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Nikolas Nooneson from Vanaheimr

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Nikolas had blacked out from exhaustion. Loki held him close, swearing to the Norns to always protect him. To think of everything this wonderful person had been through and to not become a broken hollow husk was almost too much for the prince. For Nik to have what happened to him and still be a kind and caring person spoke volumes about how strong he was, both mentally and spiritually.

Loki was furious with the king and prince of Vanaheimr for their part in his mate's torment. He wanted nothing more than to get revenge for Nik, but knew he could not as that would likely cause trouble, not only for his love but also for the realms. As Loki gathered Nik in his arms and carried him to the bed, he decided to take things day by day and offer his endless love and support to the man who had captured his heart.


It had been a few months since Nik's confession about what happened to him in Vanaheimr and to his surprise, nothing had changed between the prince and himself. He had thought Loki would be disgusted by him, but his feelings stayed the same. In fact, they seemed to increase tenfold. Loki had grown overly protective of him and constantly had to have him within arms reach or eyesight at the very least. Nik loved it, but it had made certain things difficult. Having a prince so close all the time made working in the brothel impossible. So much so, that Nik took a more permanent position as a palace servant.


Nik was lounging in bed in Loki's room (though Loki repeatedly told him that it was theirs) when he heard a knock at the door. "Um come in." Nikolas was shocked to see the Queen herself enter. He was standing immediately and bowing. "Your majesty! Prince Loki is not here." Frigga smiled. "Oh I know. I have sent him on some errands so that I may have a moment alone with you. Sit my dear. You do not need to bow to me." Nik quickly received a chair for the All-Mother before taking a seat.

Frigga grasped Nik's hands. "I thought you and I could begin planning your wedding. You and Loki have been together for a few years now. And I think it’s time for you two to settle down." Nik bit his lip. “Isn’t this something Loki should do as prince.” The Queen sighed. “I have already spoken to Loki about this. He has told me that he does not care if there IS a ceremony. He’s perfectly happy with whisking you away to Alfheimr, getting married there and finding a cottage in the woods to live in.”

Nik smiles. “Yes we had talked about living in Alfheimr. He’s told me it’s beautiful there. How the whole realm is a forest and the light elves are kind. It sounds wonderful.” “It is lovely my dear. Unfortunately Loki is a prince and certain things are required of him. At the very least a wedding ceremony to let all know that the second prince of Asgard has found his mate and consort.

My son has been less than helpful and this gives us a chance to spend more time together. Especially if you both are going to leave me and you had best come back to visit often or I shall be very cross at you both.” Nik lifted one of Frigga’s hands and placed a kiss on the back of it. “Very well my Queen.”


Three months had gone and they weren't even close to being done with planning everything for the wedding. "Loki I could use your help or even your opinion on the wedding." Loki was sprawled out across the bed reading. With his chest and feet bare, having just bathed, the sight was proving to be quite a distraction for Nik. "Darling, I've told you and my mother several times that I do not care for all this fuss. I simply want us married and living happily in Alfheimr."

Loki never took his eyes off the book. Loki seemed to stretch out and if possible, show more of his delectable body off without trying. Nik couldn't resist anymore. He walked over to the bed and straddled the prince. He began placing kisses over Loki's face, neck, and chest. Loki rolled his eyes but there was a hint of a smile on his face. "I'm trying to read." Nik pressed himself closer to Loki to bite and suck on an earlobe. He grinded his hips against Loki's, pulling a moan from both of them.

"Then you probably shouldn't be doing it half naked teasing me." A wide smile replaced the scowl on the prince's face. "And how was I teasing you when I have done nothing but lie here?" Nik's hands roamed the bare flesh beneath him as his mouth made it's descent to the firm muscled chest. "So you wouldn't care if we wore red for the wedding?" Nik tried and failed to keep a straight face. Loki glared at Nik.

"You know very well that red is Thor's color." "Is it? Then perhaps you should give some input into the wedding. Otherwise I may just decide that I look good in red or would prefer to host a tournament for celebration." Loki abandoned his book and flipped them so he was on top. "And they call ME the trickster?" Nik gave an evil grin. "Maybe that's why we're perfect together."