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Fine lines of Obsessions

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Kyoujurou canted his hips up and threw his head back with a low groan. He gritted as soft skin meets his, every breath as hot as the inferno itself and every touch burns his skin in the most awful way. He can’t help but turn his head away and bit his lips, making it bleed more when the movement on his- his genitals grows slower and the fingers comes up to focus more on the head.

Another hand comes up to his chin and wrenched his head around, forcing him to open his eyes to see the grinning face of the Upper Moon Three.


The demon moved his head down and in the same time flicking his wrist that wrecks pleasure in Kyoujurou’s body. He opened his mouth to let out another weak moan and Akaza took advantage, crashing their mouth together and swirling his tongue around. Akaza pulled away, their breath mingling before diving down for another kiss and biting Kyoujurou’s lower lip in an almost gentle manner.

Being a demon for hundreds of years sure gives them some technique, he dimly thought.

Akaza’s grin turn to something more kinder looking, a smile forming on his face as his fingers let go of Kyoujirou’s genitals and trailing to his bound thighs and legs and down, down he goes before softly touching the sick toy he puts in Kyoujirou. He instinctively clenched on the wooden phallus; whether to push it out or keeping it in, he doesn’t want to know.

Shame flows in him body, all his training goes out the window and he can’t concentrate to keep his breath slow and steady to get out of this rope. As strong as it is, it should not restricted a pillar member such as himself.
What would his father says, what would his mother?

But the drugs slows his heart and his brain cannot concentrate with the torture Akaza is putting him through.

A finger is pushing more insistently and he so badly want to follow it, to chase that pleasurable feeling.

It's been months since the defeat of the train demon and Akaza showing up out of nowhere. In his near death, Akaza took advantage and snatched him away. How Akaza healed his wound was one of a miracle he does not wish to touch upon, the thought of Akaza’s blood mixing up with his would paralyze him with dread. He lay awake during the day, sometimes Akaza sleeping next to him though he knows that the demon is never fully asleep, and terror of becoming a demon consumes him.

He hoped those siblings were okay. He prayed the train passengers are all okay. But Akaza is now pulling the toy out, something that he had come to know intimately in the months that Akaza trapped him here.

What Akaza’s plan is not something he knows, he have done nothing but crooned sweet nothing to his ears as he heal Kyoujirou’s wound before putting his hands on him the second Kyoujirou were able to get up and tried to kill Akaza.

Now here he is, bound and drugged to the point that Akaza's touch is soothing. The days where he would be in this room all alone in his thoughts and guilt that the second he sees the demon, his heart bloomed with happiness.

He had heard of torture techniques like these but the syndrome were not something he thought would happen to him.

“Aka- ah” he moaned as the toy pulled out and in softly “Aka- za pl-ah please”

“Please what Kyoujirou?” crooned Akaza “Be more specific”

“Your- your hand” he struggles in his bonds, Akaza’s cold fingers yanking his nipple around and sucking on the other one.

“My hand?” asked Akaza, pulling off his nipples and he could see a strand of saliva. The sight aroused him more than he care to admit “Do you want me to stop this then?”

Kyoujirou sobbed when Akaza stop the administration and pulled the toy out of him. The demon withdraws and the lost of the cold touch made Kyoujirou cried out. His body becomes an inferno of lava and he can’t seem to take the edge off.

“Why are you crying, hmm? Is this not what you want?”

“No! Please” he cried out, his mind becoming more and more muddled “I want your fingers!”

“Hmmm…. And what would give to me? I can't just give you all the pleasure for free now can I?”

Akaza was the one that drugged him to the point of no return but he wasn't in the mind to argue.

“Anything!” he begged “Puh- please Akaza!”

“Anything?” Akaza purred “Even accepting my blood Kyoujirou?”

At that, his head clears a little and he feels his usual fire coming back and is more aligned with his feelings. Of his principles.

“I'll say it over and over” he repeated breathlessly “You and I have different moral values, I will not become a demon”

Akaza’s smile disappeared, a growl rumbling in his throat before sweating himself between Kyoujirou’s bound and open leg.

“You're still young Kyoujirou,” Akaza gnarled, his teeth looking sharper in the dark room with only the moonlight lighting the room “I have some time-”

And without a warning, he pushed inside of Kyoujirou. His lung suddenly absent of any air, and he lets out a soundless scream. No matter the amount of foreplay, nothing could prepare him for actual sex especially of this size.

“-to convince you”

Then Akaza truly did show his true form, pushing him back on the futon and taking his leg over his shoulder. He fucks without a break and all Kyoujirou could do was to get some breath in before he passes out. He sobbed as Akaza’s slam on his prostate, even in with bind he digs his feet at Akaza’s back to get him deeper in him.

“Akaza- ah Akaza pl” he cried, Akaza diving down again to suck on his nipples. Biting them one at the time without a break in fucking Kyoujirou to death, nailing his prostate with each push.

Akaza shoved his fingers in his mouth, making him choke on it. Spurred on, Kyoujirou took a breath before swirling his tongue and sucking on Akaza's fingers while clenching on his- his cock.

Akaza groaned at that, faltering in his thrust and Kyoujirou kept on. Looking at Akaza with lidded eyes as he sucks on his fingers and moaned. He will not lose himself like this.

Akaza gritted his teeth and takes his fingers away, going down to his neck and leaving a trail of wet track. It cools his skin as air touches it and Kyoujirou feels as his skin is being pricked.
Akaza slows his thrusting, his chest heaving.

“Truly,” moaned Akaza “Even after this, your spirit will not disappear. You truly are the best Kyoujirou!”

Akaza then grabbed his throat and squeezed.

Kyoujirou throws his head and he chokes on his saliva. Akaza continued to thrust in with a merciless abandon. His eyes roll back and now lightheaded, the only thing he can feel other than it is the drag of Akaza’s manhood against his inner wall. Who could have though such thing can be pleasurable?

His throat flutters as the breath gets punched out of him and he could feel pressure building up. His face now wet with tears and he moans, without a touch from Akaza to his cock, he came harder than he ever had.

Akaza laughed with such glee as he did, eyes crazed with power.

Now that he came, the pleasure flees and there’s only pain. His buttock hurts from all the smacking of Akaza's thrust, his body stiff from the lack of movement. The worst are the pain of his throat, a mere second away from being crushed and his inside scream in agony as Akaza kept on going.

His eyes rolled back as blackness claims him and he heard it. Those declarations.

“Mine! You're mine Kyoujirou!”


Akaza breathes out, breathless as if he was a human. He looked down at the wonderful sight below him. Kyoujirou lays in the futon, now asleep. His whole body is now dirty with sweat and his own cum; Akaza's own cum is now dropping out his pretty hole. His eyes red and swollen from the tears and lips more plush from all the biting. There was no skin saved from Akaza’s biting and sucking, red and purple marked him everywhere and his biggest pride, the obvious stitching in Kyoujirou’s middle from their first battle.

The best and the strongest, he truly did get lucky this time around.

Akaza laughed hard at his luck. Muzan-sama will eventually find out and there goes his head but even so…

Consequences be damned, he thinks. As he caresses the sweaty forehead, Kyoujirou groan and Akaza blood thrummed. Nothing would beat this. No matter what he will make this human a demon and his.

He will not let this one go.