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Nikolas Nooneson from Vanaheimr

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Nikolas and Loki had been together for many years now. They had spent that time learning about and teaching each other new things. Nik and Queen Frigga had grown close very quickly. She was fond of the young man who happened to be her son's soulmate.

She had began educating Nik on the use of his magic as well as the different schools of magic. He and Loki were also good with elemental magic, which those who did not know any better would refer to it as destruction magic.

Nik's favorite kind of magic seemed to be healing as he showed to be adept at for one who had very little experience. Loki's favorite was illusion magic which surprised no one.


One night while the couple made out in Loki's bed, Nik started grinding his hips against Loki. They were both half hard already. "Take me love. Haven't we been chaste long enough?" Loki looked at Nik with concern. "Are you sure? I don't want to be like the other men who have taken you-"

Nik put his hand over Loki's mouth. "You are unlike any man I have met Loki Odinson. The difference between those men and you is that I want to be here, giving myself willingly. You could never be like them. You have never hurt me or force me to do anything. You love and care for me even though I have done very little to earn that. You already have my heart and soul, so I beg you to take my body at well. In all this time, we haven't done much more than tease each other and honesty it's very frustrating."

Nik ended his speech with a laugh. He gave a wicked smile. "Besides what happened to wanting to see my vivid red hair against you black and green bed sheets? Or knowing how the moonlight from your balcony makes my lovely pale skin glow? And wanting to be the only one to hear my screams of pleasure?"

Loki pinched the bridge of his nose. "Norns! You remember all that?" Nik was still giving him the same evil smile. "Of course. I've thought of little else since you uttered those words. Not to mention, you keep teasing to show me why you are Silver-tongue. Or is my prince all talk?"

Loki gave a smile that left no doubt why he was named the God of Mischief. "Oh darling, I am more than just talk." Loki proceeded to fulfil his promise to Nik all those years ago. He used his magic to shed both their clothes and kissed his way down to Nik's chest. He took a nipple in his mouth, tugging on it with his teeth as one hand rolled the other between two fingers.

Soon the pair were panting and rubbing against each other. "Oil?" Nik gasped as he writhed under his prince. Loki grabbed a vial from beneath the pillow and poured a little on his hand. "Use that alot do you? Think of me- ohh yes!" Loki had two fingers in Nikolas' ass and was stretching the tight muscles. "Sweet Valhalla! How are you so tight!?" Nik pushed himself on to Loki's fingers, needing more. "Ahh-i do exercises and there is a potion I use. Do-oh please do that again?"

Loki had three fingers inside Nik now and would turn his hand just right to caress that sensitive spot that made his mate moan so deliciously. "Stop teasing and give me your cock already!" Nik dug his nails into Loki's shoulders, pulling him closer. "You are more beautiful than Freya." Loki lined his cock up to Nik's entrance and sank inside, relishing in the warm cavern between his lovers cheeks which clenched perfectly around him.

"By Yggdrasil! More! I need all of you." Loki slowly slide himself deeper within the magnificent creature below him. Once they were flush together, two twin lights flowed around them. One green and the other purple. The lights connected and it became difficult to tell when one began and the other ended. The men felt immense power overcome them as their bond grew stronger. They thrusted wildly, almost violently together as the magic from their bond intensified the pleasure. They both came, howling their bliss until they passed out.


When the soulmates awoke, the glow from the morning sun lit up the room. Nik opened his eyes first to see his prince's peaceful handsome face. "Morning love." Loki made a sound of disgust. "We need to bathe."

Nik pushed Loki from on top of him to the other side of the bed. "I'll go fill the bath while you change the sheets." He kissed Loki's forehead as he got up. As he was about to enter the bathroom, Nik felt the tingle of magic and looked to see a green mist surrounded the bed. "That's cheating."

Once the tub filled, the two sank into the warm relaxing water. They washed each other silently, just content to enjoy the feel of the other's hands. "Nik? There is something I have been wondering about-" Loki trailed off nervously. It worried Nik to see his usually confident prince so unsure of himself.

"What's wrong love?" Loki pulled Nik close and kissed his temple. "Will you tell me what happened in Vanaheim? This is a big part of who you are that I feel I'm missing out on" Nik tensed in Loki's arms. Nik sighed and pushed himself out of his love's embrace.

"You finish up here and meet in the bedroom." As Nik was about to get out, Loki grabbed his hand. "Darling?" Nik squeezed Loki's hand. "Please give me some time to collect myself." Loki kissed Nik's lips and let him go.


Loki relaxed in the tub for a bit before joining his lover. When he entered the bedroom, the first thing Loki noticed was the smell of alcohol. He saw a cask on the small dining table. "Nik? I thought you didn't like mead." He heard a sigh come from behind the sofa. "Gonna need it for this conversation."

Loki walked over to Nik and sat on the floor next to him. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Nik cuddled up to Loki. "I want to tell you. You should know." Nik threw back the rest of his drink. "In Vanaheim, those born with red hair are meant to be slaves. Something about redheads being an unnatural disease or some bullshit. Think they're jealous that we're prettier."

Nik was slurring his words a bit. "So I've always been a slave, but not like I am now. Had more free will. Well the royal prick..I mean prince was fond of me. One night he asked me to join his bed. I refused and thought that was the end of that. Should have known better. He followed me and forced himself on me." Loki pressed his lips to Nik's temple. "I'm so sorry my love." Nik got up and stumbled over to refill his cup. "That's not the worst part. It wasn't long after that that I found out I could get pregnant." Loki's eyes widened in shock.

"I never told anyone I was pregnant. I didn't want anything from the royal family. As the months went by, I began to love this child growing inside me. When the time came for it to be born, I tried to do it alone. I passed out and woke up in the healing chambers. Just as my child came out, the king entered the room. I had never been more scared in all my life. I begged him not to hurt the baby and that I didn't want anything from them. He took my baby and had me dragged to the whipping post. I was viciously whipped within an inch of my life. Then the King yanked to the bifrost and brought me to Asgard. To this day, I don't know what happened to my child. I don't even know the gender. I spent a hundred years in the dungeons per King Njord's request to Odin."

Loki held Nik tight, trying to show his love and support as tears ran down both of their faces.