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Mark of a hero

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Midoriya was NOT in a good mood right now. He was finally making his way back to U.A. the school coming into his line of sight as he walked and normally he’d be bouncing around with energy at getting back to the school.


Except, his trip here had been the worst. He’d finally seen the shaky footage of the hero killer’s near death experience and his own snap at the man, and clearly he wasn’t the only one as many who recognized him from the video were quick to move away.


He’d felt their emotions, not that he needed to, as it was displayed just as vividly in their eyes. People were afraid of him now and it took all his will to remain calm on the way to school, not to react to that fact.


It wasn’t that surprising. Stains aura had been overpowering even through the video but him… he’d made it seem like child’s play without even realizing. How could he, a teenager have a voice already sounding so… old?


He hadn’t even seen that much and yet….


Shaking his head, he looked up and put on at least a small smile as he saw his class. He could forget about this all once he was inside and back with the girls and Iida, as well as his other classmates.


With that thought he opened up the door and all eyes fell on him. And all too quickly his hope was crushed as everyone went quiet. He tried not o let his displeasure with that show as he walked over to his seat.


He thought they’d start up again after a moment and he could intersect himself into a conversation and find out what that was about. Instead they all just remained quiet, aside from Todoroki and Iida who looked equally confused.


He waited to see if someone would approach him then, and he actually gritted his teeth when they didn’t. He didn’t want to give the wrong impression but this was quickly getting on his nerves.


“What’s going on? Why are you all ignoring me?”


Guilty looks flashed across all of them, and Yaoyorouzu took it up as her responsible to explain.


“We’re not meaning to ignore you, Midoriya! We just thought you’d want some space after-“ She shut up before she reached the end, and Midoriya let out a sigh. “…You told a man to kill himself, then you went on some insane rant about ‘demons’… we’re worried about you.”


The greenette tried not to let his frustration appear on his face. Of course he probably sounded like a mad man to them and they were just trying to do the right thing… unfortunately they weren’t going about it in the right way.


What they were doing right now was just insulting. And he couldn’t say anything to it.


“I wasn’t in the right state of mind.” He said quietly, standing up and leaving quickly. Bakugou let out a ‘tch’ while the others shared looks of concerns at his reaction.


He didn’t listen when Uraraka tried to call him back, practically stomping through the halls. He was starting to think more than just channelling emotions, empathy might be making his own worse because he couldn’t recall ever being this annoyed before.


Soon enough, he came upon his destination and tried to take a calming breathe. The door to the teachers lounge in front of him, he pushed his way inside without knocking. A few heads swivelled to him surprised but he didn’t give them much mind, walking right over to his mentor. “We need to talk.”


“oh that doesn’t sound good…” Present mic commented to Midnight quietly, while the blonde just looked down at his successor confused.


“Alright, clearly this most be important if you’re just going to barge in here like this. Let’s go, my boy.” He didn’t argue, grabbing his coat and going with the marked teen into the side area where they met up every now and again.  “So what exactly warrants this?”


“Guess.” Midoriya deadpanned, sitting down and groaning. “That stupid video… I’m such an idiot! Now my friends think I’m insane and I can’t even get annoyed about it because they’re perfectly in the right with what the now but I can’t tell them anything and just… AHH! WHO RECORDED THAT STUPID THING?!”


“Ah yes, I did see that. You really didn’t hold back, in your verbal assault.” The blonde said, before deciding to change topic at the glare he received. “Well, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.”




“Sure it seems bad now, but it will pass from most people’s minds by the time you graduate. This happens more often than you think, people snap all the time, it just usually get caught on camera.” All Might shrugged, giving him a thumbs up. “However I can give your classmates a little lecture on it if need be!”


“I… I’d appreciate that, thank you.” Midoriya nodded with a sigh, before leaning back and meeting the number one pro’s eyes. “There’s something else by the way. I met the first holder.”


“You…. Oh….” The skinny man seemed to hesitate, before looking up. “How much did he tell you?”


“That he has a brother. He linked me to his emotions, and told me that’s what true evil feels like. Is that what you were avoiding telling me about?”


Sighing, the blonde nodded as he stood up and walked towards the window.


“Young Midoriya… have you ever heard of All for One?”


“All for…. No… no way… he was just a myth!” Midoriya said, standing up himself as horror filled his body at the implication.


“He was very much real, I assure you. As real as the injury he left on my stomach.” All Might revealed, and the marked teen just stared as that reveal settled in. “His quirk allowed him to take and give quirks.  For a long time he poses as one of the good guys, taking quirks from people who didn’t want them and giving them to people who did, but the whole time he only really had one motivation. He wants power, plain and simple.”


“So then…. His brother….Shigaraki….”


“Huh? Oh yes, that could be related. It seems likely…. Anyways, if you saw the first user surely you must of saw how weak his body was. How… unlike his successors he is. He was originally quirkless, much like you, or so we all thought.”


“The power to pass on your power….”


“Exactly, that’s the core of One for All. What seems like a useless power becomes one of the most epic quirks in the world. All for One, he tried to give his brother a stockpiling quirk against his will thinking he was quirkless. Instead, it morphed into the power you now hold, for the younger brother had one of the strongest senses of justice the world has known, and wouldn’t stand for his brothers actions.” All Might finally turned back, walking towards the door. “I didn’t tell you because I was hoping it could all be left behind for now, that their would be no need to reveal any of this. Perhaps I shouldn’t have kept secrets though, so I apologize.”


“Well, at least now you’ve told me.” Midoriya sighed, walking up to the skinny man. “So now what?”


“Now, we go talk to your class a moment.”


It didn’t take them long to get back, finding Aizawa inside who raised an eyebrow upon seeing them but made no comment, as the greenette hurried back to his own seat.


The class all seemed reluctant to meet his eye as he sat down.


“Sorry to interrupt, Aizawa but have something important to say.” The muscular blonde apologized, turning to them all. “May i?”


“Go ahead, just be quick.”


“Alright students! I’m sure you have all seen a certain video being shared about now online, with a certain student in it.” Everyone seemed to flinch to some degree at the mention of it. “And I understand why it might have you worried about, I have something to tell you all. Sometimes, even I when I was younger, faced with a villain that truly inspired fear and terror for the first time, it would bring words and phrases not worth uttering to the forefront of my mind. Young Midoriya, as I’m sure you are all aware has had a rough time with his powers, which have lead to something of a mental breakdown at the time. His words were likely a mixture of a panic attack, word’s he probably remembered firsthand from young Bakugou and just a random assortment of nonsense. It has happened to even some of the top pro’s, it simply is rare to be caught on camera. Do not worry about it, and please try to be a bit more mindful of how your actions might affect the person in question.”


“Deku…” Uraraka muttered guiltily, and Kirishima turned to face him, bowing.


“Seriously dude, sorry! I guess we probably should of thought about how that would feel to you.”


“Just don’t do it again.” Aizawa interrupted, getting their attention. “I don’t need people disappearing on me.”


“Sorry, sir.” Midoriya bowed in apology, before turning to his classmates. “And… like he said, please just don’t do it again. I shouldn’t have reacted that bad to it either.”


“Still, it was wrong of us to do that.” Yaoyoruzu spoke up, bowing towards him.


“Can we get on with class now?” Aizawa asked annoyed, and they all nodded.


“Yes sir, sorry sir.”


“Well, have fun with that. See you all in a few hours for training!” All Might called, walking away.



Normal training as it turned out was rescue training. It was a very simple task, to measure their progress from their internships. All they had to do was reach All Might at the end of a race course in…. Midoriya had no idea how to describe it. The first word that came to mind was factory but surely even a factory wouldn’t need this many pipes?


Whatever it was, it was a labyrinth the school called field gamma.


Shaking his head, he prepared as he stood alone on his podium, stretching his arms and making sure his wing suit was ready to go. His opponents were Iida, Mina, Ojiro and Sero.


“So, who do you think will win here?” Kirishima’s voice came through an intercom nearby, while they waited for the announcement to start.  “I actually think there’s a chance Ojiro is gonna take this, with how confident he looks.”


“My bets on Sero.” Kaminari said. “He’s got like the perfect quirk for a place like this.”


“Mina has to have this with that athletic body of hers.” Mineta called out, and a smack sounded a moment later.


“I think it will probably go to Iida.” Uraraka called out, with a thoughtful hum. “Even injured, he’s still the fastest of them. Deku’s Far Reach is great and all but it tires him out to quick, and his other powers don’t really help him.”


“I mean, if he’s improved his Far Reach to be less taxing he might be able to keep it up long enough to use it, but next to Sero he’ll probably be outpaced.” Asui croaked, and the greenette rolled his eyes.


“Dude’s awesome and all, but his super strength… yeah that ain’t going to do him any favours right now.” Jirou said, getting a hum of agreement presumably from Momo.


‘Thanks for the votes of confidence….’


Guess he’d just have to blow them all away then.




Wasting no time, magical energy and One for All energy pooled through him simultaneously. ‘One for all….’ “THREE PERCENT, FULL COWLING!”


Green electricity began to burst off of him and he rushed forward, leaping into the air and shooting high enough to get an overhead view. Still it wouldn’t last long enough alone to help him so his hands moved lightning quick with his quirk and hooked in his costume addition, as he spread his arms out and the wings caught air, allowing him to guide.


He  could actually hear a dsitant cry of ‘so cool’ from someone, making him smirk as he looked around. Then, he spotted the blonde down below just waiting for someone to arrive.


He could just dive down and land, but after the previous comments he couldn’t resist throwing in a little dramatic flair, so dove straight towards the ground. He passed by Ashido on the way who let out a startled shout and at the last moment his hand shot out, creating his trusty tentacle that pulled him forward.


He undid the wings as he landed, and began to leap and run around the place, using Far Reach as a slingshot to make it easier to jump from place to place and account for bad landings.


“Midorya?! No way!” Sero called out from behind and the greenette laughed as he landed on a pipe. His foot slipped, but his hand quickly shot out, creating many of his smaller tendrils that wrapped around and helped him swing onto the platform with All Might who just stood staring, impressed.


“I…. holy crap my boy.” The man said, laughing slightly as he did. “IZUKU MIDORIYA PLACES FIRST!”


A moment later, Sero landed on the podium with a look of awe, followed by Iida then Ashido, the finally Ojiro who all wore similar faces.


“Ho-ly crap! MIDORIYA THAT WINGSUIT IS SO FREAKIN COOL!” Mina burst almost immediately, running over and invading his personal space to get a look. “I didn’t think that would be your thing, but it like totally makes sense with your Far Reach power now I think about it. And they way you were running! Was that a new power or something?””


“Yeah dude!” Kirishima called and they turned to see the rest of the class had come over to see them. “You had so much flair in their, that was freakin’ amazing!”


“Ah… hehe… well actually no.” He said, getting surprised looks. “I did unlock new powers during the internships, two of them but that running was just my super strength power. I finally got it under control!”


“Alright! That’s our Izuku!” Hagakure cheered, running over and hugging him which he blushed lightly at. Jirou also shot him a proud smirk, which he returned.


“Hang on, two?”  Todoroki questioned, tilting his head to the side. “I know you unlocked that shadow monster thing, but there was another?”


“Ah, yeah. Basically, I can ‘steal’ peoples faces. I’ll wait until we’re done to show you though, cause it knocks whoever the target is out.” He shrugged, before a tap on his shoulders got him to turn and see Tokoyami. “Oh, hey. What’s up?”


“Shadow monster?” He asked simply, and sighing the greenette decided he could show this one. Mainly because he was curious of the reaction even if he wasn’t fond of transforming.


His body disappeared into the mist and multiple shouts rang out as people jumped back, as he crawled around before he came face to face with All Might.


He tried to say hi. It came out as a sound akin to the shrieks of children in a blender.




And that was how Midoriya managed to make All Might pass out without lifting a finger. In the background, Tokoyami sighed.


“Well, I wonder if I can push for copyright infrigment.”


“You don’t have copyrights on Dark Shadow, Tokoyami.”





About an hour later, and the boy’s were all getting changed in the changing rooms, some still pale even now from seeing the greenette’s shadow form. Interestingly, when he asked what exactly made it so horrifying they all had completely different answers.


Some accounts even contradicted one another so he couldn’t help but wonder if it tapped into the fears of whoever was staring at it to ‘personalize’ the horror.


As he pondered over it, buttoning up his dress shirt a shout got his attention.


“Mineta get away from that!” Iida demanded, and the marked teen just sighed when he realized the purple haired teen had found a hole in the wall and was now trying to spy on the girls.


“No, now’s my chance. I can get to see-“


“Nothing.” Midoriya interrupted throwing out his left hand, and causing Far Reach to form, going inside the hole and plugging it. With his free hand he finished up his shirt and could now stand guard until Mineta was forced to leave.


“Midoriya! Come on, dude! Don’t you want to know-“

“Mineta. More than fifty percent of my closest friends are in the room next door. Try to do anything towards them, and I will stop using far reach. I’ll stop using it because I’ll be using Shadow Walk next. Understood?”


“Y-y-yes sir!”


“Good. Now get changed.”


The purple haired teen ran, and at the surprised looks of the other boy’s. He just shrugged. His reasoning was pretty much exactly what he said.


After that incident, it didn’t take too long and he was the last to leave once he was certain Mineta was gone.


Stepping outside he was however suddenly ambushed by both Mina and Hagakure, shouting thank you’s. Uraraka came up much more calmly to do the same and the remaining girls just voiced their thanks.


“How did you…”


“Jirou overhead Mineta perving. She was going to stop him herself, but thanks for stepping in. Ribbit.” Asui croaked, moving on her way and the boy just blushed, but was happy he could help.


Though if Hagakure could maybe stop pressing herself right against his back so firmly… Ah well. He’d just have to live with it.



“Ah, Midoriya!” Miss Tunuma, his therapist, nodded at him as he walked in with a smile on her face. “Good to see you again. I saw the video, so I had a feeling you’d be here soon.”


“uh… yeah… sorry about that.” He said, not even really sure why he was apologizing.


“Oh it’s hardly a bother to me, but it does mean we’ll have to dig a little deeper I think.” She said, patting at the seat for him to sit down. “This is your fourth visit now, do you think anything has changed since we began?”




“And what is this maybe?”


“I think…. I might have a better idea where my panic attacks come from.”


“You don’t believe they come from the event at the USJ?”


“No I do, but… I think there’s also something else…. Just on the tip of my memory.”


He just wished he knew what it was. Little did he know, that memory wouldn’t be coming out for a while now.


And when it did…. There would be consequences.