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“Do you have everything you need, Kirishima?” Taishiro Toyomitsu older man standing at 8’2” with short wild blond and kind yellow eyes wearing a large yellow jacket with black pants standing over a younger man with undercut haircut with the top a bright red with the bottom black with a black four door car right behind him.

“Yeah, I have everything. I even double check to make sure my medicine in my satchel.” Kirishima told Toyomitsu knowing how worried the Alpha is about him going back to his old home. In truth Kirishima didn’t want to go back to his prior hometown but his mother was gravely ill and need him.

“You have my phone number, yes? And Amajiki?” Toyomitsu asked to bring his hands up waving them around in apprehension.

Kirishima nodded, “Yes, I have Amajiki-senpai number as well. Don’t worry, Toyomitsu-san. If anything happens or if…I start feeling down. I’ll call you or Amajiki.” Kirishima glance down at the sidewalk for a passing moment feeling dread momentarily take hold.

Toyomitsu seeing the dreaded look in the Omega eyes reach out placing his large hands on Kirishima shoulders then, “Hey, everything will be alright. If you feel like you are being overwhelm or anything. I’ll drive down myself to be with you.”

Kirishima nose couldn’t pick up the scent of concerned and caring Alpha letting him know Toyomitsu is serious about this being the one main person to actually care about him and his wellbeing especially after being in a dark and tainted place for a time. Toyomitsu and Amajiki had rescue him from that unspeaking able place helping him better himself. Even so Kirishima pick up the hints though his body language. Stepping forward his arms circle around the Alpha letting his nose pressing against Toyomitsu chest taking in a deep breath but could not smell his scent.

The medicine kept his Omega and primal part of his brain suppress made it impossible to smell people scents and mood along with the fact himself did not have a scent either. It was a pain at times unable to know what other person was feeling and responded right away but it was a price Kirishima was willingly pay as long as his Omega was silence with Crimson Riot wristband on his left arm covering the name and scars. He let a small hum as Toyomitsu petted his hair getting his body to relax now as the tension building up the pass weeks come undone.

“You better get on the road, Kiri. You don’t want your mother to worry when you don’t show up on time.” Toyomitsu commented pushing himself away but keep his hands on the red hair Omega.

“Yeah, I’ll call you when I get there.” Kirishima grinned turning to his car placing his satchel in the passenger side closing the door.

He give a final wave to Toyomitsu as he sat in the driver seat turning on the car turning the car pulling away and onto the street. He give one last look into the review mirror to see Toyomitsu still waving at him it sent a wave content and relief come over him knowing he could call the large Alpha to his side in moments he become distress and anxious. The drive back to his hometown would at least take half the day giving him a chance not to see anyone till tomorrow that would give him enough time to build up his courage to face everyone whom he hadn’t spoke with since high school.

Kirishima knew he couldn’t nor, would he tell them completely what happen to him after he left their former hometown to Tokyo. His therapist Kendo Itsuka had told him it was fine if he didn’t want to share what happen to him in Tokyo as it was up to him personally to tell his story or not. He had thought about it before his mother doctor had called him telling him about her illness, fantasizing at times of him going back home seeing everyone again telling them why he hadn’t been in contact with them. Sometimes his mind played with everyone crying and tell him he was okay other times it went dark thoughts ending with Kirishima cuddling up to Toyomitsu or Amajiki.

But now on the drive back to old town Kirishima tried to keep a up beat attitude listening to his favorite music band singing along. He stop only twice for snack and bathroom break getting closer and closer to prior town. He could feel the happy boldness slowly drain away his fingers held a death grip on the steering wheel with his heart beat going up. His breathing grew faster and heavier with his teeth grit against one other Kirishima pull to the side of the road trying to his breathing and emotional state under control. A part of him was grateful his Omega was silence as having it would have made this much worst.

He started with the breathing exercise taking in a long slow breath through his nose filling his lungs with air. Then he held his breath to the count of three letting it out slowly through his lips as he relax the muscles in his face, jaw, shoulders and stomach. He repeated the exercise a few more times till his mind and heart became clear and calmer. For a moment he thought to call Amajiki and tell him what happen yet held off seeing the sun beginning to set his crimson eyes look over at the dash clock to see what time it was. He was about five minutes pass when he should have reached his mother house.

Kirishima Niko had been a force of nature who had come to Tokyo to look for her son whom would call her very other day to tell her how he was doing had come less and less till he had stop completely. Mrs. Kirishima had gone to the police station to fill out a missing person report where she had meet Toyomitsu and Amajiki whom had taken over the case. Mrs. Kirishima had refused to return home worried and fearful for her son life till Toyomitsu and Amajiki had found him bring Kirishima back to his mother. She had stayed by his side for a whole month returning home once she certain Toyomitsu would take care and watch over him.

Doing one last breathing exercise Kirishima hit the emergency blinkers gradually getting back on the road. The radio volume turn up in hopes the louder music could keep those feeling at bay. Finally reaching his hometown Kirishima taking in deep breath holding it in then letting it out slowly as he drove down the main road seeing all the old shops and restaurants he had visited as kid with his childhood friends talking, joking and playing around after school. Turning left to see old movie theater had an upgrade now bigger with new stone walls and paint and clear doors to see right in. Across from it the small arcade was still in business with bookstore getting him to smile.

Another turn lead the car down two-way road with houses on both side taking him further away from town doing one more turn that brought him to his home street. His eyes look around to see what changes had been done to the block. There where a few changes some houses a new lawn ornaments other had completely change telling him new families had moved in. Leisurely he came to a stop as pull his car to the side of the road stopping in front a house with brush fence with a wooden gate. Stepping out of his car with his satchel toss over his shoulder shutting the car door behind him walking to the wooden gate opening it seeing the familiar stone steps leading him up to the front door.

Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out the house key his mother had sent him unlocking the door. The hallway dark with the only light coming from the down the hallway from the living room. He was a little concerned his mother hadn’t come out to welcome he home hoping she hadn’t push herself or work herself up because he hadn’t show up in time. Fearing the worst, Kirishima toss his satchel down hurrying taking his shoe off as powerwalk down the hallway to the living room. Mouth open to call his mother to ask if she was okay coming right into the living room doorway.


Kirishima jerk back as his heart shot out of his chest as strangers greeted him with his mother right in the middle of them. His body held still not moving a single muscle busy hearing his heart thumb in his ears with eyes darting around unable to think or speak though a part of him was grateful his mother came to his side placing a soft hand on his shoulder getting him to look at her.

“Eijiro, I’m so glad you made it. I was getting a little worried when you didn’t show up on time.” Mrs. Kirishima said as she lean closer to her son, “I’m sorry, I told Asami-san you were coming back who told her daughter Mina and well…”

Kirishima shoulders drop at hearing this, “Of course, she would throw a surprise welcome home party.”

“Oi! Kirishima,” shouted a short blond hair Omega his hair parted to the right with a lighting black streak on the left of his side fringe angle slight over his left eye it didn’t take a moment to know who this is coming up to him.

“Kaminari?” Kirishima taking the sight of his old friend grinning at him a purple-yellor collar around his neck with mate mark between his right shoulder and neck.

“Sure is! Dude, you completely change your look!” Kaminari elaborated remembering Kirishima from high school with black hair to his jawline rather then red dye hair with undercut.

“Ah, yeah, I…change my look.” Kirishima nervously explain raising a hand rubbing the back of his neck eyes turning away, “But that collar. Did you meet your Alpha?”

“He sure did!” Blurted out a fluffy and unruly pink hair Beta woman with sun tan skin yet her square eyes had their sclera black with irises bright yellow a black-white pink collar on her.

“Ashido?! What happen to your eyes?!” Kirishima shouted at seeing another one his high school friend freaking out a bit at seeing her eyes.

“Oh, I got them tattoo! Kaminari Alpha is the one to did it. That how they meet actually.” Ashido enlightened smiling widely at him then throwing her arms around him, “I’m glad your back.”

“Ah, yeah, me too,” Kirishima faltered a bit but return the hug not looking at Ashido as she pulled back feeling her eyes on him attempted to read his mood.

He search around trying to find place now familiar faces when he came to one he didn’t recognize at all. At first, he figured it probably how tired looking he was with dark bags under his eyes with a grimace lips with messy indigo hair flaring out in large tufts around his head eyes matching his hair color. He also had a purple-yellow collar around his own neck with a bite mark on his right shoulder and neck area.

“Sorry but I don’t think we met? I’m Kirishima Eijiro,” Kirishima admitted walking a bit more into the living to stand in front of stranger bring a hand out.

“Shinso Hitoshi. I’m Denki Alpha.” Shinso replied taking Kirishima hand his nose twitch lips during further downward when he didn’t pick up Kirishima scent.

“I’m an Omega if you’re wondering.” Kirishima informed knowing how some people become uncomfortable when they could smell his secondary gender.

“I wasn’t. Figure you might be sick or something. I own a tattoo shop in town, had a few clients that didn’t have scent due to the medication or treatment they were under going at the time.” Hitoshi said drawing his hand back body having been completely relax during their small conversation.

“I can tell, you body langue said so.” Kirishima grin feeling a bit comfortable around Shinso as he kind remind him of Amajiki.

“Are you okay, Kirishima? Your wearing long sleeves shirt during summer.”  asked a lean man with short black hair spiked back almond-shaped eyes with a rather plain face Kirishima knew that plain face and grin a matching collar to Ashido.  

“Sero? Dude, I’m fine and it not that hot, really it not! But anyway, look you and Ashido! When did you guys get mated?” Kirishima asked feeling disappointed and repulsive with himself for not being there for them or for Kaminari own Mate Day.

“Well we are not mated yet as we haven’t set date for it, but we did get the collars made.” Sero clarified doing his famous hand to chin move Ashido coming over to other Beta side. Her arms wrap around his own arm.

“Forget about that for a minute. Kirishima, seriously man, we haven’t seen you in like forever! What happen to you? After high school you went to Tokyo and then just drop off the face of earth. I…” Kaminari started off but Shinso stop him.

“Denki…” Shinso step in placing a hand on the shorter man shoulder stopping him seeing a flash of hurt and pain in Kirishima eyes.

“Sorry, I really I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you guys worry about me when I went to Tokyo.” Kirishima started hearing a knock at the front door seeing his mother leave the living room to answer, “But when I got there and started collage I…just become overwhelmed with everything. The moving, starting collage right away, dealing with the professors and other students.”

“Kirishima, bro, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” Kaminari apologized hearing the waver in Kirishima voice.

“But seriously Kiri, are you okay?  Taking this kind of medication means…” Sero asked this time around with a serious look in his eyes with Ashido and Kaminari have the same expression.

“Kacchan, I-I-I don’t want…a unknow Alpha to be my Alpha! I want you to be my Alpha!”

“Then I’ll be your Alpha. Fuck the name that is written on your wrist.”

“But…what if when your mate name comes, you’ll change your mind?”

“I won’t. I decide long ago you would be my Omega. Fuck fate and this soulmate bullshit.”

 On the other side of the classroom door left open slightly Kirishima stood just behind it his heart shatter as a deep dark hole replace his stomach now. His teeth grit against one other as his hands clenched at his side. Mind running at the speed of light at hearing his best friend, Bakugo Katsuki, whom name had appeared on his left wrist which told him that Bakugo was his Alpha and mate. His soulmate.

“I know, and its alright. I came to terms with what it means and so did my Alpha.” Kirishima told his friends fingers rubbing the arm band on his left wrist, “He been really kind and supportive.”

“What?! You mean you meet your Alpha?” Ashido and Kaminari asked at the same time.

 Kirishima open his mouth to tell them that wasn’t the case that Tashiro took that role when his own Alpha rejected him, but it was working, and the medicine kept his Omega silent. Kirishima hope he be able to stop taking the medicine one day and on that day his Omega would accept Tashiro as his Alpha.

“Eijiro, look who came to see you.” Mrs. Kirishima called out giving him a minute of warning as she enter the room with two other people.

Kirishima turn his head to see last two people he didn’t want to see for the day till he could build himself up. To put on a forged smile for them as he made sure he had a happy personality around them. But as his eyes told him they were here right next to his mother Kirishima felt his throat tighten eyes flicker up to see his mother concerned eyes. His throat tighten even more at seeing the look on her face the worry he was causing his mother making guilt raise it head eat away at his stomach and heart.

Taking a deep breath through his nose missing the pheromones coming off the newcomers and his friends yet he could tell from the way Midoriya was hanging onto Bakugo side glancing at him every five seconds told him the snarl on Bakugo wasn’t his normal temperament. He didn’t get the chance to look over them and see how time had change them as he tried to put on a smile with cheerful attitude raising his arms ready to greet the two of them when Bakugo step forward disregarding Midoriya plea of his name.

“Hey, Midoriya, Bakugo…” Kirishima greeted just to fall down slapping his hand on his nose mind going blank a means to not feel the pain.

 “Kacchan!” Midoriya cried out watching as Bakugo stood over Kirishima seeing blood slip between his fingers.

“So, after years of no calls, texts, emails from you. It takes you mother becoming serious ill for you to come home, hah?! Fuck you asshole!” Bakugo shouted out at Kirishima glaring down at him who sat there looking up at Bakugo.

All at once everyone except his mother who rush to his side kneeing down began yelling at Bakugo. Hearing all the fighting and shouting Kirishima could feel himself beginning to be detached from the event happing around him. It was nothing new he did this all the time when He came to his room with His friends. To keep the pain and distress Kirishima would disconnected from reality but now even as he felt himself slipping away. He tried to stop it to stay in the here and now.

“Eijiro, you okay?” Mrs. Kirishima called out to him kneeing at his side just to seeing the distance glance forming in her son eyes a look she hated seeing it remind her to much of day Tashiro brought Kirishima back.

Hearing his mother Kirishima closed his eyes following the advice from Kendo to bring himself back. Slow breaths repeating his mantra quietly till he could stand somewhat to what was happing. Carefully he stood up then help his mother up hearing everyone become quiet with his back to Bakugo. He saw the troubled expression on her face, but he squeezed her hand gently then turn around to face Bakugo.

“Sorry about that, Bakugo. A lot of stuff happen, and it didn’t really give me a chance to talk to you guys. But if you excuse me, I need to take care of this bloody nose. I’ll be right back, guys!” Kirishima told Bakugo smiling at him brightly Bakugo jerk himself back not expecting this reaction.

Kirishima pass by Bakugo and Midoriya powerwalking to his old bedroom opening the door then closing it quickly. He could hear his mother scowling Bakugo, yet he tried not to let that distract him as he reach into his back pocket bring out his phone. His hand shaking as he held it for a moment thumb hitting the icon for call contact seeing Tashiro number swiping it then bring the phone up to his ear.

“Please, please, please, Tashiro, answer…” Kirishima whispers desperately into the speaker listening as it ringed.

“Hello, chick, I’m happy that you call! I was getting a little worried…Kirishima, what wrong?” Tashiro voice reach out concern tone warmed Kirishima.

“I…I…I just need to talk and…. he here….my soulmate is here and…I…I can’t face him right now…what do I do?” Kirishima told Tashiro his voice breaking a little.

“Its okay, Eijiro. We talk it through how ever long it takes. Okay?”


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Two hours had pass unknown to Kirishima as he spent that time talking with Tashiro. Listening as the older Alpha voice peaceful and serene relaxed his body letting his emotional state settle down till, he felt more comfortable and mentally ready to go back into the living room where everyone was waiting. Giving a sincere goodbye with a promise to call him tomorrow he pocket his phone then slowly standing up. A hand on the doorknob turning it allowing him to step into the hallway closing the door as he head for the bathroom now.

Flipping the lights on going over to the bathroom sink Kirishima took a moment to see himself in the mirror. Blood smeared around his nose and mouth his eyes with haunted look getting him to turn the water on cupping a handful splashing it on his face. Washing the blood away taking some extra time to try and get rid of the look in his eyes. Drying his face with a towel tossing it into the laundry basket with one last deep breath. Kirishima step out into the hallway again walking down coming to the living room.

“Eh, where is everyone?” Kirishima asked seeing no one from earlier was around now.

“I ask them to head on home after what happen. I didn’t think it was wise to have all of them here with emotions running high.” Mrs. Kirishima said with a can of air spray meant to remove pheromones from household an angry appearance on her face.

“Mom,” Kirishima spoke getting her to turn to him a frown coming to her face, “Thank you.”

“Eijiro,” Mrs. Kirishima put the air spray on the table coming over to his side hugging him, “I should have known that Mina would invited him. I’m so sorry,”

“Don’t be mom, I would have had to meet him sooner or later.” Kirishima said knowing it was true he would eventually cross path with Bakugo.

“Even so, are you okay? I want to keep the contact between the two of you to be as little as possible.” Mrs. Kirishima told her son waving at the table for him to sit down.

“Yeah, I fine. I called Toyomitsu and we talk. He even asked if he should come down here, but I told him not yet. I wanted to get through it myself…if I can. If not, I would call him and ask him to come down.” Kirishima explained pulling out a chair sitting down.

“What about your medication? Did it help at least?” Mrs. Kirishima asked even through she hadn’t like the idea of him being put on such medication she knew why it had to be done.

“It is. My Omega is completely silent. It didn’t even make a peep when Bakugo came in.” Kirishima answered reminding himself to put the medication in the medicine cabin in the bathroom. As long as he had it, he didn’t have to worry about his Omega whine and clawing inside him head.

Mrs. Kirishima let out a relief sigh, “That good, but how has your Omega been reacting to Toyomitsu?”

“Not so well but I think it only because…” Kirishima stop he didn’t want to bring Him up didn’t want to even think about that Alpha but Kirishima corrected himself. That man wasn’t an Alpha He had been a monster whom had seen a self-hating Omega and taken advantage it.

Mrs. Kirishima reach over taking her son hand into her own, “Just take your time with it, Eijiro. There is no need for you to rush.”

“I know, I know. Kendo-san said the same thing, but I just wish my Omega would just move on all ready.” Kirishima told her hang his head now his mind thinking back to his time in Tokyo how it led down a dark path.

“But have you moved on?” Mrs. Kirishima asked him to get his head to snap up.

“What?” Kirishima gasp out suddenly feeling trap in his skin at the question.

“I remember that morning when you came running out of your room into the kitchen showing me his name on your left wrist. I saw how happy you were when his name appeared, and I know how much you hope it would be him.” Mrs. Kirishima spoke gently to him having seen how tensed her son on gotten.

“I…I…” Kirishima bit his lips teeth cutting into skin because it was true, “I don’t think so, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is he happy and seeing him with Midoriya still well just show they are meant to be together. Plus, after what happen to me Bakugo wouldn’t want me.”

Silence fall between them with Mrs. Kirishima holding her son hand not taking it away as she saw tears in his eyes. They didn’t fall right away building instead then falling onto the table hearing her son sniff. Even though she couldn’t smell his scent it is clear to her that Kirishima is still hurting over the rejection but how he saw himself now. To tinted and used to be loved by the Alpha fate had appointed to him too.

“That not true, Eijiro.” Mrs. Kirishima started off but stop when Kirishima stood up abruptly.

“Thanks Mom but I think it about time for me to head onto bed. It been a long drive and meeting everyone has drain me for the day.” Kirishima turn away not even looking at her clear sign he didn’t want to talk about this anymore.

Mrs. Kirishima bit her own lip but still wish her son a goodnight, “I’ll see you in the morning, have pleasant dreams.”

“Pleasant dreams.” Kirishima called back to her ready heading down the hallway to his old room.

Before he could he stop by the bathroom entering the room closing and locking the door in the chance his mother came by. He didn’t want her to come in though she had seen what had been done to him Kirishima still didn’t want her to see them. Now standing before the sink and mirror Kirishima gradually took off his long sleeve shirt placing it on the sink then removing the Crimson Riot wristband right to it. His eyes stayed on the white sink as his hands grip the edges fingernails pressing against it. Drawing in a deep breath through his nose Kirishima eyes moved from the sink to his arms now. Seeing his arms litter with scares overlapping each other some small others larger given to him by that Alpha.

Laughter filled his ears as he whimpered laying on the floor arms spilling blood on the floor. The Alpha standing over him making his Omega cry out for their Alpha. Kirishima closed his eyes pushing himself away from the pain and overpower scent of an arousal Alpha.

“I was right about you! You took my punches better then weaklings.” The Alpha merrily told him fingers wrapping around his neck lifting him up.

Gray colored eyes started into his red ones as he smiled delighted at the news. Even as the Omega scent filled the room with his distress and fear, yet the Alpha didn’t care. He was in thrall by the Omega having with stand uncontrollable strength it made him excited in ways he hadn’t felt in years.

Now be a good Omega and present yourself to your Alpha.” He told Kirishima dropping him onto the floor Alpha voice taking hold.

Kirishima let out a sob wanting to voice out He wasn’t his Alpha never would he be his Alpha only he couldn’t as the Alpha voice had his body moving against his will feeling his Omega comply reluctantly. Shooting pain ran up his hand’s arms blood coming out faster now as he place his hands in front of him feeling himself come to complete stop at seeing the scar out name barely there but knew.

Bakugo Katsuki.

Blinking turning the awful memory away Kirishima remind himself he wasn’t back there in anymore. No one was going to hurt him or make him do what they wanted as they pleased for, he is safe with his mother right outside of the bathroom. Telling himself he could call for help if he need it getting the rageing storm in his mind to calm and still now. Gently he let go of the sink bring up left fingers up to touch the scars on his right a melancholy expression on his face. His mother word echoing in his ears yet felt hollow. Even Kendo-san had told him the same thing with Amajiki and Toyomitsu he felt it wasn’t true.

Turning his left arm seeing more scars where his soulmate name once it was only now was gone. Scratched off years ago in a fit anger, sorrow and regret, anger at Bakugo for being in love with Midoriya and not himself. Sorrow for even thinking such a thing when he made the choice not to tell Bakugo back then wanting him to be happy even if he wasn’t with him. Regret knowing, he could never be loved now because he had allowed this to happen to him trying to silence the pain in his heart and his Omega.

Drawing his eyes away Kirishima seize his shirt putting it back on then his wristband turning and leaving the bathroom. He force his mind not to think about his scars anymore nor the pain they brought with them. Rebuffing pessimistic emotions fighting to take hold of him again making him break down and succumb to them. He wouldn’t fall into them again being lose in those shadowy thoughts drowning in the misery and desolation mingling with self-hate and insecure telling him how worthless he is. It had taken time and care from his mother, Amajiki, and Toyomitsu to see it wasn’t true at all and for them he would fight it.

Once back in his old room he walk over to made bed getting him to smile having not see earlier his mother had brought out his Crimson Riot sheets and blanket along with matching pillows. In the morning Kirishima promised he would make breakfast for her and just have her relax. The day had not only been stressful for him but for her too. She didn’t need the extra stress when she had her own illness to deal with and son she worried about more now.

Not giving it anymore though nor bothering to change out of his clothes as his luggage still in the car along with laptop and his art supplies. He laid down on the bed bring a pillow closer to himself taking in a deep breath letting it out closing his eyes now. Within the next five minutes he asleep thinking nothing more of the day.

Hours passed with morning light coming though the house giving it a warm feel through out the house. A clock tick as Kirishima stirred his eyes held closed his mind coming back from sleep tell him he is in his old room back in his hometown now. Saudade feeling over came him raising himself up then out of bed trying to push that away but it held itself. Letting out a frustrated sigh Kirishima head for the bathroom listening for any sounds to know if his mother was up. Hearing nothing but the clock he did a quick brush of his teeth and face then head for the kitchen opening the medical cabin popping open a bottle that held his pills taking one and swallowing it dry.

He carefully open the kitchen cabins and refrigerator pulling out the basic food and ingredients need for a simple breakfast. He didn’t want to cook to much food in case his mother did feel well enough to eat all of it figuring a simple one would do for her and himself as he wasn’t up for a large one. With coffee brewing and miso soup almost being done shuffling feet told him his mother is up coming to the kitchen now.

“Good morning, mom. I got breakfast on the way.” Kirishima told her seeing her walk over to the table now.

“Good morning, Eijiro. Thank you for the breakfast seemed I overslept a bit.” Mrs. Kirishima told him sitting down with Kirishima bring her a plate and utensils.

“Don’t worry about it. The doctor told me to make sure you relax when you can and not to strain yourself. If you need to in from time to time, go head. I’m here to make sure everything is taken care of, so you don’t worry.” Kirishima said truthfully, he wanted to follow the doctor orders of his mother as close as possible ensuring his mother health.

“I know, but I cannot help it. I’m used to being wake first then having to wake up a son whom sleep like a rock up for school even after you left. I would wake up to get my day going with cleaning and shopping or help some of the younger families by watching the little ones. Now I feel confine.” Mrs. Kirishima described as Kirishima place a small bowl of salad along with boil egg, miso soup and grill pickle fish.

“It just for a couple of months then when the doctor give you a clean bill of health. You can go back to help our neighbors.” Kirishima assured her gathering his own food then siting at the table, “By the way, I notice your running low on food. If you want, I can head over to the grocery store and get some groceries.”

Mrs. Kirishima frown slightly, “Are you sure you want to do that? After yesterday I’m not sure if it best for you to be out there.”

“Mom, it fine. I’ll have to leave the house with doctor appointments or if you want to go somewhere in town, I’ll glad drive you there.” Kirishima commented trying to reinsure his mother.

Mrs. Kirishima stared at him for a moment, “Your right, your right. I just don’t want you get hurt while you’re here. It’s a mother need to protect her pup that all.”

“I get it and I know why. But trust me, I can handle being here for next few months. I have you here with me and if things become to much for me. Toyomitsu promised he would drive down here and still with us.” Kirishima went on glad to see his mother relax when he told her about Toyomitsu.

“Alright, then let’s eat then I’ll write up a shopping list for you.” Mrs. Kirishima agreed feeling more relax at hearing Kirishima could call a upon Toyomitsu and the Alpha would rash down to help him.

Giving her a bright smile Kirishima began eating the breakfast he made for the both of them a comfortable silence between them. Once finished Kirishima wash the dishes as his mother wrote up the list as he finished, he head outside to his car. Taking out his luggage’s bring it into house leaving it in his room. He would unpack later heading back to the kitchen where his mother is. She handed over the shopping list tell him to be careful as he head out now grabbing his car keys telling her he would and be back soon.

The drive to the grocery semi-silence with just the radio news on when he arrived at the store. Finding a park spot was easy turning off the car stepping out of it heading for the store pulling the list out of his pocket going over what his mother need for home. It is basic and a few special items which Kirishima thought is his mother way of wanting to make a some of his favorite meat dishes. Grabbing a shopping cart Kirishima head first for the vegetables produce taking his time wanting to get fresh green food. From there he walk over to the bakery stopping to look over bread seeing which one is fresher when voices came to his ears.

“Oi, Deku, are we out of bread?” Bakugo rumbling voice asked causing Kirishima to glance over his shoulder the hand on the shopping cart felt heavy as stone.

“Maybe?” Deku replied back but didn’t sound sure if they did. Kirishima could see Midoriya standing there on the other side of aisle with his thinking face.

“Ah, fuck it. I’m getting some if we don’t need it, we still have it for later.” Bakugo grunt probably heading for the bread now.

Kirishima held still for a whole minute trying to decide on what to do. He really didn’t want to meet Bakugo right now telling himself it wasn’t what happen yesterday is the reason why but a part of him told him differently. He didn’t want to meet Bakugo because the Alpha would then want to apologize for what he did when really it was Kirishima fault. He had made Bakugo worried when he stop calling and texting him over the years then that worry turn into anger at being told he was alright but hadn’t bother to call to himself to tell him how he was alright choosing to ignore him small part hoping Bakugo would forget him.

That thought in his mind Kirishima toss the stack of bread into the cart pushing it forward now hoping he didn’t run into Bakugo on the other end making a sharp turn left going straight for the dairy produce. As he pass the aisle and didn’t hear Bakugo yell Kirishima believe he hadn’t been spotted coming to a stop now once he reach the dairy aisle thinking how he could avoid Bakugo and Midoriya.

“Kirishima-kun!” A gentle voice called out get Kirishima to jerk slightly as his heart jump in his chest.

Kirishima gradually turn his head to see Midoriya standing behind him staring at him, “Oh, Hey Midoriya! I didn’t know you were shopping here.”

“About what happen last night, I know you are probably don’t want to see Kacchan right now. But…I’m not trying to excuse Kacchan actions!” Midoriya blurted out getting Kirishima to stare at him.

“When…when Ashido told us, you were coming back home to take care of your mother. Kacchan was relived to hear you where alive and well but as we came closer to your mother home that relief it well turn not into anger though it’s kind of was, but the…” Midoriya was saying but stop noticing Kirishima was looking at his neck, “Kirishima-kun?”

Kirishima jolted blinking then smiling at him, “It alright, Midoriya. I get it. I really do! You don’t have to apologize for what Bakugo did. I would be just upset if the roles were reverse though I don’t think I would hit him. More like hug him to death for all the worry and concern.”

“Kirishima-kun,” Midoriya said softly looking at the now red hair Omega.

“Anyway, how have you been Midoriya? We really didn’t get a chance to talk. How have things been for you?” Kirishima tried to turn the conversation into a other direction.

Midoriya didn’t say anything right away trying to scent the area around them hoping he could pick up on what Kirishima was feeling only to pick up on the scent of other people and items around them. He couldn’t smell Kirishima at all even as he moved closer and still smell nothing. His green eyes widen at this recalling how his father figure began to lose his scent and why.

“Kirishima-kun, are you…”

“Oi, Deku what are…”

Midoriya and Kirishima look behind Midoriya to see Bakugo standing at the other end of the aisle. There was a passing moment between the three of them not saying a word when Midoriya moved his head from Bakugo to Kirishima then back to Bakugo. Unsure who was going to make the first move. The moment pass then with Bakugo wiping the stun look off his face marching straight to them a determine look on his face now. Kirishima felt his body go stiff as a board as he tried to read Bakugo mood to see what he need to do. Did he need to ready himself for a other hit or should he try and calm the hot tempter Alpha down. Just before he could make a decision Bakugo shot pass Midoriya once again standing before him.

“Hit me.” Bakugo told Kirishima getting the two Omega yell out in shock.

“What?!” Kirishima yelled out shock Bakugo would say such a thing when he couldn’t remember Bakugo making such an offer before being the most prideful that he is.

“Kacchan?!” Midoriya could only stare at Bakugo once again caught off guard again though his eyes went over to Kirishima wanting to see what he would do.

“I said for you to fucking hit me. Was I not fucking clear?!” Bakugo yelled back standing taller getting slight irked by the Omegas reactions.

“I’m not going to hit you! Are you crazy, Bakugo?!” Kirishima shouted back just to have Bakugo snarl at him.

“Why the fuck not? I hit you, you hit me then we are fucking even! How fucking hard is that?” Bakugo growled out getting Midoriya backing away from him as his Alpha irritation scent burn gradually around them.

“Because I don’t want too!” Kirishima replied his eyes taking in how Midoriya back away looking uneasy as he stared at Bakugo, “Bakugo, calm down.”

“I’m calm!” Bakugo shouted even louder then before getting Midoriya to jerk a little Kirishima picking up on it.

“No, you’re not.” Kirishima easily told him taking in a deep breath but he was a bit grateful he couldn’t pick up Bakugo scent, “But I see you still have that short-fuse even after all the years.”

Kirishima smiled at Bakugo causing him to stop and actually look at him seeing just how relax and ease he is. Letting at a ‘tsk’ Bakugo toss the bag of crush bread over to Midoriya who miss the first time but caught it the second time. Once he turn back Bakugo eyes roam over Kirishima seeing him just standing there as if he hadn’t left just smiling at him almost careful as before.

Kirishima took this moment to look over Bakugo see he had grown to handsome man standing taller then himself still with his short hair spike upward all over with it lower over his forehead. His eyes sharp and thin with bright ember red eyes as high cheek bones with definitely defined lips somehow still looking attractive even when piss off. Kirishima seeing Bakugo maintain his muscular build and lightly tanned skin.  

Turning from him over to Midoriya who had grown into his round face still framed by his fluffy dark hair. Large circular eyes shining green eyes giving him that innocent appearance Alphas loved. Symmetrical freckles on each of his cheek though his once plain looking body had gain tone muscles and massive add more appeal to his stance. He was shorter then Bakugo but had a few inches on him. 

“I don’t want you to forgive me so easily damn it! Fuck why are you not angry for what I did?” Bakugo asked his tone held the guilt and anger in it Kirishima could almost felt it drawing him back.

Kirishima look away unsure how to tell Bakugo how he wasn’t angry, nor did he fell Bakugo need to be forgiven for what he did. But Bakugo wouldn’t let it go that easy as Kirishima knew yet he had to do something that would ease Bakugo guilt. An idea come to him hoping this would do the trick.

“How about this? You make dinner for me for a whole week and we will call it even?” Kirishima told Bakugo then waited for him to answer.

“Hah?!” Bakugo stood there unclear if he heard Kirishima correctly when Midoriya spoke up.

“That a good idea! I remember how much you enjoyed Kacchan cooking, Kirishima-kun.” Midoriya remind Bakugo who seemed to glare at the smaller male for talking.

“I did.” Kirishima grin at the both of them hoping this was ease the tension building around themselves though his eyes lock onto Bakugo neck he didn’t see a collar, but the neck of his shirt cover the area were a mate mark would be. He tried not to let that bother him by keeping calm and forged smile on his face.

Time held still for this fleeting moment when Bakugo turn his eyes back into Kirishima. His nose twitch almost causing Kirishima to lose his smile but held it. The stillness around them broken when Bakugo ‘tsk’ turning away now with Midoriya smiling brightly now. Kirishima knew Bakugo had agree getting him to relax a bit more then letting him worry less now.

“Are you free tonight?” Bakugo asked getting a small ‘Uh’ from Kirishima.

“Well, yeah I think so.” Kirishima said slowly thinking over if he had anything to do other than unpack. His mother didn’t have any doctor appointments today or tomorrow which him would have head to bed early. His job let him work his own hours be it anywhere, yet he hadn’t even begun to write up his manuscript.

“Let me see your phone.” Bakugo asked reaching out for it the thought of Kirishima not even doing that hadn’t cross the Alpha mind.

“Uh, why?” Kirishima asked reaching into pocket stopping when he touch it wondering why Bakugo would ask for it.

“For my address, dumbass.” Bakugo bark at him snatching it away now when Kirishima pull it out.

“Heh, yeah, sorry about that. I don’t know why I thought you still being living at your old one. You guys must have moved out some time ago.” Kirishima casually pointed out trying to keep the smile on his face.

“Deku and I moved out a year after you left. Here, I put in my new phone number.” Bakugo told him giving his phone back, “Come by around seven, I’ll start dinner then.”

Kirishima head jerk, “Tonight?”

“Didn’t you just fucking say your free tonight?” Bakugo asked as Kirishima felt his eyes on him waiting for him to answer.

“I did but I also didn’t think you would do so right away. Err, can you give me some time? I want to make sure my mom with be okay if I left her alone tonight.” Kirishima said quickly giving reason why he couldn’t possible be at their place tonight. A part of him didn’t want to go to Bakugo and Midoriya home knowing how happy they are living together.

“It’s okay, Kirishima-kun. We understand, right Kacchan?” Midoriya asked looking over at Bakugo watching the ash-blond Alpha.

“Whatever. Just give me a fucking call telling me if your coming or not.” Bakugo rumbling out turning around his back now facing Kirishima as he walk away from them now.

Kirishima felt as if he missed something but wasn’t sure what it. Trying to piece it together he look over to Midoriya hoping the ruff green hair Omega would give him some insight. Only Midoriya wasn’t even looking at him but at Bakugo a small frown on his freckles face. The smile that he had kept on his face drop down thinking about how Bakugo possibly hope they could be friends again after the years Kirishima hadn’t been here.

“He really didn’t want you to leave.” Midoriya spoke up getting him to feel uneasy for some reason though he told himself he shouldn’t be.

“What? He didn’t act like that when I told him I was heading for Tokyo.” Kirishima admitted recalling how Bakugo seemed a little shock when he told him of his plan but give him the support and encouragement. It had hurt so much back then it still hurt now.

“Because you were so determined to get to Tokyo saying how you hope to become a pro volleyball player once you got into a good college. Kacchan wanted to support you anyway he could.” Midoriya told him Kirishima couldn’t help but feel he had disappointed Bakugo in some way when Bakugo had done all those late-night study sessions with him helping better his grades.

Kirishima look down at his feet, “Sorry, Bakugo help me so much back then yet I was unable to do what I originally plan. Feels like I let him down.” He could feel it now the dark feelings crawling at him turning his thoughts down a dark path again.

“Kirishima-kun?” Midoriya inquired seeing Kirishima standing there looking down, “No, Kirishima-kun I didn’t mean it that way! I’m sorry, I was just trying to tell you how…”

“It’s okay, Midoriya. I get what you are tell me, but I cannot help but feel this way. I just hope while I’m here I can repair our friendship.” Kirishima truthfully told Midoriya as he hope while being here perhaps, he could feeling overcome his feelings and move on.

“Friendship?” Midoriya stared at Kirishima staggered at what he heard.

“Yeah, I’m sure Bakugo would like it if we could be friends again.” Kirishima placing his hands behind his back his right fingers wrap around his left wrist.

Midoriya astonishment but it pass quickly Kirishima didn’t see it when he spoke again, “Listen, Midoriya I hope we can talk more next time we meet. But I should finish this up and get back home as soon as possible. I don’t want to leave my mother alone for to long.”

“Sure, I think it be great if we can sit down and talk.” Midoriya told him backing away and placing the bag of bread into the cart.

“Great, I’ll see you around, Midoriya.” Kirishima told smaller Omega grabbing his own shopping cart and push it away making himself walk calmly rather then run away.

“See you, Kirishima-kun.” Midoriya called out watching him up till he turn the corner.

The rest of the time he was there Kirishima felt he is walking on the edge of the knife wondering if he would meet them again or be surprise by having one other of his high school friends showing up. It really shouldn’t surprise him this was the only main grocery store with two minor ones but the awkwardness with darken thoughts where dragging him down having him hurry though his shopping. He payed for the food and items placing them in his car heading home now though he would glace up looking into the review mirror as if he expect someone to follow him.

Once at home his mother greeted him stepping out to help only to have Kirishima hold her off. Telling her he could bring in the bags inside and she could start placing the food and items away. The task itself simple giving him time to think over what he had saw, Midoriya wearing white and green collar with a mate bite on his shoulder. He shouldn’t be shock by it as it was next step for Bakugo and Midoriya to do having been together since high school. Moving out of their parent’s home living together now being mated to one other. It was only natural they would do so.

Yet it hurt him even after all the years it made his chest and heart feel a closing ache around. If his Omega wasn’t silence it would be causing him to make a scene. Crying and screaming at Bakugo while raging and growling at Midoriya then his Omega tearing into himself for letting Bakugo go, for letting their mate and Alpha go. He could feel those dark thoughts now turn onto himself. How he didn’t have the right to be dismayed at their choices when he left. Nor did he had right to want to be with Bakugo after what happen. Letting Him use him as he wanted in the beginning till he realized how truly broken and stain he had become it dragged him further down.

“Eijiro?” A warm voice and hand touch his arm getting him to snap out of his mind glimpse over to see his mother standing by him. A bothered look in her eyes had him realized he hadn’t spoke since he came home now just standing at the table for the pass few minutes.

“I’m…” Kirishima started but Mrs. Kirishima shook her head indicated she wasn’t about to except his untrue words.

“What happen? Something happen and please don’t tell me you are okay. I saw that look in your eyes.” Mrs. Kirishima coaxed hoping her son would tell her.

Kirishima didn’t speak right away instead turn and walk over the living room area sitting down on single chair. Lowering his head as his arms raise up gradually taken in air calming himself down as his mother follow him afterwards sitting on the end of the sofa by the chair. Either of them said anything with time passing between them.

“I saw Bakugo and Midoriya at the store. Midoriya has a mate bite and collar.” Kirishima whispered out to his mother.

“Eijiro, I’m sorry.” Mrs. Kirishima softly spoke reaching out to him feeling her son body shake under her hand.

Kirishima lifted his head tears running down his face, “Don’t be, Mom. I knew this would happen I just…didn’t think it would hurt this much. I thought after being gone for so long maybe my feelings would have faded somewhat but I was wrong. I was so wrong.”

Mrs. Kirishima reach over then covering her arm around him now letting him cry now. It wasn’t a silent cry with hiccups. But a loud one with snot running down his nose as he felt his heart broke all over again. The broken pieces ripping into his chest and lungs it made him struggle to breath but the well of emotions couldn’t be bottle up anymore. Coming out in tears and cries it felt endless as his mother rubbed his back comforting him till his body felt heavy exhaustion coming in now that he had empty himself for the time of the pain and heartache.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to break down like that.” Kirishima apologized to her drawing himself back having to use the sleeves of his shirt to wipe away the tears and snot.

“Don’t you dare apologize for it. You are hurting and that okay. You need to cry then cry. There is no shame in it. Don’t ever feel sorry for what you are feeling.” Mrs. Kirishima reassured him taking his face into her hands.

“I…thanks Mom. It still hurts but I told myself while here I would try to finally let him go and move on. I want to move on, but I’m scared. Scared I won’t be able to move on from him.” Kirishima went on still scared he wouldn’t be able to let Bakugo go.

Mrs. Kirishima gaze at him then nodded her eyes close, “It is scary, isn’t. Wondering if you be able to let him go or not. Telling yourself if you cannot then some part of you is being selfish for wanting your soulmate to love you. While a other part of you is saying who will love you when you feel let him go though you know Toyomitsu is there. It makes you confused and unsure on what to do.”

“Yes, it does.” Kirishima admitted eyes looking at the floor because it is true through, he knew Toyomitsu cared for him there was a part of him that still wanted Bakugo to love him.

“But I’m going to try. I’m going to do everything I can to let go of him.” Kirishima told her fingers curling on his knees his mother seeing and hearing speak the truth.

With that being said Kirishima stood up telling his mother he need to clean himself up but would be back to help getting dinner ready. It didn’t take long to wash his face though he stared into the mirror for a second seeing red eyes from his crying earlier. Sucking in a breath he turn away walking out of the bathroom and into his room now changing out his shirt with a clean one. He came to a stop seeing a luggage that held his art supplies and manuscript papers for him. Creative writing and art had been Kirishima best subjects back in High School, but he never had assumed he would make a career of it.

Back then he been in the volleyball club training hard everyday hoping once he got into a good college in Tokyo. He would be able to join the volleyball team be good enough to be scouted out and join a professional team thinking if he became busy enough with college and team actives. His thoughts of Bakugo would never surface only to proven wrong. His Omega whine and cried inside his head begging to go back home. To try and get his Alpha to be with him even when Kirishima told his Omega repeatedly that wasn’t what his Alpha wanted. But his Omega wouldn’t listen to him getting Kirishima to fight with himself.

One moment he would be practicing or studying even be in class listening to his professors when his Omega would rush out trying to take control. While Kirishima would clutch his head fighting his Omega side hurry to push it back. Only every time was a flip of the coin on whom would win and the times his Omega was in control someone around him would end up hurt as his Omega would fight anyone who would try and stop him.

It had reached the point his professors would give him warning looks or words that they would not tolerate his actions. His coach kept him on the sideline never trusting him again after losing one game and hurting his teammates and the other players. The stress of it all to keep his Omega under control and to keep up with his classes and team build and build till everything came crashing down on him.

Kirishima sat in his room hands twisted in his black hair back against the wall as books and sheets of paper laid around him with a broken pen ink spilling out at his feet. His Omega howling at him again snarling at him to go back home and confront their Alpha. To tell him the truth and have him claim them.

“Shut up! Fuck! How many damn times do I have to tell you! HE DOSEN’T WANT US!” Kirishima screamed out ripping some of his hair out now his eyes closed tightly.

His Omega yowled as Kirishima screamed wanting it to shut up to even him alone just for a few minutes. Not constantly crying at him begging him to go home and find their mate. He tried over and over again explaining why he had left. His Omega couldn’t or wouldn’t try to understand it just kept howling and yowling at him. Taking over his body at times wanting to get back just to have Kirishima take control back at the last moment.

“Why don’t you listen to me?! Why wouldn’t you understand?!” Kirishima yelled out again tearing more of his hair out now the pain causing his Omega to become quite for a moment.

It was in that moment a light flicker behind his closed eyes realizing then how the pain could keep his Omega quite. Opening his eyes now Kirishima look at his hands to see his fingers nails a bit longer then he normal kept them feeling his breathing increase as a thought began to form in his mind.

Spreading his legs out eyes now drawn on to inner part of his right thigh breathing coming in faster now. A hand coming towards his thigh feeling the first prickles fingers nails digging into his skin now. His Omega becoming silent pain keeping it from speaking encouraging to keep clawing the inner part of his thigh letting the blood follow out now. Sighing in relief at finally having peace and quite in his mind telling himself to do this again when his Omega became to much.

Shaking his head Kirishima walk to his bag trying not to think of the scars on his thighs now and what he had did for it was only a temporary solution. After he had been rescued by Toyomitsu and Amajiki then began seeing his therapist Kendo whom had suggested to use art and creative writing as a outlet for him in the beginning to combat his murky thoughts and dejected moods.

Kirishima hadn’t been sure about it doubting it could help him but took up the pen and paper starting with simple doodles and short poems with short stories when his thoughts became overwhelming or emotions engulf help him channel them into a positive way. It prove itself true one day when the emotions become too much to handle, he had gone to Amajiki desk with a bundle of paper still able to smell people scents then taking in Amajiki bergamot and sandalwood scent feeling his body relax allowing him to write giving him the chance to empty his mind onto the paper.

After a few hours writing he began to feel tired and no longer anxious laying down his pen leaving the desk and heading for Toyomitsu bed to rest. It was hours later when he had woken up walking into the living just to see the two sitting on the sofa construing over what Kirishima thought at the time to be paperwork. Till Amajiki spotted him telling him the story he had written was captivating and thrilling Amajiki had asked if he had plan to finished it. He had been shy at first as he was unsure what to say or do. Taking a few days to think over what Amajiki had asked and reading over what he had written.

Now as Kirishima pull out his blank manuscript flipping the pages writing and drawing had become not just a way to cope with trauma he had gone through but a livelihood he enjoyed as he wrote and draw. Finding fondness and endearment from fans had him enjoying writing light novels and manga series publish by Fourth Kind publishes under the pen name Red Riot given to him by his publisher Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. A manly Beta with long messy gray hair with a peculiar hair style with black eyes each lined with thick jagged tan-colored eyelashes whom at one time Amajiki jokey said is his long-lost twin.

Tetsutetsu had been understanding when Kirishima told him he would not be able to work on his next light novels series as he need to take of his mother. Tetsutetsu telling him not push himself or force himself to write when should be focused on caring for his mother. Even so Kirishima wanted to work on his next novel he was only just having trouble on what it should be. Flipping through the pages once more trying to have a idea spark nothing came forward. Letting out a sigh he walk over to his own desk tossing it on to the desk telling himself to deal with it later. Out of his childhood room Kirishima walk back down the hallway when he felt his cellphone vibrate.

Reaching into his pocket looking at the screen halting at seeing the name on the screen. A moment of panic came over him. Bakugo had text him asking him if he was going to come over to his and Midoriya house for dinner. Sucking a breath in with a thumb hovering over the phone screen not sure what to do or what to tell Bakugo as he himself wasn’t sure on what to do. Should he text Bakugo saying he couldn’t make it when Bakugo himself is trying to mend their friendship. Or should he text telling the Alpha he would be able to join them for dinner since he had told his mother he would try and move on.

Peering up from his phone he could see his mother watching t.v. waiting for him now. Clasping the phone Kirishima walk over to his mother wanting her opinion on what he should do. Once at her side he got her attention having her mute television as he sat again the signal chair.

“I didn’t tell you this earlier when we were talking but when I meet the two. Bakugo wanted me to hit him for what he did yesterday.” Kirishima reticently told her seeing her sigh deeply.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all. He never been one to half things it’s all been about go big or go home for him.” Mrs. Kirishima confessed recalling a young man who had to do thing perfectly, “Well what did you do?”

“I didn’t hit him which naturally disappointed him though I convinced him make me dinner for whole week.” Kirishima went on then stop waiting to see what his mother would say.

“Is this a promise you made to him?” Mrs. Kirishima asked wanting more information before telling her son what she thought of it.

“Kind of?” Kirishima surmised as it was accurate it was a promise yet not. Plus, Bakugo did give him the option to back out night but what about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. He had told Bakugo the only way he could make up for hitting him was to make him dinner for a whole week.

 Mrs. Kirishima didn’t speak for while thinking over what her son had just said and what it implied. Truthfully Mrs. Kirishima didn’t want him around Bakugo not that she blame the Alpha. Bakugo had no idea what he had done to her son when he had chosen Midoriya to be his mate causing a dark spiral for Kirishima to fall into. But she just got her son back remembering how Toyomitsu had sent her a picture of him smiling, a real smile. Kirishima didn’t know and Mrs. Kirishima didn’t want to tell him but Toyomitsu would call her every couples week tell her how he was doing.

The first time she had seen that picture she had burst out crying causing Bakugo Mitsuki and Midoriya Inko whom had been over at her home to visit to rush to her said asking what was wrong. She had just shaken her head excusing herself wanting a few minutes alone to stare at the picture of her son smiling and being aware of his surroundings. Now hearing about this she wasn’t sure what to say. She just didn’t want him to fall back into dark pathway, but she did trust Toyomitsu to keep him from falling back in.

“This is up to you as you are the one to make the compromise with Bakugo. I can tell how I really feel about this and that is. I don’t want you around him at all because I scared, scared that I’ll end up losing you again. That month in Tokyo I believed I would bring you back home in a casket. But I think God everyday on how wrong I am.” Mrs. Kirishima told her son recalling the fear and desperation in her as she search for him.

“Mom…” Kirishima spoke softly feeling tears build up again in his eyes. He knew she had been worried about him even scared but he didn’t think just how scared she had been.

“But I also know you need to be around him and come to terms with your feelings and why. In order for you to move on from him and I hope you do. I want you to be happy, you deserve to be happy.”

“I understand, Mom and I’m sorry for all that I put you through. I never meant for you to worry, to scare you to the point you though I had died. I don’t want you to go through that again, I don’t want to go through that again either.” Kirishima reassured through he felt shameful for it he would try not fall back in.

“But you are right, this is a compromise I put myself into and I need to answer. If I’m to move on, I need to come to terms with the fact Bakugo and Midoriya are mated. There is nothing I can change about that.” Kirishima said tightening his hold on the phone now his eyes fell down.

“I know what I’m going to tell him.”


Chapter Text

Kirishima stood before a plain door with the name plate “Bakugo” right next to it. Having come to Bakugo’s and Midoriya’s apartment complex, Kirishima took in a deep breath and raised his hand. Knocking on the door, he didn’t have to wait long as the door ripped open with Bakugo standing before him, now wearing nothing but orange hoodie and gray sweatpants. Kirishima felt his throat tighten as his mouth went dry, seeing the ash-blond alpha standing there, glaring at him. 

“Hey, Bakugo.” Kirishima greeted him, giving him a smile, hoping things would go fine tonight and that his emotional state wouldn’t darken.

 “Everything okay with your mother?” Bakugo asked, stepping back and giving Kirishima the chance to come in. 

“Yeah, she’s good. Asked me to bring some leftovers when dinner was done.” Kirishima replied, coming into the apartment, his eyes coming to four sealed boxes sitting right that the edge of the genkan. He turned away from them, ignoring the discomfort in his heart and telling himself not care about it. 

“It’s beef stew.” Bakugo told him, closing the door, and coming up to him. 

“Really? I haven’t had that in a while.” Kirishima tried to keep the conversation going, even as he started to feel a little edgy around Bakugo. How is he supposed to act around Bakugo now or even talk to him? It felt as if a wall was between them and he wasn’t sure how to bring it down or go around it. 

“Come on, you’re helping me make it.” Bakugo told him, coming up beside him, his ruby eyes glancing over Kirishima.

 “Huh?” Kirishima replied, getting a glare in return, “Sorry, I just thought you and Midoriya would make it and I would just sit back and enjoy the free food.” 

“You not that lucky, shitty hair. And Midoriya… he be out for a while and won’t be back ‘till later tonight.” Bakugo explained, hand raising up rubbing the bridge of his nose. 

“Wow, I haven’t been called shitty hair in a long time! It’s oddly comforting.” Kirishima grinned as he felt happy at being called that, but it dampened at hearing Midoriya’s name. His left wrist itched, and his right fingers twitched to scratch at it until the itch went away, but it would never go away.  Not unless all the blood flowed out of his wrist.

“Anyway, how about you show me the place? I bet it’s as manly as you are.” Kirishima went on, moving his left arm behind him. 

“Fucking sure, but I don’t want to hear you complain about the fucking mess. I live in a shithole.” Bakugo told him, turning and leading him down the hallway as Kirishima took off his shoes, putting on the guest slippers.

Bakugo walked, pointing out the kitchen with a wooden kitchen table with two chairs. Then a living room with a sofa and two single chairs, a kotatsu in the middle of the room with two sliding doors that lead out to a balcony. On to the left side of the room, a bookcase to the far left was filled with books. Kirishima walked over to the shelves, wanting to know what kind of books Bakugo and Midoriya had been reading. Just to the right side of the bookcase stood a television stand with a television and game console, yet that didn’t hold his attention. What did was a book tucked neatly in one of the three shelves; it was the first book he had ever written. 

“What the fuck got your attention all of sudden?” Bakugo demanded, coming up to Kirishima’s side to see, “You read this book?”

 Kirishima didn’t speak right way, “Yeah, I did. I didn’t think this would be something you would read. It’s dark and sad.” 

“Normally it’s not, but when I read the summary, I thought I’d give it a try. Ending pissed me off. I threw it across the room.” Bakugo reached for the book and pulled it off the shelf. Turning it over in his hand, he ran his fingers down the spine of the book. 

Kirishima let out humorless chuckle, “You say that you hated it, but judging by the crease on the spine.... You read it a couple of times. I cried a couple of times, but I get what the point is.” 

“Just what is the point?” Bakugo asked, putting the book back on to the shelf. 

“That not everyone is going to get a happy end, no matter how hard they work or how much they want one.” Kirishima told him, thinking of himself back when he had first wrote the book and coming to realization that he would not be getting his happy ending. 

“I still think that it’s fucking bullshit.” Bakugo admitted, his fingers resting on the book and frowning at it, “I wanted so much for the main character to get his happiness and for the antagonist to realize what they were doing to the main character. But when the story ended and he didn’t get the life he wanted, I just lost it.”

 Kirishima rubbed his left wrist against his buttock, feeling the itching increase, “Me too. But life doesn’t always give us what we want. No matter how hard we fight or hope for it.” 

“I guess not.” Bakugo said softly, his eyes getting a far-off look and confusing Kirishima. Shouldn’t he be happy? He and Midoriya were mated now. What reason would Bakugo be unhappy about? “Whatever. Come on, we need to get dinner started.”

“Sure. What part do you want me to do?” Kirishima asked, glad to turn away from the discussion though still puzzled by what Bakugo had said. 

“You’ll be taking care of the vegetables. Make damn sure to wash them properly and be sure to cut them the same length. I want them to cook evenly.” Bakugo told Kirishima as they entered the kitchen. 

“I can do that.” Kirishima commented before going over to the sink and waiting for Bakugo to hand over the washing bowl and vegetables. 

Bakugo opened the door to the refrigerator, getting potatoes, carrots, and green onion before passing it over to Kirishima. Then he digs through the lower kitchen cabinet, looking for the wash bowl and gives it to the red hair omega once he finds it. Turning on the water, Kirishima went on to wash each vegetable as Bakugo moved around, grabbing a cutting board and knife and placing it right next to the sink for Kirishima to use after he was done.

A peculiar silence fell between them as they went on cooking, giving an almost eerie sense that things between them hadn’t really changed, but it had. There still was a wall between them though the both of them were working to overcome it, each willing to meet halfway now as they entered each other’s lives again, despite the air of cautiousness. 

There was still one thing that hung in the air, pressing down on them as time went by. Bakugo carefully cut up the meat, his ruby eyes glancing from time to time over to Kirishima. He watched him carefully cut the potatoes, taking in the changes the omega had undergone over the years. Short then and now, Kirishima had grown in muscle mass, his arms and chest straining his shirt, his legs filling out his dark pants, all hinting at the hint that the omega works out a lot. Yet even as Bakugo stood next to him, his nose trying to pick up on the almost forgotten scent of lemongrass and cinnamon, but there was nothing but his own scent. 

“Oi, Kirishima…” Bakugo placed his own knife down, turning his body completely to face Kirishima and seeing him stop to turn his head and look at him, a small smile on his face.

 “Yeah? Am I cutting the potatoes wrong?” Kirishima asked.

“No, those are fine. I just wanted to ask you a question.” Bakugo hesitated, not sure if he had the right to ask, much less if he should ask but he wanted to know. 

“Go ahead,” Kirishima smiled, laying his own knife down. He wanted to keep the mood light but the serious expression on the alpha’s face told him the question was going to be one he wouldn’t like. 

“When we met yesterday, I didn’t realize at the time because I was so fucking pissed off at you, but I couldn’t smell you. And then when we met again today at the store, I couldn’t smell you then, either. I thought there might have been something wrong with my nose but…fuck, I tried again when you came through the door…” Bakugo stopped rattling when the small smile left completely from the red head’s face. 

“Bakugo, there’s nothing wrong with your nose. I just don’t have a scent anymore…” Kirishima told him, sucking in a breath and expelling it out as his blurted out, “I have Feral Syndrome.”

 “What?” Bakugo was speechless as a stunned expression crossed his face, his eyes widening at the news. 

Kirishima tried to laugh but it fell short. “It surprised me too. I mean, we hear about it and even talk about it, but I always thought ‘it happens to other people and it will never happen to me.’ You know? It’s Surprising right?”

“Shit, I never thought... Is this the reason why you never…fuck,” Bakugo found himself lost for words, frightened and not really sure how or what to say to Kirishima. 

Feral Syndrome, Bakugo could recall, is when a person started to lose control over their Alpha or Omega. It rarely happened to a Beta. There are different levels of Feral Syndrome. Type One being the lowest and Type Five being the highest; requiring the person to live within a special hospital. Doctors and specialists had different ideas on why it happened to a person, anywhere from environmental reasons to a person’s response to daily stress. 

But Kirishima was right. They had talked about it a few times back in high school, but it hadn’t felt real back then. The thought of it was far away. They told themselves it does happen, but it only happens to other people and never them. How wrong he was, he realized, as Kirishima told him differently. It felt as if someone had punched him right in the gut.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I’m okay, Bakugo. It’s only Type Three and as long as I keep taking my pills, I’ll be fine.” Kirishima hurried to reassure the alpha, seeing his stance stiffen with his fingers curling and uncurling as his eyes fell to the floor. 

“Fuck, just fuck, I’m not…I’m not being insensitive about this, I’m fucking scared right now not for myself but for you Kirishima. I…” 

Bakugo voice trailed off and Kirishima reached out to hug the alpha, “Thanks, Bakugo. But everything is alright now, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Fuck you, I’ll worry about you all I want.” Bakugo’s arms found themselves around Kirishima, holding onto him tightly and turning his head slightly into Kirishima neck, still trying to pick up on his scent.  Kirishima felt himself warm at Bakugo’s words, happy to hear how much the alpha worried about him.

Kirishima fell deeper into this happiness as the alpha’s warmth washed over him until a dark thought crept into his mind. Whispering to him about the things done to him, how shameful it was of him to relish in Bakugo’s worry for him when he shouldn’t. Reminding him that he was only anxious about him as a friend and nothing more. Pulling away, Kirishima kept his head lowered, fighting back the thoughts inside his own head as the wall came in.

 “Kirishima?” Bakugo called out, seeing the shadow fall over the red head’s face. Then he heard a sniffing noise. 

“Thanks, man, seriously thanks. Hearing this from you, it really makes me happy.” Kirishima brought his hands up to rub at his face before offering a phony smile to Bakugo, “Let’s get back to making dinner, I am getting really hungry now.” 

“Yeah, sure.” Bakugo turned back to cutting up the meat, occasionally glancing to Kirishima, thinking of the fake smile he had just given. Fingers convulsing, wanting to reach out and grasp the shorter male’s hand into his own and ask him why his smile was wrong.

 “Anyway, Bakugo, what do you do for a living?” Kirishima asked suddenly, wanting to drive the conversation to a different topic. Trying to bring down that wall again, frustrated that just when it seemed like they were making progress, it would appear again.

“I’m a teacher at the high school.” Bakugo answered, watching as Kirishima burst out laughing. “What the fuck is so funny, dumbass!?” 

“Wait, you serious?! Bro, I thought you were joking!” Kirishima quickly stopped laughing, feeling the wall between them crumble a little. 

“You just fucking asked me what I do for a living! Why the hell would I joke about it?!” Bakugo yelled at him, seeing an actual grin came to Kirishima face, his eyes bright. It bothered him how he didn’t see that smile earlier. 

“It’s just that you weren’t a perfect student back then.” 


 Kirishima raised his hands in surrender, having finished cutting up the vegetables, “Personality wise, I mean!” 

“Excuse you, I was a goddamn role model!” Bakugo growled out, pouring a package of beef broth into the pot. 

“Dude, in our last year of high school, remember when that math teacher walked into our classroom and saw you?” Kirishima paused for effect as Bakugo death glared at him, “He turned around and walked out, saying he wasn’t dealing with the King of Explosion Murder.” 

“That teacher was a damn pussy! He quit within the year and that wasn’t my fucking fault.” Bakugo shouted out, his teeth grinding together, but stopping as Kirishima laughed again loudly, bending over. 

“Sorry, Bakugo. But... ah, what made you go into teaching?” Kirishima asked, finally getting himself under control. 

“Yagi Toshinori,” Bakugo said, taking a ladle and stirring the beef stock. “Hand me the vegetables.” 

“I remember him. He was a great teacher and you really looked up to him, didn’t you?” Kirishima asked, passing the cut vegetables to him. 

“Tsk, he did a okay job.” Bakugo said nonchalantly as he carefully put the vegetables into the pot, but Kirishima knew how much the older alpha meant to Bakugo.

“Now you know that I’m a teacher, what about you?” Bakugo set the ladle down, his attention shifting over to Kirishima. 

“Well, I work at a publishing company. You might have heard of it, it’s called Fourth Kind Publishing.” Kirishima explained, taking the knife and cutting board over to the sink.

“What the fuck!?” Bakugo shouted, staring at Kirishima with wide eyes until he turned around. 

“Yeah, well, when I didn’t make it in the volleyball world, I was told to give a try in book industry. Which I did, and it worked out. Not surprising, given how good I was back in high school, right?” Kirishima felt his cheeks heat up a little, his hand rising to rub the back of his neck. 

“What position do you hold in the company?” Bakugo asked intently, taking Kirishima back a little. 

“Ah, well, I’m…” Kirishima stopped. He couldn’t tell Bakugo that he was, in fact, Red Riot, not when Tetsutetsu went through so much trouble to keep his face out of public eye, fearful someone from his gang would see it and possibly make public comments or share videos of him being used. But he had to tell Bakugo something.

 “I’m an editor!” Kirishima blurted out, having thought of Tetsutetsu and claiming the gray hair beta’s job for his own. 

“Fucking seriously?” Bakugo queried. As he watched him, another question popped up on his lips. “Does that mean you know who Red Riot is?” 


  “Don’t ‘huh’ me, shitty hair! It a fucking yes or no question.” 

Kirishima glanced away. “Well, kind of? I mean, err, don’t personally know them myself. But my friend Tetsutetsu does. He’s Red Riot’s editor.” 

A stillness fell between them. Bakugo gazing at him, Kirishima wondered if perhaps he should move slowly so as not to trigger whatever was about to happen when Bakugo turned around and walked right out of the kitchen. Leaving him stunned at the alpha’s actions. Kirishima wasn’t sure what to do next until his ears picked up the sound of plastic moving and Bakugo cussing. Three minutes later, Bakugo came back into the kitchen holding a large plastic bag filled to the top with books and manga.

“What is all that?!” Kirishima watched Bakugo cross the kitchen and put the bag on the table. 

“I have all the light novels and manga series from Red Riot. I want you to ask that editor to have Red sign them.” Bakugo told Kirishima as he stood there, mouth open.

“Wait, you want Red Riot to sign all of them?!” Kirishima shouted, having moved to the table and opened the bag to see if Bakugo was telling the truth. “Bakugo, that’s too many books!”

 “So?! If the author hadn’t made this many shitty books, I wouldn’t have bought them!” Bakugo yelled back.

“One or two, maybe three books are fine. But all of them? That’s too much! Just pick three and…I…I’ll ask Tetsu if Red Riot okay with signing them.” Kirishima instructed, but he could already see the stubborn glint come into those red eyes. 

“Fuck no. If he or she came out and did public signing, I would have them do it right then and there. But since they don’t, this is the only way I get it done.” Bakugo pointed out as Kirishima gaped at him. 

“You’re being rude, Bakugo!” Kirishima found himself disbelieving the fact Bakugo had read his books or that he was demanding for Kirishima to sign them, even though Bakugo didn’t know it was him. Either way, it was impolite. 

“The hell I am!” Bakugo scoffed at Kirishima. Part of him could tell it was the truth; he was making demands from a person who didn’t owe him anything. 

“I’ll say this once more. Three books or none at all. They wrote the books for people to enjoy but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to make demands of them.” Kirishima give a final warning to the alpha, crossing his arms over his chest and standing tall.

It became a stare down with Bakugo letting out growls, showing off his fangs to Kirishima but the omega who couldn’t smell anything wouldn’t yield. He knew Bakugo was trying to use his scent to force him to submit but it wouldn’t work. He lowered his arms, trying not to seem intimidating given that he couldn’t use his scent to calm the alpha down. Time held unmoving until a loud popping sound drew their attention to the pot. 

“Shit!” Bakugo rushed over to the pot, lowering the heat and checking on the stew, “Fucking fine, three books.” 

Kirishima beamed, “Okay, just choose which ones you want to have signed and I’ll take care of the beef stew.” 

“Don’t fuck it up.” Bakugo told him as he reached into the bag, pulling the books out as Kirishima took over making the beef stew. 

“I won’t.” Kirishima picked up where Bakugo left off on the stew. “You’re a fan of Red Riot?” 

“After the first book, I picked up the second one just to see if would be just as fucked up as the first. It wasn’t but the ending was bittersweet and afterward, I just started to pick them up.” Bakugo stated, looking over a light novel and manga before laying the manga down. “Then I found out they did manga too and, shit, there were just one or two volumes, but I liked them.”

 Kirishima didn’t say anything, letting what Bakugo said settle as his mind took in what it had been told. Of all the things he had expected to hear when he came back, this was not one of them. Bakugo being a fan of his literature was stunning but also a bit flattering, his chest bursting with pride. He retrieved a pan out from a cabinet to cook the meat in and added cooking oil,heating it up. The meat sizzled as he placed it in the hot oil and took a wood spoon, stirring the meat and adding in seasoning. He then checked on the pot, checking its progress. The hair on the back of his neck rose, causing him to stop and turn around to see Bakugo watching him.

 “What?” Kirishima asked, a bit worried having the alpha watching him so closely.

“Nothing,” Bakugo replied before going back to the books. Kirishima stood there, watching him before going back to cooking. 

“Hey, if there’s something you want to ask you can.” Kirishima spoke up, taking the cooked meat and moving it to the pot before covering it with the lid. 

“Do you want a drink?” Bakugo inquired, getting up from the table and going over to refrigerator to open it. 

“Sure, but can you make sure it’s non-alcoholic?” Kirishima watched as Bakugo bent down into fridge, coming out with one alcoholic drink and one non-alcoholic. 

“Can’t drink?” Bakugo passed the soda over to him before popping open his own can. 

“Yeah, it messes with the medicine.” Kirishima half lied. It was a bit true; the alcohol would not mix well with the medicine in his system, but the full truth was that he hadn’t touched that stuff in a long time. 

“That sucks.” Bakugo told him as the both of them walk to the table to sit down. Kirishima glanced up to the ceiling, humming softly and setting his soda down. 

“Maybe. But I can tell a lot of funny stories of co-workers and friends have done while drunk. Want to hear them?” Kirishima grinned at Bakugo. 

“Fuck yeah!” 

The next few minutes were spent with Kirishima telling Bakugo some stories of friends and co-workers doing idiotic things while in a drunken state, filling the room with laughter and smiles. Bakugo got more drinks for them when he went to check on the beef stew. Once it was ready, Bakugo got out two bowls and filled them up before grabbing two sets of chopsticks. He set the bowls down on the table before taking a seat and they both started to eat. It felt strange. Warm and welcoming to Kirishima and he wished this night would never come to an end.

“Oi, this isn’t bad.” Bakugo said, chewing a bit of meat before taking a slip of the broth. Kirishima grinned at him. 

“What? Did you think it would be bad?” Kirishima asked, taking a bite out of a piece of meat. “I know I don’t have the same cooking skills as you, but I did have to cook for myself for a time. I couldn’t eat take out every day.” 

“What? Fuck no, I’ve had your cooking before, its…” Bakugo found himself cut off as a ringtone sliced through the air. Kirishima turned in his chair, reaching into his back pocket. 

“Sorry, Bakugo. But this is a call I have to take. I’ll be right back.” Kirishima told him, getting up to hurry out of the kitchen and into the living room, he opened the sliding door and crossing onto the balcony, closing the door behind him. 

“Toyomitsu,” Kirishima greeted cheerfully, coming to the edge of the balcony and leaning against it. 

“Eijiro, chick, how are you doing? Are you feeling better today?” 

“Yeah, I’m feeling alot better. Things were just a little rough yesterday but today is better. I’m handling things as best as I can.” 

“That’s good to hear, how did dinner with your mother go yesterday? It was one of the things you were excited about. Eating your mother’s cooking.” 

“Ah, well, I didn’t really get the chance to eat her cooking. One of my old friends from high school threw a welcome back party the day I called you. But I did get a chance to make her breakfast this morning.” Kirishima happily told him, going on about how he cooked and how they ate together. 

“Ah, now I want to eat your cooking. I didn’t realize ‘till last night I won’t be able to eat any food made by you for a while.” 

“There are some leftovers in fridge,” Kirishima pointed out, letting out a laugh at Toyomitsu’s whining. “Hey, come on, a big strong alpha like yourself can live a few weeks without me.” 

“But it’s not the same as coming home after a hard day’s work and seeing you in that cute kiss the cook apron with dinner ready. Plus, leftovers only last so long.” 

“Don’t tell me you ate all of them!” Kirishima asked, knowing he had left some food that should have lasted for two whole weeks. 

“Okay, I won’t tell you that.” 


“I can’t help it! Your cooking is so good and last night, after hearing you, I got lonely and the only way I could deal with it was to eat.” 

It was silly and amusing but it made him laugh out loud, feeling delighted he could make Toyomitsu happy and, in turn, Toyomitsu could make him laugh at his antics. Toyomitsu, for such a tall and massive alpha, was a gentle soul and it made Kirishima’s heart swell to know Toyomitsu cared for him; a feeling he wanted to return. He could see the older male in his mind, sitting on the sofa with a plate of takoyaki. He wished he could have left some shirts with his scent for Toyomitsu to use when he got lonely. But doing so would mean his omega would be awake scent wise, which would lead to problems.

“When I come back home, I’ll make you a big dinner and then afterwards we can cuddle all you like.” Kirishima promised Toyomitsu, feeling his ears burn, knowing how much Toyomitsu liked to hold him. He couldn’t lie either, he enjoyed the feeling of Toyomitsu holding him close.

It made him feel safe and cared for, especially after a nightmare, with tears in his eyes and body covered in sweat. He could turn his eyes to his right and see the alpha laying next to him, arms around him, protecting him from the world of nightmares. Kirishima would move closer to him during those moments, waking a sleepy Toyomitsu who would whisper to him, telling him that everything is okay and safe while rubbing small circles on his back. 

“I’ll hold you to that, chick.” 

The exchange between them went on for a little while longer with smiles, laughter and warm cheeks. The two of them went on talking and Kirishima felt like he hadn’t really left, instead that he was spending a night at family home until tomorrow. It would have gone on longer but at the sound of a door opening, Kirishima realized he had been outside for some time talking, leaving Bakugo all alone. Bakugo probably was wondering what was taking him so long and had come to check on him. Hurriedly, Kirishima ended his call. 

“Toyomitsu, I have to go. I’m over at his apartment right now and I need to get back.” 

“What? Why?! Eijiro, you were anxious yesterday from just meeting him. Why are you with him today? You shouldn’t…” 

“I made him promise to cook for me. It’ll be fine, Toyomitsu. I’ll call you later, goodbye.” Kirishima said quickly and hung up  before Toyomitsu could say another word more. He turned his head just in time to see Bakugo step out onto the balcony. 

“Who the hell is Toyomitsu?” Bakugo asked point blank, handing over new cold soda with a glass of water in his other hand. Kirishima took the soda as he slid his phone into his pocket.

“Toyomitsu is my alpha.” Kirishima told Bakugo as he popped the can open, unaware of Bakugo’s rigged posture. 

“You meet your alpha?” Bakugo asked, his voice hitching slightly, turning his back to the balcony railing to lean against it as he waited for an explanation, taking a small sip of water.

  “Well, he’s not really my alpha; he’s not my soulmate. But he’s kind and strong, and he’s taken good care of me.” Kirishima thought of Toyomitsu, feeling bad for how he ended the call when all Toyomitsu did was worry about him being around Bakugo and how it would affect his mental state. 

“You haven’t met your soulmate?” Bakugo asked, turning his head to look out over the town.

“Ah, well that’s a bit complicated.” Kirishima soberly looked at his soda, getting the feeling that Bakugo wanted something from this, “I did meet him. But he is with someone else and didn’t want break up with them to be with me.” 

“The fuck? The fucker didn’t even give you a fucking chance?” Bakugo asked, slamming his glass onto the railing of the balcony before grabbing his left wrist and looking down at it, frowning. 

Kirishima grins somberly. “Hey, don’t be mad. He has a good reason. He’s known his lover longer then me. Their bond is stronger than what he and I would have had. Besides, would you break up with Midoriya to be with your soulmate?” 

Bakugo goes strangely silent, his eyes glancing at his left wrist, nervously using his right thumb to brush across the skin there. Kirishima’s grin faded away at seeing the solemn look on the ash-blond’s face, speculating if Bakugo had met his own soulmate. The thought sent a shock of sorrow and understanding through him, thinking of some person coming up to Bakugo, believing they were going to be together as fate had written their names on each other’s wrists, only to have Bakugo reject them. 

“I don’t have a soulmate.” Bakugo said, letting his left arm drop to his side. Kirishima’s own eyes widen at what Bakugo said. “At least, I don’t think I do. Their name never fully developed.”

 “Is that even possible?” Kirishima asked, pushing away from the railing. He never heard of such a thing happening, but then again maybe it was possible given what had happened to him. 

“It’s rare but does happen, though no one really knows why. Either my soulmate is yet to be born, died before I was born or there’s some other reason why that person’s name hasn’t shown itself.” Bakugo informed Kirishima, reaching for his glass of water and taking a drink with a pessimistic face. 

“Even so, you have Midoriya, who loves you. The two of you have been fighting fate since high school and even now, the two of you are together. If anything, I would say you and Midoriya are meant to be together.” Kirishima tried to uplift Bakugo spirit, even when he didn’t understand why Bakugo seemed so downhearted. 

Bakugo didn’t say anything, just took a slip of water, letting the words hang between them as he tilted his head back to look to the sky. Finally, he slammed his glass against the railing, almost throwing himself off the balcony and turned his whole body to face Kirishima. Kirishima heard Bakugo take in a deep breath then let it out, just to take another deep breath. For a moment, Kirishima’s curiosity peaked; it appeared that the alpha was about to say something when a voice rang out. 

“Kacchan, I’m home!” 

It was Midoriya. Bakugo snapped his head around to see Midoriya enter the living room, holding on to the straps of his backpack. Kirishima’s shoulders jerked as cold reality crashed over him, telling him that it was time to leave. He was the guest, not resident. The warm welcome feeling vanished from his body as he give Bakugo a goodbye look. 

“It’s late, bro. I need to be heading on home. I’ll see you around.” Kirishima told Bakugo, moving to the open door as his own eyes meet Midoriya’s wide ones. 

“Sorry, Kirishima-kun. I didn’t know you were still here!” Midoriya apologized, which seemed a bit odd but Kirishima waved it off. 

“Nah, man. Don’t worry about it. This is your home and I overstayed my welcome for tonight. Thanks for the beef stew, Bakugo.” Kirishima thanked him again as he passed by Midoriya on his way to the hallway. He was approaching the genkan when he heard hurried footsteps rush up behind him. 

“Kirishima, wait. Since it’s late, why don’t you stay the night?” Bakugo asked, standing at the end of the hallway as Kirishima finished putting his shoes on. 

“Thanks man, but I should really be heading out. I don’t want to leave my mother alone anymore than I already have.” Kirishima reached for the door knob, turning it, not looking back. 

“Then let me walk you back home.” Bakugo offered, coming down the hallway to the genkan. Kirishima raised a hand, waving him off. 

“No need, I can take care of myself. I’ll see you guys around!” Kirishima turned and gave him a smile as he opened the door and walked out, shutting it behind him.

Chapter Text

The early morning came with a bright light landing onto an empty unmade bed as Kirishima hadn't been able to sleep much of the night when he came back from Bakugo and Midoriya apartment. Having spent the rest of the night tossing and turning in his bed, to picking up his phone wanting to call Toyomitsu and apologize to him for what he had done earlier in the night. Though he couldn't bring himself to do it, telling himself that Toyomitsu is mad at him for not listening to him even if that wasn't true at all. But those thoughts wouldn't stop, and nothing he did would make them halt. Unable to take it anymore, Kirishima got out of bed walking over to his old desk while he grabbed his art case, turning on the desk lamp then setting out his supplies.

Once he has done, he pulled a chair out and sat in it, laying out a blanket paper while in his hand a sharpened pencil. There was no idea in mind as pencil touch paper with line appearing and disappearing, forming a picture. Laying the pencil aside and grabbing a pen marker, Kirishima began ink out the edges. Hours then pass with Kirishima hunch over the desk till his back and hands began to complain about getting him to stop. Pushing himself away from the desk, he stretches out his back, letting it pop, as his eyes glazed over the picture. A frown coming to his face, his chest tighten at seeing what he had drawn. He turned away from it, his hands rubbing his face and tired eyes thinking about how he wanted to tear up the picture and just about to when a clicking sound grad him.

“Morning, Eijiro…” Mrs. Kirishima stop at seeing him taking in bags under his eyes, the tired feeling that came off his body, “Eijiro, didn’t you get any sleep?” 

"Ah, no, not really," Kirishima lisped slightly coming over to her side trying to take over, but his mother wouldn't have it.

"Don't you dare, you go sit down, I'll make breakfast today." Mrs. Kirishimagiven light slap at his hands then turning him towards the table, giving him a slight push.

“Mom, I don’t….”

"You just told me you didn't sleep last night; you are not cooking breakfast."

Kirishima frowned letting out an irate huff going over to the table, sitting down now. The coldness of the table felt good against his scared arms as he leaned down onto it. The minutes tick by sluggishly, the sound of cooking oil popping being only noise. Mrs. Kirishima looks out in the corner of her eye, seeing him lay the upper half of his body on top of the table. A far off look in his eyes, making her worry lips press to ask a question but said nothing, though she did wanted to ask. She knew it was better to wait and see if he didn't say want was bothering him by the end of the day, Mrs. Kirishima would ask.

"I couldn't sleep last night because I upset, Toyomitsu." Kirishima closed his eyes, burying his head into his arms.

"How did you do that?" Mrs. Kirishima asked, turning off the stove, placing her cooking chopsticks to the side as she turns to him.

"I…I told him I was with Bakugo last night and he didn't want me to be there. Now he's angry with me." Kirishima voice is muffled but still clear enough for his mother to hear, seeing how her son's body tensed up.

"Eijiro, are you sure about that?" Mrs. Kirishima came over to the table, moving a chair, sitting right next to her son.

She remembers receiving Toyomitsu call late last night, the blond hair Alpha asking her why Kirishima was with Bakugo, the unease, and nervousness in his voice. It had her spending the next hour telling Toyomitsu why Kirishima was with him and what had transpired to cause it. Her Omega railed back in fear from just the sound of Toyomitsu snarling, feeling his anger and rage over the phone. It had taken everything she had to calm him down, promising him everything would be fine; she would call him later in the morning to tell him how Kirishima is doing.

But now hearing and seeing how her son distraught about his call with Toyomitsu. She wanted him to rethink about what happen and understand that Toyomitsu wasn't upset with him. Only worried for him, the Alpha cared a lot about him, and whatever he was thinking or believing wasn't right. If it could resolve quickly, she could see how scared her son was in finding Toyomitsu could not be angry with him. Reaching out, her fingers stroke his dye red hair as she offers comfort and relief scents even though it wouldn't work, her Omega wanted this, to comfort their pup.

"No, but why wouldn't he be? He knows what happen to me and why. He knows how I break so easily when it comes to this. He probably thinks…" Mrs. Kirishima reaches out then cupping her son's face within her own hands, pulling him to look at her.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence, young man. You know that Toyomitsu would never think such a thing about you. That part that is telling you otherwise don't listen to it, Eijiro." Mrs. Kirishima is looking straight into her son's eyes.

"I'm sorry, mom. The thoughts, they won't stop. It hard sometimes, I want to change it, I want to stop thinking like this, but some days are harder than others, and some days like what happened yesterday, those don't help."  Kirishima eyes glace down to the look watching his feet and his mothers.

"Is there anything I can do to help? To make those thoughts, go away till you can call Toyomitsu and talk to him without fear?" If she needs to help him distract himself from those thoughts, then she would do anything to help. If she needs to take him to the dog café, where he would get unconditional love so be it. She was driving him there.

"Work? Something to keep my hands busy. I normally draw or write, but I spend most of the night drawing, and now I want to do something else with my hands." Kirishima admitted bringing his hands together, fingers moving against one another.

“What about sleeping?” 

“No, I can’t sleep like this. Please, mom,” 

Mrs. Kirishima hummed softly thinking, “I think I have something in mind, though it would most likely take you all day.” 

"I'll do it, even if it does take me all day."

“Alright, follow me.” 

Mrs. Kirishima stood up and walked out of the kitchen into the living room, coming to the sliding doors. Pushing back the pale blue curtains, opening the glass doors stepping out onto the patio now. Kirishima is coming right after her looking out into the backyard, staggering a little at seeing the overgrown grass and weeds, flower beds overrun with the tree he once played on almost covered by grass.

"I haven't gotten to do much with the yard since I became ill, but truthfully I haven't done any yard work for the past two years." Mrs. Kirishima noted a finger was touching her chin as she thought over the last time she did some yard work.

"I can see that mom," Kirishima observed seeing how much work he would be doing today and all day.

With a deep breath and puffing out his chest, "Right, leave it to me! I said I need something to do, and this will do the trick. I'll be right back!"

Kirishima disappeared back into the house coming out later, with short pants coming to pass his knees, arm sleeves to keep people from seeing the scars, a light cotton shirt with trash bags hanging out of his back pockets. Giving a thumbs up to his mother, he stepped off the patio and into the backyard planning to take out all the weeds first, he would cut up the grass then rack it into the trash bags. From there move over to his mother's gardens and see what he could do for them, as his mother called out to him.

"I'll call you when breakfast is ready." Mrs. Kirishima marveled as Kirishima set to work going back inside called out once more, "If you feel tired, sleepy or anything come inside and rest."

“I will!” 

Kirishima didn't go to work right away; he walked over to the tree coming to see the old swing set his father had set up for him as a child. The rope and board use for it, where wore and off-color but look as if it could still use. A glance over his shoulder, Kirishima turned around and sat down gently into the swing set. Held still to see how it would take his weight on it, it groans a little but kept giving him a bit more encouragement. He kicks his legs, and a smile came to his face taken by the movement as he swings back and forth. A joyful look on his face changed suddenly as the rope groan then snap. Kirishima was letting out a slight shriek, his bottom hitting the ground ending up laying on his back staring into the tree leaves.

He sat up quickly looking over at the door, held himself ready to explain why he was on the ground when his mother came running out, but she didn't. A huge relief came out of him, groaning a little as he stood up, rubbing his nethermost before giving the broken swing set a slight glare.

“Well that was a stupid idea,” Kirishima told himself gathering the rope and board now feeling a bit pessimistic. 

He places them onto the patio, and now he turned back to the yard once more going over what needs to done first. He started from the terrace, pulling out the weeds, gathering them into a pile as he worked down to the tree line. As his mind became occupied by work, the body warmed by the sun overhead. The events of last night vanished from his mind by the warm sun rays, sweat build around his forehead, arms and legs running down his body made him feel good about himself, clear up his mind now.

Letting him safely reflect on how he should call Toyomitsu and apologized to him, tell him how he ended up being in Bakugo and Midoriya apartment. He is sure now, Toyomitsu wouldn't be as angry as he once believed. He might be a little steam at Kirishima, but he wouldn't be as mad as he had imagined earlier in the morning or late at night. It was the sound of the patio door clicking open, and the door whooshed open, did Kirishima look up from the pile of weeds, to see a blond hair with a black lighting streak stick out, bright yellow eyes searching around till they laid on him.

"Kirishima! Morning, bro!" Kaminari greeted him, waving a hand at him happily coming to the patio himself.

"Morning, Kaminari!" Kirishima grins widely at his friend, his arm wiping away some of the sweat from his eyes.

As Kaminari moved off the patio, he followed by his mate Shinsou and Sero. Shinsou gives a small nod in welcome looking as if he didn't get much sleep during the night. Sero had his usually grin on his face coming right next to Kaminari, his grin drops a bit at seeing the sleeves on Kirishima arms but didn't say anything.

"Hey, bros, what brings you guys here?" Kirishima asked, suddenly feeling the need to check his arm sleeves.

Did Sero see the scares? A flicker of panic came into him threatening to fan out, and he wasn't ready to tell them what happened. He couldn't tell them now; he had just come back and didn't want to see the looks of pity on their faces, maybe even shame if he told them if Sero said something that would force him to reveal his dirty secrets.

"We just wanted to check on you. Make sure you alright and everything." Sero stated his dark brown eyes had moved away from Kirishima's arms now. His grin is flaring up at seeing Kaminari throw himself onto Kirishima.

"Dude, you are covered in sweat!" Kaminari shouted, trying to scramble away just for Kirishima to catch him in bear hug now.

"Yardwork will do that, bro. Now come on and give me some love!" Kirishima beamed as Kaminari struggle even harder now, yelling about not wanting to be covered in dirt and sweat.

“Everything alright with you, Kirishima?” Sero asked now coming to sit down at the edge of the patio, Shinsou following his lead coming to sit next. 

"It's a good as it is, you know what with happing and all."

Kirishima could see what he just said wasn't really what they were expecting to hear, Kaminari has stopped his fighting, he glanced over his shoulder to Sero. The two of them sharing something between them then turning back to him. Kirishima gently places Kaminari onto the ground letting the other Omega back away from him getting back onto the patio. Shinsou was becoming oddly even quieter then he already is moving to his mate's side.

"Guys, is something wrong?" Kirishima asked his voice to strain a little as he fought to keep it reasonable.

Kaminari and Sero glimpse at one other than Sero spoke up, "It just…we is worried about you, you know after what Bakugo did to you. Mina was about killing him after he punched you, and admittedly I was about to do the same, but your mother and Deku got him to leave at least."

"Yeah, even after your mother asks us to leave. We wanted to check on you, bro. But we thought we would impose on you." Kaminari added on his concerned scent had his Alpha nuzzling his neck in comfort.

Kirishima listens to this, all of this with shock. He had forgotten about them even after his mother had told him. She had asked them to leave. He had been ultimately absorption with his call to Toyomitsu and Bakugo, he never thought about his friends. Never thought about how they felt when Bakugo had punched him, then walking out of the living room staying his room for an hour.

"Guys, I'm so sorry!" Kirishima yelled out, taking a breath in, "After what happened, I didn't think about you at all. I'm sorry, I should have tried to call you, tell you I'm okay…"

"Dude calm down. It's alright; you didn't have to call or talk to us right away. We're just grateful to hear and see you. To see that you are okay now." Kaminari jump off the patio rushing over to Kirishima, his hands resting on the broader Omega shoulders. Kaminari could see the alarm in his best friend's eyes, seeing the tears in Kirishima's eyes.

"But I didn't do anything, and I just let you worry." Kirishima's eyes moved from Kaminari to Sero and Shinsou who was looking at him.

More guilt came to Kirishima asking him how he could mistreat his friends, how could he forget about them when they welcome him back home with open arms and warm smiles even after he had cut himself off from them all because of what Bakugo said and did. His chest shudders as he took in a shaky breath, hiccupping a little promising to himself he would treat his friends better.

Blinking away tears, he could see how Shinsou was now right next to Kaminari, giving him a bit of concerned expression. Even Sero had moved off the patio almost coming right next to the mated pair. The air must have been filled with Kaminari scent, trying to calm him down and ease his pain. With a new deep breath, new promise within his heart, Kirishima took Kaminari hands into his own.

“I still shouldn’t have written you like that, not ever I just cut you off when I left. I promise, guys, I’m going to be a better friend.” Kirishima promised them then letting out a breath, “As for Bakugo, I meet up with him yesterday at the store. He apologized to me for punching me.” 

"Bakugo apologized?!" Kaminari and Sero shouted together, stunning looks on both of their faces.

Kirishima nodded, “He even asked me to punch him back for what he did.” 

"Please, tell me you punch him." Shinsou asked lazily getting the three to look at him, "What? It sounds like he needs a good ass-kicking."

"Well, yeah, I agree with you on that. Wait, did you?!" Kaminari asked, turning from looking at his mate over at Kirishima.

"When you think about it, it would make sense Bakugo would ask," Sero explained as he waited for Kirishima to answer.

"No! I didn't…" Kirishima about to answer when the door to the patio opens now. Mrs. Kirishima was coming out, smiling at them.

"How you boys doing?" Mrs. Kirishima asked, watching as the four of them broke apart now; she raised an eyebrow at them.

"Just fine, mom. They were offering to help me with the yard work." Kirishima spoke out quickly watching as his mother smile at the news even as Sero and Kaminari giving Kirishima a dumbfounded look.

“That great! But before you start working, why don’t the four of you come inside and have some nice cold tea. Eijiro, I have your plate ready if you are ready to eat.” Mrs. Kirishima offered them walking back into her house. 

"Sure, mom. Guys?" Kirishima gives them a shy smile walking over to the patio now as Shinsou chuckle a little at the still dumbfounded looks on his mate and Sero face.

Shinsou took Kaminari hand into his following after Kirishima, Sero snapping out of his stun knowledge coming after them. Seeing Shinsou and Kaminari holding hands, Kirishima felt a tug on his heart, mind thinking how Toyomitsu would do the same for him. It didn't matter what they were doing, or if they were just by themselves alone in their apartment, Toyomitsu hand would gently wrap around his own.

"Hey, guys, I'll be right back, I have to make a phone call." Kirishima gives his friends a wave as he hurried out of the living.

Once he was inside his room, Kirishima walked over to his bed stand where he had left his cell phone. Picking it up, he hit the number for Toyomitsu then wait to see what would happen. He could feel those dark thoughts trying to crawl their way back into his mind, but the reminder of seeing Shinsou and Kaminari held those back. 

“Hello, Kirishima?”

“Taishiro, can I talk to you?” 

“Always, Eijiro.” 

Kirishima held his voice for a second, "I'm sorry about last night, I shouldn't have hung up on you. You were…you were worried about me, but I brush it aside, which I shouldn't have. I'm…"

"Eijiro, please don't say you're sorry, I should have been the one to call you this morning, rather than let what happen distressed you. I know how much you take it to heart, but I'm not angry or disappointed in you."

“I still made you worry,” 

"Don't worry about that anymore. I want to know if you are okay? Did anything happen?"

Kirishima held his voice; he wanted to tell Toyomitsu to want to happen at Bakugo's and Midoirya's apartment, how he fell into a warm atmosphere trick into thinking he belongs there with Bakugo. Laughing, smiling and talking as if they belong together shattered by the arrival of Bakugo mate. How cold reality came crashing over him, the pricks at the corner of his eyes but Kirishima refused to let them feel this time.

"Somethings happen, but it was nothing serious! I just made a promise to him to cook for me for a week as make up for what happened between us, which isn't serious because as you know, I have  gone for a long time."



The silence from Toyomitsu had him flustering till the Alpha spoke up, "Eijiro, I trust you. If you think I don't need to know what will happen, you tell me so. I'll drop it, and I won't ask again."

Eyes extend the phone in his crack a little at what Toyomitsu said, the Alpha trusted him in such a way that he was willing to let Kirishima kept what happened that night to himself. Back away from Kirishima and give him space until he wanted or not tell Toyomitsu what happens. His face scrunched up at how trusting and believing in him; it warmed his heart and filled his soul. He brought his hand to his eyes wiping away the tears when sounds in the back-ground voices and sound of phones were ringing.

"Taishiro, are you at work?!" Kirishima blurted out remembering how Toyomitsu boss had got onto him about calls from home, saying only emergency calls could take after Kirishima in the early years had called his work station one too many times.

"Yeah, but it's fine. I hide in the hallway right now, and Amajiki is covering for me if anyone comes looking for me." Toyomitsu chatted letting out a small chuckle, "Besides, even if it weren't an emergency, I would still answer you."

Kirishima had a startled expression on his face; he had wholly forgotten Toyomitsu was possible at work and wouldn't be able to take his call right away. But he did so anyway because he even though he knew it wasn't an emergency even in Kirishima mind it wasn't at the level it had been in the late night and early morning. Knowing Toyomitsu would do this for him; he felt grateful for having the Alpha in his life.

“Taishiro, thank you.” 

“Eh? For what?” 

“For just being there for me.” 

“I always will be, Eijiro.” 

With that said, Kirishima spoke with Toyomitsu a while longer then give a goodbye, placing the now closed cell phone into the back pocket. He came out of his room, passing his mother who told him she was going to lay down for a while, once she had ensured him everything was fine, Kirishima came back into the living room where his friends sat at the dinner table with drinks and food.

"Hey, guys, sorry about that. I had given Taishiro a call." Kirishima told his friends coming to sit at Sero's side, reaching out for his plate.

“Who is Taishiro?” Sero observed catching on the name seeing how Kirishima became still looking confused for a moment. 

"Oh! He my Alpha." Kirishima clarified not thinking much about it as the new settle into Sero and Kaminari's mind, Shinsou not even blinking at what he said eating his eggs.

"You have an Alpha?!" Sero shouted as Kaminari jump out of his chair, slamming his hands onto the table.

"Dude, you met your soulmate and didn't tell me?!" Kaminari cried out in shock only to have Shinsou pull him back by the collar of his shirt.

"Ah, well, it's a bit complicated. Taishiro is my Alpha, but he is not my soulmate." Kirishima spoke once again, reaching for his cell phone.

“Huh? Wait, he your Alpha but not your soulmate?” Sero started, Kirishima flicking through his phone. 

"Um, yeah, Taishiro and I meet about two years after I moved to Tokyo. Listen, guys, I know how this sounds, and I know what you are thinking, but I swear, things between Taishiro and me are good." Kirishima said, turning his phone around now showing them a picture of Toyomitsu.

Kaminari, Sero and even Shinsou moved closer to his phone taking in the picture of his Alpha. They didn't say anything at first, Kaminari and Sero side glance at one other as Shinsou nodded. A small smile came to the purple hair Alpha, seemed pleased with Kirishima's choose in his Alpha.

"He quit fluffy."  Shinsou pointed out seeing how Kirishima smiled, pleased by tired-looking Alpha words even as his mate shoot him a look.

"Yeah, he is! It like cuddling and sleeping with a marshmallow." Kirishima beam at them turning his phone back to himself, feeling quite happy at seeing the picture of Toyomitsu, "It the reason I love winter the most. He becomes so cute and cuddly."

"I'm guessing; summer isn't that good for him?" Sero gently asked even as Kirishima cooed over the picture.

"Huh? No, not so much." Kirishima now shows them a new picture up to Sero, Kaminari, and Shinsou.

"What the hell?!" Kaminari shouted his jaw-dropping.

"How…?" Sero puzzled at what he saw, and it didn't make any sense to him.

“Yeah, when summer comes in, he lost all the weight he gains during the holidays. He looks so super manly though!” Kirishima went on pleased by how everyone was taken in by his Alpha. 

"Ah, so during the winter he becomes a marshmallow. Then around summer, he becomes manly." Shinsou said, taking in stride at what he had just seen.

“Yup!” Kirishima answered not even noticing how Sero and Kaminari were looking at one other. 

They were both stunned by how in the first picture they saw a man with puffy red cheeks, a large round belly with matching arms eating a pork bun. Wearing yellow and black ear muffins, with a red scarf and yellow winter jacket, bright yellow eyes looking at the person taking the picture, wild blond hair, grinning broadly. Then in the next image, Kirishima had shown them, is a complete one-eighty.

It is the same guy yet somehow, he lost all the weight, standing even taller than in the previous photo wearing summer yukata, same bright yellow eyes, wild blond hair, and grin. Holding a plate of takoyaki and some candy apples, on the side of his head was a red oni mask, somehow this new look made him look even manlier than before. They weren't sure what to say other to shrug and agree with Kirishima.

“Just wondering, Kirishima. But how did the two of you meet?” Sero inquired missing the sudden characterless look. 

He laid naked on the stain dirt floor, body covered in bruises both new and old with sweat and cum over him, his lower body hurting more than anything, yet he felt nothing at all, he was miles away from here. Black oily that hadn't washed in weeks hang over his half-closed eyes distorting his view to lost deep within his mind to care how he looks or smell even. Wrapping paper and take out boxes litter the area around him with bottles of alcohol lay at his side.

A used needle still in his arm but the drug had worth off some hours ago. No longer crying and begging Him and his friends for relief, to give him a knot, crawling on the ground in pain as He laughs at him. Calling him a knotslut right before shoving his cock into force soaking wet hole, his friends tell him to hurry up because they wanted a turn. He was turning into himself, dreaming of a happy life with no pain, no fear, no taint upon him. Even after they had finished with him, Kirishima stayed away from this horrible place.

He was not moving an inch when a loud knock rang throughout the house, followed by someone yelling. Feet were running around the place, someone shouting out something. He laughs and screaming getting Kirishima to flinch, pulling him back now, he wasn't in the room but hearing how thrilled and ecstatic meant he would have to deal with more cutting words and pain. He was good at bringing him back from his escapes, just enough for Kirishima to know how he was nothing now.

More shouting could be heard as a door knock open; the sound of it hitting the wall seemed to echo in the house. Then there were popping sounds, screams, and even louder shouting, his Omega whimper saying they need to hide, but Kirishima didn't see the point. If he hid, He would get angry, angry enough to make him stand up make him take hit after hit till he fell to the floor covered in blood. His Omega went on whimpering and whining at him to move, the smell of blood and enraged Alphas and some Betas came into the room. A thudding noise had him lurch, causing the wall of the room to shake, He yells and roaring at someone, that person roared back.

Hearing that sent his Omega into a wild frenzy, screaming at him to hide, to run, to get away from whatever was making the bad Alpha mad. His Omega knew what would happen if the lousy Alpha came in here in that mood. Fear pumping through his heart with the need to survive, Kirishima struggled to get onto his knees and hands. Body telling him not to move, white-hot pain shot through him, biting his lips not stopping as blood filled his mouth. Weakly he raised a hand, stretch it out, falling flat out onto his face.

A whimper came out of blooded lips, tears coming down his face slightly cleaning away the dirt and stains, as he realized this was it. He was going to kill the other Alpha then once he has done, that when Alpha would come in here and do the same. It sent such a deep chill into his chest; it felt as if a block of ice was there. More thudding could be heard, less popping noise too, with one last roar then silence fill everything. Laying there, crying Kirishima never felt more pitiful than he ever did, all because he didn't want to die. Even after all that was done to him, there is a part of him wanted to live, wanted to see the next day, to see his mother and feel her warmth, to see.

The door to the room opens, the stench of blood, gunpowder, and fury wash in. Kirishima whimper even louder now, trying and failing curl into himself. The sound of heavy feet coming towards him made his heartbeat louder in his ears, his Omega snarling and snapping. A large shadow fell over him getting him to close his eyes, praying for whatever was about to happen, to happen quickly.

There was a rustle of clothes and Kirishima knew then what He was about to do. A sizeable warm jacket covered him now, nose filled with the scent of cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger. An equally friendly voice reaches out to him, his dull eyes looking up into worry yellow eyes.

"It alright, Eijiro. You're safe now; I got you. I'm taking you away from this place."

“You smell like…” 


Kirishima blinks his mind coming back to the present now, seeing Sero, Kaminari, and Shinsou looking at him. This moment held for what seem a full minute, Kirishima was quick to give them a grin as he mentally push away the memory. He needs to say something to put them at ease.

“Sorry, I got distracted by the photos.” Kirishima chuckled a little, Sero and Kaminari rolled their eyes at him, “What was the question you asked?” 

"Sero asked how the two of you met," Shinsou repeated pushing aside his cup of tea, keeping an eye on Kirishima.

"Oh! Well, we uh, meet at the police station. I got into some trouble and Toyomitsu help me." Kirishima described giving only half-truth. He shifted in his seat, and he didn't like how Shinsou was watching him.

"What about his soulmate?" Kaminari blurted out, causing his mate to turn to him, eyebrow raised.

“He not to worry about that, he told me when the time comes, he and I will cross that bridge.” Kirishima relieved how Toyomitsu had told him, how he had a soulmate only just either of them had not met. Recalling how those yellow eyes of his turn away, looking disheartened by it. 

He remembers how he had broken down then too, crying and shouting out how sorry he was. That he was keeping Toyomitsu away from his soulmate, how he should send him off to some hospital and let someone else did with a broken used up omega. He remembers saying such disgusting things about himself to have Toyomitsu reach out and pull him into a hug. Telling him how he was none of those things, he told him not to worry about his soulmate because right then and now, he was worried about Kirishima. Toyomitsu told him how he wanted to help and be with Kirishima, and no one else would. If his soulmate did show up one day, he wanted both of them to deal with it.

“I do hope things work out for you and Taishiro.” Sero truthfully told Kirishima, he wanted his friend to be happy.

Kaminari nodded, “Yeah, man, me too. The way you were just minutes ago, I say your head over held for him.” 

“Chances are high for you two since things between Bakugo and Midoriya are now going so well.” Shinsou drop causally, it had Kirishima shooting glance at him. 

"What?" Kirishima asked, his heart almost came to a stop, wondering what in the world was Shinsou is talking about.

“Oh, right! I remember hearing those rumors when Mina and I moved back here. Things weren’t so hot between them back then.” Sero nodded leaning against his chair crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Wait, Sero! What do you mean you and Mina moved back here?” Kirishima asked a little lost by the Beta words. He wanted to ask about the rumors, but it is clear to him after seeing Midoriya those were nothing but rumors. 

Sero laughs, "You know Mina; she could never sit still much less stay in one place. After a year you had moved away, Mina and I decided to work overseas and travel for a bit."

Kirishima mouths drop at this, "Whoa, seriously?!"

"Yeah, she and I went to America, Europe, and China. If you want, I'll bring some of our pictures and let you see them. Heck, why not come over to our house? I decorated most of the house, so there wouldn't be so much hot pink." Sero offered which Kirishima took up. He wanted to see Mina and Sero's house along with the pictures.

"Lucky! I end up having to move in with my aunt and uncle in the town over for me to become an electrician. I could only come back during the holidays and summer break, that if I had money."  Kaminari stresses out falling back into his chair now dramatically; head dropped back.

"Ah, Kaminari, bro, I…don't mean…" Kirishima started Kaminari jerk up somewhat glaring at the redhead.

"I know what you're going to say and let me tell you this! I have only been shock at work a few times!" Kaminari addressed them getting the omega and beta while his Alpha raised an eyebrow at them.

"Am I missing something here?" Shinsou asked, getting Kaminari head to whip around at him a slight panic look on his face.

“No!” Kaminari shouted it caused Shinsou to tilt his head a portentous smile came to his face, Sero seeing the smile on the Alpha face got him grinning.

“So, Kaminari here never told you about the incident?” Sero asked, casually it caused Kaminari to shriek, Kirishima having to slap a hand over his mouth snorting a little. 

"Guys, pleased, I am begging you, don't do this! Remember the bro code!" Kaminari begged, but Sero was turning towards Shinsou now; Kirishima still struggling to keep his laughter under control.

"Listen back when we were in high school during the cultural festival. Bakugo, Kirishima, Kaminari, and I  put in charge of getting the props ready. But naturally, all of us started to joke around." Sero began to tell Shinsou as Kaminari fell back into his chair, Kirishima reached over and patted his shoulder.

Kirishima knew he could probably get Sero to stop, but it was one of the few memories from high school he enjoyed. Hearing Sero talks about it, and it brought a nostalgic feeling as Sero told how they had begun to talk about the Marvel movies and comics, moving from there to about superpowers. Kirishima remembers how he talks about having an unbreakable body, Sero wanting to shoot out tape for some reason and Bakugo wanted to make things explode.

“We were doing all of this outside, mind you. With the sky turning dark with lighting and thunder rumbling in the back. When Kaminari here, grabs a hammer shouting to the sky for Thor to grant him power.” Sero went on with Shinsou listen carefully now with Kirishima getting up and moving to Kaminari side. 

"That is when lighting came down from the sky, striking the hammer in Kaminari's hand." Shinsou eyes widen his head snapping over to his mate who lay entirely on the table, his cheeks puff out grumbling a little.

“Denki,” Shinsou called out reaching towards his mate hugging him close now, Kaminari turning his head into his mate neck. 

"When it happened, Kaminari fell the ground. Sero and I were screaming our heads off as we run about as if our heads have been cut off, but Bakugo…he took change. He started doing CPR on Kaminari while yelling at us to get a teacher." Kirishima took over the story now pulling away from Kaminari, turning his eyes away, a flare of envy burn within.

"It wasn't so bad, Bakugo was nice to me for about two whole days after I was let out of the hospital," Kaminari recalled giving a dramatic tear and posed it got Kirishima and Sero laughing.

"It's true, for a moment, everyone in our class though Bakugo had been switched with a pod person or something." Kirishima hurried out as he tried to get his laughter under control now, "But for some weird ransom, Kaminari started having bad luck when it comes to electrical appliances. Well, anything electrical to be more on point."

"Hey, it has gotten better! I haven't been shocked as often, why just yesterday, I was only shocked three times!" Kaminari told Kirishima proudly till Shinsou spoke up.

"Five times, you one where shock yourself tried to blow dye your hair and once more when you for some reason, though it would be a good idea to lick your phone changer," Shinsou spoke so calmly to surprised Kirishima at how someone bright and loud could be with someone gloomy and quiet.

“The changer had food on it! And it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Kaminari said in his defense mumbling the last part to him. Shinsou replay was to give a small kiss on his omega cheek getting him to blush a little and smile. 

Seeing this, Kirishima couldn't help but wonder if this was how everyone saw when he was around Toyomitsu. If so, did that mean something then? Before he could think deeply about this, a glance at the kitchen clock told him how late it was and how he still needs to finish the yard work.

"Hey, guys if your done eating, could you leave your dish in the sink? I need to get back to work." Kirishima told his friends gathering up his finished dish, heading for the kitchen sink now.

"Yeah, we're done. What you got a plan for us?" Shinsou asked, gathering up his own and Kaminari plate.

"Thanks, man. This will make the yard work go by faster." Kirishima thank Shinsou who stood up from the table and walked over to the kitchen.

“Well, you did kind of rope us into it.” Sero pointed out jokily, Kirishima laugh nervously as he apologized to the of them.

They wave it off, standing up and now going to the sliding door waiting for Kirishima. Once he had the plates in the sink just the way, he wanted it. Kirishima hurried over to them, telling them what had to be done. Once the plan had talked about,  four of them headed outside began to work with side tasks of goofing. The job finished before dinner came, the four of them now sitting or laying on the sofa, enjoying the sweet cold air of the A/C. Mrs. Kirishima greeted them as she had began dinner, Kirishima coming over to help to have his mother wave a wooden spoon at him.

"You are covered in dirt and sweat! You are not touching nor helping till you have taken a shower." Mrs. Kirishima told him, holding the wooden spoon in such a threatening manner Kirishima back away.

"But mom, you just rested. I'll wash my hands and arms, and it has been good." Kirishima tried to reason with his mother by she stood her ground.

"Kirishima, man, go ahead and take that shower. I'll help your mother with the cooking." Shinsou offered coming over to the two-omega side; he is having done much less work, just sitting back and watching his mate and friends work.

"I can't ask you to do that. You're a guest." Kirishima noted just for his mother to accepted Shinsou's help.

"Dude, I'm not eating any food if you made it," Sero called out as he laid on the floor, Kirishima fake a mock shock at dark hair Beta words but knew it was the truth.

"Fine, I'll take a shower. I'll be back soon," Kirishima said, gently tapping Shinsou's shoulder and whisper to the Alpha to please keep an eye on his mother. Shinsou nodded, coming over to the older omega side.

With that, Kirishima heads off to the bathroom just making a side trip to his room to gather new clean clothes, then off to the bath. He made quite a work by skipping the bath part, slow down when it came to his change of clothing. He made double sure the clothing covers his arms and would not show his scars in any way. Moving down to his shorts, rubbing his hands over them, checking once again, his scars didn't show. Satisfied, Kirishima came out tossing his dirty clothes into the laundry basket and out into the hallway. Reaching the kitchen, he came just in time to see Shinsou, Sero and Kaminari helping set up the table and bring the food over.

He happily announces his presence, coming over to the table where his mother told him to sit as they were all ready to eat. Kaminari, Shinsou, and Sero thank his mother for the food, Mrs. Kirishima waves it off, saying it was the least she could do for them after they help Kirishima. They all sat down, once again thanking for the food began to eat. It wasn't long before everyone started to talk and laugh about things, Kirishima was smiling and laughing when it came to an end, Kirishima was a little putout.

“What do you say, Kirishima?” Sero asked getting Kirishima to look at him wondering what the beta had asked. 

"Huh? Sorry, I daze out for a minute." Kirishima said his hand filled with plates as he helps his mother clear the table out.

"About coming over to Mina and my place? I know, Mina would love to have you come over." Sero told Kirishima again, waiting now for the omega answer.

“Sure, I would love to come over. When is the best time?” Kirishima, asked as Shinsou handed over his and Kaminari plates. 

“We free this coming Saturday, that if you are free that day.” Sero told him as Kirishima though over the next few days then look over to his mother, “I don’t recall anything for that day, but is there anything plan?” 

Mrs. Kirishima hummed, “No, my appointment isn’t until tomorrow at ten. But I have no idea what the doctor will say or if she would want to run some test.” 

"Sero, is it alright with you, can you put in yours and Mina number? I can call and text you when I have free time." Kirishima explained placing down the dishes onto the corner, reaching into his for his phone.

"Here let me add mine and Shinsou; we can get a group chat going again like we have back in school." Kaminari brings out his phone as he reaches out for Kirishima's phone.

“Shouldn’t our group chat still exist?” Kirishima asked as Kaminari put in his number and his mate then passing it over to Sero. 

“God, I hope not. I don’t want to remember how dumb we were as kids.” Sero shook his head as his face held a sober look. 

"Come on; we weren't that bad," Kaminari said to lock onto his phone, fingers working on the screen.

"Denki, if you took a shot for every stupid thing you did, how drunk would you be?" Shinsou asked, watching his mate face.

"I will be dead twice over," Kaminari said in a severe deadly tone it caused them to laugh.

With that Kirishima and Mrs. Kirishima walk the three of them over to the genkan, where the two of them bid goodbye to Shinsou, Kaminari, and Sero with Kirishima promising to give all a text and call in the future. With them is gone now, Kirishima turns to his mother now taking in just how tired looking she looks.

"Mom, why don't you go sit down for a bit, and I'll take care of the dishes." Kirishima offers watching as his mother nodded.

"I think that a good idea. I'm feeling a bit more tired today." Mrs. Kirishima said off handy, turning around, "I'm going to sit down for a while."

"Did you take your medicine?" Kirishima questioned walking right behind her, then turning over to the kitchen.

"Yes, don't worry, Miss. Shield said it could take medicine a few days to fully work." Mrs. Kirishima replied, coming to the sofa letting out a tired sigh.

Kirishima understood that part well, his own medicine when he was first put on, at least took a few days for it to get into his system. He took a tea kettle, filled it up with water then sit it onto the stove, turning on the heat for it to boil. He turned his eyes to the shelf above him, opening the door cabin, moving around the small cans and boxes until he found the tea can. He opened it, saw it still had some tea leaves in it. Bring it down, Kirishima place it next to the stove then turn back to the dishes.

Sounds came from the living room getting Kirishima to pause in his washing, turning to look over his shoulder now. He could see her head leaning against the sofa, putting a cup to the side and drying his hands on the kitchen towel. Kirishima walked over to his mother to see her fast asleep on the sofa. Gently he moved her to a better position then went to the hallway closet for a blanket. He opened it and laid it gently over his mother then moving over to the kitchen finishing up the dishes, just in time as the kettle began to whistle.

He moved the kettle off the stove, then moving over to a cupboard taking out two cups. He then went to tea strainer to make green tea. It took a couple of minutes, and he ended up with two hot cups of green tea taking one over to the living room, setting it down on the coffee table. Hoping his mother wouldn't sleep too long, the tea would go cold.

With the other one, he took that cup and head for his room. He took a sip of green tea going over to his old desk, his eyes moving away from the picture, flipping it over as he then, sitting down as he took out his phone. The sideswipe on the number then waited for it to go through; it only needs to ring twice before the person on the other end answered.


“Tashiro, hey, I just want to call you and tell you how today went.” Kirishima mull over, a bit of fear in his heart, worried he was bothering the Alpha. 

“Sure, I love to hear how today went for you.” 

Hearing this, Kirishima unknowingly smile at his words, he began to tell Toyomitsu about today, and all that happen how he and his friends reconnected as they talk about their current lives and their past during their more young full days. He went on for what some just a few minutes but a glance at the desk clock told him otherwise. He also realized this whole time; he had been talking about himself this entire time; he didn't once ask Toyomitsu about his day at all.

"Anyway, enough about me. What about you?" Kirishima inquired feeling bad at how much he focused himself and not on Toyomitsu. He scolded himself for that, tell himself he needs to more considerate to the Alpha's feelings and needs.

"Oh, uh, today was tense, I have a new trainee I'm working with today. Then I have been trying to do paperwork and trying to go over some old cases."

“That doesn’t sound too hard. The paperwork, I mean.” 

Toyomitsu laugh, "Trust me, I rather be out on portal then doing paperwork. The amount of red tape to go through. Then the reports I have to write up. I wish I had your talent for writing, chick. At least then, my reports wouldn't be so dry."

"Ah, Tashiro, that so sweet of you. If you like, I can give you some tips." Kirishima, kindly offer to enjoy listening to Toyomitsu's voice.

“I would be glad to take that help, but I’m going to have to put that on hold, I’ll be right back.” 

Kirishima could hear Toyomitsu muffle voice as he talks to someone on the other end, he presses his phone closer to his ear. Hearing a low growl, skin prickling at how close Toyomitsu voice sounded to using his Alpha voice. Kirishima snaps the phone away then, heart beating in his chest, it was almost made him believe his rib cage was about to break.

“Eijiro? Chick?” 

“I’m here. Is…is everything, okay?” 

Toyomitsu sighed, "I'm sorry, Eijiro. I tried not to use my Alpha voice; I know you don't like it. But this new trainee, he has been driving me up the wall."

“I’m sure he doesn’t mean to get in the way. He probably just nervous!” 

"Ha, I wish. The new trainee comes from a long line of police officers, because of that, he thinks he knows everything and doesn't need any training or show anything about how to do his job properly."

Kirishima listen as Toyomitsu went on talking more and more, even now and then Kirishima would speak giving the Alpha another chance to vent a bit more until Toyomitsu let out a long sigh mix in with a groan now. 

“Sorry, chick. I didn’t mean to lay it out on you.”

"You didn't think of it as a small exchange for all the times, and I talk to you about my problems."

They went on talking for the next hour only to come to an end when Kirishima yawned. He ends up telling Toyomitsu he hadn't much sleep the day before to which, Toyomitsu told him about going to sleep early tonight ending their conversation with good-bye. Kirishima let out another yawn thinking over what Toyomitsu said and how he was right. He needs to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow. He set the alarm on his phone for his mother's doctor's appointment. Then lay it on the desk as he turned and left his room, coming to the living room to see his mother turning off the TV now.

"Still tired?" Kirishima asked coming over to the sofa and coffee table, glad to see she did drink some green tea.

"Yes, so I'll be heading to bed now. I'll see you in the morning. Thank you for the tea." Mrs. Kirishima told her son giving a small yawn almost stumbling a little as she walked.

Kirishima moved quickly to catch her, “Let me walk you to our room.”

“It was a little stumble, Eiji, nothing to worry about.” Mrs. Kirishima tried to wave him off, but Kirishima held her close to him. 

“Maybe, but I’ll better knowing I walk you back to your room.” Kirishima stayed with her as she began to walk, listening to her sigh a little. 

“Alright, alright,” Mrs. Kirishima settled to let him walk by her to her room, there Kirishima let her go. 

"Night, mom. I set my alarm clock for tomorrow." Kirishima was watching as his mother smiled at him.

"Thank you, Eiji. I'll see you in the morning then. Night and good dreams." Mrs. Kirishima yawned once more before going into her room.

Once her door had closed, Kirishima went back to his room and ready himself for bed. Just as he was pulling the blanket away, he paused in his action, turning his head to look over at his desk. The picture still there seamlessly taunting him, narrowing his eyes and letting out a huff. Kirishima turn walks over to the desk snatching it off, crushing it with both of his hands then tossing it into the waste can. A flare of irritating came to him when the ball of paper laid outside of the trash can. He had to stop himself from stomping over to it, taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

Once the irritate had gone away, Kirishima calmly walks over to the trash can, pick up the ball of paper, tossing it into the waste can, seeing it go into it now. A sense of relief came over him, now going back to his bed and sliding into bed. Mind and body calm and relaxed, Kirishima fell into a dreamless sleep with the first few minutes. Though hours pass, Kirishima awoke to his alarm going off now, feeling as if he just fell asleep just seconds ago. Hand flopping around until his fingers found his phone, turning off the alarm.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Kirishima moved out bed and out of his room, walking down to his mother's room where he knocks on the door. He barely tap a second time when the door open to see his mother up and almost ready to head out.

“You up already?” Kirishima started as he tried to blink away the heaviness in his eyes. 

“Yes, I woke a little before my alarm went off. Why don’t you get ready, while I get some tea going for us to drink.” Mrs. Kirishima suggested seeing how sleepy her son still was. 

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” Kirishima drowsed turning around, heading for his room, stopping at the bathroom to do his business.  

It took a few minutes, Kirishima found himself ready with a cup of earl grey tea as he drove his mother to the doctor's office. He was arriving on time, getting a parking spot closes to the workplace then helping his mother out of car, staying close to her as they walk up to the door, stepping into the building now. The nurse at the reception desk greeted them with a smile as she welcomes them in. Mrs. Kirishima told him to go ahead and sit down while she checks in and fill out some paperwork. Giving the nod, he sat down while taking a sip of his tea; his eyes looked around the area seeing other patients. Mrs. Kirishima came over to where he was sitting down now, letting out a little exhalation.

"There a coffee machine, do you want me to make a cup?" Kirishima asked, standing himself up a bit.

Mrs. Kirishima shook her head, “No, I better not. The caffeine could miss with the test results.” 

"Do you know what test; the doctor wants to run?" Kirishima recalled his mother tell him about the doctor's appointment, but she didn't tell him about the test.

“Maybe?” Mrs. Kirishima told him just as the door to back rooms open with a nurse calling his mother's name. 

Mrs. Kirishima stood up, giving him a wave to stay while she went to meet her doctor. When the door closed, Kirishima pulls out his phone and begin to flicker through his social media. There was hardly anything new as he kept a low profile, mostly post pictures of Tokyo buildings, and trains with a few animals and their owners. As he was going over them, his mind took a different turn going over what Sero, Kaminari and Shinsou had talked about, mostly about what happens to Kaminari and how he had called for Thor to grant him powers.

It sparks an idea now, getting Kirishima to open his memo app, putting down his idea with bullet points. He even opens his internet browser, searching for powers coming across Marvel and DC comics. He went deeper by exploring more about superheroes and their capabilities, his mind coming up with his characters and abilities. He didn't hear his name being called; he did jerk when the nurse touches his shoulder.

"Your mother wants you to be with her while the doctor goes over some test; she wants to do." The male nurse told him, Kirishima felt his face heat up at having been lost.

"Oh, thanks! Sorry, I got distracted." Kirishima apologized almost falling over his feet as he hurried to stand up.

He followed the nurse to the backroom, going down the hallway to the third room on the left. The nurse knocked on the door, opening it, stepping aside to let Kirishima into the room where his mother wanted. Mrs. Kirishima greeted her son, her sitting on the bed as he went over to two chairs, sitting in one. 

"Mom, what's going on?" Kirishima asked, leaning over to her, a bit of a worry in his chest. If the doctor wanted more tests, does that mean things had taken a turn for the worst for his mother? His heart began to beat faster, his eyes taken in how his mother look.

When he came home, he didn't stop to look at her but now, he took it in. How sickly pale she looks, how tired expression hung around her eyes. Her once shiny black hair now seemed dull and lifeless; her clothes were baggy around her thin frame, it brought tears to his eyes. His mother was genuinely sick, and there was a chance even with the help of the doctor and medicines, he could lose her.

All the time he sent in Tokyo dealing with his problems, never doing more than just calling his mother and telling her how his day went. He never let himself come home, never let himself think about how much his mother missed him, wanting him back to see him but never allowed himself to do so. Thinking only of himself, and his selfish need to stay away, Mrs. Kirishima staying all alone in that house, with no one but herself. Bakugo was right. It took his mother becoming deathly ill just for him to come home when he could have done so much more.

He could offer her to come and stay with him and Toyomitsu, any time of the year or somehow forced himself to go back to his hometown and stay for a day or two. It would have been better than nothing, better than coming home just as his mother was dying. Eyes become blurry thinking more and more about what he could, no, what he should have done. When pale fingers touch his cheek, wiping away his tears.

"Mom, I'm so sorry," Kirishima wept on, feeling his thin mother fingers on his cheeks.

"What are you sorry about?" Mrs. Kirishima asked, pulling her hand back, reaching into her purse to bring out her handkerchief.

"For being a bad son, I'll that time I have been living in Tokyo. I could have asked or brought you over to visit. Hell, I could have come down here, if I just put away my selfish desire to stay away. I could spend those years with you."  Kirishima told her more tears were falling now, the texture of her handkerchief on his cheek.

"Eijiro, you are not a bad son, I understood why you left and why you didn't want to come back, you were not in a good place, you need time to heal. Plus, not all of you, I could have visited you and Toyomitsu too." Mrs. Kirishima comforts him, taking her handkerchief back, it was right timing as the door open.

Kirishima let one more sniff quickly rubbing his eyes to clear away any remaining tears, hoping the doctor wouldn't mind the redness in his eyes. He looked up to see a female doctor coming into the room now. The doctor looking down at her charts, long blond hair flowed down to shoulders, framing around her face, showing off the glasses she wore. Wearing pink scrubs, a yellow and blue-collar around her neck, mate bite on her shoulder, it seemed new.

“Hello, I’m Melissa Shield. It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Kirishima. This is your son?” Dr. Shield greeted them cheerfully, coming to take the other seat. 

"Yes, I asked him to come in. I wanted to have his opinion on some of the tests. I'll possibly be doing." Mrs. Kirishima put in, awaiting for what Doctor Shield would say next.

“Kirishima Eijiro, it's nice to meet you.” Kirishima stood up, giving bow then sitting down. 

"It's nice to meet you, Eijiro-san. That great, it good to have a second opinion, and having a friend or family member tends to make this easier." Dr. Shield told them with a kind smile, flipping the papers taking a quick look, "Now before we talk about the test, I want to ask how you feel now, since taking those new prescriptions?"

Chapter Text

The day halfway done but already Kirishima was drained from what had happened at the doctor office and coming home, he was ready to crush into his bed, but he refused to do so. His mother had gone to lay down and rest for some time; he was glad for it. Doctor Shield had told him the new medicine could cause Mrs. Kirishima to be fatigued for a time, loss of appetite, and easy to leave bruising and bleeding. To keep an eye on her next few weeks and call if there were any changes, call her office immediately.

Kirishima promised to call right away, giving his thanks to Mrs. Shield for all she had done for his mother. Now, as he sat on the couch looking up at the ceiling, wondering what he should do. Sighing, he glances at the living clock to see it was past breakfast, reminding him that either of them had the chance to eat. Getting off the couch, he heads for the kitchen to bring out some food to make a snack for his mother and himself. It wasn't anything fancy, but it would take some of the edge off the hunger. He had just finished making his mother food, putting it into the refrigerator when his phone went off. Closing the door to the fridge, he reaches into his back pocket, to see it was a text from Bakugo.

For a moment, he felt his heart still with some anxious blossoming in his chest. Taking a breath, he clicks open the text and read over it. Bakugo had asked if he was coming over again for dinner and what he wanted to eat for tonight. Reading the text, Kirishima couldn't deal with him and Midoriya tonight. He wouldn't be able to keep up the smile and be friendly, not after what he went through today. Standing with a throbbing sensation build inside his head, getting him to pinch the bridge of his nose. He wrote a quick reply saying he wasn't feeling up to it for tonight and would come over the other time. With that, he found himself now wondering what he should make for dinner.

Groaning, he wasn't up to cook dinner, but he didn't want his mother to cook either. Perhaps for today, he would order take out for both of them. Taking his snack with him, he went back into the living sitting down now, eating away the sandwich he made. Searching through his phone to see what food places around would deliver to his home. Even as he sought, he couldn't agree on what to order. The pounding in his head grew stronger, prompting him to head for the bathroom. Taking some pills for oncoming headache, he took a bit longer in the bathroom as he removed his arm sleeves along with removing his shirt. Kirishima then went to his room, tossing the shirt and sleeves onto the bed as he then searches for a t-shirt.

He came to pause, arriving to find one of Toyomitsu's large shirts in his suitcase. Kirishima held up the yellow shirt, trying to recall how the shirt found itself in there. A smile came to his face as he remembers during the stage when he was packing for his trip, he had seen the shirt just lying on the chair in his and Toyomitsu bedroom grabbing it without thinking and placing it in the suitcase then forgetting about it.

Without a second thought about it, Kirishima tosses it on closing his eyes, imagine the way the shirt wrap around him was instead Toyomitsu. Fingers taking the helm of the short t-shirt, bring it up to his nose, taking in a whiff but could smell nothing. Shoulder lowered, the smile on his face vanished even if he could recall Toyomitsu scent, he could feel it fading away. He was biting his lower lip, Kirishima push that thought away and instead focused on the warmth the t-shirt brought him. 

Moving over to his bed, Kirishima laid down, pulling the hem of the shirt to his face. Closing his eyes now, letting his mind drift to imagining yellow hair alpha is here with him right now. Those large arms and body mass enclosing him, warmness closing around him getting his body to relax. Joins coming unloose, breathing slowing down with thoughts decelerating, Kirishima didn't even realize he had fallen asleep now. His sleep didn't last long. A persistent banging enters his dreamless state, eyebrows scrunching as he fought to stay asleep, only to be forced awake when the banging becomes somehow possibly louder.

Growling, Kirishima's eyes snap open annoyance, becoming his primary mood at the moment. Nearly ripping the door off its frame as he walks out. Stomping towards the main entrance of the house, lips pulled back with his fangs out, once at the door the knocking echoing in his head. Kirishima took hold of the doorknob, turn it, and flung it open.

"What?!" Kirishima shouted out fangs bared startling Bakugo, who had been standing there mere second before holding a cooking pot. The annoyances from before evaporated from him, leaving only the throbbing in his head.

Bakugo stared moment only just last that long, his arms shot forward holding out a still-warm cooking pot to Kirishima, "I know you said you weren't up to cook tonight, but I still made some food for you and your mother since you forgot to taken some leftover from last time." 

Kirishima stood there a little stunned by it, "Thanks, Bakugo. Sorry for snapping at you, I…just have a bit of headache right now,”

Bakugo eyes look away, nose quaver a little, “It’s nothing, don’t apologize for it.”

Kirishima reach out now, his hands taking the warm pot from Bakugo missing how the blond alpha bristle, then to his chest. He gives one last smile to Bakugo, "I'll put this on the stove. I'm sure when my mom wakes up, she’ll want to enjoy what you made.”

Bakugo nodded, his eyes still turn away, “Yeah, sure, fuck, just whenever you’re feeling better, give me a call.”

Kirishima smiled at him even if Bakugo didn’t see it, “I will. Later, Bakugo.”

"Yeah, later," Bakugo said, turning away from him, walking away, coming to a stop a few feet away as he looks over his shoulder then away, walking away again.

The smile on Kirishima turns into a frown as he watched Bakugo walk away till he disappeared from his sight. He didn't know why, but Bakugo seemed a little standoff with him for some reason. Though he figures it was because Bakugo felt awkward for having wakened him up, walking to the kitchen now, right up to the oven. 

Arms were moving to place the pot onto the oven, the sleeves touching his moving arms, getting him to look down, to freeze completely at seeing how the sleeves didn't cover his arms. The short sleeves only came to his elbows, leaving the rest exposed. For a hold solid minute stared at his arms, going over the scars litter over them, heart beating faster and faster, the thumbing becoming the only sound in his ears. He didn't hear how the lid of the pot began to clang against itself as his arms started to shake. Thoughts were running around in his head, telling him how Bakugo saw the scars. Scars that came from the beatings, drugs, and self-inflicted ones, it was probably, no was the reason Bakugo turn to look back him when he had been walking away.

His knees gave out on him, the hot pot hitting the floor almost spill as Kirishima fingers let go of the handle's bars. Dread taking hold of him and rising higher and higher consuming his mind till became all he thought about it. Breathing intake rapidly increased, yet it felt he wasn't getting enough air in his lungs, arms raised to his shoulder, letting his fingernails dig into t-shirt. Everything he had done to keep his scars a secret is entirely pointless now, Bakugo knew about them. He would be asked about them, figure out why he had them and see Kirishima was nothing but-

"Eijiro?!" His mother's voice cracks through his thoughts, causing him to look up and see his mother standing in the doorway of the kitchen now, alarming look on her pale face.

“Mom….” Kirishima murmur out, his mother rushing over to him now with her arms hovering over him, the look on her face asking him if it was okay for her to touch him.

Kirishima couldn't answer her; a light headiness came over him as a sense of doom stood before him. Vision swirling, he didn't make out how his mother stood up and rush away from him to return a minute later with a sketchbook in her hands now, rushing over to him, her voice mild reaching out to him, taking his hands away from his shoulders. The coolness of his sketchbook guides him back, Mrs. Kirishima's voice telling him to start counting with her as she opens the book now. She was letting him feel the touch of the pages, feeling the texture of the ink, coral and paint, discoloration his fingers tips.

Gradually his mind began archer itself back, counting with her and feeling the texture of his sketchbook slowed down, his vision no longer swirling, breathing started to have become more natural, and the shivers had almost stopped. When it became appeared his panic attack had reached a more stable level, Mrs. Kirishima helps her son up, leading him from the kitchen and into the living room, getting him to sit down on the sofa. She sat next to him now, rubbing calming circles on his back till Kirishima reach the point he felt comfortable to talk.

"He saw them, mom…." Kirishima choked out, drawing his arms with the sketchbook up to his chest, fingers pulling at the yellow t-shirt to his face.

"Who saw them?" Mrs. Kirishima asked, moving closer to her son, though she had a good idea who he is. Her thoughts were turning to why Bakugo had come to their home when she had told him not too.

“Bakugo, he…he came by earlier something about making food, and…and…I was sleeping, but…the knocking woke me up, and I got up," Kirishima took a deep breath holding it in for ten seconds, feeling his once ramping heart become even slower now.

"I didn't realize I was wearing Toshiro shirt…" Kirishima became silence, now letting everything else fall into place. His mother's warmth is circling him now, Mrs. Kirishima holding him close now.

"Shh, it is alright," Mrs. Kirishima reassurance her son but could see how much agony held in his eyes. Knew how much this torment him as he wasn’t ready to tell anyone, much less Bakugo about them or the reasons behind them.

They sat there for the next hour with nothing more than Mrs. Kirishima comforting her son, till he fell asleep against her. Her to lay him gently down on the sofa, leaving the sketchbook with him as she went to get a blank for him. She covered him, checking over him then going to the kitchen where she found the hot pot still on the floor. Mrs. Kirishima took the hot pot and place it onto the stove now, opening it to see chicken and vegetables mix together. Mrs. Kirishima let out small hummed, closing the lid.

A few hours gone by, letting the shadows within the living room reach out like long boney fingers towards Kirishima, whose face began to scrunch up. Sweat began to break on his forehead. Teeth ground against one other Kirishima to let out a shout, sitting up immediately breathing heavy, his eyes dilate as he frantically looks around, mind trying to piece together where he is still on under the effect of the dream he had been having. Yet as the idea lost its hold over him, Kirishima breathing began slow, he comes to realize he was a childhood home, that brought a small smile to his face, eased the fear within him now.

“Mom?” Kirishima called out, tossing off the blanket as he got off the sofa, only feeling slightly better than he did earlier, grabbing the sketchbook, coming into the hallway to see his mother coming out of the bathroom.

"Eijiro, how you are feeling?" Mrs. Kirishima asked once, seeing her son standing in the hallway searching for her, looking over him to see how he was fairing. He still looked tired and a little pale, but he seems more aware than before, the sketchbook with him.

"A little better, I don't want to overthink what happen,” Kirishima admitted running a hand through his hair, griming a little at the sweat that had built up in his hair.

"Perhaps you should call Kendo? Tell her what happened?" Mrs. Kirishima pointed out, carefully watching him as he thought over it.

“Yeah, yeah, I will.” Kirishima agreed with her, telling Kendo about this would help and give him the tools he would possibly need in the future to deal with whatever came next.

"Good, now do you want to eat then shower, or do you want to shower then eat?" Mrs. Kirishima asked then waited for the answer.

"I think I'll take a shower then eat," Kirishima answered suddenly feeling dirty and unclean form the panic attack and former dream. Wanting to wash away all the grime and filth build on him, even as the logic part of his brain told him, he wasn't that dirty, the feelings he had told him differently.

“Alright, go ahead and shower, I'll get the food warm-up,” Mrs. Kirishima give him a small smile, watching as Kirishima nodded and head off to shower as she went to the kitchen.

There she took the hot pot, placed it onto the stove now, turning it on, letting the heat from the furnace slowly heat the pot, opening the lid from time to time, stirring up the soup as to allow the heat to spread out evenly. When it reaches the desired heat, Mrs. Kirishima lowers the temperature as she went over to the cupboard, bring out two bowls for herself and Kirishima. She had to turn around to see Kirishima standing there, a frown on his face, looking over where the hot pot is.

“What wrong?” Mrs. Kirishima asked right away, thinking something was wrong.

"Nothing, I was just thinking, but it doesn't matter." Kirishima mutter out, walking to the table now, keeping his eyes only on the table and nothing else.

"Do you feel any better?" Mrs. Kirishima asked, hoping the change of subject would turn her son's mind away from what was troubling him.

Kirishima gives a measured nod, "I feel cleaner now."

Mrs. Kirishima frown but went over to the stove and filled up both bowls, coming over to the table. Placing one in front of her son, next placing the second bowl to where she would sit across from him, she gathers eating utilities, sitting down at the table, passing a spoon over to her son. Once they were ready, they said their thanks and spent the next hour eating in silence. Thought Mrs. Kirishima wanted to say something, to ease whatever was bothering her son, she couldn't find the words. All she could do was reach over a clap his hand into her own, letting him know she was right there.

"Mom, if you don't mind, I'm going to call Kendo," Kirishima said later gathering up his bowl and spoon, as he walks over to the kitchen sink now.

"Go ahead; I'll be in the living room if you need me." Mrs. Kirishima told him, getting a nodded from him.

"Thanks, mom," Kirishima told her, going to his room now, feeling the next hour was going to be another draining one, and he didn’t want to trouble her with the aftermath. He told himself afterward; he would call Toyomitsu.

He went to his room and lock the door, bring out his phone now, finding the number for Kendo, giving his therapist a call, and within the next ring, Kendo answer the call. For the next hour, he and Kendo talk about what happen and why he reacted in such way, as he and Kendo talk, Kirishima moved to sit down at his chair desk — drawing his legs close to his chest, curling in on himself till conversation came to an end.

The conversation didn't make him feel better or worse; it is just empty. Sitting there in the chair, Kirishima took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a passing minute. He went on sitting there, not moving and keeping his mind blank. But his mind couldn't stay blank forever, steadily thoughts return to his mind, fingers now fluttering. He turns to his desk now, pulling the sketchbook from earlier to him now, getting a pencil, and opening it to a blank page.

For the remainder of the day, Kirishima spent that time drawing and shading his artwork. The thought of calling Toyomitsu slip from his mind, stopping once his back and hand started to ache. He closed the sketchbook, putting away his pencils to the side, standing up now and stretching himself out, groan of satisfaction came out as his back pop and muscles loosen. As he looks out of his bedroom window, he saw how the night had fallen. He left his room then, going to where his mother is, finding her sitting on the couch watching the late-night news. He bid her goodnight, leaving her with a hug as he went back to his room and went to bed now.

 The night pass with the sky turning from ink blackness into the mixer of orange, pink, and purple shades, a ringing sound was reverberating within his room. Kirishima groan, turning away from the noise now, pulling a blanket over him, digging deeper into his pillow. But just like the knocking from yesterday, the ringing would not stop, Kirishima tossing off the sheet, floundering his arm about, seizing the phone, giving it a hard glare, seeing an unknown number flashing confusing him a bit.

He swipes it as he brought it to his ear, "Hello?"

“Eiji!” A cheery voice came through, getting Kirishima to be more awake now, he knew this voice.

"Mina, hey, sorry, but do you know how early you are calling me?" Kirishima mumbled out, taking hold of the blanket and pulling it over himself, as a slight chill came over him.

“Eiji, honey, it ten in the morning.”


"Yes, ten, but that not the reason I'm calling you."

“I didn’t think so, what up?”

“Are you free today?”

"Huh," Kirishima closed his eyes, thinking over what happened yesterday and how it would affect him, though he didn't recall anything of importance, to be sure, he would speak with his mother. 

"I don't recall if there anything I need to do, but let me speak with my mom. If there something that she needs to do, I want to do that first." Kirishima told Mina, letting out a soft sigh as he tosses off the warm blanket.

"Understood! Give me a call afterward! We haven't talked in ages."

“Yeah, yeah,” Kirishima agreed with her, it would be nice to talk with Mina and reminisce a bit, “I’ll give you a call in a few minutes, I think Sero ask if I would like to come over, and I would like too.”

"I would love that too! I'll send a text to our address. Later, Eiji!"

"Bye, Mina. Talk to you soon." Kirishima said, letting the call end now, as he moved off the bed and ready himself for the day.

He came out of his room, finding himself in the living room next to see his mother in her recliner crocheting, he couldn't tell what it is as it was still in the beginning stage. He had just come over to her side, giving her a warm good morning, Mrs. Kirishima looks up, smiling at him as she put down her crocheting. That was new, Kirishima didn’t know his mother knew to crochet.

“Good Morning, Eijiro. I have your food in the microwave, and you have to reheat it." Mrs. Kirishima told him, observing him to see if yesterday still lingers on him.

“Thanks, mom. Sorry for sleeping so late,” Kirishima thanked her, feeling his stomach now growl a little at the mention of food, he really could eat something right now.

"It's fine, go eat your food, I can hear your stomach growling." Mrs. Kirishima laughs at how the tips of his ears turn red.

Kirishima heads off then to the kitchen, going over to the microwave opening it as he then took off the plastic cover, closing the door and pushing in the amount of time need to heat his food. As the microwave started, he then turns around and heads back to the living room. He took a seat, getting his mother attended. 

"Mom, is there a doctor appointment today?" Kirishima asked as he then waited for her to answer.

"Not today there isn't; remember, Dr. Shield wants to wait a bit longer and see how I’ll react to the medicine." Mrs. Kirishima reminds her son; she didn't blame him for forgetting after what happened yesterday.

"Okay, then. Are there any places you want to or need to be at?"

“Well, I do want to go over to craft store, I want to get some more yarn and some sewing needles with some color threads.” Mrs. Kirishima said off handy, "Inko came that day you went shopping for us. I told her how to confide I been feeling; she brought me some crocheting needles and yarn.”

"That was quite nice of her," Kirishima said, remembering how kind and welcoming Midoriya mother had been to all of them back when he had been a teenager. Now after hearing this, it was clear Miss Midoriya hadn't changed much in the years he had been gone.

"Oh, yes, she even texts me a couple of websites on how to make cupholders, blankets, and such. That, of course, reminding me how I used to sew a lot when I was younger, it been nice to dust off those skills." Mrs. Kirishima add on, thinking of how she would spend hours making her clothes and quilt blankets. 

“Well, we can go if you’re up to it, mom.” Kirishima proposed if what his mother wanted to do for the day, then that what they would do. He would text Mina saying he wouldn't be able to visit her and Sero today.

“I would like that, but first you eat, then we can head out." Mrs. Kirishima told him just as the microwave beep, speaking them the food is ready.

"Alright," Kirishima said, heading back to the kitchen, taking his plate of food out of the microwave, closing it afterward.

He reaches into the drawer on his right, brings out some throwaway chopsticks as he places his plate onto the corner right in front of the microwave. He snaps the chopsticks then took hold of his plate, ready to eat when his mother's voice called out.

“Eat at the table, Eijiro!” Kirishima stop for a moment then tried again, “I mean it, Eijiro, do not eat in front of the microwave, its bad manners.”

"Okay, mom," Kirishima said back going to the table though he did grumble a little, Toyomitsu let him eat in front of the microwave, sometimes the alpha would even join him.

After having his late breakfast, Kirishima and Mrs. Kirishima got into the car and headed for the crafting store. Just before he got into the car, he sent a text to Sero that he wouldn’t be able to make it and would try tomorrow. Once at the store, which wasn't big as the ones he went to back in Tokyo, but it was big enough in Kirishima view, could keep his mother busy. They look over a couple of fabrics, sewing machines, and some fake flowers. Mrs. Kirishima took a bit longer looking over the sewing needles, even had a few fabrics cut and wrap up to take home.

They had just now walked over past the fake flowers, now looking over some unicolor shirts with tie-dye right next to it. With yarn just down from them, Kirishima and Mrs. Kirishima engrossed over the shirts and what they could do with them. They didn’t see two people coming up behind them, but they did hear the yell as a body slammed into Kirishima.

"Eiji!" Mina yelled out, rushing forward and slamming herself into Kirishima.

It was then that two things happen, Mrs. Kirishima turns her head around to see how Kirishima body tighten, muscles readying themselves for either a fight or flight responded. It was fighting; he had chosen to put everything he had into tossing Mina away from him, as terror in his eyes as his face held a still look.

"Mina!" Sero cried out, rushing over to his mate, who had her eyes closed, letting out painful groans as she laid on the floor with arms spread out.

“Eijiro! It’s alright, breath with me.” Mrs. Kirishima quickly called out to her son, seeing the terror now turn into panic, his breathing hurriedly.

Kirishima's eyes turn to his mother, finding himself unable to move even as his mind scream at him to get away from whatever had attacked him. Memories of fists, hands, and feet hitting him, kicking at him, came at him, strengthen the need to get away from what was about to cause him pain. Yet his mother voice held him there, telling him to breathe along with her, as his heart race within his chest it felt it was about to give out. He could hear his mother counting from ten down to one, asking him to count with her, then hold his breath for three seconds then slowly release.

Only he couldn't focus; his mind was once again racing, unable to deiced what he should do. Parts of his body twitch sweat breaking out on his forehead, his eyes swirling around as his breathing became even faster. He could feel himself shutting down, knees ready to give out on him. Kirishima tried, he tried so hard to get himself under control, to keep those thoughts for battling but nothing was working. Everything was coming down on him just like yesterday; everything he had done is being washed away; he had no control over it anymore.

“Eijiro, it's okay, chick. You're okay; I'm here."

Toyomitsu's voice flowed over him; the alpha voice was like a clear bell shushing away running thoughts. His breath slow; his eyes look around for the larger male but instead found his mother standing next to him, holding her phone right next to his ear. Toyomitsu low calming voice went on arching him, telling him it was okay, and to breath along with him. He followed Toyomitsu's sound, an image coming forward in his mind. Toyomitsu was standing right next to him, holding him as he talk him to through the steps. 

As the storm fade away from his mind, his breathing became calmer now, emotions downgraded to where he could keep them under control. Kirishima took one last deep breath, held it, and then let it out slowly. Closing his eyes as his inspiration came out, then opening them, he saw his mother standing at his side, holding her phone still. Sero and Mina standing some way from his mother, watching him and Mrs. Kirishima, eyes enlarge.

“Eijiro, everything better now? Do you want to talk or listen to me for a while?”

“No, no, I’m good, Tashiro. I just…” Kirishima's eyes darted from Mina and Sero over to his mother, then back again to them. Mrs. Kirishima understood what he was asking, turning to them quietly, asking them to come with her. The three of them walking away from him now, far away not to hear him but close enough to keep his insight.

“Hey, it’s okay, remember, some are bad days, and some are good days.”

"I know, I just hate the days; they just feel as if they never end, and I always, always, feel as if I'm not doing enough." Kirishima gasped out, tears filling his eyes. He brought the palm of his hand to his right eye, pressing against it. Willing himself not to try in cry in public, he hated to cry in general, it made him feel weak, made him feel vulnerable.

“You do more than enough, and I see it every day and night, I see how you get up every morning with a smile on your face ready to face a new day, I see how you work to overcome what happen, I see how strong you are.”

The tears fell even when he tried to stop them, but hearing Toyomitsu said, unleash the waterworks, "Thank you, Tashiro. Thank you so much."

“Anytime, Eijiro, I’ll be here for you.”

Kirishima said goodbye and end the call, now holding his mother's phone. He walks down the lane to the end where Mrs. Kirishima, Mina, and Sero stood there waiting for him. Once he reaches them, he hands the phone over to Mrs. Kirishima then looking over at the two betas, taking a moment to chew his cheek. His eyes glancing over Mina, she didn't seem hurt seriously, but he knew she could end up with some bruises.

"Mina, I'm sorry…" Kirishima started, but Mina reach out, and for a second, he worried she was about to hug him, body tensing up at the thought, but his mother stops her.

Mina looks at Mrs. Kirishima, nodding in understanding, "Eiji, it's okay, your mother someway explains what happens, but we understand if you don't want to tell us."

Kirishima knew Mina was giving him a way out, a chance to save face but seeing her face and Sero, to remember how the two betas had such a rattle look on them. He couldn’t just let it pass, not when he had promised Sero he would try to be a better friend. Mina wouldn't ask anything but knew she would keep an eye on him during his time here. If he told them what had happened, what would they think of him? Would they still want to be his friends? Maybe they would be, but it only could be out of pity. Kirishima didn't want that; he didn't want to be forced to tell anyone what had happened, but how could he not after what he just did to Mina. 

"I feel as if I should tell you, but…I…can't…I'm sorry," Kirishima told the two of them, lowering his eyes down, keeping them on the floor. He couldn't tell them entirely, but maybe this would be enough for now for them. 

“Hey, Kirishima, it’s alright, man. Don’t force yourself to tell us if you’re not ready. When you are, we will be right here to listen.” Sero reasoned with Kirishima even though he wants to know why this had happen, and he would respect the omega wish about not telling him or his mate.

"Thanks, guys, I appreciate it. Mina, again, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, its…a reaction I have now…" Kirishima struggles to tell her but keep the reason why out, he was genuinely sorry for what he did.

“It’s fine, Eiji! I been hurt worst in dance classes. Forgive and forget." Mina reassured him bring her hand out slowly, silently asking if it was okay to hold his hand.

Kirishima sluggishly shook his head no; he didn't want to be touch, not right now, "Sorry,"

“It’s okay,” Mina said as she drew her hand back now her tone of voice told him how sincere she is at the moment. She gave him an understanding look, Sero came up almost near him but still had a personal space.

“Do you want to go somewhere and talk a bit?" Sero asked his own dark eyes gently, looking over the red-haired omega. Though his face had his usually grin on, his eyes were telling a different story, "Mina and I can tell you and Mrs. Kirishima about stories during our time overseas."

"Totally! They're a nice café just down the street, called Sugar Rush. It has some delicious pastries." Mina offered quickly carefully, watching Kirishima. She didn't want to show it, but she genuinely concerned about Kirishima. He had never been like this when they had been children, but now, it became clear much had changed over time.  

Kirishima didn't answer the two betas right away, he caught between wanting to go with them to this place called Sugar Rush, but at the sometimes he wanted to go home and bury himself in his old bed, spending the rest of the day away from people.

"Thanks, guys, but I think I rather take my mother home and just…chill at home," Kirishima told them, raising his eyes to look at his mother. Though she had a small frown on her face, she nodded in understanding.

“It’s fine, we call you tomorrow, okay?” Mina asked moderately watching as Mrs. Kirishima moved over to her son now, she was close but not to close where she could touch him.

“Ah, yeah, uh, how about I give you call instead?” Kirishima insisted feeling a heavyweight in his stomach at Mina's words, an interminable wait for Mina to call him made his anxiety build, trying to think of ways to tell her; he was fine.

Mina opens her mouth to say something, but Sero intervenes, "Sure, you have Mina number from this morning, right? You can use that to give us a call,"

"Ah, yes, I'll do that, thanks, Sero. I guess I'll see you guys around," Kirishima said goodbye, then giving them a small wave, then he and his mother walk away from the two betas.

Even though they were walking at a reasonable pace, Kirishima wanted to rush out of the store, get into the car and head home. Yet he held himself back, and he had brought his mother out here because she wanted to get the yarn and sewing threads to keep herself busy while at home. He understands that need during the times after he had rescued. The uneased and apprehension would get to him if he weren't doing something. Amajiki had solved this problem by teaching him how to cook some more complex dinners. So he stood there in line right behind Mrs. Kirishima, his right index finger tipping rapidly against his thigh.

Snatching the bag right out of the cashier hand, then hurriedly walk out of the craft store, barely hearing his mother apologize to young beta who had total them up. He slowed down a bit when he came out; the fresh air eased him, taking in the smell of cut grass and coming of rain. When his mother came to his side, he gives her an apologized smile, but she only told him it was okay, and she was feeling a bit sluggish. That had him asking her if she would be okay with him just picking up some food instead then making dinner for the night.

"I don't see why not, but won't you be too full of food when you go over to Bakugo and Midoriya place tonight?” Mrs. Kirishima asked as Kirishima drove them home, altering from the drive to drive-thru place.

“Huh?” Kirishima said having blank out for a moment on why his mother would say such a thing then he recalled yesterday and what had happen, “No, I won’t go over to their place tonight, I’ll just text him and say I can’t make it and he doesn’t need to make anything for us.”

Being reminded of this stayed within Kirishima's mind causing him to tap his finger against the driver wheel as it was one more heavy on his mind and stomach. At the drive-thru, Kirishima ends up messing up their order at least three times, becoming infuriated with himself that he couldn't even make a single order all because he couldn't stop thinking. His mother had to be the one to order around the fourth time, giving him a gentle squeeze on the shoulder, telling him it was alright.  

Even after they got their food what he said, the reminder kept pushing and pushing at him, mingling on what he should text to Bakugo. Chewing his lip, trying to keep his mind on the road once at home, Kirishima helps his mother out of the car, bring the bags in with them, returning to the vehicle for their food sitting them on the coffee table before hurrying off to hallway. Leaning against the wall as he took out his phone, ready to text Bakugo about how he once again wouldn't be over at their apartment for the night. He stood there for over three minutes, typing out then rewriting it again and again. Finally, he went with a short, simple message sending it off just as the rumbling of thunder came to his ears.

He glances up at the ceiling going back into the living room as he turns his head to the screen doors to see how dark it had become. Walking to the doors, Kirishima nearly presses himself to the glass with eyes looking up to see dark clouds. Flash of light above, followed by rumbling, had Kirishima pulling back to see the first drops of rain hit the window. Perhaps it was a good thing he wouldn't be able to go to their place tonight, with how the weather was turning out — turning away, to see Mrs. Kirishima in the kitchen getting their food ready to eat.

The two of them sat at the table, said their thanks, and began to eat, as silence fell between them but satisfactory as the rain-filled with thunder crashing. When they had finished, Kirishima excuse himself for a moment going to the bathroom and taking his medicine — going to his room to grab his laptop before heading back to the living room. He sat down on the sofa as his mother sat in the recliner, working on her crochet. Hours passed with only the sounds of his typing and his mother crochet needles till a bright flash of light, a clap of thunder loud enough it shook the picture frames causing the lights to go out.

"Well, that unfortunate," Mrs. Kirishima said, putting her needles to the side, getting up and going over to the light switch, turning off then on.

"We might be without power for the remainder of the day and night," Kirishima observed as his mother tried again with flipping the light switch on and off.

"I hope not, the meat and dairy will go rotten within hours." Mrs. Kirishima commented, taking her hand away now from the switch seeing they would not be getting any power back anytime soon, "I'm going to call our electric company and see when they can get someone out here."

"What time is it? They could close already," Kirishima noted, going on the internet, bringing up a search bar and typing in the company name.

"Hmm, a little after seven." Mrs. Kirishima told him, coming over to her seat, lowering herself down.

“Sorry, mom, they closed early today and won't be open till eight in the morning," Kirishima told her just as other flashes of light enhance the room for a moment, the house shaking from the thunder that followed.

Mrs. Kirishima sighed, "Well, I supposed there is nothing we can do but wait for the morning. Whatever spoiled over the night, we have to throw it out."

"I guess so, what are you going to do now?" Kirishima asked as his laptop had a full battier battery were his phone was at half. He wasn't ready for bed yet, even with the weight lifted off from the message to Bakugo, and knowing he could call Mina tomorrow. He was still restless.

"My eyes don't want they use to be, so I'll head off to bed. Early to bed, early to rise is the old saying." Mrs. Kirishima said as she put away her needles along with the yarn she had been using, "Don't stay up too late, Eijiro."

"I won't. I'll just be doing some outlining and maybe a rough draft if I still have power," Kirishima assured her, giving a good night as she heads off to bed.

He went back to looking at the computer screen now, going over characters he wanted to create, coming up with names and powers. Backstories for them as he searches through the world wide web for information on world-building, how accurate he wanted in history to be or not. The research was like an escape for him from today's events, letting everything fade away, the storm turns into background noise. The amount of time he spends going over what he wanted and wanted a character to develop, had time flying by him till his laptop warned him he was low on power. Kirishima blinked once then once more, checking over what he had. Feeling quite gratified with how much he had got done, he even managed to could up with half a rough draft.

Saving everything he had work on, Kirishima closed all the tabs he had open. Turning off his laptop, laying it aside, raising his arms over his head. Hearing his back pop as he let out a long deep groan as he rose up stiffing another yawn when bright light blinded him unexpectedly. Kirishima let out a small yelp, at seeing they now had their electricity back now. He let out grumble but was content. Going over to the kitchen now and checking over food within the fridge, frowning at when he checks the milk, eggs, cheeses, and meat. He had no choice but to find a garbage bag and throw all it away. He is making a mental note on what they now had and what he would need to get.

Finished, Kirishima heads off to bed, letting out a hummed as he turns off the lights, changing out of his day clothes and into Toyomitsu shirt with his boxers. Slipping into bed now, he could hear the storm regain its strength, listening more rain thumping against the house with the wind howling, as thunder roared. His eyes closed, allowing sleep to take him away now, even with a tired body, his mind was still not at rest. A dreamless sleep turns into a nightmare, whimpering coming out, fingers clawing the bed itself, body jerking at times.

“No…, stop…. PLEASE!”

Kirishima toss as his dream self begged to be left alone but curl laugh reverberation through his mind, gasping as he tried to fight back in his nightmare. Pain flare in his lower body, arms burning hot as warm liquid drip down his legs. His cries mask over by the rain and thunder as he begs and plea to be left alone, crying out for someone to save him.

Everything hurt, blood running down his arms, legs, and back as he lay in his vomit. The heel of His foot digs into his lower back, believing any moment now his own back would snap in half. Weeping, even more, when He grabbed a fist full of oily black hair pulling his head back to look into soulless pit eyes, massive grin on his face. 

“Please, no, Rappa, I'll be good…." Kirishima promised trying hard to get the Alpha to let go of him and leave him alone.

“Good? You weren’t a good omega when my friends and I wanted to play with you earlier." Rappa sneers out, raising his foot now, then slamming into the omega back repeating the action over and over again, his hand letting go of his hair now.

Kirishima screamed, tears and snot coming out of his eyes and nose, pain firing up his back. Unable to detach himself from this realism, the pain was keeping him right here with him screaming louder and louder, pleading for the Alpha to stop.

"You beg is so sweet, little omega. It almost hurt me to see you like this," Rappa spoke out in an almost tender voice one would think he didn't want to do this, but it was a lie.

Kirishima didn't say anything, body shivering to keep his dirty face in the vomit wishing Rappa would finish and leave him to his pain and self-loathing. The heel digs once more time into his open back, then Rappa walks around him, stopping right in front of him even as Kirishima keeps his head down.

"Look at me, little omega." Rappa order, yet Kirishima didn't response to him getting the alpha to growl, smacking upside the head, “Look at me, you little useless bitch!

Kirishima only raised his head halfway; little his eyes look into Rappa's own eyes, seeing the eerily grin on his face. His heart still in his chest. The grin on his face meant Rappa had something depraved plan for him. The shiver from earlier reinforce with a heart beating so quickly, Kirishima wonder if it was possible to die right here and now.

"I brought a good friend of your home. I know how much you miss him and how much you wish he could see you right now." Rappa said, laughing out loud as disbelief and fear came to Kirishima's face.

“No! Please! Rappa!” Kirishima cried out watching as the Alpha vanished before his every eye with now an ash-blond spikey hair alpha with burning ember red eyes looking down at him, face becoming twisted with disgust and repulsion.

“Bakugo, please, help me…, I’m….”


Kirishima wailed when Midoriya appeared at Bakugo's side, hand taking the alpha own hand with Midoriya not even looking at him. Bakugo was turning away from him now, the pure disgust and repulsion leaving his face replaced with a look of fondness and affection. The appearance hurt more than anything Rappa or his friends ever did to him. Shakily he tried to reach out to his alpha, but his arm refused to move. He tried again with the other arm but nothing, it was like they were not even there. He opens his mouth to try a get Bakugo attention back onto him to have Midoriya speak up in his place.

"Forget him, Kacchan, even if he is your soulmate, you choose me. You want to be with me, not some omega whore." Midoriya said, turn his cold green eyes onto him, his repulsion on his face, "Isn't that right, Kirishima.”

"That not true! I'm not…I'm not….!" Kirishima cried out, failing to block out what Midoriya said about him. It wasn't true at all. He was not some omega whore.

“Really? You didn’t beg for Rappa to take away the pain? You didn’t ask him to make you forget about Katsuki no matter what?” Midoriya looks right down his nose at Kirishima, getting the red-haired omega to become still and silent. 

Enlarge ruby eyes started into the cold green ones, Midoriya voice repeating itself over and over. Shock and betrayal etched onto his face as what the green-haired omega was right when he had first met the pink hair alpha, Rappa had given him something that had for a time taken away the pain and had him forget for a time all the reasons why he had come to Tokyo. From then on, he would actively seek out the alpha asking for more of that drug if it meant he could spend just a few hours of peace and forgetfulness.

“Let go, Deku. I don’t deal with fuck up sloppy used up omega. Fuck, look at you lay there in that vomit and blood. I'm glad I choose you then this screw-up, fucking dodge a bull, eh, Deku." Bakugo sneered, placing an arm around Midoriya pulling away from Kirishima now their back now facing him.

"Don't! Please, Bakugo! Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me alone again! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Kirishima woke up the words, 'I'm sorry' screaming out of his mouth as thunder boomed covering over them. Eyes probing around wildly with sweat on his forehead, heart up in his throat now. He tried moving his arms, but just like a dream, he couldn't move them at all. It sent his anxiety sky rocking now, iron-clad itself around his mind. Everything was telling him to fight against whoever was holding him down. Legs and body thrash as sheet ripped under the strength and claws, his massive body rolling off the bed during the battering, a crying grunt left him. But he didn't stay on the floor, clawing away what was left of his bedsheets. The thunder seemly growing louder, lighting flashing even brighter, filled him even more.

His eyes moved around madly, his eyes taking in the room around him, yet his mind could not recognize it. In a desperate attempt within anxious filled mind such around the room for some means to call for help. Coming across a phone lying on the desk, picking it up, not caring what he did as long as support came. Within minutes the phone began to ring, Kirishima turning left and right around the room trying to find out how he got here, thinking perhaps Rappa had brought him here, to be used again.

"No, no, no, no," Kirishima cried out knees giving out on him, the phone falling from his hand now, curling in on himself. It was too much, the dream and finding himself in this weird room, jumping as lighting strike again with thunder following so close, it sent him falling to the floor.

“Motherfucker, you know what fucking time it is?!”

"B-B-Bakugo?" Kirishima weakly called out the grumbling voice seemly identified; his mind tried to reason why it knew this voice and how.

“Kirishima? Oi, you there?”

Bakugo it was a name he knew is what his mind told him; he knew Bakugo because. Thoughts and dreams swirl together, blending, anxiety coming into the mix. He knew Bakugo because they had gone to high school together, ash-blonde presenting as alpha where he had presented as omega. Names began to left wrist, Kirishima shook his head that was wrong, one name came, and it brought pain. So much pain, it turns his stomach to the point he felt as if he was about to heave.


Hearing Bakugo speak again, more significantly, the name Bakugo called out. He remembers now what Bakugo had said to him. What he thought about Kirishima and how glad he had been to choose Deku then Kirishima. Kirishima, who was nothing more to a used omega who had begged for drugs and knots, let alpha used him till he was nothing but a filthy disgusting trash laying in vomit and blood with other bodily fluids. It was too much, and Kirishima felt himself lurch, spilling everything right before him onto the floor.

Once, he stop puking his guts out, gasping for air with tears in the corner of his eyes. Kirishima fell to his side, closing his eyes now. Everything around him going blank, the sound of rain gently playing in his ears, it was like a sweet lullaby. When he finally came around, the first thing Kirishima that came to him was something smelled terrible. Eyes open, coming to see bile just inches away from his face.

"Great…" Kirishima spat out, hating himself for it. Even as he told himself, it wasn't his fault; this happens sometimes — the self-anger burn like an ember inside him.

Gradually he stood up, carefully not touch the bile, becoming even more upset with himself at seeing the shared sheets now. Hand coming to his head, fingers twisting his hair around them, threating to tear them out. He took a deep breath ignoring the taste of vomit on his tongue, telling himself to calm down. To make other breath and slowly let it out courting backward from ten. Feeling his disappointed vanished, Kirishima walks out of his room and into the bathroom now, washing out his mouth. Cleaning way what bile had been left on his face, Kirishima reach into the medicines cabin, taking out his bottle and taking his pills.

He had only just taken them when someone began to bang on the front door. Shutting the cabin door, Kirishima hurried to the door, taking a moment to see on the hallway clock, it was only a little past five in the morning. Wondering who would come to his mother's house at this time of night or early morning, Kirishima reach the front door. 

He paused at the moment, looking over himself, thinking about how he should go back to his room and cover himself, but the banging was getting even louder and more desperate. Kirishima mentally told himself it would be okay; he knew he could call Toyomitsu and Kendo. Get the help he needs if things became overwhelming for him. With that, Kirishima took the doorknob into his hand, turning the doorknob and opening the door, his eyes widening in surprise at who was on the other side.