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Kitty Playdate

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Oh my god. Izuku, what happened?” Melissa looked over her boyfriend who is littered with scratch marks all over his arms and face.

Izuku gave her a weak grin and scratched the back of his head, “Well…Katsuki still hasn’t gotten used to me yet.”

Katsuki is a fierce looking cat that Izuku adopted from the animal shelter that he volunteers at. Apparently he was too aggressive for anyone to want to adopt him and was always isolated from the other cats. Izuku would always see Katsuki by himself and he felt sympathy for the aggressive cat. He just needs a friend and someone to trust, so Izuku took it upon himself to adopt Katsuki.

That happened two months ago. And it seems that Katsuki has made it known that he doesn’t plan on befriending Izuku any time soon.

Melissa frowned, “Are you sure about keeping him?”

Izuku smiled, “Yeah, he just needs time. I’m sure he’ll come around.”

She should’ve known that would have been his answer. She grasped onto Izuku’s and looked into his eyes with determination, “If that’s how you feel then I’ll help you out. I heard that cats who aren’t well socialized can turn out be aggressive. So…how about bringing Katsuki over to my place? Ochako is the sweetest cat ever and I’m sure she might be able to help with Katsuki’s aggression.”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want your cat to get hurt, Melissa. I know how much you love her.” Izuku met Melissa’s cat, Ochako, and she’s right, she was the sweetest cat he has ever met. And very adorable too, especially when she looks up at you with her big brown eyes. He would hate to see the cute little feline hurt.

“Mmhmm.” Melissa smiled and peck Izuku on the lips.




Hisssssss. Back the fuck off human! Katsuki arched his back with his fur standing on end. He watched closely as his human inched closer to him with a carrier in hand. Last time this damn human placed him in that awful carrier, he was taken to the vet. He HATES the vet.

“Come on, Katsuki. Be a good kitty and get in the carrier. We’re gonna be late for your little kitty playdate with Ochako.” Izuku attempts to reach out to Katsuki but results in getting scratched at yet again.

“Okay, you asked for it.”



Ow! Haha. I got you.”

You shitty human! Let me out of here! Meeeeorrrrr! Katsuki glared hard at Izuku through the metal bars of his carrier. Oh when he gets out, his human is totally gonna get it.




Katsuki was not happy. His tail swishes side to side as his mood worsens. He has been stuck in his carrier for what seemed like forever. On the bright side, it seems that his human isn’t taking to him to the vet.

Izuku glanced down at the black carrier. Katsuki was unusually quiet, maybe it was a sign that his behavior is getting better. Normally he would be thrashing in his carrier. Maybe the cat date will be turn out well.

Izuku climbs the steps leading to Melissa’s apartment. Once he reached the front door, he rang the doorbell and waited.

The door opened and revealed Melissa, “Izuku, you’re finally here.” She kneeled down and peeked into the carrier, “Hi Katsuki, you ready to meet my sweet Ochako?”

Katsuki doesn’t understand what was going on. All he knows though was that his shitty human has taken him to another shitty human’s home. For what? He doesn’t know. When the female human greeted him, he turned his head snubbing her.

Melissa giggled, “I see he’s still a charmer.” She stood up and welcomed Izuku into her home. “You came just in time. Ochako just woke up from her catnap.”

“Well that’s good.” Izuku followed behind Melissa into her living room, “So how are going to do this? Katsuki tends to stay put when he is in an unfamiliar environment despite hating being in his carrier.”

Melissa pondered on what to do, “How about you set his carrier down near Ochako’s bed and leave the door open? Knowing Ochako, she’ll probably make the first move. We can watch them from the dinning table in case anything happens.”

“Alright, let’s do that.” Izuku slowly placed the carrier down near the plush cat bed that’s settled in the corner of the living room and opened the carrier door. He was right, Katsuki made no attempt to leaving the carrier. He backed away and joined his girlfriend while keeping a watchful eye on his cat.




Stupid human. I ain’t moving. Katsuki watched as his human slowly back away from his view.

Out of no where, he heard a soft thud from above his carrier. His body tenses, anticipating for whatever intruder that may appear before him. Suddenly, a feline’s head popped out from the upper edges of the carrier’s threshold.

Hi! The unknown feline meowed.

Who the fuck are you? Katsuki hissed.

My name is Ochako. Ochako hopped off the carrier and faced Katsuki. She was hardly fazed by he’s aggressiveness. You are quite an angry kitty cat, aren’t ya?

When Ochako hopped down, it gave Katsuki the opportunity to look her over. She was rather small in size compared to himself. And quite attractive with how soft and tamed her brown fur was. A pink collar was adorned around her neck with a gold bell. But none of that really matters right now.

What you called me? Katsuki bared his fangs.

Unafraid, Ochako slowly entered the carrier. Noticing that she is slowly invading into his personal space, Katsuki backed up against the end of his carrier. Never in his life he has ever encountered another animal, much less another cat that wasn’t intimated by him.

Back off Cheeks. I’m warning you. Katsuki let out a low growl as a warning and glared down at Ochako who is practically face-to-face with him. She paused for bit, contemplating if she should take heed of his warning but decided against it. She inched closer and rubbed her nose against his, purring. Katsuki stiffened.

Hehe I was right. You’re all talk. Ochako pulled back but not before giving a light lick to his nose. Come on now. You should come out. This is my home.

Ochako backed out of the carrier and waited patiently for Katsuki to come out. He remained where he stood. She meowed as encouragement. Katsuki cautiously exited his carrier. His eyes darting around his surroundings, taking in everything he sees before focusing on Ochako.

Katsuki is completely out of his carrier but he made no move to explore the room. He simply planted himself in front of Ochako. Well? What now?

We…PLAY! Ochako pounced on Katsuki, surprising him.



The two cats tumbled around the floor for a bit. Katsuki managed to put some distance between the themselves. Ochako was rather happy with her new playmate despite his obvious displeasure with her continuous attempt to paw at him. He tried swatting her away but that didn’t dissuade her. It just made her want to get closer to him. She took action and curled her body against his larger form. She started to purr as she rubbed herself against him.

Confused, Katsuki remained still. What was he supposed to do? His mind was going down a spiral. And before he knows it, Ochako is face-to-face with him yet again. He stared down into her big brown eyes. She was waiting. Waiting for him to make a move. It was his turn.

Hesitant, he lowered his head and rubbed his cheek against hers. A deep purring sound could be heard coming from Katsuki. He became quite pleased to feel Ochako returning the gesture.




Izuku’s mouth was ajar. Katsuki was purring. He never purrs. And he seemed to be getting along with Ochako. Sure he was a bit rigid at first, but he definitely warmed to her a lot quicker than he expected.

“Melissa…he’s-“ Izuku whispered.

“I know. No one can escape Ochako’s charm.” Melissa beamed. 




Seeing that the playdates were working, Izuku and Melissa made it a point to have their cats get together at least twice a week. Katsuki still scratches at Izuku but not as much as he used to so it was quite an improvement to say the least. However, Izuku didn’t expect Katsuki to be attached to Ochako.

Katsuki~ Ochako purred, enjoying the affectionate licks Katsuki is gracing her forehead. She flipped herself and playfully pawed at his face, let’s play.

Later. Katsuki wasn’t quite done showering his lady with affection. That’s right, his. He had claimed her as his own last week. He curled his body around her smaller form and resume showing her with his affection.

Untruthful to his word, the two cats remained on Ochako’s cat bed for the whole duration of their playdate. It was quite a precious sight to see. Little did their owners know, that they will be bless with a litter of kittens in two months time.