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Mark of a hero

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"Well....that was embrassing." Midoriya groaned as he rubbed his neck, sitting up in the infirmary bed, ignoring the sound of presumably Kirishima and Bakugou coming from the stadium. “Thanks for letting me….you know.”


“It’s fine, Midoriya. We all have our limits and you’ve been through a lot even before the festival.” Recovery girl waved her hand flippantly as she wrote something down, All Might pretending to be her assistant in case Todoroki awoke. The heterochromatic teen had knocked himself out, and having now been on the other side of it, he felt bad for how often he passed out in front of everyone else. “You both just need rest, him a little more so than you. I was watching through a camera. I don’t normally comment on matches but, well done for lasting so long despite your power match up.”


“Thanks.” Midoriya said as he hopped off the bed, ignoring the pain in his hand and the sting in his eyes. “So, what exactly is going to happen now?”


“Well my boy, likely just another arm wrestling competition. It simplifies the process massively and is the most….for lack of a better word, fair way to determine who should go through.” Toshinori explained as he pointed out a typo in the nurse’s paperwork. “That was….quite the spectale, young Midoriya.”


“Yeah….I’m just glad it payed off in the end….” The greenette shrugged as he made his way to the exit. “I’m gonna go watch the matches while we wait. I need to go talk to Uraraka as well.”


“You do that.” Recovery girl agreed, shooing him away. He was almost out the door when…


“Midor…iya….” The marked boy blinked in surprise, turning to see Todoroki coming to. He seemed dazed, as he looked around then realization crossed his face. “Did i…lose?”


“No kid, it’s a tie. You need to get some rest first, lay back down.” The nurse chided, hopping over to him. Before he obliged, he turned to the greenette.


“Midoriya…..Thank you….and….I’m sorry…..”


“…Thank you…”






Hagakure shouted with worry as he walked into the viewing stand, immediately being surrounded by his friends. Jirou, Urakra and said invisible girl in particular seemed to get right in his personal space.


“Are you ok, dude?! I felt that explosion from here!” Jirou exclaimed, holding the other two girls back a bit so he could breathe, something he was very thankful for.


“Yeah, all I saw was smoke then you were both on the ground outside.” Urarka mimed with her hands the event as she thought they must of happened while Hagkaure, as animated as ever freaked out.


“And what happened after?! I mean I know it’s you but even you wouldn’t just start crying because of a tie.” The invisible girl exclaimed and the boy shook his head. ‘Wait does that mean you think I would cry at a loss? Phrasing Hagakure, phrasing.’


“Can i…sit down first?” He asked nervously and they all looked among themselves before practically pulling him to his seat. He sighed as he sat down, Uraraka and Iida on one side, Jirou and Hagakure on the other. “The crying…I honestly don’t know what that was about to be honest….it just kind of….happened. Still, me and Todoroki are fine, we just need to recover a bit before we do the tie breaker.”


“Makes sense.” Iida nodded and Midoriya frowned as he recalled what happened last time he talked to the teen, then he remembered what it had interrupted and he turned to his best friend.


“Oh, by the way Uraraka, I’m so so sorry about you’re match.”


“Oh, don’t sweat it! Just means I have to try harder next time right?!” The girl said determined and with a confident smile. Midoriya frowned as the disappointment and sadness she tried to hide flowed through him. Without a though, he leaned in and whispered a single word.




“O-oh yeah.” She deflated slightly at that, and the greenette pulled her into a side hug, as it just seemed like the right thing to do. She didn’t complain. “Ok maybe im a little upset…Wait….how do you know about my match?! You shouldn’t have seen it yet!”


He got everyone staring at him after that and he scratched the back of his neck. “Same reason I missed it in the first place. New…ish power.”


“Oh? What is it?!” Mina suddenly cut in excitedly, one of the most enthralled by the boy’s odd power.


“I…not to be annoying but….I don’t think I should tell you guys yet, just….waiting on the teachers to check something first.” He said vaguely, really not wanting to slip up and reveal what he’d seen to Iida. The pink skinned girl groaned but everyone respected his choice. “So….what’s happening for matches?”


“Well, Kirishima and Bakugou are going at it right now obviously. I….kinda got my butt kicked by Tokoyami…” Mina started explaining with a pout, andMidoriya realized said boy was nowhere in the spectator stand. “Then Iida’s gonna be fighting that Shiozaki girl next. After that, depending on whoever wins it will be Iida vs you or Todoroki.”




“Speaking of, Midoriya.” The blue haired teen spoke up and Midoriya turned to face him with a quirked brow. “When I was on Todoroki’s cavalry team…he said something to me. He ‘never uses his left side in battle’. To get him to break that rule….You truly are a force to be reckoned with.”


Midoriya frowned. ‘More like endeavour needs to find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of One for All…’




Bakugou won against Kirishima with ease, though Midoriya struggled to watch the match more and more as it continued. He frowned as he considered that as well. ‘Weird….normally smoke sets me off but….why didn’t it happen before?’


Somehow he doubted he’d get answers to that one anytime soon, and just waited on the red head boy to come back to give him some words of encouragement after his loss. Bakugou probably wouldn’t even come back to the stands anytime soon.


When he did, the hardening boy at least didn’t seem to put out by his loss thankfully, accepting it with a fair amount of grace.


Iida’s match passed in no time, Shiozaki’s reaction time too slow to compare to the boy’s increased speed. She was pretty much just shoved out the ring, and now once more Izuku found himself standing in the ring, Todoroki across from him


This time a table was set up and the two took their seats, ready to begin.


“Hey Todoroki?” Midoriya started while Present Mic gave some commentary in the background. The fire and ice teen looked up with concflicted eyes and Midoriya felt his indecisiveness and confusion shine through.


“Get ready!”


“I know you’re probably feeling a little…mixed right now, but no one can take away the fact that you and Endeavour are not the same person. I can only guess he let his hate of All Might consume him, so are you going to let your hate of your father consume you?”


There was a surpised pase from the hetreochromatic teen before he smiled.




And the boy set his left fist on the table, which Midoriya grabbed onto and began to push, noting it to be warm. He couldn’t be happier about the results.


The two struggled, though Midoriya was mostly keeping it going to take time to think. Thanks to his mark, if he really wanted to he could take his opponent straight through the table most likely. Of course, his hand just had to ache.


He looked up, past his opponent and into the hallway in the stadium, only to see the man from before, looking at him with a grin and twisting an ornate knife, before slipping away into the darkness. ‘What….’


He knew he could win the competition. All Might wanted him to succeed, to show the world who he was…


But…He needed to solve this issue, as soon as possible…


“Follow whatever course of action you wish too, my dear Izuku. Either way, only you can stop him. Do what you will.”


He sighed under his breathe, slowly but surely letting the boy in front of him get the upper hand, his own getting closer and closer to the table. ‘God dammit…just….sometimes I hate everything about magic….’


Who he was, was a hero in training, who wanted to help others.


Who he also was though, was a witch.


Not an evil one of course, but a good witch who helped others. That’s how he was happy to characterize himself as now. Plus witch was more dramtic and themed than ‘Marked’.


And if he was going to be a witch, he had to be ready to sacrifice some other things. He finally let the last of his strength go. Todoroki smashed his hand into the table and the arena exploded into cheers.




Without a word, Midoriya stood up and began to walk away.


“Uh…Midoriya?” Todoroki questioned and the greenette grinned, looking back at him.


“Congratulations Todoroki. Just….don’t go easy on Bakugou, for me ok?” He laughed, hopping down the entire stair set. “And remember what I said, ok?”




With that, Midoriya disappeared into the darkness of the hall and took off into a sprint, grin dropping into a frown. ‘Now to finally deal with this guy. I swear Outsider this better be worth it.’


He passed room after room, constantly flicking on and off his dark vision. His hand aches more and more, proving as an effective if irriating guide.


Finally, he happened upon the prep room from earlier. The world once more became coated in sepia and just through the door, there stood the man’s glowing figure. ‘Shouldn’t just go straight in, probably a bad idea.’


“Izuku, one thing you must know before you fight him, no matter what you do you can not let that knife touch you!”


‘Knife? Got it and good to finally know what he is, anything else?’


If you lose against a warlock of all things, I will be very upset with you.”


The boy shuddered. He did not want a god mad at him, though why he would be Midoriya had no idea. He utilized the building’s artctcture, leaping up to a vent above and crawling inside.


His body could just barely fit with a crouch and he quickly found himself climbing out, hoping onto beams just above the warlock, who was pre-occupied toying with the knife in his grasp. ‘If this guy is anything like a demon, One for All is worthless even if I could use it, no one else around so no Domino. Only got Far Reach and I guess premonition.’


As that thought crossed his mind, he pooled magic into his hand and used it on the warlock.


He finally grew bored off toying with the knife. He turned to the right.


He walked to the table. He turned and spotted Izuku


The world came back to normal and Midoriya immediately noticed the man was already walking towards the table in his vision. ‘Show time!’


He leapt forth, landing behind the warlock and the black haired villain turned at the clattering, only to take Far Reach to the face as if like a whip.


“Ahh! You little-“ The man turned and lurched forth, knife in hand. Midoriya hopped back, making the tentecale burst into tendrils and hold each of the man’s limbs back, one trying to grab at the knife. Then he smiled. “Nice try.”


“What-AHH!” The greenette barely rolled out the way of a fireball that launched from the man’s hand. “Dude, I may be on fire with fighting but that doesn’t mean you should actually set me alight!”


“That tentecale is mine!” The warlock exclaimed as he suddenly disappeared. Midoriya’s eyes widened as he felt a presence behind him and instictintevly ducked, turning around to see the man had swung at him. ‘Crap, he can teleport?!’ “Blinking, good luck keeping up!”


“Not sucking!” Midoriya snarked back, wrapping the man in his tentecale and throwing him into the air. “Good luck keeping up!”


The warlock let out a growl as he blinked again, dropping beside a table and seemingly used a form of telekinesis to throw a mug at the marked teen.


“That’s not what mugging means man!” The greenette smiled nervously as he grabbed the cup and, as the warlock blinked behind him again. This time the boy whipped around and smashed the mug into the man’s face, cauing him to stagger. ‘Oh hey that actually worked…’


The knife, Izuku!’


The greenette charged forth, summoning his Far Lance one last time and lunging at the man. Blade meet tentecale and the two resitred each other suprisngly well, yet Midoriya was ready to end it now, kicking right into the villains chest and throwing him back against the wall.


“AHH!” The man cried out as he fell to the floor, twitching and spasing. ‘Crap…kinda overdid it there…now lets see…’


He picked up the knife and ran his finger along the the edge, admiring the gold ornate design and the curved handle. ‘It’s pretty cool looking…and I guess…’


“That tentecale is mine”

“Don’t let the knife touch you!”


So that’s what he was doing. He walked forward, standing above the man he’d just defeated, almost disappointed by the result. He flipped the knife around into his grasp. “Outsider?”


“Yes Izuku, it is exactly as you suspect. I will explain when you can ‘rest’ but for now, you must deal with those stolen powers. It’s as you would expect, do no worry.”


‘I hope you’re right…’


And with that, the boy plunged the knife into the man’s arm, causing it to glow bright yellow before settling down. He pulled it back out and threw it to the ground, stabbing into it with his Far Lance and snapping it in two.


A moment later, the pieces disappeared into a haze of fuzz. With that, the greenette sighed as he took out his phone and went through his contacts, finding a certain number.


“All Might? Magic emergency…..”