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In Rare Form

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“Eight,” Momo counted under her breath, holding her hands forward as Itsuka lifted the bar, the muscles of her neck bulging out as she did. Itsuka clenched her core with every rep, and perhaps Momo could only see the very top of her abs under her high-waisted exercise pants, but she was definitely enjoying the view nonetheless. “Nine,” she said, watching Itsuka’s movements slow as she reached the end of her set. Her quirk helped with the amount of weight she could bear but she wasn’t cheating, not for a second, and it made Momo dizzy sometimes to think just how strong she was.

“Ten,” Itsuka finished for herself with a grunt. The clank of her heavily setting the bar back on the rack rang through the weight room, and her arms collapsed over her head within seconds as she caught her breath with a woozy smile. “Oof, my arms feel like noodles,” she giggled breathily.

Momo dropped into a crouch and kissed Itsuka’s sweaty forehead. “I would think so! I’m always surprised how much you can lift.”

Itsuka tilted her head back and offered up an affectionate, weary smile. “Maybe I’m just trying to impress my girlfriend,” she hummed.

Momo put a hand over her mouth, already finding it hard to fight down her own grin. “You - l-let me clean the equipment,” she stammered, turning quickly away to grab some of the sanitizing wipes the school gym supplied. She ignored Itsuka’s teasing reminder that she could just make her own and hurried back, ignoring the groan Itsuka made as she forced herself up off the bench and bent down for her water bottle.

She did happen to look over as Itsuka tilted her head back, greedily gulping down her long-since-melted ice water. Her Adam’s apple bobbed as she swallowed it down, her toned, sweaty shoulders rising and falling as she breathed in through her nose…

Goodness, Momo would end up watching her all day if she didn’t look away and get to cleaning. She shook her head and laid the wipes on the bench before getting to work removing the weights from Itsuka’s bar, grunting with the effort. She could hardly lift more than a couple of these plates at a time, and Itsuka could bench press them like it was nothing - she was so strong…

Nope, back on track. She wiped down the seat, edging Itsuka off the end while she did so, and the bar. By the time she was done, Itsuka was on her feet, smiling.

“What time did we reserve the room for?” she asked, and Momo pulled her phone out of her pocket to check.

“Oh! Well, right about now,” she laughed a little, and Itsuka pumped her arm.

“You’d better not take advantage of my fatigue,” she teased, dipping in to bump her shoulder against Momo’s before taking her hand with the one that wasn’t holding her water bottle. Her palm was cool and damp from handling the water, but it warmed quickly as they walked through the gym, calling out greetings to anyone they happened to know.

They reached the enforced sparring room they’d reserved for the next half hour. Momo peered through the glass and squeaked a little, backing away just in time for Tetsutetsu and Kirishima to come out, holding hands much like they were and laughing together.

“Cutting it close, Tetsutetsu,” Itsuka chided him, and Momo had to suppress a chuckle at how quickly she dropped into her Class President Voice. “You need to try and be considerate -”

She was cut off by her classmate putting his arm around her affectionately with a warm laugh. “C’mon, Kendou, relax!” he barked, ruffling her hair. She wrinkled her nose but maintained her patiently amused demeanor for the most part.

Kirishima nodded cheerfully Momo’s way. “Hope you’re having a great day, Yaoyorozu!” he chirped, taking Tetsutetsu’s arm again and pulling him away. “Enjoy your spar!”

Itsuka shook her head as they left, but she was still smiling. She turned to Momo then. “Well, let’s get started,” she said, leading the way into the room. It was reinforced several times over in the interest of allowing students to go all-out against one another, with or without quirks. Itsuka wasn’t one to cause much destruction in that regard, but some of Momo’s creations had pretty heavy destructive potential.

That in mind, Itsuka nodded to Momo one more time as she set her water bottle in the far corner. “Quirks or no?” she asked, bouncing energetically from one foot to the other and lifting her fists into a lazy approximation of her usual fighting stance.

“No quirks,” Momo decided, matching Itsuka’s energy, feeling the tension mounting inside her. She loved fighting her girlfriend, if only for how enthusiastic she always was to get started. “I would think you’d need a rest before we started,” she teased, beginning to circle and watching Itsuka copy her. “You seemed pretty winded, earlier.”

“I’m just getting started,” Itsuka jibed, and proved it by rushing forward, clashing head-to-head with Momo. Momo met her with equal force and the two grappled for a moment, hands on each other’s shoulders, sneering into each other’s faces, before Itsuka dropped and attempted to sweep her. Momo sidestepped it easily and checked Itsuka’s side as she came up, savoring the sound of Itsuka’s breath leaving her lungs with the motion.

They clashed again, and again, over and over, both of them growing ever more sweaty, ever more fatigued, as they savored the chance to meet each other in this most physical of ways. It came to a point where they were circling each other once again, breathing heavy with their fists raised. Itsuka looked beautiful like this, with her hair turned dark brown with sweat and slicked in beautiful isolated strands onto her skin, but Momo wouldn’t be distracted.

Not until Itsuka’s eyes softened and she laughed, just a short, hot huff that sent Momo’s head spinning.

“What is it?” she asked, watching her girlfriend dissolve into giggles.

“It’s just - your face,” she snickered, “I never see you making murder faces like that except when you’re with me.”

“Murder face?!” Momo exclaimed, her stance forgotten as she pressed her hands to her cheeks, feeling them heat up with embarrassment. “Is it that bad?”

“It’s not bad at all! It’s just so… weird, especially when you’re still so pretty,” Itsuka finished, gazing softly up at her with those pretty blue eyes of hers. Momo covered her eyes with her hands and let out a high, pathetic sound that made Itsuka laugh even harder.

“I guess - you just bring out my competitive side, honey,” she said finally, peeking between her fingers to see Itsuka drawing closer, her expression warm.

“Likewise,” Itsuka said, grinning, and pressed upward for a kiss.