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Just the way you are

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The crowd is cheering loudly as one of the players scores a point. Taehyung shyly smiles looking at his brother, feeling proud and happy that Jin is one of the top players in the university's team. At some point, after the match has ended, Taehyung watches as Jin runs to where the cheerleaders are, smiling and screaming something at two of them. He observes the scene, taking a look at how pretty they both are. He notices that one of them is Park Jimin, 23 and a dance major. The boy is very sweet and caring and he knows for sure that his brother, Kim Namjoon, has a very bad crush for him.


However, the boy next to him is totally another story. The burgundy skirt of the uniform highlights his thin waist and the pale skin of his thighs, his fucking thighs, while his cherry hair make his figure stand out. Taehyung is sure that he's never seen the kid, so he thinks that maybe the boy is a first-year, adding the fact that he looks so shy, and he seems also a bit scared of Jin, even when Taehyung's brother reaches to shake his hand.


Taehyung is too caught up admiring the cherry-haired boy when Namjoon finds him, scaring the shit out of him saying something like stop looking at my favourite cheerleader with a sarcastic tone and a smug grin. “I'm looking at somebody else though, Joon” his brother seems genuinely surprised, while asking him who. Taehyung gestures with his head the cherry-haired cheerleader, provoking a loud gasp from Namjoon “Jeon Jungkook? Like, first year cheerleader Jeon Jungkook? Are you kidding me?”


This time, it's Taehyung's turn to be surprised, since his brother doesn't know anyone in this college, too caught up with his philosophy studies. “Hou do you know?” Taehyung seems almost concerned, scared of the boy's identity. “He's Jiminie's best friend. I got to know him yesterday while they were training. He's very cute but also very shy, I actually don't know how he manages to be a cheerleader and a dancer at the same time, while being this ball of shyness”.
Taehyung doesn't dare to say that he finds him even cuter now, also because Namjoon drags him to where Jin, Jimin and Jungkook are talking. Well, now that he notices, Jin and Jimin are the ones talking, while Jungkook is simply staring at the ground.


Namjoon starts with a simple “Hi Jimin! you did very good!”, making Jimin squeal, greeting Namjoon and Taehyung with a smile. Taehyung greets Jin and Jimin with a simple hello, reflecting the cool, stylish person he is. When he turns to address himself to Jungkook, in order to introduce himself, he's met with a pair of beautiful round doe eyes, beautiful pink lips and nose. He's only able to stutter a simple “T-Taehyung, nice to meet you”.


Because, if Jeon Jungkook is stunning seen by a certain distance, he’s a work of art when you stand in front of him. Even though, his eyes shine with shyness and insecurity and the boy barely manages to present himself. “I’m Jungkook”, is all that leaves the boy’s lips with a soft and gentle voice, and Taehyung finds himself wanting to hear more of that voice.


They talk for a few minutes, Taehyung participating every now and then, still amazed by the boy in front of him, who's still pretty silent, even when Jimin nudges him and tells him that they need to go change and go home. It's obvious, Jungkook looks anything but at ease, as if he wanted the floor to swallow him. When he turns to leave with Jimin, a gentle smile on his lips, Jungkook looks at him in the eyes, probably by chance.


Taehyung is left there, with his brothers, looking at Jimin and Jungkook leaving, stoned, almost shocked as he watches Jungkook walking away from him.


“Tae, if you catch a crush on Jungkook, I swear to god, I'm definitely going to punch you.”


Taehyung shakes his head, turning to look at Jin. He's absolutely not crushing on Jungkook. Absolutely not. “Why should I? And why would you care?” are the only things he asks. “Because, my dear baby brother, Jimin has actually told me a lot about him. So, believe me when I say that the boy needs time to himself, before crushing on Kim fucking Taehyung. And believe me when i say that he's too pure to crush on you and your sugar daddy attitude.”


Namjoon laughs, but Jin seems awfully serious while looking at Taehyung. “Why are you telling me this?” Jin looks at him, glares at him, as if he was missing something. “Because I know things you don't. And because I know you. So please Taehyung, go slow if you want some serious thing with that boy”. Taehyung is extremely confused at this point. Jin rarely gets this serious with him, and only for specific reasons. “Jin-hyung, do you have a crush too?” Taehyung teases him, and continues “it's true that he's very cute, but I'll listen to your advise. Even though, you can't prevent me from knowing him. He's shy, but he's very charming.”


Jin seems satisfied with what Taehyung has said and gently nods. “Just listen to me, he's not someone to break.”




On Wednesday, Jungkook is running as fast a he can, trying to get on time to the dance studio, where he's supposed to meet Jimin and train together. As he's sprinting out of the dorm, his mind is focused on a certain guy he met last week (Taejoon? Taehyun? Taeyoon? he doesn't remember). He remembers his features by heart, even if he saw the boy only once, but he can't forget how handsome and pretty the guy was.


While he's thinking about the guy’s double eyelid, which looked very attractive, he doesn't realise that a boy is in front of him and ends up crashing against him. At this, Jungkook realises that he's practically on top of the person he collided with when a pair of hands gently wraps around his waist, making him gasp in surprise.


“Hey, are you okay?”


And this is when Jungkook knows he's fucked, gloriously fucked, because the voice belongs to double-eyelid boy and he only wants to run away and never see him again because he feels so embarrassed and what if double-eyelid boy is angry at him or what if he's hurt-


“Hey? Uh it's Taehyung, do you remember?” Oh. So his name is Taehyung. fuck.


“I'm so sorry! I really didn't mean to, I wasn't thinking, I'm so sorry for hurting yo-”


“Woah! It's okay and I'm not hurt, don't worry! I just thought that you got hurt so I was a bit worried!”


Jungkook feels strangely pleased to be interrupted in the middle of his flustered excuse, but he's also feeling the weight of Taehyung's hands innocently on his waist, so he gets up and bows, because he's well-mannered, and says sorry again.


“I'm sorry Taehyung-ssi, I wasn't watching where I was going since I was late for my training session”


That sounds better, certainly. However, Jungkook notices that Taehyung is not alone, because next to him stands Jimin's current crush, Namjoon, if he remembers correctly. He simply smiles at him and then proceeds to ask the two of them where are they heading, since he's never seen them around this area of the campus. At this, Taehyung smiles widely (and Jungkook wants to cry at how cute the boy is).


“Well, we wanted- no, Joonie wanted to ask your friend if they could go out this saturday, for, uh, watching a film. Maybe. Uh, I think.”


“B-but you don't know Jimin-hyung”


To say that Namjoon pales at what Jungkook says is an understatement. It's obvious to Taehyung that the boy hasn't understood that Namjoon wants to ask Jimin out, but he tries his best not to coo at how cute the boy looks with his brows knitted and a pout on his lips. However Namjoon is a man on a mission and he must convince his crush's best friend to conquer Park Jimin.


“What Tae wanted to say, is that really like your friend and that I wanted to try and get to know him, like, I wanted to ask him out, if that's ok with you, of course!”


Now, Taehyung is struggling not to go and wrap the cute boy with a blanket while telling him how cute he is, because as Jungkook understands Namjoon's intentions, he smiles sweetly and nodds shyly to the two brothers.


“Ahhh, it's okay Namjoon-ssi! I'm sure Jiminie-hyung will like you! C'mon, I'll bring you to him!” Jungkook starts guiding them to the building where he and Jimin usually train together, his initial shyness gone, while Taehyung and Namjoon follow him, the latter seeming to pale even more.




So. Taehyung didn't expect Jungkook to be that good at dancing. He did expect the boy to be extremely attractive while dancing, but there’s more. Jungkook moves smoothly but at the same time he’s slightly rough in his movements, showing a little of masculinity but not too much, making it impossible to look away from him. The way he dances is highly addictive and Taehyung is so amazed that he doesn’t even notice that his brother is in a similar situation while looking at a certain Park Jimin and neither that the music has stopped. Oh. Oh fuck. He barely has the time to register that Jungkook is bringing a smiling Jimin where he and Namjoon were told to sit in order to let the two dancers finish their training session. He doesn’t register his brother cursing under his breath or Jimin asking him why he wanted to talk while bringing him to the other side of the dancing room, since he was very fucking distracted by a sweaty Jeon Jungkook smiling gently at him.


“I hope your brother will be able to handle Jimin, you know, he’s.. slightly feisty” he says while playing with a lock of his hair. “But I think they’ll be okay. Like, your brother seems okay. Oh, you too, you both seems reliable people”. He smiles again and Taehyung follows him, enchanted by how pretty Jungkook looks, even after a training session.


“Ahh, thanks Jungkook! You’re-you’re very nice!” Taehyung is only able to stutter out a half made sentence before he realizes something: this is his opportunity to get to know Jungkook, he shouldn’t waste it being shy and awkward. “So.. you’re a first year, right? I’ve never seen you around campus, how is it going?”


At this, Jungkook’s eyes widen a bit, which is adorable, but he seems slightly on edge, as if he just remembered something, but then he smiles again, looking at ease. “Yes, I’m a first year! It’s a bit difficult since I feel like I still have to get used at being a dance major, but also to the city and the campus and… everything! But I think I’ll manage, since in January I’ll start my minor too”. A minor? Really?


“Which course will you start?” He can’t help it but he’s too curious, that maybe, maybe, there’s a possibility-


“Photography! I managed to find a part-time work and I bought a new camera! Why are you asking?” Bingo. Thank god Jungkook likes photography too, otherwise Taehyung wouldn’t have known how to meet him again.


“Because, my dear Jungkookie, I’m studying photography too as a minor! It helps a lot with being a design student!” Taehyung can’t help but smile proudly, seeing the surprise in Jungkook’s eyes, while they talk about their shared passion.


The two talk for about half an hour, until they see Jimin and Namjoon walking to where they are sitting and animatedly talking. However, they both understand that it’s time to go, since Jimin seems dismissing Namjoon with a kiss on his cheek. They both smile at the interaction, before Taehyung proposes “Can I have you number? I was think that maybe we could hang out a bit to take some photos, just to keep us ready for January, what do you think?”


He feels himself trembling at a possibility of Jungkook saying no, but he finds himself smiling as the younger nods enthusiastically. “Of course! I’d be really happy to!”

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Jungkook regrets giving his number to Taehyung. The problem is, he realizes it only on the day they're supposed to meet and walk around to photograph something they like. He realizes it when he panics, looking for something to wear with Jimin who seems happier than Jungkook for his meet-up with Kim Taehyung.


He has a reason to be happy though. After the first date with Kim Namjoon, Jimin is on cloud nine, strolling around campus with the boy of his dreams, and telling every single detail to Jungkook. And the boy feels genuinely happy for him, but he's too anxious to listen to Jimin's rant about Namjoon's dimples when everything he's thinking about is how scared he is to spend some time with a person he doesn't know after… well, what happened last year.


However, Jimin remains a supportive friend and helps Jungkook finding a decent outfit for his meet-up with Taehyung. At the end, he's wearing some light ripped jeans and a light blue t-shirt with his usual black Nike shoes, while he's waiting in the living room of his apartment with Jimin, while the older boy is trying to put some makeup on him.


“C'mon Gukkie-ah! It's just a bit of makeup! You'll see how much that guy will die for you the moment he sees you!”. And Jungkook can't do anything but sigh, almost bored by the fact that Jimin is thinking that he's going on a date.


“Hyung, we're meeting up to take photos, it's not a date, please”
Or at least Jungkook thinks so. He secretly hopes so. How would Kim Taehyung choose someone like him?


“I don't care! You have to look like a fucking god even if you'll have to jump in the mud!” well. Jimin surely has different priorities. Even though, after a few minutes Jungkook is ready to go out, waiting in his apartment for Taehyung's message, which arrives ten minutes after, making Jungkook think about ways not to present in front of the boy.


However, he is able to walk through the stairs that separate him from Taehyung's car, which looks fucking expensive, while looking at the boy and smiling at him.


Oh, he looks good when he smiles.




When Jungkook got out of Taehyung's Range Rover, he was scared shitless. The car drive was comfortably silent, the quiet only disturbed by the jazz-music played by the radio.
Taehyung was dressed in a simple white shirt and black but large pants; even though his figure was still somewhat outstanding in the silent environment of the park the went to


“I brought something to eat, if you want to” Taehyung says it smiling, seeming to notice Jungkook's anxiousness, and takes a basket out of his car's trunk. Jungkook smiles, happy to see that Taehyung is much more attentive than him.


They start strolling around, snapping shots of whatever inspires them and chatting about simple things and their interests. Jungkook tells Taehyung about his interest for makeup and painting, looking at Taehyung's face lighting up when he mentions that he'd love to try painting on canvas, but they cost too much and he can't afford it.


“I can give you one of mines! I have a lot of them, so it wouldn't be a problem!”. A lot. He has a lot of them. Jungkook's knees buckle because of this. Canvases are so expensive and he manages to buy one per month, he can't imagine having lots of them. Even though, he can't accept Taehyung's offer, that would be too much.


“Ah, thank you Taehyung, but I can't accept, really. I wouldn't be able to pay you back soon.” And he means it. Jungkook hates being helped and babied, hates the way people look down on him because of his economical condition, hates the way people pity him because of his two part-time jobs that have to fit in his tight schedule, and hates waking up too soon in the morning and going to bed too late in the night because of them. He loves the way this makes him feel indipendent and free from the control of anyone, even Jimin's.


Taehyung doesn't seem convinced by his answer and through their walk in the park he tries in every way to give him one of his canvas. And Jungkook, a very weak Jungkook, accepts after being given puppy eyes by Kim Taehyung in person. They eventually get tired and decide to take a break under the fresh shadow of a tree. They lay out a blanket on the grass and Taehyung takes out the food from the basket. Jungkook is surprised to see how much food the other has brought: there’s variety of fruits and sweets and he’s not sure whether they’ll manage to finish everything.


“I wasn’t sure about what you liked, so I tried to bring a bit of everything” Taehyung says, seeming a bit insecure for the first time in their outing. Jungkook just smiles, thanking him and proceeding to take a strawberry.


“So” he hears Taehyung say, “What does Jimin says about my brother?”


Jungkook laughs immediately, probably because of Taehyung’s sarcastic tone and his wriggling eyebrows. “C’mon, I really want to know! Joonie-hyung doesn’t want to tell me anything!”


After that, Jungkook just gives in. He starts talking and gossiping with Taehyung easily, smiling and laughing at his jokes, as if they were old friends catching up after a long time. He finds it easy, talking with Taehyung. He usually just spends his time with Jimin, but he finds that Taehyung might be another part of his everyday life. He realises something else too; he doesn’t want this to end. He doesn’t want to get back in his empty apartment, but he really wants to keep staying here, with Taehyung.


Slowly, he lays down on the blanket, closing his eyes and resting a bit. Even though, he feels Taehyung’s stare on him and finds himself re-opening them, staring accurately for the first time at the person in front of him: Taehyung looks so ethereal, with his soft facial features, but at the same time Jungkook observes his physique and feels strength radiating off him. He tries to observe more closely his soft lips and his double eyelids, but realises that maybe he’s staring a bit too much; however, he quickly realises that the other is looking closely at him too, seeming to be in the same state of his. The thought make him smile, not even knowing why.


“What?” is all Jungkook manages to say, too shy under Taehyung’s strong gaze. He sees him smirk in an endearing way, looking at him like he’s the only valuable thing in the park. He doesn’t want to think how scared he is of that little feeling in his heart that he has while Taehyung watches him like this.


“Nothing, you're just beautiful” is all Taehyung says. He's so caught up with watching Jungkook and the way he smiles adorably that he doesn't realise how near they are. He had lied down too next to him as they talked and found himself admiring how Jungkook's eyes sparkled when he was talking or how cute the mole on his lip looked. Jungkook was really something else.


“What would you say if.. if I asked you out, on a d-date?”


Oh. Wait. Is Kim Taehyung asking me out? Oh. Oh god. Jungkook doesn't know what to do or say, as he feels a flush in his cheeks. He doesn’t know what to say or answer, too scared by the prospect of having a person next to him again.
However, at the same time he can see himself trusting the man in front of him and he suddenly wants to know how it would be to have Taehyung with him.


“I w-would love to, Tae.” He says eventually. “When?”


Taehyung just smiles, on cloud nine. He wants to take Jungkook out so bad since he had met him, but he wasn't sure about his feelings being returned. Suddenly, an idea comes to him.


“How about i take you to a place right now? In like, an hour? i just had an idea, eh” Taehyung blushes, and for the first time Jungkook sees him getting flustered, with a faint blush covering his cheeks and making him look so beautiful.


“But I-I don't have the time to get ready, hyung! I can't go on a date like th-”. He's interrupted by Taehyung's hand covering his mouth, making him flush even more, with the tips of his ears now red. How can he go out with such a handsome and intelligent man dressed like this? At least he could get some makeup and a decent t-shirt-


“Jeongguk-ah, it's nothing big, really! We can rest for an hour and then we can go, but believe me when i say that you can stay dressed like this. Plus, you look good no matter what!”. And suddenly Jungkook smiles, maybe too embarrassed by the compliment he's just received, but he feels so, so happy to hear it from Taehyung.


He still feels scared and anxious about this, but he feels like it's the right thing to do, especially after looking at Taehyung looking hopeful in front of him. He mutters a simple okay, nodding softly and closing his eyes, and then he feel someone's arms embracing him. He feels like crying but at the same time he can't stop smiling, too caught up with the feeling of Taehyung's arm around him.




Taehyung was driving, eyes focused on the street in front of him as Jungkook continued asking questions about where they were going. As they stop by McDonald's, Jungkook is even more confused.


“McDonald's? Where are we going?” He asks quietly, confused by Taehyung's calm face.


“You'll see, Jungkook-ah, it's a place where I usually go to chill out a bit and I really like it”. At this point, Jungkook doesn't know what to think. But after ten minutes Taehyung takes a road, leading to a little clearing in the forest and he stops. He gets off the car and goes to take Jungkook by the other side of the car. After he opens the the car's door by Jungkook's side he takes him by the hand, to Jungkook surprise, and leads him on the roof of the car.


They start eating and chatting, like they did back in the park, but he feels something different in the atmosphere, something more romantic is between them but he doesn't want to misinterpret the situation and the bond that he and Taehyung have just built.


“I usually come here when I need to stay alone for a bit.” He smiles softly and continues, “So I wanted to show it to you, for, uh- y'know… if- if you'll need it in the future”. He smiles again, a bit flustered and Jungkook has to physically stop from cooing at this sight. They exchange smiles again as Taehyung starts to speak again.


“You didn't tell me where are you from though, we talked too much about photography today! Aish.. I want to know a bit about you..”


And who Jungkook is to resist that cute pout?


“S-so.. I'm from Busan, and I managed to get a scholarship to get here, uh. And I'm a dance major with Jiminie and I do cheerleading too, but I'm not that good at it. Uh.. I like photography and painting. Uh… I usually don't like crowds and heights… I live alone, since.. I kinda had an argument with my parents? And, uh, that's all I think. Oh, wait! I like makeup and fashion too, but I'm a broke college student so I can't afford to buy much, even if I work part-time, eh”


As he finishes his stupid excuse of a presentation, Taehyung looks at him again, smiling, as he reaches out a hand to tuck a strand of hair behind Jungkook's ear. He lowers his head, feeling a tad too flustered, why do I feel like this?


“You know.. I couldn't stop watching you at the match, you were literally glowing. I've never seen someone like you, so strong but at the same time so delicate. You're special, you know that, Gukk?”


And Jungkook doesn't know what to say or think. Doesn't know how to express his growing feelings towards the other as he realizes how near to each other they are, so near that he can feel Taehyung's breath on his face.


But, in the end, he doesn't want to move away. He wants to keep feeling Taehyung this near to him as they get closer and closer, as their lips finally meet together in a kiss he doesn't know how much he's waited for.

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Jungkook secretly hopes he doesn’t have a crush on Taehyung. He secretly hopes he doesn’t like him. And he secretly hopes Taehyung lied to him about his feelings. He doesn’t know why, well maybe he does, but he really hopes everything that is happening in his life is coming from a dream because he can’t deal with it.


It’s been a few days after that date night with Taehyung and Jungkook must admit that they are getting closer and closer. They haven’t kissed since then, but it’s kind of obvious that they’re becoming more than simple friends. It’s obvious in the simple gestures they do for each other, in the way they look at each other and in the silent smiles they exchange. Jungkook has never been this happier in his life, but he has to admit that he’s feeling more and more anxious every day. He knows that something isn’t right with himself but he’s trying to push it back down as much as possible, but there’s always someone who finds out, and that someone, unfortunately, in Jungkook’s life is Park Jimin.


Jungkook was sitting under the shadow of a tree, trying to doodle Taehyung’s face in order to distract himself when he heard someone screaming his name. Jimin.


“Gukkie! Wanna come with me and Namjoon? We’re going to lunch!”


And boy, Jungkook is so, so hungry, but he’s suddenly aware that he is actually trying to avoid people, and above all people that concern Taehyung, since he hasn’t been answering to the boy since yesterday. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk to him, but he actually needs a bit of peace and quiet today. And maybe tomorrow too.


He certainly feels guilty about what he’s doing, but he’s sure that if he had to see Taehyung in this moment he’d mess up everything. So he prefers delaying the catastrophe. However, he isn’t prepared to Namjoon and Jimin’s showing up and his reaction must be kind of evident because Jimin is suddenly running up to him with Namjoon trying to follow him. However, his friend must have noticed something, like his pitiful appearance, made up by some simple sweatpants and a giant black hoodie that covers everything until his middle thighs, and his teary face.


“Hey Gukkie, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” is all Jimin asks, worried and anxious for his friend. He turns to Namjoon to tell him something that Jungkook can’t quite grasp since he’s looking down at his lap, where his drawing is, still incomplete. Then Jimin turns and crouches down, trying to understand what is wrong with his friend.

“Did you fight with Taehyungie?” Why is Kim Taehyung everywhere today? Is what Jungkook would like to say, but he thinks that it might be rude to Jimin. He simply shakes his head, showing his clear aversion to talk at the moment.


“Is it a bad day? Gukkie, are u having one of those bad days?” A dumb nod is everything Jimin gets from Jungkook as an answer, but is enough to understand everything.


“Do you want to go home?” Another dumb nod. “Alright. Let me tell Joonie and then we’ll go home and cuddle, okay?” Jungkook nods again. Jimin hugs him, plants a kiss to his forehead and goes to talk to Namjoon.



Jungkook doesn’t actually know what he actually would do without Jimin. He’s always been with him through thick and thin since they were children, and it’s in moments like these that he feels so thankful to him. When he takes him home after noticing something wrong, when he makes him some hot chocolate, when he starts one of his favourite movies and starts cuddling him. Bestest friend ever. After some minutes tough, Jungkook dozes off, cuddled by Jimin, and lulled by the background noise of the television.


When he wakes up, Jungkook is still on the sofa, with Jimin’s hand caressing his hair. He takes a minute to fully come to his senses and then he decides to make an effort for his tiny saviour Jimin, calling him with a small and soft hyung.


“Welcome back Gukkie. Want to tell me something?” Jungkook nods and sighs. Why is Jimin so nice to him? What did he do in his past life to deserve a friend like this?


"Uh, can I tell you a secret?" Jimin nods, a shadow of worry displayed on his face.


"What if.. I d-didn't feel sure about me and Tae?" Jimin makes a face. He looks worried.


“What do you mean? You don’t like him? Did he tell you something bad? Is he-” But Jimin’s questions are interrupted by Jungkook shaking his head, meaning that no, it’s not that.


“Hyung, what if… What if it happens again?” Is everything Jungkook manages to say before tearing up again, shoulders shaking and hands trembling. “What if Taehyung does the same? Hyung, ‘m scared”


And Jimin can’t only watch his friend and do nothing, so he proceeds to hug him and cuddle him, trying to make him calm down again.


He knows he should’ve seen it coming. He knows that after what Jungkook went through, he should’ve expected a reaction, a backlash, or something. But at the same time, Jungkook looked so happy with Taehyung that Jimin really hoped that his friend could finally live in peace, without any fear. He was wrong though.


But in this moment, he realises that he can't stay still and just hug Jungkook. He needs to do something for him, or at least push him on the right direction. He needs to make him reason.


“Jungkook.” Said boy just grunts, already tired from crying and thinking too hard.


“Jungkook-ah, please listen to me, please” Jimin takes Jungkook’s face in his hands, brushing away the tears on his cheeks.


“I know that you're scared and that you're still very anxious, but I need you to calm down, can you do that for me? C’mon, deep breaths Jungkookie, c’mon.”


After some minutes, Jungkook looks visibly more calm, tired, but calm, while being cuddled by Jimin, who decides that this is the moment to finally speak.






“I know that maybe this isn't the right moment to tell you, but.. I think you should talk to Tae and tell him everything.”


“What do you mean? He’ll hate me.” Is everything Jungkook says. Pouting.


“He won't hate you, big baby. That guy is totally smitten for you. But this is why I believe he needs to know. Taehyung truly cares for you and if you want to your relationship, official or unofficial, to progress I think you need to be honest with him.”


Jungkook continues pouting. It might seem difficult to believe that this was the same boy that a few minutes ago was fully sobbing and panicking, but Jimin knows how much Jungkook is indecisive.


“But hyung…”


“Jeon Jungkook. I’m being serious.”


“Hm. I know. ‘m sorry, ‘m just scared.” Jimin can't do anything with Jungkook looking this adorable, so he only coos at him while hugging him thight.


“You’ll see Kook-ah, everything will be alright. I’ll protect you forever. Alright?”


“Alright, hyung.”




Okay. So.


Taehyung doesn’t really know what he did to make Jungkook upset. He really doesn’t know, he swears he doesn’t know. He totally has no idea. Mind blank. Nothing.


He tried messaging him, calling him, searching him around campus, but nothing. Jeon Jungkook has vanished from campus. What makes him anxious though, is what his brother Namjoon has told him this morning.


He was going to buy lunch with Jimin but apparently they had to cancel, since while getting to the restaurant they had met a very down-looking Jungkook and Jimin decided to take him home and understand what was going on, telling Namjoon that he was bringing his friend home since he wasn’t feeling very good.


Apart from that, Taehyung doesn’t know anything. He tried asking Seokjin but he was met with a brick wall, since his brother didn't know anything too.


“Are you sure that you can’t help me? Not even a place where he usually goes?”


“Tae, I’m sorry but i don’t know him very well, really. He’s very shy so I only talked to him when Jimin was with him. I was surprised that you could go out with him, ‘cos my teammates had tried to go out with him but never succeeded, I’m sorry.” Is Seokjin’s final answer.


At this point Taehyung doesn’t know what to do. Or what he did. He’s very fucking confused.


He stalked Jungkook’s social medias, trying to catch him active somewhere, called his best friend Jimin, who didn't answer as well, walked through campus for two hours and the only thing he got is a sore leg.


However, he starts thinking at how important Junkook has become for him in the last weeks. He analyses every minute he spent with him, every touch, every kiss and caress, only to end up being more fond of him.


God, he misses him. He misses having him in his arms.


He doesn't even notice that he’s staring to a photo that he took at the younger during one of their outings. He's just so pretty. He just has to look at a photo to think about his sparkling eyes and bunny smile that make him so beautiful and angelic.


He misses him so much.


He misses his smiles and giggles, his delicate gestures, like when he has a lot to say but doesn't know how to express it and ends up stuttering adorably or like when his eyes get bigger when he's thinking about something important. He misses his voice and his touch, and he misses the feeling of kissing him.


He loves him so much.


Fuck. Oh fuck. I’m in love.


He's in love, completely whipped for a boy who hasn't been answering him or his messages for two days, meaning he might regret going out with him or spending time with him.


Well, that might be a problem.


He actually doesn't remember the last time he felt like this. Or if he has ever felt this way. But at the same time he feels so sure about his feelings, that he actually doesn't regret them. Jungkook doesn't love him back? Fuck that, he’ll love him twice, he doesn't care.


But still, he needs to find him. He tries calling Jimin again, but the latter doesn't answer, again.


He's tired.


And since he's tired he finally takes a decision. he gets up from the sofa he's sitting on, he dresses up in a decent outfit, earning a woah, Tae-ah! from his brothers, he gets his cars and drives to Jungkook’s campus apartment.


He’s going to get his boy.


Once he reaches Jungkook’s apartment he knocks at the door and waits. And waits.


Well, here goes nothing.


However, he’s surprised with the door opening, revealing a smiling Park Jimin, making Taehyung even more confused because why the fuck are you smiling, your best friend has fucking disappeared.


“Taehyungie! What a wonderful coincidence! You came right when we were going to call you!”


What? “W-what?” Okay, he doesn't understand what is going on.


“Well, Jungkookie really wanted to see you! He wanted to tell yo something very important, but since you're here, I guess I’ll let you guys have fun!”


And then, Park Jimin in gone, leaving Taehyung at the door, knowing that his Jungkook in inside.


And so, he enters.


However, he doesn't expect to find Jungkook already there, on the sofa, dressed in an enormous sweatshirt and sweatpants looking adorable and cuddly, teary eyed and waiting for him.


“Hi Tae. I’m sorry for how I acted, but I haven't been honest with you and I think I should talk to you about something very important about me.”


Fuck, Taehyung thinks, please be okay. I love you too much already.