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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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Chapter 1
Bakugou’s POV
Wake up way to early, drink too much coffee and not eat enough breakfast was steadily becoming Bakugou’s morning routine. He hated to admit it, but he missed how things were, when he could wake up to the comforting smell of sandal wood and Rexona men’s deodorant, nestled in strong tanned arms, when plush hot lips would rest against his forehead every morning. But Kirishima is gone and Bakugou is alone. Quickly donning a pair of black cargo pants, singlet and faded crimson hoodie the downtrodden hero made his way to work. The overcast morning was fresh, bringing the sure promise of rain later in the day. “Great. Just what I need.” Bakugou thought idly to himself, rain could mess with his quirk giving him a disadvantage, that could be troublesome. Living in a small apartment in the heart of the city made everything in walking distance from his average apartment convenient, but that also meant people could easily pinpoint where he lived if his face was exposed. Pulling the faded hoodie further into his toned body Bakugou tried his hardest to meld with the early morning office workers nursing their cups of coffee, the hungover party goers returning to their homes after a late night and the few school students struggling to keep their groggy eyes open. After fifteen minutes of an uneventful commute his phone rings, startling him out of his stupor. Tiredly he answers. “Yo.” He utters, too tired for this conversation, again.
“Hey dude good morning!” Shittyhair blares into the mic, Bakugou would bet money the red head basterd had a beaming smile on his dopey face. The thought alone made his heart skip a beat. “So I think we may have had this conversation before dude, but like have you found my Crimson Riot hoodie dude. I could have sworn I left it at your house dude. I’ve had that thing since like high school. Please tell me if you find it!” Kirishima practically sobbed the last bit. Guilt tugged at Bakugou’s heart as he rudely ended the call, he knew that jacket was his favourite, he knew the guy has had it since high school, but as Bakugou stood outside his agency wrapped in the oversized, faded Crimson Riot jumper, desperately trying to hold onto the remnants of Kirishima he couldn’t bring himself to give the precious hoodie back.
Numbly he walked into work, past the front desk and right into the males’ change rooms. As if on autopilot he changed into the too tight top and baggy pants, tiredly trudging to his boss’s office to receive a briefing, just like every Monday. It’s been almost a month since Kirishima left and Bakugou just couldn’t seem to push past it, he felt as though he had a void to be filled, this void he felt could only be filled by Kirishima. Face pointed to the ground he walked into Mt. Lady’s office. He expected the usual yelling match, what he didn’t expect was a tall man in white boots, a blue jump suit, piercing heterochromatic eyes mixed with the signature red and white hair. Todoroki still had his signature fuckboy look about him, but he grew his hair out into a wild pony tail, the man himself had grown as well. In school Bakugou would have said they were around the same height, but now looking at the half n half basterd he was almost a head taller than him with a toned body, not as muscled as Kirishima, but not any less attractive. The pale skin on his face was contrasted by the rough, muted red burn around his left eye, his pink lips pursed in concentration.
A pink blush dusted Bakugou’s cheeks as he realised he was checking his high school rival out. “What are you doing here half n half basterd?” Bakugou mumbled through gritted teeth, trying to will away the blush from his cheeks. Poker faced as ever he blankly responded, “Same as you, Bakugou. I’m here for work.” Angrily he turned to Mt. Lady, as calmly as a hyped-up Pomeranian he asked, “Why is this fucker here?” Mt. Lady pretended to scrunch her face up in thought as she consciously winded Bakugou up more. “Well you see Bakugou we have a problem. The League of Villains hasn’t made themselves known in over nine months, usually they have a large-scale attack around every three months.”
“Isn’t that a good thing?” Bakugou interjects. He’s bored and doesn’t see how this conversation has anything to do with him.
“Don’t interrupt brat!” She scolds as she lightly punched him in the shoulder. “Anyways we wanted to send two heroes to infiltrate the League and act as secret spies!”
“Wouldn’t half n half be really easy to spot? Ya know with his hair, eyes, face, dumb personality?”
“What about you with your puffy hair and explosive personality?” Todoroki counters, the corners of his mouth quirked slightly as he stared Bakugou down. Heat pooled in his stomach from the intense gaze, Mt. Lady took this as her opportunity to continue. “Granted you two are both very popular, but the make up artists are quite good at their jobs, mixed with a good wig no one will be able to recognise you both. The reason you two were picked was due to your personalities and backgrounds. Bakugou you were captured by the villains to be drafted for a reason and Todoroki you have blood ties to Dabi, that knowledge gives you leverage along with your drive and resilience. You are also one of the few people who can handle Bakugou.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“When do we start?”
“The both of you have three days off work to prepare, on the fourth day is the make over and debrief. Now get going, your free time starts now.” With that Mt. Lady excited the office, leaving the two shocked heroes to soak everything in. “Also, you will receive an email containing all the info you’ll need. Bye!” The bubbly blonde added as an after thought as she walked down the hall to go yell at someone else. “See you in a few days.” Bakugou mumbled to himself as he stalked out of the office, angrily heading to the change rooms to ultimately go home and get his taxes in order, hell knows he’s bad enough when he’s home, he won’t have anytime to do them while he’s undercover.

Todoroki’s POV
Todoroki watched as the bob of unruly blonde dispersed into the crowded office area, blending in with the other bustling heroes. “I hope he isn’t this moody the whole time, he’ll give us away.” Todoroki thought solemnly as he calmly made his way to the elevator, back to the change rooms. Todoroki quickly changed then headed home to catch up on his favourite show all day and stuff himself full of soba before he needed to leave. On the bus ride home, he noticed that people recognised him on the train, they occasionally pointed or snapped a cheeky photo. Todoroki wasn’t to stressed about it, he’s used to being in the lime light since his father is Endeavour, once upon a time the number one hero. Other than the second glances and hushed voices Todoroki made it home unscathed, but a little bit worse for wear. He may be used to the attention, but that didn’t mean he liked it.
Taking his loafers off at the door he was enthusiastically greeted by his fluffy white cat Meow. (If we’re being honest Todoroki isn’t the best with names.) Plopping on the couch Todoroki began to watch his favourite anime where happy endings were guaranteed, and everything was mundane and predictable. Todoroki was glad his life wasn’t like that, but he would like a warning sometimes. For instance, today when he was given that assignment with Bakugou. It would have been nice to have been given a warning he would be working with his high school crush. Despite Bakugou’s poor behaviour and ever-present bitch face, Todoroki somehow found himself attracted to the man in high school after Midoriya rejected him, but his feelings were clearly never reciprocated, that was seen when Kirishima and Bakugou started dating at the end of high school ultimately forcing him to move on. The memory of seeing the angry man today sowed a small smile on his face, the explosive blonde was the same as ever, but a little more tanned and if he wasn’t mistaken a little skinnier. “I hope Bakugou is eating all right.” He thought to himself. “Wouldn’t want him in bad shape for the mission.” he logically mused.
The email arrived later in the afternoon while Todoroki was training. He decided to have some coffee dates with his friends to say good bye. The email told him to tell other people that he was going to be transferred internationally and will return when the crisis in the remote continent was fixed. The next few days pasted away in a blur like haze leaving Todoroki tired and a little dazed when it finally came time for the mission to start. He was picked up from his house in an average looking musty white Toyota to be dropped off at another agency. Once inside the two were led into a bright room filled to the brim with clothes, make-up and other things. Four people waited for them in the room, all had bright cheery smiles painted on their faces. Todoroki couldn’t help but notice Bakugou had been oddly quiet this entire time, only scoffing or grunting in response to what other people said. “Hello and welcome Equilibrium and Ground Zero. Are you ready for your make overs?” She asked excitedly. The group of four over the top stylists broke off into pairs to usher each hero into a side room.
Tediously Todoroki tried on outfit after outfit, eventually narrowing it down to seven different outfits that all looked practically the same. Next, they covered his scar in a resilient concealer that covered the scar, almost transforming him into a different person, it made him think of what life could have been like if things were different. Lastly, the way so happy professionals dyed his hair black, styling it into a lazy pony tail to lazily drape over his left shoulder so the hair in the front could cover the left side of his face. Looking in the mirror after all the changes made him wonder if that was really him. Todoroki wore a suit as dark as his newly dyed hair, with black loafers and a startling red tie. He was given a trench coat along with a few other suits of a similar style to wear once he went undercover. Strolling into the common room Todoroki did not recognise the man he saw there. Dressed like a bartender, bow tie and all, neat explosive blonde hair was brushed and parted to the right while simple square black glasses perched on Bakugou’s slim nose. Those starling scarlet eyes trapped him in a hungry gaze as they slowly travelled down and up his body, reminding him of the meeting on Monday, not too long ago. “All right. Seeing as how you two are ready to go we will drop you off at the last place they were sighted. Hopefully finding them from there will be easy.” A plump man in business casual wear told them as they walked to the white car.
There may have been no talking for the first half of the car ride, but Bakugou was constantly wiggling and picking at the tie around his neck. The scenic view in the country side was calm, setting Todoroki’s nerves at ease, but he didn’t care for the storm clouds obscuring the sun. He felt as if this was an omen for what’s to come. The man in the passenger seat gestures to the two heroes in the back for their attention. “So, boys I’m sure you are wondering about where to find the League. We honestly don’t know, so ask at local pubs and downtrodden bars for those are their usual hiding places. Also, your aliases are Yamada Sora,” He points at Todoroki. “And Takahashi Ryo.” He points at Bakugou who scoffs at him but doesn’t argue. Todoroki tries his best to remember his name best he can, repeating it as a mantra in his head until it sticks. Unfortunately, he missed the second bit of information that caused Bakugou to lose control. “What do you mean lovers!” The annoying blonde screeched.
“Like I said you two are like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Before this duo was captured, they were unaligned with the League, but according to reports they were offered a spot. The public doesn’t know of the arrest of the Hearts of Fire. There are no clear pictures of what the duo looked like so the people in the blurry pictures could easily be you two. Also, your quirks almost match their quirks. Sora was left handed and his quirk is pyrokinesis and Ryo could create small bullet like explosions from his hands. With those gloves Bakugou you will have better control and be able to create a more fine-tuned AP shot. Any questions?”
“Will we have to do couple stuff?” In a quiet voice Bakugou asked. Peering at his face Todoroki noticed a slight blush dust his pale cheeks. Todoroki would never admit it out loud, but Bakugou did have his cute moments. “Since the couple wasn’t very touchy feely just hold hands after you set fire to something and maybe a peck on the cheek or lips every now and then, just to remind people you’re a couple. Furthermore, pardons have been made, as long as you don’t kill anyone all property damage you cause will be covered under government taxes.” The pudgy man glances down at his watch, a sorrowful look flashed in his brown eyes. “Looks as though we’ve reached the end of the road. In your bags you will find bus passes, they contain thirty dollars, enough to get you to the small town and hopefully to the League. Other things are in there to start your new lives. Good luck heroes!” With that the two men excited the white car to grab their duffel bags from the back. Looking at the retreating form of the car Todoroki sighed. There is truly no going back now.

Bakugou’s POV
Sitting on the cold frost covered bench Bakugou wanted to kill somebody. No one mentioned waiting at a deserted country bus stop, angrily he fixed the half n half basterd with a glare. “Hey Sora when do you think the bus will show?” They might as well get into character now, instead of later.
“I don’t know Ryo. If your cold there’s probably a jacket in your bag.” Taking a pause Todoroki seemed to be considering something. A small smirk gracing his elegant features as he trapped Bakugou in his intense gaze. “Or I can warm you up if you want.” Bakugou nearly fainted. Heat was rising to his face so fast there was no hiding it, while his heart ran a marathon. ‘Why is this basterd so attractive!’ He thought distractedly to himself. He must have taken too long to answer because the taller man nested Bakugou into his left side, sliding a warm arm around his lower back. Bakugou felt his face turn red as he quickly hid his face to the left, not wanting Todoroki to see him flustered. The duo sat there in the late autumn cold for around half an hour until a grimy bus toddled next to the run-down bus stop. Gratefully the duo sat toward the back, choosing to ignore the other two passengers. One a distressed looking business woman, another a sleepy looking old man. The bus ride passed without a hitch, an hour later the two heroes arrived at a sleepy looking country town.
The place had as many taverns as houses it seemed. It was nearing late afternoon, so the duo decided to check into a questionable looking motel with one queen sized bed, a small broken TV and a barely functioning kitchen. Bakugou felt anger shoot through his limbs, he didn’t want to sleep in this dump. And yet here he was sharing this shit hole with the half and half basterd. Later in the evening after the two shared a romantic meal of takeout Chinese they headed out to scope out the bars. None of them peeked Bakugou’s interest until he saw it, Dead Man’s Drink. “That’s it, h-Sora.” Bakugou said, dragging the reluctant Todoroki behind him. “How to you know, Ryo?” Bakugou turned to face the stony face of Todoroki, in the dimming light he looked nothing like himself. All pale skin, no scar, only the intelligent brown eye that seemed to see right through him. He looked dark, if Bakugou didn’t know any better he might have said villainous. Todoroki must have seen something in his vermilion eyes because he nodded as Bakugou continued to lead him into the run-down bar.
As far as bars went this one was pretty average, it was a small building on the corner, it played low classical music, the walls and floors were the same mahogany brown, the tables were a shiny black. The bar offered both tap and bottled beer, wine and other booze Bakugou didn’t catch, there seemed to be a small selection of food items, most light and a little strange. ‘Was that salmon row with blueberry sauce?’ He thought as he spotted a couple sharing the suspicious dish. The costumers were buzzed, but not black out drunk like the people in the grungy bars he normally frequented. If the weird food and drinks or maybe even the too calm atmosphere that clued him in that this was off, it was Kurogiri standing there in full smoky glory, lazily cleaning a glass as he peered around the quiet establishment.
A memory from ten years ago hit Bakugou like a fire truck. While chained up a series of blacked out faces came and sat at the bar, all ordered the same drink, the same way, but never drank anything. Bakugou sauntered toward the bar, thankful for once for Todoroki’s natural poker face. He plopped down in one of the seats in the middle staring down at the laminated menu as Todoroki sat with all the grace of one raised by royalty. Kurogiri slowly made his way over to the duo. In a voice as smooth as silk he asked the duo, “What would you like to drink?” Without missing a beat, bakugou replied.
“Vodka, on the rocks.”
“Would you like lime?”
“Do you have any lemon in the back?” Kurogiri stiffened then relaxed as he responded coolly.
“Right this way sir.” From there the two men were escorted to the back room.
“Well, well, well. I didn’t expect you two too make it here so soon.”

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Todoroki’s POV
The dimly lit bar reminded him of his twentieth birthday when his father took him out for drinks to one of his favourite establishments in downtown Shinjuku. Bakugou led him further into the crowd until they reached the bar. The too calm atmosphere set Todoroki’s nerves on end as the hair on the back of his neck stood on end with the feeling someone was watching him. If he was being honest with himself all he wanted to curl up with Meow and eat take away soba on his couch right now. Instead he peered at the drink menu as Bakugou chatted with Kurogiri. Gazing at the flaxen haired man Todoroki noticed with mild concern the small smirk and predatory gleam in his eye as he stared down Kurogiri. Fear and stress plunged into his gut as he blankly stared at Bakugou and Kurogiri. “What if this doesn’t work? What if we get caught?” He thought fearfully to himself. The atmosphere between the two relaxed, Bakugou released a sigh as he stood to follow Kurogiri, whatever he said must have worked because suddenly they were headed for a small backroom with a black door. Kurogiri lazily led them into the cellar and through a hidden door in the floor, down a dark stair case that fed into an under-ground basement. In front of him Bakugou’s back tensed as the smell of booze and rotting flesh assaulted their senses. Being heroes meant they dealt with tragedy on a weekly basis, but then he wondered, “Does this remind Bakugou of when he was captured by the League of Villains?” In Todoroki’s mind the pieces clicked into place, that’s why he knew the password and name of the establishment, mixed with his new calm and analysing behaviour, Todoroki was wondering if there was more to Bakugou than the feral animal that was always hungry for victory.
The dimly lit stair case led to a garage like room with many doorways branching off the medium sized room. What was in the middle of the room made his blood freeze, Dabi and Shigaraki were talking about who knows what when both men froze mid conversation to dissect Bakugou and him with their sharp, calculating eyes. “Well, well, well. I didn’t expect you two too make it here so soon.”
Todoroki’s blood froze. ‘So soon? Did he already figure out they were undercover?’ Todoroki’s mind raced a mile a minute, trying to figure out the best way to escape. He was about to grab Bakugou when, “We couldn’t resist your tempting offer after sending one of the top ten heroes after us now could we.” Bakugou responded smoothly, his voice as smooth as melted chocolate. It sent a chill up Todoroki’s spine at the unfamiliarity of it.
“Hmmm. You’ll have to tell me how you escaped, I couldn’t help but notice you went quiet for a while, Takahashi.” Shigaraki rasped.
Todoroki worried he might be on to them. ‘How was Bakugou this good at bullshitting? The email didn’t contain any of this information. His just told him to stay quiet…’
“It was a tough alley way fight with Ground Zero, luckily we didn’t get too banged up. Sadly, it was the same for the hero. Let’s just say too many cooks in the kitchen often cause things to catch fire. Fu fu fu.” Bakugou wore the normal sadistic smirk on his face, but it was calm and calculated as he calmly answered the villain’s questions. It was just a flash, barely there, but Todoroki caugh the slight look of uncertainly as Shigaraki shifted slightly closer to fix him with a harsher look. Fear and uncertainty began to nag at Todoroki’s stomach. “Hmm. I see Takahashi. I’m glad both of you made it out alive. Yamada, still shy as usual?” Shigaraki asked, a playful smirk peeked out under the hand of his face as he turned his body to face him.
“I’ve told you before, he isn’t shy, alright.” Bakugou was barely keeping the nonchalant expression on his face as anger clearly boiled underneath. Todoroki hoped this would end soon.
“Well seeing as how you’re here now, how about you collect your things and meet us at this location tomorrow night. Bring your things for you’ll be there for a while.” Dabi piped up a hungry look in his eyes as he stepped forward to pass a rumpled note with the location details to Bakugou, his fingers sliding along the underside of Bakugou’s hand as he let go. A knot formed in the pit of Todoroki’s stomach at seeing Dabi so forwardly flirt with Bakugou. Said blonde remained nonchalant a he pivoted on his heel to go back the way they came. Todoroki wordlessly followed him as they exited the bar. The pair walked in a sombre silence all the way to the cheep motel. As soon as they entered Bakugou frantically locked the door and checked all the windows. An unreadable look as he turned to Todoroki.
“We need to step up our acting skills, you can’t stay quiet forever.” Todoroki nodded, waiting for Bakugou to go on with his rant. “Yamada Sora is a very quiet man, but he was also known for being very discerning. He only spoke when Ryo told him to, when he did, he gave very detailed answers that were long, boring and well thought out, not to mention accurate. When we go to this new location and we’re not jumped I need you to be real observant. Notice anything that could be wrong or out of place because that is your function in this group.” Bakugou’s vermilion eyes flashed in the dim light of the cheap motel, his voice was strong and unwavering, until he diverted his eyes and in a small voice said, “He was also very possessive of Ryo.”
Todoroki’s heart skipped a beat, Bakugou was looking away with a light pink tinge dusting his cheeks, his fiery eyes diverted. Bakugou wasn’t one to dwell on affection, the mere thought he brought it up made Todoroki’s pulse quicken. “So, what does that mean Bakugou?” He asked snidely he knew what Bakugou was getting at but being the sadist he is, he wanted to hear it from Bakugou’s mouth. The shade of pink turned red as the shorter man struggled with his words. “You know like fuckin lovers like, hand holding, hugging and k-kissing.” Bakugou was almost entirely red the blush rapidly spread down his face, past his collar to what Todoroki assumed to be his perfect collar bones. Less than appropriate images passed through Todoroki’s mind as he stared down the blushing mess of the normally explosive blonde. “I gotta go.” Bakugou mumbled as he shouldered his way to the bathroom, slamming the door in his haste. Todoroki now alone with his less than decent thoughts just realised how lonely he must be if he was beginning to pine after Bakugou. ‘What a pain.’ He thought to himself as he changed into the provided silk pyjamas and picked the left side of the bed, he and Bakugou would be sharing.

Bakugou’s POV
Grumpily Bakugou dried himself as he tried to recover from his very cold shower. It’s true Bakugou was a bit touch starved since he is now alone, but he didn’t think he was that desperate to go after the half n half basterd. Bakugou would never lie to himself he knew Todoroki was attractive from the start, that being said, still didn’t mean he liked him. Their rivalry from the first year of UA evolved into a rocky mutual respect for each other. Bakugou didn’t understand how someone who used to be such a shithead could make his heart go pitter-patter like a school girl’s in a shitty romcom. As Bakugou stepped out of the shower, wearing a provided oversized shirt and fluffy pyjama bottoms. Bakugou felt a dull ache tear at his heart, the pants reminded him of Kirishima, he always used to get him fluffy things because his ex-boyfriend knew he secretly loved them. The thought caused the full force of the emotional roller coaster from the day he just had to crash into him at what felt like 100km/h.
When Bakugou woke up to the bright morning light, a calm warmth nestled into Bakugou’s back, spooning him in an intimate embrace, making him feel at home. Brain still foggy his subconscious thought he was at home with Kirishima nestled into their comfy as fuck queen bed, not some run down hotel with Icyhot in a shitty prehistoric mattress that wrecked of mould and piss. Eyes still closed he carefully turned as to not disturb the sleeping man behind him. Bakugou leaned his head up to catch what he thought was Kirishima’s lips in a passionate kiss, Bakugou’s hot, slightly chapped lips lightly pecked his companion’s. Instantaneously soft warm lips danced around his as they set a slow pace to the early morning make out session. As the kiss grew more passionate the hands around his waist begin to move, one rubbing calming circles into his lower back with agile fingers as the other cupped half his ass in one large hand. Blood was immediately sent south with the much-needed contact, but Bakugou felt like something was off. ‘Wait there’s something wrong here.’ The thought wafted through Bakugou’s brain as he slowly came too. Kirishima’s hands were calloused and wide, while these hands are smooth and nimble as they lovingly caressed up and down his needy body. Bakugou wanted more as he pressed further into the warmth of his lover. Sleepily Bakugou peeked open an inquisitive ruby orb so he could bask in the beauty of Kirishima, what he saw was definably not what he was expecting. Raven hair flowed down pale cheeks to pool around his head like a dark halo, contrasting with the porcelain white skin and the dull angry red of a burn around the sleeping prince’s left eye. A black silk shirt framed strong broad shoulders as his biceps bounced in time with his wandering hands as they kneaded the tense muscles in Bakugou’s sore back. Bakugou had half the mind to melt back into the kiss and stay this way for a little while longer. But the sleeping beauty must have noticed his hesitation as he cracked open a tired earthy brown eye. Bakugou watched paralysed as realisation hit Todoroki like a bus.
In sync the pair rolled over to their respectful sides of the bed, Bakugou’s heart felt like it had just run a marathon. Once he felt he had control he gruffly voiced, “Icyhot, this never happened.”
“Agreed.” Todoroki’s husky voice quietly replied. Bakugou felt his blush turn a degree hotter if that was even possible. Steeling himself for the rest of the day he peered at the alarm clock which read 6:27am. That gave him and half n half about twelve hours to pack up and head to the location on the piece of paper stuffed into the back pocket of the pants he wore yesterday. “All right Icyhot we’re gunna check out at ten when the people kick us out, from there we are going to get lunch and see if we can gather any details about how much villain activity has been going on around here. Ok?” Bakugou spat out to hopefully end the awkward silence that engulfed the room like a bad smell.
“Sounds good Bakugou. I suggest we get soba for lunch.” Todoroki smoothly replied. Bakugou grunted in response to busy trying to bleach the events of this morning from his memory. Sadly, it did the opposite, as Bakugou packed away his meagre belongings the feather light feeling of another’s soft pink lips ghosted against his for the rest of the morning. None of the people in town seemed to know the league was right under their noses considering the fact their temporary base has been here close to four months. Bakugou learned that Dead Man’s Drink was pretty popular among the small town, he wasn’t surprised considering the town was in great need of a face lift. The buildings were probably close to 100 years old since many of the buildings were clearly worn and cracked. Some how Todoroki tracked down a food stall in the small shopping district on the east side of town. Bakugou was pissed considering the location they needed to go to was outside of town by a couple of hours and he didn’t know how to get there. After an annoying lunch of half n half slurping on cold noodles Bakugou was beyond pissed.
Half way through his tantrum Todoroki had the balls to drag him away from the food stalls to a shady looking ally. Hand in hand the basterd dragged him deeper into the dark alley way. The small street was surprisingly long, after what felt like forever Todoroki took him into a small dimly lit store. What could have easily been a mob boss stood behind a dinged-up clack counter and he cleaned a wrench covered in what Bakugou assumed was oil. “We saw the sign you posted for the motorcycle and we’re here to pay in full.”
‘What is this shithead on about?’ Bakugou thought angrily. He tried to burn a hole through the large man’s head, but he was currently looking at Todoroki
“Hmmm yes. I’m surprised someone would have the guts to come here. But then again you aren’t quite the average bear, now are you?” The tall man chuckled.
“Sorry sir, but we’re human, not bears. But we do still need that motorcycle.” Todoroki replied the signature poker face in check. He looked even more blank with the silky strands of black hair obscuring half his face. The man only grunted as he disappeared into another room through a black door with white scratches that mauled the entirety of the door. As Bakugou looked around he saw this was kinda a fix broken shit shop. Tables of varying colours, shapes and sizes filled the room, the surface of each table crammed with shit from microwaves to chairs. Bakugou peered at Todoroki out of the corner of his eye, black hair fell even more into his face as he rummaged through his dark duffel bag in search of something. Respect for his partner sent a warm feeling through his body, causing him to relax. His eyes must have remained on Todoroki for too long because he looked up after he pulled a black leather wallet from his bag. Before either of them could break the awkward silence that settled between them the large man from before returned with a motorcycle and a set of keys. “That will be five thousand yen.” The store keep said vacantly, he held out his hand as Todoroki riffled through the new wallet. Silently Todoroki handed over the money then he grabbed the bike and keys and started to head for the exit. Bakugou looked back once the man at the corner then at Todoroki’s graceful figure as he exited the small shop.
The half n half fucker didn’t wait for him as he speed walked out of the alley way with his new bike and quiet attitude. “Hey, Icyhot, wait up!” He screeched as said man exited the ally and was about to hop on the bike. Todoroki fixed him with an unreadable look as he said in a dark voice, ‘It’s Sora, now hop on Ryo.” Bakugou felt his cheeks heat up for the thousandth time this morning. He didn’t know the plain fucker could ride a motorcycle. ‘That’s bad ass.’ Bakugou brain thought treacherously as he settled onto the motorbike behind Todoroki. Trying to seem indifferent Bakugou looped his arms around Icyhot’s firm waist as he sped onto the street, joining the general traffic on the main road. The drive out to the location was quiet and peaceful if you didn’t include the loud roars from the motorcycle’s engine. Large open plains along with jet black sky was the only sight they saw considering this was a farming area. The ride along the long rural road lasted nearly three hours and Bakugou’s butt was getting sore considering the bike was clearly meant for one rider so he was pressed against their bags strapped to the back. The constant view of the thick green rice fields morphed into tall pine trees and rocky walls when Todoroki turned into a mountain pass.

Todoroki’s POV
Todoroki couldn’t help but focus on the warm body pressed behind his. If he were being honest it’s been a while since he’d last been with anybody, it’s been almost five months since Momo broke up with him after they had been dating for close to three years. Surprisingly they had the same reason for why they couldn’t keep faking it. They were both gay. Todoroki would be lying if he said he spent the entirety of the time alone, he just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. But with Bakugou pressed into his back as his warm arms encased his waist a realisation hit him, ‘I wouldn’t mind doing this more often.’ He didn’t just mean the bike riding he also meant the exploring new places along with whatever happened this morning. Todoroki was pulled out of his thoughts as he saw the sign for the mountain pass, considering the direction of the location he assumed it was up the barren windy road. Despite the barren brown rock to the left the view off the cliff was astounding. Emerald green pastures stretched to the horizon littered with little white and black coloured dots that Todoroki presumed is live stock. He heard a muffled gasp as Bakugou wiggled behind him to get a better look at the view.
The road trip continued in a companionable silence for about another hour, the road had become flatter but rugged in nature as the road ended all together giving way to an obscure hiking trail. Warily Todoroki observed their surroundings. As he and Bakugou slipped off the bike he noticed the ground was firm, thick pines as tall as houses obscured the rest of the mountain around the pair. Warily Bakugou stiffly walked toward the suspicious looking hiking trail, trying to figure out if they go in or not. Todoroki wished the crumpled note had more than just an area code and how high the “HQ” was above sea level. Glancing back Todoroki became enamoured with the hazy pink and orange the sleepy sun made as the stars began to shine, he never got a view like this in the city. Turning back, he saw Bakugou with a dumbfounded expression, but before he could ask, the blonde headed into the hiking trail without hesitation. As the confident gait from before gradually became more cautious it dawned on Todoroki that Bakugou didn’t know what he was doing.
Heaving a sigh Todoroki ploughed forward motorcycle stubbornly catching on the obstinate undergrowth lining the path. “Follow me.” He ordered Bakugou as he tried to feign indifference. For a while now, Todoroki had noticed some trees were slashed with little X’s. Whether that be important or not he’s going to find out. Confidently he led the grumbling Bakugou off the path, into a very wild part of the woods, large spruce and pine making it nearly impossible to squeeze their way through the trees. The dying light cast by the evening sun was quickly fading, and Todoroki had a suspicion Bakugou wasn’t a fan of the dark. He knew for a fact the man never did night patrols, along with back at UA he went to sleep at eight and last night at the bar when they were headed into the cellar. Said blonde menace had grown evidently closer, nearly breathing down his neck. “It’s getting pretty dark, so we don’t get lost you should grab my shirt.” Todoroki suggested, trying to come off nonchalant. After a few seconds he felt a small pull at his shirt and knew he must of listened. Heat pooled in his stomach as a faint blush dusted his cheeks. Todoroki didn’t usually fall in love easy, but then again Bakugou had always been an exception.
Suddenly Todoroki noticed he had walked into a ring of redwood trees, all crudely slashed with the familiar X. Hesitantly he scoped the area for any danger or signs of a trap door or something. A rustle of clothing alerted him to Bakugou moving away from him. The blonde squatted down, confidently placing his hand to bass of a tree. The blonde gave a push, then a pull, sadly nothing happened. Bakugou stared at the ground as he tried to burn a hole in it with his glare, suddenly he savagely ripped at the ground like a dog might dig a hole. In the faint moon light dark steel flashed under Bakugou. The pieces of the puzzle started to come together as he realised Bakugou was uncovering a hidden door. Hesitantly Bakugou reached out a gloved and as he pushed into the bottom right corner of the dark mass of cold metal. Like magic the door popped open with a click, revealing a long dark ramp that lead to what Todoroki hoped would finally be the League of Villains hideout. Todoroki lead the way into the dark pit as Bakugou warily followed him into the cellar. The further down the duo went the louder a dull murmuring grew into a clutter of muddled voices. Unease sloshed around Todoroki’s stomach as he grimly realised, ‘We’re here.’ There was no going back.
“So, you two did manage to pass. Your skills seemed a bit rusty, yet here you are. The Hearts of Fire are truly amazing.” Todoroki flinched at the shadowy figure hunched in the corner of the room. Peering back, it looked like Bakugou nearly had a heart attack, his crimson eyes blown wide as he visibly had jumped back. Dabi emerged into the low light creeping through the thin walls, a shit eating grin spread across his marred face. Silently the scarred figure gesture signalled with a last hand for them to follow him. The trio silently made their way through the labyrinth known as the League’s base. Todoroki was getting tired as he wanted to see with both eyes and scrub off the itchy concealer that caked his face. Suddenly their guide stopped, he turned and attacked Bakugou out off nowhere in the narrow hallway with no doors. In response Bakugou fired bullet like explosions form his white gloved hands. Both fire users dodged the other’s attack using this as his opportunity Todoroki attacked with just his fire. He felt off only using one of his two quirks, it made him feel weak, maybe even a bit disadvantaged. Dabi swerved to the side only to be hit in the chest and stomach by Bakugou’s bullets. “All right. Enough. Enough. You guys can calm down.” Dabi huffed as he ran his hand over the holes in his shirt. They did damage, but nothing lethal.
“What was that about you basterd!” Bakugou yelled at Dabi as he crossed his arms.
“I wanted to test you guys, but clearly that wasn’t a good idea since I liked this outfit.” Dabi huffed as he started walking as if there wasn’t a fight in the first place. After they rounded another a door less hallway the trio emerged into a large central space filled with people, food, drinks and threadbare furniture. “Now that I’ve shown you the emergency escape route I might as well show you everything else.” Dabi laughed to himself as if this was a joke. Bakugou seethed, blood lust flashed in his eyes as he stared at Dabi. Todoroki felt his eyes droop and his stomach growl. ‘There’s more?’ He thought tiredly. Dabi gestured to the lively room around them as he yelled over the mindless chatter. “This is the main hall, this is where the general villains spend their time if unless their either sleeping in the dorms or out doing stuff.” Dabi poorly explained. Todoroki honestly couldn’t care less, he just wanted to collapse into his bed and sleep through tomorrow. Bakugou scowled even more than his usual bitch face as he spoke up, “Where do we eat?” Dabi seemed to consider him for a moment noticing the dirt stained black suit, the rumpled red tie along with the sweat streaked blonde locks. Todoroki doubted he looked any better with his rumpled black hair and just as messy suit. Sleepily Todoroki watched the violent exchange of insults and bickering when they were on the move again. Dabi led them through the garage where they dropped off the bike, the kitchen where they could make food and eventually, he stopped outside a slightly larger room than the dorms they passed on the way here. The room only had a bed and a small bathroom branching off to the left. Wordlessly he headed for the bathroom to shed himself of the filth from their long day. He took a quick cold shower in hopes of waking up a little, but it didn’t work. Sleepily he wrestled his pyjamas on and nestled into the cosy double bed. Before his head hit the pillow, he was out, falling quickly into a dead sleep. Bakugou would deny it, but in the middle of the night he could have sworn he felt a warm body snuggle into his chest…

Chapter Text

Bakugou’s POV
Tired ruby eyes lazily scanned the small dark room. The room was modest with no windows a weak over head light and a small bathroom. Considering the size of the other dorms theirs was considered royalty. In the Bakugou found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He generally moved in his sleep (just ask Kirishima) but lately he didn’t want to admit this to anyone, especially not himself. The great Bakugou Katsuki may have been craving human contact. Not many would believe it, but the aggressive hero loved to be touched, and Kirishima loved to give Bakugou what he wanted. (That’s probably why their relationship became unhealthy…) But as Bakugou laid there in Todoroki’s arms, his ear pressed against his heart, Bakugou realised he didn’t like Todoroki because he reminded him of what he lost, but because the half n half bastard somehow wedged his way past his many walls.
Slowly, with that thought still fresh in his mind, Bakugou tried to detach himself from the surprisingly clingy Todoroki. Uncharacteristically, Bakugou tried to stay quiet as he shadowed the halls in the only workout clothes the large duffel bag provided. Head held high Bakugou explored the base for the gym to blow some steam as he confidently wore a black skin-tight low V-neck singlet with bright red booty shorts that hugged his ass in the best, but worse way. After nearly a half hour of what felt like wondering aimlessly around the maze known as his ‘prison’, he finally found the gym. It was pretty standard, treadmills, bikes, weight lifting, all the stuff. What caught Bakugou’s eye was the punching bags. There were four large ones, all hero grade one in the far-right corner of the gym just asking for a beating. With the usual shit eating grin in place he began to wail on the poor bag.
Still puzzled about what to do about the realisation he had this morning Bakugou turned it into a more understandable emotion, rage, to fuel his fists. Nearly a half an hour in he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, instinctively he turned to punch the intruder. Dabi easily caught his wrist as he fixed him with a cocky smile as he lit his hand fire, automatically Bakugou let go, dodging to the left. A small circle of curious onlookers formed as they stared in amazement, they watched the two pros duke it out. Bakugou felt disadvantaged. Due to the gloves his attacks were limited, more bullet like meaning he couldn’t fire off the large-scale explosions he’d usually do. Ultimately Dabi wore him down as he proceeded to pin him to the ground. Bakugou was having none of it so he desperately flipped their positions. He sat on Dabi’s chest, but before he could declare victory hot hands tightly gripped his waist as they proceeded to burn him. Memories flashed before he could stop them, unburdened from his normal defences.
A scalding hand gripped the base of his neck as he felt overwhelming dread sink into his stomach, Bakugou knew he fucked up.
Familiar burning hands traced the expanse of his body as he squirmed form the contact, guilty pleasure ripped at his gut. He knew this was wrong, but he couldn’t do anything, captivated by those cobalt blue eyes…
Bakugou’s head smashed against the ground, creating a large cracking noise as the force reverberated through his body. Stunned Bakugou laid there for a solid minute as Dabi basked in the praise. Strong arms gripped his slim waist as he was pulled upwards into a standing position. “All right sweet cheeks time to go.” Dabi snidely remarked as he pinched a one of his butt cheeks. Thoroughly pissed at losing, then being defiled he wordlessly fumed as Dabi led him up a nearly four stories worth of rickety stairs. Waiting for them at the top of the stairs was a bored looking Shigaraki and an excited looking Toga. Warily he entered the starch white door into a room that vaguely reminded him of a hospital. Instead of beds and sick patients the room was covered head to toe with vials of varying height containing various Fluro coloured chemicals. Bakugou’s head raced. ‘Is this their master plan?’ ‘Are they trying to bring back the Nomus?’ ‘Did he find me out?’
Bakugou’s unease must have shown on his face for Dabi let out a sigh and gestured widely around the room. “This is our plan. The reason we called you guys is because we heard that you and Yamada know A to Z about chemicals and shit. Since the all mighty hero Deku cruelly killed One for All we’ve been sitting here with a recipe to target heroes but no idea how to make it. There is always scientists that we could have ‘asked’ to make it, but we’d rather have someone we can trust do it.” As Dabi rambled some more random bullshit worry started to settle even further into the pit of Bakugou’s stomach. Dabi stopped talking head tilted to the side, clearly waiting for a response. Slowly Bakugou spread his lips into a feral smile, using his default cocky voice that he uses every day. “Alright. When do we begin?”
It’s been nearly a day since Bakugou had been given his assignment to create the League’s ‘super weapon’ that could target people with powerful quirks. Since the mountain they are currently holed up in is resistant to the chemical, the League decided to release it in bulk from the top of the huge rock, similar to the gas attacks used in World War One. Glumly Bakugou headed to the mess hall to get dinner and find Todoroki before he explodes. The half n half fucker had been avoiding him all day, he was constantly training with the lackies and a few of the higher ups, leaving Bakugou holed up in the chemical lab because Shigaraki wanted it done in a month. There was only one problem with his plan, Bakugou didn’t know the periodic table for shit. He remembers being taught it in middle school, but he only bothered to remember the knowledge related to his quirk.
Scanning the mess hall for the beautiful raven hair he was becoming ever attracted to, he found said man eating with a small group of extras. As calm as a cyclone Bakugou stomped over to the table and aggressively sat down next to Todoroki, giving the four extras the signature Bakugou glare. “Looks like we made him a little jealous.” A lady with white hair and elf like ears chuckled to the rest of the little group. Bakugou was about to contest when he felt a strong hand squeeze his thigh, the intimacy of the act wasn’t lost on him as he felt a shiver of pleasure creep up his spine. Bakugou wasn’t sure if he wanted more or less contact as he failed to distract himself from the unfairly attractive man on his right. Todoroki continued to waffle with the extras at the table as Bakugou became frustrated in more ways than one.
Eventually the two finished dinner and magically made it to their room with no incidents. As soon as the door was shut Bakugou slapped the crumpled pieces of paper with the formula on it in the bastard’s chest before yelling. “We are fucking screwed!”
“Ryo keep your voice down.” Todoroki whispered as he quickly slapped a hand over Bakugou’s slightly gaped mouth. Bakugou felt scandalised he had something he needed to say but thus fucker was stopping him. Bakugou was about to do it again when the hand was immediately replaced with a pair of warm soft pink lips. Surprise quickly killed the anger that rose from the pits of his stomach. Bakugou felt himself melt into the kiss as Todoroki confidently rested his hands on his cheeks to position his face for a better angle. A pleasured haze filled his mind as the soft lips that were passionately making out with him rushed to the bathroom. Seconds later the water turned on to signify the half n half fucker is taking a shower. Bakugou didn’t feel furious or even mad, he felt at a loss, like he had something, but he had no control over it. Bakugou felt a numbing cold sweep through his body as he realised. ‘Everyone that has ever loved me I have pushed away…’

'It would be nice if you called me once in a while Katsuki!' His mother voice rang sharp and clear.

'It’s been a few months, how are you doing firecracker?' His father’s voice smooth and comforting.

'Why do you keep everything to yourself? When something happens you always push me away leaving me when I needed you. But the second you need something from me you call me back? Make up your mind Bakugou!' Kirishima’s gravelly tone, full of remorse, passionate anger and a hint of regret.

'Kacchan why are you so mean?' And his childhood friend, full of confusion and sadness.

He pushed them all away, he loved them so much he feared of what opening to them might do, that he pushed them away and out of his life. Just like them, Todoroki is gone too, or maybe he was never there.

Todoroki’s POV
Cold water drowned Todoroki in sobriety. He fucked up, he didn’t even know if Bakugou liked him. Also, he cut him off, he might have had something important to say when he engulfed those plump, rose pink lips in that chaste kiss. ‘Dammit off topic!’ As Todoroki stepped out of the shower and was vigorously drying his long raven locks, he realised Bakugou had shoved a paper into his face before his incident. ‘That’s probably important.’ His inner voice blared as he pulled on his silk pyjama bottoms. Once finished he made his way quietly into the shared room, he noticed Bakugou sitting on the bed, his body slumped as his hands cradled his face. Todoroki slowly made his way over to try to talk to Bakugou about the document that he noticed laid crumpled and forgotten on the ground as the blonde jerked his head up to face his. For a split second he noticed glassy red eyes and tear streaks before Bakugou furiously made his way to the shower, slamming the door loudly as he went.
Todoroki unravelled the paper as he melted into the soft bed, his muscles were quite sore from training with the League to get an understanding of what their man power looked like. Mostly low powered flashy quirks, though there were a few he needed to keep an eye out for like the girl with the opposite power to Uraraka and a man with the ability to take a person’s quirk away for five minutes by touching them. Gazing at the paper Todoroki realised it was a double dissolution equation, but with four different reactions. He realised he only knew like two of the chemical’s names before his limited knowledge from middle school failed him. Todoroki wanted to wait for Bakugou, he really did, but the lull of the warm bed and soft sheets quickly pulled him into a dead sleep.
The next morning, he woke up he noticed Bakugou was long gone, for his side of the bed was cold and two he took the formula paper with him. Sleepily Todoroki went through his morning routine of putting on his heavy concealer, tying his hair into the sideways ponytail that obscures half his face, and putting on the ever-formal business clothes the hearts of fire were known for. At home Todoroki dressed formal, but it was a nice pair of jeans and a knit turtle neck sweater, not the full-on business wear, that was reserved for the high class parties he tried to avoid and media interviews. Lazily he made his way to the mess hall which he noticed was full too the brim. Clearly quarter to eight is the ideal time to get breakfast. Quickly doing a 360 he noticed the familiar shock of gelled blonde hair wasn’t here, but he did notice the smoky presence of Kurogiri leaving the dinning area. Calmly he strolled over to the purply figure fading from the mess hall. “Excuse me sir. Have you seen Ryo?” He blankly asked, easily keeping his poker face in check.
“Hmm, I believe he’s in lab 3 on the seventh floor.” The shadowy figure provided as he pointed to a white washed door. Todoroki blankly thanked the man then began his assent. The stairs were poorly taken care off with obvious cracks and dents in the worn concrete. Todoroki tried and failed to ignore it as he quickly made his way to the seventh floor. Once he opened another faded white door, he noticed a figure wearing a hazmat suit as he dumped a vial of bright orange fluid to a clear fluid, the result was nothing. Silently Todoroki grabbed a suit from a shelf near the door and put it on before Bakugou could send him out in a fit of rage and walked over to the fuming blonde. “What are you doing Ryo?” He asked calmly not wanting to startle him. Bakugou fixed him with a baleful glare, but the effect was ruined when he yawned. Todoroki noticed the huge eye bags that could rival Shinsou’s. ‘Bakugou must have barely slept… But why?’ He though to himself. Bakugou grunted before he answered him in an almost defeated voice.
“I’m trying to make this shit that’s on the paper, but it won’t fucking work, and even though I read one of those big ass books it’s still not reacting the way it needs too.” Bakugou whined.
“When do the League need this completed by?” Todoroki asked, trying to calm Bakugou down by convincing him they had time.
“In three weeks.” He responded dully.
“Do we need to test it?”
“Yes, in two weeks on a small-time hero they caught awhile back that was accused of tax evasion and being an asshole.”
“See we have time. Now let’s look at the paper and see what we can do.” Todoroki tried to remain calm. In any relationship he’s ever had he never needed to be the positive one, but he needed Bakugou in a good mood to use the most of his surprisingly good brain. As the two pored over the paper the more he realised how screwed they were. The league required four hundred litres of this magic quirk away potion and they had basically two weeks to do it. Helplessness pooled in Todoroki’s stomach. “Sora, stop thinking so loud I have a solution.” Bakugou paused until he had his attention. “How about we make enough to take the quirk of the test subject, we fill the others with a harmless solution that looks just like it.” Todoroki opened his mouth to argue when he realised that’s an amazing plan. If they only needed to make a litre or so then then they would dye something easier to make. Todoroki could have kissed him, but he didn’t, remembering how he got the silent treatment last time.
Reading through texts books and taking pain meds became their daily routine with taking an hour out to recharge with training. Surprisingly enough no one noticed the long hours they pulled or how the chemists hadn’t created a working formula yet. In a busy blur two weeks passed leaving the two heroes exhausted and no formula. One day while the two were working on what they hoped to be the winning formula since they had followed the directs to the decimal and now know all the names for all the elements they have used, Shigaraki walked in with the hero cuffed and gagged stumbling in after him. The fear of god in his wide purple eyes. “I’m ready to see your work in action Hearts of Fire, considering you’ve been in here for nearly two weeks.” Shigaraki pointedly pronounced. Todoroki schooled his expression as he turned to the blue haired man behind them. “If you give us another hour, you’ll have exactly what your looking for.” Bakugou answered smoothly before he added the final push. “We just finished it, but it’s a little volatile right after creation.” Shigaraki nodded before heading out, leaving the bedraggled hero behind.
Through the thick plastic of the hazmat suit Todoroki could make out the tense scrunch of Bakugou’s face. The two continued to monitor the formula hoping to get the reaction to make this batch work. After nearly half an hour of heating the mixture up at nearly 150 degrees Celsius the pair heaved the neon green goo into the freezer to condense. Todoroki felt elated for this is the first time they created the potion without it literally blowing up in their faces. Todoroki was about to say something to Bakugou when he remembered the other presence in the room. When Todoroki turned around and fixed the dirty hero with a glare the man visibly shrunk into the corner. Bakugou turned and fixed the man with a blank face, his features unreadable.
As time progressed Todoroki’s heart clenched in worry the mixture is meant to be done in five minutes, but here they are with a vomit green solution that still needs to condense by about another 15%. Calmly Bakugou went to the control panel for the freezer and turned it down to the lowest setting plunging the solution into worse than arctic conditions. Todoroki cringed, ‘There must have been a better way.’ He thought. Bakugou fixed him with a glare and mouthed ‘zip it’. Todoroki decided to devote the next ten minutes to something more productive than arguing, praying. Shigaraki arrived just as Bakugou pulled the gelatinous green goop from the freezer, it appeared to be the right colour and density. Bakugou rested the large beaker on one of the centre tables as Todoroki walked over to help Shigaraki put on his hazmat suit. Bakugou carefully spooned out a small portion of the emerald green goop and placed it in a small spray bottle, one a mother might fill with vinegar water. Holding the spray bottle over the open flame of the Bunsen burner Todoroki’s eyes widened in amazement as the dark green substance became a heavy green gas. Once all the goop became a gas Bakugou turned of the burner and walked purposely next to Shigaraki.
“What’s the hero’s quirk?” Bakugou blankly asked as he held out the bottle filled with the emerald green solution.
“Creating purple walls that only he could walk through.” Shigaraki answered as he took the bottle. “C’mon show them.” He gestured toward the sad man in the corner. The man was tall with greasy violet hair that messily framed his face. Todoroki couldn’t help noticing the dusting of small freckles on the man’s almost pretty face. Bakugou turned to face Shigaraki as he calmly suggested. “Let him go so we can see the full affect of the formula?” Shigaraki fixed the blonde with an unreadable look as he weighed up the consequences of the action. “Why not. It’s been awhile since I’ve practised against a hero.” Shigaraki mused as he handed a shiny black key to Bakugou’s outstretched hand. Bakugou calmly walked over to the quaking hero. He knelt next to the man as he leaned in to whisper something into the man’s ear. One minute he was unlocking the man’s cuffs, the next he was sent flying half way across the room as the man created a see-through purple barrier that blocked the hero off from the rest of the room. What sucked for him though is the door was on the same side as the ‘villains’.

Bakugou’s POV
‘Shit’ Bakugou though as he flew through the air, the force from the barrier temporarily winded him. He landed with a thud in the clinically white floor as he watched Todoroki and Shigaraki surge forward. He gave the man a warning before he freed him, but he clearly wasn’t that smart if he blocked himself from the door. Shigaraki rested his hand on the wall, flecks of the purple substance began crumble to the ground, but the process was slow. Todoroki attacked the wall in front of Bakugou with a barrage of fire, but there wasn’t even a dent. Bakugou felt appreciation well in his stomach for the purple haired man. He may have been a dick, but his quirk was pretty strong if it was able to resist attacks from both the number one villain and number four hero.
Despite the hero’s barrier still active, it started to splinter more as Shigaraki and Todoroki hacked away at. The man seemed to have a brain wave, just as the first purple wall splintered into a billion pieces he made a bar that sent the two villains flying. Not wanting to have his cover blown, Bakugou couldn’t let the hero escape. He kept trying to convince himself this man was a rat bag, but guilt still clutched to his stomach as his thoughts flittered to emerald eyes and a forest of green curls. He grabbed the potion from where Shigaraki dropped it as he rounded on the hero. The purple man had just made it to the door when Bakugou sprayed the man with the viscous gas. One second the man was fiddling with the door, the next he lay on the ground screaming. Bakugou pulled his best poker face as he mercilessly watched the man wiggle and writhe on the ground as he screamed for a person named ‘Erina’. After three minutes the man came to as he stared down the villains that cornered him against the door. On shaky legs he stood up and waved his hands. The man visibly crumbled when his quirk didn’t work, face falling, tears formed in his magenta irises, his knees gave out as shock took over. Bakugou knew what was in store for this man, guilt pooled in his gut as he could predict the man’s future if he ever made it out of here. He was brought out of his stupor when a hand rested on his shoulder. Two more villains appeared, both wearing hazmat suits as they took the hero away.
“In a weeks’ time the 400L you make with be dispersed around the province, wiping all the heroes of their quirks.” Shigaraki turned to them as he shed the thick yellow suit. “Also, I want you two to start right away if that’s all you have.” Sniped the blue haired villain as he left the room. Bakugou turned to a sombre looking Todoroki as he tiredly said. “I guess we have our work cut out for us…”
Guilt and worry plagued Bakugou through out the week. ‘What if they notice this isn’t the same toxin?’ ‘What if we get caught before we call back up?’ ‘How will we call back up?’ Bakugou’s mental spiral was driving him crazy because he couldn’t do anything about them. Except the last on and he hand an idea. The night before the attack he approached Todoroki as they settled down for bed. “Sora, we need to talk.”
“What is it Ryo?” Todoroki asked calmly. His hair was spilling along the pillow, his eyes were closed and his face looked almost at peace.
“We need to contact the heroes. I have a plan.” At his whispered words Todoroki’s eyes shot open as he was about to object.
“Shut the fuck up and hear me out.” Bakugou interrupted. The raven haired man had a dejected look on his face but he closed his mouth. “Todoroki, this is our chance to catch the League. After tomorrow they will find us out when their plan fails. It will be obvious it’s us. But you could escape tonight and call reinforcement using this.” Bakugou pulled a shiny black phone from behind his back from where he was hiding it. “Once you contact the heroes, you’ll send them here as they release the toxin because they will all be in one place. Voila no more League.” Todoroki opened his mouth as if he was going to complain. Thoughts flickered across his face, he closed his mouth as Bakugou’s planned started to make more sense. Slowly he met Bakugou’s sharp gaze. “Why are you staying here? It will be dangerous. Why don’t we both go.”
“We’ll need someone to cover the other’s ass when they show up missing the next morning, and I’m a better liar than you.” Bakugou immediately responded. Todoroki’s face fell for some reason, but it quickly filled with determination. “Okay” He replied. The two quickly started to pack away the small things Todoroki would need. A change of clothes, a hand full of protein bars, a portable charger and the phone were all the things Bakugou let him take. Everything else stayed to make sure the room looked like it still housed two people. “It’s night to this is the best time to sneak out. Call the heroes from the bottom of the hill, they’ll be able to trace your location, and will get here faster. Remember their going to release the gas at noon.” Todoroki nodded as the two began to sneak out. Both were wearing their pyjamas so if they got caught it would look more like some late night debauchery, than a break out. Bakugou left Todoroki in the room with the bike when a thought hit him. “They’ll know it’s missing and could get suspicious.” Todoroki turned to another bike in the back hidden behind a sheet. It was beat up with scratches marring the sides, the seat was thread bare, but the bike looked like it hadn’t been ridden in years.
As Todoroki secured his deflated duffel bag to the back of the bike, Bakugou gradually made his way to Todoroki. “Good luck dumbass.” Bakugou sneered as he sloppily pressed his lips to Todoroki’s. Hesitantly the raven-haired man kissed him back. The kiss was short, but Bakugou felt shivers run down his spine as excitement bubbled in his belly. ‘He kissed me back!’ Quickly, schooling his expression, he fixed Todoroki with a glare hoping in the hazy gloom he couldn’t see the blush that dusted his cheeks. “Later.” He mumbled as he turned away, power walking back to the way they came.
“I like you too Bakugou.” Todoroki smoothly responded as he fired up the wrecked motorcycle and sped out the opened garage door. Bakugou turned around to watch Todoroki speed into the night. ‘I hope that wasn’t to loud.’ Bakugou thought as nerves fluttered in his stomach. ‘I can’t mess this up. Everyone’s depending on me…’ ‘Todoroki’s depending on me.’ The mere though flooded his stomach with an overbearing feeling Bakugou couldn’t place. When Bakugou finally made it back to his room he was settled into a fitful sleep, constantly feeling like something was missing.
Bakugou was awakened to someone rudely knocking on his door. Groggily he opened the door to peer out at Dabi with a shit eating grin on his face. “Rough night?” He asked. Fear plummeted into his stomach at the thought, ‘Does he know?’
“Is Yamada still asleep?” The black-haired man asked as he peered around for Todoroki. Bakugou’s mind whirled, he needed to think of something, and fast. “He’s currently asleep. But he’ll be out later.” Bakugou responded smoothly, trying to play it off as casual. Dabi took a moment to digest this, then fixed Bakugou with a knowing smile. “Well if he’s unavailable I can take you to get breakfast and we can watch the count down together. There’s gunna be a big party in the mess hall.” Bakugou needed to blend in and Dabi just handed him the answer, hopefully he’ll keep him distracted and no one will realise Todoroki’s not here. “Yeah sure. Just wait here for a minute” Bakugou said as he slammed the door in Dabi’s smug face. In record time he put on the stupid out fit that made him look like a bar tender, he looped his tie and gelled his hair in record time. As he perched the blocky glasses on his nose, he saw the handle start to shake, meaning someone was trying to open the door. Quickly Bakugou grabbed it as he slipped out and closed it behind him. “Ready to go?” He asked tiredly as he peered into azure eyes. Wordlessly the pair walked to the mess hall. Bakugou felt his anxiety increase as he memories broke through the thick walls he built to try and forget them.

Strong hands ran through his blonde locks as the arsonist innocently petted him. Bakugou felt the bulge in the man’s pants as he quietly sat in the larger man’s lap. He knew what would happen if he struggles, his mind wandering to the still throbbing burns from the days prior.
Bakugou hated this.
He had no power.
He was hopeless and weak.
But the worst part was he loved it, and everyone knew…
“You all right man?” The all too familiar voice asked.
“Yeah fine. Just wondering what we’re going to do once this job’s finished.” Bakugou hoped it worked. He wanted to sound calm and thoughtful, but despite his acting he still sounded scared and a little desperate. Bakugou just wanted this to be over. His answer was met with a hesitant silence, until Dabi voiced his thoughts.
“You could always stick with the League. You could join me.” Bakugou felt hot air as it tickled the nape of his neck. ‘This can’t be happening.’ ‘Not again.’ Bakugou turned to face Dabi as he fixed him with a forced shit eating grin. “You wish.” The he stomped off to the mess hall, all this stress in the morning made him hungry.
The morning went off without a hitch. Since Todoroki didn’t pick a group to constantly ‘hang’ with no one seemed to question his whereabouts. Everything was fine until Shigaraki called for everyone’s attention as he gestured to a large screen above his head from the makeshift stage he was currently standing on. “Everyone the reign of superficial heroes is over! Now let us purify this world!” His manic voice boomed from the external speakers’ placed around the large room. Panic plunged in Bakugou’s gut as grainy images started to flood the screen. It was live images from government cameras around the state, one filming the mountain as the green gas was released, the image shifted as three different images swamped the screen of cities going through mindless mundane routines. He wanted to scream he wanted to shout. He started to subconsciously back away. Azure eyes burnt holes into his back, Bakugou didn’t have to turn around to know the owner of said eyes was looking right at him.
Three, two, one. Nothing happened no one fell to the ground, people were fleeing from the suspicious green fog, but none of them lost their quirks. Bakugou felt the burn of thousands of eyes as they turned to him. Before anyone could break the awkward silence, tremors started to shake the ground causing everyone to fall to the floor. Villains were falling in big heaps as tremors continued to course through the mountain, causing thing to fall and break, adding to the confusion. This was the perfect time to leave and meet up with what Bakugou hoped was the heroes. Bakugou pivoted on his heel as he stumbled to the nearest exit only to feel a burning hand grasp the base of his neck. ‘No, this isn’t happening.’
Burning hands,
Heat everywhere,
Pleasure mixed with fear,
Screams turned to moans,
He’s there, he’s here.
Bakugou Katsuki only feared one person and that person was here, in the flesh about to burn him to dust. This time Bakugou wouldn’t let fear rule him, he needed to face the asshats in his closet. “Dabi, we meet again.”
“Long time no see. Kitten.”

Todoroki’s POV
The ghost of Bakugou’s supple lips still lingered on his as he made his way down the mountain, leaving a trail of destruction as he went, in case he needed it later. Todoroki eventually made it to the main road at the bass of the mountain, his chest felt lighter than it had in weeks, he was finally freed from the League, soon they would be no more in a matter of hours. Hastily Todoroki pulled the phone out of his the duffel crudely strapped to the back. Checking the lock screen Todoroki saw the current time was 4:15. Hastily he called the only saved number in the phone, Bakugou’s hero agency. They picked up after the second dial. “Hello this is Hanna how may I help you?” Asked a tired voice, clearly the woman hasn’t had much sleep.
“Hello, Hanna this is Todoroki Shouto. We’ve tracked down the League of Villains and require back up.” He barely finished his sentence before he was patched through to someone else. He explained the situation to Mt Lady, Best Jeanist and Kamui Woods. All of them have coordinated a plan of attack that will become effective at noon. Todoroki was amazed at how fast the pros could get here. By 10:30 the pros had the mountain surrounded and under surveillance, and currently undergoing part two. Two groups were going to circle the mountain both groups had a person who could manipulate the earth and cause earthquakes, this would disrupt the League as Todoroki took a smaller, more elite group into the mountain to neutralise the League until a second group could come in with back up equipment. Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, Iida along with a few others were sent in to take down the League. It reminded him of UA when the same group of people went with him to rescue Bakugou from the League all those years ago. At eleven o’clock he led the small group of about fifteen people to the entrance he and Bakugou discovered weeks ago. They weren’t to enter until they got the signal in half an hour. The heroes began to mingle among themselves, but Todoroki’s thoughts strayed to one hero in particular with flaxen hair, pretty pink lips and killer crimson eyes. A sleek body that fit against his just right, thighs that would wrap around his waist as those pretty pink lips moaned his name.
“Todoroki.” A gravelly voice called out to him. “Yo. Man are you ok?” ‘Uh oh’ Kirishima, Bakugou’s ex of all people was the one to catch him in the middle of his lewd thoughts.
“What’s wrong Kirishima?” He desperately tried to force his voice to sound neutral as he willed the blush to evaporate from his cheeks.
“I was just wondering how you’ve been man?” Kirishima paused as he gestured lamely to the sleek metal door a few feet away from them on the ground. “I’ve been good Kirishima. It was hard to play the part of a villain, but I had Bakugou and his feral attitude saved us in more ways than one.” Kirishima hummed thoughtfully at his words. His vermillion eyes glanced up to meet his. A small frown pulled his lips into a pout. “How is Bakugou?”
“He’s good. He would make a very good actor.” Todoroki answered vaguely. He felt warmth pool in his stomach at the mention of the blonde’s name. He really needed to get a grip he was acting like a school boy with a crush! “No, I meant how is he emotionally. I was surprised when he transferred as far as Fukuoka when they told us. But now that I knew he went undercover he would have gotten a bit emotional, especially after the break up…” Kirishima puttered out lamely. Todoroki could understand if Kirishima was worried. They had been best friends since they were first years. But all the questions were putting him on edge, he seemed more concerned than just a friend. Todoroki’s mind wandered to all the times Bakugou snuggled up to him while they were sleeping, along with all the glances and the warm dance of his lips on his as they chastely kissed before he jetted off into the night. ‘Am I a rebound?’
Before he could spiral any further, he was dragged from his thoughts as the ground began to shake as tremors violently shook the ground beneath their feet. Todoroki quickly lead the way to the mess hall as the vibrations began to increase in intensity. The small group encountered a few villains on the way to the mess hall, but most were to shocked to put up much of a fight. Todoroki finally understood why it was called ‘mess hall’ as he peered around the room. Equipment of all kind littered the floor as boxes and plaster rained on the villains who screamed bloody murder. Amongst the crowd Todoroki peered around the pandemonium in search of the ever-familiar blonde locks. Boom! Crash! More plaster as cement rained from the hastily made bass and villains were crushed. The heroes quickly spanned out as they herded the villain to the only exit, the building already did their job. As the room became more deserted he searched for the explosive hero. Blue flames drew attention away from his search as he watched him brutally burn a man dressed as a bar tender. The man’s mouth was open as he screamed the sweet smell of burning flesh assaulted his nose as he stared at the blonde. Todoroki’s body moved before he had the chance to speak. He rushed the man, freezing him in place as he grabbed Bakugou from the vice grip the man had on his upper right arm and shoulder. Bakugou was breathing hard as he clutched to Todoroki with his uninjured hand. “Todoroki you came back.”
“Yeah.” He responded stupidly. Too worried about Bakugou’s burns to focus on much else. Todoroki Carried the barely conscious blonde to a deserted corner of the room, hoping no one would touch him as he turned back to Dabi. As he left Bakugou to rest he heard a quiet mumble uttered from Bakugou’s beautiful mouth. “Todoroki. I love you.” Spurned by the hatred that boiled in his gut, he turned toward the remaining League members. Creaty had Kurogiri pinned, Iida was distracting Toga and Midoriya smashed Shigaraki after smashing his last remaining Nomu. Todoroki’s focus zoomed onto his older brother, hate and loss flared in his heart. He wanted to love Touya, but he couldn’t not after all the things he’d done, not after everything he’d done to Bakugou. “So little Shouto, history repeats itself. Kitten gets kidnapped, you save him and the meat head gets the glory?” Dabi gloated as he points to Kirishima. “Well, either way you don’t get him.” Todoroki gloated back. Dabi muffled a yell as he ran at him full speed, blue flames danced around him in the flickering light. Todoroki took him head on as he hurled hunk of ice at the arsonist. The fight was a desperate competition between the Todoroki brothers. Todoroki didn’t notice as other heroes flooded the scene, cuffing heroes and setting up supports so the mountain didn’t cave in, he didn’t even notice when a medic grabbed Bakugou and fled. It was literally just him and Dabi. Both of them on losing sides.
“Why little brother did you pick his side!”
“Why didn’t you stay?”
“I offered for you too come with me! I said you could start over!”
“Why couldn’t you protect me?”
Both brothers reduced to tears as their hearts longed for a time when thing were simple, and there was no quirks, good, or bad. No scars from burns, no over bearing expectations. Only family. A family where they were loved. The screaming match ended as both men fell to their knees, salty tears flowed freely down their faces as they stared at one another. One-second Touya is there, the next the ceiling collapsed and buried him. “No!” he screeched as he felt strong hands wrap around his waist as green is the last thing he sees as he gives way to darkness.

Chapter Text

Todoroki’s POV
It’s been nearly two weeks since the ‘gas attack’ and Todoroki felt numb. He thought he would just resume his plain old life after they took down the League. But every time he lets himself relax his thoughts stray to Touya, and the harsh childhood they shared. Guilt clouded his consciousness as he realised, he could have saved his older brother. Despite the fact his brother was a villain he still loved him, he still missed him. There was a funeral held in his honour. His mother and father were there, as were his siblings. He remembered the way their faces were streaked with tears as they clutched him. Fuyumi was the oldest, she took all the blame, constantly blaming herself as she clutched to him. Natsuo was for once quiet. Todoroki could barely hear his quiet sobs over Fuyumi’s and admittedly his own. Unlike his sibling’s pro hero Endeavour wore a face of stone while his mother stared at the grave, a look of nostalgia plastered to her face.
Whenever Touya wasn’t occupying his thoughts his mind drifted to fluffy blonde locks and soft porcelain skin. “Todoroki. I love you.” Plump pink lips whispered as vermilion eyes clouded over with pain.

Bakugou’s POV
The cold, early autumn breeze buffed his back as he walked solemnly into the little cluster of apartments. Tiredly he climbed the stairs. His burned arm was starting to bother him as he jostled it in time with his shaky steps up the cement stairs. It might have been two weeks, but he wasn’t released from the hospital until yesterday when the burns on his arm were no longer grievous and most of the cuts and scrapes had scabbed over. Bakugou would be lying if he said he wasn’t still sore, but he needed to do this. He needed to move on. The angry blonde cursed the man he came to see as he supported his weight on the railing and tightened his hold on the faded crimson hoodie he had stuffed under his arm. Releasing a pent-up sigh, he tiredly knocked on the faded red door. ‘Why does everything this man own red?’ He thought idly. A few thumps could be heard through the door as the occupant stumbled around. ‘Probably looking for a shirt.’ The door was swung open as a dishevelled Kirishima appeared. Before the larger man could get a word out Bakugou spoke in a wry voice, “Rough night?” Kirishima’s cheeks redden as he caught the implications of those words.
“Uh maybe?”
“Kiri keep it down. You know I’m nursing a killer hangover.” Kaminari’s voice carried from what Bakugou knew was Kirishima's bedroom. The red on his ex’s face turned a deep scarlet.
“Glad you finally got laid. Anyways that isn’t why I’m here.” Bakugou sighed through his nose, as he subconsciously shifted his weight. He held out the rumpled hoodie to Kirishima whose hungover face morphed into a smile brighter than the sun. “Dude! You found it!”
“It was never lost.” Kirishima’s face fell at his words.
“What do you mean?”
Bakugou sighed at his words. “I kept it.”
“Well yeah. But why?”
“I didn’t want to let you go. But now I know I need to.” Kirishima’s eyes filled with pride.
“Come here.” Kirishima opened his arms. Bakugou felt no pain as he hugged him for what was probably the last intimate time. Kirishima moved closer so his hot breath tickled his ear. “Bye Bakugou. It was fun, but now you need to go get your man.” He whispered as he stepped away. Bakugou stared at him for a solid second as he struggled to keep his face blank. “And you need to brush your fucking teeth. Your breath is shittier than your hair.”
“Heh. It’s been awhile since I heard that.”
“See ya shitty hair.” Bakugou smiled as he walked away. His chest felt lighter than air, his heart finally unburdened. For the first time since the broke up, he felt ok. As he carefully walked down the stairs he realised, ‘Damn, Kirishima was right!’ Instead of going home like he planned he headed in the opposite direction toward the busy bus station. After nearly half an hour of being gawked at by stupid extras while enduring the dull throb in his arm he finally shuffled off the train and wandered through the luxurious neighbourhood of the rich. The cold air caused a shiver to run down his spine as he steeled himself for what’s to come. He swiftly made his way through the neatly kept street, he usually would admire the finely cut hedges and exotic flowers, but today he had a mission. ‘I’m going to make Todoroki Shouto love me.’ The thought fuelled him on as he wondered down the never-ending street. ‘Wait. Where does he live again?’ Bakugou was never very good with directions, especially when he’s only ever been there once. (Midoriya suggested a party to celebrate some stupid Class 1A anniversary, and Todoroki was the only one not living in some shitty apartment.) He was about to pull his phone out of his All Might themed hoodie when he felt something brush against his lower leg. Glancing down his vermilion eyes locked onto a fluffy white cat that was rubbing up against his leg. Bakugou secretly loved cats and always stopped to pet them when he had time. Ignoring his previous train of thought, he crouched down to card his lightly bandaged fingers through the fluffy snow like fur.
“Meow?” Bakugou looked up in time to lock eyes with the person he was just looking for. “Bakugou?” Todoroki asked quietly. Bakugou couldn’t help but stare in awe. ‘Todoroki is gorgeous…’ Said man was wearing a white turtle neck that contrasted perfectly with his hair and matching black jeans. His dark hair was still long, but red and white roots were starting to show. His pale cheeks were slightly blotched due to the cold, his pretty pink lips were slightly parted, just begging for Bakugou to kiss them. Subconsciously he licked his lips as he stood up. “Todoroki I…”

Todoroki’s POV
Todoroki couldn’t believe it, he was here. Bakugou in his trashed All Might hoodie, ruffled blonde spikes, beautiful ruby orbs and ratty joggers. Bakugou was here in his neighbourhood. Love bloomed in his chest to see him outside his house, petting his cat. It felt so domestic, so right. He wished he could see it more often. “Todoroki I…” Todoroki surged forward as he passionately cut Bakugou off as he pressed his lips to Bakugou’s plump, but slightly chapped ones. Immediately both men fell into their familiar rhythm as Bakugou’s hand began to card through Todoroki's long locks. Todoroki desperately squeezed Bakugou’s petite waist. He didn’t want to lose him again. Bakugou ended the perfect moment as he pulled Todoroki’s messed up ponytail, to gulp in much needed air. Vermillion eyes met heterochromatic azure/ hazel in a fervent gaze. All the words that needed to be said stood between them. “Bakugou I love you too.” Todoroki mumbled softly, not once did he break eye contact with the explosive blonde. A soft smile graced Bakugou’s lips as a small chuckle escaped his mouth. “You, dumbass. It’s rude to interrupt someone.” Bakugou said bemusedly. Todoroki weighed up the words in his mind before he felt a smirk pull at his lips. “You would know all about that, wouldn’t you Kitty Cat.”