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Mark of a hero

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Midoriya yawned as he walked through the cramped bathroom, rubbing sleep out his eyes as he finished washing his hands, ready to meet Tensei.  As he was, a voice suddenly began to speak in his head and for once it wasn’t the Outsider.


God, you look worse than Toshinori right now, kiddo.”


“S-shimura?!” He questioned, as he blasted the tap louder to avoid Iida and Todoroki hearing him talking to voices in his head.


“Yup, had no idea if I’d be able to do this from here but I gotta say something to ya quick, Izuku. And it’s Nana, kiddo.”


“O-ok, so what is it?” He pondered, ignoring that last part for now. A heavy sigh echoed in his mind and he could picture the woman standing with her hands on her hips and a frown on her face.


“Look, I get why you might be up in a tizzy over all this demon killing business-“ The greenette flinched. “-But, I want you to know, none of us will think of you any differently Kiddo. None of your friends would either if they knew truth, these aren’t villains to be imprisoned Izuku. They aren’t even supposed to be in that world. I can’t force you to do anything, but I just wanted you to know you still have my support.”


“You’re right. Of course you’re right… it’s just… it’s difficult.” The greenette said, rubbing his arm.


“I know Kiddo. Just…. Even if you can’t bring yourself to use it, I want you to do something for me. Keep your sword on you, at all times. Even in class, outside of exercises and going home. It’s designed to be easy to conceal for a reason. Can you do that, for me?”


“I… I’ll try.” The marked teen nodded as he began to turn off the water. “Now, I gotta go Nana. Can’t keep them waiting.”


“I know. Try to have some fun if you can, and know me and the other wielders are watching, so you always have someone.


At that, the greenette smiled before he left out the door. He nodded to Todoroki and Iida, walking over to his bed. He only leaned down for a moment, looking around. They each had their stuff put to the sides of their bed yesterday which should mean….


Aha! There it was. While Todoroki and Iida weren’t looking, the greenette slid the wooden block that hid his blade into his pocket. “Sorry about that, ready to go now!”



It wasn’t a long walk by any means to Ingenium’s room, though it did feel like it to the greenette as he constantly looked around every corner for signs of Kiyoshi approaching.


How paranoid he must look to others. Shaking his head at that thought, he realized they’d finally come up on the room and Iida was taking a moment to collect himself.


“I’ll go in first, in order to let him know you two are coming.” Iida informed, before opening the door and walking inside. Happy voices rang out before the door closed and Todoroki meet Midoriya’s eyes.


“You’re hiding something.” The heterochromatic teen stated, garnering the marked teen’s attention. The fire and ice teen pointed at his hand, which the greenette hadn’t realized was glowing faintly. “You keep looking like your about to use your powers and you act as though we’re about to be attacked. What’s wrong?”


Midoriya blinked in surprise at his concern, though then again he shouldn’t have been too surprised he supposed. He did help him and Iida had just suffered as well. Making sure Midoriya wasn’t next on the list was a fair concern.


“Just…. Not good with hospitals.” Midoriya lied. It wasn’t a full lie, he did hate having to be in them, but still he hated having to lie at all. “Horror stories, you know. Heard about doctors who turned out to be villains in disguise as a kid, always creeped me out that it would happen at all and made me not want to be here.”


“And yet you seem to have a love hate relationship with Recovery Girl.” The heterochromatic teen said sarcastically, and Midoriya did smile at that. Todoroki could sass others, who knew.


The door opened, and Iida stuck his head through. “Alright, he’s ready to meet you both.”


The two shorter teens nodded, and followed their friend into the the room. It was a plain simple room much the same as any of the others. Aside from a few vases with flowers, and the fact there was only room for one occupant, it had nothing distinguishing it from the rest of the hospital.


Sat in the only bed, with a welcoming smile was Tensei Iida. The resemblance to Tenya was uncanny, His face was somewhat wider and he didn’t wear glasses but aside from that it wouldn’t be hard to mistake one for the other.


“Brother, this is Todoroki and Midoriya. Todoroki, Midoriya, this is my brother Tensei.” Iida introduced, and the three nodded at one another. Todoroki moved first, holding out his hand to shake the pro’s.


“Nice to meet ya both. Iida talks highly about his classmates.” The elder Iida chuckled, much more casual than his brother as he took the heterochromatic teen’s hand. His grin then widened as he turned to the greenette. “He especially has had a lot of positive stuff to say about you, Midoriya. I’d offer an autograph but don’t really have the tools to do so.”


“H-huh? Really? Iida, you talked about me?” Midoriya asked surprised as he shook the pro’s hand, and the younger Iida nodded, with a very light blush.


“I don’t think that should be that surprising. You’re a very admirable person, and one of my friends. It’s only natural you’d come up in conversation.” The blue haired teen stated matter-of-factly, and the greenette smiled ta that, scratching the back of his neck. “I don’t believe we can stay for long sadly, the doctors still are doing some examinations on my brother.”


“Ah, the luxurious life of a pro, always having some medical professional on your case.” Tensei chuckled, and Midoriya laughed himself, recalling the amount of times he ended up in the infirmary. Iida rolled his eyes with a good-natured smile of his own.


“Making a head start as ever then Midoriya. Sometimes I wonder how you survived without me. I KNOW you wouldn’t brother.” The tall teen chuckled and Midoriya felt more at ease for a moment, seeing his friend finally starting to get better after all of this. The pro in the room snorted, shooting him a look.


“I’m sorry, who hunted down the hero killer with zero plan and almost got himself killed?” Tensei asked and Tenya flushed, as he automatically started chopping his hand as if a reflex.


“Who told you about that?!”


“You did.” Tensei smirked, and Midoriya just snorted. Todoroki meanwhile just looked confused. “Besides, you’re not exactly hard to read, Tenya. At least not to me. That and I did see the news you know. They might not have but I could put two and two together.”


Midoriya flinched at the mention, having a feeling he knew exactly what clip the pro had seen. The fire and ice teen beside him noticed and awkwardly set a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to help.


“So- so, aside from boring as you’ve reiterated many times, how has your stay been?” Iida asked, quickly deflecting the conversation elsewhere in embarrassment and making the adult in the room laugh.


“Ah, you know. Doctor’s have been doing a good job patching me up even with my injuries. Will take a few months but I’ll be able to go back to work eventually. Got super lucky. A minute later and… well the Ingenium name would be all on your shoulders, little brother.” Tensei revealed, causing both Todoroki and Midoriya to widen their eyes in surprise. “Still aside from that… It’s been bearable but… get all these little thoughts that are just off. Kinda hard to believe they’re my own honestly.”


Midoriya stood up straighter at that, muscles stiffening. Iida nodded solemnly, presuming he understood his brother’s plight. “Of course, I suppose it’s to be expected. Places such as these can always bring out a few negative thoughts, but you’ll be out in no time!”


“Yeah, in no time.” Tensei grinned, and to the non-magic people room it seemed everything was fine and well, but Midoriya’s magic reflexes kicked in. It was small, barely notable and he wouldn’t have noticed if he wasn’t looking but…


Tensei’s eyes had an ever so slight glow to them, the same shade as Kiyoshi’s when he used his power. Unconsciously Midoriya’s grip tightened on the sword in his pocket.


As if to confirm his theory, his mark ached and he gulped quietly.


Kiyoshi had picked Ingenium as a target.



Midoriya was shaky as he and his friends began to make their way back to their room. He had been quiet throughout the rest of the conversation after his realization, unsure what to think.


“Hey guys, I’ll catch up in a minute.” Midoriya said, as he looked over to a nearby drinks machine with a small que. “I’m just going to get something to drink to try to wake myself up.”


“Well alright, though I can’t say I approve of using caffeinated drinks for that.” Iida said with a frown and the marked teen just shrugged. Once his friends walked around the corner, the greenette span on his feet and took off back to Tensei’s room.


He didn’t bother knocking as he made his way in, and the pro looked at him surprised. “Midoriya? Did you forget something?”


“No, I just needed to talk to you without Iida hearing.” He explained with a frown as he walked over. “Have you had a doctor Kiyoshi looking you over?”


“Uh, yeah.” Tensei nodded in surprise, raising a brow at the teen’s serious tone. “Something the matter with him?”


“Uh…. Well yes, something is seriously the matter with him, considering he’s killing his patients.” The greenette blurted out tactlessly. The pro’s eyes widened in shock, and he frowned. “I know that’s a really serious accusation, and you don’t have any reason to believe but please, just be careful if he comes by. Iida already almost lost you once and I can’t bear to think what would happen-“


“Midoriya.” Tensei interrupted, holding up his hand and quieting the marked boy. “You’re sure?”




“Alright, then I believe you.” The pro nodded simply, causing Midoriya’s eyes to widen in surprise, which did make the man smirk. “I was told why I was found in time is because someone with the ability to predict events saw me getting injured and made sure that someone was sent out to save me. And after I interrogated Iida, I found out exactly who it was. You already saved my life once. Besides, no one acts like you do If they don’t think something serious is going on.”


“So, you’ll be careful? Because whatever you do, you can’t fight him!” Midoriya said, still worried and Tensei quirked a brow. “I know you’re an amazing pro and a great fighter, but even if you weren’t injured he isn’t a normal villain. Nothing you could try will hurt him.”


“Nothing? There must be something-“


“No, I’m being serious. Whatever you do, do not try to fight him. I know you don’t want to hear that, and think you have to but DON’T! Just stall for time. I have a plan, I just need time for it to be put in motion.”


“Right…. Right…. Fine, ok then. What do you want me to do if he does show again?” The elder Iida inquired and Midoriya just showed him his marked hand, which glowed lightly.


“Call on me, I’ll know when you do.” As he said that, his gaze turned skyward as he silently tried to mentally contact the outsider. His hand ached and confirmed his request would be heard. “Now, Iida and Todoroki will probably be confused why it’s taking me so long to get a drink. I’ll see you later, and you better be alive!”


“No promises!” Tensei called as Midoriya leaved, but he grinned. “Good luck, kid.”


Midoriya smiled back nervously, but it fell the second his back was turned, because the greenette lied.


He had no plan at all. Shaking his head, he hurried through the hospital as his brain set to work. He’d already said it to himself multiple times but now that thr threat had become personal, now that he knew who might be next…


It finally clicked for real. He had to kill the demon tonight, and this time… He’d do more than just say that. He’d commit.


As he assured himself mentally he had to do this, he passed by another supply room and his gaze wandered, causing him to stop for a moment when he saw what was inside.


Looking around first to make sure no one saw him, he snuck into the room and walked over to a row of bottles. Some contained liquids, and other contained pills but they were all labelled as the same thing.




He grinned, grabbing two of the bottles with liquid versions. He also managed to find some needles meant for stitching up wounds.


He may not have had a proper plan but he was starting to get a few ideas at least.



It took all the greenette’s effort not to pass out throughout the rest of the day, absolutely exhausted but somehow he managed to retain conscious throughout the day until nine o’clock rolled around and it happened.


His mark ached. Before Iida and Todoroki even had a chance to react Midoriya had took off in a sprint down the hall, probably thoroughly confusing them. As he ran, he checked his pocket where he had placed a rubber band and some needles, coated in the sedative liquid. In his other pocket was his sword and one of the sedative bottles.


He weaved throughout the halls, ignoring doctors shouting at him, at making it to the pro’s room before anyone could track where he was. He did a quick inspection of the room with dark vision and he saw two people, however one of them was in the bathroom.


He quickly dubbed Kiyoshi important and confirmed the demon to be the one in the bathroom. He walked in, and Tensei held up his finger to his mouth which the greenette nodded at.


He didn’t wait for the pro’s permission as he used Far Reach to hide up on a vent, and the demon walked out. Midorya’s mark glowed as he cast Domino upon the two other men, before he took out one of the needles and the rubber band, and loaded it in. He took aim right at the the doctors neck.


“Alright, Ingenium, we just need to- Ah, what the?!” The demon shouted as the make shift dart struck true. The demon didn’t seem affected at all, other than being surprised by it’s sudden presence. He turned on his heel and snarled as he realized what had happened while Tensei fell unconscious in his bed. “You! Shit!”


“Hey I know I’m amazing but you don’t need to be speechless.” The greenette taunted as he leapt down, sizing up his opponent with a scowl, pulling out his sword and unfolding it. “It’s over, Kiyoshi.”


There was silence for a moment as the two glared at each other, then all to suddenly, the world drained into pitch blackness.


Midoriya’s eyes went wide as Kiyoshi literally rose up on a platform, gaining the high ground. Multiple projectile needles shot out, more than the greenette could dodge and his eyes went wide.


He really hadn’t thought this through.