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Mark of a hero

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Izuku let out a sigh of relief as the teacher (present mic) announced he was right about the question on the board. His English wasn’t amazing but it was better than some others in the class, he quickly learned when a blonde boy called Kaminari identified a phone as a shoe.


The voice had been mostly quiet since the quirk test. Midoriya wasn’t sure to be thankful for the peace or mournful for the loss of someone who could of taught him more about his power.


He set his mind to the previous day of school. Not that there was much interesting about it but it helped him relax. He had learned that if he relied on Recovery Girls quirk it could kill him. that was a shock. He had also become fast friends with Iida and Uraraka.


He couldn’t believe he had accepted Deku as a nickname from the girl but he couldn’t deny hearing her say it so endearingly made him like it. He found he’d blush and freeze up a lot when talking to her. Not that it really surprised him, he was super awkward around most people and if they were of the opposite gender he found himself making a fool of himself. He recalled their conversation after they all introduced themselves properly to each other.


“Oh yeah, Midoriya.” Iida spoke up as they passed the entrance. “I’ve been meaning to ask, just what was that during the ball throw? I was under the impression your quirk was just an enhancement type.”


“Oh yeah!” Uraraka perked her head up. “You caught the ball in that super weird tendril thing. Just what the heck is your quirk?”


‘Crap, what do I tell them?! I barely have any idea myself. Well the voice called the power Far Reach but I can hardly let them know I have multiple powers, if I do that might raise questions that could expose One for All.’ The boy thought up what he could say quickly on the spot. Maybe he could admit to multiple powers if he worded it carefully. If he only told them the half-truth then hopefully that would satiate them.


“Well, it’s odd.” The boy started, attracting both their attention. He showed them the back of his left hand. “My actual quirk is called Mark, this thing here is the namesake.”


“Oh that’s so cool looking! All my quirk gives me are the pads on my finger.” Uraraka exclaimed, showing the boy her fingers. “And you got something like a really cool tattoo.”


"I can't deny I was concerned that it WAS a tattoo. While I have no problem with people who wish to put designs on their body, you are nowhere near the age for it to be legal. I could not condone such actions!” The tall teen exclaimed. ‘Crap, if that’s Iida’s feelings then I have to warn him about the old excuse I used before I knew what it was….but that’s going to raise questions. Dammit, Izuku you stuck yourself in this time…wait that’s an idea!’


“Well then I should probably warn you, there was a lot of confusion over this thing a few months ago.” Midoriya started examining it, remembering all the stares and mutterings about him there was when it showed up. “You see I didn’t have it until roughly  a year ago.”


“Wait what? No way! How?” Uraraka questioned, confused as to the lat manifestation. Iida didn’t say anything but the look on his face showed similar wonderment.


“Well, you’ve both seen what happens when I use 100% right?” It was rhetorical question but they both nodded. “Well, what do you think would happen if a 4 or 5 year old manifest that kind of power?”


“It certainly wouldn’t be pretty.” Iida nodded before properly comprehending his words. “Wait you don’t mean....”


“Until a month ago I was considered quirkless by everyone.” The boy told them. Both looked at him sadly.


“That explains Bakugou calling you quirkless.” Uraraka said quietly. Iida had a finger to his chin, thinking. “People are hardly nice to quirkless people nowadays, i'm sorry if you had to put up with that.”


“Wait…A month ago….” Midoriya swore he could physically see the gears in Iida’s brain turning. “Don’t tell me the exam was the first time you used your power?!!”


The greenette just nodded. “Saving Uraraka. That was the very first time they ever appeared. I was just as surprised as anyone once I was flying through the air.”


"WHA?!” The brunette shouted in surprise and Iida looked at him with an equal amount of shock. “No way! That was the first time? But your moves were so amazing, you're trying to tell us that was just luck?!”


“I guess so.” The greenette said nervously, scratching his head. The taller teen walked over to the greenette and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“Then I seriously must apologize again for how I acted at the exam. It must of took great amounts of courage just to walk into the school to attempt the exam quirkless alone. And to run head on into the danger like that, just to save another and stay cool under the pressure of powers you had no idea about. Midoriya I misjudged you severely and I am immensely sorry for how I acted. I can only hope to one day be as courageous as you.”


“Iida…” The boy said. Suddenly both boys felt a pair of arms wrap around their necks.


“Well that was super cute.” Giggled the girl who was currently causing Izuku to turn a shade of red not yet discovered by mankind. “So back to what started this, You still haven’t told us what that tentacle was Deku or what you wanted to warn Iida about.”


“R-right!” The boy said, working his way out of the side hug to calm down. “Well, uh, you see…..Yeah….I wasn’t really treated the greatest in middle school. A lot of my classmates saw me as some freak to avoid at all costs. I’d gone through too much of my life quirkless to ever consider it could have been one of my own. In fact I thought it was mark from a villain and didn’t want to give my class any more excuses to hate me so….I pretended it was an accident that occurred when walking past a tattooist. I said that when I was walking past, there was a mishap and the tattooist’s quirk ended up putting the mark on me instead.”


“Hm, I see.” Iida said. “Like I said before, I do find lying quite the immoral act normally but seeing the situation you were in, I can hardly blame you. I’m just glad you are away from those classmates all together.”


"Yeah!” Uraraka pumped a fist into the air. “And god forbid it ever happening but even if you did end up losing your quirk at any point I promise I’d still stand by you Deku!”


“I concur, quirk or not you are quite clearly an exceptional student and person. I would stand by you as well.” Iida said. Izuku could feel the tears starting but willed them to stay at bay for now. He could cry happy tears on the train.


“So the tentacle?”


“Right.” The greenette said. He told them about the tendrils during the exam and how they morphed into the tentacle. How the exam was the first time he was using it properly. The only change he made was acting as if he was the one to dub it Far Reach because he had a feeling it would be bad to tell them he was hearing voices. “So the test was basically the first time I properly used Far Reach, knowing what was going to happen. It didn’t show up for so long because it was basically waiting for my body to be ready to actually handle the power.”


“You certainly have a knack for impressive first times Midoriya.” Iida said, not realizing his innuendo. Uraraka burst out laughing heavily while Midoriya turned almost purple in embarrassment. “AH! Are you two ok? Did someone activate a quirk? Midoriya maybe you should go back to Recovery Girl.”


“It’s not that Iida.” Uraraka said through her laughs. “Replay what you just said in your head.”


While the girl tried to get the blue-haired boy see what he’d done, Midoriya considered his new power. He wondered how All Might would feel about what he did in the exam. All Might…..


The greenette’s eyes widened. ‘Oh crap I should of told him about it before I left.’ The teen turned on the spot and ran back without any warning to the other two, “Sorry guys! I just released I forgot I needed to go to the teachers lounge for something!”


“Hang on I’ll come with you!” Uraraka shouted, running after him. “Sorry Iida!”


As the greenette ran away he thought he heard the blue-haired teen say something about still not being sure what he said wrong.




Midoriya let out a sigh. A massive positive from the previous day was all the training he had managed with Far Reach. He had enough confidence in his traversal skills, as that turned out to be much easier than pulling stuff towards him. Far Reach would latch onto the floor or walls and he would be pulled forward. So long as he accounted for his momentum he could land with relative ease.


Grabbing objects had turned out to be his hardest challenge. Even after he had returned home he had gotten his mom to help him set up a small lineup of different size objects to try and pull to himself. The smaller an item, the harder it got. He found weight was rarely an issue though.


He could grab people as well, and considering the window incident with All Might, the boy felt confident he could pull even someone like Iida off their feet so long as he caught them off-guard.


He had considered what he could do with his Far Reach at length when he went to bed, after all sooner or later they would be doing combat training. He had yet to really have a chance to analyze most of his classmate’s quirks properly. He had some notes from basic observations but he needed to refine them as he learnt more.


The only people he really had any idea of what to expect from where Iida, Uraraka and Bakugou. To a lesser extent the blonde French boy as well. Aoyoma, was that his name?


Considering what One for All did to his body he knew he would likely be switching to focusing primarily on Far Reach from now on. It was a much safer and perhaps even more versatile power right now. He found out pretty quick though that it was restricted to his left hand.


 All Might’s first class would be in a few hours. He felt pretty excited to see how his mentor dealt with multiple students. He put the thoughts out of his head for now, as Todoroki, a bored looking boy with bi-toned hair, insisted the first sentence of the new question was wrong despite it clearly being number three. Did he miss something?


The question on the board read:


   Which of these sentences is wrong?

  1. The man whom I respect most is my father
  2. That is the house in which he lived
  3. I well remember the day on which we both met
  4. Please tell me all that you know


Weird. It was strange that someone who got in through recommendations would choose the wrong option.




Midoriya finished a sketch of Iida’s face in his notebook beside some notes on the taller teen’s quirk as he waited with the rest of his class. It was time. Hero Basic Training class.


He found himself wondering once again what it would be like, he certainly had a better idea than the rest of his classmates what All Might could be like as a teacher but it was a different type of scenario for teaching. He didn’t get long to ponder on it as the door slid open.


“I AM HERE!” A familiar booming voice announced as the muscly man appeared in the doorway, holding onto its supports. “Coming through the door like a hero!”


A wide grin split across the boy’s face as he watched his mentor. The rest of the class seemed quite happy as well as shouts of surprise and excitement rang out. One of the girls, Asui the boy thought she was called, pointed out that he was wearing his silver age costume. A red blue and yellow ensemble. It took all the greenette’s will power to not externally fanboy.


"Welcome to the most important class at U.A. High! Think of it as hero-ing 101. Here you will learn the basics of being a pro and what it means to fight in the name of good!” The man started flexing his muscles as he talked. ‘Showboating like normal.’ Midoriya couldn’t help the amused thought slipping through the crack.


“Let’s get into it!” The blonde exclaimed as he pulled out a card which had ‘BATTLE’ emblazoned on the front in red font. “Today’s lesson will pull no punches!”


"Fight Training!” Kacchan growled happily. How someone did that Midoriya was still confused on. ‘Real combat?’


The pro went on to talk about costumes, pulling out the cases containing the classes. Midoriya only half followed what the man was saying at this point as he was freaking out internally. This was exactly what he’d been afraid of. Sure he had gone over some of what he could do with Far Reach but to have to implement those ideas so soon, with still only day worth of training?


He wasn't sure whether he’d rather end up facing Bakugou or Iida. They were the only ones he had any analysis on but at the same time, they seemed to be a lot more on the powerful side.


The boy shook his head, if he freaked out now it would get in the way of figuring out what he needed to do. He walked to the front with the rest of class, at least he’d get to try the costume from his mom. Before he could walk out to head the changing rooms though….

“Young Midoriya! Hang on a moment, the principal wished for me to tell you something.” The blond said. It also attracted the attention of some of his classmates raising their eyebrows in surprise but All Might shooed them off towards the changing rooms.


"Is something the matter?” The boy asked confused and slightly concerned. The blonde laughed.


“Ha! Nothing is wrong, my boy. Now, you’re smart so I’m sure you probably realized this yourself but it would perhaps be for the best if you’re relied only on Far Reach for now. The principal agreed that while the origin of it is certainly odd, until there are signs of any truly adverse long-term effects it would be better to rely on it.”


“Ok sir.” The boy nodded, looking at his hand. ‘Then I guess, it’s time to see what I can really do.’




Midoriya cursed his luck as he stared at the building before him, Uraraka at his side. They were doing a training exercise in teams of two. His team, Team A, had somehow managed to end up having to face Bakugou AND Iida, Team D.


They were somewhere inside the building, playing the role of villains protecting a faux bomb. Team A had to either recover the weapon or capture the villains. Somehow Izuku doubted they’d win through capture, considering Bakugou’s nature.


It was a fight against two incredibly strong people with 15 years wroth to practice using their quirks, against his one day. His saving grace was Uraraka, with her anti-gravity power, so long as they were creative they could go far together. Unfortunately every time Midoriya looked at her he found himself blushing like a madman trying not make eye contact, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO LOOK SO GOOD IN THAT COSTUME?!


The boy shook his head. Focus. More than anything he needed to focus on the almost inevitable battle with Kacchan. The blonde would not be happy about his sudden quirk and probably still wanted payback for showing him up during the ball throw.


"You know...You look really odd like that." Uraraka spoke up before flailing about as she realized what she said. “Not in a bad way or anything! I just mean the one glove on, one glove off look is…”


“Oh.” The boy said, looking down at his arms. His right had a big white glove around it but his left was free. “Well, that because I have no idea if the glove would get in the way of the mark. I told you yesterday about how I’m still new to it. If were doing combat training probably better not to risk it.”


“Oh I get it.” The girl nodded with a smile. “By the way, I really like your costume, its super cool!”


“A-Ahh, uh I uh Thanks, haha!” The boy said nervously, scratching his head as she looked away, focusing on the buildings floor plan they had gotten from All Might. “You-you too!”


“Eh, t-this is nothing special, I just put down the first thing that came to mind really. Wish they hadn’t assumed I wanted it skintight though.” The girls said with a light blush. “You think they really expect us to memorize this buildings floorplan? I mean its so big!”


"You know, All Might is just as cool in person as he is on television." Uraraka continued while Midoriya continued considering the millions of ways he was royally screwed walking into this building. “I’m glad he’s not threatening us with some kind of punishment like mister Aizawa, we can relax-AHH YOU’RE SWEATING THROUGH YOUR COSTUME!”


“Ah.uh…well….its just…” The boy started nervously but slowly his speech came back to him. “It’s just, because we’re up against Kacchan. Plus there’s Iida too. We should be on our guard, who knows what they’ll pull.”


“Oh right, Bakugou.” The girl said, a slight disdain creeping into her tone when she said the blonde’s name. “He’s the one who’s always making fun of you.”


“And he’s amazing.” The greenette admitted. “He can be royal pain sure, but he also has amazing strength and confidence, his ambition and not to mention his quirk. They’re all so much greater than mine.”


“I don’t know if I agree with all of that.” Uraraka said with a finger to her chin, as if in thought. “Your mark is so cool, if I had to choose between it or his explosion I would have choose that!”


The boy looked up at her in surprise and she smiled back warmly. The boy gave a small smile back and stood up, adjusting the mask to his face. “Thank you. Still though, I do think he’s so much more amazing, but that just means I have do even better. I refuse to lose today!”


“So it’s some fated battle between rivals?” The brunette asked with a smile and determined eyes.


“Oh, not that I’m trying to get you wrapped up in my fight or anything!” The boy quickly said, flailing his arms.


“Are you kidding? We’re a team and more importantly, you’re my friend! Let’s win this for you, Deku!” The girl said as her hands tightened into fists and a wide grin split across her face.


"Uraraka….” The boy tailed off, before a grin of his own appeared under his mask. “Right! Lets do this!”


The buzzer went off then, All Might’s voice declaring the exercise started.


"I can get up to that window there with Far Reach and pull you up as well.” The greenette told the girl.  “I only just learned yesterday I can pull people way over my own weight with it so getting us both in will be easy and will be a surprise to those two inside. I can also pull objects and use it to travel pretty fast, a bit like a bungee cord I can some on command. I retain my momentum, if that’s important. That’s everything I know about my Far Reach, I’ll be relying solely on that, considering what happens when I use my super strength.”


“Sounds like a plan!” The girl said, excited to be getting the full scoop on the boys power. “I can float anything so long as it’s under three tons, if I go over that I get really nauseous fast. Also floating myself takes way more effort than floating other people or items and makes me nauseous as well so we should probably avoid any plans that involve floating me.”


“Right!” The boy nodded, turning and lifting his left hand up too aim for the window. “One last thing, both Iida and Bakugou will probably really hard to capture considering their quirks and determination. We should focus mainly on trying to recover the weapon. Now let’s hurry, we’re on a time limit. You ready?”


He heard a noise of affirmation from behind him and the boy closed his eyes to take a breath before he leapt into action. While his eyes were shut however he felt a sudden gust of powerful wind start blowing over his face and when he opened his eyes, he found the buildings surrounding the one before had disappeared and the one before him seemed to be in the process of exploding yet frozen.


In his surprise from the sudden change of scenery he moved his hand and accidentally set off his power, the tentacle grabbed onto and threw the boy head first into it before he fell unceremoniously back to the ground.


“Owww….” The boy groaned as he slowly sat back up, not registering the ghostly laugh not too far away. This place felt familiar but as far as he knew he’d never been here before. The sky was an empty grey and the ground beneath him had become solid rock. The rock only stretched a little past any side of the building.


The boy then started searching for his teammate and almost screamed when he saw where she had been standing previously there was now a solid black marble statue with her feature son it. The boy ran to it immediately but before he could say anything a voice….no THE voice spoke up behind him.


"Your worries are nothing to be concerned about, she is not actually here. Normally I’d only people into the void in their sleep so I could take them to any part of it but there are some circumstances pertaining to the necessity of this particular visit, though you probably don’t remember them.”


“You…You’re the voice that’s been in my head!” Midoriya shouted in surprise. The black-eyed man grinned in a way that made him seem really creep.


"Well yes I am but that’s not all I’ve been.” The man said before immediately switching subjects, walking towards the building as if to inspect it.


“Limitations are an interesting thing. A very human thing, as a god, it can be easy to forget about what mortals can’t do. Of course, even I have limits. I have of course been watching your progress, as I do so like to observe. But I would not normally get as involved inside your head as I have been. This place, the void, it’s so much older and stranger than you will ever be able to comprehend. Older than even me.” The man suddenly disappeared in a shower of black crystals and reappeared by the Uraraka statue, placing a hand on top it for support as he looked at Midoriya, causing the boy to shiver. Just who was this guy?! Why did his presence feel familiar?


“It was not always anchored to this world, for a long time its influence remained elsewhere. Due to extreme circumstances I had to find a way to move this place myself, not an easy to task even for someone with my powers...” The man took a moment to observe the never-ending distance of ‘the void’ as he called it. ”My voice in your head has been a side-effect of my plan. You are what is grounding the void to your own world for now Midoriya, by carrying that mark. I need to keep a closer eye on you than I would most my marked.”


‘So that’s where this came from?!’ The boy thought in surprise. Without warning, in that moment a rush of memories swarmed his mind and he clutched his head. It was not a pleasant experience. But now….he remembered everything. “Outsider…..Wait hang on! If you moved here from a different world then why did you act like you were always here when we first met?”


“Hmm, the blocks disappeared then.” The man mused. He teleported one last time, appearing before the boy. “Would you really have believed I was a god if I said I simply wasn’t from here before? Perhaps a bit manipulative but you understand I needed to give my mark to someone and I would prefer it be someone interesting such as you. As for my voice in your head, spending so long alone in this place, you start holding conversations with yourself to pass the time. This led me to the habit of speaking aloud, that’s what the passing comments in your head have been. I guided you with your initial power, due to the odd nature of its manifestation compared to others who have bared my mark but It’s certainly not quite as fun giving you answers of course, so after this visit the rest of your powers you must figure out on your own, maybe with some limited hints depending on how I feel.”


The black-eyed man looked behind himself. “Life is nothing but choices, big and small. While the one you make today certainly isn’t as interesting as some others I’ve seen it will say something about you. Beat the villains or silently recover the weapon and ensure the safety of it. This is the first choice, and I can assure it won’t be the last.”


The boy felt a pressure on his body as the world of the void slowly dissipated around him. “One last thing, be careful you don’t go overboard, it could be really bad for your eyes.”