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And I Wondered If I Could Come Home

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Three Years Later

“Kara, do we really need to do all this?” Lena interrupted as her fiancée was listing off all the floral arrangements she was going to have dropped off for the small gathering the next evening. “Can’t we count getting married twenty-one years ago as the rehearsal?”

“Lena-” she heard the voice on the other end start, and Lena moved the phone to her other ear as she continued, not pausing long enough for Kara to get another word in.

“The compromise was we would go all out for the wedding if you wanted to, but nothing else. I agreed to the rehearsal dinner because I thought it was going to be a quiet evening with our families,” Lena pointed out, and she rolled her eyes as she heard Kara huff slightly.

“It will be a quiet night with our families and a bunch of really pretty flowers,” Kara argued, and Lena barely stifled her laugh at this point.

Shaking her head, Lena put her foot down. “No flowers; just family. I want this to be about all of us, not just me and you,” she stated firmly, and she could already hear Kara begin to protest across the phone. “Oh wait!” she called out a moment later, her eyes catching a glimpse of something in the backyard. “I think Lily’s home. I’ll talk to you later, darling,” she promised, before she hung up and quickly made her way out the back patio door.

By the time she made it outside, Liza was up out of her hammock and wrapping Lily in a tight koala hug. Lily had dropped her several bags from college unceremoniously onto the ground around her and held onto her sister as she laughed slightly.

“You just saw me last week!” Lily exclaimed, as she finally got her sister to jump off of her, but Liza didn’t seem deterred by her statement in the least.

“You’re home for good now!” Liza shot back at her with a grin. “God am I ready to have you living with us again.”

Smirking slightly without looking at her mom who was now in her periphery, Lily inquired, “Because you missed me or because they’re overbearing when you’re the only one home?”

At this, Lena cleared her throat slightly, pulling Liza’s attention as she was about to answer. As Lena raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms unimpressed, Liza seemed to falter.

“I plead the fifth,” she finally resorted, and Lily laughed as Lena rolled her eyes slightly.

Walking up to her daughter, Lena pulled her into a firm hug and kissed the top of her head as she murmured, “Welcome home, bug.”

When they pulled away from each other, everyone grabbed one of Lily’s bags and began to walk back into the house. “Is Yeyu home?” Lily asked curiously, careening her neck slightly to look around the house.

“She had to run a quick errand,” Lena responded easily. “She’s going to pick up lunch on the way back.”

“Noonan’s?” Lily gasped hopefully, and Lena shot her a pointed look.

“What else?” she inquired, and Lily let out a squeal of excitement. “How’d your last exams go?” Lena then questioned, diverting the conversation to her daughter. “I know you said your last one was the hardest.”

Nodding dutifully, Lily bit her lip. “Advanced Physics. I think it went… as well as any other exam in that class this semester. I’ll be above average, and hopefully snag a B+,” she admitted, trying to seem upbeat about it but frowning as the words left her lips.

“That’s great!” Lena encouraged, waving it off.

Lily sighed dramatically and folded her arms over. “Yeah, it’s fine I guess. I just really wanted to keep my perfect GPA.”

Scoffing, Lena shook her head and turned abruptly to lean over the kitchen counter and address Lily evenly. “After my first year of college, I barely had a 3.0. Those classes are tough even for the smartest kids, especially when you’re transitioning from high school. A B+ in Advanced Physics is incredible, Lily. I’m really proud of you.”

Lily blinked, a bit surprised by this information, but slowly a soft smile spread across her face. “Thanks, Mom,” she murmured, and Lena walked around the table to pull her into another hug.

“Okay, now you and Liza go unpack before your mother gets back, so we can spend the rest of the day vegging as a family,” Lena then demanded, and Lily shot her a thumbs up and a slightly confused smile as Lena sighed tiredly and Liza and Lily grabbed the bags and began to race up the stairs.

“What’s up with Mom?” Lily whispered when they were finally upstairs. Liza giggled slightly as she rolled her eyes.

“Yeyu wants to go all out for every aspect of the wedding, and Mom’s spending every ounce of her energy trying to keep that from happening,” Liza explained.

Smirking, Lily commented, “Well, I’m with Yeyu. They should go all out after everything they’ve been through.”

“Why do you think Mom never called you to talk about the wedding specifics?” Liza shot back pointedly, and Lily let out a loud laugh at this as they entered her room and dumped the bags.

They began easily working together to unpack Lily back into her room, but eventually it was clear Lily was more interested in catching up with her sister than moving back in.

“You don’t take your exams for two weeks, right?” she inquired. “Are there any you’re super worried about?”

Biting her lip, Liza shrugged noncommittally. “None specifically. I think I could pull off all A’s this semester, given that I have enough time to study for each exam,” she explained, and Lily stopped and frowned at her sister.

“Why wouldn’t you have enough time?” she pressed, and Liza pressed her lips together slightly.

“I don’t know,” she continued vaguely, trying to wave the comment off, but one glance at her sister told her that wouldn’t be possible. “Sometimes Supergirl stuff comes up at really inopportune times,” Liza finally relented, and Lily froze.

“Is Supergirl getting in the way of your schooling?” Lily then demanded, and Liza clenched her eyes shut and shook her head.

“No,” she refuted easily. “See this is why I didn’t want to tell you or our moms about this because you guys would blow it out of proportion.”

“Well, if you’re worried about not having time to study-”

“Lil. Seriously, you’re making it worse than it sounds,” Liza promised. “I study best when I’m cramming, so if a Supergirl emergency pops up in the few hours I have reserved for that, it could eat away at my study time. I will be the first to admit that balancing superhero-ing and school was definitely not the easiest thing in the world, but it also wasn’t any harder than I imagine having a part-time job and school would be. Plus, Nia and I were in all the same classes, so we’re always able to help each other stay on task and get our work done. It was a really good year; I promise.”

Lily finally relaxed at this and nodded, accepting her sister’s answer. “How’s Nia?” she then asked a few moments later, not even the slightest trace of the sly tone she would have adopted a year ago in her question. With Nia and Brainy being a serious item now, it felt almost cruel to tease her sister about anything. Especially when the DreamGirl stans only became stronger with every passing day.

“She’s good! She’s excited for the wedding this weekend and trying not to hold it against Yeyu that she got assigned to the fashion interns this summer,” Liza informed her with a good-natured roll of her eyes. “She’s really excited to see you again too,” she continued after a moment. “She claims the two of you are the ‘twin flames of untapped, outrageous energy’.”

Laughing slightly at this, Lily agreed, “She’s definitely right. I don’t think the world could handle us both alone in a room together for longer than thirty seconds.”

I can’t handle you two in a room together for longer than thirty seconds,” Liza grumbled, and Lily tackled her in a tight hug as she continued to laugh at her sister’s dramatics.

“Girls! Yeyu just got home!” Lena called up the stairs, and giggling, Liza and Lily tripped over each other as they both tried to run down stairs.

Right as Lily got to the bottom of the steps, the door swung open and she was faced with her mother carrying several bags of food and peering over them excitedly. “Bug!” she yelled, immediately handing all the bags over to Lena quickly, who just barely managed to hold onto them all without dropping them.

Within a second, Lily was crashing into her, and Kara picked her up and swung her around. “One year at MIT finished!” Kara exclaimed proudly. “Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday you were ten years old and informing me in no uncertain terms that you would be attending MIT.”

“You’re getting old, Yeyu,” Lily reminded her mother cheekily as she pulled away and winked.

Sighing dramatically, Kara shook her head and declared, “Don’t remind me!” Then smiling softly, she pulled Lily back in for a half hug and planted a warm kiss on her forehead. “Okay now let’s eat!” Kara announced, clapping her hands together abruptly, and the whole family agreed as they all took bags from Lena to help her take food into the kitchen.

By the time lunch was finished, they were all discussing spending part of the afternoon either playing board games or sitting outside, when they all saw a van pull up in their driveway.

“Oh that’ll be Alex and Sam,” Kara explained quickly, hopping out of her seat as she wiped her hands into a napkin. “There dropping off the tables for tomorrow night.”

Upon hearing this, Lena stood up too and followed Kara towards the door. Since Lena insisted on the rehearsal being small and just family, they ultimately had decided to host it at their own house to give it the warm feel Lena was looking for. Curiously, the girls went to help their mother unload the few tables as well, but were quickly waved off when Kara insisted she could handle it.

With Lena directing where she wanted the tables, Kara carrying and placing them, and Alex setting up the chairs, it looked like a full force wedding venue crew within a few minutes.

“Hey you two,” Sam called out softly, pulling the twins’ attention and beckoning for both of the girls to follow her. “I need your help. My daughter can’t keep a secret, so I’m counting on you guys,” she continued seriously, and Lily and Liza both glance at each other before frowning and looking back over at Sam.

“What’s up?” Liza finally inquired, looking at Sam almost worriedly.

Sam snuck one more glance around to make sure no one else was in their vicinity before reaching her hand in her back pocket and pulling out a small box.

“Oh my god,” Lily breathed, as Liza widened her eyes.

“I need you two to tell me if this ring looks alright for your aunt,” she informed them seriously, before she broke out into a wide grin as tears began to form in her eyes. Lily and Liza grabbed each other’s hands and squeezed tightly as they both tried to stay calm.

“It looks perfect,” Lily assured her, and Liza nodded in agreement.

“When are you asking her?” Liza then asked excitedly.

Sam let out a long breath at this. “I’m not sure, but I want it to be a surprise for Alex and Ruby, and I’d like our families to be there too. And I want to do it soon.”

“You should do it tomorrow night at the rehearsal dinner,” Lily jumped in eagerly, and Sam eyed her skeptically. “You and Alex are both maids of honor, so convince Alex you two should do a joint speech, and then do it!”

Sam tilted her head a bit as she weighed the option in her mind, before she finally stated slowly, “I don’t know if I want to do it at the rehearsal dinner; that’s your moms’ thing, and-”

“But they want you two to get engaged; they’ll be so stoked about it!” Lily insisted.

“Besides,” Liza reasoned, “Mom was just saying earlier that she didn’t want the rehearsal dinner to be about them, but about our family as a whole. So you wouldn’t be stepping on any toes.”

Sam held her hands up in surrender as she conceded, “Okay, okay. I’m hearing your points. Tomorrow is seeming like a really good option.”

“Everyone will be there,” Liza pushed softly. “It’s kind of the perfect time.”

Sighing, Sam nodded. “So I guess I have to write a speech then?” she inquired, and both girls nodded eagerly.

The morning of the wedding rehearsal, Lena requested that her daughters be up by nine to ensure they would have enough time to make all the food in enough time that they could all shower and get ready before the guests started to arrive. They were all in the kitchen making a wide assortment of foods when they heard the front door open and close.

“Hey everyone!” Alex greeted. “Kara already outside?”

Without looking up, Lena informed her, “She’s around the back. Please don’t tell me you’re here to help set up the one million flowers Kara ordered?”

“We can pretend that’s what I’m not here to do, sure,” Alex agreed cheekily, as Lena scoffed and shook her head.

“Sam and Ruby coming later?” Liza then inquired curiously, looking up from where she was kneading her pie dough.

Alex nodded easily. “They should be here around one,” she relayed, and then looking alarmed at something outside the house that Lena and the girls couldn’t see from their angle, Alex quickly began to race out the door, shouting behind her, “We’ll talk later!”

Decidedly ignoring whatever it was that was going on in her backyard, Lena pointedly turned back towards the stove and stirred her boiling pasta.

It was an hour later before Kara snuck in the house, hair looking frazzled as she slipped behind Lena and wrapped her arms around her. “I know you’re going to be mad, but come to the backyard with me,” she murmured as she nuzzled her fiancée’s neck.

Lena wanted to fight it, but what good would it do at this point anyways. So rather easily, she relented, and let herself get pulled out to the backyard to see just how many flowers Kara had bought for the occasion.

Lily and Liza shot each other a look as they watched their moms go, and they quickly threw off their aprons and began to rush towards the door. Knowing their mother, their backyard probably looked like a fairytale now.

“Oh! Just who I wanted to get alone!” Alex called out as she walked into the house and her eyes lit up. The girls both stopped and looked up at her a bit confused as they were cornered by their aunt. “Tell me if this is too much?” she requested nervously, before pulling a very large diamond ring from her pocket.

Both Liza and Lily’s mouths dropped as they processed what they were seeing.

“Fuck. It’s too much, isn’t it?” Alex lamented, her head dropping back dramatically as she clenched her eyes shut.

“No!” Liza cried, a bit panicked.

Lily quickly backed her up, stating, “It’s gorgeous, Alex. It’s for Sam, right?”

Nodding a bit nervously, Alex slipped the ring back in her pocket. “I’ve carried this thing on me for weeks now, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. It just never feels like the perfect time, and then I started overthinking everything, so I just needed to tell someone. Your mother would freak out too much and blow my cover, and Ruby would clearly tell her mom immediately,” she complained.

“When do you want to ask her?” Liza then asked, trying to keep a straight face, not wanting to give away whether or not Alex would be the first to pop the question.

With a long sigh, Alex grabbed the back of her neck with her hand as she shrugged. “I don’t know. I feel like I’ve pushed it off for too long, and now with the wedding and-”

“You should do it tonight,” Lily supplied easily, and Alex blinked in surprise as Liza shot her a wide eyed glance. “During your speech with Sam. You’ll already be up in front of everyone, so you might as well pop the question then!”

Alex narrowed her eyes a little and Liza was almost certain that Lily had blown their cover. “How did you know we were making a speech?” she finally asked, looking back and forth between the two girls, and Liza quickly jumped in to save her sister before she faltered and really gave them away.

“She asked us if we thought our moms would like it,” Liza explained. “She knew you have to give a speech tomorrow anyway, but she wanted to make a smaller, more intimate one tonight just around family.”

Immediately relaxing at the explanation, Alex nodded slightly. “I mean, I guess I could do it then,” she then mused, clearly trying to work through the logistics in her mind. “Okay, yeah, I’ll do it. Now or never, right?” she asked, and both girls shot her a big thumbs up. “Now I have to go prepare a speech,” she frowned, before walking away quickly, looking almost panicked.

“What’s up with her?” Kara came up behind her daughters, making them jump slightly.

“Nothing!” they both answered together, before scattering and leaving their mother confused in their wake.

By the afternoon, everyone had arrived for the rehearsal in their very colorful and very pleasant smelling backyard, which looked more like a flower nursery than a backyard at that point. Sam and Ruby had come at one when Alex had promised. Eliza arrived shortly after them, followed by Lillian thirty minutes later. Clark and Lois were the last to arrive four.

The actual rehearsal part of the evening went rather quick and painless. In no time, the family was sitting around a couple of tables, chatting lightly and digging in to the food Lena and the girls had prepared earlier in the morning.

“Hey guys, if we could have your attention for just a short moment,” Alex announced after dinner, standing from her seat and pulling everyone’s attention. It was clear she was nervous, but Sam seemed to be so preoccupied with her own nerves, she didn’t notice.

Joining Alex in front of everyone, Sam spoke up, “We know we have a speech to give tomorrow night as well, but since tonight is just family, we thought we would say something just for us, if that’s alright with the brides?”

Everyone glanced at where Kara and Lena were sitting comfortably, a little caught off-guard by the request, but amused all the same. Both waved the two women forward, and Alex and Sam nodded at each other to begin the speech they had planned.

“No one knows quite as well as all of us in this room how much Kara and Lena triumphed through to be sitting here today, about to be remarried,” Sam started, and everyone hummed in agreement as Kara and Lena both leaned into each other and clutched each other’s hands tightly. “Lena’s been like a sister to me for over twenty years now, since we were both runts in L Corp’s labs. I’ve been there for her through every up and down, and likewise, she’s been there for me through every rough patch.”

“Kara is the little sister I never wanted and never knew I needed,” Alex began, and a round of soft laughter rippled through the room as Kara rolled her eyes and Alex smirked at her slightly. “For most of my life, I felt like I had to protect her and hold her up through all the times she hurt. It took me a long time to realize that in many ways, she was the rock that held me up. She was the first to comfort me when I was low, and the first to celebrate me when I was high. I depend on her love and support every day.

“The moment I met Lena, I knew she was the one for Kara. Come hell or high water, they were forever,” Alex continued, before letting out a small laugh. “Of course then hell and high water did come, and maybe it felt like life was going to move without these two living out the rest of their days together to some, but I always knew. I always knew they would find their way back to one another, because that’s just how stubborn they both are.”

Lena chuckled slightly as she tried to wipe her tears away quickly so no would notice, and Alex winked at her.

“The love Kara and Lena have is what every couple dreams of,” Sam continued. “Love isn’t fate, or passion, or even just a feeling. Love is a choice that we make every single day, even when it’s hard, even when it’s scary. To love someone and choose to be with them everyday is hard even when the circumstances are right. To choose to open your heart and love someone after fifteen years apart? Well if I didn’t know these two, I would consider that an impossible feat.”

“To watch the love story of two of the most incredible women on this planet for the past twenty-four years was a privilege. A lot of days it wasn’t easy, but in the end, it was all worth it,” Alex stated softly.

“To be the sisters of two of the most incredible women on this planet is an honor,” Sam then ended. “You both inspire and lift us up every single day. We couldn’t possibly be worried about where life takes us next when we know we’ll have you two beside us, supporting us every step of the way.”

As the speech ended, Alex and Sam were met with a small round of applause and cheering from their families, most crying openly. Kara and Lena both seemed to be a mess as they mouthed ‘thank you’ towards Alex and Sam.

When the applause died down, everyone expected Sam and Alex to go back and take a seat, but they both continued to stand in the middle of the crowd, becoming increasingly nervous and Lily and Liza both held their breath as they watched on, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

“Um, if you all don’t mind, I still have a small thing I would like to say,” Sam began, and Alex shot her a puzzled look.

Clearing her throat, Alex then announced, “I have something I want to say too, but I’ll go after you.”

Sam stared at Alex at this before she furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head slightly. “No, no, you should go first,” she then insisted. “Mine should be last.”

Alex paused for a beat before she protested, “No, I really think I should go last.”

Kara opened her mouth to put an end to whatever weird contest was going on between Sam and Alex, but before she could, Sam turned to Lily and Liza sharply and suggested, “How about we let the girls decide who goes last?”

Everyone in the room looked confused at the suggestion, but both Sam and Alex seemed to be comfortable with it. Lily and Liza froze as they realized the women in front of them were each expecting to be their pick because as far as they knew, they were the only ones to conspire with the twins to propose this way.

Lily looked as if she were caught, with her mouth hanging open as she tried to form any words, and Liza’s expression morphed guiltily as she stuttered, “I think- Um- The one who should go last is- Um-” Her mind scrambled to find a solution that would be fair to both Alex and Sam, but it was coming up with nothing.

A small flash of realization ran through Sam’s eyes as she stiffened slightly. Liza tried not to cringe as Sam was clearly putting the situation together, but Alex, seemingly oblivious to the pieces Sam had gathered, sighed and gave in.

“Okay, fine, I’ll go first, and then you can go-”

Alex cut herself off when Sam turned to face her slowly, holding a small box in her hands as Alex pulled the ring out of her pocket. Both women stared at the other’s hand before eventually looking back up at each other with tears in their eyes.

Everyone watching the interaction nearly gasped and stood up surprised at the turn of events. Ruby was almost beside herself crying as she covered her mouth with her hands, but Sam and Alex remained silent as they gazed at each other in near disbelief as the seconds stretched into almost a full minute of everyone holding their breaths.

“You have to actually ask,” Lily finally pointed out softly, and everyone laughed quietly through their tears as Sam and Alex both shook their heads and snapped back into the present with wide smiles on their faces.

Getting down on one knee, Alex held up her ring as she looked up at Sam reverently. “Samantha Arias, my perfect match, my other half, my favorite person in the whole world: will you marry me?” Alex asked softly, and Sam tried to hold back her sobbed as she nodded vigorously, and Alex stood to kiss her deeply before slipping the ring onto her finger.

Sam admired it for a moment before sighing and closing her eyes as if she were steeling herself, before she too bent down onto one knee. With a loving gaze, she opened the small box in her hands.

She didn’t even get a word out, as Alex cut her off and informed her, “You know there’s no ring in there, right?”

Sam's heart stopped as she whipped her eyes down to look at the box, only to find the ring still intact. Everyone tried to muffle their laughter as Sam huffed and swatted at Alex, who dodged the attack and burst out into loud laughter.

“You won’t be laughing when I rescind my ‘yes’,” she threatened as she glared playfully up at her fiancée, who merely shook her head.

“You would never,” Alex stated softly, and Sam seemed to give into that.

Biting her cheek for a moment, Sam ducked her head slightly as she agreed, “You’re right. I waited fifteen years for you, Alexandra Danvers. I wouldn’t lose you for anything.” Alex quickly sobered up from her antics, as she tried to blink away her tears. “Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Of course I will,” she answered, and as Sam stood to kiss her, their entire family erupted into cheers, and Ruby ran from the spot she was standing in to slam them both into a hug.

When Lily and Liza walked up to congratulate them a little while later, they both wrapped them tight in a hug before Sam murmured, “You two are absolute menaces.”

As they stepped back and looked proud of themselves for pulling the whole thing off, Sam rolled her eyes at the twins slightly as Alex winked at them, before the newly engaged couple was pulled away by Eliza.

Lily and Liza took their time getting ready the morning of the wedding.

The venue for the event had been a long debate for the past year, with Lena at one point suggesting they just do the whole ceremony in their backyard and Kara being so floored and appalled she nearly combusted on sight. Kara wished to scream from the rooftops that Lena was going to be her wife, and if she couldn’t have that, she would be damned if their wedding wasn’t the wedding of the century.

Eventually the compromise was struck that Kara could choose the wedding venue if Lena could choose a place more lowkey and comfortable for the reception. Lena would never admit to Kara that the venue she ended up settling on was perfect, but she knew Kara knew when she smiled smugly at her after the tour of the Marshall Botanical Gardens. While renting out the entire gardens was still extravagant, it still had a feeling of intimacy that Lena had been craving from her second wedding. Of course the reception at L Corp’s ballroom was the second best Lena could do to feel at home since her backyard was forcefully denied, but Kara certainly put up a fight.

One of the estates located near the main garden grounds was dedicated to the wedding party’s preparation for the event. Though Lily and Liza were offered separate rooms, they volunteered to get ready together, knowing they would need to be around each other to calm each other’s excitement a bit. They had been planning for this day for almost a year, but that morning it seemed almost surreal.

Liza nearly blushed when she heard the low whistle from behind her and found her sister raising her eyebrow slightly. “The suit was definitely the correct choice for you, sis,” Lily commented. “I can’t believe I haven’t noticed how buff Supergirl’s made you until this moment.”

Rolling her eyes and shrugging, Liza shook her head and continued to button up her shirt. When her moms had offered them the choice of either the navy suit or the forest green dress for the wedding, Liza had jumped on the chance to wear the suit. Between Supergirl and working periodically in Yeyu’s office, Liza had become more accustomed to her mother’s comfortable and practical sense of style in the past couple years. She had almost been surprised when Lily had decided to opt for the dress instead, given her sister’s usually tomboyish clothing choice for the labs.

“Well that dress looks incredible on you,” Liza shot back, admiring her sister’s A-line satin dress with slit up to her thigh. “Thought it’s weird to see you all dressed up,” she joked, and Lily shot her a sly grin.

“College has taught me to embrace all the sides of myself, and not just the sweats and lab coat side,” she explained. “Sometimes it’s nice to be the whiz kid, and then go out and be the hottest girl in the bar,” she then continued with a smirk and a shrug, and Liza let out a loud laugh at this.

“How in the world does the whole campus not know you’re Lena Luthor’s daughter by this point?” she mused, and Lily giggled slightly.

When they were finally fully dressed with their hair and makeup done, they received permission to check in on their moms. Quickly the two swept across the building until they found the room their mom was getting ready in. As they slipped into the room, they noted their mom was receiving the final touches to her hair and makeup. Lena caught movement in the corner of the mirror and despite the protests of the stylists, she immediately stood from her chair and turned to face her daughters.

“Look at you two!” she exclaimed, crossing the room to them and pulling them both into a tight hug. “You look so grown up,” she then whispered as she pulled back and tried to discreetly wipe the tears from the edge of her eyes. “Sorry,” she apologized after a moment, still trying to keep her emotions under control. “Even after the past three years, I just can’t quite believe today is happening.”

Liza stepped forward then and hugged her mom again. “You deserve this, Mom,” she whispered quietly. “You always have.”

Letting out a small sob, Lena squeezed her daughter tightly before they heard a woman clearing her throat softly, and Lena laughed slightly. “Sorry, my crew here are going to become upset with me here soon if I ruin all their hard work,” she explained with a wink, not entirely able to get rid of the tears in her eyes.

“We’ll just give everything one last touch up, and then get you into your dress,” a woman then promised as they led Lena back to her chair. The twins found a seat on the other end of the room, watching raptly as the team worked on their mom’s makeup and hair. After a few minutes, they finally seemed satisfied with their work and excitedly stood her up to help her into her dress.

Both Lily and Liza held their breath as they watched their mom don her second wedding dress. She had kept the same trumpet shape as her first dress, but instead of lace and chiffon, she had gone with a simple, off-white silk version this time around. As they tied the last of her dress up in the back, Liza and Lily were convinced their mom was a goddess, her effortless beauty rolling off of her and leaving her daughters almost speechless.

“Mom you look-” Lily started but shook her head slightly as she tried to find the words.

“Yeah?” Lena asked, almost breathless as she smoothed out the dress and watched herself in the mirror, trying to process what she was seeing herself.

“Yeah,” Liza answered for her. “Yeyu’s going to lose her shit when she sees you.”

This seemed to break the trance in the room, as everyone dissolved into laughter and Lena turned around to face her daughters.

“Speaking of Yeyu, you two should go check on her,” Lena suggested with a smirk. “She’s probably pacing her way through the floor right now.”

“Aye aye,” Lily responded dutifully, standing up a little straighter, and both Lena and Liza rolled their eyes affectionately. Both the girls turned to leave again, but before they reached the doors, Lena called out to them.

“Girls? Remember don’t-”

“Take off our necklaces,” Liza finished for her with a thumbs up.

Shooting her mom a cheeky smile, Lily continued, “We know!” Before they could watch their mom raise her eyebrows skeptically, the girls fled the room to the other end of the estate to find their mother.

This time, before the girls could enter, they could hear voices murmuring on the other side of the door, and immediately recognized them as Alex and their mother. They knocked quickly, making sure to not overhear their mother practicing her vows. At the sound of the knock, the voices stopped abruptly and a moment later, Alex swung open the doors.

“Oh thank god!” she exclaimed as she caught sight of the twins. “Can you two stay with your mother for five minutes so I can finish getting ready? I just need to grab my vest, jacket and shoes.”

Both girls giggled a bit at their aunts exasperated expression on her face as they nodded readily. Not waiting for any more of an answer, Alex rushed out of the room and left the girls with their clearly stressed mother.

Kara was fully dressed in her navy suit that matched Alex and Liza’s walking in circles around her dressing room as she nervously fiddled with a folded up piece of paper in her hands. Without hesitation, Lily walked up to her mother, pulling her attention as she calmly pulled the paper from Kara’s hands and stopped her mother in her tracks.

“Breathe, Yeyu,” Lily instructed. “It doesn’t make sense to be anxious about happily ever after. This is Mom we’re talking about. Your soulmate. You’ve never been more sure of anything in your life, remember?”

At her daughter’s words, Kara sighed and let a lot of her pent up energy seep out of her. “You’re right, bug,” she admitted. “It’s just- it’s been twenty-one years since I married your mom. I forgot how horrible the hours leading up to it are.”

“If it makes you feel better, Mom’s just as worked up as you are,” Liza then offered. “You’ll both be married soon enough though.”

“And we’ll all be Danvers-Luthor’s again,” Lily promised, reaching out and squeezing her mother’s hand.

Without warning Kara lunged forward and hugged her daughters tightly. “Thank you for always believing in us,” Kara whispered quietly as her daughters clung onto her. “You make us the best versions of ourselves.”

“Okay I’m back!” Alex announced as she rushed in, and the trio pulled away from each other as they tried to blink back their tears. “Hate to do this to you two, but I’m going to have to kick you out, since your mother still needs to practice her vows,” she explained.

The girls quickly waved their aunt off and explained, “Our friends are supposed to arrive soon anyways, so we should probably go out to the garden and wait on them.”

With one last hug with their Yeyu, both girls shot her a thumbs up before leaving the room and making their way towards the garden entrance.

Clark had agreed weeks previous to pick up Maia, Carol, and Nia. Both Liza and Lily had debated for months whether or not they wanted to invite their new college friends to the party as well, knowing their moms would be okay with whoever they invited. Ultimately, they decided since it was a small ceremony and they would more than likely expose at least one of the three Supers’ identity within the course of it, it was better just to stick to their core group.

Liza had briefly tried to interrogate her sister over the phone a few weeks previous on whether or not Lily was actually cool with Maia being invited to the wedding and seeing her in such a close proximity (which Lily had found very Uncool, considering she had never interrogated Liza over Nia and Brainy before), but eventually, Liza had relented, and the twins had informed their moms that they only wished for their three best friends to be added to the guest list.

“Shit, I forgot my cufflinks in Mom’s dressing room; I’ll be right back,” Liza announced, just as their friends were about to arrive, and Lily tried to speak up to protest Liza leaving her, but her sister was gone in a flash. A moment later, Clark was descending from the sky, Lois and Maia in arm.

“Hey, Lily!” he greeted easily. “I’ve gotta go get Carol and Nia now; I’ll be right back!” he promised before he was off again.

“Do your aunts need any help getting things set up?” Lois then pulled Lily’s attention, and she was grateful for it, considering this was the first time in almost a year that her and Maia were seeing each other in person again. And considering the tight burgundy dress Maia was wearing that made Lily almost flush just looking at it.

Nodding, Lily swallowed thickly and willed herself to focus on the question at hand. “I’m sure they’d accept the help,” she offered. “Sam’s up in the main garden,” she then directed, her finger pointing in the direction Lois would need to go, and her aunt thanked her before making her way towards the garden.

Then Lily was alone with Maia.

Rocking back on her heels a bit, Lily desperately asked herself not to make the situation awkward, considering she had been the one who insisted Maia be invited.

“Hey,” Maia finally broke the silence, chewing on her cheek slightly, clearly a bit uncomfortable with the situation as well.

“Hey,” Lily greeted back a bit breathlessly.

Taking a sharp inhale, Maia shrugged and offered, “Thanks for inviting me. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you didn’t.”

“What?” Lily asked immediately, her eyes widening a bit in alarm. “Of course you were invited. You’ve been there since the beginning. And we’re still friends, remember?” she goaded a bit, and her effort succeeded in relaxing Maia a bit, which helped to allow Lily release some of the tension she was holding.

“It’s kind of crazy your moms are getting married,” Maia then commented, opting to change the subject slightly off the two of them. “But I guess it goes to show you’re good at getting what you want.”

Lily held her breath at the statement, before Maia smirked slightly and Lily let out a laugh, realizing Maia was teasing her. “That is my specialty,” she confirmed cheekily, and before she could say anything else, Liza arrived beside her.

“Maia! Hey!” Liza greeted, immediately walking over and pulling their friend into a hug. “How are you? How was freshman year?”

“It was fine,” she answered vaguely with a shrug. “How about you? How’s superhero-ing?” she then inquired.

“It’s a lot of work, but definitely worth it,” Liza answered eagerly, and as she opened her mouth to continue, her eyes darted to Clark landing behind Maia, and her attention was almost immediately drawn onto Nia. She felt her mouth go dry as Nia turned to her and Liza got a full view of the fitted, backless dress that Liza had never seen on her friend before. It’s pastel floral pattern exuded Nia’s everyday style, but the way it hugged her hips was almost unfair.

Apparently, however, Liza wasn’t the only one impressed by her friend’s attire, as when Nia caught a glimpse of Liza in her perfectly tailored suit, she seemed to almost stop in her tracks. Her eyes seemed to rake over Liza’s body, taking in her suit, and Liza felt like her skin was on fire.

As everyone around them seemed to realize what was going on and wanting to snap Liza and Nia out of it, Lily jumped to her sister’s rescue. “Hey Nia! Hey Carol! Glad you guys could make it!” Lily announced, her voice pitched a little higher than normal. Carol glanced over at her with a shit-eating grin, but didn’t comment on Nia and Liza at all as the both blinked back to reality and blushed as they realized what they had been doing.

“Gangs all back together!” Carol pointed out excitedly instead. “It’s been awhile, comrades.”

Laughing and shaking their heads, they all grouped up a bit so they weren’t taking up the whole hallway.

“We’re lucky we got Miss Supergirl over here to take a long enough break from her duties to attend her own mothers’ wedding,” Nia commented sarcastically, and Liza rolled her eyes.

“That’s such a lie, and you know it,” Liza argued fondly, as she pushed Nia slightly in the shoulder.

Raising her eyebrows, Nia considered for Liza for a moment before Liza realized her mistake and was quickly dodging Nia’s hands as they tried to dig into her side. “No!” Liza yelped as she let out a giggle and a moment later, Nia’s arms were wrapped around her waist and pulling to restrain her as Liza struggled to get out of her arms.

“Do you guys see what I have to deal with?” Liza finally huffed, accepting her position trapped in Nia’s arms dramatically.

Biting her cheek, Carol shrugged and answered, “I see that you guys need to get a room.”

Maia tried to elbow Carol in the ribs, but Nia played it off easily, determined to not cause a scene like she had earlier. “If we do, will you sell it to the tabloids?” she asked with a smirk, and Liza scoffed and rolled her eyes as she finally pushed her way out of Nia’s grip.

“Oh, of course,” Carol agreed readily, eating up Nia’s teasing.

“Great,” Nia beamed. “I can’t have my undying love for my partner in crime go under-reported for a week.”

Straightening out her suit, Liza mumbled softly, “I can’t believe that’s still a thing. I thought it would have calmed down by now.”

When Nia glanced at Liza, her expression was unreadable, but she quickly shrugged it off and offered, “People are too invested in Supergirl and Dreamer being the gay superhero couple they always dreamed of to let it go.”

“Does it bother Brainy?” Maia inquired curiously, and Liza almost unnoticeably stiffened at the question.

Letting out a small laugh, Nia shook her head. “Oh no, he knows we’re just friends. He kind of loves it in an ironic way; big DreamGirl stan there, as am I,” she joked, and Carol and Maia chuckled at the response, but Lily furrowed her eyebrows a bit. If Nia was so happy and comfortable in her relationship with Brainy like Liza insisted she was, why was she so clearly invested in the idea of the public thinking their superhero identities were together?

“Hey Lily, Liza!” a voice called out from behind them, and all the girls turned to see Sam walking up in her stunning, simple and fitted gown. “Any of your friends want to help pass out the programs? We just need two.”

Before they could even glance back at their friends, Maia and Carol put their hands up, eager to help out for the day. “Okay great!” Sam clapped her hands excitedly. “I also need your assistance, Liza. We need to hang a couple things before the guests start arriving, and I am not climbing up a ladder in these heels. Alex is taking forever to get ready, which leaves you as the only option still in flats.”

“I could just fly up,” Liza offered, raising her eyebrows slightly, and Sam shook her head.

“Uh uh, I’m not getting in trouble with your moms by letting you take off your necklace before the reception. They don’t want you to overhear them practicing their vows, and I’m not going to ruin that,” Sam stated firmly, and Liza sighed and relented.

Lily and Nia watched the three girls be led away, and Nia sighed contentedly as she looked over her shoulder at the door. “I told Brainy to be here right about now, so he’ll probably be here in fifteen minutes,” she joked. “He tends to get sidetracked in the labs, if you can believe it.”

Plastering a stiff smile on her face, Lily nodded. “That is something I can relate to,” she admitted, but her mind was still weaving through the thoughts running in her head about her sister and Nia’s interaction just then. What Liza had been telling her for the past year seemed to be not an entirely accurate portrayal of the situation. Not that Lily thought Liza intentionally lied to her. She just thought maybe Liza perception of what was happening wasn’t all that true.

“Hey, Nia?” Lily broke the silence suddenly, and Nia looked up at her a bit perplexed. “Don’t, um, take this the wrong way, because Brainy is great and everything, but why are you dating him?”

Nia froze at the question, her mouth hanging open, and Lily could almost see her skin crawl as she tried to form an answer. “What?” she finally asked, dumbfounded at the question as she tried to work out Lily’s angle.

Lily cringed slightly as she realized how she sounded and almost wished she could take the question back. Her mothers’ wedding may not be the time and place to interrogate her sister’s crush on why she was dating some guy. And yet… this was the first time she had really seen the two interact in a while. And clearly their feelings hadn’t gone away in the least. And after everything she went through with Maia, she figured maybe it was time Nia and Liza got their wake up call.

Clearing her throat, Lily tried to explain, “I just wondering why you and Liza never-”

“Me and Liza?” Nia questioned then, and the realization dawned of what Lily was getting at. Shaking her head ferociously, Nia denied it by insisting, “Liza doesn’t like me like that, Lil.”

Lily stopped and furrowed her eyebrows. “Are you serious? You don’t know?” she asked.

Clenching her jaw, Nia looked around, and pulled Lily more to the side to make sure their conversation wasn’t going to be overheard. “Has she ever told you explicitly that she likes me?” she asked, and she raised her eyebrows pointedly.

Lily opened her mouth to respond defiantly just before she realized Liza had never done any such thing. In fact, she had spent the better part of the past two years claiming the opposite to Lily.

“That doesn’t matter,” Lily protested, and Nia nodded as if she knew that would be the answer. “I know my sister,” she then continued to protest, and Nia sighed and shook her head.

“I know her too, Lily. She doesn’t like me like that,” she stated, her voice almost cracking. “We’re like sisters,” she then offered, going up in pitch as if she were trying to get herself to believe it as well.

Putting her hands on her hips and leveling with Nia, Lily contested, “Liza has never looked at me like she looks at you.”

Letting out a long sigh and throwing her head back so as to keep herself from crying, Nia sniffed before she shot Lily a stiff smile and informed her, “Listen Lily, I get it. I’ve wanted to read into everything she does too and believe that maybe this could be something. Especially when I first met her; I thought maybe…”

Breaking herself off and shaking her head, Nia then set her shoulders, “But then when my family found out about my powers, I realized she was my rock, my one person I could depend on and be there for me no matter what. And to risk losing that for a crush? And now, your family’s like my family. It’s just better this way. She doesn’t like me; I have a boyfriend; and we get to stay in each other’s lives. Everyone wins.”

Lily stared at Nia after the confession, and felt her heart break slightly for the girl. She didn’t have it in her to point out that Nia’s tone did not sound like one of someone who won. She sounded defeated, and Lily swallowed thickly. Slowly after a moment, she walked over to Nia and wrapped her in a tight hug for a long moment.

“You would never lose Liza,” she murmured. “Or any of us for that matter. Just so you know.”

“Thanks, Lily,” Nia whispered back, but they both knew her words did little to quell Nia’s fears. She would still date Brainy to preserve everything she had. Lily wasn’t quite sure she could blame her for that.

“What’s up with you and Maia?” Nia then asked quietly, wishing to change the subject. “Do you regret inviting her?”

“No,” Lily answered quickly. “Not in the least. I’m glad she’s here. She’s been there for a lot with my moms. And she’s still my friend.”

“But?” Nia asked, sensing there was a flip side to the argument.

Shrugging, Lily sighed, “It’s weird being around her. I don’t know where we stand right now, and I don’t think I’m ready to have that conversation with her yet.”

“You’ll get there. You and Maia will work it out,” Nia comforted softly, and Lily shot her a small grateful smile.

So will you and Liza, she thought quietly as she squeezed Nia’s hand.

“Lily! They want to do some pictures before the ceremony,” Liza called out, a bit out of breath as she came running up around the corner. Her eyes briefly crossed over to Nia where they lingered for a moment, but quickly flitted back to her sister, pressing her lips together. If Nia didn’t know any better Liza looked as if she were agitated for some reason, but Nia couldn’t think of a reason why.

“Lead the way then,” she announced, and Liza quickly flashed a smile towards Nia before turning on her heel and dragging Lily away.

As soon as they turned the corner, Liza reached out and yanked Lily into a side room of the garden and stared at her a bit distressed.

“Liza? You good?” Lily asked, but Liza bit her lip as she began shaking.

“I did something bad, Lil,” she admitted, and Lily furrowed her eyebrows.

Waiting for her sister to elaborate, Lily finally prodded, “What did you do?”

Letting out a shaky breath, Liza shook her hands slightly before she explained, “The ladder wasn’t tall enough to hang the banners. I had to fly up and do it.”

Lily stared at her sister for a beat before she slowly said, “Okay? I mean, I’m sure our moms won’t find out-”

“I heard something,” Liza cut her off urgently.

“You heard some of the vows? Listen, Liza, just pretend to be surprised at the ceremony,” Lily shrugged her off and then made to walk past Liza, but Liza pulled her back in with a glare.

“That’s not what I heard, Lily,” she gritted out.

Lily was about to open her mouth to ask what Liza was talking about, when it hit her. Her conversation with Nia. Liza didn’t have her necklace on; she would have heard the whole thing.

Lily felt the blood drain out of her face as she widened her eyes and murmured, “Oh no. Liza. No, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“I had it under control, Lily,” Liza insisted a bit hysterically. “I don’t need you to swoop in and fix things.”

“That wasn’t what I was trying to do, I promise,” Lily defended quickly.

Liza looked as if she were going to bite out another attack, but after a moment’s consideration, she seemed to swallow it as she nodded and let it go. There was no reason to pick a fight over it when she could hear the sincerity in her sister’s voice. And all in all, it was a harmless conversation given the state of her friendship with Nia… or at least it would have been if Liza hadn’t overheard it.

Sighing and rubbing her face, Liza admitted, “Well at least it confirmed what I already knew: things are better this way.”

“Wait, that’s what you got from that conversation,” Lily then asked a bit alarmed.

Liza huffed and crossed her arms. “Yes,” she insisted. “I’m not going to ruin anything when Nia just specifically said she was afraid of that happening.”

“Because she thinks you don’t like her,” Lily argued, and Liza rolled her eyes.

“Weren’t you listening? It’s because we depend on each other. I’m not looking to lose that either, Lil,” Liza stated definitively.

“Don’t you think that-”

Before Lily could finish her argument, the door swung open behind them, and both twins turned a bit startled as their aunt Alex peeked her head in.

“I thought I heard voices in here!” she announced triumphantly. “Come on you two, guests are arriving. The ceremony’s starting in twenty minutes and we still want to get some pictures.”

“Don’t think I’m letting you out of this conversation,” Lily narrowed her eyes at her sister. “We’re talking about this tomorrow.”

Sighing, Liza pushed past her and out the door.

The next twenty minutes seemed to go by in a blur. Liza and Lily were called for pictures with both of their moms, while also trying to stop and say hi to all their moms’ friends they hadn’t seen in a long time. James and Kelly Olsen had arrived together, followed shortly by Lucy Lane. The girls recognized several L Corp employees who had won their mom’s trust in attendance, including Jess and the head of R&D David. The guests that caused the most stirring as they arrived were Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince, but most people assumed Lena’s company had brought her into such close companionship with the three moguls to warrant an invitation to the wedding and didn’t question it any further.

Before anyone could quite process it, the wedding party was being shuffled to the back of the garden and the ceremony was about to begin. Kara and Lena were both hidden in different parts of the back garden, so as to not see each other before the ceremony. (Which Lena had argued was unnecessary given their history of marriage, but Kara had insisted, and Lena did promise the ceremony would be done according to how Kara wanted.)

The first to walk down the aisle were Kara and Lena’s moms. They held onto each other’s arms tightly and beamed as everyone watched them walk down. Next up was Alex and Sam, who both looked as if they were trying to keep themselves from crying as they smiled softly.

When the music changed to the wedding march, Lily turned to her mother with a deep breath. “Ready Yeyu?” she asked, and Kara smiled softly.

“Lead the way, is’kah,” she replied easily, holding out her arm as Lily grabbed onto it and began to lead her down the aisle.

It had been Lena’s idea to have the girls give them away instead of their moms. The girls had been surprised when they were asked, but when Kara mentioned it would be symbolic of the girls leading them back together in the first place, both Lily and Liza broke down into tears and agreed to their proposition.

Lily felt shaky as she led her mother and forced a smile on her face. Without knowing it, she had started a journey when she had set off for that camp three years ago, and right now, it felt as if she were taking the last steps on that journey. After this, they would all start a new one. But as she squeezed her mother’s hand and leaned into her softly, she knew she would look back on this with pride. Despite it all, they had done it.

When they reached the front of the garden where the preacher was waiting, they both stopped, and turned back around to watch as Lena floated down the aisle with Liza on her arm. Liza had been the first to break, openly crying and subsequently laughing at herself, causing the rest of her family to start doing the same. Lena leaned over and kissed Liza’s head halfway down the aisle, and Liza beamed sheepishly up at her mom as the tears continued to stream down her face.

By the time they reached the front of the garden as well, Kara was misty-eyed but also staring at Lena in awe. Just another moment of her life that she questioned how a woman like Lena Luthor was yet again choosing to marry her.

The girls gave away their moms, and then turned to walk to their seats in sync. Their ears seemed to be buzzing through most of the ceremony as they anxiously waited for what their moms had kept hidden from them for so long. Until finally, it was time.

“Now, we will hear the vows from the couple,” the preacher stated, and he handed his mic off to Lena, who took it shakily as she tried to unfold her sheet of paper. Taking a deep breath in, she tried to steady herself before beginning.

“Kara Danvers,” Lena started a bit nervously, and Kara looked as if she would start sobbing then and there. “For the past almost twenty-five years, you have been a constant source of light for me. Even when you were halfway across the world from me, even when I wouldn’t admit it to myself, your love and belief in me kept me afloat in my darkest times.

“For fifteen years I wouldn’t let myself think about ever being in this position again. I thought I had lost that right forever. I thought I lost you forever. When I finally had you back, I convinced myself I had to earn this spot as your wife again. It didn’t hit me until I was writing this speech that you’ve never asked me to earn anything from you.

“You love so openly and simply, most days it takes my breath away. I never could put a name to it the last time we stood in this position. I just thought I was the luckiest woman in the world to have you love me like that. I understand now, though, that someone who used to be really important in my life taught me that love had to be worked for and earned. In the past three years, without even knowing it, you have stripped that belief away from me.

“You have taught me that love is something that just is. There are no strings or hidden clauses. There’s no threshold that deems you deserving of the love you receive. There are no requirements to fulfill. But if you are lucky to be loved by someone as incredible as you, it is a privilege to be able to love back, with the same openness and dedication.”

Lena paused for a moment in her speech, glancing up at Kara who was wiping away her tears. Lena’s hand shook a bit, but she quickly looked back down at her paper, determined to finish her speech.

“Kara, I know I’ve hurt you in the past. But I’m promising you right now, I’m not going to let my guilt from that hold me back from loving you as fully as I want to from now on. You are my one; you are the only person who lifts me to the heights you do. You are my best friend, the person I want to come home and tell about every boring mundane day. You are an incredible mother, the person who is so kind and patient and encouraging with our daughters, you can feel the love and respect they have for you every time you walk into the room.

“I know this is our second go at this, but it feels bigger than that. This doesn’t feel like a marriage. It feels like building a home. And I wouldn’t choose anyone else to build my home with. Not then. Not now. Not ever. I love you, Kara Danvers.”

The moment Lena finished her speech and tried to wipe away her tears, Kara immediately leaned forward and stole a kiss before pulling Lena in a tight hug and whispering something indistinguishable into her ear, which caused Lena to weep a little harder.

Not a single member of the crowd watching on seemed to have a dry eye, and each and every one steeled themselves as Kara pulled back and pulled a slip of paper out of her pocket.

“Okay, round two, everyone; don’t get too weepy on me yet,” Kara joked into her microphone and everyone let out a small laugh as they waited for Kara to start. “Lena Luthor, my heart has been yours for almost twenty-five years,” she then began, and the whole room became silent.

“The other day someone asked me if I always knew we would end up back here. I know you backwards and forwards, my love, but I had to admit, I didn’t know if this day would ever be in our cards again. Not for lack of us loving each other, but I also know myself. And I knew I loved you so much, I would be willing to let you go forever, if that’s what you wanted.

“It was a terrifying reality to admit to myself, but it also made me realize how unfair that was to both of us. I know our love. Our love can move mountains. Our love can defy all odds. Our love can build entire worlds. If we have a love like that, I should be fighting tooth and nail for it every day.

“So that’s my promise to you. I won’t be passive anymore. I won’t let anything happen to our love when it is the most powerful force in the world. Every second of the past three years has left me feeling more content than the last. You are the thing that grounds me when I feel lost. You are the laugh I recognize from across the room when I feel alone. You are the only smile I need when I feel down.

“I don’t know what I did for the universe to lead me to you, but even when you were halfway around the world, I still thanked Rao every day for bringing you into my life. The love that you pour not only onto me but also onto our girls leaves me humbled every day. I see you in them with every passing moment. I hope you see it. I hope you see the positive impact you’ve had on them, on me, on every person in this room. I hope you never doubt how much love you receive every single day. And I hope I can remind you of that love every day for the rest of our lives.

“I love you, Lena. I have never stopped loving you, not once. So while I didn’t know I would be standing up here with you again, I’m not surprised that I am. I just had to decide to move a few mountains. And I’ll move a few thousand more if I have to just to keep you in my life. Because our love isn’t just powerful; it’s forever.”

Everyone paused for another moment as Lena clearly was trying to contain herself as she continuously wiped away her tears. When she seemed to be steady enough, she signaled the preacher, who stood up again.

“Now, by the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

And the whole garden erupted in overdue cheers.

After all the rounds of pictures and congratulations, the wedding party was finally able to migrate to the reception area two hours after the ceremony ended. As they were walking in, one of the first people they ran into was none other than Nia Nal.

“Nia, hey!” Kara greeted excitedly, pulling her daughter’s friend into a tight hug. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Congratulations, Mrs. Danvers-Luthor!” Nia wished her happily. “My family sends their best too. They’re sorry they couldn’t make it.”

“Oh, it’s no problem,” Kara waved her off. “Tell them we send our love. Oh! And I’ve been meaning to ask you: How’s Maeve? How’s her training going?”

“She loves it. That actually reminds me, she wanted to thank you for introducing her to the academy last year,” Nia then informed Kara. “The Zeroxian sorcerer she’s training under said she’s a natural. I’m actually worried she’ll become more powerful than me,” she lamented good-naturedly.

Kara laughed heartedly at this and informed Nia, “Tell her if she wants, once she’s finished her training with the academy, I can help place her wherever she wants to use her powers.”

“I’ll be sure to let her know,” Nia promised, beaming at Kara.

Looking up at Lena beckoning Kara from across the room, Kara shot Nia an apologetic smile and promised her, “We’ll talk more later! Enjoy your evening, Nia!”

The wedding party was settled at the main table within a few moments, with the girls to the right of their moms and the maids of honor to the left of the brides.

Sam and Alex received an abundance of laughs out of their maids of honor speeches, revealing some embarrassing stories from Kara and Lena’s younger days that the twins somehow hadn’t heard yet. While their moms tried to come off as annoyed after they finished, Liza and Lily could tell they were both amused by the speeches.

When dinner was finished and all the food was cleared away from the tables, the DJ they had hired (some friend of Winn’s) began to set up his equipment. While their moms, aunts and grandmas remained seated and chatting at the wedding party table, the girls took it as an opportunity to slip out of their duties for a moment and locate the table with all their friends. Liza was the first to spot the table across the room with Maia, Carol, Nia, Brainy, Ruby and the girl Ruby had been seeing recently, Asha.

Pulling up chairs, the girls easily entered the table’s conversation, laughing as Carol made a joke about how they don’t accept clones at the table. The table soon became rambunctious as Nia and Lily began to argue over their rankings of the best Taylor Swift songs for weddings and Liza and Ruby fought over the last piece of the spice cake that Carol had claimed she no longer wanted.

Before they knew it, the DJ was addressing the room to inform them that the first place would be taking place. Lily and Liza sobered up a bit as they turned in their seats and watched their moms take the floor with rapt attention. As the song began to play, Lily and Liza grasped each other’s hands tightly. Their moms had planned to pay several homages to their first wedding, including using the same song for the first dance.

The whole room listened as the sound of First Day of My Life filled the room, and everyone seemed to hold their breath as Kara and Lena danced slowly in the middle of the dance floor.

They were quiet and smiling for the first leg of the song, but as the first chorus came to an end, the energy in the room shifted a bit as the lyrics rang through everyone’s ears.

“ But I realized that I need you, and I wondered if I could come home.”

Lena had all but stopped moving at this point, as she buried her head in Kara’s neck, and clung to her tightly as they both wept. Liza felt tears begin to stream down her face as well as she fought the urge to stand up and hug her moms, instead opting to give them this moment.

Kara soothed her softly, stroking her back and finally resorting to murmuring in her ear. “Do you remember the first time I saw you again three years ago?” she asked quietly as she led Lena in soft, swayed circles.

Letting out a choked laugh through her tears, Lena couldn’t help but smirk at the question as she answered, “How could I forget? It’s not every day I make a woman fall into a pool.”

Laughing slightly, Kara ducked her head. “You know,” she then continued a bit bashfully, “I tried to convince myself out of it all weekend--when we went out to dinner, when we stood on the balcony, when you left again--but I just knew that first moment when I saw you again that the universe had brought us back together for a reason.”

It was Lena’s turn to duck her misty eyes slightly, but after a moment, she shook her head and jested, “Turns out it wasn’t the universe. Just our nosy daughters.”

Kara chuckled, admitting, “Fair. But then again, they somehow ended up at the same camp, which is so astronomically improbable, so-”

“Kara?” Lena said suddenly, looking up at Kara a little more alert, and Kara frowned slightly as she took in her expression. Steeling herself, Lena took a deep breath before she rushed out, “You mentioned the camp. In one of your articles. Four years ago.”

Kara blinked at her wife for a moment, trying to grasp what she wasn’t saying.

“And I didn’t- I never expected Liza would meet Lily there. I thought maybe Lily had gone a previous year, and Liza had been moping about what to do for the summer, so I thought, ‘Hey, why not offer to send her to the same camp her sister enjoyed, and then they’ll have some common ground if I ever get my head out of my ass and decide to introduce them’, but then I saw Lily’s name on the roster, and I think subconsciously, that’s what I wanted to happen. I wanted them to meet. I wanted to graze back into your life ever so slightly and see what came of it.”

When Lena finished, her head was bowed guiltily, and Kara stared at her almost in shock.

“You sent Liza to that camp because of me?” Kara finally asked, blinking as her brain caught up to the new information she was being presented with. Lena blushed at the question, but Kara pushed further, “Why are you just telling me this now?”

Shrugging, Lena bit her lip and admitted, “I don’t know. You and the girls seem to love the idea of fate bringing us all back together, and I don’t want to ruin that. In fact, I really like that narrative as well. It’s better than encouraging my daughter to go to a camp as some desperate cry to get attention from my ex.”

Letting out a disbelieving laugh, Kara shook her head, and looked down at Lena pointedly. “You bringing us back together--even when you were scared, even when you were alone, even when you had spent years telling yourself you didn’t deserve this anymore--is a far better narrative than luck,” she informed her wife softly, and Lena stared up at her with wide eyes. “It wasn’t a cry for attention. You love this family and you wanted to piece us back together, bit by bit. And you did it, Lena,” she encouraged her before kissing her forehead softly. “You did it.”

Clenching her jaw, Lena tried to bite back the tears again as she smiled up at Kara and planted a firm kiss on her lips. “I love you, Kara,” she murmured, and Kara reciprocated easily.

The rest of the dance they spent hugged into each other and swaying only slightly until the last notes rang out. When the song ended, the whole room erupted into cheers as Kara and Lena pulled back from each other slightly to lean in for a deep kiss, before laughing a bit and acknowledging the cheers.

“Okay everyone, the brides have requested a special mother-daughter dance,” the DJ then announced, and both Liza and Lily eyes shot over to their grandma’s at the wedding party table expectantly. To their surprise however, neither of their grandmothers made a move to stand from the table. Instead, their eyes sought out Lily and Liza’s and before either of them could process it, their moms were in front of their table.

Kara softly held her hand out to Lily and asked, “Would you like to join me for this dance, bug?”

Lily’s eyes shined up at her mother’s as she stuttered, “O-of course, Yeyu.” She was only stunned for a moment longer before she jumped out of her seat quickly.

Lena didn’t have to say anything; she merely held her hand out to her daughter, and silently wiping away her tears, Liza nodded and stood to walk onto the dance floor with her mom.

There was a beat of silence as both duos set up to dance, and Lily and Liza both wondered what song their moms had chosen for this dance that they had pointedly not told the girls to expect. The moment the first lyrics were sung, however, the girls knew exactly which song they had chosen.

When You Need Me. The song their moms had sung them to sleep with for the first several years of their lives.

Liza let out a small strangled laugh as she realized, and Lena smiled widely down at her.

“You know we chose this song as your lullaby because we wanted you both to know you could always depend on us for anything,” Lena mused. “I don’t think we quite considered that you two would take the song’s meaning on for yourselves and start to be the ones we depended on.” Liza swallowed thickly, but didn’t respond, not able to find the words in the moment. “You, my little Liza, are my rock. You inspire me everyday. Everything I’ve ever done in my life has been for you and your sister, and I hope you never forget that.”

“I swear you were just five years old,” Kara whispered across the dance floor to Lily, who ducked her head slightly as she rolled her eyes. “I know college was a really tough transition for you,” Kara then continued softly, and Lily furrowed her eyebrows and opened her mouth to protest, but Kara held up her hand to stop her. “I know my girl,” she murmured with a smile. “And I’m incredibly proud of you for sticking through it. But I hope you also know just because I see you as strong and independent doesn’t mean you can’t come to me when you’re scared. I promise nothing you or your sister do or experience will change how I view you.”

“I love you, Yeyu,” Lily responded with her voice filled with tears and her mother kissed her softly on the head.

“I love you more than you would ever know, bug,” she promised.

When the mother-daughter dance was finished, the DJ then announced that the whole wedding party would now have a dance. Sam and Alex immediately grabbed each other to meet out on the dance floor and their moms were already back in each other’s arms swaying.

“You should ask Nia to dance,” Lily suggested, and Liza shot a glare at her sister.

“Why would I do that?” she asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Because I’m not dancing with you,” Lily pointed out easily.

Sighing, Liza rolled her eyes and looked over at the table where their friends were sitting, when she froze. “Okay,” she finally agreed. “But only if you ask Maia to dance,” she stated with a smirk, sure her sister was now going to back down.

Lily stiffened a bit at the suggestion, but to Liza’s surprise, she eventually shrugged and nodded. “Okay, deal,” she agreed.

“Deal?” Liza asked, faltering a bit.

“Yup,” Lily restated, popping the ‘p’ sound as she began to walk confidently up to the table with their friends. Liza followed slowly behind her, in disbelief at the scene in front of her.

“Maia, would you do me the honor of joining me for this dance?” Lily asked, holding her hand out, and everyone at the table seemed to double take when they heard the question come from her mouth.

Maia stared at Lily a bit taken aback, before she slowly raised her hand to put it in Lily’s. “I guess?” she agreed, as she was quickly swept out to the dance floor.

Left standing awkwardly at the table, Liza knew she only had a short amount of time to pull it together and ask Nia in a way that wouldn’t send off alarm signals to anyone at the table. She had to make it look like a friendly joke. Liza didn’t have anyone else there to dance with, so logically she would have to do a lighthearted dance with Nia, she told herself.

“Would you give me a pity dance?” Liza then asked, turning on all her charm and smirking at Nia. Laughing, Nia immediately stood from where she was sitting beside Brainy and began to lead Liza back out to the dance floor.

“I’ll always give you a pity dance,” she promised as she turned around and Liza giggled a bit as their arms wrapped around each other and they began to sway on the dance floor.

Liza fought with herself for a moment on where to put her hands. Since she was slightly taller than Nia, her instinct was to go towards her back, but when her hands landed there, she almost froze as she felt Nia’s soft skin beneath her fingertips. Nia took in an almost unnoticeable sharp breath at the contact, but quickly relaxed into it. Liza considered for a moment moving her hands down, off of her skin and onto her dress, but realizing that this would then mean sliding her hands down her friend’s back down to her ass, Liza decided to suck it up and deal with the bare back.

Nia, on the other hand, had no trouble slipping her hands into a comfortable position around Liza’s neck. They were just close enough to each other that they could feel each other’s breath on their cheeks.

“You look really pretty in this dress,” Liza finally broke the silence, and she wasn’t sure what possessed her to say that besides the fact that Liza had been staring at her in the dress all night and just wanted to acknowledge it in some way. Though the lighting was softened in the room for the dancing, Liza could swear she saw Nia blush slightly.

“Says you,” she shot back smugly. “You could really sweep a girl away in that suit.”

Laughing a little, Liza shrugged and pointed out, “You see me in a suit all the time.”

Nia rolled her eyes and insisted, “A super suit is not the same; though I’m not complaining about getting to see you in that either.” She finished her statement with a wink, and it was Liza’s turn to blush.

They settled into a silence once again, listening to the song playing and swaying back and forth a bit imperfectly. Liza felt like a thousand thoughts were racing through her mind, mostly about her unfinished conversation with Lily earlier. Despite what she had said to Lily, she couldn’t stop thinking about how Nia had implied she really did feel something for her. She almost was finding it hard to believe.

Should she tell Nia she overheard her? Should she tell Nia how she felt, since Nia was apparently waiting for a really clear sign? Should she fight for her, tell her to break up with Brainy and give them a chance even though it could ruin everything?

“Hey Liza?” Nia’s soft voice pulled her attention, and Liza blinked down at her. “I love you.”

Relaxing a bit, Liza nodded and pulled Nia a little closer as their foreheads touched. “I love you too,” she murmured. They were no strangers to these words being exchanged between them. It was as much of a staple of their friendship as ice cream movie nights or homework dates in the park. And maybe they both put a little more meaning behind them than either of them read into.

But for now, Liza took it as her sign that they were okay. And they were going to be okay. She didn’t need to question their entire friendship. Maybe they would get there some day. Maybe one day they would be brave enough to be more than okay.

But not tonight. Tonight they would just sway on the dance floor for as long as this song lasted, and then move back to their respective roles for a little longer. Maybe tomorrow would be different; maybe not. Liza wasn’t in a hurry… her love for Nia Nal wasn’t going to disappear any time soon.

The song ended, and as Nia was pulling back from her, Alex came up from behind Liza and tugged at her gently, already with Lily in tow. “I have something for you two,” she whispered, and they both frowned as they followed their aunt.

A few hours later, the party was still in full swing, with a few guests starting to wander out the door every so often. Most of the immediate family stayed out on the dance floor for most of the night, usually with some kind of drink in hand. Every so often, Lena and Kara would steal to the bathroom together, and Lily and Liza tried their best to put it out of their mind what they were doing going to the bathroom that frequently.

It was getting towards the end of the night, when Lily realized she hadn’t seen her friends in awhile. They had been in and out of the dance floor, but Maia in particular had either stayed at their table or stayed on the other side of the group of people dancing. Lily wasn’t sure if it had been intentional, but she felt like she had to assume it was.

Setting out to find Maia and just make sure she was doing okay, Lily stepped away from the dance floor and scanned the room carefully. When her eyes landed on Maia at a table in the corner, she began to make a beeline for her.

“Hey!” Lily called out as she approached Maia. She was admittedly slightly buzzed from the alien liquor her aunt had snuck in to do a couple shots with her nieces. “I was just wondering where you got off to.”

Maia smirked knowingly at Lily, always able to tell the moment Lily had been drinking in any capacity. “I was actually just going to grab some air,” Maia then informed her, gesturing behind her towards the door out to the L Corp courtyard.

“I’ll come with you!” Lily offered instinctively before she immediately began to backtrack. “Unless, um, never mind, I definitely shouldn’t have invited myself along for that.” It had been almost a year, and Lily still caught herself forgetting that Maia wanted space.

“No, no,” Maia jumped in quickly, as she stood up, and Lily blinked a bit surprised. “I wanted you to invite yourself along,” she reassured her softly

“You did?” Lily inquired apprehensively, almost as if she were holding her breath.

Nodding, Maia pressed together her lips and then began to lead Lily away, murmuring, “Come on.”

Lily followed her quickly, as they weaved through the tables and the guests until they reached the back of the room and quietly slipped out the doors into the empty courtyard. The only light available was that of the light streaming in from the party inside, but for the most part, they were both lost in the anonymity of the night, slowly taking a lap as they both waited for the other to start talking.

“I’ve missed you a lot this past year, Lil,” Maia finally started, the words rushing out of her mouth, and Lily’s eyes flashed up to Maia’s a bit alarmed. If she had known Maia wanted to come out here and have a serious discussion, she may have reconsidered.

Or she may have agreed just as readily. It was Maia.

“I mean,” Maia started again, letting out a small, humorless laugh, “I know we still talk and stuff, but-”

“I missed you too,” Lily admitted a bit shyly, not wanting to lie to Maia, but almost certainly terrified of where the conversation would lead. She had grown a lot in the past year, and while she still held out feelings for Maia and knew she wanted to end up back together with her eventually, she honestly didn’t know if she was ready for it yet.

Sighing, Maia shook her head and wondered aloud, “Everything got so out of hand last summer, didn’t it?”

Lily considered the question for a moment. Had things gotten out of hand? Her family seemed so shocked when she had told them about the breakup, but honestly, Lily herself hadn’t been that surprised. “I don’t know if it was out of hand,” Lily mused quietly. “I think we both didn’t really know what we were doing.”

“Really?” Maia questioned skeptically. “You were so sure about MIT though,” she refuted confidently, shooting Lily a pointed look.

“I was,” Lily agreed, thinking back to when she had applied and never been so sure about anything before in her life. “But it was a rough start,” she recalled, cringing a bit as she remembered her first few weeks at MIT. She opened her mouth to continue, when she noticed Maia with a strange expression on her face. “Not because of us!” she assured her suddenly, and Maia raised a doubtful eyebrow. “Just like, being away from my family and everything. It took awhile to get settled in,” Lily explained sincerely.

Maia’s expression remained pinched for a few moments, but eventually she seemed to relax before she asked, “But it ended up being okay?”

“Yeah. It ended up being great,” Lily responded warmly, a soft smile alight her face as she thought of her friends from school. “How about you?” she turned curiously. “How was Georgetown?”

Maia remained silent for a long moment, considering her answer before she responded, “It was… not the school for me.” With a small laugh as she ducked her head, she continued, “I know, I know. You told me so.”

“I wasn’t going to say that,” Lily protested quickly, though a similar thought has crossed her mind.

Huffing amusedly, Maia rolled her eyes and commented, “Well, I know you, and you were thinking it.”

Lily bit her cheek to keep her from laughing guiltily, but Maia immediately caught onto the expression and shook her head slightly. They continued their walk in silence for a few seconds before Lily took a sharp breath and inquired, “Can I ask why you decided to go there? You always dodged the question last year.”

Chewing on her lip, Maia shrugged and truthfully answered, “I don’t know. I guess I was scared. I kind of felt like I was losing myself.”

“Did I make you feel like that?” Lily asked her worriedly, her eyes widening slightly.

“No,” Maia reassured her quickly. “I mean, not directly. I never blamed you for anything, Lil.” Though Lily could tell her words were sincere, she still felt her stomach churn at the words.

“But indirectly…” she posed, anxious of where the prompt would lead her.

“Look,” Maia started softly, as if she were trying to soothe Lily, “I went to a camp and met an amazing girl that changed my life, and I loved her a lot.” Lily watched her carefully, almost as if she were holding her breath. “She also happened to be the one to introduce my love for science to me,” she then explained. “Every time I thought about MIT, I was just filled with dread. I couldn’t help thinking ‘What if I really don’t like engineering? What if I just love a girl who was born to be an engineer so much, I have morphed my life to fit into hers?’ I hated that I was thinking like that, but I couldn’t shake the fear. I knew as soon as I received my acceptance letter to MIT that I couldn’t go there, not if I wanted to spend the rest of my life wondering if the life I was living was truly my own. I applied to Georgetown that night.”

“Why Georgetown?” Lily asked quietly, still tense, but grateful she was finally getting Maia’s side of things.

“I don’t know; I always considered it my dream school,” Maia admitted. “Before science, I always wanted to get into politics, to help the little guy. I figured being in the center of the nation’s capital would be the best way to break into that scene,” she explained easily, before her nose wrinkled slightly. “It only took a semester for me to figure out that I hated politics, and I loved what science offered me. More solid, concrete ways to help people. Which is why…” Maia began, trailing off slightly before her eyes met Lily’s almost excitedly. “I’m transferring to UMass Amherst to study environmental science this fall.”

“Maia,” Lily stopped in her tracks, her jaw dropping slightly as she stared at her friend. “That’s amazing!” she then let out, almost giddy at the news. Immediately, Lily knew that this was a better match for Maia; something that would inspire her and drive her passions almost perfectly for years to come.

“Yeah, I’m really excited,” Maia admitted ducking her head bashfully as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “I think I’ll fit in better at UMass, and I’ll be studying something I’m actually passionate about.” She paused to consider something for a moment before she added, “Plus, I’ll be closer to everyone I love.”

Lily looked over at Maia with a blush only to find Maia staring at her intently. Sure, she could be (and probably partially was) referring to being closer to her family, but the way she looked at Lily told her she definitely was included in that statement.

Clearing her throat a bit nervously, Lily expressed with a shy smile, “I’m really happy for you.” As she opened her mouth to offer to fly and visit Maia sometime, she immediately closed it again as she realized she didn’t want to overwhelm Maia, and wanted to instead give her the space to do this on her own terms. Clearly she wasn’t quite ready to start things up again either, with moving to a new school and all, and Lily wanted to reassure her that she wasn’t trying to push anything either. “You know Amherst to Boston’s only a two hour drive,” she informed Maia easily, changing directions. “If you ever want to visit, we could go get coffee or something.”

Beaming at Lily, Maia murmured, “I’d really like that.”

“Great, so it’s settled!” Lily nodded eagerly, turning to Maia as they stopped walking just before they were about to reach the door back inside. Shifting her weight a bit nervously, Lily could feel the charged energy in the air as Maia too seemed a bit nervous as she stared at Lily. “We should, um, go back inside before Liza notices us missing,” she then offered, stuttering a bit as she glanced at Maia’s lips just before she watched Maia glance at her own lips.

Neither of them seemed to question when they both leaned forward and pressed their lips together tightly, their arms wrapping around each other as time seemed to stop around them. Lily had kissed a few other girls in the past year, but none of them quite lived up to what kissing Maia had always been. Her body felt warm all over, and she felt Maia smile into the kiss before they pulled back a bit breathless and smiled widely at each other.

Maia pulled Lily in for a long tight hug, and they stayed there for several moments until they finally silently intertwined their fingers and made their way back into the party.

“Hey there you are!” Liza called out. “You left me all alone with Alex; she won’t stop giving me shots because she thinks I’m both of us,” she complained as her words slurred slightly, and Lily glanced over at her aunt to confirm she was incredibly drunk as she danced with her mother on the dance floor.

Laughing slightly, Lily shook her head slightly, right before Liza caught a glimpse of Lily and Maia’s hands intertwined and balked at the sight. Blushing, Maia gently let go of Lily’s hand and announced weakly that she was going to get something to drink. Lily held her hand up quickly to stop Liza from saying anything as she opened her mouth. “No, we’re not back together. I tell you about it later,” she explained, and with a smirk, Liza seemed to drop the subject. “Where’s Nia?” Lily then asked, frowning as she glanced around the room. Nia (and subsequently Brainy) had been within a few feet of Liza all night, but now were seemingly nowhere to be found.

At this, Liza seemed to deflate slightly, explaining, “They left a little bit ago. Brainy has an early shift at the DEO tomorrow.”

Lily could tell her sister was doing her best not to sound like she resented Brainy for making Nia leave as well, but it wasn’t an emotion she could hide well with the amount of alcohol in her. “Come on,” Lily comforted. “Let’s go see what Maia and Carol are up to.”

The DJ wrapped up around midnight, and while a handful of guests stayed to help clean up, the party was mostly cleared out by 12:30, save their immediate friends and family.

“I think the cleaning crew can get the rest in the morning,” Lena announced to the tired group, milling around and still buzzing from the celebration. “Thank you all for being here, again,” she then murmured as she wrapped her arms around Kara softly and leaned on her wife.

“Congratulations again, you two,” Sam wished her, hugging them both from the side before she melted back into Alex and threw her arm around her daughter. “We’re going to head out. Brunch in the morning?”

“Your place at ten,” Kara confirmed with a slight nod. “Goodnight you guys.”

As they began to make their way out of the building, Kara then turned her attention to Clark. “Clark, you got Carol and Maia?” she asked, absentmindedly stroking Lena’s hand.

Clark nodded easily, and offered, “I’ll drop Carol off first before the rest of us head back to Metropolis.”

“Thanks, Clark,” Lena murmured, and he flashed her a smile before he easily scooped up an almost sleeping Carol and took off.

“Alright, that just leaves us,” Kara stated, turning to her daughters. “You two ready to go?”

Letting out a yawn, Lily nodded, and Liza rested her chin on her sister’s shoulder as she shot her moms a thumbs up. With a small chuckle, Kara kissed the side of Lena’s head and then led her family out to their van.

The family seemed to be too tired to hold any conversation on the way home, so they all sat in relative silence, Kara singing quietly along to the radio and Lena smiling sleepily as she held Kara’s hand, as the twins slowly nodded off in the back seat. When they pulled into the driveway, the three passengers blinked blearily as they registered that they had made it.

Slowly the group made it out of the van, walked up to the front door, and waited for Kara to unlock it. As soon as they heard the click, Kara led Lena into the house, her arm wrapped around her waist, and murmured, “We’re home.”

Kara went to take another step, but was stopped by Lena, grabbing onto her hand squeezing tightly as tears began to pour from her eyes. Furrowing her eyebrows slightly, Kara watched as Lena let out a small sob, and in an instant, Kara understood.

Stepping towards her and wrapping her in a tight hug, Kara held onto her wife tightly as Lena cried for several minutes, until eventually, Kara began crying too. Over the past three years, they had slowly been putting their lives back together. They moved in together, raised their kids together, made this house a home together. They picked up all the pieces they had dropped eighteen years ago, making them something beautiful again. And tonight, they had finally picked up their last piece: walking through the door as a whole family--as wives--once more.

“Are you okay?” Kara whispered as she pulled back and pressed a firm kiss to Lena’s forehead. Nodding, Lena wiped her eyes, and then she looked up at Kara and kissed her softly.

“I’m home,” Lena murmured reverently, before her wife leaned down and kissed her again.