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Quirks are overrated

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The numbness, the tingling feeling of nothing and everything at the same time. That's all I felt as the cool autumn air ran through my soft, messy green hair. My body leaned over the edge of the railing, if I wasn't careful, I would fall, not that it mattered anyway. I chuckled at the thought, the chuckle soon turning into a hearty laugh as I laughed at my own pain. The thought of my own death humored me, how does my life matter? Kaa-chans proved more than once that it never mattered, going as far as to ask the whole class to raise their hands if they cared if I died. Nobody raised their hands, I know right " surprising ", I honestly don't care, if I were them I wouldn't raise my hand either. My thoughts drifted away as my eyes landed on the note that was currently clutched in my hand; right, I came here for a reason. I straightened my self and unzipped my all-might hoodie my dad gave me before he died, sliding it off of my pale scarred arms. I carefully folded it, and set onto the ground with as much care as I could. I tenderly placed the note onto the hoodie, then removed my red shoes, setting them next to the other objects. I took a deep breath and turned to face the railing, which I carelessly climbed up onto, looking down onto the road; where cars drove past and people walked the sidewalk I felt for the first time, fear. Tears sprang into my eyes as my mother came to mind, oh my sweet mother, she's always been there for me, helping me in my darkest moments. No, no more second thoughts, if you jump, you'll finally be free; and with that thought, I finally let my body fall forward. The wind blew up my hair, as my body fell through the air, the end was in sight, as my body came close to the ground, I felt something tight wrap around my waist almost like a rope, I thought nothing of it. As darkness took over my vision, my last thought was that I was free.

Aizawa P.O.V
It started off as a normal day, I was making my daily commute to work when I saw a boy. He was leaning against the railing of a tall building, something clutched in his hand. He looked no older than 15, his hair was messy and green, and he was wearing an All-Might hoodie. I was going to shrug it off normal behavior, but that was before he removed his hoodie. That's when I began to be concerned, he set it down onto the ground, placing the thing that he was clutching in his hand onto the hoodie. That's when I realized what was happening, I rushed into the apartment building, rushing up the stairs quickly, trying not to trip. By the time I got there, I saw his body fall over the railing. Quickly I ran over to the railing, pulling off my bandages I threw them down, catching the boy before he could hit the ground. I sighed in relief, that was close, I slowly brought him up onto the roof. He had passed out, good that would make this easier, I collected his things and picked the boy up. Pulling out my phone I dialed Hizashi number, he answered quickly. " Hello? " Hizashi asked, " Hey I need you to meet me at the gate, I don't care if you have a class, this is important. " Shouta said is a serious tone. Hizashi seemed to understand the severity of the situation, he replied with a quick okay and hung up.
When I finally made it to the school, I was immediately questioned about why I had a teenage boy in my arms. “ Shouta! Why the heck are you holding a teenager!?!? A passed out one no less? “ Hizashi questioned, crossing his arms. I sighed and explained the situation as best i could with what I had seen. He seemed to understand and we quickly rushed to the infirmary. “ Recovery girl, can you contact Toshinori? It’s kinda important… “ Shouta asked as he laid the boy down onto the hospital bed. “ Of course Shouta, but I should probably check him over first, heaven knows what this boy did to himself. “ Recovery girl replied, walking over to the boy in question. She carefully examined the boy's arms, carefully running her fingers over the many scars that littered his forearm. She gasped as she came to some particular ones, “ Shouta, you need to see this… “ She exclaimed, calling him over. He leaned down to look at the scar, he froze when he saw what it said. “ Quirkless…? “ He asked, looking to the boy like he could give him an explanation. “ Maybe he was bullied for being quirkless and decided to end his life. “ Hizashi questioned with a sad look on his features. Shouta hoped this wasn’t the case, but knowing the high suicide rate for qurikless people, he doubted it was anything but.
“ Well, what are we going to do Shouta? For the moment there's no one we can call, and we don't know when he will wake up…” Hizashi questioned, looking to Shouta. He sighed, “ We wait, he’ll probably be in hysterics when he wakes up, and since we have no one to call we’ll have to file a police report unless he gives us a number... “ Shouta explained, Hizashi nodded, looking back to the boy sadly. “ This is messed up… “ Hizashi stated, walking over to stand by Shouta, he only nodded, looking away towards the ground. “ Well, I'm going to go talk to principal Nezu about this, he’ll want to know. “ Recovery Girl said, making her way to the door, “ You two stay here and watch over him, I'll call subs for your classes. “ Recovery Girl added, walking out the door and down the hall towards Nezu’s office.
“ Shouta.. Have you read the letter yet? “ Hizashi asked, picking the letter off the pile of belongings. “ No, I actually haven’t thought of that… “ Shouta said, taking the note from Has His hands. “ Well read it out loud, I wanna know why this boy thought his life didn’t matter. “ Hizashi said seriously, glaring at the note. Shouta nodded, carefully unfolding the paper, he took a deep breath and started to read,
“ Dear, Mom
I’m sorry it came to this,
I never meant for it to end this way, I always thought I’d become a hero, have a family, make you proud…
But I took the cowardly way out because let's be honest, that's all I am, a coward
I was a coward when ka- Bakugou told me I couldn’t be a hero, when he pushed me around for years, calling me pathetic and useless. He was right in the end mom, that's all I am… I’m sorry for leaving you like this. But look on the bright side, at least you won't have a useless quirkless son like me. To Bakugou, you were right, and thanks for the advice, it helped me greatly in the end….

I love you, Mom,

Love, Midoriya Izuku “

Hizashi was in tears, “ This poor boy, he had to deal with so much… “ Hizashi whispers, looking over to Midoriya. Shouta was in shock “ Bakugou…. That's one of my students! “ Shouta yelled, looking over to Hizashi with a murderous look in his eyes. Hizashi froze, “ He is ?!?!? “ Hizashi asked, “ Yeah, he’s always been rude, so I'm not that surprised that he bullied someone to this point. “ Shouta replied, pulling out his cell phone. Hizashi tilted his head, “ what are you doing? “ He asked, looking to Soutas phone. “ Calling Bakugou's parents. “ Shouta replied, dialing the number. “ Shouldn’t we talk to him first? “ Hizashi asked, pushing down Shouta’s phone. Shouta sighed, hanging up, “ I guess- “ Shouta started but was interrupted by a loud gasp. He turned around quickly, to see the boy wide-eyed and awake.

Midoriya’s P.O.V
The first thing I felt when I woke up was the chill of an open window, I heard voices, but they sounded fuzzy like they were far away. I opened my eyes to the white tile ceiling of what looked to be a hospital room. I gasped, realizing what was going on, I had failed. How could I fail even something as simple as jumping off a building… I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. Curious I turned my head to see the one and only president Mic! Oh god, I was saved by president Mic, he saw how weak I was, how useless I am. He probably knows I'm quirkless. “ Hello, Midoriya is it? I am eraser head, I heard from behind president mic. A man walked out, he had long black hair that was messy and unkempt, and he seemed to have bandages hanging loosely around his neck. I didn’t say a word, not trusting my voice. I felt the familiar sting of tears behind my eyes as I tried not to let out a sob. President Mic seemed to notice this, “ Hey it’s okay to cry you know? I get that you’ve been through a lot… “ President Mic said surprisingly softly, removing his hand from his shoulder, allowing me to sit up. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I let out a harsh sob, resting my head in my hands. My body shook heavily as a cried, it was probably a pitiful sight to behold. I didn’t care, all felt was pain, and numbness before, but at that moment, all I felt was regret.

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Midoriya was never good in social situations, especially when they concerned him; so naturally, when he finishes crying, he should be embarrassed. He knows he probably looks like shit right now; his eyes are most likely red and puffy from crying, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not with the weight of what he just attempted about an hour ago weighing on his shoulders. He feels extremely self-conscious as the two pro’s converse with each other, trying to figure out what to make of this situation. They talked in hushed whispers, looking back to him every few seconds like he’ll disappear.

Present Mic approached him cautiously, “ Are you okay..? “ He asked, placing a calming hand on Midoriya’s shoulder.

“ No. “ Midoriya replied, looking down to the white tile floor.

Present Mic kneeled down by hospital bed Midoriya was currently seated on, removing his hand from the smaller boy’s shoulder.

He softly frowned, his eyes showing his concern, “ What's wrong? “ He asked softly, meeting the Midoriya’s eyes.

Midoriya felt himself tearing up, not for the first time that day, he buried his head in his hands, his elbows resting on his knees.

“ I-I… I want to die, I-I should’ve died… “ Midoriya tentatively spoke, his eyes burning from unshed tears.

Present Mic didn’t know what to say to that, he looked over his shoulder at Aizawa, who had a forlorn expression on his face. He looked back to the boy, who had started to cry again, his small form shaking with each sob he let out. He pulled the small boy into a hug, which he gladly accepted, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist and hiding his head in the crook of his neck. Neither Aizawa or Present Mic said a word after that, instead, letting the boy cry into Present Mic’s now tear-stained shoulder of his favorite leather jacket. Not that he minded, this boys feelings mattered more than some stupid jacket anyways.

By the time Midoriya had calmed down enough to talk properly, it was lunchtime. Aizawa had left a few minutes ago to go get Midoriya food from the school cafeteria where he proceeded to get tons of questions about his whereabouts during the first half of the day.

“ Aizawa Sensai! “ Mina called, bounding up to her homeroom teacher.

“ What do you want? “ he asked coldly, not in the mood for his rambunctious class today.

Mina froze, noticing the solemn look on the tired teachers face, “I was just worried about you! You look sad and you weren’t at class this morning…” Mina stammered nervously.
Aizawa sighed, he couldn’t be mad at her when she was only concerned, he decided to tell her the truth, “ I'm sorry Mina, something happened on the way to school today, something serious” He responded, trying to keep his emotions in check.

“ What happened?!?! “ She asked, looking him in the eyes.

“ An attempted suicide by a boy your age, I barely made it in time… “ He started looking away from his students stare.

Mina gasped, “ That's awful! Is he okay?!?! “ Mina asked concernedly.

“ Physically, yes, besides self-harm scars, mentally no, “ He responded tiredly.

Mina visibly saddened, it hurt her to hear about this, “ S-Self - harm?!?! “ She exclaimed loudly, turning a few of her classmate's heads.

“ What about self-harm? “ Kirishima asked, joining the two near the back of the cafeteria.

Aizawa shushed them, “ Don’t yell! And a boy a rescued from an attempted suicide this morning” Aizawa replied.

That seemed to strike a chord with Kirishima, “ A-attempted s-suicide?!?! “ He asked.

“ Yes! That's what I just said, now I need to go, I'm bringing him food.” And with that Aizawa walked away, leaving two stunned teenagers behind him.

Kirishima looked over to Mina, “ What the fuck, that's fucking awful… “ Kirishima exclaimed.

Mina just nodded in agreement, looking at her retreating teacher's form.

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Hey! I know everyone probably hates these... but! I'm rewriting the first chapter! Because honestly.... it sucks lol. I can definitely do better than that and I don't want to leave you guys with a half-assed beginning.

Also, I'm also almost finished with the 3rd chapter, so I'll be posting that in a few days :)

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By the time Aizawa returned, the boy had fallen back to sleep, with a sigh he placed the steaming hot bowl of katsu don onto the bedside table.

“ We need to talk to that kid he mentioned in his letter. “ Hizashi quietly spoke, coming up behind Aizawa and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Aizawa sighed, “ I know, but I was distracted by his awakening… “ Aizawa responded, leaning into Hizashi’s touch.

“ Do you want me to go get him…? “ Hizashi asked, leaning his head onto Aizawa’s shoulder.

Aizawa thought for a moment, if ithey were going to talk to Bakugou they shouldn’t do it in here, if they did, Midoriya might wake up and freak out.

“ Yeah, but meet me in principal Nezu’s office, we can’t do it here. “ Aizawa replied tiredly.

Hizashi nodded into Aizawa's shoulder, reluctantly letting go of his boyfriend's waist and making his way towards the door. Aizawa followed behind him, looking over his shoulder one last time to the boy who was fast aisleep on the hospital bed. He desperately hoped he could help this boy, he turned back to his boyfriend and followed him out the door.


“ Bakugou Katsuki! Can you come with me for a moment? “ Present Mic yelled, leaning against the door to Tony’s lab/classroom.

Everyone’s heads turned to look at Bakugou, all trying to figure out what he did this time.

Bakugou scoffed, “ Why the fuck do I have to do that? “ He asked with an annoyed expression.

Present Mic sighed, stubborn as always, “ Chill out Bakugou, ill explain in a moment, come on” Present Mic responded seriously, his voice rid of his usual spunky tone.

“ Whatever “ Bakugou replied, standing up quickly, knocking his chair over in the process.

Tony opened his mouth to say something, but before he could they were both walking out the door. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“ Todoroki? Can you pick up Bakugou’s chair for me? “ Tony asked, gesturing to the chair on the ground.

Todoroki nodded, getting up out of his seat and making his way over to the discarded chair laying next to Bakugou’s and Kirishima’s lab table. He hastily picked it up and turned to go back to his own seat.
“ Hey Todoroki, be careful, there's a- “ But before Tony could warn the boy he had already slipped on the spilled water and fell onto the ground, his head hitting the table in the process.

Todoroki yelped, resting his head in his hands where he hit it, he could feel his face flush in embarrassment as the whole class began to laugh. Tony silenced them with a glare and walked over to where Todoroki sat on the ground, nealing down next to him.

“ Are you okay? “ He asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Todoroki huffed, “ Fine, I think my heads bleeding through” He responded, lifting up his hand to show Tony.

Tony hissed when he saw the cut, “ Maybe you should get that checked out, it doesn’t look too bad, but you should still get that healed. “ Tony suggested.

Todoroki nodded, standing up slowly and making his way towards the door, he heard Tony continue his lesson as the door shut behind him. Todoroki sighed and made his way down the hall towards the nurse's office, stopping only to get a drink at the water fountain. He stopped in front of the door knocking softly, when no one answered he went in aways, figuring he’d just wait for recovery girl to get back. When he stepped inside he saw omething he did not expect a boy who looked to be about his age, who was sitting on the hospital bed in the far corner. He could see him shaking slightly, clutching his arm in his hand.It didn’t look like he went to this school judging by the casual clothes he was wearing, He looked up, his eyes meeting Todorokis and froze, dropping his arm into his lap. He looked quite startled, his eyes widening in slight panic. Todoroki could practically feel the awkwardness radiating off the boy as he stood there.

“ uh… hello. “ Todoroki greeted awkwardly, not meeting the boy's eyes.

“ H-Hi…. Uhmm where am I? “ The boy asked hesitantly, his voice cracking from underuse.

“ UA “ Todoroki responded, looking to the boy who seemed to calm down a little.

“ O-Oh…. Uhmmm w-whats your name? “ the boy asked hesitantly, like he was comitting some grave offense by asking his name.

“ Todoroki Shoto, what about you? “ Todoroki answered, moving to sit in one of the chairs against the wall.

“ M-Midoriya Izuku “ He responded shyly, fiddiling with his fingers.

“ Its nice to meet you Midoriya “ Todoroki said with a slight smile.

Midoriya smiled back a genuine smile, the first one in awhile he had to admit. Something about todoroki calmed him strangly, and he was greatful for the distraction.

“ So, uh… not to be rude but umm why exactly are you here? “ Todoroki questioned, tilting his head.

Midoriya froze, so much for a distraction, he could just lie, say he was attacked or something, but he didn’t want to do that. He was sick of hiding behind lies of ‘im okay ‘ and ‘ im tired ‘ and the truth is he was tired, tired of feeling this way.

He took a shaky breath, and responded nervously, “ I tried to kill myself “ .

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Todoroki froze, his surprise showing on his usually emotionless face,“ I’m sorry what? “ Todoroki asked, assuming he must’ve heard wrong.

“ I-I t-tried to.. “ Midoriya choked on his words as he tried to hide the tears that were threaten to spill.

That’s when Todoroki finally noticed them, the white, bloodstained, bandages covering his arms. Midoriya’s hands shook with nervousness as Todoroki stare, seeming to finally understand.

“ O-Oh…. Uhmmm are you-” Todoroki started, but was interrupted by a rage filled scream.

Midoriya froze, his eyes widening in panic, “ K-Kaa-chan?!?!? “ He yelled in surprise, looking around.

“ Kaa-Chan? “ Todoroki asked, as another scream let out.

“ O-Oh ummm yeah y-you probably go to- “ Midoriya was interrupted by a loud bang, and suddenly the door to the doctors office was gone, revealing an angry looking Bakugou.

Present Mic was behind him, seemingly out of breath, “ Bakugou! I wasn’t done talking with you-”

“ I DON’T CARE! “ Bakugou interrupted turning to Present Mic.

Todoroki noticed as Midoriya trembled, tears spilling out from his beautiful emerald eyes.

Bakugou turned back to Midoriya, looking even more enraged than he did previously, “ YOU FUCKING IDIOT! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING HUH? “ Bakugou yelled, getting in Midoriya’s face.

“ I-I…. “ Midoriya went silent, looking down at his shaking hands in his lap.

“ I wasn’t serious when I told you to kill yourself! I went too far! You know I did! “ Bakugou yelled angrily, ignoring the teacher behind him.

“ Bakugou! Listen to me! “ Present Mic yelled, grabbing Bakugou’s arm.

“ FUCK YOU! “ Bakugou yelled, jerking his arm out of the older man's grip and running past him out the door.

Todoroki stared in shock, not knowing what to say or do in this situation, “ Uhmmm “ Todoroki mumbled, looking to Midoriya for answers.

The other boy didn’t notice, too lost in his own thoughts, Todoroki tried again, “ Midoriya? “

He looked up, his now tear filled eyes meeting Todoroki, he wiped his eyes violently, trying to stop the tears.

“ S-Sorry… I-It’s j-just…. “ Midoriya softly spoke, “ I don’t want to be here anymore, I just want- “ Midoriya went silent, his fist clenching in anger.

Todoroki felt extremely out of place, he didn’t know how to comfort anyone, much less someone he just met; but for some reason, he wants to, he wants to see this boy smile. Todoroki

cautiously placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “ I-Its alright “ Todoroki tried, his voice cracking with nervousness.

“ H-How do y-you know that? “ Midoriya asked, not believing that this person he just met would care.

“ Because i'm here, aren’t I? “ Todoroki responded, to be honest he really didn’t know what he was saying, or what he truly meant by that statement.

Midoriya was shocked, and before he knew it, tears were streaming down his face, a loud sob escaping his lips. His whole body trembled with each sob he let out, he felt the grip on his shoulder tightened as he was pulled into a hug!?!?!

“ I- Uh heard hugs help… “ Todoroki spoke shyly, not letting go of the smaller boy.

Midoriya felt his heart speed up, and heat rush to his face as he cried into Todoroki shoulder.

“ What's going on? “ A voice suddenly spoke, startling the two boys and causing them to break apart.

“ O-Oh Aizawa- sensei “ Todoroki stuttered, a blush dusting his pale cheeks.

Aizawa raised his eyebrow, looking between the two boys, with a sigh he responded, “ Midoriya, your mom is here. “ Aizawa stated, looking slightly sad.

Midoriya froze, “ I-I can't-talk to her… she’ll be so disappointed. “ Midoriya stuttered, waving his arms around wildly.

Aizawa opened his mouth to argue but was cut off by the boy

“ Besides, i’ve always been a burden to her, a quirkless son who was too weak to even stand up to his childhood bully. I was always coming home with bruises and burns, im sure shes sick of it. I'm sure she’s sick of the child who always cries, always burdens her with his tears, sick of the child who- “ Midoriya choked up at this part, “ W-who d-drove her h-husband away. “ Midoriya finished with a loud sob.

Aizawa and Todoroki stared at the crying boy in shock, just how much had this boy been through.

Aizawa sighed and kneeled down in front of him, placing a hand on the kids shoulder, “ look kid, you being quirkless… It doesn’t mean shit, it's what you chose to do about it that does. You seem like a good person from what i can see, and you didn’t deserve anything that happened to you in the past. But you can’t change the past, but what you can do is change the feature, and that's what i intend to do. “ Aizawa said softly, looking the boy in the eye.

“ W-what do y-you mean? “ Midoriya asked shakily, his hands trembling in his lap.

“ Tell me kid, have you ever wanted to be a hero? “