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Mark of a hero

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The ride to the train station had been quiet, after Gran Torino had explained why they had to leave the city. They were going to another city, Shinjuku, because the denser population meant there was more crime than in the city the old man lived within.


After the marked teen had heard where they were going, he realized they’d be passing Hosu city, where Ingenium had been attacked. With that thought in mind, he’d pulled out his phone to check his messages, ignoring the elderly pro’s complaints about kids being glued to technology.


Iida still hadn’t responded to any of his messages.


With a sigh, he checked his only unread message since he arrived for his internship.



Jirou 😊 :


Jirou: I mean I still think Athena just needs more character devolpment before she gets her own AA game. – Two days ago.

Jirou: Yo – 4:53PM

You: Hey. How are you? – 5:02PM

Jirou: I feel like my body is going to collapse. I don’t know how you do like three times this kind of exercise without collapsing. Wbu, how’s your internship going? - 5:04PM

You: I put up with the exercise because I’m ‘magic.’ As for internships, I finally got my super strength under control! Like properly, so that’s good. Going to fight villains now though. 5:05PM

Jirou: You can’t stay away from action, can ya? Congrats. Just don’t get hurt. – 5:07PM

You: Yeah, like me getting away uninjured is going to happen. Not exactly my speciality. :p – 5:09PM

Jirou: I swear if you faint or come back with more bullet wounds I’m never letting you out of my sight again. – 5:12PM

You: So… more hugs for me then! – 5:14PM

Jirou: [Fist.emoji] dork. 5:18PM

You: We all know hugs are your weakness, Jirou! Don’t run from the truth.

Jirou: Implying you know what the truth is. – 5:20PM

You: Of course I do. The truth is always within my grasp, I know the true wonders of the universe and all that will unfurl. Because I’m magic, and I predict that the truth is….. I’m an adorable broccoli boy you can’t help but love. – 5:23PM

Jirou: 1.) It’s weird how different you can be over the phone, 2.) I hate that your right. – 5:26PM

Jirou: Oh crap, breaks over. Talk later dude! Call? I kinda miss you guys voices… - 5:27PM

You: Aww, knew you were a softie at heart, yeah we’ll call. I gotta go as well, getting on the train rn. – 5:29PM


With that, he tucked his phone away in his pocket as he and his instructor hopped aboard. As he did so, his hand ached and he looked down in surprise, noticing his hand looked a little… darker. ‘That’s… weird.’


“You coming kid?” Gran Torino called back and the greenette shook his head, clearing his thoughts and running to catch up. “You ok? you look a little unnerved.”


“Oh it’s…. it’s just sometimes my marked hand aches, and it can mean so many different things. Typically though it’s kind of like an early warning system.” The boy explained quietly as the two took their seats. Midoriya leaned back, resting his head against the wall. “I don’t know how much All Might explained but… I’m going to probably look like I’ve passed out in a moment. I promise I’ll be back before the train ride is over.”


Before the smaller man could say anything, Midoriya closed his eyes and his soul already felt like it was plummeting. His eyes shot back upon and the magic teen looked around the room he was in. It was the house again.


“H-hey kiddo.” Nana greeted across from him, a nervous and shaky smile on her face. “How a-are ya?”


“Shimura? What’s the matter?” He questioned, standing up. A vine suddenly shot out and smacked the woman, as Ruki hopped beside her, scowl on her face.


“Told ya you were too obvious!” She berated and the greenette looked between the two past holders confused. Needing a moment, he tried to lean on the couch beside him, only to suddenly fall through it and smashing into the floor. “Woah! You ok kiddo?”


“F-fine, just didn’t expect that. Must of missed.” Midoriya said, standing back up. He looked back to the two woman. “But… what’s with you two?”


“Well…. It’s just…” Ruki tried to look for the right way to it, She groaned after a moment, swing around vines in frustration. “Ah dammit! Why does being careful with words have to be so damn hard!


“Oh god… You see… Izuku….” Nana began, but she cut herself off, deeming whatever she was about to say not good enough.


“M…Midoriya?” A quiet, masculine voice asked and the three of them turned to see Kenji quietly fiddling with his coat. Of all the holders, he was perhaps the most odd simply for how much he seemed to lack confidence, clearly struggling to even talk to the marked teen. “I… we…”


“H-hey, hey, don’t push yourself Kenji. You don’t need to talk to me if you don’t want to.” The boy assured, sitting back down. He knew how much being forced to do something you don’t want to sucked.







He shook his head, eyes going wide. The memories suddenly dissipated before they could begin, and Midoriya was relieved when a familiar flurry of crystals formed before him.


“What your…. Predecessors are trying to convey is that you should be careful tonight, my dear Izuku. There is… a lot to be determined in the next few days. Remember… I gave you your sword for a reason.”


“Wait, what do-“


“There’s no more time to keep you, night falls and chaos begins now. Go, and cast your spell upon this hub of discord. Hosu City…”


“Remember Midoriya… Your name is a promise. Good luck with your new ability.” Nana called, and suddenly the boy’s mark exploded with energy.


He shot up from his seat on the train, gasping for air. Gran Torino jumped, hand shooting to his heart as he looked down. “What the… you ok ki-“


“Passengers, please hold onto something.”




Suddenly smoke filled the cabin as Midoriya flinched back before looking up towards the source. Was it a magic threat? A demon? Or…


Before he could ponder anymore, the creature responsible pulled it’s way in and Midoriya felt his blood run cold. A nomu just crawled in…


People screamed as the monster began to walk in.


“STAY BACK KID! I GOT THIS!” Gran Torino called out as he suddenly pelted forward, kicking the monster out with enough ease that for a split second Midoriya felt slightly relieved. ‘No shock absorption, maybe not as strong then. Good.’


He ran up to the hole that had been left behind, seeing the old pro had pushed the monster into an empty street. However, as the boy looked up he could only frown.


A large portion of the city was on fire, smoke billowing in the air. ‘Nomu’s… Smoke…. That can only mean… Sorry Gran Torino but I can’t stay back!’


Without another thought he ran and leapt out the hole, hurtling towards the street below. Despite the chaos, Midoriya grinned as One for All began to move through his body. ‘Time to try out Full Cowling plus Far Reach! Guess Jirou really was right when she said I can’t keep away from action.’


He got close to the ground and threw his hand out, Far Reach grabbing onto a nearby lamppost and launching him. He then grabbed onto a wall and ran up it, jumping onto the roof. ‘Ha! That’s about as fun as I was expecting.’


Ahead of him, he could see the smoke coming from a street down below, just a little bit away. He knew he technically wasn’t allowed to fight here, but he couldn’t just stand back, especially as he could see multiple Nomu’s wreaking havoc ad pro’s failed to reel them in.


There was a massive gap from his position and the roof nearest to the scene, one Midoriya couldn’t make even with Far Reach and One for All. ‘Ok then, guess we’re trying this. Hope it’s easy to learn!’


He started to inspect his outfit as he ran, finding little leather like patches that folded out. He quickly clipped them into little hooks under his arms as he ran and he reached the edge. ‘Now!’


He leapt into the air, One for All giving him a boost to get half way there. He spread out his arms and legs and began descending to the roof. He was slowed as wind flew into the leather and helped him glide, causing him to laugh hysterically. ‘Ha! I’ll need to thank Hatsume when I get back! Wish I thought of this.’


He reached the roof and turned his attention back to the scene, grin dropping as he remembered why he was here. ‘Don’t see Shigaraki anywhere, odd…’


His dark vision kicked in, and he looked for anywhere they might be hidden but didn’t see any. One Nomu, he noticed his path would lead in front of a wrecked car. The nomu was heading for a pro so the boy shot out his Far Reach and dragged the husk into the monsters face, incapacitating it and letting the pro fight.


No one seemed to realize he’d done it, aside from the pro who was to busy fighting to actually notice him. The boy continued to look around, when he spotted a pro in a predominantly blue costume, who had a helmet that had almost fish like fins on top. ‘Isn’t that… Manual? Wasn’t he…’


“Iida?! Where are you?!” The pro called out, and the marked teens eyes widened. Without a thought he shot out Far Reach and hopped down, landing beside the man. He got his attention at least. “What the?! Kid you-“


“I’m from U.A! I’m a friend of Iida’s!” Midoriya explained quick, using his Domino ability to link the remaining Nomu’s together so the pro’s would have an easier time. “Where is he?”


“I don’t know, he disappeared on the way here. We passed so many Alley’s that-“


“SHIT!” Midoriya suddenly shouted out, cutting off the pro. The Hero Killer killed pro’s in alleys... ‘Iida you…. You….’ “I’m going to go find him! I used my power to link the Nomu’s! You just need to stop one! Good luck.”


"Wait-!" Manuals cries fell on death ears as the greenette took off.


‘Please…. Please… Please be ok Iida!’


How could he even find the teen in time? If he was trying to fight stain, then he’d probably not last long. Especially if his anger got the better of-


Midoriya’s eyes widened. ‘That’s it! Finally. Come on empathy, don’t fail me now I need you!’


He focused, as hard as he could and after a moment he felt a very brief tingle of anger. As he continued jumping off walls and using Far Reach to rush forth, it grew.


Finally, he was bolting through an alley way, and came across a scene he never wanted to see. A pro was pinned against the wall by a sword in his shoulder, slowly bleeding out.


Iida was there, face terrified as he laid on the ground and a man with bandages wrapped around his face, multiple swords in hand stood above, ready to plunge two of the blades into Iida’s heart.


Midoriya’s body burst with electricity, as he moved as fast as he could. His right hand instinctively reached for his belt, his left burst with the vibrant glow of magic and Far Reach shot out.


The tentacle pulled one of the swords a way, simultaneously creating a distraction for Midoriya to jump in front of the killer, lifting his hand from his belt, folded up sword in hand.


It unfolded as it came up and two blades clashed, Stain’s eyed widening in surprise before he jumped back. Far Reach turned to it’s lance form and Midoriya held out his arms, ready to fight with both if he needed to.


“Who are you?” The hero killer asked in a deep voice, only fitting the murderous vigilante. “Another misguided brat? Here with stupid ideals of stopping me for revenge.”


“No, actually I’m just here to make sure this idiot doesn’t get himself killed.” Midoriya said, gesturing towards Iida. Noticing his blue haired friend seemed to be unable to move, he turned back with a scowl. “Though, seeing as he’s stuck and there is a stain here, I guess I can play the part of cleanser for now.”


“Feisty, but still stupid.” The man complained, pulling out another sword. “Let’s see your swordsmanship then, I hope you have a lot of practice.”


Well, Far Lance technically counted, right?


“Midoriya... don’t!” Iida struggled to gasp out, and Midoriya sighed. The emotional torrent the class president was radiating was distracting. “This is… My fight.”


“If you think your winning that will you’re less mobile then a snail, then your emotions are getting you worse than I thought.” Midoriya commented as stain began to run forward. ‘Need to know his quirk. What did the news suspect?’ “Paralysis?””


“Yes. Blood…” Iida said, as he dropped his face into the ground. Stain leapt at the greenette, bringing down a slash. Midoriya planned to pull of some fancy dodge with Far Reach and One for All. ‘I just want to avoid getting cut then.’


Before he could even begin to  move though, once that thought finish stain stabbed right through him. Literally, not hitting a thing. Everyone present was surprised when the greenette’s body turned to some kind of black, shadowy mist.


A mist that the killer couldn’t hurt. Then his eyes filled with terror. “What the-! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!”


Midoriya had no idea what to think, but as his body swirled with rage, he turned to Iida to see a similar fear. He turned back to the killer and a part of him got a sick sense of pleasure from the idea of tearing the villain before him limb from limb.


He knew what he was.


He knew what to call this power.


Shadow Walk…