster, you are you.” Aizawa caressed the back of your head as he reassured you that everything was going to be okay.

You let go of him as your eyes were watery and your cheeks raw from the tears. “ But I’m scared, what if my classmates think I’m a freak or something for my quirk, I can’t deal with that right now.” Aizawa looked at you sympathetically, his daughter had always suffered from bullies and people who looked at her like she wasn't normal. She always felt so out of place in her classes. “Listen this class of yours will accept you for who you are no matter what. Do not let your quirk define who you are, but you should accept your true power.”

You nodded at that; you and your dad continued to talk for awhile while Yamada watched with a smile. Aizawa was always so soft when he was around you. As the sun started to set you got up and stretched a bit. “Okay Dad, I’m going to go home since school is tomorrow, but make sure you get some rest and feel better. You won’t be coming to school for a while because of your injuries so take it easy. Bye bye!” You waved at him and smiled as you walked out of the room with Present Mic.

When you got home you and Mic ate some Miso soup and then played some Call of Duty together. Not long after you thanked him for everything and jumped into bed. You had so many thoughts flying around your head. ‘Who came and visited me?’  ‘ How is everyone going to react when they hear about my quirk?’  ‘What do I tell them?’ ‘Does that mean I should start using my actual quirk instead of lying about it?’   All types of questions started to form in your mind, but for some reason you started to think about Bakugou.

Why you were thinking about him, you had no idea. He had been on your mind a lot lately, especially since you always caught him staring at you with an uninterested face, like he was forced to look at you. Thing is you didn’t know why he looked at you like that. As you slowly fell asleep, he was the last thing on your mind.







You were wandering the park aimlessly, trying to clear your mind from the fog that had settled in the depths of its core. Lately you felt so off, so cold, so empty. You could feel your blood coursing through your veins; as if you were controlling the circulation of the crimson liquid.

Dragging your feet along the dirt covered grass you just stared at the ground dazed. You had this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach; it felt as if someone had grabbed your heart and squeezed the life out of it. Your thoughts of despair were interrupted by the boisterous laughing of some boys a little older than you. You looked up to see them approaching you; you felt dread seep into your pores as you realized what was about to happen.

“ Hey lookie here. What do we have? The little villain brat.” A tall chestnut headed boy had walked up to you, staring you down like a piece of trash. You recognized them as some of the middle year kids who picked on you every now and then. Another one of his friends had shown up at your side and you were soon encircled by three other boys who towered over you. Your hands started to shake as you felt yourself being cornered and surrounded.

“ W-What do you want from me?” You didn’t dare looking them in the eyes, too afraid of what you would see. The brunette spoke with a menacing tone, “ We want to have some fun with you. We want to see that villain quirk of yours.” You didn’t answer still staring at the ground, hoping it would envelop you and make you disappear.

The platinum blonde grabbed you by the wrist harshly, “ Well show us.” He demanded malice etched into his words. Your face contorted in discomfort at the intensity of his grip, “Please just leave me alone. I don’t want to cause any trouble.” The boys laughed wickedly as they started to push you around.

You could feel the blood inside you move faster, you could feel your mind becloud with a mix of feelings. All you could feel was enmity, acrimony, agony, and resentment flowing through you like the blood in your veins. You couldn’t control the storm of emotions that had allowed your true form to permeate.

Your eyes darkened as you all but caused the four males to be pushed away from you with the force of only your arms. You marched up to the leader of their group as he coughed into his arm from the sudden impact. He growled at you, “ You’ll pay for that.” But the scowl on his face had dropped when he laid eyes on your small frame. You had turned into a monster, hair floating upwards and eyes flaming a crimson glow; your nails had grown five times their length and your teeth had become sharp fangs. You had grown a set of horns on the top of your head, the colour of ebony.

You resembled the devil itself.

The boy shuddered in absolute terror at your form. He tried to crawl away, but a sudden force of power stopped and dragged him to your feet. You looked down at the boy with absolute hatred, “ You dare attack me?!” He let out a whimper as his companions stared with panicked eyes. Without so much as a glimpse of struggle the chestnut haired boy was flung into a nearby tree by your power.

The boy began to float from his place at the tree; it was as if someone was controlling him like a puppet. You made your way up to him, “ You touch me again and you will die.” the hostility in your voice made the boys watching nod hastily. The boy hovering in front of you dropped to the earth with a heavy thump, his body unmoving.

You walked away and as your form had dissolved the dismay of what had occurred hit you like a truck, making you choke out a quiet sob as you walked back to your home with dread in your bones.

You had to gain control; you couldn’t let her manipulate you any longer.

From that moment onwards you were determined.





The next morning you got up quickly and got ready. You left for school by train and got there in about 15 minutes. As you opened the door everyone had turned and stared at you. So many eyes on you had made you a little anxious, but the nervousness dissipated when everyone approached you with relieved smiles on their faces.

“Ikeda-chan!!! Oh my god are you okay, I heard about what happened, are you feeling better?” Ashido seemed pretty worried for you, she hugged you tightly as you smiled at her concern, “I’m okay don’t worry about it.”

“Damn Ikeda-chan you gave us a good scare, Midoriya was panicking like crazy.” This time it was Kirishima talking to you, you smiled at him and then Midoriya who seemed to flush at the mention of his name.

“I- I was just worried because y-you passed out on me.” You didn’t remember that. “Really? I actually don’t recall, but I don’t remember too much of what happened anyway. Anyways I am feeling better, Recovery Girl is amazing at her job so I feel pretty good.”

Asui spoke up next, “ I’m glad to hear that your doing okay Y/N-chan.” You gave the girl with the uncanny frog resemblance a warm smile. “Thanks Tsu.” 

“Then what is your quirk because you can do much more than just control those bandages.” You turned to see Todoroki's neutral face, everyone had went silent at the question. You knew this would happen since some of your classmates did watch you fight, you dreaded the thought of explaining it and you were really hoping it wouldn’t be today.

“ Oh um, I didn’t really want to tell anyone since it’s pretty villainous, but I guess I owe you guys an explanation,” you took a deep breath and continued, “So basically, my quirk is blood manipulation. I am able to control and manipulate my own blood as well as others, but I prefer not to do that. I can crystallize the blood into different shapes and don’t need to use too much of my blood to create things like knives, spears or whatever. I can also control the blood as if I were controlling water.  It also means that whenever I cut myself and lose blood, my body regenerates itself so I don’t lose too much blood using my quirk, but there is a limit. If I use too much blood it causes me to lose much of my energy. It’s not really like I can heal injuries, but I can stop someone from bleeding out, but if they have an injury where they are internally bleeding I can’t fix that. ”

Everyone stared at you with wide eyes until Midoriya spoke up, “Woah Ikeda-chan your quirk is so cool!” You could see him pull out his notebook quickly as he jotted down multiple notes. You were taken aback by the comment; anyone who had seen your quirk before thought you were a monster and most likely would turn into a villain.


This time Jirou had spoken up, “Yea it really is, you shouldn’t have to hide it. Honestly I don’t get why you think it’s villainous, it’s pretty sick.” You and Jirou didn’t talk much, but she seemed pretty cool.

“That doesn’t explain your speed or strength or how you fucking jumped like 20 feet.” Bakugou had uttered. ‘Shit how do I explain that.’ A lot of your classmates seemed pretty surprised by his comment, “Wait she jumped 20 feet?! Your kidding right?” It seemed Uraraka couldn’t believe her ears.

“Uh… I actually am not particularly sure, it might have been some of my mom’s genes from her quirk. It doesn’t really relate to my actual quirk.” Even if you told them the truth about your quirk you couldn’t let them know the whole story.

“Then how do you control the bandages around your arms?” This time it was Tokoyami who inquired the question.

“Oh about that, you guys know that my dad -Mr. Aizawa- has that scarf around his neck that he controls. Honestly I am not sure how he does it, but I got my idea for the bandages from him. What I did was I put droplets of my blood onto the fabric of the bandages and was able to control it like that. But i have to renew the blood once in a while so it doesn’t dry out.”

“That is very clever Ikeda.” Iida had stated to you. It wasn’t that smart, but it was helpful as a cover for your actual quirk. The bell rang and you all sat in your seats waiting to see who would teach your class today. As the door opened you saw your dad. ‘ Wait, DAD?! What the hell was he doing here, he should be resting!’

“Sir, why are you here? You should be recovering in the hospital.” Yaoyorozu had said, since everyone was so surprised as to see why their injured teacher had come to school.

“I am fine, don’t worry about it.” Aizawa stated like he had only gotten a cut during the incident.

“You don’t look fine!” This time it was Kaminari stating his concerns and you agreed with him. Aizawa seemed rather annoyed by the sudden concern of his students. “It doesn’t matter, I wanted to tell you kids that the Sports Festival is coming up soon so you better get ready.”

The sudden news erased all of the worry and replaced it with excitement. Everyone started talking about how they were thrilled with this good news. Honestly you were pretty eager to compete in the festival, you watched it every year from the stands, since your dad was a teacher at UA you always got a good seat to watch the games unfold. “That means you will have to do a lot of training before you can compete, so try to hone your skills before then.”

Chapter Text

It was a couple of days before the Sports Festival was to officially begin. Lately you were feeling off, but it was normal this time of year. You felt empty and numb, unable to react to anything that happened around you. You could feel the melancholy seep into your very existence all due to a memory, one long ago. Your classmates and friends had noticed your drastic change in attitude. You tended to stay quiet, only speaking a few words a day.

Aizawa was aware of your predicament; he knew the reason to why you acted this way every year. He always gave you time and space, knowing that this time of year was especially hard on you.

You were never able to truly grasp the ordeal that occurred long ago; since you were quite young, but the way you had understood the situation was opposite to what had truly happened. Sadly Aizawa had no way of making you see the truth.

You were staring off into the distance; your mind felt vacant, as you were unable to think about anything. Kirishima noticed your lack of attention in class so he tried to get you back to earth, “ Yo Y/N.” You didn’t answer him, your mind still wandering elsewhere.

This time he snapped his fingers in front of your face, “ Hey Y/N! Earth to Ikeda.” His whisper yelling finally awoke you from your desolate daydreaming. You looked at him, weary eyed. “ What?” Your one word answers were starting to concern Kirishima. He thought that maybe you were thinking about the incident at the USJ or that something else had happened.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, but softened them soon after, “ You okay? Anything you want to talk about?” He didn’t want to prod too much; you responded with a monotone voice, no emotion leaving your words, “ I’m fine. Just having trouble sleeping lately.” He felt as though it was more to it than that, but let it go. It was better for you to come talk to him of your own free will.

“Okay Y/N-chan. But remember that if you need anything at all you can always come to me.” This time you avoided using your words as you nodded at your concerned friend.

Soon enough the day had reached its end as everyone left school grounds. You were still in the classroom, taking your time getting everything into your backpack. You told your friends to go off without you, not wanting to hold them up. As you place the last of your school supplies away, you are interrupted by a familiar voice, “ What the fuck are you still doing here?” You turned your back to see a scowling Bakugou leaning on the doorframe. You place your bag straps onto your shoulders as you fully face him; he was a couple of feet away from your desk.

You simply didn’t answer him as you walked up to the door, but you were blocked by his broad shoulders and muscular, toned body. “ Can’t you fucking talk?” The boy seemed to have his attitude still in-tact based on his tone and use of words. You gazed at his crimson, scarlet eyes, still not speaking. This only seemed to irritate the already frustrated male. “What the actual fuck is your problem? What is up with your dumbass? You’ve literally been acting like your fucking soul left your body!”

His anger rolled off onto you; a little bit seeping into your empty soul, “ Why the fuck do you care?!” You were now standing only inches away from him, your chests nearly touching. Your words were venomous; similar to the time at the USJ.

“ Who said I fucking care about your ass? It’s just getting on my nerves!”

Ignoring his response you tried to push past him with the energy you still had; trying to slip in from beside him, but he blocked you from leaving once again. You were becoming impatient and annoyed at the fact that he wasn’t allowing you to leave.

“Just move Bakugou. I want to go home.” You tried to move past him again, but still had no luck. “ Not until you fucking tell me what is wrong with you.” He growled at you, but it sounded like there was some concern in his voice. You were getting sick of his need to know so bad, so you only had one solution.

“YOU WANNA KNOW SO BAD!?” You yelled in his face, your rise in tone making him flinch the slightest bit; he grunted awaiting for your response. You hung your head and stared at the ground, “It’s the anniversary of my mother’s death.” You whispered so quietly that it was a miracle Bakugou even heard you.

He had frozen completely, eyes widening in absolute shock; when you looked you at him he couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness when he saw the expression on your face. You looked so broken, so fragile; tears prickled the corners of your eyes, daring to spill out. You took the opportunity to slide by the shaken Bakugou, speed-walking down the hall with long strides.

Bakugou watched your retreating figure disappear as you turned the corner; he might have been imagining things, but he could’ve sworn he heard a choked out sob escape your lips.

Never did he think that this was the reason you were acting like this.




You made sure to do a lot of training before your usual week of despair. As the days went by quickly two weeks were over in the blink of an eye and you were getting ready for the festival in the waiting room with your class. As you waited to get called for the introduction of the games, Todoroki had gotten into a intense conversation with Midoriya. You and your class just watched as the oxygen hung thickly in the air. Just as the tense exchange finished up you were called to the stadium.

Midnight had introduced herself to all the first year students and not long after Bakugou had gotten up the stage with his overconfident ass stating that he was going to win. Honestly the guy was so full of himself that it got on your nerves; you knew he was strong but being that egotistical was annoying. Just as the other students started to yell at him for having such a huge ego, you were introduced to your first games, an obstacle course.

Using mostly your bandages, your agility and speed you were able to dodge Todoroki’s ice attack and the large robots with ease. In the fall, which were large stone pillars, you were able to swing through using your bandages. The minefield was more of a challenge, but you had an advantage being one of the competitors to get ahead of everyone else. Overall you did a pretty good job landing in sixth place. Your goal was to win, you weren’t going to show any form of weakness today.

“Good job Y/N-chan, congrats on getting sixth!” Kirishima had come up to you with his signature grin. You had gotten pretty close with him ever since you had started school; you would hang out during lunch most of time with Ashido, Kaminari, Sero and Bakugou, but sometimes you hung out with Uraraka and her group as well. Kirishima was a great guy with a positive attitude which you prefered over Bakugou’s hot headed and rash personality.

“Hey there Eijiro-kun and thanks!” you smiled back at him. You continued to talk as Midnight announced the next challenge, the cavalry battle. It seemed that Midoriya had received ten million points for being in first place, but it looked like it worried him a lot. With that many points you doubted that anyone would want to team up with him. You thought that maybe you should team up with Kirishima, but he had already gotten to Bakugou; you weren’t really surprised since he had been talking to the walking bomb a lot.

Honestly you didn’t know who to team up with since a lot of the strong competitors were already being surrounded by students who were begging to be on their team. You glanced to see that Midoriya was shaking like crazy as he looked like he was going to faint at any given moment. At this point you didn’t even care, you took a deep breath as you approached him.

He looked up at you with weary eyes that were filled with hope, “ Hey Midoriya-kun, would it be alright if I joined your team?” It looked like he was going to cry from joy, “ Oh.. Y/N-chan y-yes of c-course you can. I was so worried no one was going to team up with me!”

You gave him a reassuring smile, “ Well I guess you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Not long after Uraraka and a girl named Mei Hatsume had joined your team. Ochaco was given these boots and Midoriya a jetpack by the new girl from the support course. You had taken the front since you could use your bandages as offense and defense, but you weren’t planning on using your blood; Midoriya had taken the rider position, Uraraka the right wing and Hatsume the left. Your plan for this round was to mostly stay on defense and run away.




For most of the time you were able to avoid most of the other teams. Occasionally you would hear Bakugou screaming “DIE!” at the top of his lungs. You didn’t get why he was always so angry. Soon enough you had been cornered by Todoroki and his team surrounded by an ice wall. ‘ This guy and his ice. It’s crazy how powerful it is.’   With Iida using a type of turbo boost they were able to grab ahold of your ten million, but you weren’t going to get away with it that easily.

“Y/N, Uraraka, Hatsume! We need to get that headband back!” Midoriya had become determined to not lose this round. “Alright then everyone get ready!” Everyone nodded their heads and bolted towards the team that had just stole their precious points. Even as Midoriya used his power to grab the points it seemed he missed the 10 million and had taken a 70 pointer instead.

“Crap, crap, crap!” at this point he was panicking, there was only ten seconds left to the end of the match. You turned around quickly as your team ran towards Todoroki; this time both Bakugou and you were trying to get the 10 million headband. You fell short as the buzzer announced the end of the round.

Midoriya was shaking and trembling as he mumbled about how he had lost, thankfully he was actually wrong. “Hey Midoriya-kun!” you smiled at him, but he didn’t understand why, “Y/N-chan I’m so s-sorry that we lost, it was all m-my f-fault.” he managed to stutter out through shaky breaths. You smiled at him again and showed him the headband in your hand.

While Midoriya and Todoroki were too busy facing off you used your bandages to grab the headband around his head which was unprotected. Midoriya eyes widened as he realized that they hadn’t lost. Honestly it was too close, your team nearly didn’t make it to the next round.





Soon after some games were held, the students went ahead and ate lunch. This time you sat with Iida and Uraraka since the cheerful brunette begged you to; it also seemed that Midoriya had disappeared somewhere.

“ That was one tough match, and damn Iida-kun you were pretty sneaky with that little trick of yours.” Uraraka had mumbled with a mouth full of food, you were pretty surprised to see a trick like that up his sleeves. “Yea Iida-kun, you really had me surprised there, that’s one hell of a move.”

Iida answered matter-of-factly while adjusting the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “ It was nothing, not a trick at all. We are all trying to become the best heroes we can be and keeping that type of power hidden gave me an advantage.”

“That’s true, but honestly I wish I had a special move like that. I just have these lousy bandages.” you huffed in annoyance.

“That’s not true Y/N-chan, you’ve got your blood quirk which is totally awesome!” Uraraka beamed at you, she was so cheery and joyful and a such sweetheart. You smiled at her warmly, “ Thanks Uraraka.” You couldn’t completely agree with her because there was far more to your quirk than what meets the eye, but you thanked her nonetheless.

“ Yeah no biggie, wait have you guys seen Deku-kun at all?” Uraraka seemed to wonder where he went and you did too. Both you and Iida shook your heads, “ I have not seen Midoriya-kun at all since we were dismissed for lunch.” as Iida said that you looked around to see if you would notice him in the large crowd of students, but nothing.

Soon after Midoriya met up with you guys and the last challenge of the Sports Festival was introduced, one on one battles. You took a draw and your names were all shown on to the board. You looked to see you were going against a boy named Akira Watanabe. You had a feeling you had heard the name before, but couldn’t remember anything that had flipped a switch, but what caught your eye was that you were in the same bracket as Bakugou, so there was a chance that you could fight him.

The battles had begun with Midoriya and a boy named Shinsou being the first match, It looked like the purple haired boy had a type of mind control quirk, causing Midoriya to almost go out of bounds, but he was able to break out of his control and pushed the other out. After that you had kind of zoned out and didn’t really focus on the matches.

Your mind was stuck on Bakugou, you still had no idea why you were always thinking about him so much. Your mind had wandered to the fact that you might fight him. The guy was strong and smart, you couldn’t lie, so you were worried that it would be hard to beat him. ‘What am I thinking?! I need to be more confident, I can beat this asshole into the dirt!’ Even though you wanted to win you couldn’t help but worry a little.

That wasn’t all you could think about; your mind had been replaying the memory of you saving him on a loop. Honestly you didn’t know why you moved, or even how, but you just moved. You couldn’t place your finger on it, but there was something about him. Even if he was a total dickhead you couldn’t watch him get hurt, you were training to be a hero after all.

You were so engrossed in your own thoughts you hadn’t realized that your match was up next. You waved at your classmates as they gave you a thumbs out and shouted at you with good lucks. You sat in the waiting room until you were called out.

“Now we present Y/N Ikeda and Akira Watanabe to fight in this match!” You heard Present Mic practically scream through the speakers. ‘I guess it’s time for my first match, I better not fuck this up.’ But you didn’t know what was in store walking into this fight.

Chapter Text

You and your opponent stared each other down until you heard Present Mic inform you to begin the match; you were the first to move, running at him and getting your bandages ready to attack. As you swing your fist to get in a right hook, you hear Aizawa’s voice. You stopped mid-attack and looked around, but he wasn’t there, he was still in the booth with Present Mic.

The boy in front of you didn’t move, just gave you a malicious smirk. A s you tried to figure out what his quirk was you heard your dad’s voice again. This time it sounded like he was in pain, you had know idea what was happening. As you looked around to see the source of the voice your opponent kicked you square in the stomach.

You grabbed your stomach, but regained your composure. You were able to jab the boy right in the jaw, causing his head to snap to the side. You went in with your bandages to try and catch your opponent, but he had other plans in mind.

The voice from before became louder, now mixed with the voices of Kirishima, Ashido, Uraraka, Present Mic, Bakugou and some of your other classmates and teachers screaming in agony. You placed your hands on your ears, trying to make it stop, but they only got louder. The jumble of voices causing you to grimace in pain.

Your classmates looked at you from the stands; they had no idea what was happening. Kirishima seemed so confused, “ What is this guy’s quirk? Maybe some type of sound quirk, but he can focus on who hears it?” Midoriya spoke up as well, “ That might be it since she’s holding her ears to drown out the sounds.”

Bakugou just glared at you from afar, he knew you were strong, so he had no idea why you were giving up so easily. Just as he wondered what the hell was happening in this match, he heard an ear-splitting scream. All of your classmates stared at you with concern etched on their faces.

You were crying, screaming, trying your best to drown out the voices invading your mind. Your knees had gave out from underneath you; as you kneel on the ground the guy gave you another kick to the face causing you to fall back. “How does it feel Ikeda? Those voices in your head.” He looked down at you like you were nothing, “ Do you remember when I use to tell you that you were a villain? It seems that it didn’t get through your thick skull.” He squatted down beside you and grabbed you by your chin to make you look up to him; as he did you remembered who he was.

He was in your class when you were in grade school, always telling you that you were only meant to be a villain. You stared into his eyes, tears still wet on your cheeks. You let out a raggedy breath as he hit you with an uppercut. You couldn’t lose, not to him, but all you could hear were the sounds of your friends, teachers and dad screaming as if they were being tortured or even being put to death.

Without a second thought you clumsily got up to your feet and used your bandages to grab him, but he dodged quickly. You weren’t going to let this guy win, you weren’t going to fail. This time you charged at him and used the blood dripping from your nose to make a small spear as it propelled itself into his calf. You had no other choice, this was your only option to win. He fell back a little, which gave you the opportunity to wrap him in your bandages.

Since Watanabe had lost focus due to the pain shooting through his calf, you had caught him, but that seemed to bring him back to reality as he reawakened the uproar of more voices in your head. That caused you to loosen your grip around him, but you weren’t going to let him go. You gave him one of your signature roundhouse kicks across the face that finally pushed him out of the ring.

“ Watanabe is out of bounds. Ikeda wins!” Midnight announced to the crowd of people, all you could hear were the mix of cheers from those in the stands, but you started to lose consciousness as you staggered back a bit. Midnight had grabbed you before you could fall to the ground. Her eyes soft and full of concern, “Y/N-chan, you should head to Recovery Girl, you need some rest.” You nodded at her as you saw Watanabe being carried away in a stretcher.

None of your classmates had a single clue as to what had happened in that fight. All they saw was Watanabe giving you a couple of hits, not really giving any hint as to what his quirk was. Bakugou just stared in shock, for whatever reason he was a little worried for you. He had no idea, why since he hated your guts, but watching you in pain like that made him feel like his heart was being squeezed.

He saw as Mr.Aizawa had come and taken you from outside of the arena, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened out there. Your classmates talked amongst themselves trying to figure out what the guy’s quirk was.




You sat in Recovery Girl’s office once again, laying on top of the bed thinking to yourself. You hadn’t said a single word since your dad had gotten you here. He was looking at you, his eyes laced with worry. Recovery Girl had healed any slight injuries you had and let you rest  to get some energy back since you lost so much of your own, but couldn’t heal the mental scars that Watanabe had left on you.

You heard the door being creaked open as you were met with the faces of your friends. Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Uraraka, Midoriya and Iida had come to check up on you. All of them with smiles on their faces, thankful that you didn’t look hurt physically, but they had no idea the emotional pain you were feeling.

“ IKEDA!!!!” Kaminari yelled as he ran up to your bed; his voice resounding and rambunctious, causing you to wince as the volume of his cry reached your ears. “Y/N-chan! You had quite a comeback, that was pretty cool!” Kirishima was close behind his blonde friend, walking up to your bed.

“Yeah girl, that was one hell of a fight, I was worried you were going to lose for a second,” Ashido looked at you with a smile. “Of course Y/N-chan would win, she’s awesome!” Uraraka beamed as she complimented you. Sero smiled at you softly and you smiled back.

You turned and smiled at the group, thankful that you had a group of friends that cared about you. This time it was Midoriya who spoke up, “Wait Ikeda we couldn’t figure it out, but did you find out what the guy’s quirk was?” Even Iida wondered the same thing, “ It looked as though he had a sound type of quirk since you were covering your ears.”

Your smile faltered as you remembered the events of the match, “ Oh.” You took a deep breath, not really sure how to explain to them what had happened. They all looked at you with concerned faces. “ Well I actually don’t really know. I remember the guy from grade school, he used to b-bully me a lot about my quirk, saying that I should be a villain and not a hero,” you were playing with the hem of your shirt nervously.

“ When we were younger I never did get to find out what his quirk was, but it seems he his quirk is sound related, but I’m not exactly sure how; I believe that he may be able to imitate sounds and voices, so he doesn’t have much physical power. I’m not exactly sure, but during the match he was able to get in my head. All I could hear were the voices of my classmates, teachers and even my dad screaming in pain. It felt so real… It really sounded like you guys were in pain; like you were being tortured, tormented. I, uh, guess that it was just painful hearing those voices in my head as they got louder and more extreme throughout the fight. It felt like I could do nothing to help, but sit there and listen to your voices screaming in misery.” You were silently crying as tears fell down your face.

“Shit.” Kirishima looked worried and sad as his features softened, he came up to you and grabbed your hands in his own, “ I’m sorry that you had to go through that.” You looked at him with a shaky smile, “ It’s okay, at least I know you guys are all safe.”

The rest of your friends had come up to you voicing their own concerns and making sure you were alright. Honestly you loved your friends; they were the absolute best. What you didn’t know was that Bakugou was standing outside of the room listening to what had been happening. He felt bad for you, even though he didn’t seem like the type to care, he knew that something like that could cause great mental suffering.

As he listened in, he heard you laughing at one of the jokes Ashido had made, his heart skipped a beat. He had no idea why he had butterflies in his stomach whenever you laughed, but to him it was such a relaxing sound. Not long after he walked away as you continued to talk amongst your friends. What he didn’t understand was why he felt a little jealous that you were friends with Kirishima or even that nerdy Deku.

It wasn’t only that, but he couldn’t stop thinking about you ever since you had saved him at the USJ, well he wouldn’t call it saving since he could have dodged the monster by himself, but still. He was pretty sure that you didn’t like him based off of your reaction of when he had called you a daddy’s girl, but for some reason you still went out of your way to help him out. He also didn’t believe that your speed and strength were gained from genes, there must have been another explanation as to why you got him out so fast.

Chapter Text

About an hour later Recovery Girl had discharged you to go and begin your next match. You were facing off against Iida, so you had to work around his speed. “ Hey Iida-kun! I ain’t gonna go easy on you.” You hollered from across the stadium. “ I wouldn’t want anything else.” He replied with a smile on his face.

The match didn’t last too long, Iida was fast, and you knew you couldn’t match his speed entirely, but you did have quick reflexes. As he tried to use his speed to push you out, you were able to dodge using your bandages to your disposal, giving you the opening to kick him in the back as he zoomed past you. As he tripped over, you used your bandages to grab a hold of him and swung him out of bounds, giving you the win to this fight. You shook hands as you headed out to sit in the stands with the rest of your classmates.

“Damn Ikeda, you got some fast ass reflexes!” Kaminari had come up to you as you sat down in your seat. “Thanks Kaminari, but I’m not really ready for my next fight.” He looked at you sympathetically, knowing you would have a hard time with the angry blonde. Uraraka exhausted herself from the fight they had and it looked pretty tough.

“Hey! Be positive man, you got this. Show that hedgehog how its done!” Kaminari was cheering you on, at least you had some support. It seemed like Bakugou had overheard the conversation from afar. “What did you say you damn Pikachu?!” He roared from his seat, standing up as his hands popped with explosions. You flinched a little at his tone, but it seemed Kaminari was scared as shit as the hot-headed boy marched up to him. Honestly you had enough of his yelling so you stood up, “ Calm the fuck down Bakugou, stop being such a pain in the ass. Like chill, he was just trying to encourage me to do well.”

You stood in front of Kaminari challenging Bakugou once again, “ Listen the fuck up you shitty mummy, stop getting in my fucking way. And when we fight you better use your that blood quirk of yours because I don’t want to fight you with only part of your power!” You exhaled a breath of annoyance, “ Oh don’t you worry Bakugou, I wouldn’t dare go easy on you.” You smirked with a mocking tone as you prodded your finger into his chest.

This seemed to anger him even more as he grabbed your wrist tightly, “ Ah-”. He scowled at you with those crimson eyes of his, “ You better not half-ass this fight. And don’t worry I’ll beat you either way.” He was so close to your face, as you could feel his hot breath against your cheeks. You pushed him off as you flushed a little from the close contact. You then rolled your eyes and sat back down.

Kaminari had just watched the intense exchange with wide eyes, afraid if he had said anything that he would risk getting punched in the face. Bakugou had stormed off as Kaminari let out a sigh of relief. “ Damn, you two together are scary as hell,” You laughed at that, Bakugou always brought out your stubborn side.

As you talked it up with some of your classmates your turn had come up, so you headed out as people gave you shaky smiles, knowing you would have a hard time fighting the explosive boy. “ Do us proud Y/N-chan!” Uraraka whooped as you left the stands. You pointed some finger guns at her and smiled, “ Don’t you worry, I got this!” Honestly you didn’t even know if you could win the match, but you had to try your best, you weren’t going to lose that easily.

“ Now in the semi-finals we have Y/N Ikeda and Katsuki Bakugou facing off in this heated match!” Once again Present Mic was boisterous as always . You walked out to see Bakugou glaring daggers at you, so you matched his scowl. You weren’t going to stand down just because he was loud and rude. 


  Just as Mic announced the beginning of the match, Bakugou charged at you screaming “DIE!” as he unleashed an explosion in your direction. You were barely able to dodge it as the force of the explosion hit your shoulder hard. He was quick as he turned to face you once again readying himself to hit you with another explosion, but you were quicker as you slid to the side, kneeing him right in the crotch. “Arghhh, FUCKING HELL!!” You saw as he doubled over in pain from your attack.

It was pretty underhanded and cheap move, but he was a male after all and you needed to exploit his weaknesses. “ I’ll fucking get you for that!” As he was still kneeling on the ground you hit him with an uppercut him making him to fall back. As you tried to step away, he latched onto your ankle causing you to fall down. He climbed up on top of you, his hand flaring with his explosive quirk.

You had to think fast so you used your bandages to grab his legs and pull him off of you, as you quickly stood up. You tried dragging him out of bounds with the bandages, but it was no use. He was determined not lose so he used the force of his explosion to propel himself towards you.

You jumped out of the way and kicked him in his side as he flew at you. It seemed you were able to get some hits in so you were happy with that. But the blonde boy stood up quick running at you once again. This time he punched you in the stomach causing you to reel backwards, but you caught yourself before you fell.

“Use your fucking blood already! You think you can beat me with only part of your strength?! You wish you damn blood bank!” It seemed he really wanted you to use your blood, but honestly you were still hesitant about using it in battle. The only reason you used it against Watanabe was because you were so upset.

But Bakugou hadn’t given you time to think as he ran at you once again hitting you with a couple of explosions that left you with bruises, soot and burns all over. You noticed you were bleeding a little from one of the scrapes on your elbows.

You looked up at Bakugou with a smug look on your face, “ You wanted my blood? Well you got it.” Using the little droplets of blood littered on your arm you created a crystallized knife and thrusted it into his upper arm.

It caused him to groan a little in pain as he grabbed a hold a of his left arm; it seemed that your hit got him angrier than before. He ran at you; you had to think fast, you scratched your scraped arm hard with your fingernails allowing more blood to to come up to the surface of your skin. Just as Bakugou pulled back his arm for another explosive hit your blood crystalized itself in front of you, creating a makeshift shield/dome. Instead of hitting you, he hit the shield that you just created. It wasn’t that strong and was pretty thin since you didn’t have a lot of blood to use, but it was able to stay intact even after Bakugou hit it a couple of times.

Since you used your blood to make the dome, it was opaque, so Bakugou couldn’t see you from behind the barrier. Using this as an advantage you opened up the dome from the back and ran around it; using your bandages to try to wrap him with them, but Bakugou had caught onto your plan and dodged. He was quick, slipping through your bandages and grabbing your wrist as he held you in place while hitting you hard in the chest with his attack.

This caused you to fall back, coughing hard as you tried to readjust your breathing from the hit to your lungs. Bakugou had started to stroll up to you slowly, his eyes looking dangerously vengeful, “You put up a good fight, but it’s time for you to lose .”

Even after Recovery Girl had given you some of her energy you couldn’t help but feel exhausted. You had used up a lot of your power and you could feel yourself become enervated, but you had to try and finish this off. As Bakugou grew near you used your leftover strength to trip him. As he fell down to the ground with a hard thud you used your bandages and wrapped him quickly before he could escape. You knew he was going to fight, so with the power you had left you tried dragging him out of the arena. What he didn’t know was that you were slowly losing consciousness.











Just as you got him to the edge of the arena you fell down from exhaustion. Not being able to move much longer. You loosened you bandages around him as your vision started to get blurry. You could barely hear Midnight announcing his win. You could see him walking up to you with the eyesight you had left. It looked like his eyes had softened and were a little worried, but it was probably you imagining it since you were so exhausted. Just before you fully lost consciousness you saw him and Midnight come up in front of you, but you were already were passed out.

Chapter Text

You opened your eyes to be met with the familiar office of Recovery Girl once again, you had to stop coming here already. Everything seemed the same until you were met with a familiar head of ash blonde hair sitting in the seat next to your bed. His forehead was furrowed as he had his chin in his propped up hand and looked as if he was deep in thought.  You crinkle your nose and squint to make sure you aren’t dreaming.

“Ahem,” you coughed into your hand as he looked up at you with his signature glare, “What the hell do you want?” His words not containing its usual venom and malice.

“ Why are you here?” You asked him questioningly, still bewildered by his company. He looked at you a little embarrassed by the sudden question, “I just wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt you too bad in that fight since you passed out,” His cheeks tinted with a light shade of pink as he scratched the back of his head while staring at the ground.

You tilted your head to the side watching him intently, “ Does that mean the infamous Katsuki Bakugou has a heart?” You smiled, a genuine smile. Even though the two of you always were fighting you couldn’t help but feel a little happy to see him here.

“Shut up you damn blood bank! I don’t care if you get hurt, I just didn’t want to get expelled for injuring your ass!” Seeing him this way made your heart flutter and you didn’t know why. His crimson eyes and slightly flushed face only added on to the butterflies in your stomach. What the hell?! Since when do I like Bakugou?! Your thoughts were scattered, trying to piece up this baffling puzzle.

“Yea, yea sure. Believe whatever you want.” You enjoyed taunting the ferocious male, there was something so entertaining about annoying him. He became much more irritated by your mocking tone, “SHUT UP ALREADY!” His roars of anger causing you to grab your stomach from your howling laughter.  You found it hilarious that the strong, confident male could become so flustered. You flailed your arm at him trying to get out your sentence, “Okay. Okay. I’m. Just. Messing. With. You.” you breathed out still laughing hysterically.

“My god you’re so fucking annoying.” You could tell he was annoyed, but his words weren’t as vicious as they usually were when it came to the two of you. His facial features had softened just a tad, but you could have been imagining it.

You calmed down from your hysterical laughter as a thought crossed your mind abruptly, “Fucking shit.” You huffed out in slight anger. Bakugou glanced at you puzzled from your sudden remark, “What the fuck is your problem?”

“ I’m just upset that I lost, that’s all.” You said a little embarrassed for admitting that to him. You fiddled with your thumbs, not comfortable with looking up at him just yet. Katsuki spoke highly and rambunctious, pushing out his chin pleased, “Of course you were going to lose, I am stronger than you.” You scowled at him, lifting your head as you gave him a dirty look. He continued nonetheless, meeting your gaze, “ Listen, even if you lost you still put up one hell of a fight. You gotta do some more training to hone your skills because the next time we go against each other I want you stronger than you are now. I want a tougher match, so let’s see how you do.”

You looked at him taken aback by what he had said. This is the first time you two had kind of gotten along, and for sure the first time you had heard him compliment you or anyone for that matter. “O-oh, well thanks.” Bakugou smirked to see that you had started to blush from his statement. He glanced at the clock up on the wall and stood up suddenly, “I better get going my match against icy-hot is next.”

You gave him a small smile, “ Good luck.”

“Pfftt, as if I need luck. I’ll beat that icy bastard into the fucking dirt.” Bakugou looked so smug; you rolled your eyes at him, “Sure thing Blasty, we’ll see about that.”

He didn’t say anything except flip the bird at you as he walked out of the room. The exchange you two had was so much calmer than it usually was. You didn’t know why, but you were smiling as you watched him leave. Even though he was such a madman you couldn’t help but notice this little soft side of him.




The match between Bakugou and Todoroki had ended with Bakugou being the winner. It seemed that Bakugou was really upset that Todoroki hadn’t used his flames against him. You understood where he was coming from, but Todoroki probably had a reason as to why he didn’t use his left side just like how you didn’t like to use your blood quirk.

You placed third place with Tokoyami as you walked up onto the podium. Bakugou was tied up in chains, even having a muzzle on his mouth. He looked like a rabid creature, rage rolling off of him in waves, his anger causing him to shake violently. You wanted to laugh at his appearance, but didn’t want to risk dying just yet.

All Might came up to each of you presenting you your medals. “ You did very well young Y/N, your father would be proud, because I sure am.” He smiled at you with his signature grin. You smiled back and bowed to show him your thanks. He went to Tokoyami and Todoroki next and bestowed upon them their own awards. When he got to Bakugou he pulled off his muzzle only to be met with a roar of swears one after the other. He tried putting the medal around his neck, but the ash-blonde male refused. All Might sighed and shoved it harshly into his mouth. You met up with Uraraka and Midoriya since they insisted on having you join them on their journey home. What you didn’t understand was why Iida had left so suddenly, you hoped the robust male was alright.

The school gave you a couple of days to relax after the Sports Festival, when you got back Aizawa had some news for the class, “After the Sports Festival you had some agencies send you requests to intern with them, so those who did get letters can choose from those while the rest of you can choose whatever. You will be at the agency interning for a period of 7 days and will learn about a pro hero’s job and what the agency has to deal with other than villains and criminals, so make sure to learn as much as you can in the short time frame.

You looked at the board to see that Todoroki and Bakugou had the most requests. You had a couple as well, but had no idea what agency to intern with. Aizawa spoke up again, “You can’t intern without hero names so that is what you will be doing today.” Midnight had strutted into the room announcing her presence. Everyone began to cheer as they got excited for today’s class. 

“Hey Y/N-chan do you have any idea what you want your name to be?” Kirishima who sat beside you leaned in to whisper in your ear. You shrugged, “Nope, no clue whatsoever. What about you?” Kirishima smiled at you, “I have some ideas, so this might not be that hard.”

Soon enough some of your classmates were going up one after the other, presenting their ideas to their fellow peers. Among them were a range of ideas; some clever and cool while others not so much. Kirishima’s name was Red Riot and it fit him like a glove, the name symbolizing his physical appearance perfectly.

While Bakugou’s ideas for names were childish and quite violent in your opinion. It sounded as if he was trying to explain any action movie in three words and each was getting rejected by Midnight. One of them was Lord Explosion Murder and you snorted at that, barely able to contain the giggles erupting from your mouth.

“Bakugou, that is not a very appropriate name and it’s pretty much the same as your other attempts.” Midnight stated matter-of-factly as Bakugou stormed off to his desk, an angry expression on his face.

You still had no idea what your name should be and it was just you, Midoriya, and Bakugou left. Soon enough Izuku had stood up and presented his name to be Deku . It was weird that he chose that name since Bakugou called him that to make fun of him, but it was a good name for him. You heard Uraraka calling him it most of the time and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought. He’s probably doing it because of her.

You finally got an idea as to what your hero name would be. You walked up to the front of the class and presented the name written on the whiteboard in hand.


“That’s a cool name, but how does that relate to you at all?” Sero had spoken up; you replied with a small smile.

“ It doesn’t sound that cool, but if some of you don’t know rouge is the french word for red. I kind of chose it to symbolize blood but in a less gorey sense, you know. ” You replied to his question and shrugged.

“ It’s an awesome name Y/N-chan!” Uraraka beamed at you with a huge smile. A lot of your other classmates nodded and agreed with her. You sighed a breath of relief; at least you got this off your chest.

“It’s an interesting approach especially since its in another language, but other than the that I feel like the name suits you very well. Good job!” Midnight smiled at you as she approved your hero name. By the end of class Bakugou still hadn’t found a hero name for himself and you still had to decide which hero agency to intern at.






You were at home chilling on the sofa watching some anime playing on the flat screen T.V placed on the far wall of your living room; you were bored and had nothing better to do. Your dad walked in looking disheveled and tired, “ Y/N-chan stop sitting on your ass all day and get up and do something.” You looked at your dad and yawned, stretching in place, “What is there to do? If you have any ideas please enlighten me.”

He looked like he was in a bad mood, but didn’t say anything about your snarky comeback. “ We need to get some groceries since we barely have anymore food. Maybe you should go to the grocery store,” He tossed a list in your lap containing all the things you needed to buy.

You stood up and walked to the door, putting on your trainers quickly. “ Alright Dad, I’ll probably be back in an hour or so. See you later!” You waved at him as you left the house.

There was a supermarket only a couple of blocks away, so you headed in that direction. You glanced around, taking in the familiar surroundings. Similar houses lined up the street in a single file, green grass growing on each of their lawns. Tall trees towering on the other side of the road, a park in view; children of all ages running around and laughing. As you turned the corner still watching your surroundings aimlessly you bumped into a person, immediately apologizing, “ Shit sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was go-” You stopped talking when you realized it was Bakugou. You looked at him in shock, you were so confused as to what he was doing in this area since you had never seen him around.

“What the-”

“Watch where you’re walking dumbass.” Bakugou glared at you, but it wasn’t the same as it was when you two first met. Your gaze dropped to his feet noticing that he had some bags in his hands.

“Wait what are you doing here? Do you live around here or something?” You were still shocked to see him here.

“No shit Sherlock, why else would I be in this area. I needed to get some groceries since the old hag kept nagging at me.”

‘ Old hag? Does he mean his mom?’

“ If you mean your mom you should really be more respectful to her and not call her an old hag. She is the one who carried you for nine months and had to give birth to a pain in the ass known as you.” You glowered at him; honestly it annoyed you that he thought so highly of himself that he would dare disrespect his mom like that. He was lucky to even have her around still. 

“It’s none of your damn business you little bitch. Stop sticking your fucking nose in my business. I can’t believe I even cared that you got hurt in the damn festival!” Bakugou hadn’t realized what he said until you widened your eyes into the size of dinner plates, “You c-cared?”

When he finally recalled what he said he flushed a bright shade of red, his entire face a deep scarlet colour, “ W-what n-no! I didn’t care, I just accidentally said that. Why would I care about you?!” He sputtered out nonsense trying to explain himself. You were still in utter disbelief; you were speechless.

Your thoughts raced a mile a minute, you head filled with unanswered questions,  ‘He cared? But why? Doesn’t he like, not like me, I thought he even hated me. What is happening?”

As you tried to figure out what the hell just happened, Bakugou was fuming. How the hell did he let himself say that out loud. He thought to himself angrily, ‘What the fuck is wrong with me? Why the fuck did I say that, I don’t even care! But… do I really think that? I was worried about her during that fight with the guy from her old school. No! What am I thinking?!’

The both of you stood there in silence; the air so thick you felt like you couldn’t breathe. You were both thinking about what just happened and neither of you could say a word.

You were the first to break the tension with your voice, “ I-uh.. gotta go.” Bakugou didn’t even say anything as you swooped by him running into the grocery store. He didn’t move, just staring at the street in a complete daze.

As you turned through the aisles with your shopping cart, you couldn’t help but think about what the hell just happened. One second you told him to stop being mean to his mom and the next he said that he couldn’t believe that he cared about your well-being in the festival. Honestly you were so confused, you had no time to be thinking about this, he probably just said it by accident; not actually meaning what he said.

You grabbed the rest of the groceries that you needed and headed to the cashier. As he finished bagging up the last of your stuff you paid him and thanked him as you walked out of the store. You turned to see that Bakugou was gone. Of course he would be, did you just expect him to stand there all day. You turned the corner and walked off to your house.

You opened the door with your hands full of bags. As soon as you got in you dropped the bags with a hard thud. Aizawa walked out of the kitchen, only being met with his daughter who had this dazed look on her face. “Y/N? Are you okay? Did something happen?”

You looked up at him, giving him a tight-lipped smile, “Oh no it’s nothing, just a little tired that’s all.”

He could tell you were lying, but let it go since he didn’t want to prod. He walked up to you and grabbed the groceries on the ground, “I’ll take care of them, you should go rest.” All you did was nod as you walked up the stairs and into your room.

You jumped onto your bed, your mind still littered with thoughts of Bakugou. For some reason you were replaying all of your encounters with him. From the time you first bumped into each other and all the encounters that followed. All you could think about was him. You didn’t have a single clue as to why.

Your mind was so out of place, you needed some rest. So you shut your eyes hoping that Bakugou wouldn’t be on your mind any longer. Just as you fell into a deep sleep Bakugou couldn’t stop thinking about you or what he had said.

Chapter Text


You had woken in the middle of the night, at such an ungodly hour, it far past the time any human being should be up. You woke up from a sudden nightmare, but the memory of the dream had slipped away into the back of your mind, not allowing you to retain any of it.

It had been a constant occurrence lately; every night you woke up at a similar hour, with the remnants of the horrific nightmares fading away. You could feel your entire body shaking, shaking from fear, but you didn’t know why.

It might’ve been because of the nightmare, but it felt different .

You grabbed onto your blanket, pulling it closer to you, hoping that it would protect you from the horrors of the night. You were contemplating on whether or not you should go to your parents room. You knew that your father was probably working late and your mother would be fast asleep.

You decided that you would sleep with her for the night; you had an awful feeling and it frightened you.

You carefully got up, tiptoeing to your bedroom door. You grabbed ahold of the doorknob and slowly turned it clockwise. You opened the door enough for your small form to slip through as you walked to your parents’ master bedroom.

When you walked in, everything was dark, except for the light coming out from underneath  the bathroom door. From what you could see, neither of your parents were in bed, so your mom was probably in the washroom or downstairs. You walked up to the door and knocked once, no answer, twice, no answer, and for a third time there was no answer.

So you opened the bathroom door to find a scene you never thought you would see in your life, let alone at the ripe age of five.

You were met with the lifeless body of your mother; she was laying in the bathtub, fully clothed. Blood dripping from her forearms and onto the bathroom tiles. A razor laid on the ground, the crimson liquid covering every inch of it. You couldn’t contain the scream that had come out of your mouth. You ran up to your mother trying to wake her; your falling tears mixing in with her blood.

You were wishing, begging that this was all a nightmare and that you were still asleep, but you knew that wasn’t the case. You didn’t know what to do, it seemed that your father was still out working. Blood had covered your hands as you shook her shoulders and arms. 

"Mommy! Wake up please! Please don't leave me!"

The scarlet liquid in the tub had begun to float into the air; your eyes widened in absolute terror. You had no idea what was happening. You staggered backwards, pushing out your hands in hopes that it would protect you. But that caused the droplets of blood in the air to fly wildly; you started to cry even more as you fell to the ground watching the blood crystallize and shoot into the wall. You felt a presence around you; an ominous, dark shadow, one so malevolent it made you quiver and tremble in fear. 

You crawled backwards into the room, from the fear that had engulfed you. In the room you grabbed your mother’s cell phone from her nightstand and dialled the number with shaking hands. You decided that the best chance of saving her was calling the police.

“Hello, what’s your emergency?”

“ My m-mommy is bl-bleeding, please please help her!” You were crying so hard, it was a miracle the dispatcher understood you.

“Please calm down sweetie, it’s okay. We are sending an ambulance and officer to your home right now. May I ask, how old are you?”

“ I-I’m five years old. Is my mommy going to be okay?”

“Yes don’t you worry. Can you explain to me what happened?”

“I was s-sleeping and I woke up and went to my m-mommy's room to sleep because I was s-scared and I found her in the bathroom tub all b-bloody. I'm scared! Are the police coming soon?”

“ Yes they are almost there. Don't be afraid. You have to be strong for your mommy, can you do that sweetheart?”

“I think so.” You said sniffling and hiccupping due to your previous sobs. 

" Can you also please wait in front of the door to let them in when they come?"

You nodded as you responded, " Y-yes."

You ran down the stairs clumsily, nearly tripping down the steep steps. You sat in front of the door, waiting for the officers to come, still on-call with the woman on the other side. The two of you continued to speak as you started to calm down.

In a matter of minutes the police had arrived and you opened the door for them, showing them where your mother was. They forced you to wait outside as they brought your mother’s body out to the ambulance. You wanted to go with her, but they refused.

“Please just let me go with my mommy!”

“I’m sorry honey, but you can’t. You can follow her from the police car.”

You didn’t want to leave her. You couldn’t let her go alone, but one of the cops had grabbed ahold of your tiny figure and picked you up as you cried into his arms.

You were afraid, completely afraid. This was far worse than any nightmare you could ever had.






Eventually you had decided to work at Mrs. Cheetah’s agency. You couldn’t help but laugh at the unoriginal hero name, but nonetheless the hero you would be interning with was amazing. She was one of the few organizations to request you as an intern and you decided she was the best.

From her name it was pretty much self-explanatory what her quirk was. She had transformation quirk called ‘cheetah’. She had the ability to do anything a cheetah could do; from the speed, agility and ferociousness of the feline. From the research you did her agency wasn’t all that big or anything, but she had some people who worked under her including several sidekicks. The building was located in the city of Hosu.

When you arrived you found yourself to be correct. The building wasn’t grand or anything you would expect from an agency like Endeavor’s, but it was a couple of floors high. The building consisting of many windows that covered the walls; a set of large transparent doors stood at the entrance. You pushed opened the doors being met with a fairly calm agency. You found a receptionist and some people working around. You saw a couple of sidekicks in their costumes completing any work needed to be done.

You walked up to the front desk; a small brunette wearing glasses was sitting behind a computer, “ Hello. My name is Y/N Ikeda. I’m here to intern with Mrs. Cheetah.”

The young women looked up at you and smiled, “ Oh yes. Mrs. Cheetah is in her office right now. If you just go straight ahead and go to the left you will find a set of large doors with her name on it. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

You smiled back and thanked her as you walked to the pro-hero’s office. When you arrived at the doors you knocked softly awaiting for the confirmation to walk in. You heard a light voice call, “Come in!”

When you walked in you were met with a beautiful face. The women sat at her large burgundy desk; golden orbs shimmering from the sun rays emitting into the room, her locks were a golden brown and she had two small ears poking out of her hair, giving her a cute vibe. She stood up as she walked up to you with long strides. She was taller than you by a couple of inches, her body was slim, but curvy at the same time; her costume was one that you would expect. A full bodysuit in a cheetah print that matched her hair and eyes. She had a bright smile etched onto her face as she approached you and you couldn’t help but return the gesture.

Reaching out her hand to shake yours she spoke with a soft yet powerful voice, “ Hello! You must be Ikeda. I am the pro-hero Mrs. Cheetah, but you can call me Fuyumi.”

You took her hand in yours as you responded, “ Nice to meet you Fuyumi. I’m delighted that you requested me as an intern. It is quite the pleasure.” As you spoke you made sure your words were formulated correctly; not wanting to use any slang in the elder women’s presence.

She chuckled as she noticed your behaviour and let go of your hand as she patted you on the head, “ You don’t need to be so formal. I want you to fit in here for the week. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to be perfect. I want you to loosen up a bit so we can get to know each other better.”

You were surprised by her response but nodded nonetheless. Even with her intimidating presence she was still kind and compassionate; the type of hero you wanted to be. She called you over to her desk and asked you to sit in the seat in front of her. She sat in her own chair, placing her hands on the desk as she leaned forward.

“ So… Ikeda. Tell me more about your quirk. From what I was able to comprehend from your performance in the Sports Festival you can control those bandages around your wrists and use a blood quirk. Is it connected?”

“ Well you see.. You are right about the blood. My quirk is called blood manipulation. I have the ability to control my blood and others’ blood. Based on the amount of blood I use affects what I can do with the blood. I mostly crystalize the blood to use as weapons, but I can use blood as if I was using a water quirk. I can control the flow of the blood and how it moves in the air. I have to bleed to be able to use the blood; since my quirk is blood based I am immune to blood loss to a certain point. Whenever I lose blood, my body regenerates automatically a new set of blood cells for my circulation. I can stop the flow of blood from an injury on myself or other people. Problem is if I use too much blood I can collapse from exhaustion. I need to make sure I drink more than ten cups of water a day to be able to use my quirk without any problems. But if I pass the limit by a great deal I could lose blood instead of regenerate.” You took a deep breath as you continued on with your explanation.

“ As for my bandages. I have placed droplets of my blood throughout the material. Since I can control blood I can control the material. I can’t do it with anything, but I was able to obtain a fabric that allows my blood to control the movement.”

The hero was looking at you intently the entire time you spoke; you could see her eyes flicker with a sense of awe that you had never seen in any adult or child. She grinned at you, her white pearls shining as she smiled.

“ That is quite impressive. It was a smart move on your end to use the bandages so it could be more helpful in combat than having to bleed out. If you don’t mind me asking can you explain your agility, speed, and strength? From what I could observe you were very quick on your feet. Is that some part of your quirk or something else?” She watched you questioningly; awaiting the answer to her question.

You were fidgeting slightly, uncomfortable with the question, but answered anyways, “When I was younger I did a lot of training in my free time to be able to hone my physical skills.”

She narrowed her eyes a fraction, but nodded in understanding, “Well an explanation about your quirk is the first step to getting to know you. We can learn more about each other as we work alongside one another. For now, we will be heading to the training room in the building and we will spar so I can see your strength in real life.” The both of you stood up as you headed to the room.






From the beginning of the fight you could tell there was a huge difference in skill levels between the two of you. She was quick on her feet, faster than you were by far. She hit you with one blow after the other; not giving you anytime to visualize her next move nor make a strategy.

At this point she was wiping the floor with you, but you couldn’t lose this bad. So using your bandages you pushed yourself of the ground and flipped over your opponent, remembering that you had used the same move on your father all those years ago. You kicked her in between the shoulder blades, not giving her the chance to react to the strike. But she recovered quickly as she turned around and grabbed your ankles, smashing you to the ground.

The force of the fall caused you to sputter for breaths of air; the impact had made your lungs feels as if they had collapsed. You coughed violently into the air as you tried to stand up, but the hero was already on top of you pinning you to the ground, a smile etched onto her face.

“ Game over.” She rolled off of you and pulled you into a seating position as she continued to speak, “ We’re going to have to focus on your reaction time and focus. I could tell you were trying to analyze me in the midst of it all. You need to learn how to move and think at the same time. We can also focus a little on some martial arts to expand your sparring skills without having to include your quirk.”

You nodded along with what she said, understanding what you needed to learn this week. She sent you off to one of the spare rooms in the building since you were going to stay overnight. You changed into a pair of black pajama pants and a white t-shirt. You slipped into bed, your body aching from the barrage of hits you had gotten earlier. You laid awake for only mere moments as you felt yourself drift off into a deep sleep, exhaustion taking over your body with ease.

Chapter Text

The next day you and Fuyumi did some more one-on-one training first thing in the morning. Afterwards the two of you had gotten some takeout for lunch; the two of you sitting in silence as you enjoyed the meal.

“Ikeda.” Her voice made your gaze move to her face, you answered as you swallowed the Soba in hand, “ Please call me Y/N.”

Fuyumi smiled at you as she continued to speak, “ After we finish up here we will do some patrolling in the neighbourhood, so you can get an idea of what we do on a normal day. Over the week we will also focus on paperwork and what a sidekick and a pro hero’s jobs are in the office.” You nodded as you stood up and tossed the remnants of your food into the trash can. You headed to the room you were staying in and pulled on your costume; the process not taking any longer than five minutes as you pulled your (h/c) into a high ponytail and ran back to the front of the agency. You found the older women to be on the phone speaking with someone standing near the front doors.

You approached her quietly, not wanting to disrupt the conversation she was having. She finished up her call in about a minute or two and waved you over as the two of you headed out. It was quite uneventful as the two of you strolled the streets, not finding anything interesting to do. You carried on like this for a couple of hours, taking in the scenery. The city was small compared to Musutafu, but had its charm. From what you knew the area didn’t have much crime or villains in general, but lately it had been plagued by the presence of the infamous Stain . The man had more blood on his hands than any villain you had heard of; single handedly killing and crippling pro heroes all over Japan.

You shook your head, dismissing your thoughts; you weren’t in the mood for getting into pessimistic attitude. Instead you focused on the streets; buildings of various sizing and colours lined up the avenues. Buildings of different purpose stood tall amongst the people walking by. Parents and children laughing and smiling joyfully; men in business suits walking, briefcases in hand, and couples taking an evening stroll. The sky was a mix of colours catching your eye; the sun still shining bright, its rays emitting light wherever it touched. You smiled at the scene; one thing you liked about patrolling was the walk itself. You were able to stretch your legs and body in a relaxing way, compared to the training you faced against Mrs.Cheetah and at school regularly.

You and the pro hero decided to take a break on one of the park benches to rest from the long walk.

“ So Y/N…” You glanced at the pro hero sitting beside you as you nodded to inform her to continue, and she did so, “ Tell me more about yourself. All I know is your quirk, school, age and father .” You eyes widened at the final word she spoke, “How-” but she had cut you off instantaneously, “ Don’t worry about it. I looked at your files and he was written as your guardian. It seemed he adopted you as a child, am I correct?”

Still a little shocked from the news you replied nonetheless, “ Yes he did. My mother died when I was young and my father….” You had gone quiet; the feeling of a warm, sympathetic hand on your shoulder made your watery eyes look up.

Fuyumi was looking at you, eyes filled with remorse and sadness for you, yet they were still glowing with the kindness you had come to know, “ I’m sorry for your loss you don’t have to speak about the topic any more. Instead how about you tell me about why you want to become a hero.”

You rubbed your eyes to dry your watery orbs as you replied with a slightly shaky voice; the topic always seemed to make you a little emotional, “ It’s okay. It was a long time ago.” You took a deep breath as you continued on, “ As for the reason I want to become a hero…” You dropped your head backwards staring up at the sky above; the sun had begun to slowly disappear compared to before.  The sun setting, as orange, yellow, purple and red turned the sky above into an everlasting painting in your mind.

“ Ever since I was younger, I was always bullied for my quirk. People always called me the villain, the monster. It was hard believing in myself when everyone doubted my ability to be a hero, but I once realized my purpose… My mom, my memory of her; she was always so kind, so loving. She was the one who taught me what a good person should be. And my father - Aizawa- he taught me that being a hero isn’t about the spotlight nor the money or fame. It’s about saving those in need of help, caring for those who have no one to care for them. I want to help people; to keep those I care for safe. To protect those who are innocent from the evil and pain that this world has brought us. I want to do everything I can do to be a strong, kind, amazing and caring hero. I don’t care about people knowing who I am. For all I want is peace and happiness in Japan and in the world.”

You didn’t realize that you were rambling on, but when you tilted your head to get a glimpse of Mrs.Cheetah the smile on her face was so genuine and the look in her eyes filled with a sense of awe, “ Y/N. I know that one day you will become a great hero. The kind to care for others other than herself. I know it may not mean a lot coming from someone you just met, but I am proud of you. Your reasons for becoming a hero are noble. Some people don’t see the hero life like you do, and it’s quite a shame. For your ideals are incredibly moral and just.”

Those words, the words where she expressed such amiable words, caused you to cry tears of joy as you jumped onto the older female, enclosing her in a tight hug, “ T-Thank you. That means so much.” You laughed into Fuyumi’s shoulder as she wrapped her slender arms around your back. Even though she only had met you yesterday she couldn’t help admiring your character and principles. You were so young, yet so wise. She couldn’t wait to see how you would turn out, even if you never had the chance to cross paths again.

The compassionate embrace had been interrupted by the sudden ringing of the hero’s cellphone. You let go of her as she grabbed the phone and put it to her ear, “ Hello?” From the side of the conversation you could hear you were able to understand fragments of information about a sudden attack. Fuyumi hung up the phone and stood up abruptly, her once kind eyes filled with worry and intensity.

“ Y/N I want you to go back to the agency and stay there. There will be some people with you so you won’t be alone. There is an emergency; these monsters have shown up around Hosu city. I don’t want you involved.” It was obvious that the issue at hand was a large one, but you had never imagined Fuyumi to speak so sternly.

“ But-”

She caught you off with no hesitation, “ No buts! Go back Ikeda.” Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to convince her to allow you to come along you nodded understandingly, “Just stay safe Fuyumi.” She smiled at you as she ran into the face of danger.





As you walked in the direction of the Cheetah agency you felt your phone buzz from the pocket on your thigh pant; you grabbed the phone and opened to see what the notification could be. As you opened the message it was from Midoriya, your eyes widened when you saw that that text wasn’t a text at all, but a set of coordinates to a specific location. You felt your hairs stand up as you realized what could be the problem. Midoriya had no reason to send you his location unless there was something else. Your first thought was one you didn't want to imagine. He might be in trouble.

Completely disregarding your superior officer’s orders you ran in the direction of the location. From what you could tell it was a fifteen minute walk, but you had no time. So you had to shorten it down to four minutes max. You sprinted at full speed, not caring that by the time you got there you would probably lose all your breath. You were praying, hoping that your green haired friend would be alright.

As you neared the location you glanced down each of the alleyways trying to figure out where he could be, or what you would be met with. As you bolted down the street you could see the remnants of ice laying in front of one of the alleys. You couldn’t be mistaken, it must be Todoroki’s.

You turned the corner so quickly you almost slipped on the ice that was frozen onto the ground. Your eyes widened in absolute horror and shock as you were met with a scene you never quite imagined.

Chapter Text

Todoroki was fighting off the hero killer - Stain - while Midoriya, Iida and another pro hero you recognized as Native laid on the ground unmoving. From what you could see Iida was bleeding heavily from both arms as he laid on the concrete face down. When he noticed your familiar (e/c) orbs and (h/c) locks his eyes widened as he let out an exasperated yell, “Y/N!! What are you doing here?! It’s not safe. You shouldn’t be here!”

You ignored his remarks of disapproval as you placed a hand on each of his shoulders, stopping the blood from pouring out any longer. Iida’s yells had caught the attention of the boy with heterochromia irises, the green haired male and the villain. The pro hero seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness.

“ Ikeda! Make sure he doesn’t cut you or get a drop of your blood! He can freeze you!” You heard Midoriya scream from the other side of the alleyway. You stood up as you strode beside Todoroki who had spared you a quick glance before staring back at the villain who had a menacing grin etched onto his face, his tone just as vicious, “ So we have another high school kid. Another unworthy to be called a hero.”

You had taken a step forward, staring into the villain’s eyes so intensely it was almost as if you had burned holes through his vermillion irises. You didn’t dare back down; you needed to help your fellow friends, classmates.

“ So you’re the infamous Stain ,” The way you spoke his name held so much hatred, so much animosity, your tone surprising those around you, “ The man to kill over a dozen heroes and cripple 23. And why? All because you don’t believe they are worthy to be heroes?!” your tone rising as did the fury in your chest.

Todoroki had tried pulling you back by grabbing your shoulder, but you seemingly shrugged it off as you took another step, “ You are not god! Nor are you the angel of death!” Your words seemed to surprise even the man himself, “ You have no right to decide who is fit to be a hero when you don’t even know their true intentions. You are all but a leech feeding off of the pain of others, trying to reform your ideologies as the right in this world. You dare hurt those who only try to protect others?!”  Your anger and determination allowed your form to permeate halfway; your hair rising upwards, irises turning blood red and nails growing twice their natural size in a matter of seconds.

Even with your sudden outburst nobody spoke except for Stain, smirk still plastered on his face “ Oh little girl. There are many so called ‘heroes’ who only work for the fame or the money. Those who use their heroism to gain vengeance like your little friend with the glasses. I disabled his brother and he came looking for me not caring for the man who I had already injured.”

Your eyes widened the slightest bit, but turned into a deep scowl soon after, “ Even though his emotions had taken control of his actions does not mean he is not fit to be a hero. He allowed his feelings to cloud what he had to do, but you don’t have the right to kill him for being human!”

The boys stared at you in shock as you spoke to the villain. Iida didn’t understand why you were defending him; it was his fault he was in this mess in the first place. He allowed his anger to cloud his judgement and now his classmates were paying the price, but your next words were what truly shocked him.

“ We are humans after all; none of us born perfect. How can you expect every person to act how you want them to? I don’t care for your principles nor your ideals of what a true hero should be. I act upon my own thoughts and beliefs; for I must protect those who are in need. And if you so much as think of laying another finger on them, I’ll make sure you never see the daylight again.” You sneered at the older man, your eyes carrying a murderous, intense glint.

Without so much as a second thought you charged at the villain, your speed matching his own. Using your bandages you pushed yourself off the ground and into the wall allowing you the opportunity to jump at the villain from the side. He didn’t have the time to react as you kicked him straight in the jaw and fell onto the ground skidding backwards.

Todoroki had caught onto your plan as he shot ice towards the villain, but Stain had regained his composure as he dodged the ice attack quickly. In an instant you felt a knife slice your side, not penetrating fully. You could feel the depth of the cut, the injury shooting pain throughout your entire torso. You staggered slightly as you grabbed your waist.

“ IKEDA!!” You could hear Midoriya screaming, concern filling his voice. You looked up to see that Stain had grabbed the knife and was licking off the blood, pleased with his actions as he watched your friends await your demise, but it never came.

You smirked a little as his confusion, “ Your quirk is blood curdle, amiright? If you ingest the blood of someone they will not be able to move for a period of time.”

Stain was staring at you perplexed by the sudden turn of events, “ Wh-”

You chuckled dryly as you finally understood your circumstances, “ I must be immune to this quirk of yours. Compared to everyone else in the world my blood type is very rare, being the only one with this type of blood.” Your classmates and Stain’s eyes had widened in shock and confusion as you continued, “ Your quirk has no effect on me, Stain .”

You didn’t hesitate as you charged at the villain again Todoroki backing you up by using his ice and fire; a combination you never thought you would see from the boy with hair both red and white. The blood from your side was flowing out; thankful for the gash on your waist you crystalised the blood and used them as knives to your disposal. Stain was dodging your moves, but you were right on his tail; not giving him anytime to incorporate any attacks. Using your bandages you pushed yourself towards him and stabbed him in the shoulder with the sharp weapon.

Stain screamed in agony as the blood knife became liquid once again and burned his shoulder. The blood you had used had become acidic; something you were never aware you had the ability to do. You used this to your advantage as you burned more of his skin, but it wore off quickly since you still had no control over it just yet. After this whole mess you reminded yourself to check out this new power of yours. You hadn’t realized it but Midoriya was back on his feet and had grabbed the villain from the neck and dragged him across the wall, but Stain jumped out of his grasp quickly.

The three of you were attacking from all sides, but Stain had caught onto your plans and had changed his entire form of fighting. The way he dodged and attacked was different from before and you knew this would be an issue.

Since you were immune to Stain’s quirk you didn’t care about the cuts and gashes he had left all over your body; you were bleeding more than you ever had before, but you didn’t care. You were pushing yourself far past your limit, but you had no other choice. If you wanted to protect your friends you had to fight to the end.

“ Stop! Please!” You could here Iida yell, voice shaking as he cried silently, “ Please stop fighting for me. I can’t watch this any longer!”

You had enough of his words, “ Would you fucking shut it already!?” The words held with much more malice then you intended; the boys staring at you in shock as you continued, “Iida. If you think that we or I am going to leave you here to die you are out of your fucking mind. I don’t care right now why you are here or how you got here in the first place, but I would rather die then leave a friend behind. I won’t let you die. As long as I am here and I am alive I will fight!”

Todoroki had spoken up as well, “ Be the hero he wanted you to be Iida. Take the name Ingenium and make him proud!”

That seemed to finally get through to the boy laying on the ground, he scratched the ground with his hands as he pushed himself upwards. Todoroki was still launching both fire and ice attacks and you were using your bandages as shields from the fire. Midoriya had been cut again and was grabbing his left leg; pain shot through his calf as he sat on the ground wincing from the injury.

Just as Stain charged at Todoroki, his blade nearly cutting his arm. Iida had ignited his recipro boost as he blasted towards the two males, kicking the sword out of the way and landing a kick to Stain’s side.

Iida stood up straight, head held up high, “ Ikeda, Midoriya, Todoroki I’m sorry for getting you involved in the mess I created. I won’t let you shed any more blood for my sake.”

Stain had regained his composure, his eyes filled with malevolence and animosity, “ Your the sickness that’s infected society and that’s ruined the name hero. You are nothing but a fake, needing to be taught a lesson.”

“ Your a crazy fanatic, obsessed with the idea of a perfect society, when you and other villains are the reason our society is so broken.” You spoke as you recovered from the flame attacks that had occurred too close for your liking.

“ Don’t listen to him Iida, he’s a murderer trying to justify the blood on his hands!” Todoroki spoke loud and clear, not caring about the man’s principles.

Iida dropped his head in shame, “ He’s right. How can I call myself a hero when I was so consumed with hatred and the need for vengeance that it overshadowed what I was supposed to do.”

“It’s really not the time for guilt or regret. We’ve gotta fight right now.” You stated calmly as you collected your thoughts and strategies.

Using the crimson liquid dripping from your costume you crystalized over a dozen spears and shot them towards the villain, he dodged most of them, but thankfully a couple hit him. ‘ He’s becoming desperate. He isn’t quipped to fighting multiple opponents and he’s trying to exterminate Iida and Native before more heroes show up. We have to end this soon, before we give him an opening for what he was here to do.’

“ Todoroki I need you to freeze my engines without wrecking the exhaust!” Iida ordered the boy standing by his side. Todoroki had no time to dodge as Stain chucked a knife towards him, but to his luck wasn’t hit as Iida slid in front of him, taking the impact of the strike. Stain was merciless as he hurled another weapon into Iida’s arm causing him to fall onto the concrete.

Both you and Midoriya screamed in fear, “ IIDA!!”

Iida disregarded the sharp weapons in his arms, “ Todoroki just do it!”

Todoroki did as he was told, still trying to fend off the crazed villain who was hungry for blood. Iida used his teeth to pull out the knives, allowing him to stagger back onto his feet, the same for Midoriya. You were bleeding pretty badly, leaning against the wall; your body unable to function from the loss of blood. The sound of Iida’s engines flickering on caught your attention as both him and Midoriya took a stance.

Both using their quirks to their advantage; they flew off the ground and attacked Stain with a finishing blow. Causing the villain to fall to the ground unconscious, you all sighed a breath of relief thankful that the nightmare was over. Due to Stain’s defeat Native was able to move again, carrying Midoriya on his back. You were lucky your suit was red and black because it wasn’t very visible that you were covered in blood, afraid your friends would get too worried.

You felt yourself stagger back slowly, but were caught with a pair of gentle hands. You turned to see that Todoroki was behind you, a slightly worried look on his face. It surprised you because you were never used to seeing any emotion on the boy’s face, “ You okay?”

You nodded wearily, feeling the exhaustion seeping into your bones, “ I’m fi-” You nearly fell again, your legs felt wobbly and your head was pounding like a drum. You felt his arm grab the back of your knees as you were pulled up, “ Ah-” You had no time to oppose as Todoroki carried you in his arms; he looked down at you eyes soft and kind. You gave him a small smile in return, the boy carried you bridal style but did his best not to make you feel  uncomfortable.

Iida had found a rope in a nearby trash bin which he used to tie up the villain. Soon enough a group of pro heroes had shown up. Some of them unknown to you, but you were able to recognize Mrs. Cheetah and a man named Gran Torino; you had heard of him from an old magazine you read. You and the other boys were placed in the ambulance, Fuyumi hovering over you cautiously. You weren’t able to move much as Todoroki placed you on the stretcher as you lost consciousness.





Once again you find yourself in a bed, a stale one at that. Your mind feels foggy, eyes heavy and head pounding. You focus on your surroundings, catching a glimpse of three other beds, a boy sitting on each of them. Through your hazy vision your able to recognize who they are; Todoroki, Midoriya and Iida.

You could feel the slight sting of needles in your arms; glancing down you found just what you imagined. About three needles were stuck in the middle of your arm, the flow of a translucent liquid going into your skin. You could faintly hear the beeping of the heart rate monitor by your head. You groaned at the sudden pain you felt from your side. The noise caused the three boys to turn to you quickly, noticing you were awake they abruptly stood from their beds and hastily came to your side.

“ Oh thank god. I’m so happy you’re alright Y/N-chan!” Iida spoke, the joy apparent on his solemn features. You noticed the tad bit of sadness in his eyes when he looked at you.

“ You’ve b-been out for a while! We we’re getting r-really w-worried!” Midoriya’s face carried a shaky smile, one that made you realize just how concerned your friends were. Todoroki nodded in agreeance; sharing a small smile in your direction.

You pushed yourself up in your bed, wincing slightly at the pain you felt. Both Iida and Todoroki rushed to your side to help you into a seating position. You smiled gratefully at them as you leaned back carefully into your pillow.

“Are you guys alright? Any serious injuries? What happened with Stain? Did they get him?” Your barrage of questions made the boys chuckle lightly, the sound brightening up the dull, boring room.

“ Stain is being treated for his injuries right now. And we are all fine, but we should be asking you that. You were injured the most from amongst the four of us.” Todoroki stated, his eyes roaming up and down your figure, taking in your current appearance. You were covered in bandages all over your torso and arms; a loose hospital gown covering you up until your knees. A thin bed sheet covering your legs, but not doing much to stop the chill from reaching you.

“ My injuries don’t matter, as long as all of you are safe and okay that’s all I need.” Your face beamed with a truly genuine smile, because you were telling the truth. For your friends, you would bear any pain, just to make sure they were fine. Iida’s head dropped in shame, an expression full of regret and pain all over his face; you reached out to him, grabbing his hand in your own.

“Hey Tenya-kun…..” He lifted his head, his eyes gazing into your own; tears prickled the corners of his orbs, daring to spill out, “ I’m s-sorry Y/N. I got you all into this mess and now look at you! The doctors didn’t even know if you would wake up anytime soon!” Your eyes widened, as Todoroki and Midoriya shared a sad look with one another, acknowledging the truth behind Iida’s words.

You squeezed his hand in your own, “ Listen to me. Don’t blame yourself for what happened to me. I chose to fight and it was my decision alone. I would have never left you to die and I mean never . You are one of my friends and I wish you could’ve come to me before hand and told me about what you were going through. Of course I couldn’t stop the pain you felt for your brother, but I am always here for you whenever. Just next time don’t let your emotions control you; I’ve had to learn that the hard way.” Your eyes dropped with tears of their own, each droplet carrying a promise that you would uphold forever.

“ That goes for you too Y/N-chan!” Midoriya eyes held determination that you only noticed a couple of times before, you knew when he got stronger he would truly be a force to be reckoned with. You smiled at the three boys as you wiped your slightly wet cheeks with the back of your hand.

“Oh by the way Ikeda, Aizawa Sensei was here before you woke up. He just went to go get some coffee. He’s been up for quite a while.”

You hummed in response to Todoroki’s statement, “ How long have I been out?”

“ Three d-days. The doctors didn’t have any b-blood to donate to you because your blood is one of a kind. So they had to give you a ton of n-nutrients so you could recover better. They weren’t sure h-how long you would be out for; they thought you would be in a c-coma for a month or longer!” Midoriya stammered nervously, the boys’ concern on the subject evident in their expressions.

You nodded, taking in the news quite calmly. You were aware of the circumstances and problems that came with overusing your blood quirk in battle. It had happened only once before and that time was much worse.

“I knew what I was getting into for overusing my quirk.”

All three of the boy’s looked shocked at this new knowledge, “ Then why would you go so far?!” Iida questioned you angrily, his usually resolved demeanor fading slightly.

You let out an exasperated sigh, “ I did what I had to do. None of you, no one in fact understands the truth behind my quirk. There is so much more to it than what meets the eye. So just let it be, please. I don’t want to speak about the issue. I know I risked my well being but so be it. What’s done is done.” You spoke sternly, your tone allowing them to understand that it was a touchy subject.

You rolled your shoulders back and neck around, feeling the satisfying pops of your tired bones. You still felt exhausted even after sleeping for over 72 hours, you underestimated the side effects of your quirk.

“Oh yea the chief of police also came soon after what happened. He told us that we were never supposed to fight since we didn’t have our hero licenses yet and had no right to inflict injury on Stain, but he thanked us for catching him. Thing is, we can’t tell anyone that we fought him. Instead Endeavour is going to take all the glory for Stain’s defeat and we’ll just be the kids to come across the fight. It’s the only way we and the pro heroes won’t get punished.”

You nodded at what Todoroki told you, understanding these rules. You knew that as heroes in training you were still never supposed to fight, but it was a spur in the moment decision. As you recalled the events of the fight you felt sleep engulf you once again, as you leaned into your pillows your body drooping back down tiredly.

Chapter Text

As soon as it started the internships were done, and was it an experience. The whole Stain incident still had you a little shaken, but you were thankful that your friends turned out just fine. Now the four of you had a secret which no one could know about, but you were okay with that. You only got to spend three days at the internship in total since you passed out for three and had to stay an extra day to recover. Nonetheless you were thankful for the experience and getting to work with Fuyumi - Mrs. Cheetah. When you came back to school, you resumed your classes like normal, nothing interesting or out of the ordinary happening.

What you did notice was Bakugou avoiding you whenever you crossed paths; honestly you were still weirded out with your last exchange, so you weren’t really trying to talk to him either. But it seemed that he was doing everything in his power to not talk to you or get close. You didn’t mind it, but it was just weird not hearing him swear at you or retort some nasty comebacks to whatever you had to say. You did kind of miss your bickering, even if he irritated you most of the time. You considered him a kind of friend , but you knew he would never agree.

Thankfully the school and heroes had kept the fact that you were involved in a major fight with a villain under wraps. The news only speaking about how a couple of students got caught up in the fight; sparing no details about your victory. Meaning no one knew about what happened, which you were thankful for. You didn’t want any of the attention you would have surely gotten.

Finals were coming up and you were a little nervous and anxious, but you made sure to prepare in advance. You had gotten all of your notes ready and had reviewed all of your written subjects. You made sure to focus on things you were struggling with and made sure to get a good understanding about them. You also did some working out and training for the practical exam.

You also occasionally met up with Eijirou to study or Ochaco, Izuku and Tenya. You were ranked fifth place in your midterms so you weren’t too worried. You had planned to meet up with Kirishima at this new cafe to focus working on math and the lessons that you didn’t understand.

As you got a booth in the corner of the room for the two of you, you sat there waiting for him. You were a couple minutes early so you didn’t mind if he didn’t come just yet. As you pulled out your textbooks from your backpack you heard a familiar voice, “ Hey Y/N-chan!” You looked up to see your close friend walking up to you with a smile, you smiled back; but as you looked behind him you noticed Bakugou was being dragged by the red head and your smile began to falter. 

He walked up to the table you were seated at, “ I hope you don’t mind that I brought Bakugou, he did pretty well on the midterms as well and I thought it would be a good idea to bring him along!” His smile just seemed to widen, you tilted your head to see the angry blonde shuffling his feet with his head down and hands stuffed into his pockets. You felt bad telling Kirishima you weren’t really comfortable with having Bakugou around just yet, but he seemed so happy and excited so you didn’t mention it.

“Yea sure, we can do that. Sit down so we can start. I need to work on this geometry unit.” Both boys sat down, one still smiling happily while the other avoided all eye-contact with you, a permanent scowl etched onto his face.





For the rest of the time you focused on the math problems that you and Eijirou struggled with; Bakugou voicing his opinion once in a while, but not saying much. You two didn’t talk to each other, just focused on studying, but it seemed that Kirishima had noticed.

“Hey is everything okay between the two of you? You’ve barely said a single word to each other and it’s weird that you haven’t thrown a couple of insults.” He raised one eyebrow looking back between the two of you.

You shrugged in response, “It’s nothing, I’m just not in the mood for any fights today.”

Bakugou grunted as well, “Hmph. Yeah shitty hair, don’t just go assuming shit.”

You rolled your eyes at him as Kirishima replied, “ Alright then, it was just a question. Let’s finish up quick. I want to get some food.”

You nodded in agreement, as the three of you finished up you each got something sweet to eat, except for Bakugou who preferred to get a dark roast coffee, no sugar or cream at all.

“How do you drink that stuff, it must be bitter as hell.” You grimaced at the sight of him taking another sip from the unsweetened drink.

“Nah, your ass just isn’t man enough to drink something like this.” Bakugou retorted.

“ Well I can’t really be man enough if I’m a woman.” Kirishima chuckled at that and you laughed too. Bakugou let out an annoyed sigh at the sight of the two of you. 

You took sip of your hot chocolate as you leaned back into your seat, " So what do you think the practical exam will be?"

Both Kirishima and Bakugou responded with a nonchalant shrug, the red head being the one to answer your question, " Not sure. I heard something about it being similar to the entrance practical exam. So if that happens we can easily pass!" Kirishima cheered boisterously, his excitement evident on his smiling features, while Bakugou still held his usual glare, " Tsk. I'll get first place just like last time against all you shitty extras."

You set down your turquoise mug onto the black table as you stretched your arms over your head, moving your neck in small circles to relax your muscles from glancing down at your papers for such a long period of time, " It's not even a competition Bakugou, chill out. No need to get so competitive, all that matters is that we pass." 

Bakugou scoffed loudly, " Everything is a fucking competition if I want to be the number one hero. Because I ain't about to let you losers beat me!" It was evident that he was determined; you had observed him for months now. He was at the top of the class, getting the best grades academically and was surely one of the strongest in the class by far. There was no doubt in your mind that he would get far as a hero; he just needed to work on his personality a bit, but you wouldn't admit that out loud right now. You weren't really in the mood to bicker with the fiery, hot-headed blonde at the moment.

"Come on Bakubro! Stop being so serious, we're just trying to do our best too," Kirishima glanced at you, a bright smile on his face, " Right Y/N-chan?"

You smiled back reaching out to give the red head a friendly fist bump, " No doubt about it!" He returned it with a smile just as wide, grinning and chuckling heartily. You were glad to call Kirishima one of your closest friends, maybe even your best friend. His laughing demeanour and cheery attitude always managed to put a smile on your face. Bakugou was glaring at the two of you, an unimpressed expression on his face; one that you had grown accustomed to.

And there it was.

A searing pain.

It felt as though a blade of fire had plunged itself into your heart; you grabbed your chest hastily, your breaths quickening and eyes stinging with tears. The pain was unbearable, nothing you had ever felt before. You dropped to the ground with a a hard thud clinging onto yourself desperately. Both Kirishima and Bakugou stood abruptly and rushed to your side; the red head hovered over you cautiously while Bakugou grabbed a hold of your form, shaking your shoulders gently, " Hey Y/N! You idiot! What's wrong?!" His face held a concerned expression, Kirishima as well, " Y/N! Talk to us!"

Your eyes had begun to loll backwards into your skull as you stammered out words in pain, " I-it h-hurts...please!" People around the cafe had begun to gather around at the scene, even a couple of barista's hurrying to the group. You could slightly overhear the discussion carrying amongst the people, as some deciding to call an ambulance or not. But then there was a voice, a single raspy voice you could hear speaking in your head, " This is a warning little Y/N. Don't forget what I can do."

As quickly as it began, it was over. You leaned on your side, slowly recovering from the pain you felt only mere moments ago, glancing up at the people hovering around you. You noticed Bakugou and Kirishima's faces covered with worried expressions, it surprised you the Bakugou didn't have his normal scowl as he watched you questioningly, " Is your dumbass okay?" You nodded in response as you sat up slowly, indicating to the surrounding audience that you were alright. 

"What happened Y/N? One second you were okay and the next you were screaming in pain." Kirishima stated, while pulling you up back into your seat, his arms gently holding onto your form. You shook your head at the red head by your side, " I'm not sure. All of a sudden I felt an excruciating pain in my chest and it felt like my heart was being burned and clawed out of me." That only seemed to worry your friend even more, " You want to go to the hospital to get it checked up?"

You waved him off dismissively, " No, no. There's no point. I'll just go home and rest."

Bakugou scoffed at that, causing you to glance at his face, " It's fucking clear that there's something wrong, so you should just fucking go." Even with his normally selfish like personality, you could tell he was a little worried about what happened.

You grabbed your backpack and placed all your books away quickly, as you stood up abruptly, "It's fine. I just gotta go home." And just like that you sped off and out of the small cafe. You could overhear the two boys calling out from behind you, but you had begun to run to get back home. You knew there was more to it then just some pain. She was upset with you and you knew you were screwed.

Chapter Text

You were told by Aizawa that whoever failed the finals would not be joining in the rest of the class on the summer trip and would have to go to summer school, so that pretty much racked your anxious nerves even more.

And soon enough the final exams had started and you completed multiple written exams and a hero exam as well. You were paired up with one another to face off with one your teachers, where you had to either capture them using the handcuffs or run out of the gate. The point of this exam was for the teachers to exploit your weaknesses and see if you could work around them.

You were teamed up with Tokoyami and Tsuyu and had gone up against Ectoplasm. Due to his barrage of clones that blocked anyway of escape for you and your group, it was hard to get by. But thanks to Tsuyu’s long tongue she was able to apprehend your teacher with the handcuffs provided for you. Giving you a passing grade for the practical exam.

You were happy to pass both the written and practical exams as Aizawa announced that those who failed would be going on the field trip either way, but had to do extra work. “You should all start packing as we are planned to head out in three days.”

Everyone cheered, delighted that they would get a break from the torture and stress that finals had caused them.


  “ I can’t wait for the trip! It’s going to be so much fun!” Mina exclaimed excitedly, her joy evident on her pink face.

You snorted in response, “ You’re lucky you’re even going. If Aizawa didn’t like us you would have never gotten to go.”

Mina gasped exaggeratedly, “ It’s not my fault Principal Nezu is literally crazy smart!”

You, Kirishima and Sero laughed at both Mina and Kaminari who had pouts on their faces. You poked Kaminari in the ribs, causing him to jolt, “ Hey! Leave me alone!” He yelled annoyed and upset, which only made you laugh at him again. While Bakugou carried his usual scowl, glaring at the four of you.

Uraraka had skipped over to the group surrounding your desk, a large smile blooming on her face, “Guys I have an idea!”

You all watched her with inquisitive looks, questioning what she had in mind. So she responded with another smile on her quite cute features, “ How about we all go to the mall? I need to pick some stuff up for the trip and it would more fun if all of us go!”

You could hear Bakugou scoff, but you shot him a glare before smiling back at your friend, “ That’s a great idea Ochaco. Let’s see if everyone else is willing to go.”

But that only made Bakugou scoff again, “ As if I’m going to go out with you losers anytime soon.” Kirishima looked at the angry blonde with a dejected expression, one that resembled a sad puppy, “ Come on Bakugou, it’s not that bad.” Bakugou tutted out his chin as he rolled his eyes at the red head, “Shut up, hair for brains.”

You ignored the fiery promeniarian’s attitude as you stood up on your desk announcing your presence to the class, “ YO!” All heads turned to you awaiting for your announcement, but Iida seemed to be more upset about what you were standing on, “Y/N-chan, please get off the desk. That is private property!” He stated affirmingly, while making chopping gestures with his arms.

You obeyed and got off quickly as you proclaimed Ochaco’s plan for your classmates,  “Uraraka had the idea for all of us to go to the mall as a class to pick up whatever we need for the trip. If you are willing to go please raise your hand!”

As a show of classmates that wanted to go out, it was pretty much the entire class, except for Bakugou and Todoroki. You frowned at Todoroki, planning to ask him why afterwards, but smiled at the rest of your classmates, “ Okay so if everyone is able to we will head to the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall tomorrow and meet up there at around noon.” Everyone nodded in response and continued on there conversations.

You walked up to Todoroki who was sitting beside Midoriya and Iida, who seemed to be engrossed in their own conversation. You tapped him lightly on the shoulder, making him turn to face you, a solemn expression on his quite handsome face , (you couldn't lie that he was a pretty boy), “What is it Ikeda?” His tone was nonchalant as usual, not really surprising you, since you had grown accustomed to it.

“I was wondering, why don’t you want to go tomorrow?”

The boy shrugged in response, “I’m busy. I have some stuff to do.”

You squinted your eyes as you watched him carefully, trying to find a crack in his well hidden poker face; you let out an exasperated sigh when you gave up, finding nothing. “Well we should at least hang out sometime. I consider you my friend, so if you want to talk at all you can come to me anytime.”

His heterochromia eyes widened in surprise, “ We’re f-friends?”

You laugh as you push his shoulder gently, “ Of course we are Shoto-kun! How can you think we aren’t?”

His face still held the same shocked expression as before, unable to respond. You smiled and whispered quietly so the others wouldn’t overhear, “ After the whole Stain incident, I can’t call you anything, but my friend.”

That made Todoroki give you a small, yet genuine smile in return, “ Well that’s good to know.”

“You-” You were interrupted when you felt someone jump onto your back, causing you to stumble forward, nearly falling flat on your face. You could hear Mina’s bubbly laughter from on top of you, “ Y/N! What are you wearing tomorrow?”

You coughed into your arm, as she got off of you, “ Come on Mina, next time give a girl a warning would ya?” That only seemed to make her giggle again, “ Come on! There’s no fun in that.”

Todoroki gave you a sympathetic smile as you were dragged off by your pink friend.



"You and Bakugou would be kind of cute together. Maybe even Todoroki too."

You gasped and hit your friend upside the head, "MINA!" 

She laughed at your appearance; your face had become beet red and you had become a flustered mess. You only saw Todoroki as a friend and Bakugou too, if you could call him that....but you couldn't argue that you found him attractive, no scratch that he was an asshole, but a hot one. Now you were racking your brain with the mess Ashido had caused just by a simple statement. You were having mixed feelings about Bakugou lately and honestly you didn't know how to deal with them. You had forgotten all about your surroundings up until you felt someone yank your arm as they called in a loud voice, " HEY GUYS!" 

The yell had finally shaken you out of your daze; allowing you to realize that you and Mina had finally met up with the rest of your class. They were all talking amongst themselves and smiled when the pair of you arrived to the group. Kirishima smiled brightly as he neared you and gave you a quick side hug, which you returned with a grin showcasing your teeth, "How you doing Kiri?" 

"I'm good, excited for the trip! What about you?"

You smiled at his cheery attitude, " I guess I'm good too. I need to pick a new toothbrush actually and some pairs of socks. Do you want to go together?" 

He nodded enthusiastically at that, causing you to giggle; he resembled a happy puppy in you opinion. You looked to the rest of your class and coughed into your hand, grabbing their attention with ease, "How about we all head our separate ways and grab whatever we need and then meet up back at the foodcourt. Sound good?" Everyone nodded in agreeance and began to stroll in different directions, you and Kirishima doing the same.

The two of you first heading towards the drug store inside the mall to grab the toothbrush you wanted and it seemed Kirishima wanted to buy something as well, but he wasn't telling you what.

"Come on Eijirou-kun! What's so bad with what you want to buy? Its not like you're buying a pregnancy test." 

That only seemed to make him more anxious as he twitched and fidgeted his fingers; usually a joke like that would make him laugh, but he seemed very self-conscious about whatever he was wanting to buy, " J-just leave it be Ikeda-chan." You could tell you hit a nerve so you let it be, " Okay fine. I'll go grab the toothbrush and you buy whatever. Just meet back at the entrance of the store." He nodded and scurried off in a hurry, you sighed wondering what it was he wanted to buy.

The both of you got what you wanted eventually and began to stroll around the mall for a while in a comfortable silence, as you quietly hummed a song that had been stuck in your head for quite a while.

Kirishima glanced at you, nudging you in the ribs lightly, "What song you humming?"

You looked up at him and shrugged, " A whole new world from Aladdin."

His eyes brightened and a wide grin etched itself onto his face, " I love that song!" 

"Me too! It's been stuck in my head all~ day." 

The two of you laughed, but it ended quickly when a large group of people and cops swarmed the centre of the mall. You pushed through the crowd, Kirishima close behind and when you wormed your way completely through you found both Midoriya and Urarka talking to some police officers which worried you a great deal, " Uraraka! Midoriya!" You called out waving your hands above your head to catch their attention, which thankfully it did. Ochaco ran up to you a fearful expression on her face.

" Hey Raka-chan what happened?" 

Her face fell even more at the question, causing your heart to skip a beat from concern; Kirishima glanced between Uraraka and Midoriya. You grabbed her hands and sent a reassuring smile her way, which calmed her features slightly as she took a deep breath, " I had left Midoriya to grab some stuff, but decided to come back and find him, but when I did the blue haired guy from the USJ incident was holding him by the neck and threatening him and everyone if he did anything. He left and we called security and now he has to go to the police station and talk to the police."

Both your eyes and Kirishima's widened into saucers before you replied, " At least the both of you are okay. I think that's enough trouble for today lets text everyone else and head home." Both of your friends nodded at that.

Your thoughts were spinning, so many questions on your mind.

Why did they go for Midoriya?

Are they planning something?

What if you're a target ?

Chapter Text


You looked around you, finding yourself in a bright room containing nothing but white in every direction.

“ Who are you?” You asked as you turned in circles looking for the gravely, feminine sound.

“You know exactly who I am and you have upset me Y/N.”

You could feel a dark aura, a presence that carried so much malevolence you felt your core shake from fear. You turned back so fast you almost gave yourself whiplash. What you saw made you freeze in horror. A tall lanky form stood in front of you, its body holding a feminity to it. It’s head tilting to the side, covered in short black hair that lay in front of its face. You noticed its’ eyes; blood red, a deep crimson. They carried something far more than hate, far more than malice. It held a deep sense of atrocity in its’ horrid form. A black shadow circling around it as it took a long stride towards you.

You couldn’t move, unable to act; shuddering at the uncomfortable feeling surrounding you. You were terrified, all the memories flooding in, “S-sirkonnen.” You were barely able to mutter out the name, stuttering from the fear you were engulfed in. She was looming over you, your body seeming so small compared to hers. You could feel her bony, long fingers scratch the base of your neck, making you quiver.

“ Why haven’t I been out?” the demon asked, its tone questioning and malicious.

You couldn’t speak, feeling as though your tongue was ripped out of your mouth. That only seemed to anger her as she grabbed your throat, slowly crushing on your windpipe.

“ You seem to forget that without me you are nothing. Only a piece of trash that I have taken. I have made you far greater than you could have ever been on your own.” You felt the air in your lungs dissipate as you struggled against the crushing hand around your neck.

“ You know.. I haven’t told you this, but I used to live inside your mother as well.” Your eyes widened into saucers even as you slowly lost all oxygen in your lungs.

“But she wasn’t a very polite host. She always allowed that wretched man to beat her, not fighting back at all. I threatened to kill you if she didn’t allow me to take control, but the bitch killed herself instead. She loved you too much and was too stubborn to let me out.”

You felt yourself slowly lose consciousness, your eyes blinking to a close as you could faintly hear the demon speak, “ If you don’t let me out soon, I will kill him.” Those words being the last you heard as you lost yourself to the darkness.

You awoke suddenly as you bolted straight up in your bed. You found yourself clinging to your linen sheets as you felt your clothes stick to your body, drenched with sweat. You were panting hard, the adrenaline of the nightmare still flowing through you. To anyone else it was a nightmare, but to you it was much more.


You and the rest of your classmates had gotten to school and had boarded the bus. You were way too tired to talk to anyone due to your restless night. It was also three hours before you usually woke up and you needed some rest. Some shut-eye sounded like a good idea so you headed to an open seat in the back of the bus and slept, making sure to tell everyone not to disturb you.

You felt someone shake your shoulders as you slowly opened your eyes, “Hey Y/N-chan we’re here.” Kirishima was smiling at you; you smiled back and slowly got up and stretched.

As you walked off the bus you and your classmates were confused; you guys had just stopped on a cliff. A group of pro heroes named the Wild, Wild Pussy introduced themselves including a little boy who stood to the side with an uninterested look on his face.

“You kids will have to get to the camp by foot through the forest. If you are not back by noon you will go without lunch.”

Everyone groaned in despair; you were still pretty tired and not in the mood to get into a morning run.

And so it began, “Everyone GO!”

Everyone started to run into the forest jumping off the cliff. At first you all thought it would just be a morning run, up until you were face to face with a bunch monsters made up of different materials including wood and dirt. You were able to zoom past the monsters with agility and speed, while also destroying them using your bandages as weapons.

Todoroki was using his ice to freeze his opponents, Bakugou propelled himself using a series of explosions and blew off their heads with ease; Midoriya used his super strength, and Iida used his speed to his advantage. Everyone else used their own quirks and worked together to get past these obstacles. By the time you got back it was well past noon and you had all collapsed from exhaustion and hunger.

Your stomach was growling as you groaned, “ I. Am. So. Hungry,” you managed to say through your rapid and heavy breathing.

“I could eat a whole ass cow right now, maybe even go into a coma.” Kaminari had stated; you all groaned in agreement.

The hero named Mandalay clapped her hands together as she spoke up, “Good job you guys, it took you longer than expected, but you did well.” She looked towards you, Iida, Midoriya, Bakugou,and Todoroki as you were the first to arrive, “ And you five did a very good job in defeating Pixie Bob’s creations.”

You were all so tired to even speak and just grunted in response. “ Oh and by the way since you guys did so well you can head into the mess hall for food.”

Everyone’s heads snapped up as they looked at eachother. Without a second thought you all got up and bolted into the building. You were met with a buffet of food; you had never seen so much in your life and were you ready to stuff your face.

You all grabbed a chair and started to eat like animals; you moaned delighted to have some food in your belly for the first time that day, “Mmmm this is so~ good.” Everyone was too busy eating, but nodded aggressively to show that they agreed.

Thankfully the teachers and supervisors of the trip had given the class permission to soak in the hot tubs after you all devoured the food. You were relieved to mend your sore muscles with a relaxing bath. As expected the tubs were split by gender; you didn’t want to be anywhere near Mineta anyways.

You stepped into the tub sighing at the feeling of the warm water touching your skin. You leaned into the side of the hot spring making sure to get every inch of your body wet. All the other girls had followed quickly also thankful for the break. Mina had slipped in beside you as you laid your head on the edge of the scorching hot tub.

“ So…”

You turned your head to face the pink skinned girl, humming in response, allowing her to continue, “ You cuffed yet, or still single?”

The question surprised you the slightest bit but you laughed in response, expecting Mina to try and get some gossip out of you during the trip, “ Nah, I’m as single as the last person on earth. Haven’t had the best experience with guys since they used to get scared of my quirk or not like me because of it.”

Mina gasped exaggeratedly, placing a hand over her mouth to add onto the effect, “ How can that be. I knew you were hot, but seeing you naked; you got me questioning if these boys are blind or something!”

You smirk at her dramatic act, planning on being just as mischievous, “ Oh come on, you’re one to talk. Have you seen yourself? A sexy piece of work and a whole ass meal! You got me questioning my sexuality and all.” You wiggle your eyebrows at her, receiving a nudge to the ribs in response, “Oww!” You exaggerate the pain for emphasis, causing the two of you to fall into a fit of giggles.

You turn your body to be able to face Mina better, which made her do the same. You narrow your eyes at her, causing her to give you a inquisitive look. Without a second thought you grab her pink cheeks and pinch them, causing her to squirm in your grasp, swatting your hands in response, “ HEY! Stop that Y/N!”

You laugh as you give her a peck on the nose, cooing at the flushed and flustered expression on her face, “ Your soooo cute Mina. I just love you!”

You let go of her face as she rubbed her slightly swollen cheeks, groaning at the newly given pain, “ Ugh I hate you too.”

You smiled as you leaned back into the tub, the other girls too engrossed in their own conversations to notice the sounds coming from the other side of the hot springs.

“Wait oh my god does that mean Y/N is a lesbian?!” Sero gasped as he questioned his friend with bright, yellow hair.

Kaminari shrugged as he leaned back into the tub, both Bakugou and Kirishima sitting near him, “ Nah girls are like this. They’re straight, but will act lesbian around their friends. It’s kinda hot.”

Bakugou scoffed in response, shaking his damp hair, “ That’s just fucking weird.”

A huge smile erupted onto Kirishima’s face as he spoke, “ That’s just their way of showing that they love their friends.”

While the boys had overheard you and Mina’s conversation they hadn’t realized what the grape boy was up to until he was running and laughing maniacally, “ HAHAHA! I can finally get a glimpse of the girls’ sexy bodies. And get to see some girl on girl action!” The midget ran up to the large, wooden wall disregarding Iida’s words of disapproval as the navy haired boy yelled at him to get back down.

You grimaced at the sound of Mineta’s crazed laughter, but a quick thought crossed your mind. You stood up and out of the pool abruptly, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around your body tightly, the girls watching you questioningly, “ Hey are you already done Y/N-chan?” Tsuyu asked as she pulled her hair into a high bun.

You gave her a quick glance before staring up the tall wall in front of you, “ Nah, just give me a sec,” Your answer was short and quick, because in a matter of seconds you had bent you knees down in a squatting position and you pushed yourself upwards into a high jump, grabbing onto the edge of the wall as you threw your legs over it with ease. You landed on the wall being met with a young boy you had recognized to be Mandalay’s nephew. You patted him on the head before stalking up to the other side of the wall. You could still hear Mineta’s purple balls squish as he used them to crawl up the wooden wall.

Just as he neared the end of the wall you lean over the edge staring at the small boy beneath you, causing him to stop in his tracks. All of the boys eyes had fell upon your frame, eyes widening when they noticed that you were only wearing a towel. You disregarded them as you grabbed Mineta by the bicep, pulling him up to eye level with ease, your other hand holding your towel in place and fully covering your chest.

Your eyes were narrowed and your face carrying a deep scowl, your tone just as venomous, “ I want you to listen the fuck up, grape boy, so listen up good.” You tighten your grasp around his arm, causing him to writhe in pain as he nodded vigorously. An expression of fear and terror erupted on to his face, his eyes widening in horror.

Your hair flew upwards and eyes turned a deep crimson as you stared into the boy’s soul with hatred, sneering at him, “I’m done with your shit. Your getting on my very last nerve. You better stop being a perverted ass. So that means no more trying to peak on the girls while we’re changing or being a nasty flirt. That also means no touching. Your ass is lucky you’re my classmate because I could make you disappear and no one - and i mean no one - would find you. I have my ways and you surely wouldn't enjoy them, but I will still break every fucking bone in your body if you dare try something. Not only that but I will and can get your ass expelled from UA in less than 24 hours tops. No doubt about it, so do you understand?”

He nodded hastily, squirming and quivering in your crushing grasp, “ Y-yes. I’m s-sorry!”

“You better be,” Without a second thought you let go of his arm, his body dropping to the ground with a hard thud; all the boys’ eyes were still watching you carefully, each of their orbs widened at the fear you could instill so easily. None of them even tried to help Mineta from the painful drop he he fell from. They knew you were strong, but intimidation also seemed to be another one of your strong suits. Bakugou couldn’t help but be intrigued by this version of you, the kind who didn’t take people’s shit with ease.

You stood up straight and rolled your shoulders a bit, sparing a glance to your male classmates. Each of them watching you intently, their eyes on your form, causing you to smirk the slightest bit. Kaminari was openly trying to get a glimpse of your boobs, but it was covered up modestly by the white, fluffy towel.

“ Hey Minari! Quit staring or else you’re about to get an ass beating too!” This caused the blonde to flush the slightest bit, but he was too cocky to get flustered.

“ Oh come on I just want a peak!” He winked, a mischievous smirk playing at his lips.

You scoffed blatantly and loudly, “ As if you’re in my league to get a piece of this.” You turned around swiftly, swaying your hips to the side as you grabbed the ledge and threw yourself over it. 

You landed on the ground, the impact of the fall shooting a tingly sensation through your legs. All the girls were smiling in your direction and just as your gaze fell upon their forms they all began to clap and cheer, making you smile as you bowed dramatically, “ Thank you, thank you.”

“YEA Y/N! THAT’S MY GIRL!” Mina hooted with cupped hands to louden her voice.

You threw off the towel and returned into the tub being met with a high five from Jirou, “You’re definitely a badass, I’m happy that someone finally did something about that grape shit.”

You shrugged in response, “ I was getting sick of him. I had to do something.”

“I’ve been feeling quite uncomfortable around him anyways, so I’m quite thankful.” Yaoyorozu smiled at you gratefully and you returned the gesture unhesitantly. You felt bad for Momo especially since she was getting the most harassment from Mineta, so hopefully your threat and warning would finally put him in his place.

You all finished up the bath and went straight to bed. Sleeping was the only thing on your mind at the moment; so it engulfed you easily, your eyes closing to a shut.

Chapter Text

You were woken by a blaring alarm, you rubbed your eyes as you and  the other girls walked out of the wooden cabin. Aizawa was holding a speaker in his hand, his voice booming loud and clear, “Rise and Shine! It’s time to start your training!” Everyone groaned and headed to where you were meant to train for the day.

Everyone was focused on improving their weaknesses. You were sparring with Mandalay to focus more on your athletic ability and learning how to fight without your bandages. Aizawa mentioned that you relied on them too much. You also focused on using your blood in different ways and crystallizing it in different forms with as little blood as possible. You couldn’t rely on using a lot of blood in battle or that would risk you losing too much.

Soon enough you were done for the day and told that you had to make your own food. Everyone started to work together as you got the tables ready since you were a pretty trash cook; usually causing a fire whenever you tried at home, so Aizawa had banned you from it altogether.

You were grabbing some more plates when you noticed Bakugou cutting vegetables so fast that your eyes could barely keep up; you were amazed and in a sense of awe, “Woah Bakugou-kun since when do you know how to cook?”

He turned back to you still cutting the carrot in his hand without looking at it whatsoever, “Pfft I’ve always known how to cook you dumbass, just because you don’t know how to doesn’t mean I’m an idiot like you.”

You retorted annoyed, “ Hey it’s not my fault I don’t know how, I just don’t have any good luck whenever I’m in the kitchen!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes at you, “ Yeah whatever blood bank.” He turned back to the vegetable in his hand and continued to chop it up like a pro.

Soon enough both class 1-A and class 1-B finished up the food and you all dug in and slept for the day. The next day it was the same routine, but this time Pixie Bob said that they would have some fun in store for us at the end of the day.

You finished all your training and ate up your dinner and met up with your supervisors.“ We will be having a competition between the two classes, one class will hide in the woods and get ready to scare the other class as they are put in pairs by draw.” Everyone cheered as Pixie Bob explained what would be happening.  

“ Hah! Class 1-B will beat your filthy class into the dirt!” Monoma’s annoying ass spoke up and laughed maniacally until a girl named Kendo hit him in the neck which caused him to pass out. From the amount of times she was babysitting Monoma’s ass, you could tell she was like the big sister of her class.

Mandalay continued to talk, “ We will start with Class 1-B in the forest and 1-A will partner up from the draw.”

Ashido and Kaminari started to bounce from excitement, until Aizawa ruined their happiness for them, “ No. Kirishima, Sato, Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero will not be competing in the activity. You will come back with me since you failed your practical exams and you will do your extra work.”

They all groaned, upset that they were missing out; you felt bad for them, you smiled sympathetically and waved as they walked off. From the draw you were paired up with Yaoyorozu, being the fifth pair to go in. As the two of you walked into the forest you were already shaking in your boots from the adrenaline, linking arms with Yaoyorozu. You had always loved horror movies and haunted houses for you always felt excited for getting scared.

“ Hey Yoamomo, what do you think they’ll scare us with first?”

Yaoyorozu looked at you and smiled, “ I am not sure Y/N-chan, but I’m pretty sure they are ready to give us quite a scare.”

Just as she said that a smoke started to envelope around the both of you. You let go of her arm and turned to look for the source of the smoke, coughing into your hand. Just as you took a step away from the girl beside you were thrown back by an explosion of blue flames.

You yelled at the top of your lungs over the blue barrier that split the two of you, “YAOYOROZU!!”, but you couldn’t hear her respond. You tried to find a way around it, but it was no use. Maybe if you walked in a different direction you would find someone from either of the classes.

As Aizawa heard the roar of flames he was met with the face of Iida and some of his other students. It seemed that a couple of villains had infiltrated their summer camp. He ran out of the classroom hurriedly, “ Vlad, watch the kids and don’t let them out of this room!” He heard some of the kids oppose, but he was already bolting.

As he turned the corner he saw a man with raven like hair, covered in bruised, purple skin, as if he was stitched up that way. As he fought with the man who controlled blue flames he realized it was just a clone made from mud.

He ignored what had happened and ran to where his students were the last time he saw them. On his way there he was stopped by Midoriya; the boy looked bruised and beat up. He had some serious injuries in his arms and was running only on adrenaline; he was also carrying the young boy that was with the Pussycats.

“Mr. Aizawa! Here take Kota. I need to go help out the rest of my classmates. Also.. The villains are here for Y/N-chan.” Midoriya had said, worry etched across his face.

Aizawa froze as his eyes widened in fear, “ What-” But Midoriya had cut him off, “Listen sir, Ikeda is strong, don’t worry I will find her and get her back safely. I will also tell Mandalay to use her telepath to inform the rest of the students Just take care of Kota for me.”

Aizawa couldn’t answer just nodding to him in response. His thoughts were racing a mile per minute. Why on earth would they want you? What did you do to grab their attention? He prayed for your safety, hoping and wishing that you would be alright. He took the young boy onto his back as Midoriya ran off, “ Wait!” Midoriya turned back before he had gotten too far, “ Also tell Mandalay that I give permission to the students to use their quirks to fight back and defend themselves and each other.”

Midoriya ran off into the direction of where he last was. As he came into vicinity of the circle, through the trees he saw that Mandalay and Tiger fighting off some villains. With some of the strength he still had he ran and jumped into the lizard man’s sword breaking it.

“ Mandalay! Aizawa told me to tell you that he has given permission to allow us to use our quirks to defend ourselves from the villains. I also want you to tell them that they are after Ikeda-chan.” Mandalay nodded and used her quirk, telepath, to inform all the students.

You were still walking off, having no idea as to where you were going. You were still trying to get some air into your lungs as the smoke from earlier had impacted your breathing greatly. All of a sudden you heard Mandalay’s voice in your head giving you permission from Aizawa to fight. What surprised you was that she had said that the villains were after you.  You had no idea why that was though.

All you knew was that you were in danger .

Chapter Text

Bakugou and Todoroki were walking when they heard the sound of trees breaking down as someone laughed crazily. Some guy with metal teeth had come face to face with them. Just as Katsuki started to run towards the crazy villain he stopped when he heard a lady’s voice speak in his head.

‘They were after Y/N? But why? What the fuck did the villains want with you?’

Todoroki spoke up, “ Bakugou we have no time to fight this villain, we need to go find Ikeda, she’s the only one here in real danger.”

Bakugou growled in response, “ Fucking hell, why the fuck do they even want to kidnap her?”

Todoroki responded, but his voice held a tint of worry, “ I am not sure, but we should ignore this guy and run.” Bakugou wanted to fight, but he knew saving you was more important, but they weren’t given the chance as the villain charged towards the two boys.

Todoroki used his foot to create a huge ice pillar to try and stop the villain from coming any closer but the toothy villain had broken through with so much ease screaming and hollering at the top of his lungs, “MEAT! I want to eat some Meat!” The boys grimaced at the sound of his voice, this guy was clearly a psychopath.

Just as Bakugou went in for another hit the ground rumbled as he heard someone shouting, “ Kachaan! Todoroki! Ignite your flame quirks!” He looked in the direction of the voice to see Deku on the back of the dupli-arm guy named Shoji. He had no idea why he was ordering him around, until he saw Dark Shadow raging in a much larger form; Tokoyami was engulfed by his quirk’s darkness .

Todoroki was going to use his flames, but Bakugou stopped him. He wanted to allow Dark Shadow to knock out the crazy bastard. Just as the shadow pummelled their enemy into the ground the two boys started up their quirks in the direction of Tokoyami.

The shadow calmed down and Fumikage fell down with a hard thud, sparing an apologizing glance towards his fellow classmates,  “ I am sorry I couldn’t control Dark Shadow, I was just so upset the villain had injured Shoji.” He looked at the ground embarrassed at what had just happened.

Shoji reassured him everything was okay and that he shouldn’t beat himself up over a simple mistake; he was the first to speak about the issue at hand, “ We have to find Ikeda, she’s in danger and we need to get her safely back to the teachers and regroup with the others.” Just as he said that they heard shuffling coming from the woods; they all got ready to attack at the mysterious figure, but were met with a familiar face.

You were walked around having no idea where you were headed, when you looked up to see a familiar ice pillar. You walked in the direction holding your arm that had been burned by the flames. As you walked through the last bit of trees into the opening you saw Bakugou, Todoroki, Midoriya, Shoji, and Tokoyami. You collapsed onto the ground too tired to move, the boys ran up to you Midoriya yelling, “ Ikeda! Are you okay?”

As the boys stopped in front of you, you waved your arm dismissively, “ I’m fine -cough- don’t worry about it.”

Bakugou seethed at your lies, he didn't understand why you were acting like you were okay, “ Bullshit!” Everyone turned to look at him, “ Your left arm is burned and you can barely breathe. Not only that, but those fucking bastards are trying to kidnap you!”

You looked at him with wide eyes, you were surprised by his concern, even as a sudden outburst. You ignored Bakugou's yelling and spared a glance at Shoji to find his arm was bleeding profusely, “ Shoji are you okay? Where did you get that injury?” Shoji shrugged it off, “ It’s nothing just one of the villains got me.” You stood up and grabbed the tentacle, examining it. “ Okay let me heal it real quick.”

“Heal it? You can do that?” But you had already started to “heal” it. It was more like you stopped his arm from bleeding anymore as the red liquid disappeared into thin air. Everyone looked at you amazed, “ That is quite useful, Ikeda,” Tokoyami smiled at the sight of his healed friend. You smiled back, “ It kind of is for the time being, but he will still need some medical attention.” Shoji thanked you and nodded in acknowledgement.

Midoriya spoke up next, “ Okay I have a plan. Since we can’t follow the path or go straight since it’s likely we will come across some villains we should go straight through the forest and meet with the teachers.” Everyone nodded, even Bakugou, but you could tell he was frustrated.

You stood their in complete disbelief as your classmates decided on what to do to make sure you were okay, but you couldn’t let them. They could get hurt trying to protect you and you would only blame yourself. “ Wait.” The boys stopped talking and looked at you. “ There’s no need for all of this, I’m going to go with them either way.”

The boys all looked at you in shock. “Y/N-chan, but you can’t! Who knows what they will do to you or why they even want you!” Midoriya yelled with a worrisome tone.

“ I agree with Midoriya, Ikeda. There is no need for you to be kidnapped.” Tokoyami was next to speak.

“ We need to keep you safe Y/N-chan. Why would you want to do such a thing?” Todoroki studied your expressions, eyes roaming your face trying to uncover the meaning behind your words. His usual stoic mannerisms ignored as his eyes watched you with uncertainty and bewilderment.

Even Shoji had voiced his concerns, “ We need to get you to the teachers as quickly as possible.”

Bakugou didn’t utter a single word. He was so confused, still staring at you in shock. He wanted to understand why the fuck you would do such a thing, but he got his answer in the following moments.

You took in a shaky breath, “ It’s because I can’t let any of you risk your lives to protect me, I would never forgive myself if any of you were hurt or  injured because of me. If they came here just to get me, that means they caused this whole mess for me. Some of my classmates are injured somewhere in the forest and it’s my fault. The sooner I go with them, the quicker this mess will be over.”

Bakugou seemed to fume at your words, walking up to you as he grabbed you harshly by your shirt, “If you think I’m going to fucking let you do some self-sacrificial bullshit you're dead wrong. Can you imagine the pain your family would feel if they lost you to the villains or your fucking friends?! You can’t go around being selfish like that! I can’t fucking believe you!” He was screaming in your face, shaking from the anger that rolled off of him in waves; none of the boys said a word as they didn’t want to get involved. You couldn’t say a word, for your voice had died in your throat. He then let go of your shirt, pushing you off and walking away while the explosions on his hand exploded in fury.

“ I uh-” You didn’t even know what to say, you were speechless. You stood there for knows how long, but it was probably just mere seconds.

After Bakugou had cooled off a bit he walked back to the group that stood there in silence. “ Alright then you asshats let’s get going, we have no time to be standing here.” He barked out orders as if he was the leader, but no one opposed him, even you still couldn’t say anything.

They got into formation, Shoji and Midoriya in front, Bakugou on your left side, Todoroki on your right  and Tokoyami took the back. You still didn’t want to go through with the plan, but knew you would have trouble convincing these boy's otherwise.



Back at the facility the students were panicking, not knowing what to do. Kirishima was closing his fists so tightly that his knuckles had turned ghastly white, “ I need to go.” Everyone turned to the red head.

“No Kirishima, it’s too dangerous.” Vlad King looked at him sternly, his words authoritative and commanding. Even Iida spoke up, “It’s not a good idea to go out there. If we go out we will just be more of a burden to the teachers since we could get hurt or worse... killed.”

Kirishima thoughts were speeding a mile per second; all his emotions visible across his strained and upset face, “ STILL!” Everyone watched him with wide eyes, “ Y/N is out there! God knows if they got her yet. She’s my damn friend and I need to make sure she’s safe. I can’t let them take her away!”

Mina walked up to him, putting a supportive hand on his shoulder; her eyes watering for both the boy by her side and you, “ It’s okay Eijiro-kun. Hopefully Y/N is okay, all we can do is hope for the best.”

Kirishima let out a shaky breath as he and his classmates waited for what was to come.

As the group ran in the direction of the building, they came across Asui and Uraraka; the brunette was found straddling a blonde chick a little older than them, a mischievous smile playing at her lips. They all ran faster, losing their formation entirely. Catching a glimpse of the group of teenagers Toga pushed Uraraka off of her and skipped off, knowing that she had no chance fighting that many of the students.

“ Hey Uraraka! Tsuyu! Are you guys okay?” Midoriya had asked as they approached them quickly.

“ Oh yea we’re fine, just some lunatic that attacked us.” Uraraka said to the group of boys.

Midoriya answered back, “ You should join us, we’re escorting Y/N-chan to the facility where the teachers are.”

Asui and Uraraka looked at eachother then Tsuyu spoke up, “ Your escorting Y/N?”

Bakugou seemed to get angry at that, “ Of fucking course we are, she’s right… here.” But as he turned both you and Tokoyami were gone. Instead of anger Bakugou was now filled with fear in his veins; his angry demeanor had diminished the slightest bit, “ What the-  She was right here, bird brain too.”


Absolute Silence.

“ You mean this little thing?” Everyone snapped their heads in the direction of the voice only to be met with a masked man wearing a long, beige trench coat. He was playing with some marbles in his right hand. “ Well she and that bird friend of yours were taken by my magic. I really did hit the jackpot, getting not one, but two powerful students.”

Bakugou’s blood started to boil; he should’ve watched you more carefully, he shouldn’t have ran without making sure you were right beside him. This was their fault and now they had to fix their mistake.

“ Give them back to us!” Uraraka screamed at the man standing on the trees.

“ Eh? Give them back, why should I do that? They aren’t some objects that you can have.

The man replied with a mischievous tone. “But it does seem that this girl is quite the brave one, since she tried to defeat Shigaraki’s Nomu. I heard it was all for her dad. How sweet; not only is she courageous, but would risk her life for those she cares about. Amiright?”

Bakugou seethed at the man. How dare this guy steal Y/N and then have the audacity to speak her name as if he knew her, “ You don’t know a single fucking thing about her!!”

Mr. Compress replied, they could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke, “ Ah, it seems that she has some friends that care about her as well. Well that’s nice.”

Todoroki shot a large-scale ice attack in Mr.Compress’ direction only for the man to dodge with ease, “ Oh it won’t be that easy to catch me. I am a master of escape and capture. Nice meeting ya, I’ll see ya around.” And like that the man was on his way, practically flying in the air as he jumped from treetop to treetop.

Everyone started to run in his direction breathing hard as their hearts pounded quickly in their chests. They weren’t going to let you go that easily. Bakugou had stopped the group. “ We have to find a way to catch them. I- We can’t let them take her.” His voice was laced with emotion and pain. No one had ever seen Bakugou like this; the look of desperation on his face just made it hurt even more.

He took a deep breath, “ Listen up. We can’t catch up to him on foot, so we are gonna have roundface here float us and the frog girl will use her tongue to give us some power as we’re propelled through the air. Arms dude will hold us to make sure we don’t fall.”

Midoriya spoke with a hopeful tone, “ Alright Kachaan we got this!”

Uraraka had made the four boys float and Asui wrapped her tongue around them, getting ready to propel them in the air until Bakugou said so, “ NOW!” And the boys were off, zooming through the air like a plane. They were getting closer and closer. Just as Mr.Compress was about to land the four boys jumped on top of him causing him to get smashed into the ground.

They looked around them to see multiple villains standing around, and the man underneath them had disappeared and reappeared beside a guy with some purple, bruised skin. He turned to Mr.Compress addressing him, “Ikeda?”

Mr.Compress felt his pockets only to be answered by Shoji, “ Looking for these?” He had the two marbles in his hand and was satisfied with himself, “ Let’s get going, there’s no reason to waste anymore time.”

But in response he got a dry chuckle, “ Oh that’s gold. You really thought I would let you get them so easily.” He took off his mask and opened his mouth to show two marbles underneath his tongue, he then snapped his fingers. Two pieces of ice appeared in Shoji’s hand. Todoroki questioned the man, “What the- Did you use my ice as a fake?”

Mr. Compress laughed once again, “ Ah, your a clever one. Well yes, I used the ice from your attack to make two fakes. It’s funny how I gave you such ho-” He was interrupted by a laser to the face; Aoyama had come out the forest shaking.

With that attack the two marbles fell from Mr. Compress’ mouth. Shoji, Midoriya and Todoroki ran to grab the marbles. Midoriya collapsed on his face due to the lack of energy he had left. Bakugou started to run too, but got occupied with Twice, the man wouldn’t let Bakugou pass. Bakugou was pissed off, not ready to lose you. He threw some explosions at the man in the black and grey suit screaming in rage, “ DIE!!! AND GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!”  But Twice wasn’t going down that easily. Bakugou had enough, using all of his power he hit Twice with a huge explosion reeling him and his opponent backwards. He got up quickly and ran after the marbles in the air even if he knew that he would be too late to catch them.

Shoji grabbed a hold of one of the marbles with an extended hand. As Todoroki ran for the other; he was almost there, he almost got you. He could actually save you, one of his first friends. Someone that was so kind and caring; someone he wanted to grow with.

But he was too late.

For in the blink of an eye a portal had opened up in front of him and Dabi’s hand had shot out and grabbed the blue marble. Everyone’s eyes had widened at the warp gate in front of them; it meant the villains from the USJ were after you. The portal disappeared and reappeared farther away, with Mr. Compress and Dabi standing there with disgusting smiles on their face.

“ Ah Shouto Todoroki, trying to save the damsel in distress. Too bad you failed.” Dabi smirked with a sinister look on his face, “Release it.”

Mr. Compress snapped his fingers that released Tokoyami who was standing with Shoji and Y/N who had a hand wrapped around her neck tightly. The look of despair on your face made Bakugou’s stomach churn. He screamed at the top of his lungs as he propelled himself as strong as possible in your direction, “ LET HER GO!!”

Everyone started to run to the portal that you stood in. You watched as you saw the frantic looks on your friends’ faces, as they ran towards you determined to not let you go. You felt someone slowly pull you back as Bakugou was only a couple feet away from you. You barely managed a whisper from the hand grabbing onto your neck tightly.

“ Bakugou. Stay back.” Silent tears rolled down your cheeks as you were pulled back into the portal. You were desperate to keep them safe, Bakugou safe, even if it meant that you would be gone.

Bakugou reached his arm out ready to grab onto you, but he was too late, too slow. You were already gone as the portal vanished. He fell down with a thud as his quirk shut off.

Uraraka and Asui had finally caught up only to be met with the horror that they were terrified to face; they had lost you to the villains. Uraraka let out a choked out sob as she realized that she had lost her friend; Asui held onto her crying as well. Aoyama stood at the treeline crying, clinging to his clothes for comfort; Todoroki stood there in utter shock, he couldn’t save you and it was his fault. Midoriya looked up to see that he had failed to protect you and keep his promise to Mr. Aizawa; Shoji and Tokoyami stood there in silence as they stared at the place you last stood.

Bakugou pushed himself off the floor only to see that the warp was really gone. “ N-No. No, no, no, no.” His chest started to hurt and the air in his lungs started to disappear. His breaths started to quicken and he couldn’t breathe. He doubled over as pain shot threw his heart like a knife in the chest. He started to scream, as he let silent tears fall from his crimson irises onto the ground, his whole body shaking; tiny explosions set off into the earth as he grabbed the grass.

Aizawa ran into the clearing, what he saw was something he never wanted to see. His students were crying at the loss of their friend, classmate. And he - he had lost his daughter; he had lost the one person who made his life complete and she was gone. He wasn’t able to protect his students nor his child; the one he swore to protect ever since she came into his life. He was supposed to keep her safe from all evil, up until she was able to defend herself as a pro hero.

It felt as if he had lost a part of himself at that moment, like a part of his heart had died. You were the only family he had left. He cried silently watching his students break down at the horrible turn of events.

He had failed.

They had lost.

On that fateful day there was only pain.




And despair.

For they had all lost someone that day; a friend, classmate, companion, student and daughter.

Chapter Text

The last four days were filled with complete and utter confusion and sadness. Even though you were only kidnapped everyone still felt like they had lost you. Your grin and good-natured personality always managed to put smiles on your classmates’ faces, but with you gone the group of students felt only grief.

Bakugou was filled with only emptiness and numbness. He felt like he couldn’t function anymore. The last few nights were sleepless as he laid awake replaying the day he lost you. He never realized it, but when he saw you disappear into the abyss of darkness; he realized he cared about you. He truly did.

Even though the two of you didn’t have the greatest relationship and were barely even friends he couldn’t help but slowly fall for you. He always shoved down his feelings, saying that it was just his stupid hormones, but it was much more than that.

You were strong and determined, never backing down from a fight. You were caring and kind, always trying to help others. You were brave and daring, ready to put your life on the line for those you held dear. You were strategic and resourceful, knowing your way in and out of every situation. And you were beautiful, absolutely beautiful; from your glimmering (e/c) orbs, to your breathtaking smile and cheery laughter.

All he could do was blame himself over and over again for not watching you carefully, for not keeping you safe. He felt so much guilt that it was eating him from the inside out. How could he call himself a hero if he couldn’t even protect you. It was to the point he didn’t even have the energy to yell at anyone anymore, let alone talk.

His mother opened the door slowly, “ Hey Katsuki-kun, I have some dinner for you.” Bakugou grunted in response as Mitsuki Bakugou placed the plate of steaming rice and steak onto his desk.

Mitsuki and Masura knew that going through such a thing was horrible and of course their son would be affected by it, but they never knew it would be this bad.

Bakugou stared up at the ceiling only thinking about one thing.





Aizawa, Vlad, and Principal Nedzu were in a press conference, ready to discuss with the media about what had happened at the summer camp. As soon as the three staff members sat down they were being bombarded by all types of question.

“ Why was the league of villains there?”

“ Why didn’t you protect your students better?”

“ Does UA not care for the safety of their students?”

Aizawa was upset, he really was. He always hated the media for this reason; they always fabricated lies. How could they not understand that the school did everything in their power to protect the students; they were their number one priority. He stood up to address the crowd of chattering journalists.

A man in brown hair rose up from his seat as well, “ You spoke about the students’ safety, Eraserhead. During the incident it appears that you urged them to fight. What was your intention with this act?”

Aizawa replied with a composed and collected manner, “ I made this decision because we didn’t have a full grasp of the situation at hand. It had to be done to avoid the worst possible scenario.”

Nedzu spoke up as well, “ The gas that was used to attack the students was found to be a sleeping gas which caused most of the injuries, but thanks to the work of Ms. Kendo and Mr. Tetsutetsu there was no serious physical trauma. We are also providing psychological care for the students to help them get through this traumatic experience.”

But that didn’t seem to satisfy the reporter as he replied with a dissatisfied look on his face, “And you think that 26 injured students and a kidnapped child isn’t the worst possible scenario?”

Aizawa had to stay calm, so he did, “ Of course this is never what we wanted, but if we had not given them permission to defend themselves we could have had many more injuries, maybe even deaths. Even so, we believe that the infringement on the future of these young and upcoming heroes would have been the worst possible outcome.”

The reporter didn’t seem to back down even with the answer he was given, “ Could you say the same for Y/N Ikeda?” Aizawa’s eyes widened as the man continued, “ What if the villains had abducted this girl for her quirk? Her performance at the Sports Festival allows us to believe that she had a blood manipulation quirk. What if they chose her because her power is similar to the infamous Stain? Such a quirk is powerful and quite villainous and could be used in the hands of these villains as a great weapon. And who could say that they don’t turn her against the heroes and convince her to join them? Can you say that this young girl truly has a future ahead of her?”

Nedzu and Vlad looked at each other worried that Aizawa would act irrationally; they had hit a nerve speaking about his daughter like that. Aizawa straightened himself as he answered the journalist standing in front of him.

“ Ikeda has fought harder than anyone I know to be accepted into UA high school. I have watched her grow up determined to become a great hero. She has never backed down from a challenge and I know for a fact that these villains are consumed with ignorance to believe they can turn her to the dark side; she is my daughter after all.”

The world never knew that Aizawa had a child, he had kept it under wraps for nearly a decade, but he knew the only way to prove that Y/N would never turn evil was to tell the world about her. His response only awakened another series of unanswered questions as he turned and walked away, not answering any of them.




After the incident those who had severe injuries were admitted to the hospital while the rest of them only had some some scratches here and there. Midoriya had broken both his arms once again, but this time the doctor told him that if they were injured a couple more times he could lose feeling in his arms altogether.

He had woken up from a restless sleep and was staring off into the distance. His train of thought was interrupted when he heard the door creak open, as he turned to see the person at the door he was met with the familiar face of Kaminari.

As the blonde boy widened the door Midoriya was met with what seemed to be his entire class. Even Bakugou had shown up, which surprised him; but he realized that Kirishima had probably forced him to come along. It was weird for him to see Kachaan this way; his eyes were sunken in and he had a vacant look on his face that made him look emotionless.

Kaminari had a smile on his face despite everything that happened, “ Oi, Midoriya you’re awake! Have you seen the news? The school’s been swarmed by the media.”

Midoriya ignored his question, “ Is everyone from class 1-A here?”

Uraraka answered with a dejected look on her face, “ Only sixteen of us. Hagakure and Jirou are still unconscious and Yaoyorozu had received a pretty bad head injury.”

“And Ikeda is not here.” Todoroki stated unfazed, but deep down inside he was in pain. He was the reason you were kidnapped. If he had only been faster, quicker maybe you would be here with them now. Even if the two of you had barely just become friends he still felt guilty losing such a loved classmate.

Everyone snapped their heads in his direction, whisper yelling at him to stop talking. Bakugou was brought back to earth when he heard your name. He looked up to realize that he was in Deku’s hospital room. He didn’t even have the energy to glare at the greenette.

When Midoriya realized that you weren’t there his eyes had glazed over. His eyes welled up with tears as he spoke. “ All Might once told me that you can’t save people you can’t reach. My body couldn’t move and I couldn’t reach her.” He felt as if he had failed; how could he call himself a hero if he couldn’t save his own friend. Tears fell down his face as everyone choked up at the scene of their friend breaking down.

Kirishima spoke up, “ Then let’s save her this time.” Everyone’s mouths gaped in shock at what he had said.


The Day Before

Kirishima walked into the hospital, Bakugou in tow. He wanted to check up on Midoriya since he heard he was injured pretty bad. Mitsuki had told Kirishima that Bakugou was in a bad place right now and he thought that taking him out could help clear his friend’s mind.

As they walked in the direction of their fellow classmate’s room they bumped into the dual-haired boy. “ Hey Todoroki! What are you doing here?”

“ Oh, I couldn’t sit at home so I came here.”

Kirishima smiled at him, “ Ah I see, well you should join me and Bakubro to check up on Midoriya,” Eijirou spoke as he hit Katsuki’s back. Bakugou scowled at him, but didn’t say anything.

As they walked down the hall they overheard Yaoyorozu speaking to All Might and Naomasa about how she had managed to place a tracking device on one of the Nomu’s she had encountered. 

The three boys looked at eachother. Bakugou spoke up for the first time in what felt like months, his voice was hoarse as he talked, “ We have to save her. We’ll ask Yaoyorozu to make another copy of the tracking device so we can find out where Y/N is. It will be me, Kirishima, Todoroki and Yaoyorozu if she wants. We can get one or two more people to join us. We can meet up tomorrow at the entrance of the hospital.”

The boys agreed with the plan as they were determined to not lose this time.


Back to Now

Iida was as upset as anyone of his classmates; of course he wanted to get you back, you were his friend after all, but he couldn’t allow them to do this. “ So you expect Yaoyorozu to make a second copy of the receiver?”

They responded with silence, Tenya’s voice started to raise as he got angrier, “ It’s just as All Might said. Leave it to the pros! We have no qualifications to go after her!!” Everyone went dead silent, those covering their mouths in shock and others just staring at Iida.

Kirishima responded with the same anger and pain inflicted in his voice, “ WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!! I stood along the sidelines, not being able to save my friend. I did nothing; i was completely useless and I will be damned if I don’t try and save her this time!”

He looked over to his friend that laid in the hospital bed, “Midoriya you can reach this time. We can save her!”

Asui started to voice her own concerns, “ I know we all want to save her, but going to rescue her without a provisional license is against the law. You would just be as bad as the villains.”

Bakugou began to seethe and shake from rage, “ I don’t give a single fuck as to what any of you want us to do! We are going to fucking save her this time and if any of you try to stop me I will fucking kill you along with the bastards that abducted Y/N!”

No one could say a word.

Chapter Text

You opened your eyes only for your vision to be blurry and spotty as your head throbbed from a pain you had no idea where you obtained. As you focused more on your surroundings you noticed that you were in a run-down bar and when you glanced down you were covered in chains. There were steel handcuffs large enough for them to cover your bandages entirely. These villains are clever.

The little blood princess is finally awake. We’ve been waiting for you Y/N .” Dabi’s voice was threatening and malicious.

You were surrounded by seven villains from what you could see; you were eyeing them down carefully, assessing them thoroughly. You didn’t recognize most of them in all honesty, only Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Dabi. You noticed a small blonde girl with shimmering, golden, cat-like eyes, two space buns on top of her head and a shit-eating grin; there was a man in a long brown trench coat and a mask, a scaly lizard-like man and another with glasses and an orange shirt. Shigaraki stalked up to you leaning down to your face level, “ Did you really think you would get away with hurting my precious Nomu? I told you I would get you back for it and here you are right where I want you.”

You scoffed in his face, “ Is this really why you kidnapped me? All that trouble for some petty reason? Damn all of this just for some stupid revenge; y'all must be dumb to think that you’ll hurt me that easily.”

Dabi took a couple of steps towards you, his eyes gleaming with mischief, “ You know, we’ve been keeping tabs on you for quite a while now.”  You narrow your eyes glaring at the man in front of you.

“ How?”

A smirk played at his lips as he neared your seat, “ We’ve been watching you. Where you go, where you live. We dug a little into your history as well. We know about how Eraserhead is your guardian and your real father has been in jail for nearly a decade. It seems that your mother went off and killed herself when you were five. Quite a tragic backstory if I say so myself.”

Your eyes widened in shock as you growled, shaking your chains in response, “ Don’t you dare talk about my mom!”

It was Shigaraki’s turn to speak, he chuckled menacingly at the sight of you, “ Must be a soft spot for you, how sweet.”

Togo started to hop from foot to foot clapping her hands enthusiastically, “ YAY! Finally, a pretty little girl that I can play with. She’s also quite feisty, I like her! Won’t she look great covered in blood?!” You grimace in disgust from the girl’s outward psychopathic tendencies.

“ Now now Toga, remember we can’t make her bleed or else she’ll use her little blood quirk against us; we don’t want that now do we?” Dabi had turned to the blonde girl beside him.

“ Awe, no fun. I wanted to cut her up!” Toga pouted, her bottom lip protruding; this girl may have been only a little older than you, but she looked absolutely nuts.

“ Oh don’t worry, we can still have some fun with her.” Shigaraki tilted his head and took off the disembodied hand on his face displaying a menacing grin that reached both his ears as the cracked and dry skin around his face made him seem even more disturbing.

Not long after the torture and torment had begun.                                                                     


Bakugou had gotten himself ready to leave, packing all the belongings he needed into a small backpack. He had everything planned out and had a goal in mind. He was sure to save you this time, to protect you. He was never going to let you go again. He made a promise to himself.

He and the others had met up in front of the hospital gates. Deku and Yaoyorozu walked out of the building together, struggled expressions on their faces.

“ Are you two extras going to come or not?” Katsuki wanted to get going and in his opinion, these two were just slowing him down.

Just as Yaoyorozu began to speak Iida ran up to them seemingly out of nowhere, panting hard as he came to a full stop in front of the group, “ Are you really going through with this?!”

Bakugou was getting more irritated by the second and they were only wasting time, “Yes four-eyes. Do you have a problem with that?”

“ I will not let you leave, you can’t! You don’t have the right to go on a rescue mission.”

Midoriya spoke up next, his expression carrying sadness and regret, “I know that Iida, but do we just leave Ikeda with the villains and wait until the heroes save her? We don’t even know how long it will take for them to find her.”

The sound of Iida’s knuckles meeting Midoriya’s jaw caught everyone’s attention as Iida’s yelled furiously, “ NO! THE HEROES WILL SAVE HER!”

Everyone stared in shock, eyes widened to an extreme. Bakugou seemed unfazed as he stalked up to Iida, “ What if they don’t?! Huh? What would we do then; just leave her? You're not going to fucking stop me!”

With some pondering on Iida’s part, he made a decision, “Fine then, but I am going to go with you to make sure you don’t make any rash decisions.”

Bakugou huffed a breath of irritation, “ Alright, but don’t get in my fucking way.” Yaoyorozu and Midoriya decided to tag along as the six of them got onto the train that would lead them to their destination.

When they arrived it was so much different from Musutafu, the streets were well-kept to an extreme. Tall glass buildings surrounded by a variety of stores; fancy restaurants littering every corner and every street. The group of teenagers looked so out of place, so they went into one of the stores and each got a disguise so no one could recognize them. Everyone wore different clothes, each of the outfits changing their appearances to an extent.

Yaoyorozu wore a fuchsia colored maxi dress, a gold accented necklace, and blue sunglasses; her hair put in an updo, strands of her ebony colored hair framing her face. Iida slicked back his hair and added on a fake mustache for effect; he wore a white dress shirt, with a red bow tie and matching red suspenders that were tucked into black trousers. Todoroki wore a black colored wig - his white hair peeking out from underneath - and a white dress shirt with a black vest overtop. Kirishima had his hair down with metal sticking out of his head like horns, he wore a maroon jacket over a white top. Midoriya wore his own sunglasses, a fake beard on his chin, and a pink shirt underneath a blue blazer. Bakugou wore a black baseball cap that matched with a black leather jacket that he wore overtop of his maroon T-shirt.  

After each of them was pleased with their appearances, Yaoyorozu took the lead as she was followed by the boys who were close behind. Going through multiple streets and alleyways the group neared the location.

“ Are we almost there or what?” Kirishima grew impatient, walking hurriedly by Momo’s side.

She glanced down at the device in her hand and back up in front of her, “ We’re almost there Kirishima, just a couple more feet and……”


The group looked up to see an abandoned and wore down warehouse; it was nothing like the magnificent skyscrapers they encountered on their way here. Bakugou’s hands began to pop with explosions as he marched to the steps of the building only to be grabbed by the back of his collar. Turning around, ready to blast the person behind him, he was met with Iida’s familiar face who spoke up with a stern expression, “Bakugou we can’t be irrational and just break in from the front door, we don’t even know if she’s really here.”

Bakugou didn’t want to wait any longer, “ Then what do you fucking suggest?”

Midoriya spoke up timidly, “ T-there’s an alley r-right beside the building, we can go through there and c-check out if we can see a-anything from the ou-outside.” Bakugou glared at him but agreed to the plan. They all crept beside the building and had Kirishima and Bakugou go on the others’ shoulder to get a glimpse of the inside.

“ It’s so dark in there. Wait I think I see something,” Kirishima was peering into the small window on the side of the building, “ O-oh my god.”

“ What is it shitty hair, give me the damn binoculars,” what he saw made his stomach churn in disgust. There were Nomu all over the place and it looked like the League of Villains were creating them from scratch; what he couldn’t find was you.

Only mere seconds later they heard cars pull up in front of the warehouse; from what they could hear it seemed to be a lot of cops and some pro-heroes as well, “ Open up and come out with your hands in the air!” One police officer barked from the entrance, but there was no response. Mt. Lady grew in size and smashed the front of the building, allowing Best Jeanist, Gang Orca and the police force to raid the building and grab ahold of the Nomu.

You were drenched in water and felt aching all over your body; such excruciating pain. The villains really didn’t go easy on you; their methods of tormenting you were despicable. They gave you no time to heal, coming at you one after the other. What they made sure to do was not get you to bleed; what they didn’t know was that they had let a droplet of blood fall.

With the blood you had, you crystallized it and began to covertly cut through your chains out of their line of vision. Even though you felt nothing more than a fraction of your strength left that didn’t stop you from fighting. They were laughing insanely watching you struggle. You couldn’t understand how they enjoyed hurting people, but they were villains after all.

As they got tired of watching you suffer, most of them had left to grab a drink leaving only you and Dabi in the room. The look in his eyes was frightening, death-like. He squinted his eyes, his tone both mischievous and vicious, “ I guess it’s just me and you now little girl. Aren’t you having fun?”

You had to distract him; you were almost through cutting your chains and knew you had no chance against seven of them so Dabi would have to do. “ Oh yeah,  so much fun; I just love getting tortured.” Your tone dripping with sarcasm, but you didn’t care. Dabi smiled at your will to fight, “ Still talking back, are we? Well, aren’t you gutsy?”

“ Don’t take me for a fool Dabi I am not some helpless little princess.” You weren’t really planning to get under his skin, but you wanted to waste some time. “ You know it’s quite a shame you guys are putting me through all of this, I was really hoping to join this prestigious league of yours.”

Dabi’s eyes widened for a split second until he realized your sarcastic nature was beginning tricking him, “ Yeah nice try, as if we’d believe that you would turn evil so quickly, but it would’ve been a great pleasure having you on our side. You got some balls and not to mention your quite strong as well; I’m kind of sick of Toga, she can be a real pain.”

“ Oh Dabi is that any way to speak about your associate, let alone a girl? You should be more of a gentleman, no woman is going to love you if you act this way,” Honestly you were having some fun provoking the man in front of you.

“ Oh Y/N you’re acting as if I want a woman when I have…. you .” He had stalked up to you, his face so close that you could see his pupils dilating. “ Why the fuck do you want me?”

He grabbed you by the chin as he let out a soft chuckle, “You are quite the pretty one, in just a couple of years I bet that you’d be even more beautiful.” You felt nauseated, his tone and the look in his eyes containing a revolting desire. He dragged his index finger along your jaw, causing you to quiver under his touch.

You spat in his face moving your head out of his filthy hand, “ You are a rotten fuck you know that? Go find a lady your age you pedophile.”

“ Now, now I am the host here and you will do as I say.” He wiped the spit off his face and reached a hand out to tuck a piece of your (h/c) locks.

The rest of the villains walked back in Fuck, I’m too late.  Toga ran up to you shoving Dabi away, “ Hey don’t touch her it’s my turn for some fun!”

You were only a centimeter away from cutting through the steel. Just a little more; and……. done. Breaking the chain holding down your upper body you stood up abruptly but felt a little dizzy at the sudden action. You hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for days - only a few sips of water they gave you - and the torture they put you through only added onto your weakness.

“You think you're going to get away that easily?” Shigaraki's eyes gleamed with anger as he scratched his neck furiously at the sudden change of events.

Problem was that your hands were still chained together, but that was no big deal. These guys never had a clue about what you actually were. You smirked as you snapped the steel handcuffs with ease; they all gaped in shock. “ But how? That’s some strong metal, how did she do that?!” Spinner looked at you in utter confusion.

“Oh, you guys don’t know shit about my power. You thought my quirk was just blood? Well, you were completely wrong.” Your irises had turned blood red and your hair started to defy the concept of gravity as it flew upwards. You didn’t have much energy left and you weren’t anywhere close to your full power, but you could still manage.

In the blink of an eye, you were beside Spinner, punching him hard in the gut. You moved onto Magne who had no time to react; grabbing him by the shoulders you kneed the man in the glasses hard in the crotch. You were about to attack another when you heard a muffled voice call from the other side of the door, “ Pizza Delivery!”

Everyone looked at the door bewildered, but you knew what it meant from the many hostage situations that Aizawa had told you about. You ran to the other side of the room as the door was smashed open. All Might broke in with Kamui Woods and Edgeshot at his side. Edgeshot distracted the once perplexed villains as Woods restrained them all with his quirk. All Might ran towards you but was too late. You were enveloped in a purple portal that transported you somewhere else.

“ IKEDA!!!”

Even those restrained from Kamui Woods’ attack disappear in an instant. In return, they were toe to toe with the monsters known as Nomu. Even Endeavor who was standing outside rushed into the scene.

“All Might go! I got this!” He yelled at the number one hero.

Chapter Text

The group watched as each and every Nomu was captured before their eyes; the heroes’ plans had ultimately failed. The once restrained Nomu had disappeared out of thin air and a man with incredibly immense power named All For One had shown up and taken down every single officer and hero that stood in his way. Not long after you and several other villains had shown up.


Bakugou was confused; the girl had just shown up out of nowhere, but he soon realized that the warp gate villain had probably brought her through his portals.

You had shown up in a collapsed warehouse; as you looked around you saw multiple pro heroes defeated and seemingly unconscious. A man with a mask stood there; the man had such a malevolent aura to him that it shook you to your bones, causing the hairs on your neck to stand up. Not long after you had arrived the villains showed up and you had to face them once again. Toga ran at you, knife in hand, but all you had to do was use her as leverage as you flipped yourself over her. You didn’t want to tire yourself from the start of the fight so you stuck to dodging your opponents' attacks.

Bakugou’s heart filled with relief when he laid his eyes on your frame, but was filled with concern when he saw your injuries; it was visible that you were hurt. He wanted to go and help you fight those bastards, but Kirishima stopped him, “ Bakugou we can’t go in there; we’ll figure out some other way.” He didn’t answer him, for he couldn’t help but be mesmerized by your movements. Even with the lack of energy you had you still had fast reflexes and were quick on your feet.

All Might zoomed to the scene to find you fighting multiple villains at once but was met with a familiar, dark presence. As he came down from the sky he struck the man with incredible strength, but the one known as All For One blocked the hit with ease. All Might yelled in the face of the man in front of him, “ You will return everything All For One!!” The faceless man laughed in his opponent’s face, “ Ah All Might, are you here to kill me once again?”

The power of the hit blew everyone in the vicinity of the two away, even causing those behind the wall to feel the aftereffect of All Might’s punch. The man stood up from All Might’s hit unscathed, “ Your quite late. It is a little more than five kilometers from the bar to here and it was about thirty seconds after I sent those Nomu before you arrived. It seems that your power has decreased a great deal since the last time we fought.”

All Might retorted as he stood up, “ And what’s up with the mask that you got on? It seems you’re overexerting yourself.”

You pushed yourself off the ground, feeling an ache shoot through your arms. You were still in pain from all the torture and you knew for a fact you look like you had been beaten to a pulp.

All Might hopped from one foot to the other, getting himself ready to fight, “ I will save young Ikeda and I will put you in jail once and for all, including all of the scumbags who work under your control!”

As All Might charged at the villain, All For One’s arm grew in size; black and red lights erupting from it. With one hit of his attack, he blew All Might through five buildings causing all of them to collapse. You watched in horror as you saw the fight in front of you. How- how could he have so much strength, so much power..'

You stood back up as you were surrounded by the villains once again. Mr. Compress used his quirk to collect a fallen Dabi, “ Shigaraki grab your piece, we better get going!” You smirked as you coughed out some blood; the coppery, iron taste enveloping your tongue and mouth, “Y’all are a real pain in the ass you know. Well come and get me!” You made sure to stay at a distance as you barely had any strength to move; you were pushing your body to its limit, but you had to find a way to get out of here.

Knowing the situation All Might was in you were only a holding him back.

“Are you sure it’s going to work Kachaan?”

Bakugou snapped back, “ Of course it’s going to fucking work you stupid Deku.” 

“It’s a gamble, but considering the whole situation, there isn’t much of a risk to us and we won’t have to fight the enemies. And if it works out than it would greatly help All Might.” Iida was taking in all of this information, “ Let’s do it!”

“Alright let’s fucking go!” Bakugou barked the order and everyone got into position.

Your attention was occupied by an ice attack on your left, Which meant Todoroki was nearby the vicinity. You saw as Bakugou, Kirishima, Midoriya, and Iida were propelled into the air; Kirishima reaching his hand calling out to you, “Y/N!!!!!”

Shigaraki had no time to catch you, as he ran towards you, you were already off. Using all the strength you had left, you used your bandages and pushed yourself off the ground; you rocketed into the air and grabbed ahold of your fellow classmate’s hand.

You smiled at the boys, each of them returning the gesture with their own grins.

The five of you had landed and were walking in the streets, everyone was outside watching the large T.V record the fight between All Might and All For One. You couldn’t help but worry. You knew about All Might’s lack of power and how he could only stay in this form for a short period of time during the day; any minute now he could go back to his skinny, lanky form.

Just as you had predicted, there was a chorus of gasps as the number one hero’s form had shrunk down, only one of his arms still intact. Even with the lack of strength he had, he was able to defeat the villain, but that meant he would no longer be able to fight as a pro hero. Even so, everyone still backed him up and cheered him on for the victory. You saw as the camera moved to the scene where multiple pro heroes were pulling people from the rubble that had fallen due to the fight.

You couldn’t help but think this was all your fault, Because of me he had to fight at only part of his strength. If I hadn’t slowed him down maybe he wouldn’t have lost all of his power, maybe he could’ve beat All For One before the world saw him as he truly was.

Bakugou was strolling by your side while the other boys walked ahead of you, “ Hey Katsuki?” the ash-blonde side-eyed you, grunting as a response, “ I wanted to thank you and everyone else. You didn’t have to come and get me yet you still did, so thank you.”

Bakugou felt butterflies roam around his stomach, not knowing what it meant. He covered it up with a scoff, “ Yeah whatever, it wasn’t like we were just gonna leave you with the bastards.”

You smiled at him softly before running your fingers through your damp hair, “Oh yea I saw some ice, was Todoroki with you?”

Bakugou nodded as he stuffed his hands into his pant pockets, “Yea icy-hot and ponytail were also there.”

You nodded knowing the both Todoroki and Yaoyorozu had come; you had practically learned all of Bakugou’s nicknames for your classmates, it was easier to understand him that way. You then felt a throbbing pain in your side. You halted and lifted your shirt slightly; you saw a large purple bruise forming underneath your ribs. Bakugou turned to you when you stopped abruptly, when he glanced at you he noticed a huge bruise on your upper waist. He stalked up to you analyzing the injury, “ What the fuck? What the hell is this? What did they do to you?”

You were surprised to hear a tad bit of worry in Bakugou’s voice, but you shrugged it off, “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal.”

Bakugou only seemed to get angrier at that, “ What the fuck do you mean it’s nothing, that looks like shit to me. Now, what the fuck did they do to you?!” You could feel the rage rolling off of him in waves; never had you seen him so mad and all because you were injured.

“ Listen they just hurt me a bit. I guess the fuckhands dude was mad I hurt his monster at the USJ so he wanted to have some fun beating me up.”

The other boys had stopped when they noticed that you and Bakugou weren’t walking anymore. They walked back to the two of you to check out what had happened.

“Yo, why did y’all sto-” Kirishima stopped talking when he saw the bruise on your side.

“Y/N where did you get that?!?!” Midoriya was practically panicking; hovering at your side to check any more injuries.

“Ikeda that doesn’t look good we should probably go to the hospital for your injuries.” Iida sounded worried as well.

You waved them off dismissively, “ Just calm down it doesn’t hurt that much, it will probably just heal on its own.”

Bakugou grabbed you tightly by the wrist and started to drag you along, “ Like fucking hell it will. We are going to go to a damn hospital and you are going to get medical treatment.”

No one said anything as they followed behind the frustrated blonde; from what he could tell, those weren’t the only injuries you had. What did they do to her? Why is her hair damp? Bakugou could only imagine what they had done to you, what kind of torture they put you through.

When they arrived at the hospital the nurse had told them to wait, but thanks to Bakugou’s rambunctious attitude and yelling they allowed you to be examined; also because you informed them that you had just been kidnapped. Soon enough you were in a hospital bed as one of the doctors examined your injuries. “ It seems you had some water in your lungs a couple of hours ago and have some bruises here and there. Not to forget you have a slightly fractured rib, a minor head injury, and you have some first-degree burns.” The man was jotting all of the things down; you were just thankful that it wasn’t anything way too bad.

They wouldn’t let the boys into the room while you were being examined so they sat outside waiting while Bakugou paced back and forth, “ Come on man chill out, she’s fine, we saved her. We’re at a hospital so she’ll be healed soon enough.” Kirishima spoke to his clearly agitated friend. Bakugou scowled at him, “ Shut up shitty hair, I don’t care.”

Kirishima chuckled good-heartedly, “ Yea sure thing.” The teenagers were met with a familiar set of raven hair walking down the hall hurriedly; Aizawa barely spared them a glance as he barged into the room.

You turned your head to the sound of the door opening, as you laid your eyes on your father. He looked so tired, more than usual and he looked like he hadn’t eaten anything in the past three days. “ D-dad..” You were so happy to see him, you had missed him so much.

He walked up to you embracing you in a tight hug; you could feel the pain in your side grow because of the physical contact, but you ignored it. “ Y/N.. I’m so glad you're okay.” You could feel him shake while holding you as you smiled. “ I’m okay Dad, don’t worry I’m here.” He started to rub your back soothingly as you stayed in that position for a couple of minutes until he abruptly pushed you off.

"What did they do to you?” You could feel the worry in his voice, but that wasn’t all you could feel. The look in his eyes was nothing like you had seen in your adoptive father before; he looked ready to kill, ready to murder the bastard who had hurt you.

“ It’s nothing they had just beat me up a bit, but I’m fine. Just a couple of injuries.”

He huffed out a breath, “ I’m just glad you got out okay.”

You smiled at him softly, “ Well you should thank your students. It’s all thanks to them I’m saved.”

“ Wait - so you mean they got you out? Did they rescue you? Is that why they’re sitting outside of your room?”

“Ah.. yea why?” You were confused to why he was asking so many questioned until you realized that they had no provisional license and no right to come to rescue you, “ Oh I see.”

“I’ll deal with them later.” As Aizawa side-eyed the door, you knew they would get into some trouble.

The door had been opened again as a police officer and detective walked in. They started to interrogate you and ask you questions on the villains and if you saw anything that could help them. The boys were leaning in and listening from the other side of the door, but what came next surprised them.

You were wringing your hands nervously as you answered question after question, what the detective asked next was what you weren’t ready to talk about. “ Miss Ikeda, can you tell us what exactly they did to you? Did they torture you at all?” You sharply inhaled a breath; you knew you couldn’t avoid the question forever.

“ They uh, waterboarded me with large buckets of water, drowned me at a minute or two at a time,  electrocuted me while I was wet; the one named Dabi burned me a little with his fire, they beat my senselessly and they would stretch my body to unattainable lengths. They made sure to not make me bleed so I couldn’t use my blood against of them,” Unconsciously you had started to tear up. Your father pulled you into his side as you let all the held in tears fall. The adults in the room started to speak, but you weren’t focused on what they were saying. All you could feel was the pain.

The boys outside had gone dead silent, eyes widened in shock at the news they had just heard. They never knew the villains would go as far as torture you that much, especially since you were only fifteen, but that didn’t seem to matter to them. Bakugou just stood there, completely unaware of what was happening around him, for all he could think about was that torment they put you through. How those bastards laid their filthy hands and hurt you.

Bakugou closed his fists so tightly that color had been drained from his knuckles entirely. His eyes had darkened with absolute hatred. How could they, how could they even touch you?

The boys around him could feel the animosity rolling off of Bakugou. His sheer demeanor had altered into something much more vicious. Kirishima tried to place a comforting hand on his shoulder, “ Bakugou its okay. Even though she went through that she’s still as strong as ever.” When Bakugou turned to the red-headed boy the expression on his face was a vengeful scowl, “Get your hand off of me or I will fucking kill you.” His words didn’t carry their usual malice, but something much more murderous. Kirishima retracted his hand quickly in fear that he would risk it being bitten off.

He started to shake, the anger consuming him. Without so much as a second thought, he pummelled his hand into the wall in front of him, screaming out in frustration, “ AHHHH!”

Everyone gaped at the ash-blonde male, flinching at the sudden outrage. Never had they seen him this upset, this torn.

Your head snapped out of your father’s arms when you heard a roaring scream. From what you could tell it sounded like Bakugou. Aizawa let go of you and looked to the police officers still present in the room, “I’ll go check it out. It’s one of my students that were waiting outside the door.”

You were racking your brain trying to understand the reason for his outburst. Even though you couldn’t see him you could tell that he was angry, but why?

When Aizawa opened the door he was shocked by what he had come across. The wall had a large dent and Bakugou’s was leaning his forehead against it. He could hear him let out quick breaths. He wasn’t sure if it was from the adrenaline, the punch in the wall or a panic attack.

Aizawa walked up to his student cautiously, afraid that if he made the wrong move the boy would snap, “Bakugou?”

The boy snapped his head in the direction of his teacher’s voice, “ What?” It wasn’t his typical snarky remark, his voice was small and timid. The older male pointed his chin towards the hole in front of him. Katsuki took in a deep breath, “ I’m sorry. I’ll pay for the damages.” Aizawa could tell the boy was off, not his normal self. It was weird to see the usual hot-headed boy become tame, but he knew it wasn’t from happiness, but it seemed something inside of him had snapped and now he didn’t know how to function.

“ You should head home Bakugou,” he turned to the other onlookers, “ You three as well. There is no need for you to be here. Y/N is safe now and I thank you, but you’ll be in a heck ton of trouble when school starts again. So get your asses in bed soon before I call up your parents and mention what you were up to.” He looked at them sternly; he knew these kids still had a lot to learn.

The boys nodded as they started to head out except for Bakugou, who was staring at the ground dazed. “ That means you too Bakugou.”

Bakugou still didn’t look up at his teacher, but mumbled quiet enough only for the two males to hear, “ I’m sorry for not protecting her.”

Aizawa’s eyes widened, surprised that the boy was apologizing for such a thing. It seemed like he was blaming himself for you being kidnapping and the weight on his shoulders was slowly crushing him. Aizawa took in a deep breath, “ Bakugou. It wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself. If I hadn’t protected my students or Y/N better this would have never happened.”

“ But it is my fault. If I had been faster, or stronger I might have saved her from the torture that they put her through!” He yelled back, lip trembling and hands shaking.

Without a second thought Aizawa pulled the boy’s head into his chest, “ Bakugou, you can’t do this to yourself. It’s okay, she is okay. She’ll get through it, I know. She is my daughter after all.”

The boy didn’t say anything for a minute until he pulled himself away hastily. “ I’m heading home.” Without so much as a glance at his teacher, he ran off.

Chapter Text

Aizawa walked back in, a slightly dismal expression on his face. He addressed the doctor and the officers in hushed tones, leading them to quickly leave afterward. A simple nod in your direction from the cop and the detective, as the doctor informed you that he would check up on you later.

The raven-haired man sat in the seat next to your bed. Intertwining his hands with one another as he placed his chin on top of them, he pondered deeply while focusing his gaze on the ground.

Confused by his behavior you waved your hand in front of his face to catch his attention, “Hey earth to Dad. Is anyone in there?”

His eyes snapped up to your face as he huffed out an irritated breath while letting his hands fall into his lap, “What is it Y/N?”

You tilted your head to the side, watching your adoptive father intently, “Why do you look so glum? What was that sound outside? Was it Bakugou? Did the guys leave?”

“Too many questions at once.” Aizawa rolled his eyes in your direction as he leaned back in the faded, beige leather chair.

“Okay sorry~” You giggled a little, your tone playful as you smiled at the older man. For the first time in what felt like ages, you had laughed. Through all the torture they put you through, it was definitely no laughing matter on your end, but the villains seemed to think it was absolutely hilarious.

Shaking your head to dismiss the sudden miserable memories, you urged your father to answer your inquiries, “ Okay well can you answer the questions, please~”

“I sent the boys home for now. And to answer your questions, the noise was from Bakugou smashing his fist into the wall. Which he will definitely be paying for damages.”

Your eyes widened at the news, “HUH?! Why?! H-he sounded really upset from the sound of his yell, but I never thought he would be that mad.”

Aizawa sighed as he rubbed his forehead with his thumb and index finger, the action slightly smoothing out furrow lines that had formed from years of stress and exhaustion.

“He-he blames himself for your kidnapping. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems the guilt has been eating at him for what seems like days now. He tends to hold in his emotions to the point where it may break him and I’m worried this may affect him.”

Your mouth fell agape at this, you were definitely baffled, “ B-but, but why would he blame himself for what happened? It wasn’t even his fault!” You threw your hands up in the air dramatically, you didn’t have a single clue as to why he would blame himself and you were frustrated.

“ Then you should talk to him yourself.”

“Fine. But it definitely won’t be fun.”

You sighed heavily, dropping your head on the comfy pillow, burying yourself underneath your covers. It was a little past midnight and you were terribly exhausted. The past couple of days had been absolute hell and today was more draining than you could imagine.

“G’night Dad. Love you.” You mumbled out quietly as you felt sleep engulf you with ease, your eyes drooping to a close. Before you could drift off into a deep sleep you felt your father’s lips at the crown of your head as he murmured a response, “Goodnight Y/N. I love you too.”



Drowsily, you woke up from what seemed like a coma. Your eyes opened slowly as they adjusted to the bright sunlight being emitted through the windows by your hospital bed. Pushing yourself into an upright position, you stretched your arms far above your head as you heard the satisfying pop of bones cracking.

Looking over to your right you noticed your father sleeping in his beloved yellow sleeping bag while he sat on the chair by your bed. You smiled at the sight of him, his black hair encompassed his pale face; his eyes carrying permanent eye bags and stubble littering his chin and lower jaw. You couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for the man that you had grown to love as family, as your own father.

The sound of the door opening caught your attention as a familiar blonde man walked in carrying three coffee cups in one hand and a tray of food in the other. Hizashi’s long blonde hair cascaded down his back and not in the usual upright position. He wore his favorite sunglasses and as he laid eyes on your awake form a large smile grew on his face.

“Y/N! Finally, you’re awake! You’ve been asleep for two days actually, but its mid-afternoon now, so I decided to get you some food in case you woke up.”

You smiled back at the man as he placed the tray and coffee on your bed while sitting on another chair that he pulled up. Greedily you grabbed the chocolate chip muffin off the plate and stuffed it into your mouth, not caring if you looked like a starving animal getting food for the first time.

Present Mic chuckled at your appearance as he ran his hands through his golden locks, “How are you feeling Y/N?”

Nodding hastily to somewhat help digest the food coming down your throat; swallowing the rest and wiping the crumbs off your mouth with the back of your hand you responded nonchalantly, “ Better I guess. Being out of the villains' clutches is great and all, but I gotta say; they really did a number on me.”

Hizashi pulled up his chair closer to your bed, the sound of metal screeching as it met the tiles made you grimace. Taking a grape off your plate and popping it into his mouth, you could notice a small frown replacing his usual smile. He took off his glasses as he watched you with a serious expression on his face, “Aizawa told me what they did to you. They - those bastards are in for one hell of an ass whooping when I see them.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, even with the deadly look in his eyes you really couldn’t take the usually goofy man serious. Your outburst of giggles causing the man to look at you inquisitively, “What’s so funny now?”

You shook your head, calming down a bit as you took a swig from your sweetened caffeinated drink, “I don’t know really. You just have a funny presence. I just want to laugh when you’re around even if the topic is serious or something.”

The frown disappeared as his bright smile reappeared, a toothy grin making his white pearls shimmer in the sunlight, “ Well I guess that’s my second quirk then.”

“It must be. Well, update me on the news. What’s up with UA?”

Present Mic shrugged as he took a sip from his coffee while Aizawa snored peacefully in his seat, “ Well there was a lot of trouble from the media about the whole incident and Aizawa may or may not have told them that you were his daughter.”

You choked on the apple you were eating, coughing violently as Hizashi rushed to your side as he smacked you hard on the back causing the piece of apple that was lodged into your throat to fly across the room.

“ Y/N are you okay?!”

You nodded as you rubbed your throat to ease the pain of almost dying from a piece of fruit, “I’m fine. Just surprised. No one was really supposed to know about that.”

Hizashi rubbed the back of his neck as he sat back down, a sheepish smile on his face, “Well the media kind of imposed that you could turn into a villain and I guess the only way to reassure people that wouldn’t happen was by telling them you were the daughter of a pro-hero and that he believed in you. And….. he probably just got mad.”

You kind of understood why, but you knew you had it coming because there was no way in hell you were going to be able to escape the questions that people would be asking.

“Anything else?” You asked as you leaned back against the headboard of the bed.


You covered your ears hastily to silence the blonde’s booming voice. Sometimes you forgot that he was so damn loud, “Don’t be so loud. This is a hospital you know!” You hissed at him as you removed your hands from your ringing eardrums.

He chuckled awkwardly before he continued, “ UA is actually inputting a dorm idea where all the students will stay in dorm rooms so we can surveillance them better and so we can keep everyone safe. But we’ve got to run it by all the parents first.”

Tapping your index finger on your chin thoughtfully you thought about the plan the school wanted to put into motion. You were intrigued to say the least, you wondered how the parents would all react and how everything would work out.

Finally, you nodded, acknowledging the blonde man, “It’s a good idea I believe.”

And like that you could hear Aizawa stirring awake from a long, deep sleep. You wondered how he didn’t wake up earlier, especially from Present Mic speaking so loud. He opened his eyes groggily as he surveyed the two people in front of him. Opening the sleeping bag he grabbed his coffee from Hizashi quickly as he chugged down half of it in mere seconds.

“ Well good morning to you too.” You tease him as he snuggled himself closer to the warm yellow sleeping bag.

“ Well good afternoon to be exact. You’ve slept for a long time, no wonder Y/N picked up on your habit!” Present Mic spoke as he watched his dark-haired friend simply glare at him from his comfy arrangement.

“Hey! Don’t judge. I love my sleep!” Leaning forward you smacked Hizashi playfully on the arm which made him chuckle heartly.

Memories from the night before and the conversation you had with Aizawa before you slept resurfaced making you wonder, “ Wait where’s my phone?”

The question caught both of the adults' attention, Aizawa responding to your query, “ I have it right here.” He zipped open his sleeping bag again and pulled out the mobile device and handed to you before returning to his makeshift bed, “ You left it in the cabins and I retrieved it before we left the camp.”

Taking it eagerly from him you beamed at your father before returning your gaze to the device in hand, “Thank you!”

You looked back up at the men by your bed, “When am I allowed to leave?”

Present Mic shrugged as he glanced at Aizawa from the corner of his eyes, “I’m not sure, but I can call the doc over to check you.”

You nodded as he left the room to call a nurse or someone to come to your room. Placing a hand over your mouth as you yawned loudly as you observed the trees outside of your room’s window. Tall cherry blossom trees littering the hospital’s yard, the sun bathing its golden glow across the garden. You couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of the flowers that bloomed all over the green grass.


Your attention was brought back to your father as he studied you expectantly. You raised an eyebrow in his direction to indicate a silent question of what do you want .

“Are you going to talk to Bakugou?”

You sighed, running your fingers gently through your hair to untangle the birds nest on top of your head, “I guess so. I probably should. Should I just text him now to meet up?”

Aizawa completely zipped himself out of the sleeping bag as he got up and tossed his emptied drink into the trash bin, turning back to you he nodded while he stood at the foot of your bed, “Yes you should. Let’s see if you are authorized to leave and then you could text, call, snap or whatever you kids do.”

You laughed at his antics, he wasn’t that old but seemed to love acting as if he was a tired old man. Moments later Present Mic walked back into the room, the doctor in tow. Quickly he made a thorough examination on your wounds and how you were holding up. Eventually, he finished up and informed you that you were free to go, but would need to visit Recovery girl for some quick healing for any residual injuries.

Grabbing your phone again, you opened and scrolled through your contacts. When you found the desired name you clicked on it and typed out a quick text and hit send.

[ME - 3:34]

Hey Bakugou. I know we don’t text or ever really call or whatever, but I was wondering if we could meet up. I need to talk to you about something

[Blasty - 3:34]

What the hell do you want to talk about you shitty girl?

[ME - 3:35]

I can’t tell you through text. Can we just meet up??

[Blasty - 3:35]

I don’t want to leave my damn house. I got shit to do

[ME - 3:35]

Pleaseeeee Bakugou. It’s very very important:((

You waited patiently for a reply. The infamous three dots appeared on the screen, disappearing and reappearing as he typed out a response. It felt like an eternity as you waited for him to make a decision. You were really hoping he wouldn’t blow it off. Even though you were slightly nervous to meet up with him alone for the first time, you really didn’t want your attempts to be disregarded with a single text.

[Blasty - 3:38]

Fine you stupid blood bank. Where are we meeting?

You felt a wave of giddiness flow through as you smiled like an idiot at your phone. Quickly you responded, fingers typing out quickly across the small keyboard.

[ME - 3:38]

You know that grocery store we saw each other at a couple of weeks ago. Let’s meet at the park that’s beside it. Let’s meet at 4:30.

Instead of a reply from the champagne haired male, the small words read appeared underneath your text, but you smiled nonetheless knowing that he wouldn’t ditch last minute. Sighing you placed your phone down on the bedside table and stood up from your bed, you were wearing a hospital gown that allowed the cool air to hit your bare legs. You stretched your self a little before walking around the room. You needed some clothes to wear because you would rather die than leave the hospital in a thin piece of fabric that barely covered your body.

Hizashi and Aizawa walked back into the room, Aizawa with what seemed to be another cup of caffeine. The blonde with a large grin on his face while the ebony haired man wore a solemn expression as he grumbled quietly. Leaning against the window you turned to them smiling softly, “I’m going to meet with Bakugou in less than an hour at Kerama park near our house. Do you have any clothes I could wear, by any chance?”

Mic’s grin grew as he nodded happily, resembling a cheerful child. He turned to the corner of the room and grabbed a duffel bag that you were surprised missed your line of sight earlier. He dropped the bag onto the bed as you approached it and eyed the duffel, “ What’s inside?”

Hizashi rubbed the back of his neck, his cheeks tinted with a rosy blush as looked around the room trying to avoid your gaze, “ Um - well I went by the house and grabbed you some clothes because…. Well, I thought you would need it. I just grabbed a handful of shirts, pants, and skirts. I also grabbed some um.. undergarments... Because like you would probably need some.”

You giggled at his flustered state if it was anyone else you would’ve been embarrassed, but Mic wasn’t anything like a hormonal teenage boy so you were all good, “Thanks Uncle Zashi.”

Smiling you zipped open the bag and searched through it finding a pair of light washed ripped jeans and an olive green long sleeve shirt. You grabbed a pair of white socks and the only black sports bra and matching underwear inside. You took the deodorant and perfume at the bottom of the bag and zipped it back up as you left to the bathroom to change quickly.

Slipping on the garments of clothing you washed your face and brushed your teeth with the clean toothbrush and toothpaste that the nurse had left you in a plastic wrapper. You combed through your hair with your fingers and pulled it back in a simple ponytail. You sprayed the fruity perfume over you and swiped the deodorant underneath your armpits hoping it would do you some justice and make you smell at least a bit better after not being able to shower for nearly a week.

You left the bathroom and the three of you left the hospital after signing a couple of papers and finally taking your leave. You rode the train for about thirty minutes until you arrived a couple of blocks away from your neighborhood.

“I’ll be heading to the park. If you need me call or text. I’ll probably be back before sunset so I won’t stay out too late.” Aizawa nodded as he stuffed his hands into his black pants, while Hizashi smiled thoughtfully. You waved the older men off as you headed off in different directions, you could hear Mic yell behind you, “Stay safe Y/N!”

You smiled a little as you continued off to the park. The walk was calming and did a lot for your nerves. The wind blew past you in the chilly breeze, the sun still shining brightly as you heard the bustle and hustle of the city. Cars zooming by and children laughing, the sound of birds chirping in the trees settling your mind to ease. Soon enough you were at Kerama park finding a familiar head of ash-blonde hair sitting at one of the park benches.

“Bakugou!” The sound of his name being yelled caught his attention, his eyes snapping to your figure, a typical scowl on his features. You smiled nonetheless and waved at him, stopping in front of him.

“I’m glad you could come.”

He clicked his tongue turning his head away from you, “Tch. Your annoying ass would have forced me too.”

You laughed as you sat down beside him, “Yea whatever floats your boat blasty.”

He turned back to you, his eyes narrowed as he watched you with piercing crimson irises, “So what did you want to talk about?”

You sighed, leaning your back against the wooden bench, “Well….. It’s about what happened yesterday at the hospital,” You caught a glimpse of his inquisitive look from the corner of your eyes before looking up at the sky, “Aizawa told me that you blame yourself for my kidnapping, is that true?”

You turned back to him, eyes pleading for a proper answer, but Katsuki simply turned away from you, avoiding any and all eye contact. To say you were surprised was an understatement. You would have expected him to go crazy and start to deny saying anything for that matter.


You could hear him grinding his teeth together, his hands in fists that closed so tightly his knuckles began to turn white. He began to shake, not violently but definitely a noticeable amount. You put a hand on his shoulder trying to make him turn to you, “Bakugou what is it?”

When he turned his face was so different, so foreign. For the first time he didn’t look angry, but he looked dejected. His expression betrayed any glimpse of anger, instead a sense of vulnerability shown through his eyes.

“It was my fault. I-if I hadn’t been faster, s-stronger, better, m-maybe I could have saved you, saved you from the torture those fucking bastards put you through. How can I be a damn pro-hero if I couldn’t even save one person? I-I’m weak, useless.”

He shook more violently underneath your hand, his eyes began to sting with tears and damn did he feel powerless, exposed even. Never had he looked so fragile in front of anyone, so vulnerable. He hated himself for acting like this, especially in front of you. He was caught by surprise when you slapped him across the cheek, the impact of the rough contact made his eyes widen completely, not only at the action but at your expression.

He didn’t even know what to call it, your visage was contorted in a hurricane of emotions. Anger, frustration, distress, regret, confusion, and tribulation. You grabbed the front of his shirt aggressively, shaking him, “ What the fuck! What the actual fuck Katsuki!” At any other given moment, Bakugou would have seethed at the fact you were treating him like this, but he couldn’t move, couldn’t say a word.

“You don’t get to blame yourself. What happened, happened.” You let go of him prodding a finger in the middle of his chest, “ Shit happens, it always does and feeling guilty that I went through some shit isn’t going to fix anything. Like god fucking damn you saved me. God knows what would have happened if you didn’t come when you did. And sure whatever, I was tortured, it is what it is. I’ve been through worst shit as a child and I won’t let this affect me. Like hell I was fucking abused until I was seven years old, I saw my mom’s bloody body in the bathtub after she killed herself when I was five. I had to deal with an abusive father for two years after that, but I didn’t let that stop it me, I pushed forward. Eventually, my father went to jail and it was all thanks to Aizawa. Looking at the bright side of my shitty childhood, I was able to meet Aizawa and I can’t even lie; I’d go through all the shit again if it meant having him as my family and being able to call him my father. I’ve learned to be happy with what I’ve got and not be depressed with what I went through. A little kidnapping doesn’t mean shit when I’m so grateful for the friends that I’ve gotten along the way and that includes you. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself acknowledge the fact that you saved me. You don’t get to say that you’re weak, it’s no understatement to say you’re one of the strongest people I know, one of the strongest people in our class. And for you to act this way in front of someone and me no less means you’ve been carrying this shit for a long time. I can’t have you feeling guilty for what happened, no one is to blame, especially not you. You are strong, bold, brave, confident, hardworking and smart. You may be an ass half the time but you have a heart and that’s how I know you’re going to be one of the best pro-heroes in the future. That’s why I admire you so much. Don’t you dare let this ruin you. Because you are Katsuki motherfucking Bakugou.”

To say Bakugou was surprised was a complete understatement, his expression was dumbfounded and overwhelmed. His mouth was agape, lips fell open and eyes widened to an extreme. Every word that fell out of your lips, every sentence you spoke made him speechless. The fact that you went through shit like that as a kid made him realize your strength, the fact that you still push forward after going through something so terrible then and now. And hearing those words of admiration and how you believed in him, he couldn’t stop himself.

He grabbed your shirt greedily and pulled your body towards his, your lips met in the middle. The embrace was passionate, heartfelt and messy. Lips and teeth clashed with one another and all of your emotions were poured into said kiss. Your hands wrapped our his neck instantly while he held onto your waist tightly pulling your body towards his.

The both of you pulled apart panting heavily as you leaned your forehead against his. You couldn’t contain the blush the crept up to the apples of your cheeks and it seemed neither could Bakugou. You gazed into his eyes expectantly through the hoods of your lashes, “What was that for?”

An underlying smirk played at his lips, “Only way to show you how I feel.”

Moving away from him slightly so you could see his face better, you tilted your head confused, “And how would that be?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as he brought his hands up to your shoulders, “Damn your clueless.” He really would’ve thought that you would get a clue after he kissed you so intensely, “I like you, you dumbass.”

Your eyes widened and mouth open in a perfect circle, “Oh.”

Bakugou chuckled at your state, your bewilderment had gotten the best of you. He tapped you on the nose, which made you scrunch up your nostrils as your face began to flush a light pink.

“Well, I like you too.” You beamed at him, a large smile adorning your delicate features that brightened your entire face, making you glow like the sun itself. Bakugou felt a sense of adoration at the sight of you and he couldn’t be happier, “Bemygirlfriend.” The statement was muttered out so quickly you almost missed it; Bakugou face exploded in a red blush but his eyes still staring into yours.

Your smile grew as you nodded eagerly, only for Bakugou to catch your lips in his once again.

Chapter Text

“Have you ever been in a relationship before?”

Bakugou shrugged at the question you had asked him, “Nah. I’ve never paid attention to any of the crappy girls from my old school. What about you?”

You leaned against the wooden bench sighing, “Nope. So I kind of have no clue how this would work. Do you?”

 Bakugou didn’t say anything, his gaze on the ground beneath his feet. You turned yourself so you were facing Bakugou, you put your legs in a criss-cross position and placed your hands in the middle.

 "So, from what I know from other people, being in a relationship is mostly based on trust,” Bakugou turned to face you again, his crimson eyes watching you with a gaze you didn’t recognize, you continued on even when you felt the urge to squirm underneath his watchful eyes.

 “We’re supposed to be able to trust each other with our deepest insecurities and fears. We’re supposed to be loyal to one another and always have each other’s backs. I guess we have to protect each other from harm and be able to be completely honest with each other. We have to be able to give each other space when one of us is mad or upset, and I guess we just have to care about one another and each other’s well being. I just want to make sure you are actually willing to put effort into this, because well.... you know....”

 You chuckled awkwardly as you twirled a piece of your hair that had fallen out of your ponytail. You tried to completely avoid Bakugou’s eyes by mostly looking at your crossed legs. In all honesty, you just thought these were the most important parts of a relationship from movies and shows you watched in the past; you didn’t really have the greatest example of love and romance growing up.

 Even when you weren’t looking at him, you could feel his eyes burning a hole into your face. He didn’t say anything for what felt like hours, the tension rising and thickening the air around you. When you caught a glimpse of him from the hoods of your lashes you realized a light blush had covered his cheeks and a small smirk played at his lips. Turning up to him you raised your eyebrow confused with his expression.

 “You know you’re really dumb sometimes.”

 You smacked his shoulder playfully retorting a whine of your own, “ Hey! I’m pretty smart, what are you talking about?!”

 Bakugou shook his head, a small chuckle escaping his lips and you couldn’t help but smile at the sound.

 “Why would I ask you to be my girl, if I didn’t know all that shit already.”

 You shrugged not exactly sure how to respond, you were still surprised he asked you to be his girlfriend, let alone kiss you and tell you he liked you. Boys and even everyone for that matter usually avoided you or bullied you in some sort of way. 


 Bakugou’s face had become serious, his eyes hardened and icy. He never looked like this, to you there was always a fire in his eyes, but not this time. You shivered at the intensity of his gaze,


 He dropped his head shamefully, playing around with his fingers, “So your mom killed herself?”

 The question caught you off guard, for a moment you forgot that you said that when you went off on him for blaming himself. Doing something a little out of the blue, you grabbed Bakugou’s hands in your own. His head snapped back up as he stared at your hands then at your face and at your hands again.

 A shuddering, shaky breath escaped your lips, “I guess I should explain that to you if we want a good start to whatever this is.”

 Bakugou began to watch you quietly as you continued on, “ It all started when I was fairly young, probably about one or two years old. My father was a well-known lawyer, my mother was a teacher, but decided to stay home and take care of me when I was born. At one point my father started to come home drunk some nights whenever things didn’t go his way at work. He began to verbally abuse my mom and yell a lot, but that escalated quickly when he began to hit her physically. My father never hit me much during that time, just being very harsh. This was all from when I was 1-5 years old. Well, one day I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare so I decided that I would go to sleep with my mom for the night. But when I went into her room I found her in the bathroom tub covered in blood while blades sat on the ground. I remember being so terrified, I screamed and cried so much I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice. That same night I remember my quirk manifested, the blood from my mom’s body floated around and crystalized and flew into the wall. I guess that’s one of the reasons I’ve never been very proud of my quirk since its manifestation was from some very grim circumstances. I called the police and they came and took the body, while I was taken separately to the hospital. They weren’t able to save her so she died that night; my father came and took me home afterward and he was so upset. That was the first night he hit me.” You grimaced at the memory, shaking slightly; but your uneasiness dissipated when Bakugou squeezed your hands.

 “Every night after that day he would hit me one way or another, blaming me for my mother’s death. It became so normal that I had to learn to use my mom’s old makeup to cover up any bruises that formed. My father wouldn’t take care of me at all so I learned how to do things myself, to take care of myself. One night he was very very drunk and angry about some work-related problems and about everything for that matter. That evening I remember he kicked, slapped, punched and beat me until I couldn’t feel my body anymore. When he finally had enough he went to bed a little after midnight. I was so sick of the pain, I left the house that night, packing up my things and planning to run away from home. I didn’t get very far with the large backpack on my small body, I was almost seven at the time. I was walking aimlessly around a park, not even afraid that I could easily get kidnapped. That was when Aizawa found me all alone asking me where I had gotten all my injuries. I was so scared that my father would hit me again if he found out I told, so I didn’t say anything. Aizawa took me to the hospital and after a while of questions, I eventually told him the truth. After that they arrested him; there was a court trial that I had to attend and so much paperwork and people, but Aizawa stood by me the entire time. Even some of the staff members from UA like Present Mic, Midnight, Thirteen and some others attended the trial as well for some reason. Eventually, when my dad was found guilty, child services needed to find me a suitable place to stay. I didn’t have any relatives alive at the time so I was going to go straight to the foster care system, that was when Aizawa decided to adopt me and I’ve been with him ever since. That’s why I’m so grateful to him. Well, my biological dad is now in jail and as you know I’m staying with Aizawa. Even with the hope that everything would get better, that soon dissipated when people started finding out about my quirk. Parents kept their kids away from me, classmates would bully me for my quirk. I was never considered the norm and I guess it just stuck with me ever since. You might wonder how I remember any of this since I was so young, but I guess I’ve been blessed and cursed with a great memory. Because everything from my past is so vivid and fresh in my mind; it’s as if this all happened only a few years ago.”

 It was the first time you had ever told anyone about your childhood; it wasn’t a topic that came up naturally in conversations. You wanted to put your trust into Bakugou, if the two of you planned to pursue this relationship, so you did just that. You opened up to him about your past and it felt like such a relief to get everything off your chest.

 Bakugou didn’t say anything for a very long time, you anticipated a response, but he was avoiding your gaze. When he spoke up his voice was barely a whisper, “Thank you Y/N.”

 You looked at him quizzically not understanding what he meant, “Huh? Thank you for what?”

 Bakugou met your (e/c) eyes with his own vermillion orbs, your breath caught in your throat from the intensity of his gaze. He squeezed your hands once again and the faintest of smiles played at his lips, “Thank you for trusting me.”

 Your face felt hot at the sincerity of his words, you weren’t used to him being this particularly nice towards you, or anyone for that matter, “I-I… Y-yea no problem. Just k-know you can t-trust me too.”

 Bakugou nodded, letting your hands go. You missed the warmth and safety his hands gave you, but nevertheless, you placed your hands back between your crisscrossed legs. You let your eyes wander as you looked around the two of you. The sun had begun to set behind the buildings and trees, its colourful glow spread across the park. The sound of people had died down from earlier as people headed to their homes for the day. Remembering that you had to be home soon you stood up, patting your pants and shirt down from the dust that had accumulated from sitting down on the old, used bench.

 “I think I’m going to head home Bakugou. I’ll see you at school, yeah?”

 Bakugou lifted his head at your standing figure with a slight scowl on his face, eyes narrowed on your form before he nodded, “Yeah sure whatever Dracula. I’ll see you.”

 You shook your head smiling at the new nickname before waving and turning around, “Bye Katsuki-kun!”

 As you walked away from the sitting boy, his gaze watched your swaying hips walk off into the distance until you became a tiny speck in his vision.



 You opened the front door with the key your father had left you; tossing your shoes to the side and locking the wooden door behind you, you called out to the residents in your house, “Hey! I’m home!

Hizashi’s head popped out of the kitchen, a beaming smile on his face like usual, “Y/N! Glad your back! Help me set the table, we made some dinner.”

You nodded hurrying to the two men in the kitchen to grab some plates, cups, and utensils. Setting them on the table for three, your dad walked into the dining room with a bowl of steaming Alfredo pasta. He was wearing red polka dot oven mitts with a ‘kiss the cook’ apron that Midnight had bought him for his birthday two years ago. You snickered at the sight of him, which only made him glare at you from the corners of his eyes. Licking your lips hungrily you sat down at the far end of the table while Shota took off his kitchen attire and sat down on your left side while Hizashi sat on your right.

Getting a couple spoonfuls of the fettucini you placed the food on your plate and stuffed the creamy dinner into your mouth, the delectable alimentary paste melted on your tongue as you hummed at the fine taste.

 The three of you ate dinner quietly for some time until Aizawa finally spoke up, “How’d it go with Bakugou?”

 You looked up at your father, a mouthful of pasta with your cheeks puffed out. You put up a finger so he could give you a second while you swallowed the food in your mouth, “It was good.”

Aizawa narrowed his eyes as he watched you with a scrutinizing gaze, Mic looked between the two of you completely confused. You sighed knowing that he wouldn’t let you leave until you gave him a proper answer, “Like I said it went good. He confessed to blaming himself..surprisingly. I went off on him and then well…” You scratched the back of your head, a blush creeping up your neck at the memory. Deciding to keep that part out you continued on with your brief story, “He said he liked me after I accidentally said I liked him when I was yelling at him. He asked me to be his girlfriend and we just talked after and I told him about you know… my past and yea that’s pretty much it.”

 Both men went completely quiet at the news, eyes watching you with bewilderment and surprise. You didn’t know what their reactions would be, especially since you’ve never really talked to either of them about boys before.

 It wasn’t until Mic jumped out of his seat and engulfed you in bear hug making you nearly fall off the edge of your seat, “Our little Y/N is finally growing up!” Hizashi laughed loudly as he squeezed you tighter in his arms, you looked to Aizawa for some help, but he looked slightly amused with a small smile on his lips.

He finally let go wiping a fake tear from his right eye as he sat back down. You looked between the two men completely confused; Aizawa took a sip of his water before looking at you again, “It was about time the two of you told each other how you felt.”

 “WHAT?!” You yelled throwing your hands up, only for the two men to chuckle at your behaviour.

 “What do you mean by that?!” You asked still unable to process their weird reactions.

 Mic clapped enthusiastically, your eyes snapping to him. He smiled at you, only for you to have a confounded expression still etched onto your face.

 “It was very obvious the two of you liked each other. It was getting pretty annoying.” Aizawa stated nonchalantly while he finished up the last of his dinner.

 Your mouth fell open unable to form a proper response. You simply stared, was it that obvious that you liked him? Or that he liked you? In all honesty, you were pretty oblivious about the latter.

 “I support the relationship, but know what you’re getting yourself into because Bakugou can be quite a handful. I’d probably like it if I spoke with the both of you about the affair, but I’ll save you the embarrassment. Just don’t get too touchy in class or anywhere for that matter.”

 "DAD!” You became flustered, flushing a bright red at the statement. You covered your face with both hands to cover up any blush that had crept onto your face. You felt a hand on your shoulder which made you look up at the familiar blonde.

 “Y/N just take care of each other. And know that if he hurts you I might just have to beat him up.”

 You giggled at Mic’s remark; you couldn’t even imagine how hilarious something like that would be. Aizawa looked at the fellow man sternly, head shaking disapprovingly.

 “Mic, you can’t just beat up a student, even if he hurts Y/N…”

 “Awww, but that would be so funny!” You whined, while also smiling smugly at the thought.

 Aizawa’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he looked at you, “But I can make his school life a living hell if he does, so you should warn him.”

 Both you and Hizashi burst out laughing, you grabbed your stomach as the giggles and chuckles caused your stomach to cramp and your eyes began to tear up. Aizawa stood up and left with his dinner plate while the two of you kept laughing. Finally calming down and wiping the tears that had built up in the corners of your eyes, you and Present Mic stood and placed your dishes in the dishwasher. Cleaning up anything that was left the three of you left to the living room.

 You collapsed onto the black couch, leaning your body against it completely as you grabbed the remote and scrolled through the channels on the television while Hizashi and Shota sat on either side of you. Eventually, you found a channel sharing the last hero news and criminal activity.

"Ever since the # 1 hero, All Might has officially resigned from hero work, there has been quite a bit of speculation. People are wondering who will the new top hero be; will it be Endeavor, our # 2 hero, or will it be a new face and name rising through the ranks? People also seem to be wondering if this tragedy will affect crime, for All Might has been a major deterrent to criminal activity for quite a while."

You sighed, listening to the anchorwoman speaking on the T.V; her large emerald eyes and auburn hair made her quite attractive, even in the lighting of the multiple cameras surrounding her, her olive toned skin gleamed with clarity that you wished you could have. You rubbed at your eyes, trying to stay awake while your thoughts wandered. You couldn't help but feel that you were to blame for All Might's retirement, because if you weren't in the way, maybe things could have gone his way. You had no idea what the future of Japan would hold, and you were praying things didn't go to shit.

Aizawa could see your expression of hopelessness and guilt written across your face, clear as day. He decided not to stick his nose in your business, for now; he knew you had a lot on your mind since the kidnapping and knew you needed some time to process everything that had happened over the past week.

After what felt like hours of watching journalists and reporters speaking about everyday topics and issues across the world you finally felt exhausted. Yawning loudly, you pulled your knees up onto the couch and leaned back into the comfortable seat. Noticing your lack of energy Hizashi shook your shoulder lightly, a soft, endearing smile on his face, "You should go sleep Y/N. You need your rest before school begins after tomorrow."

You nodded wearily, a small smile creeping onto your lips as you bid a quiet goodnight to the two men. Trudging up the stairs lazily, you finally reached your room and threw open the door. You hadn't realized your enervation until you saw your bed; completely disregarding all over your nightly routine and even changing your clothes you jumped into your bed and in only a matter of seconds after closing your eyes, you were fast asleep.

Chapter Text

When you reached the large gates of your prestigious school, you could see a large mob of reporters jostling and crowding the entrance. It seemed as though you were a magnet, all eyes were on you when you stood in front of them. You swore to yourself knowing you would be bombarded with multiple questions you did not want to answer. Pushing through the crowd you felt microphones smash into you hovering so close to your face.

"Y/N L/N are you really the daughter of Eraserhead?

"How do you feel after the whole incident?"

"Did the villains do anything to you?"

"Did you gain any information at all?"

Getting fed up with the unreasonable barrage of inquiries you pushed and shoved roughly the last bit of people as you jumped over the large gate, throwing your legs over the steel door and landing ungracefully onto the hard ground. 

Walking through the familiar hallways of UA High School, you couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. It felt so long since the last time you had been in your school and you were happy to wander through its halls.

Humming a familiar tune you leisurely glanced around the building, really taking in every detail; from the tiles on the ground to the walls, doors, windows, and ceiling. Your mind wandered briefly, thoughts of reuniting with your beloved friends made your heart fill with content.

You missed your classmates, teachers, and even the boring as classes you managed to endure. After finally getting the chance to escape the villains you realized how truly grateful and blessed you were to be alive and here, walking towards your class. 

Unconsciously you arrived at the door of classroom 1A. It seems your legs had carried you here without you realizing it. Taking a big deep breath, you cautiously turned the steel doorknob, trying not to make any sudden noise. It seemed that even with your silence, you had caught the attention of everyone inside the classroom.

By the time you had opened the door fully, all eyes were on you. Your hues of (e/c) flitted across each of your classmates' faces; expressions of confusion, shock, and happiness. Before you could say anything you felt your body get pushed back roughly as several arms latched around your form, holding you desperately. You felt as if the air had been completely knocked out of your lungs at the sudden impact. Your voice raspy and out of breath as you spoke, “G-guys you’re killing m-me.”

At the harsh whisper leaving your throat, you felt the arms loosen around you as you got a better glance at the people surrounding you. Mina, Ochako, Momo, Tooru, Asui, Kyoka stood around you, large smiles adorning each of their faces, eyes glistening with felicity and joy.

You weakly laughed, feeling the sudden surge of tears accumulating at the corners of your eyes. You really had missed your friends. Reaching your hands out, you beckoned them for another group hug, “Oh I’ve missed you guys so so much.”


Mina and Uraraka practically jumped on you, launching themselves at your figure, squeezing you tightly while your arms held them closely from their waists while the other girls joined in on the heartfelt reunion. You could feel tears wetting your shoulders and you couldn’t help but let a stray tear fall from your left eye as it dripped down your cheek and off your chin.

You held each other like that for a minute or so, finally loosening your hold when you could hear another voice in the room cough lightly, “Ahem.”

Letting go, you glanced at the source of the sound, your eyes falling on a familiar yellow haired male, who smirked at you winking in a flirtatious manner as you rolled your eyes, smiling back softly.

When you looked back at Ashido, you could see tears stream down her face as she smiled sadly at you while she rubbed at her cheeks and eyes, “I t-thought I was never going to see you again Y/N.”

“M-me too,” Uraraka confessed, her head dropping shamefully.

You’re smile faltered, coming to a realization that you weren’t the only one hurt in the process of your kidnapping. Your friends and family were all affected as well. Coming back to your senses you smiled lightly before grabbing both girls’ shoulders.

“Listen I’m fine and I’m here so don’t worry about it now, alright?”

The girls nodded and once again you could see two beaming smiles brighten up their expressions just like before.

“We’re really glad you’re okay Y/N, ribbit.” Tsuyu stated, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

“We were all so worried,” Yaoyorozu remarked in response.

“More like you scared the shit out of us.” Jirou teased playfully while Hagakure wrapped an invisible arm around the ear jack student, “I’m just happy to see you again!”

You chuckled lightly, eyes softening at the sight of your female classmates, “Thanks guys. I’m just thankful to be back.”

The group of girls dispersed a bit when a set of red, yellow and black hair approached you and engulfed you in a bear hug all at once.

“Y/N you idiot! Next time be more careful!” Kaminari chided you jocosely as the three boys let go of you. Kirishima ruffled your hair lightly as Sero smiled gently down at you.

You giggled quietly as you cooed, “Awe, Kaminari you were worried.”

A light blush covered his light cheeks, but nonetheless, he grabbed your shoulders shaking you lightly, “Of course I was you dumbass, you got kidnapped!”

Laughing again you swatted away his hands as you crossed your arms in front of your chest, “Nothing I couldn’t handle Pikachu.” You smirked while the boy rolled his eyes; glancing towards Kirishima your eyes were once again mesmerized by his bright shining smile, something that you had truly missed from one of your closest friends.

Nudging the redhead lightly you smiled back, “ How about you rock-boy?”

Kirishima chuckled in response while he threw an arm around Sero’s shoulder, “Yea we missed you being around.”

“Yea we sure did,” Sero responded, adding as an answer.

You smiled again, but soon realized you hadn’t seen Bakugou yet; craning your neck you looked over Kaminari’s shoulder glancing around. To no avail you did not find him in the class, sighing you looked at your friends in question, “Have you guys seen Bakugou?”

As an answer to your question, a familiar monotonous voice replied, “No he hasn’t come in yet.”

Glancing slightly upwards you caught sight of a familiar set of hetero-chromic teal and grey orbs, a small smile playing at his lips. Behind him were Midoriya and Iida both male friends also smiling at you.

You waved over the trio to come closer as you smiled back at the boys, “How are you guys doing?”

Midoriya began to flail his arms wildly, stammering out a string of words, “Y/N! W-we should b-be asking you that!”

Even Iida started to typically chop his hands in an affirmative motion, “You’re the one who was pretty injured after the whole ordeal Y/N.”

“No guys really, I am fine!” You assured them, trying to get them to stop fussing over you. Glancing at Todoroki you could feel his eyes roam around your face, his gaze scrutinizing every inch of your expression. His mismatched hues picking up on the scratches and light bruises that had begun to fade from your face.

“What you went through was terrible. And I’m truly sorry that you had to deal with that.” Todoroki enunciated calmy, his eyes softening the slightest bit.

You ran your hand through your (h/c) tresses, letting out an exasperated sigh; your gaze fell to the ground. You really didn’t want to feel pitied because of what happened; you expected that Midoriya or Iida probably mentioned it to Shoto.

“Listen. What happened happened. It doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

Understanding your distaste against the topic, they dropped it. Todoroki lightly patted your head, causing you to quirk an eyebrow as you watched him in bewilderment. Before you could say any more the door swung open with a loud bang; a head of champagne coloured hair and vermillion irises scanning the room before they fell onto your form. His typical scowl grew as he saw the hand on your head and who it belonged to.

“Hey Bakug-”, Just as you were beginning to talk a strong, toned arm grabbed your shoulder into him and away from the three boys.

“Keep your hands off of my girl icy-hot,” Bakugou growled as he pulled you protectively and closer to his body as you felt his warmth radiating off of him. All heads snapped in your direction, expressions mixed with emotions of confusion, shock, and curiosity. Todoroki raised his eyebrow watching the both of you quizzically.

You could feel your neck and face heating up; you never expected to tell anyone the two of you were dating anytime soon, but it seemed Bakugou had different plans. You pinched your now boyfriend in his side, causing his eyes so snap down at your form.

“Calm down Katsuki. Don’t make a scene.” You hissed quietly as he grunted in response.

“W-wait, y-you t-t-two are…. Um, d-dating?” Midoriya questioned coyly, stuttering out nearly every word as usual.

Bakugou snapped, snarling like a wild animal in the timid boy’s direction, “ Yes we fucking are Deku. You got a problem with that?!”

Midoriya shook his head hastily waving his hands, “N-no no o-of c-course not Kachaan.”


You caught Bakugou’s attention once again, as he was gazing at you expectantly. You sighed pinching the bridge of your nose with the hand that wasn’t pinned to Bakugou’s side, “Can you chill for now, please?”

“Fine.” He grumbled reluctantly, everyone watching in a state of bewilderment and awe with how you calmed the fiery male so easily.

Mina hurried to your side grabbing your free arm bouncing on the toes of her feet excitedly, “Y/N! You better spill everything later!”

You chuckled heartily, shaking your head in amusement at the sight of your delighted pink friend, “Yeah, yeah.” You responded, removing your arm from her tight grip and waving at her dismissively; your body still flush against Bakugou’s side.

Said ash haired male rolled his eyes at your girl best friend, “Shut up raccoon eyes.”

Before Mina could whine in response the door opened up once again, Aizawa standing at the door with a blank and unimpressed stare, grumbling something under his breath. Without a word, you all hurried to your seats in fear of him getting upset.

You briefly noticed a ghost of a smile forming on his lips but it was barely noticeable. “I won’t reprimand you for your delay in sitting in your seats today since you had this little reunion or what not.”

A chorus of sighs escaped most of your class, probably out of relief and of not having to deal with a particularly grumpy, disheveled man.

And like that, the day began as you went through each of your classes, seeing the familiar faces of your teachers. Both students and teachers you didn’t get to talk to at the morning reunion approached you, voicing their relief and alleviation at the sight of you well and alive.

Eventually, but quickly enough lunchtime rolled around and all your classmates began to stand to leave, before a six of them left you called after them, “Bakugou! Momo! Todoroki! Midoriya! Iida! Kirishima!” The same six people you yelled for snapped their heads in your direction, inquisitive looks on their faces.

“Can y’all wait up? I want to talk to you all about something.” You insisted as the group nodded in response.

Everyone slipped out of the class rather quickly, understanding that you wanted to talk about something with your fellow classmates, or better call them friends.

“What did you want to talk about Y/N?” Yaoyorozu asked as she approached you.

You scratched the back of your neck while everyone closed in around you, Bakugou hovering by your side. Sharply inhaling a breath you began to speak, “I wanted to thank all of you for going out of your way to come and save me. I truly am grateful for that. God knows what would have happened to me, but….”

Everyone noticed your sudden shift in mood, eyes darkening and glaring immensely at each of them. The group could feel a shiver run down each of their spines, goosebumps littering their arms and necks; even the infamous Bakugou couldn't help but gulp at the anger rolling off of you. You crossed your hands over your chest tapping your foot impatiently.

“But you guys really are a group of fucking incompetent imbeciles.”

All eyes widened, mouths hanging openly unable to respond; Bakugou readily growled under his breath before you shushed him quickly, snapping at him with narrowed eyes, “Shut it.”

Turning back to everyone else you began to chide and scold them, “ I want to understand what was going through each of your heads that you thought that going out in the middle of the night to try and save me would do any good. First of all, all of you are 15 to 16 years old without any provisional license or any right to try and save me. What did you think you were going to do? I know for a damn fact you guys did not make up the ice flying shit before you were behind that wall. What did you expect to do if you encountered any villains and were forced to fight, huh?!”

“B-b-but Y/N-” You cut off Midoriya before he could speak anymore, as he received a glare from your fiery (e/c) orbs that rivaled even Aizawa’s.

“You three,” You began as you scowled in the direction of Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya, “ You know what happened last time, what the hell did you think would happen this time you damn idiots?!” You rubbed at your temple aggravated and incensed, grumbling out a slew of incoherent swear words under your breath, “You know sometimes it feels like I’m a mother to like 10 children. Honestly, someone in this class is going to give me a damn stroke one of these days. Now I understand why my dad has so much trouble with us, you’re all so reckless and stupid.”

You glanced up at Iida and Yaoyorozu shaking your head disappointedly, “ I would’ve expected better from you two. You’re supposed to be the most mature and level headed in this class, unlike these buffoons.” You gestured towards the remaining four boys, their eyes glued to the floor beneath their feet.

You sighed defeatedly, playing with the tips of your hair, “It’s just… if something were to happen to any one of you for my sake, I wouldn’t forgive myself. So next time if you’re trying to save someone wait until it’s legal for you to do so, alright?”

“Yes Y/N, sorry Y/N.” Kirishima apologized quickly, followed by quiet, mumbled out apologies from each of your other friends excluding Bakugou. You glanced at him, eyebrow raised waiting for a response; he looked back at you grumbling and groaning before frustratedly muttering under his breath, “Yeah whatever sure.”

You rolled your eyes at him before leaning into him slightly while smiling lightly, “You’re a pain in my ass Katsuki.”

Said boy smirked at the form by his side, “Don’t worry Y/N, you're a dumbass too.”

Chapter Text

“You will all be working on a special move. What this means is that based on your quirks, you will try to find a special move only suited to you which can increase your chances of winning a fight or apprehending a villain. This will be further preparing you for the provisional license exam so you can all legally use your quirks outside.”

You and your classmates all exchanged glances with each other, excitement brightening your expressions.

Still with a rather uninterested and blank gaze he continued, “We’ll start with training for your special moves today, so get your gear on and meet me in the school’s gym.”

Hurriedly you all got to your feet and ran to your specified change rooms, split by gender. You and your fellow female classmates slipped on your costumes and quickly met up with the rest of your class at the gym. 

“Each of you will train alone, me and All Might will oversee your activity and give you pointers on how to improve, so get your asses moving!”

And like that, the training began. Each of you in your own worlds. You went to a more secluded place in the gym, not really going to use any of the equipment offered. You leaned your back on the far wall, arms crossed as you wracked your mind for some idea of what this ‘special move’ should be. 

Aizawa had mentioned something like that a couple of times in the past, and sometimes your mind wandered, trying to brainstorm some ideas, but you never managed to find something that pleased you. 

You huffed an irritated breath when you noticed the people in your class were already getting straight into their training, already having an idea of what they wanted to do. Looking to the side you noticed All Might walking towards you, so you pushed yourself off the wall and met him there halfway, smiling. 

“Hey, All Might, What’s up?” You asked, arms behind your back.

Since he had retired from being a hero he started to teach at school more often than before, his now true, lanky form becoming a regular sight to see as he smiled gently down at you, “Do you have any ideas young Ikeda?” 

You shook your head, rolling your eyes directed at your lack of options, “Nope, no idea. This is rather annoying.”

All Might chuckled softly, patting a large hand on your shoulder reassuringly, “Don’t stress yourself out too much about it, but what about something that can increase your offensive and defensive ability?”

Your eyes lit up as you gazed into your teacher’s eyes, a thought crossing your mind, “Oh my god! I think I’ve got an idea.”

You took a step back and waved to All Might as you hurry to get your idea into motion, “Thanks All Might! You were a great help!” 

You faintly heard him replying but your mind was racing a mile per minute as you pulled out your knife out of your tool belt.  You made a deep cut in the palm of your hand, blood floating in the air as it surrounded your form.

You took a deep breath, wishing, hoping that this would turn out good. And in mere moments the blood had completely engulfed your body, from head to toe, exception for your face. The deep scarlet colour hugged your body tightly, your body’s shape clearly visible. The blood crystalized around you, but in a way where you were still able to move freely. You jumped up and down, throwing a few jabs in the air, to see how free your movement was. 

Pleased with how it felt on, you hurried to a punching bag in the corner of the gym, to try out a couple of combinations with your suit on. From there you threw a few punches and kicks at the bag, the blood engulfed around your form feeling light and seemingly not weighing you down whatsoever. 

Feeling a tap on your shoulder, you snapped your head quickly, meeting Kirishima’s smiling face. You smiled back dusting off your hands, “You need something Kirishima?” 

Kirishima shook his head as his smile grew, “Nah, I’m just intrigued by this suit you got on. Is it made from your blood?”

You nodded, a sudden thought coming to mind, “Actually I want to try something real quick. I want you to throw a few punches at me while you’re using your quirk. I won’t try to block or dodge them, I just want to see how the suit holds up.”

A questioning and somewhat concerning expression came across his face as he scratched the back of his neck, “Uh… Do you think that’s a good idea? What if I hurt you?”

You shook your head, laughing, “Nonsense, even if you did, I wouldn’t blame you. I’m the one who asked. Come on, I wanna see how it works out.” 

Reluctantly he agreed and as you let your arms hang loosely by your side, Kirishima hardened his hand, his fist quickly colliding with your stomach, a few more hardened punches hitting your body, but you didn’t seem to feel it whatsoever. In fact, wherever he would hit, your blood made suit turned back to liquid form and rippled. Similar to how a pebble would fall into a pond and cause small ripples in the body of water. 

Kirishima stood straight back up, a bewildered expression etched onto his visage, “Did you even feel any of that? You didn’t flinch at all (Y/N).” 

A huge grin reached your ears as you shook your head, “Actually no. Wait let me try something. Can we try to have a quick spar?”

Kirishima nodded, both of you spreading your feet and bending your knees as your fists came up to defend your faces. 

Kirishima threw the first punch, while you narrowly dodged it from hitting your face. A sudden surge of power ran through your arm as you hit him straight in the gut, causing him to stumble back. It didn’t even feel like he was using his quirk, his hardening ability not affecting you at all.

Before he could throw another punch you kicked him in the side, causing him to stagger backward. You grabbed his forearm, and in mere moments you had thrown him over your shoulder as his body crashed to the ground. The air was knocked out of his lungs at the sudden impact. 

He coughed violently, as you offered a hand to help him up. You smiled apologetically as he took your hand, while you pulled him up to his feet.

“Sorry ‘bout that. You alright Kiri?” 

Kirishima’s eyes brightened up as a contagious smile came to his face, “That was incredible! That suit of yours gives you one hell of a boost. Both offensively and defensively.”

You smiled thanking him in response. As you began to speak, Aizawa grumbling voice interrupted you, your head turning back to him. 

“So what’s that you got on (Y/N)?” 

You shrugged, spinning around a little to show off your little blood outfit, “Something that I quickly thought of. It’s like armour, or blood armor to be more exact. It deflects hits and acts like a dermal, or thick skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or anything; it actually doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything except for my actual suit. It also seems to enhance my speed and strength. But I don’t think I can make it last for much longer. I’ve already had it on for three minutes. I think my limit may be four minutes at most since I also need to keep my concentration to be able to keep it on.” You rambling and your extended explanation, caused you to lose your breath as the blood around you began to dissipate. 

A ghost of a smile was on Aizawa’s face as he gazed at you intently, “That would be rather useful in situations against bigger opponents. It’s good, but try tweaking it a bit, so that you can still use your bandages.”

You nodded, you actually kind of forgot about the white bandages that were always wrapped around your forearms, “Alright, thanks!

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I'm really sorry this isn't a new chapter but I just had a few things to say.

To sum it up I'm going through a rough patch rn so it has been hard to have the will to write. I also have been rereading older chapters I wrote and honestly it just made me feel bad. Idk just feel like my writing is actually terrible and that there is no point in continuing to write. I'm really just losing heart in this story and Idk what to do. I want to continue it for the people who still want this story but Idek if there are people who are really enjoying it. like my writing is terrible omg. I'm sorry for the rant lmao - I just had to get it out of my system.

Chapter Text

You took your first steps into the newly built dorms. Wide, astonished eyes roamed around the building. You let out a low whistle as the rest of your classmates trudged behind you. 

“This place is amazing!” 


“I can’t wait to live here.”

Aizawa coughed roughly into his hand, catching the class’ attention quickly as all eyes focused on him.

“This will be your dorms for the rest of the school year as of today. You will be staying here everyday of the week, but on the weekends you are allowed to go to your homes and visit your families.” 

He pinched the bridge of his nose before he continued, “I’ll give you all a quick tour of the building and then I’ll leave you to your own devices and allow you to unpack all of your belongings.”

“Where’s the kitchen?” 

Aizawa incredulously narrowed his eyes on you, “Can’t you wait until I start the tour?”

You shook your head violently, “No, I’m hungry.”

Suddenly you felt someone smack the back of your head lightly. You turned back with a look of disbelief until your eyes landed on your firecracker of a boyfriend. Honestly, it still felt so weird calling him that, but back to the point. 


“You’re wasting time, dumbass.”

You pouted as you crossed your arms over your chest childishly, grumbling under your breath. 

“First rule of the dorms. Do not let (y/n) cook anything . And I mean nothing. She is not allowed anywhere near the oven or stove ever .” 

Everyone burst out laughing at Aizawa’s comment causing you mumble incoherent swear words. Bakugou watched you from the corners of his vermillion orbs, a small smirk playing at his lips. He threw his arm around your shoulder, messing up your hair lightly.


You wiped your forehead to remove the sweat that had accumulated. For the past three hours you’ve been unpacking everything and you finally were able to complete it all. 

The room wasn’t all that glamorous, it was really just a copy of your bedroom at home, but you tweaked a few things. Your bed was on the right side of the room, pushed up against the wall. Your bed sheets were black and grey with red cherry blossom flowers that decorated the edges of the comforter. 

A deep burgundy desk was opposite of your bed, books sat upon the shelves and a simple black chair was placed beside it. You added a small arm chair in the far left corner of room, right beside the window. It was a heather grey and was littered with a variety of pillows. You would probably use it to read a book or to just chill on it when you weren't in the mood to sit on your bed. You had put away all of your necessities and your clothing in the closet of your dorm room.

You grabbed your phone, put it into your pocket and left downstairs. Your room was on the fourth floor, right beside Ashido’s. You were thankful for the fact that the girls were placed in the right wing while the boys were in the left because that meant Mineta was nowhere near you. 'Thank God', you thought.

You were hungry as hell, especially since Aizawa didn’t let you grab any snacks from the kitchen, which was surprisingly, already stocked. Hurrying down the stairs you reach the first floor where there was a common area, including TV's, couches, the kitchen (obviously), the communal bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

It seemed no one else was around so you bolted to the kitchen, where you opened the fridge, drawers and a ton of cupboards. Rummaging through to find something you found good enough for your hunger, which was really anything at the moment. You couldn’t really cook anything so any quick snack would do at the moment. 

Finally you found an apple and a granola bar you could snack on. It seemed the school was very adamant on purchasing only healthy food. Which left your desire for any sort of junk food get crushed, but that’s life; you win some you lose some. 

You bit your granola bar, which seemed to be peanut butter flavoured. You hummed in delight at the flavour, content with how it tasted on your tongue. That is until you shrieked at the feeling of someone tapping your shoulder. You cupped your mouth quickly to silence yourself as your head snapped back at the source of your heart attack.

You found yourself staring at a wide-eyed Todoroki who had raised his hands in surrender, “My apologies, I didn’t think I’d actually scare you like that.”

You shook your head, “No, no. Sorry that was my bad. For a second there I thought my heart was going to actually jump out of my chest; but it was probably because I was spacing out and didn’t think anyone would show up out of nowhere.”

He scratched the back of his neck embarrassed, “I was just coming for a drink of water and well, I found you here.”

You chuckled lightly, “Yeah. So have you finished up unpacking?”

“Yes, I have.” 

You handed him a water bottle from the fridge as you continued, “That’s good. So did I. Actually I’ve been meaning to ask you how your training for the provisional license exam is going so far?”

Todoroki took a sip of the water before wiping his mouth his dry, “It’s going quite well, but I do occasionally have those thoughts if it's going to be anything like I’ve been imagining it.”

“That goes for me too, to be honest. I’ve been stressing myself about if I’m going to be able to pass or not. Especially since I don’t want to disappoint my da-, I mean Aizawa.”

“I know what you mean,” Todoroki’s eyes became downcast, as he raised his hand hovering over his scar. 


Todoroki glanced back up at you, watching as a small, gentle smile reached your face. 

“Don’t let him affect you,” Todoroki opened his mouth, but you continued, “I may not know much about your past or childhood, but from the looks of it you went through something vaguely similar to my experiences and life as a kid. It’s kind of a like a sense I have. I can feel it when people have their own anxieties and fears built up inside of them because of the presence of an uncaring parent or parents. You can talk to me whenever Todoroki and I mean it. Because I may be able to understand you more than you may think.”

His mouth was agape and eyes widened a fraction in surprise from your statement. You smiled softly once more before patting him on his arm, “Don’t be shy. Remember, we’re friends.”

You left after that with your apple in hand and a smile on your face.

“Let’s do something fun!” Mina suggested loudly as she jumped on your back. 

“YEAH!” Kaminari being the dumbass he was cheering even louder. 

You smacked him upside the head which effectively shut him up, “Like what?”

Uraraka tapped a finger on her chin, acting as if she was in deep thought, humming thoughtfully, “How about we do some type of competition?”

“How about we see who has the best bedroom?” 

You all turned back to Asui. You thought it was an alright idea and it seemed most of the class thought so too as they nodded in agreement. You turned back to see Bakugou with his hands stuffed in his pants, a typical glare on his features. 

“Are you going to join Baku-bro?” Kirishima asked cheerfully as he threw an arm around his shoulder. 

Bakugou shrugged him off as he turned away, “As if shitty hair.” 

“Come on.” You begged him to join, but relentlessly he refused. 

“I’m going to go to sleep.”

“What?! Now?!” 

His scowl deepened as you questioned his very very early sleeping schedule, “Stop being a dumbass.”

He grabbed your forearm and began to drag you away. You turned back to see your friends staring at the pair of you with confused expressions, except for Uraraka and Ashido who winked and giggled as you were taken farther and farther away from the group. 

Surprisingly though, the grip on his hand wasn't rough, nor tight. He held your arm with a strong, yet gentle hold. He didn’t say anything as he lead you to the left wing of the building, taking you to what you were to believe was his bedroom. 

Finally you reached his bedroom. He finally let go of your arm and opened the door. Immediately he went and sat himself on his bed. You stood at the door simply just staring at the room in front of you.

It was so different than you had imagined. You don’t know why, but you had these image in your head of a messy, disorganized room with a bunch of posters around the walls, but… it wasn’t like that at all

It was so simplistic and modern like. Everything meshed well and the colours were all calm and neutral tones. 

“What are you standing there for? Walk in already.”

You were snapped out of your thoughts by Bakugou. Reluctantly you walked into the room, taking in a closer look of the room. You ran your digits along his desk before plopping yourself on the tan spinning chair beside it. 

“Don’t break my shit.”

You shot Bakugou a playful glare, “I’m literally just spinning. Stop making me out to be the bad guy.”

“Your just dumb that’s why.”

“You’re worse than Dad and Uncle Zashi when it comes to making fun of me.”

Bakugou had a look of confusion on his face as he stared at you with scrutinizing gaze, “Uncle Zashi?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. That’s what I call Present Mic outside of school.”


You played with the end of your hair as you pivoted on the chair back and forth, “Well it’s like it is. I consider him like an uncle. He’s been there for me for nearly as long as Aizawa has. He can be a pain in the ass, but he’s a fun, cheerful guy to be around.”

“Stop being so sappy all the time.” He rolled his eyes as he laid back on his bed.

“I’m not sappy, you’re just a gremlin who doesn’t understand normal human decency and affection.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“No you.”

He grabbed his pillow and chucked it at your head, but thankfully you had dodged quickly enough, “You’re a bitch.”

“And you’re a dick Katsuki.” You winked cheekily, with a wide grin on your face.

He simply grumbled under his breath, probably swearing a bunch of very vulgar words, but that’s Bakugou for you. Honestly, your whole relationship dynamic seemed to be based off of teasing each other and low key being mean, but caring for one another at the same time. 

So far the two of you haven’t done anything relationship like, but that was to be expected when getting into a relationship with Bakugou Katsuki, the boy famous for his temper and strength.

“Are we ever going to go on a da-?” You blurted it out of nowhere and immediately bit your tongue afterwards to shut your big mouth. You really had no idea why you did it, but you did and what’s done is done. 

Bakugou just went silent, staring at you so intensely; you felt like you were on TV or some natural geographic channel about a random wild animal. You wanted the earth to swallow you whole right there, so instead of looking at him you decided to become suddenly intrigued by the wooden pencil on his desk. 


Your gaze slowly met his, as you opened and closed your mouth repeatedly trying to get words to form, but nothing would come out. It felt like you were suddenly mute. 

“Spit it out (Y/N).”

You sighed, covering your face with your hands, “I don’t know.”

“Then why would you ask that shitty question?”

“God, I really- It’s just…” You began to rub your temples anxiously, “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do as a couple?”

You looked back up at Bakugou, his expression still the same as it always is, “Well yeah, of course. How dumb can you get.”

“Can you stop calling me dumb for once and answer the damn question you Baka!”

His eyes narrowed into slits, and he twitched his lips into a snarl; which really only made him look more like a demon. “I’m not a Baka you damn blood bank!”

You could see his hands set off mini explosions as he continued, “There just isn’t time right now.”

“Huh?” Your expression was one of clear confusion.

“I mean,” he let out an exasperated breath, “School is busy, you basically just got rescued from being kidnapped like two weeks ago and we need to prepare for the provisional license exam.”

“I guess that’s true.” You didn’t realize that there actually wasn’t any time for the two of you to even go out since your lives have been pretty hectic lately. 

You gave him an apologetic smile as you scratched the back of your head unconsciously, “Sorry about that. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Just stop being a dumbass.”

“Would you quit calling me that already?!”


You looked up to the ceiling dramatically, hands pressed together, "Oh God! Please lend me strength and patience to deal with my Pomeranian of a boyfriend."

"I swear I'll kill your right here and right now!"