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Speak Up! I Can't Fucking Hear You!

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“KATSUKI!! TURN DOWN THE FUCKING TV!! ITS TOO LOUD!!” Mitsuki screeched from the kitchen.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??” Katsuki shrieked back, lowering the volume “I CAN BARELY HEAR IT!!” Mitsuki marched into the living room

“It’s loud enough that the neighbors can hear it!” she snapped “turn down the volume!!”

“Fine!” he huffed and lowered the volume some more until he could barely hear it “Better??”

“That’s still pretty loud but fine” she muttered and went back into the kitchen. What do you mean it’s too loud?? I can’t even hear it!!! There was quiet in the house for a few moments. It’s way too quiet. I can’t hear. He raised the volume. Just a little more should be fine. The volume went up some more. Ugh. I still can’t fucking hear.



“-chan… KACCHAN!!” Midoriya shrieked right next to him.

 “What??!” he yelled back right before Izuku grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back and out of the way of an incoming car. He heard it faintly honk before racing by. How did I not hear that??

“Are you okay?” his friend asked worriedly, looking him over. The voice sounded muffled and garbled, as if underwater

“Huh? Speak up Deku. I can barely make out what you’re fucking saying” he snapped and dusted himself off. Midoriya blinked in surprise. “What??”

“I’ve been yelling at you to watch out for the car. Did you not hear me?”

“I guess not” he shrugged before looking both ways this time and crossing. “Come on.” There was something said faraway and he turned around “Did you say something shitty ner-“ he crashed into a pole. Izuku loomed over the dazed boy, holding back a laugh

“I said to watch out for the lamp post” he made out. At least I think that’s what he said.

 “Turn on the subtitles” Bakugo whined as Izuku put in the disk into the DVD player. There was a loud buzzing in his head, drowning almost everything out.

“What? Why?”

“You never put on the movie loud enough for me to hear clearly” he complained, stuffing some popcorn into his mouth. Midoriya scrunched up his little 8-year-old face in confusion.

“It’s always loud. Usually it’s too loud for me.” He spoke clearly and facing Katsuki. “Are you sure you don’t need your hearing checked?”

“Shut up!” his palms sparked up with a loud boom “I’m fine! Just turn on the fucking movie!”

“I’m just saying” Midoriya mumbled as he flinched at the loudness of the explosion. Katsuki didn’t hear him.

 “Raise your band on the side where you hear the bleep“ the doctor said. At least that’s what Bakugo thought she said. He couldn’t really see if her mouth had lined up with those words, but he got the gist of it. He sat there for several moments, straining to hear anything in the headphones. Has she even started yet?? He finally heard a small, very faint beep on his right side and raised his right hand. Another beep on his left and that hand went up. This went on a few more times before the nurse took off the headphones and checked inside his ears with that thingy with a light (it’s called an otoscope)

“Swell?” His mother asked worriedly. Or did she? God, maybe Deku was right. Maybe I have I lost my hearing. Fuck. If he is right, I’ll never live it down.

“It’s as we thot.” The doctor sighed. What?? He focused on her mouth to help him better understand “The hair cells in his ears, those help transport the sounds we hear to our brains, well, they’re pretty damaged.”

“What does that mean?” Mitsuki questioned. Yeah. What does that mean?

“It means that he has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss” they stated “It was most likely caused from his quirk. Constant loud explosions? Not good for younger children’s ears, especially since their senses are more sensitive than adult’s”

“Can you fix it?” Katsuki asked, finally blurting in. The doctor seemed surprised that he’d been listening.

“You can hear us?”

“Not really. You sound super muffled. But I can guess what you’re saying” he explained, gesturing to his mouth. Its easier to guess what you’re saying rather than actually trying to listen.

“Well aren’t you smart?” She grinned before it faded into a small frown “And sadly, no. NIHL is irreversible. Once those hair cells are damaged, they’re gone for good I’m afraid”

“Am I gonna be deaf then?” he asked. Can I even be a hero without being able to hear?

Well… not exactly.” She hummed “Now that we know that he has NIHL, we can prevent it from getting worse. However he will need hearing aids in order to properly hear”

“I see” his mother said thoughtfully. The doctor began scribbling down on her clipboard

“I’ll set you up an appointment with an audiologist in order to get him a pair, okay?”

 “Hearing aids?” Izuku gaped, swaying lightly on his swing. “Really??” Katsuki nodded, slightly ashamed

“Yeah. Apparently my own explosions damaged my hearing. Which explains why everything’s been more muffled lately” he gave a small wince of annoyance “And why this stupid buzzing and ringing won’t go away”

“So you’ll be part robot?” Midoriya asked, genuinely thrilled. Never thought of that. Bakugo cheered up immediately

“Yeah. I guess I will be!” he grinned “I could probably get super hearing!”

“Awesome!” Izuku giggled “Wait, if you can’t hear, how have you been talking back to us?”

“I read their mouths?” he answered as if it was the simplest thing in the world. I have been for the past year or so. Didn’t you notice??

“That’s amazing Kacchan! You’re awesome!!”

 “Of course I am!” he crowed smugly “I mean once you get the hang of it you can tell what anyone is saying” he frowned a bit “unless they turn away and they’re not loud enough. Then I have no idea what the fuck is going on”

“Hmm…” Midoriya hummed thoughtfully “What if you learned sign language?!” he suggested

“That’s a thing??” Katsuki sputtered. Izuku laughed.

“Yeah! Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of hero’s use it to talk to each other when they have to be quiet”

“So It’ll be like hero training!?” he asked excitedly “Nice!”

“I’m sure there’ll be some books on it at the library” he hopped off his swing “It’ll be like having own secret language Kacchan!”

“Sounds dope ass Deku!” Bakugo grinned and hopped off next to him “To the fucking Library!”

 “Well, to start him off I’d recommend either an ITE or BTE. Possibly a hybrid of the two since he’s just starting out.” The audiologist explained, showing a diagram of the different types of hearing aids. “those are simpler and easier to handle. Once he’s older he can get an open fit aid.”

“Okay. Is he gonna get them today or…” Mitsuki started

“No no. Today we’re gonna be running a couple tests to see his sensitivity, which hearing aid would be a best fit, get his measurements and send in the paperwork. His aids will come in in a couple weeks. Now if young Bakugo here could follow me to the box?”

“The what??” he asked bewilderly

 “’I'm hungry”’

“What the fuck are you even saying??” Bakugo groaned and slammed his head on the table while Midoriya gave a disappointed sigh and looked up from the JSL book “Why is this so hard??”

“Well you are learning another language” He consoled “It’s only natural” Bakugo groaned louder

“I hate this” he muttered “This is stupid. Why did I think this was a good idea?”

“Because it is” Izuku huffed “’try again”’ he signed

“’Go fuck yourself”’ he signed back with a grin. Izuku buried his face in his hands with a small whine

“Of course you know how to cuss someone out but not a basic sentence.”

 “Alrighty then buddy! Let me show you how to put these on” The audiologist chirped and handed a pair of white and silver hearing aids to the small 10-year-old. They looked almost like a skinnier, Bluetooth headset phone and Katsuki pointed this out with a huff. “Now that you mention it, they kinda do. And you put them in sort of the same way too” The man laughed and took a fake pair out of his coat to demonstrate ”Watch. First you put in the speaker in your ear, hook it around the top part, then twist it back to lock it in place” he showed Katsuki and tapped the replica, snugly wrapped around his ear and looking, sure enough, like a thin, backwards headset phone.  “Your turn”

“Fine.” He muttered and after a few tries and slips he managed to hook them on “There. Now what?” he snapped angrily

“Behave you brat!” Mitsuki barked and swatted the back of her son’s head with the magazine she’d been reading. Katsuki stuck his tongue out at her and dodged the next swipe as the audiologist chuckled.

“Shake your head to make sure they’re not on too loose” he said and shook his head back and forth. Katsuki followed suit and mimicked him, feeling incredibly stupid.

“Are we done?” he growled, pushing his bangs back in place and glaring at his giggling mother.

“Are they uncomfortable anywhere? Too tight?”

“No. Can I go?”

“Sure” Katsuki started to get up “if you want to figure out how they turn on by yourself” the doctor grinned. The boy froze, reading what he’d said and sat back down in annoyance. “Smart boy. Okay first things first, there’s a small dial on the top” he motioned to the replica both in his hand and on his ear, moving the little ridge on the side back and forth. Katsuki felt around on his own pair and located it near the front of the edge ”Good. Turn it forward to make it quieter and backwards to make it louder. Now behind that dial is a small button” The young boy moved his finger back and found it “Click it. Both sides” He did as he was told and immediately his head was filled with white noise. The doctor, grinning, gestured for him to turn the dial up.

“What does that button do?” Mitsuki asked and her son nearly lept a foot in his chair. “The hell is wrong with you?” she asked bewilderly at her son. Katsuki just stared at her, looked at the audiologist holding back his laughter, then back at his mother.

“I can hear you.” He whispered in awe. She had sounded so clear and near, no longer buried under the water and ringing in his head. Mitsuki blinked in surprise

“What?!” she cried happily. He flinched and lowered the volume a bit

“Loud” He mumbled before his eyes widened again. His head whipped around to the window. “There were birds outside?!?” he muttered to himself in shock before turning back around to face the other wall and squinting “Are we next to a freeway?” He asked

“As a matter of fact, we are” the man confirmed with a small smile “How’d you know?”

“I can hear the cars going by outside” he grinned, bouncing up and down in his seat with excitement “I can hear everything now!”

“Good!” the doctor cheered “On the bottom are other, smaller buttons and dial. The smaller dial is for background noise. Turn it forward.” Katsuki eagerly did as he was told before frowning.

“Hey! I can’t hear the cars anymore!” he whined

“Environmental sound control” he explained, still loud and clear to Katsuki “Helps block out anything in the background or farther off you don’t want to focus on.” The boy quickly turned that dial back up.

“Okay then.” He felt around on the device some “What does this button do?” he tapped one of the small buttons on the bottom, behind the second dial.

“Ah! That, my little friend is the syncing button. Press and hold it until you hear a beep on both sides.”

“Done” Katsuki announced

“Alright. Now turn up the volume on one side.” He instructed “Now that the both of them are connected, what you do to one side will be done to the other side too so you can turn them on or off, lower or raise the volume and control the background settings to the both of them at the same time”

“And this one?” the smaller blonde asked, pointing at the smallest button.

“Bluetooth. That way you can listen to things without using earbuds or headphones”

“Fuckin sweet” he grinned


 “Whoaaa!! They look so cool Kacchan!!” Izuku praised. Katsuki flinched and lowered the volume.

“Not so loud you stupid nerd!” he snapped, although secretly happy at the praise. “I can actually hear you now”

“Sorry. I’ve gotten used to talking louder around you” he apologized sheepishly. Bakugo tackled him, both falling off the street bench they were on and to the ground

“The hell is that supposed to mean?!?” he snarled as he playfully wrestled him down

“Ahh!! I’m sorry!!” Midoriya whined and struggled under him.

“Not until you tell me exactly what the fuck you meant shitty Deku-“

“The hell??” an unfamiliar voice interrupted “Move it you little squirts” both Katsuki and Izuku looked up, Midoriya had to crane his head up a bit awkwardly as his face was still pressed to the ground. The small blonde sat down a top the greenette’s back and smirked at the older kids scowling down at them.

“Hah? Why the fuck should we?” he drawled.

“We own this place you little brat. Therefore its our bench. Now beat it” One of the girls snapped impatiently

“It is?!” Midoriya asked in mock awe and innocence “Where’s your name on it then?” Bakugo stifled a snicker.

“Yeah! I don’t see your fucking names anywhere. You got a receipt or something?” he mocked. One of the boys stepped forward, lead pipe dragging threateningly. Midoriya’s face darkened and he got up quickly, knocking his friend off.

“Yeah that’s right.” the boy sneered “All talk and nothing to back it up you brats”

“Wow~ a pipe~” Midoriya drawled, looking uninterested and rolling his eyes “How fucking original.” The older middle schoolers blinked in surprise as the tiny boy crossed his arms stubbornly. “Seriously. Get a fucking upgrade. Laaaaaaame~”

“What did you say?!” another one howled and surged forward having to be held back by his friends. Izuku stuck his tongue out and flipped them off

“LAAAAAAAME!!” he repeated and cackled as he dodged the angry swing of the pipe by jumping up on the bench. “I’m on your bench~ Whatchu gonna do about it?~”

“Pfft.” Bakugo laughed “Awww~ did we hurt your fucking feewings?” he teased, palms already sparking. There’s no way we can win. Shit, we gotta get outta here.

“Sorry, what was that?” one of the girls sneered, waving her hands around mockingly. The fuck is she doing?? “I can’t hear you~” Katsuki realized she was, very badly, mimicking sign language. She pointed at her own ears. “Get it?” she asked her friends who laughed cruelly “ ’Cause he can’t hear? They just look absolutely ridiculous don’t they?~” Oh they’re fucking dead. Right before the blonde could lunge forward and murder the girl, Midoriya grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, holding him back.

“Leave them.” He snarled, shooting his best death glare at the girl “It’s not worth stooping down to burn the trash-no, the absolute fucking pieces of shit not even worth looking at.” He said haughtily. “ They are unquestionably the most useless, worthless infants who will grow old and die not having contributed anything to society because that’s how utterly insignificant they are. They’d probably struggle to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. Fucking cowardly losers that’s what they are. Picking on 10-year-olds. Do everybody a favor and go fuck yourselves you entitled bitchbabies.“ There was a moment of shocked silence as the group gaped at the small boy staring daggers at them while his friend was beside himself with laughter.

 “Well that was a shit show.” Midoriya noted as they caught their breath in his apartment. Bakugo swatted his head angrily.

“NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!” he shrieked and winced at the pain in his side. The two were covered head to toe in bruises and scrapes “ IN WHAT WORLD WAS PISSING THEM OFF EVEN MORE A GOOD IDEA??!”

“I panicked okay!!” Izuku huffed, eyes welling up with tears, most likely from the pain. “And you were about to murder one of them, which would’ve obviously made the situation worse!!”

“You know for a nerd you’re pretty fucking stupid” he growled and stalked into the kitchen “WHERE’S THE FUCKING FIRST AID KIT?!” he yelled.

“WHERE IT ALWAYS IS DUMBASS!!” Midoriya yelled back, painfully trying to put on his house slippers.



 “’Where are your hearing aids?”’ Midoriya signed angrily from Katsuki’s desk. Bakugo flipped him off from his bed where he was trying to focus on his homework.

“They were bothering me” he lied. Izuku squinted at his friend suspiciously.

“Were they now?” he asked casually “So it has absolutely nothing about the fight a couple days ago?” Katsuki flinched.

“The fuck you talking about?! Shut up!” he snapped defensively

“Kacchan you need them.” Midoriya protested

“No I fucking don’t!” he yelled back. He took out the charging case out of his pocket and threw them at the freckled boy’s head, which he caught. ”I did just fine without them! I don’t need these stupid looking things! They look ridiculous!”

“Are you actually gonna listen to what those pricks said?? What, are you gonna read people’s lips for the rest of your life because they’re too embarrassing to wear??!” came the equally loud response

“Shut up Deku!!” Bakugo howled and threw the covers over his head and eyes to block him out. “Just fuck off!!”

“Argh!! You insufferable, hotheaded, firecracker of a bastard!!” Midoriya snarled and spun back around in his in chair, idea forming

“I heard that!!” came the muffled shriek “And I thought I told you to shut up you fucking, grass haired bitch!”

 “Izu-kun dear!” Called out Mitsuki from the front door “Your mom is here!”

“Be down in a bit Auntie!” He answered, adding the finishing touch “Lemme just pack up!” he hastily shoved his school work in his bright yellow backpack and got up. He tossed the charging case with the hearing aids in them on the bed in front of the unnaturally quiet, Bakugo-sized bundle of blankets. “Wear your hearing aids you stubborn bitch. You can’t be a hero if you can’t hear” he said loudly enough for the blonde to register. A small hand snatched up the case from under the covers and then flipped him off.

“Go home Deku” came the muffled growl

“Izuku dear!” Inko cried out “I need to go get groceries before my shift!”

“Coming Mama!” he raced out the room and slammed the door shut. Katsuki finally poked his flushed head out.

“Stupid nerd” he muttered angrily, sitting up and bundling the blanket around himself tighter “The fuck does he know anyway? What did he do to these?” he opened the case up and couldn’t help but let out a surprised bark of laughter. Inside were his hearing aids yes, but they looked completely different. Midoriya had splattered red, blue and yellow paint all over them, covering the white and had drawn a small All-Might symbol in gold sharpie towards the bottom. (Please don’t actually do this! I’m pretty sure you’re NOT supposed to paint on your hearing aids) He’d created All-Might hearing aids for him Bakugo realized, doubled over in laughter. “This looks even stupider!” he cackled, but still put them on. The nerd did an okay job I suppose.

 “Are those earbuds?” Fingers asked, pointing at the brightly colored devices in Katsuki’s ears.

“No you idiot.” He huffed “They’re my hearing aids”

“How’d you get All-Might hearing aids??” the dark-haired boy questioned, the two of them staring at the aids in awe “They look cool”

“Wouldn’t you like to know” Bakugo laughed, glancing over at the scribbling boy next to him. Midoriya looked up and shot him a smug grin before getting back to whatever he was writing.

“Why do you even need them?” Fingers asked. Bakugo’s hands sparked up.

“My quirk is so loud my ears couldn’t handle it” he stated, somehow both proud and embarrassed

“If you punch yourself in the face and knock yourself out, are you weak or strong?” Izuku blurted out, interrupting them.

“Weak” Dark said at the same time as Fingers answered “Strong”

“You’re a fucking idiot that’s what you are.” Katsuki snapped “Speaking of idiots, why are there only two of you lately? Where’d bat-boy go?”

“Oh! He moved or something like a week ago” Dark answered “Practically vanished off the face of the earth to be honest”

“Huh. Oh well.” He shrugged

“Harsh Kacchan” Midoriya chuckled

“Shut it Deku”

 Bakugo stepped out of the shower and started towel drying his hair. He felt something hard under his fingers. What the-

FUCK!!” He quickly yanked off the aids he had completely forgotten he was wearing and inspected them. “GODDAMNIT!! NOT AGAIN!” Shit. These are definitely busted now. You couldn’t have held out another shower or two?? Mom is gonna kill me for getting these wet again. He stuck his head out of the bathroom door. “HEY MA! WHEN’S MY NEXT AUDIOLOGIST APPOINTMENT AGAIN?!”

“ABOUT TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOU GO TO MIDDLE SCHOOL!!” came the response. Fucking hell. That’s more than two whole fucking weeks from now! “WHY?! I SWEAR TO GOD KATSUKI IF YOU GOT YOUR HEARING AIDS WET AND BROKE THEM AGAIN IM GONNA-“

“NO REASON!! THEY’RE FINE!!” he lied and slammed the door Shitshitshitshit!! He gave a defeated sigh, dried off the devices as best as possible, and stuck the slightly too small hearing aids back on. “Great. Just fucking fantastic*sigh* I’ll be fine.” he reassured himself “just gotta hold out for a few weeks without being able to hear jack shit. How hard could that be??”

 Bakugo Katsuki was about five seconds away from blasting his best friend into the sun. Midoriya Izuku on the other hand, was currently on the floor wheezing and crying with laughter.

“’You got them wet again and they broke?”’ he shakily signed out “’This is what? Your 3rd pair??”’

“Shut the hell up” Bakugo snarled, stomping down, trying to crush the boy under him who simply rolled out of the way. “Don’t you dare tell my mom” Izuku gave one final fit of giggles before gasping in some air and getting up.

“’Dude. You seriously need some waterproof hearing aids or something”’ he wheezed “’How the hell do you take a shower with them still on??”’

“It’s not like I want to!” he whined, plopping down on Izuku’s bed “I just forget they’re on, get in and whoop-dee-fuckin-do! Another pair gone.”

“Sucks to be you.” Midoriya snickered, dodging an angry swipe from Bakugo “So how long do I gotta pretend they still work for you?”

“Shut it. You still owe me for dragging your drugged-ass home from that health hazard you call a doctor”

“Hey! Toke-san is a perfectly good medic in a pinch!” he protested “At least I wasn’t in the ER like last time!”

“Whatever. You still owe me.” He huffed

“Ugh. Fine.” Midoriya sighed and sprawled out on the bed next to him “’You’re lucky I’m so nice and such a good friend~”’ Bakugo snatched up a pillow and promptly began suffocating the curly haired annoyance with it.

“The hell you are! You’d sell me to Satan for a box of Pocky!” Izuku shoved the pillow off of him for a minute, looking offended

“Kacchan! I would never!” he gasped “We both know that’s not true! I’d sell you for a coffee jelly at the most. Maybe a mochi or a crepe if I’m feeling extra peckish.” He grinned, right before Katsuki went back to smothering him. “IM KIPHING IM KIPHING!! MMPH! STOPH!!” he shrieked, struggling to get the blonde off of him

“What’s that? I can’t quite hear you!”

 “Um, I was wondering doc,” Katsuki started, glancing over cautiously at his mother who was busy on her phone “Is it possible to get waterproof hearing aids or a covering, fucking anything really”

“Let me guess” the man chuckled “You got in the shower with them again and they got busted” Bakugo flinched and nodded.

“Oops?” he tried, shrugging and feeling the heat creep into his cheeks. His doctor grinned reassuringly

“It’s fine kiddo. I hear people with glasses do it all the time too.” He whispered secretly “And we actually do have some waterproof models. Would you prefer those?” Katsuki nodded frantically

“Just until I get into the habit of taking them off before I take a bath”

“Don’t worry. I got you kid. This’ll be our little secret. ‘Kay?” he winked and Bakugo let out a sigh of relief.

 “Am I just your hearing aid artist now or something?” Izuku chuckled as he took the case from Katsuki and opened it up, laying it down in front of the little pots of paint and brushes

“Shut up.” He growled and sat down next to him.

“Ooh~ nice!” Midoriya complimented, examining the pitch-black device with a silver edge “This version is a little thinner isn’t it?” he commented. This one was indeed thinner, only about a finger wide.

“And fucking waterproof thank god” Bakugo sighed “now I don’t have to worry about them getting wet”

“That doesn’t mean you can take showers with them on you know.” The blonde gave a threatening growl and Izuku changed subjects “So what do you want this time? Skull and bones again? They’d really pop on the black” Katsuki leaned back in thought, spinning around in the chair idly

“Hmmm. Nah. Already been done.” He stopped and grinned “Got it. Fire.”


“Yeah! Just fucking flames all over it!” he cackled and spun around “unless that’s too hard for you”

“You’re talking to the kid who painted the middle of the Tomei overpass when he was 11” Midoriya huffed indignantly “Of fucking course I can do something as flames. What color?”

“Blood red. And maybe some orange.”

“Ugh. So unoriginal~” he whined, already reaching for the colors he needed “make ‘em blue or neon green or some shit”

“Nope!” they bickered back and forth as the freckled boy dutifully painted the design and even added a little mushroom cloud at the bottom, much to Bakugo’s suppressed delight. Midoriya added the final touches, hid his own little artist tag with gold amongst the flames and set the pair to dry.

“Done!” he grinned, the green dots on his face mixing in with the newer red, orange, gold and white flecks “now they just gotta dry, I’ll spray them and they’re ready to go!” Katsuki peered over his shoulder and nodded in satisfaction

“Nice” he admitted. Izuku whirled around

“’Of course!”’ he signed haughtily “’I’m the very best hearing aid artist!”’

“I’m pretty sure you’re the only hearing aid artist dumbass nerd” Bakugo chuckled

“’And therefore, by default, I’m the best”’ Midoriya pouted

“Whatever. I’m gonna go watch something while they dry” he snapped. Izuku lit up and raced to the  bedroom door, throwing it open.

“MY HOUSE!! I GET FIRST PICK!!” he yelled as he skidded out the doorway and tumbled in to the hallway. Katsuki snatched a pillow off the bed, raced after him and chucked the pillow at the greenette, nailing him in the head and knocking him down.


 “I SWEAR TO GOD IF WE’RE LATE TO OUR FIRST DAY OF JUNIOR HIGH DEKU-“ Bakugo screeched up at the open window, cut off by the bright yellow backpack yeeted out said window, which he caught. That little-

“IF YOU LET MY BAG DROP IM GONNA KILL YOU!!” came the unholy screech from inside the apartment the bag had fallen out of, loud enough for even Bakugo without his aids and half the neighborhood to hear. Katsuki promptly dropped the pack on the dusty ground. Fuck you. There was a faint “bye mom!” and slam of a front door. Midoriya dropped down right next to Bakugo and adjusted the satchel over his shoulder, muttering to himself about how goddamn early it was.

“Did you just jump down here??” he squawked in surprise while Izuku dusted off his backpack and swung it on.

“Yeah. Why?” he answered absently, trying frantically to push his curls back with a head band and tie them together while speed walking towards the street.

“You live on the goddamn second floor!!” Katsuki exclaimed as he raced over

“Yeah. Why?” he asked turning out of the parking lot and onto the sidewalk.

“Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker Deku” the blonde muttered, speed walking ahead. He looked at his phone “FUCK!! WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!!” he broke into a sprint, Izuku bouncing after him in a panic

“What??!” he shrieked.



“Did you bring everything? Notebooks? Pencils? First-aid kit?” Bakugo snapped as they raced each other to their new school. “We don’t have time to be going back if you fucking forgot something”

“Yup! And I got my taser just in time for middle school!” Midoriya answered back excitedly

This is gonna be an awesome year!