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Mark of a hero

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Midoriya yawned as he walked with All Might, in his skinny form, to his class. He had decided not to tell the others about the “Demon.”, unlike All Might, while they could accept it, they wouldn’t be able to understand it. He had decided not to ask his mentor what had happened in his past. Fortunately he could probably blame his red eyes on his extended nap he had took over the past few days. How he could still be tired after it he didn’t know.


“You’re still mentally exhausted, your brain has been down and out so it’s still catching up.” The blonde said as if reading his mind. The marked boy nodded in understanding, looking up at his mentor.


“Is it ok for you to be wandering about like this All-I means sir? If Recovery girl banned you from using your hero form ‘til our next lesson, aren’t you worried about who sees you?” He asked confused and the pro laughed while rubbing his neck.


“Already covered that base, my boy! Right now you aren’t looking at All Might the number one pro, you’re looking at office worker Yagi Toshinori. I had to explain to your friends already when they came to see you earlier. Just remember to call me Toshi in this form!” All Might explained with a jovial chuckle. “Now we’re almost there so let’s not say anything more about this, lest young Shoji hears us! We want to surprise them after all!”


“Yeah, you’re right.” Midoriya greed and the rest of the walk they stayed silent. As soon as they had left the infirmary with the usual stern scolding from recovery girl to “Not end up back here for the love of god!”, they had gone to get some rice from lunch rush and were now heading to see Midoriya’s friends before he went home.


They stopped outside the classroom and Midoriya took a moment to breathe and prepare. Urachan would probably glomp him on sight and the other wouldn’t be too far behind.


All Might walked in first and Midoriya purposefully stayed back, like they had planned. The boy knew he should be resting his body but his curiosity got the better of him and he activated his Dark Vision.


“Hello 1-A! Apologies for the sudden interruption Midnight!” The blonde said jovially, and all the yellow silhouettes looked up. A few looked more excited than others at the blonde’s arrival.


Some made sense, like Iida and Uraraka, but there were also some odd ones like Jirou and Hagakure. Their silhouettes seemed to glow brighter than usual.


“No problem at all, Toshinori.” Midnight greeted her co-worker. “What do you need?”


“Well, I don’t need anything myself but I thought I should let you all know, I’ve just come from the infirmary and there’s someone I think you’d like to see with me.”

That was his cue, he deactivated his vision power and slowly leaned into the room with a small smile. He didn’t want his classmates worrying about him so he’d spent most of the impromptu lunch with his teacher thinking about how to enter. “Hey, did anyone mark their calendars for my return today?”


No one said he was that proud of it.






Most of the class seemed to literally get brighter from how excited they were to see him. He walked in and he heard scrapes of metal on the floor. He braced his body, which was clearly the right thing to do as less than a second later he was supporting Uraraka’s full body weight on top of his own. He laughed, both at his friend hugging him and Iida’s shout of “DON’T RUN IN CLASS!”


Most everyone else got up as well, Tsu and Iida were crowding him next, then Hagakure, Jirou and Kirishima. The rest of the class, sans Bakugou and Todoroki, had all also stood up, even if they hadn’t moved closer.


“Hey bro!” Kaminari said from his table. “Glad to see you’re actually alive.”


“Yeah, you really gave everyone a scare when we found out you were STILL sleeping.” Jirou commented as she fiddled with her ear jacks, not meeting his eyes. Was she nervous? Her, Jirou?!


“Seriously though, you ok dude? We never got a chance to ask before you dropped.” Kirishima spoke up with a concerned frown that Midoriya met with a reassuring smile.


“Don’t worry, I’m fine more or less. Tired as heck, even after that sleep but nothing serious.” Midoriya reassured them and they all sighed in relief. It was so weird knowing his whole class cared for him. So much different to middle school. A floating school outfit leaped forward and Midoriya knew immediately it had to be Hagakure.


“Midori! Seriously I have to thank you so much!” The girl said, lots energy coming through her voice for someone who last he saw was literally encased in ice. It HAD been a few days but it was still pretty amazing. He was sure there was some damage he couldn’t see but he elected not to bring it up. “If you hadn’t saved me I’m not sure I’d be alive right now, seriously thanks so much!”


The girl was cheery enough and Midoriya nodded as he followed her stream of ‘thank you’s’ and ‘you’re super awesome’, however in the back he noticed Todoroki’s face seemed to flash with guilt briefly. Most probably wouldn’t see it with how fast it went by. ‘Well that explains HOW it happened.’


“Speaking of thanks, I also have to thank you for saving me and Aizawa from the monster.” Tsu spoke up, a finger to her chin. Her eyes seemed slightly dim though. “If I’m being honest, I really thought one of us was going to die there. I knew you’d probably jump to save one of us but….you really are stubborn when it comes to saving everyone, ribbit.”


“Well….yeah, I guess I can be pretty stubborn with that.” Midoriya said as he rubbed the back of his head. He could physically feel the smirk on his mentor’s face without even seeing it and Urachan beamed brightly at him, likely remembering the zero pointer. “I’m just glad I managed to come up with anything on the spot like that.”


“Yeah, still fighting the Nomu like that. I’m thankful you saved us, but you’re insane, you know that right? He was supposed to fight All Might so taking him on…” The frog girl scolded him lightly, though it was clear there wasn’t much heart in it. Her words however, caught the attention of some of the others.


“Wait you did WHAT!?” Mineta asked incredulous, confusing Midoriya.


“Oh yeah, you fainted before it happened.” Tsu brushed off the smaller student’s exclamation of shock and Kirishima spoke up as he placed a finger to his chin and looked into the air. “I’m just glad Midoriya was strong enough to actually hurt him, even if it didn’t do much in the end. Ribbit.”


“Oh yeah, that hand-y dude was SUPER angry with you. Wait hang on, you hurt him. The hand villain guy actually said ‘if it wasn’t for his multiple quirks you would have wiped the floor with my strongest fighter.’” Kirishima quoted as his eyes seemed to widen in shock as he came to a realization. “Which means you managed to be a challenge for a villain that ALL MIGHT struggled with. You did to Nomu with one punch what it took All Might like 20 full power punches?!”


The greenette’s grin turned sheepish as the entire classes eyes seemed to suddenly being staring at him in shock and disbelief.  “Well…….basically yeah….”


And thus pandemonium started.


“WHAT?!” Bakugou outright screeched among the other shouts of shock as his face contorted into pure rage as explosions left his hands. “BULLSHIT!”


“Its true.” Tsu spoke up. “I didn’t see much but I saw the first few punches, Nomu was almost completely knocked off his feet, ribbit.”


“Whereas All Might’s initial punches did quite literally nothing.” Todoroki spoke up. His face was odd, as if calculating something he didn’t understand. He didn’t say anything beyond that.


“No wonder he seems to have a soft spot for you.” Tokoyami chimed in and a few others made noises of agreement, causing Midoriya to blush.


“I am truly glad you are ok Midoriya. If anything had happened to you when I had left, I don’t think I could of forgiven myself.” Iida says, hands making their usual chopping motions.


“Well don’t worry about it. Look, every single one of us is alive, and we’re all safe.” Midoriya said, then his eyes lit up as an idea struck him. “Oh, so this happened to ALL of us as a class, if any of us are gonna need to talk about it, we’ll probably want to do it with each other. I get it if not everyone’s up for it but I was thinking I could set up a kinda group chat for the class?”


There was a beat of silence as it was considered. Then Iida spoke up.


“I, for one, think it is a marvelous idea! Both from an emotional standpoint and a practical standpoint. Does anyone have any objections?”


There were a chorus of ‘no’s’ and ‘not really’


“I know it’s not my place to say but I think it’s a pretty smart idea as well.” All M-No, Toshinori said with small smile.


“Great.” Midoriya exclaimed as he clapped his hands together and he turned to face Midnight, who was watching with an amused smirk and her arms crossed. “Would it be alright if I put my phone number on the board so everyone can use it later Miss?”


“Go ahead, just keep it in the corner. I’ll let the other teachers know so they don’t wipe it off.”




Midoriya, after getting past the crying, hugging ball of worry and relief that was his mother, promptly collapsed into his bed.


He set his phone aside, he knew it would be a while before anyone would message him, so he could rest some while his mom made food. His eyes closed as his arms fell limp at his side.


And suddenly the mattress was hard and it was so cold.


“As I have previously said, limitation is such an interesting thing.”


“HOLY-“ Izuku shot up, caught off guard and rolling to the side. That was a mistake as he rolled right off the bit of rock the Outsider had pulled him to. He felt his body fall for just a moment but then a hand was gripping the back of his shirt.


“So quick to ditch my company? You wound me, Izuku Midoriya.” His voice was cold, dead, unfeeling. Completely normal for the god and yet, despite the cold disposition….did he just make a joke?! “Yes. And no I didn’t read your mind, I just know how you perceive me. It will still be a while until I think you should know my story but I’m sure that analytical mind of yours can remember what I said on our first encounter. I was once as human as you.”


“Wait really?” Midoriya asked shocked and a bit of void rock formed beneath him. The Outsider dropped him and he landed face first on the newly formed floor. He didn’t feel guilty for the annoyed thought he had next. ‘Human or god, he’s definitely a troll.”


“You have a tendency to focus on the finer details and thus forget to ask the obvious questions.” It was a statement, said with a finality that left no room for objection. The greenette stood and turned around properly, the Outsider was pacing about like he seemed to like to do, occasionally teleporting and summoning stone furniture to sit upon. His eyes however, they had a look, almost of concern upon them. “Midoriya, I knew about the USJ Incident before it happened.”




“Months in advance, I was aware the attack would take place. Time is…..delicate. I can see events in the future, how they may play out. I saw a future where upon receiving my mark, you followed the path of a vigilante and I also saw this future. Very different right?” All Midoriya could do was nod. “Timeline can play out very differently from the tiniest decisions. In one, you could be a benevolent force for good and in another, a ruthless tyrant bent upon hurting those beneath you because you’re insecure. But enough about my parents.”




Us. We’re in the void.” The shit-eating grin on the god’s face so made Midoriya want to punch him. However more importantly…


“Ok stop. What the heck? You’re normally a super cold, emotionless acting….god. You NEVER tell jokes, you have a sense of humor at my expense, sure but you never outright tell jokes. Also the smiling, you NEVER smile.” Midoriya really had no idea what to make of the Outsider’s weirdly different attitude. The smile fell away and the god’s eyes somehow seemed to increase in their intensity as the void god sighed.


That is a fair question. I’ve already told you parts of the story about why I am here now. I still don’t wish to truly get into it but….you know you weren’t the first person I’ve marked. Well in this world you are, but from before….there were a fair few who would bare my mark, spread out over the decades. Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin, Vera Morley to name a few, though I know those names mean nothing to you. I watched their journey’s and adventures. I talked with them when they visited my shrines and they usually cursed me out for being vague and cryptic.”


His voice never ceased being dead, empty. Yet somehow, despite that, Midoriya could sense a fondness and a longing that simply couldn’t be properly conveyed with the Outsider’s voice. The boy took a seat on one of the conjured bits of stone and waited for the god to continue patiently.


I never admitted it to them, as I never saw the point, I doubted they would care but…” He turned to face Midoriya with a smile that still didn’t suit his face. “I can’t truly interact with the real world beyond a sort of floating illusion. It is why I always pull you into the void and never step out to the real world, why I am called ‘The Outsider.’ Those I marked, were for the most part, the only people I have ever regularly interacted with. For lack of a better term, they were my friends. The only ones I could truly talk to for various reasons.”




“In the original world, after they were gone, I could hop timelines and talk with other versions, yet the same. So many slightly varying, interesting versions. I no longer have that option, I suddenly couldn’t interact with the only anchors I truly had to the ‘real’ world. To have all this power at my fingertips, and yet have no ability to see everything I’ve ever known one last time…. It’s not as common for me to feel emotions, but that doesn’t mean I am incapable of them. I existed across centuries and yet….I never saw the moment I’d be ripped away from it all…”




“That’s…..I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really sure how to respond to that. I’m sorry.” Midoriya said. He contemplated patting the Outsider’s shoulder or something but it seemed too improper.


I don’t wish to repeat mistakes, though I also am not one to repeat myself.” The god stood up and nodded at Midoriya. “So, this time only, I will say that as much as I choose you as someone interesting to bear my mark, I do in fact see you as a friend as well.”


It’s impossible for Midoriya not to smile at that. After all, being told by a literal god he saw you as a friend, was a pretty good way to lift one’s spirits. The smile almost gave way to a frown though as a thought flew past his head. ‘The move must have really affected him a lot, if he’s acting so out of character.’


“Well, I’m glad you can admit it. I suppose, god or not, emotions are difficult.” Midoriya said with a sympathetic smile, a question lingered though. “What exactly brought this on though? Don’t get me wrong, I really am glad you said it but…it’s so out of character for you.”


“This attack on the USJ, as I said, I already knew it would occur. There are…fixed points in time that cannot be changed regardless of what happens.       Magic affects the timeline in its own way and I cannot see the timelines were magic is not involved. Not clearly anyway, a side effect of my position, having so much magic flowing through me. I never warned you about the attack, because it was fixed. No matter what happened, no matter who knew what or who was where, the USJ incident WOULD occur, if for varying reasons. Normally I never say much about the future if anything to my marked. I let them make their own decisions. I did consider warning you however, too make up for the ten months of cluelessness I left you with. Except, if it old you, you’d warn your teachers and that would look VERY suspicious.”


Midoriya simply quirked a confused eyebrow up and the god suddenly teleported to be standing at the edge of the rock, arms behind his back and looking into the distance. Briefly, Midoriya realized that was the longest he’d ever seen the Outsider stay still.


They didn’t get in by coincidence Midoriya. Someone helped them in, they got their info from SOMEWHERE to know how to attack.” Slowly the pieces fell into place and the greenette’s eyes widened in surprise. “If you had come in raving about the attack and then it happened, you would be a prime suspect trying to appear innocent. After all, you couldn’t exactly explain HOW you got that information.”


Midoriya put his face into his hands and let out a groan. A traitor?! Seriously?


“And it will interest you to know, even I can’t see who it is. Whoever it is, they have more than just a quirk protecting them.” Well fan-flipping-tastic. “Which brings me to the main point of this tangent AND visit, the demon.”


Midoriya tensed.


“I’m afraid…he was exactly what he claimed to be, more or less. A dead person, a very, very evil dead person who returned to life. I….I am hesitant to say much yet, there is something you will see soon, something that I had intended to wait for before I visited. I will be saving some information until then. But you should know, even a god can make mistakes. I made quite the egregious one….and you nearly payed the price for it. I have been blamed for many things, however the truly bad ones, I was never truly responsible for. I may have been involved in some capacity, but I was never the one who made the actual acts possible, at best I merely gave the tools to those who did commit the act. However, when I appeared here, I was foolish to assume everything could just work as it once had, that magic would be the same.”


Midoriya just stared, he was starting to get lost. The outsider turned to him and his emotionless stoic face had returned.


“If not for how I handled some things coming to this world, you’d not have this problem. That ‘demon’ was one of many, and almost all of them will likely only want one thing, your mark.”


Oh….great. Just great.


Remember that Hatsume had a certain inspiration for the equipment she made. I didn’t do that for no reason. You’ll need them, in the days to come. Like I said, I saw the USJ coming….however I saw nothing about the demon attack. I see almost nothing about demons at all, as they are neither human nor regular souls.”


“Wait what?” Midoriya exclaimed as he suddenly shot up at that new information.


“You’ll know in time, it won’t be subtle, you’ll know when it’s time. The nature of these demons, I do not know what I’m looking for to track any. Perhaps the traitor is one, that would explain my inability to see them. Either way, with this inability to see what they are doing or will be, I never saw the attack coming until it was happening in the USJ. Be diligent Midoriya, I made a mistake and if you’re not careful, I’m afraid you might pay for it. I’m sorry.”


Midoriya had a hundred and one things he wanted to say to that.


However he never got to say any of them as he bolted up in his bed all of a sudden, suddenly awake. “What…”


He looked around, the light was off and it was dark. His All Might figurines surrounded him. He blinked. “What time is it?”


He picked up his phone and turned it on.




“Didn’t feel like that long…Does time pass differently in the void or something?” He wondered aloud. It frustrated him he couldn’t keep notes on One for All or the void and his magic at all as they had to be kept secret. The rest of his notes he had rewritten in a code only he and All Might knew at the blonde’s request. They had agreed One for All and the mark should not be included, but at times like this Midoriya hated that decision.


His thoughts drifted over the event and then cursed himself when he realized he had completely forgotten to tell both the Outsider AND All Might about his new power. He had been so distracted by everything else that it had completely slipped his mind.


He got out of bed, knowing that there was no way he was getting back to sleep any time soon. He took his phone with him as he headed to the kitchen. When he arrived there was a plate on the counter top with a note.




You were asleep when I took this through. You’re still tired I guess? Just put this in the microwave and turn it on for 2 minutes. OXOX




He smiled when he finished reading and followed the instructions, placing the plate in the microwave and unlocking the phone as he waited. He had a bunch of new texts.


Most were pretty similar, all from his classmates, with the exceptions of Iida and Uraraka, who already had his number and Bakugou and Todoroki, who presumably just didn’t want to be a part of the group.


‘Hey Midoriya, this is [Classmate], when you get this add me to the chat please.”


They all had different ways of saying it, Ashido’s had used so much shortened text he had briefly worried she had had a stroke while typing, while Yaoyorozu’s had been very formal.


He sent them all the same message, apologizing for falling asleep on them and adding them to a group: “1-A GC”


Among them though, one message stood out amongst the rest.




Unknown: Hey. It Jirou. Can we tlak first before you add me? I have sumthing I gotta say. You probably asleep so I’ll wait. – 5:03


Unkown: *Talk – 5:04


You: Hi! Sorry I didn’t respond, fell asleep when I got home. Guess my body is addicted to sleep now. Aizawa’s gonna be jealous – 11:31


Unknown: Oh good, you’re finally awake. Don’t stress bout it dude, you have every right to sleep everything off. I…I wanted to apologize. – 11:31

You: … -11:32

You: That was suspiciously fast. – 11:32

Jirou: I plead the fifth – 11:33

You: OBJECTION! This isn’t America. Nice try. TAKE THAT! – 11:34


Jirou: Dude you play those games?! Not the time! We can talk PW later. Back to why I wanted to talk. -11:35


You: Yeah ok [I’m so spamming you later, I was just being silly but if you like AA then I am SO pressing every detail], what did you want to apologize for? You’ve not done anything wrong AFAIK – 11:36


Jirou: A) Terrible pun, I groaned so hard. Well done. B) Yeah, I do. Before we went to the USJ, you helped me feel better about myself. It maybe wasn’t much to you but…I appreciated it. I felt bad and you helped me feel better. – 11:38


You: Well I was just doing my best to be a good friend! -11:39

You: uheyu uh…sorry I should of asked if it was ok first before I called myself you’re friend! – 11:40


Jirou: Nah dude, its fine. We’re friends. But you helped me, and then the attack happened and we all got separated and you ended up with all the serious villains! I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you after what you did for me – 11:41


You: Permission to speak freely? – 11:41


Jirou: go ahead. Not like you NEED permission to talk. – 11:42


You: if it wasn’t for the fact I’m like 87% sure you’d punch me if I tried and I’m physically incapable of doing so from this distance, I’d totally hug you rn. You had no way of knowing the USJ attack was gonna happen, and when It did, the warp villain spread us out randomly, you couldn’t of done anything about it. Don’t beat yourself up over it, I definitely don’t hold it against you. – 11:44


Jirou: You say that but still…I feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t but I do – 11:45

Jirou: Which is why I’m totally hanging out with you at lunch when you get back to make up for it. No exceptions. – 11:46


You: I can accept this – 11:47

You: btw I figured out the hug issue! – 11:47

You: [Hug.Emoji] – 11:48


Jirou: [Fist.Emoji] – 11:50

You: Knew it! – 11:51


Jirou: … - 11:51

Jirou: …No one said it was a strong hit… - 11:52


You: ! – 11:53

You: You have no idea what you have just unleashed upon yourself >:) – 11:54


Jirou: Dork.



Midoriya smiled as he looked at the last message and let out a small chuckle. Only he could manage to have an eventful day were technically nothing actually happened.


He grabbed the plate of food and took it to the table, sitting down and eating. He added Jirou to the group chat and after some talking with everyone (and scolding by Iida that they should all be asleep.), the greenette finished his food and was on his way back to bed.


He stopped just outside his bedroom door.


“For the record….I’m not mad at you in case you’re worried.”


To any onlooker, he would look as if he was talking to nothing but the wind seemed to get just that little bit colder and Midoriya knew, the one he was talking to got his message. 


Now he just had to wonder what came next. Cause it was quite clear from the Outsiders visit and the fact the villains had got away: when it came to both demons and villains...


he could feel it, things had only just begun