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Laius lay in bed trying to will himself to go to sleep, image of the tentaclus writhing against the wall dancing behind his eyelids.


Earlier that morning, his party was able to avoid an entire stairwell of the beasts, and ever since then, he couldn’t help but wonder how it must feel to be wrapped by those appendages.


Though the party cooked tentaclus as a meal, Laius wanted to know what a live tentaclus’ touch felt like.


Feeling himself getting hot, Laius crawled out of his sleeping bag and marched towards the stairwell. The monsters didn’t make any sound, however, their movement could be heard echoing through out the stone hall. From afar, they looked like vines, but some slithered in anticipation, waiting for their next prey to come towards them. These moving tentacles cut through the silence.


Laius inched closer, staring deeply at the colors these creatures were capable of, some green, others grey so rich it looked blue. Lost in the impressive gradient of the tentaclus, he failed to notice one slowly sliding towards him.


The tentaclus curled around his ankle and now that it snuck up on its prey, it rapidly moved up his calf. it continued to curl around his leg, slipping into his sleeping shorts.


Laius became painfully aware of the of the tentaclus once he felt an odd sensation. The tentaclus was firm, with a slight slime, making it the perfect vine to slither and make a home wherever it needed to reach, no matter how high the free real estate was.


The tentaclus continued to explore Laius’ body, and quickly found its way to his dick. The beast curiously wrapped around Laius, and the adventurer let out a gasp. His interest was rooted originally in curiosity, but now, Laius’ thoughts have taken a different tone.


Laius walked closer to the tentaclus on the wall, hoping that it would attract more of the monsters. Soon, more kept coming towards him and they quickly lifted him off the ground.


The sensation was fantastic. Laius felt like a live wire, every inch of him was being touched, and his dick was started to grow as excited as he was. He started to move about, testing the restraint of the beings. Not liking the movement, the original tentaclus tightened around Laius’ penis, ripping a groan from Laius’ throat.


F-fuck, I wasn’t expecting to get this involved, he thought to himself, pleasure clouding his thoughts.


Finally submitting to his fate, Laius let the tentaclus take control, a thick appendage moved slowly over his body, slimy, leaving a trail on his bedclothes. The tentaclus creeped up his chest and over one of his nipples. The touch was mind blowing. Slow and teasing, the tentaclus continued to move. The cold air mixed with the slime and made his nipples harden, making Laius have a full body shiver. The tentaclus tightened their grip, and Laius couldn’t help but let out a pant. As the pant escaped his lips, the large tentaclus found itself in Laius’ mouth.


Quickly, the pant turned into a last ditch effort intake of breath. As the tentaclus invaded Laius’ mouth, it occurred to him what the beast wanted. Laius began to suck on the monster in his mouth. Slime mixing with spit, Laius grew to enjoy the activity more and more with each hollowing of his cheeks.


The tentaclus filled his mouth wherever it could. He could feel the small suckers and cilia on the vine. He had to remind himself that this detail should be added to his monster notes for future reference, but for now, he was trying to focus on the present. The monster wriggled in Laius’ mouth, swiping along his lips, teeth, and tongue. Laius attempted to open his mouth more to let more of the tentaclus in.


The other tentaclus began to stir once Laius got in on the action. Small tentaclus moved to his chest and their tips played with his chest. The vine around his dick began to slowly slide up and down the shaft, exploring. Trying to gain more friction, Laius bucked into the touch. Building a rhythm, Laius began to feel a pressure steadily growing in his groin. Between the sensation on his dick, the few on his chest, and the large tentaclus in his mouth, he started to become overwhelmed. If this kept up, he was going to come soon.


The tentaclus must have felt the atmosphere become heavier, for they began to work overtime on Laius. Lightly dancing over Laius’ sensetive skin, Laius began to feel overstimulated. Some of the appendages caressed his body while others continued to constrict him, holding him in place while he attempted to gain more friction. He could feel himself getting closer, beads of precome beginning to drip onto the tentaclus below his vision.


The tentaclus continued to move, with speed increasing. Just as Laius couldn’t take it anymore, the tentaclus slightly softened its grip on Laius’ cock. As soon as the tentaclus gave Laius space, he instantly felt relief. Laius’ body seized and went rigid. A long moan escaped his throat that was muffled by the large tentaclus while come came splattering all over the tentaclus by his groin and over his bedclothes that were still intact.


Laius felt his body begin to relax, need for sleep finally catching up on him. The tentaclus in his mouth finally retracted, and with a sigh, Laius stretched his jaw. Also recognizing that Laius was no longer ready for excitement, the monsters let Laius down slowly on the ground.


As his feet touched down on the stone floor, Laius felt even more tired than before. He began to move back to camp, silently praying that the cleaners would get rid of all traces of tonight’s late night exploration.