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Mark of a hero

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He couldn’t stop! He was going to be teleported to who knows where and he couldn’t do anything about it!


Midoriya’s eyes widened in shock and horror, what could he do?!


The portal inched closer and closer, he was so close to going through.






“GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY DEKU!” A familiar shout of rage reached Midoriya’s ears as he landed on his feet and leapt back out the way, Bakugou appearing in front of him, exploding the warp villain.


Midoriya started hooping from foot to foot as the blonde grabbed the metal plating on the warp villain and forced the man to the ground with a loud smash.


Ice suddenly started coating the floor, Nomu’s entire right side getting frozen from it. The greenette’s head snapped to the side to see Todoroki standing there with a glare. “One of your poorly trained thugs told me you’re here because you think you can beat All Might.”




All Might immediately landed a solid kick on Nomu’s face, freeing him from the villains grip and the pro immediately tore his way out of the portal, landing near Todoroki.



“AHHH!” A voice screamed out and Midoriya looked up to see Kirishima falling through the air towards Shigaraki, who barely dodged. Kirishima didn’t give chase and instead jumped back out the way. “Damn, that was gonna be so cool.”


“Guess I found your body that time you smokey bastard!” Bakugou taunted the warp villain.


“The symbol of peace will not be defeated by delinquents like you.” Todoroki stated simply, face stoic. Midoriya felt relief flow through him.


“Kacchan….Everyone…” He felt a small smile grace his features and tears prick his eyes as a sudden new jolt of energy rushed through him. ‘Almost all the heavy hitters are here. With all of us together, we can help All Might!’


Shigaraki just stared at them all, his expression hidden behind the hand on his face. He slowly turned his head and in his horrible, scratchy, angry voice he asked “Kurogiri, how could you let this brat get the best of you?! You’ve gotten us inti a real jam here…”


“You got careless you dumb villain! It wasn’t hard to figure you out.” Bakugou started to explain with a shit-eating grin. “Only certain parts of you turn into that smoking warp gate, you use that mist to hide your body as a kind of distraction, thinking that made you safe. That’s why we missed. But if you didn’t have a body, you wouldn’t be wearing this neck armor, right?! You’re not immune to physical attacks if they are well aimed.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened in shock, he had completely failed to try to figure out the villain, having been so focused on fighting Nomu and Bakugou had already figure out the key to beating the warp villain. The smoke suddenly started to rise and the yellow eyes narrowed into a glare but before the villain could do anything explosions went off from Bakugou’s hand as a vicious grin appeared on the boy’s face.


“Don’t move! Try anything and I’ll blow your ass up so bad they’ll be piecing you back together for weeks.” The blonde threatened, causing Midoriya to sweat drop. ‘Jesus Christ, Kacchan…Actually should I be saying ‘Outsider help me’ now? Not the time!’



“Ohh, that’s not sounding very heroic.” Kirishima teased with a slightly nervous smile.


Everyone sans Midoriya froze as clapping started to sound. All eyes landed on Shigaraki, who was producing the noise. He pointed to the three new arrivals first. “You escaped uninjured, captured my two best men…”


He then swiveled around to point at Midoriya with a bit more vigor as more obvious anger seeped into his voice. “You, you annoying brat, took on my Nomu and quite frankly, even I have to admit if it wasn’t for his multiple quirks you would have wiped the floor with my strongest fighter. I hate that but I also have to admit I respect just how much it speaks towards your strength. I think I’ll enjoy killing you just as much as I’ll enjoy killing All Might. Kids these days really are amazing. You make the League of villains look like amateurs. Can’t have that.”


All Might suddenly shot up as if worried. “EVERYONE BACK-“


“Nomu.” Shigaraki said simply, and the bird monster suddenly seemed to come alive as a screech emitted from him.  He made to walk forward and his frozen limbs fell off, knocking the creature over for just a moment.


Everyone but All Might and Midoriya were overcome by shock. Kirishima piped up in surprise. “How the hell is that thing still going? He’s all messed up.”




Blood burst from where the limbs used to be as more started to grow, muscle forming rapidly, pulsing and making everyone feel sick just watching, before flesh then formed around the arms.


“What the hell is he!?” Todoroki shouted out, his normally stoic demeanor breaking from the shock.


“Shock Absorption, Regeneration and a few other littler quality of life quirks, Nomu has been genetically modified to take All Might on at one hundred percent.” The blue haired maniac boasted with pride. “He’s basically a highly efficient punching bag who punches back.”


Everyone sans Bakugou and Midoriya, who was still doing his best to stay moving about, got into fighting positions. “First, we need our method of escape back. Get him Nomu.”


Midoriya felt a sudden rush through his body, the world seemed to slow as he watched Nomu rush towards Bakugou. Already less than half the original distance gone. The only one who still seemed to be in real time was All Might. The sensation only lasted a moment before it was suddenly gone again.


Dust and water flew everywhere from where Nomu had stopped and thrown a punch, right towards Bakugou. The ground cracked all over and a wall nearby exploded. Everyone was swept away and Midoriya felt his limbs start to ache.


“No no NO!” he shouted. ‘Not now, Stay together! Come on. UGH I REFUSE TO BREAK NOW!’


The boy felt the ground beneath him scraping him, he let himself roll as he let out hisses of pain but as he started to slow he used his hands to jump into the air slightly and keep running with the momentum, trying to turn and run back. He barely managed and the pain building in his limbs spoke to that fact. “KACCHAN!”




The boy finally managed to slow, and he turned as he started hopping from foot to foot once more. He couldn’t keep doing this, his body was starting to feel the exhaustion from the constant movement, it was a miracle he had gone this long without feeling tired. “You dodged?”


“Shut up, no I didn’t, you damn nerd. And- Deku, you’re arm.”Bakugou growled the last part out and all eyes landed upon the greenette’s right arm. He hadn’t even realized it had finally gone.


“Midoriya, perhaps you shouldn’t stay here.” Todoroki said simply, as Midoriya hopped back to everyone. “You’ve been limping and battered the whole time. You need medical attention.”


“No.” Midoriya shook his head vigorously as he hopped in place beside Kirishima. “If I can move, I can help.”


“Manly dude.” Kirishima said with a grin that almost immediately faltered. “Wait then how did Bakugou get here?!”


Todoroki spoke up. “Isn’t it obvious?”


The four boys looked back to where the blonde had almost been hit and the smoke started to clear, revealing All Might with his arms up to block Nomu’s attack, coughing and panting heavily. Midoriya felt worry grip his heart. “All Might!”


“These are kids….and you didn’t hold back?!” The pro asked, voice brimming with indignant anger. Shigaraki seemed to just shrug as he walked forward.


“I didn’t have much choice, he was threating my companion.” The maniac said non-chalantly before turning to point at Midoriya. “The hoppy powerhouse? He tried to kill me with a full power smash. I’m sure you saw the damage that one punch alone did earlier even when Nomu blocked it. You’ve got some real monsters here, All Might. What kind of hero does something like that? You think you can be as violent as you want if you say it’s for the sake of others. Well you know what All Might? That pisses me off. Why do people get to decide some violent acts are heroic and others are villainous? Casting judgement as to what’s good and what’s evil. You think you’re the symbol of peace? Ha, you’re just another government sponsored instrument of violence. And violence always breeds more violence.”


“You’re a lunatic. Villains like you always try to make your actions sound noble but admit it, you’re only doing this because you like it!” All might accused with a glare. A rustling drew the student’s attention to behind them.


“What the?” Kirishima asked quietly. The rustling stopped and some footsteps were heard. “Hey, get out here!”


The red head made to run but he was held back by Todoroki. “Wait. It’s likely just another inexperienced thug. All Might needs as many hands here as possible, we’ve got them outnumbered. Midoriya, if you still want to help with that battered body than that guy should be pretty easy for you to deal with.”


The greenette hesitated, Todoroki was right. Of the four he was starting to become the least useful, he knew he couldn’t have long left to be an important player. Still for the same reason he couldn’t just leave All Might when the man was past his limit. ‘If I just knew if he’s still able to hold up his muscle form for now…’


“Don’t worry Midobro. These guys act tough but we can take em down now with All Might’s help. We’ll be fine.” Kirishima reassured him, hands hardening as a smirk appeared upon the shirtless boy’s face. “Let’s do this.”


“Don’t attack!” All Might shouted out and Midoriya sighed. He knew he was going to confuse the others by doing this and would need to explain himself later but right now, he had to know.


“All Might! Time?!”  He asked simply, drawing looks. The muscular blonde only spared a quick glance in his direction before flashing a thumbs up. ‘Good. He’s good.’ “Ok, I’ve got the guy behind us. Call me right back if anything happens.”


“Go Midoriya, we’ll stay here.” Todoroki said simply, and Bakugou let off a small explosion.


“Fuck you Icy, don’t tell me what to do! Deku piss off, we’re stayin!” He raged. The greenette sweat dropped. ‘That’s just what Todoroki said but more vulgar.


Midoriya ran around the bush and saw a villain not too far trying to slink around a corner. ‘Oh no you don’t!’


Far Reach fired out and dragged Midoriya through the air, closing the distance quickly. His broken arm threw him off balance and made it hard to aim however he landed relatively ok, only stumbling slightly. He hoped he wouldn’t be forced to stray too far from Nomu and All Might.


Loud thuds and a sudden massive gust of wind informed him that the two had almost definitely started fighting. ‘Better wrap this up quickly.’


He twisted around one final corner and was caught by surprise, the thug had stopped running and was standing with a massive grin on his face. Midoriya clenched his fists. “That’s enough! The rest of the league of villains is down, just give up so I can get back to the fight.”


What left the villains mouth next would really throw Midoriya for a loop. The start of a path from which he’d never walk back.


“League of villains? Pitiful next to me, I’ll have you know. I work for my own agenda.” He explained with a cold voice and a hint of twisted amusement in the villains eyes. The villain looked away and when he looked back, Midoriya almost shouted out in shock. “I could care less about getting rid of such an insignificant insect as All Might. No, I’m here for the only one who matters. I’m here for you, Izuku Midoriya.


The villain’s eyes were the same endless black as the outsiders.