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Together, We're Miraculous

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When Adrien walks in the classroom, everyone is crowding Lila’s desk. Curious, and because his desk is in front of hers, Adrien makes his way over.

He and Chloé had the world’s most awkward car ride with Audrey and André just now. Surprisingly, they came to check on her last night after hearing of her involvement in yesterday’s (first) akuma attack and now The Gorilla was taking them back to Le Grand Paris.

They were on their way to the classroom when Mlle. Bustier stopped Chloé to talk with her before class.

“What’s going on?”

“Lila met Ladybug!” Sabrina gushes, “she was just about to tell us all about it!”

The brunette nods proudly, “when I broke the akuma’s hold over me, she congratulated me on being such an exceptional individual. Then once the purification was dealt with, we went out for pastries at Sabine & Tom Boulangerie Patisserie.”

“How did you break an akuma’s hold on you?” Kim asks.

Lila tsks, wagging her pointer finger back and forth, “if I let that slip out Hawkmoth will double down on akumatizations.”

Marinette raises an eyebrow, “but Hawkmoth would’ve already seen you break the akuma’s hold, wouldn’t he?”

Lila sighs, “Hawkmoth isn’t as omniscient as you guys think. She only sees what her akuma see. Plus, the hold she has on you requires all her concentration. Why else would she only send out one akuma at a time?”

“Wait! Back up a bit. Did you say she? Are you telling me Hawkmoth’s a woman?” Alya asks.

“Yup. One-hundred percent.”

Kagami nods, “it’s true. The voice in my head was a woman’s.”

The class murmurs among themselves until Lila clears her throat. “In any event! If you’re as strong-willed as I am, the hold Hawkmoth has over you doesn’t last very long.”

“You must not be all that strong-willed if you got akumatized in the first place.” Marinette argues.

“Even the strongest of strong-willed individuals can be seduced by a velvety voice promising your greatest desire, Marinette.”

As Lila raises an eyebrow at her, Marinette’s eyes narrow. Neither of them glancing in Kagami’s direction. “Fine. You got me there but how come I didn’t see you at the bakery? Did you forget I was there? Not to mention, you know, I live there?”

“I never said we ate at the bakery I said we got pastries from there.”

“How could you eat with Ladybug when Ladybug wears a helmet?”

Everyone stares at Marinette then glances at Lila who shakes her head with an eye roll, “helmets have that thing they do. You know, the flip?” She moves her hand up and down. “Out of respect for her identity, I looked away while she ate.”

Everyone turns back to Marinette who exhales deeply. “Ladybug wasn’t even there last night.” The class gasps.

“Uh, yeah she was. How else would the magical ladybugs fix everything I destroyed? It could only be Ladybug.”

“Wait, you remember being akumatized?” Juleka asks.

“Bits and pieces.” Everyone turns to Kagami who nods. Lila huffs, folding her arms over her chest. “What? You don’t believe me?”

“Bits and pieces...” Everyone turns to Rose. “That reminds me. Yesterday? It was Ladybug but it kinda wasn’t Ladybug at the same time.”

Lila huffs, “what the hell are you talking about Rose?”

“I was on my way to the bakery when I saw them. Ladybug looked different but there were the signature spots.”

“Maybe it was a new hero like the ones at the Louvre the day before yesterday?” Alya guesses.

“No. No, no, no, no.” Max clears his throat, putting his phone out on Lila’s table. “Rose is onto something. Observe. I think it was a fusion.” Everyone inches closer squinting at the blurry image on the phone. “As you can see, it’s signature Ladybug but note the cat ears on the spotted helmet and the all too familiar yet now spotted tail.”

Lila gasps, “Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

Max nods, “exactly. Team Miraculous are able to not only get new heroes on the fly but fuse the ones they already have.” The class gasps excitedly. “But what do we call this fusion?”

“Ladynoir?” Ivan suggests.

Max shakes his head, “no. That sounds like a risquè book title.”

“Then I’m guessing Noir Lady is out...” Marinette mutters.

“Ooh. Chat Bug.” Alya grimaces, “on second thought, forget I said that. No wait. Bug Chat?”

“You already had a shot.” Kim mutters, “and I was thinking Bugchat—” He nudges Marc, “what do you think? You’re the creative one.”

“He—” Everyone glares at Lila, who immediately shrinks back, “s-sorry. I-I meant they aren’t the only creative person in this class!” As everyone continues to stare, unconvincingly at her, she huffs. “Alright, fine. Let’s hear what you have to say Oh Creative One.”

Marc gives a one-shoulder shrug, “what about Noir Bug? It doesn’t sound as risquè—”

“Unless it deals with a specific fetish.” Max mutters, “but yeah. Noir Bug works. Bug Noir would’ve also been acceptable.” The class nods in agreement.

The door kicks open and Alix saunters into the classroom. Everyone gasps then one-by-one quickly leave Lila’s desk down the stairs to the pink-haired girl. “No fucking way!” Kim somehow manages to avoid bumping into anyone as he makes his way down and bear hugs Alix. “Dude! You have no idea how much I missed you!”

“I can tell.” She rasps. Once Kim puts her down, the rest of the class each get a turn to hug Alix. Hell, even Lila leaves her desk to hug Alix briefly.

“I’m glad you’re back.” She tells her, “Kim’s slightly less annoying when you’re around.” Then she walks back to her desk.

“Alix, no one’s seen or heard from you since your birthday! It’s practically December now! We were ready to storm the Louvre for you! You didn’t leave the city without telling us, did you? What about that cruise we were gonna go on when we both turned eighteen?”

“I was in a coma, Kim. I didn’t secretly go off on a cruise without you.”

“Wait! A coma!? What? Are you alright now? I mean, obviously as you’re standing here but how did you get in a coma?” Nathaniel asks, “I-I feel like I’m hyperventilating.”

Alix puts a hand on his shoulder, “you are. Breathe, dude.” He nods taking a deep breath. “My favorite pair of skates croaked on me. Then my body missed the half-pipe when my head... didn’t.” Everyone cringes. “Got a wicked scar.” She takes off her hat, that Adrien could swear moved, then lifts up some of her hair; there’s a long stitched up gash across the right side of her head.

Kim whistles, “oh that’ll stay there for weeks!”

“Maybe longer!” They high-five each other then Alix puts her hat back on and Adrien could swear it moved again.

“But I don’t understand.” Max adjusts his glasses. “You’re the most competent skater I’ve ever seen. You even beat that professional skater when they came by for career day! Hell, you started skating the minute you learned to walk, and that is an impressive feat. You—you’d never miss a half-pipe. It’s illogical. Even with broken skates.”

“I know.” Alix groans, “rookie mistake. I overestimated? Or maybe underestimated? I didn’t gauge the distance properly then—” She brings her hands together and the sound startls everyone. “Had just enough of the wheel off the skate to steer my body away from where I wanted to go. Besides, even the greats wipe out every now and then.”

Max eyes her suspiciously but nods. “I suppose.”

“By the way, who was the busty tall blonde talking to Mlle. Bustier outside the classroom?” Everyone looks at one another before running to the door cramming together trying to see anything through the door’s glass.

Lila huffs, “look what you’ve done! You haven’t been here a full minute and chaos erupted!”

“All I see is Mlle. Bustier!” Kim cries.

Ivan gasps. “I see a hand!”

Alya groans, “I can’t see anything with these tall ass jerks!” She gasps, “Juleka’s tall!” She grabs Juleka’s shoulders and guides her through the pile until she’s wedged between Kim and Ivan. “What do you see?”

“A lesbian flag purse.” Juleka blinks, “oh. Nice. Where can I get one of those?”

Nino manages to squeeze through at a corner of the door, despite being the shortest of the four, “I see hair!” Everyone leans into him trying to see from his angle.

“I see pink!”

“No, that’s orange!”

“Lime green?”


“I think that’s purple.”

“Blue-green? I think?”

Guys!” Everyone turns to Adrien but in the process they all fall over one another. The only people who hadn’t run over to the door were himself, Lila, and Kagami. Also Alix who was leaning against Mlle. Bustier’s desk laughing. With a sigh, he shakes his head. Before he could speak, the door opens and Mlle. Bustier walks in.

“W-What? What on earth happened?” She gasps spotting the pink-haired girl who moved toward the front of Kagami’s desk. “Alix?” She steps over the pile of bodies running over to Alix hugging her, “I was so worried about you.”

“No need to worry, teach.” Nodding, Mlle. Bustier wipes her teary eyes.

“I’m sorry. I had good news but this is even better.” The redhead fans her eyes, “okay everyone. To your seats please. Alix, may I speak with you at lunch?” The pink-haired teen nods. “Wonderful. You can... sit next to Kagami.” Nodding, Alix takes her seat once everyone disengages from the pile and head to their seats. “Now. For my good news. Let’s all give a big Collège Françoise Dupont welcome to our newest classmate Chloé Bourgeois.” The class cheers as a blonde walks in the classroom.

The top two buttons of her shirt are unbuttoned revealing a striped pink undershirt. In addition to the purse, she also has a lesbian flag headband over her multicolored hair. “Why don’t you tell the class about yourself, Chloé?”

“Alright.” She clears her throat. “Let’s skip the preamble and boring bits. I’ll be fifteen in the middle of next month and I’m currently looking for a girlfriend or some girlfriends I can spoil.” Adrien smothers his laugh into a snort, waving off the concerned looks he’s getting. Chloé turns to Mlle. Bustier. “I’m done.”

“O-Oh. Okay. W-Well, thank you Chloé.” The blonde nods. “Does anyone have any questions for Chloé?” Every hand sans Adrien’s goes up. “Oh dear.”

Chloé tilts her head to the right, “do I pick or do you?”

“I’m afraid we won’t have enough time to answer every question.”

“So let’s not answer any. That seems fair.” All the hands miserably lower. “Where do I sit?”

“Let’s see...” Mlle. Bustier surveys the classroom. “How about you take a seat next to Lila?” The class let out a collective indecipherable noise as they turn to Lila.

The aforementioned brunette smiles and waves at Chloé who gives a far less enthusiastic wave in reply.

Chloé raises an eyebrow at Mlle. Bustier who nods. Taking a deep breath, Chloé trudges up the stairs. Lila gets up and Chloé stares at her then takes a seat then shifts over so she’s against the wall. Then Lila sits down. “Hi, Chloé! I’m so glad we’re sitting next to each other. If you need anything, just let me know.”

Chloé blinks at her then forces a wide smile, “thanks!” Then she turns to the board, massaging her cheeks.

Adrien barks out a laugh as he turns to the front of the classroom and Chloé flicks him in the back of his neck.


Chloé disappeared during lunch, much to the class’ dismay, so everyone settled on badgering Adrien for details about his best friend. And when he gave them none, they badgered Alix for more details about her injury after she had come back from talking to Mlle. Bustier.

Chloé returned in time for physical education to have a folded uniform held in M. D’Argencourt’s hands in front of her. “Fencing?” She looks up at him with narrowed eyes, “is fencing normally a physical education sport?”

“It is in this school, Mademoiselle.” Chloé begrudgingly accepts the uniform, “now as it is your first day, I won’t expect you to participate.”

“That’s a relief.” She mutters taking her phone out of her purse, holding her uniform one-handed.

“But I do expect you to pay attention!” M. D’Argencourt narrows his eyes and Chloé drops her phone onto her equipment with a smile. He makes her take a seat on the staircase as everyone pairs up. She puts the uniform beside her then starts scrolling the Internet looking for another uniform with color on it. There’s no way in hell she’s gonna be caught dead wearing this dreary thing. “Mlle. Bourgeois!”


“This is a special treat, just for you.” Chloé claps with the phone still in her hand. The teacher narrows his eyes at her. “Our two best fencers will be explaining the motions to you. M. Agreste. Mlle. Tsurugi.” Adrien and Kagami each walk toward each other, separating themselves from the other students lined up against the wall. “En garde!” They step at the edge of the circle before them. “Prêts?” They get into a defensive stance, lowering their helmets onto their faces. “Allez!”

For a second neither of them move. Chloé doesn’t remember what it’s called but the opponents are sizing each other up without moving. It’s badass and Kagami looks so hot in her uniform but she’d look better in a bright color uniform instead of the boring old white one. Hmm. Maybe pink? No, no. Red? Chloé looks up red fencing uniforms online while watching Adrien and Kagami skillfully move around each other.

Chloé is very familiar with Adrien’s fencing style, but he’s not bopping around like he would with her. Someone had to be his partner (for free) and her parents were more than happy to have her away from them for hours at a time. Whenever they were in the same city for more than a few hours, they were fencing or practicing any hand heavy exercise to help with their tremors and inability to stay still. The doctors recommended physical activity and Emilie didn’t want them to do just any old activity. But why fencing of all things? She took the reason to the grave with her.

When she was in New York with her mother, Chloé participated in a two fencing competitions and won – but the teacher doesn’t need to know that.

She’s torn on who to root for, both of them are too pretty to get nicked with a épée or be subjected to helmet hair. Not just anyone can rock a bob with bangs the way Kagami does.

It takes twenty minutes for Kagami to barely edge out Adrien but the whole class is cheering (probably because it’s finally over).

The teacher shushes all of them once all that good sport post match goodness ends, then puts the next two people to fight. Both Adrien and Kagami make their way over to her. “You were so hot.” Is what she blurts out once Kagami’s helmet comes off.

“Chlo, you need to work on your lack of a filter.”

She’s too busy staring endearingly at Kagami to hear Adrien chide her. “You are so pretty.” Chloé gasps, “I just realized you have freckles!”

She squints inching closer to Kagami’s face until Adrien grabs her head and pulls it back, “down, girl.”

“I don’t mind.” The back of her gloved hand caresses Chloé’s cheek. “I admire honesty.” Chloé’s surprised she doesn’t spontaneously melt into a puddle at the contact. “Plus, it’s flattering and a huge ego stroke to elicit this type of reaction.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s gonna start purring.”

The smile that creeps up on Kagami’s face makes Adrien shudder.

Sabrina merrily bounces over to the three of them. M. D’Argencourt put Marinette and Lila against each other, and she’d rather have another root canal than watch Lila get decimated. Marinette didn’t have the grace of Adrien or Kagami but she had scary precision. If she wasn’t such a massive klutz, she’d be a terrifying fencer. She was the only one in the class to get a point off Kagami before Adrien joined the class yesterday.

And how Adrien made short work of all of them, excluding Kagami, in just one day was astonishing.

Sabrina clears her throat, because it looks like Kagami is petting Chloé which she’s sure there’s great context for. “H-Hi, Chloé. I’m Sabrina. Officer Raincomprix’s daughter. My dad wants me to show you around the city, if that’s alright?”

“A personal cute escort around the city? What’s not to be alright with?” Sabrina blushes. “Is your hair naturally that orange?” Sabrina nods meekly, “it’s lovely.”

“T-Thank you.”

“Are you free today?” Sabrina nods, “great. Adrikins and...” Chloé puts a finger to her chin, “gotta come up with a befitting nickname for Kagami. Something regal, ethereal...” Adrien snaps his fingers drawing Chloé’s attention, “right. Thanks. These two have fencing practice after school so let’s see the city.”


“Great.” Then Chloé starts fixing Kagami and Adrien’s helmet hair with the comb she pulls out of her purse.

As anticipated, Lila doesn’t get a single point off Marinette and is pissed when Sabrina sidles back next to her. “Maybe I’m losing it but does Marinette seem a little buffer to you?”

Lila narrows her eyes at Sabrina, “what?” She hisses then looks over at Marinette who has her lithe yet surprisingly muscular arms stretching the jacket’s material as her arms are stretching over her head. “Holy hell! When did that happen!? She had fucking noodle arms when school started!”

Everyone turns to her before M. D’Argencourt could get the next two people ready. “Everything alright Mlle. Rossi?”

“Peachy M. D’Argencourt~” He eyes her suspiciously before letting Kim and Ivan go at it. And really, the only reason they keep getting paired together is because no one is as tall as they were. Juleka’s the third tallest kid in the class and even she’s lower than Kim’s bicep. New Girl is slightly shorter than Juleka but taller than Adrien, who is slightly taller than Nino, so she’s likely gonna get paired with Juleka for height reasons. (Although watching Juleka and Nino “fight” was more amusing than it had any right to be.)

“Fencing?” Sabrina guesses.

Lila glares at her own miserable still noodle-y arms then shakes her head. If half a year of fencing didn’t improve her arms why would it improve Marinette’s?

“Maybe all that baking and helping her parents out?”

Lila huffs, “just how physical is baking anyway?”

“Don’t you watch baking competitions? It’s super physical! All that kneading and stretching and bending and moving around? It’s practically an Olympic sport!”


Lila bursts in the office door. “Principal Damocles, I propose we start a baking club.”

“You know the rules, Mlle. Rossi, you need to have at least ten signatures and a teacher willing to oversee the club.”

“I know.” She holds out her hand, “I need the worksheet and all the other necessary do-dads.” The principal narrows his eyes but hands her the club application clipboard.

“You have two days to have this filled out.”

Lila nods then walks out the door.


When Nathalie opens the door she’s hardly expecting to see Chloé with an orange-haired girl. “Hi, Ms. Sancoeur.” She shakes her head, “sorry, Mlle. Sancoeur.”

Nathalie smiles at her, “you’re learning quick.”

“My French is still a little choppy.”

“But your pronunciation is perfect.” She sidesteps letting the girls in.

“This is Sabrina, she’s showing me around the city.” Sabrina shakes her hand.

“Nice meeting you and thank you for looking after Chloé.”

“No problem!” Sabrina salutes.

“I’m surprised you didn’t stick around to watch Adrien’s fencing practice.”

“Shopping sounds like a better use of my time. I just came to drop off Adrikins’ school bag. No reason for him to carry it and all that heavy fencing gear.”

“That’s very kind of you, Chloé.”

“My Adrikins deserves only the best. Starting with a fencing uniform with some flair.” Nathalie shakes her head fondly, watching Chloé and Sabrina head up the stairs to Adrien’s room chatting.

Nathalie forgot how energetic Chloé could be. Having her here might not just be good for Adrien.

After they leave the manor, Nathalie sighs. She never had a reason to question Gabriel before but now? Adrien won’t be the only one to mourn if something did happen to her because of the damn damaged Miraculous. Her hands ball up into fists. There’s still time to fix this. Where did he put that damn brooch?


The first stop on the Tour de Paris was a smoothie shop. “Oh my gosh!” Sabrina squeals, “look!” She points at a smiling man with a Parisian flag scarf and a beret serving ice cream out of a tiny cart. “It’s André! It’s almost impossible to find him without going through a series of clues!”

Chloé squints at the guy, “my father’s name is André and there’s nothing special about him. What’s the deal with this guy?”

“André’s an ice cream magician! His ice cream brings people together.” Sabrina grabs her free hand, “we have to go to him!”

“I hope he has sherbet because I’m lactose intolerant.”

Sabrina happily bounces up and down on the line, turning around to take a selfie with the ice cream man in the background. “I can’t believe this is happening!”

“Okay, so sell me the story on this guy.”

“Well, you know Ivan and Mylène right? From our class?” Chloé shakes her head, “well, of course not. Duh. You just got here today. You won’t know everyone right away. Anyway, it was André’s ice cream that brought them together.”

“Bullshit. Surely, there were other circumstances that led to that.”

Sabrina shakes her head, “nope. The power of the ice cream.”

Just as Chloé scoffs, they’re next in line. “Ah. It warms my heart to the core to see a young love so pure.”

Sabrina and Chloé exchange a glance, “w-wha—” Sabrina shakes her head blushing, “no, No! We—We aren’t...” André tsks them.

“I never said you were in love with each other, no my dear your love is for another. For one with such ebullience, a scoop of vanilla for innocence. A dollop of mint chocolate chip to reveal what’s hidden, for you believe your feelings are forbidden. Banana, may not see him as though it’ll fit, but the color of her hair and the sound of her voice is exquisite.” Sabrina’s entire face is red as she wordlessly accepts the ice cream, pointedly not looking at a certain someone with banana-ish colored hair.

He turns to Chloé. “Lactose. Intolerant.” She scowls.

“Ah. No worries. Flavors to suit your sensitivity.” He closes the top half of the cart and opens a side door that stretches out and rises to the top. “Lactose sensitivities are more common than we bother to recollect, so most of them never venture out to me for fear of embarrassment.”

“Alright, Ice Cream Guy. Dissect my lack of a love life.” Chloé thrusts her smoothie cup to Sabrina who tries to balance between the two smoothie cups and her ice cream.

André’s mouth sets in a firm line, “a nonbeliever are you?” Chloé’s eyes narrow, staring defiantly at him. “Black cherry, like the blood red that suits her.” He drops a red scoop of sherbet onto a bowl staring back at her just as defiantly. “Blueberry though it pales in comparison to the rich sheen of her hair.” He drops a blue scoop of sherbet atop the red. Then pauses, staring intently at his scoop. “Lastly, orange like the liquid fire that pours through your soul when you stare at her.”

“Deep.” Sabrina mutters.

“That last one was a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?”

“Perhaps but I ran out of chocolate for the color of her eyes.”

“Hey wait!” Sabrina chirps, “you... you didn’t speak in rhymes. Mylène and Ivan said you always speak in rhymes! Why didn’t you rhyme?!”

André chuckles, “much how flavors come in many shades, different customers require different...” He stares at Chloé who is staring at the ice cream in his hand, “turns of phrase.”

She glares up at him taking out her wallet out of her purse, “I’ll bite, Ice Cream Guy. How much?”

“For you, oh nonbeliever, you can pay me if I happen to be wrong.”

“Uh, wouldn’t she pay you if you’re right?” Sabrina cuts in.

André shakes his head, “this I cannot handle with kid gloves, for it’s sad to see one so young close her heart off to love. She wants me to be wrong. Needs me to be wrong. Only then will the universe right itself.”

Chloé grits her teeth and snatches the ice cream from him, “I’m fourteen! Closed myself off to love. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.” She starts walking off.

“Oh! A side note, before you start. That black cherry is a tad tart.” Chloé stops walking and looks over her shoulder at him, “but I fear that’s no problem for you. Perhaps you’ll come to enjoy other flavors if you stop trying to force yourself to like the one that’s in front of you. Branch out and try something new, nonbeliever.” He smiles at that venomous glare that would surely make lesser men wet themselves.

Sabrina manages a wave to André without dropping anything, then they head to a nearby – but not too close – bench.

Sabrina stares at Chloé staring at her ice cream or sorbet or whatever. “Who does that Ice Cream Guy think he is? Psychoanalyzing me? I’ve had therapists that tried and failed to get a read on me!”

Sabrina (hopefully) hands her the right smoothie cup, “maybe the reason you’re so pissed is because André was right?” Chloé’s reply is digging her nails into the smoothie cup. “U-Uh... I saw a salon that has a two-for-one special on mani-pedis? Interested?” Chloé just stares blankly ahead of her. Sabrina sighs looking up and gulps at the fucking akuma circling Chloé’s head. Damn. Do these things have the city chipped?!

Watching someone get akumatized in front of her again is far from ideal.

Alerting Chloé to the akuma’s presence could be disastrous. Alternatively, not telling her could be even worse.

Sabrina looks around and spots a small herbal shop she’s never seen before. “Let’s get essential oils!” Chloé slowly looks over at her, nails still digging into the stryofoam smoothie cup puncturing the outer layer leaving deep crescent shaped marks. “You know? Therapeutic oils. Bath bombs. Fancy great smelling toiletries and such?” She points over at the herbal shop.

“I doubt they’ll have bath bombs there.” Is Chloé’s reply. The blonde takes a generous swig of her smoothie then effortlessly tosses the cup into the nearby trash can, yet for some reason keeps the sherbet; even though she hasn’t touched it. “But let’s check it out anyway.” As Chloé gets up, the akuma just moves with her still circling her head like a vulture.

Sabrina wolfs down the rest of her ice cream then follows suit, keeping an eye on the akuma.

When they get in the shop, an old-er man – the owner presumably – pauses mid-step and stares at the akuma over Chloé. “Oh my. This is... new.” Sabrina nods in agreement. He eyes the ice cream bowl Chloé has a death grip on, then eyes Sabrina who points at the bowl articulating wildly, then his eyes cut back to the akuma rhythmically flapping its wings. “What troubles you, young lady?”

Chloé laughs humorlessly, “sherbet, apparently.” She glares at the sherbet and the akuma lowers itself a little closer to her headband. “Yet I can’t bring myself to throw the damn thing away.”

The old man nods with a smile, “perhaps you’re in the mood for something else? I’ll be right back.” About a minute later he returns with an assorted box of macarons.

“What are these?”

“Macarons.” Sabrina chirps, “they’re cookies, more or less. Oh but Chloé’s lactose intolerant.”

“Then I suppose it’s a small blessing these were made dairy-free. A friend of mine was testing out a new recipe.”

“Uh, sure. I’ll try one. Thank you.” She apprehensively picks up a yellow one. “These cookie type things are so tiny. What flavor are they?”

“The one in your hand is lemon, but they come in a variety of flavors: vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, passionfruit. You name it.”

“They don’t have anything to do with love, do they?”

When the old man glances at her, Sabrina frantically waves her arms and shakes her head. “I do not believe so?”

Satisfied with that answer, she takes a bite. He offers Sabrina one and she picks up a chocolate flavored one. Unlike Chloé, she stuffs the whole macaron in her mouth. “These are so good! Like the macarons from Sabine & Tom Boulangerie Patisserie. You wouldn’t even know they’re non-dairy.”

The old man nods, “that is where I received these from.”

“No way. We go to school with the owners’ daughter Marinette.”

Chloé wrinkles her nose, “Marionette, like the doll?”

Sabrina shakes her head, “Marinette. Blue hair in twin-tails. Big blue eyes. Super clumsy, ultra friendly, walking epitome of a goody two-shoes?”

“Blue twin-tails? Oh! She was the girl trying to talk down Paint Kagami yesterday.”

The akuma finally floats away from Chloé’s proximity, phasing through the shop walls. Sabrina and the old man breathe a sigh of relief.

Chloé drops the melted sherbet into the trash can and takes out a pink handkerchief from her purse and wipes her hand.

“If I may ask, young lady, what was the significance of the sherbet you were holding?”

“There wasn’t any. I was simply overthinking things. No cause for concern.” She begins looking through the selection of bottled oils. “Do you have any diffusers?”

“Oh yes. I do.”

The old man directs her to the shelves with animal shaped diffusers. As Chloé is holding a wasp shaped diffuser in one hand and a pheasant shaped diffuser in the other, Sabrina’s phone chimes. The orange-haired teen takes her phone out of her bag and stares at it. Lila sent her another picture of an Adrien poster she’s posing next to.

“Do you have to go?”

“Hm? Oh, no. I-It’s just a picture of Adrien. They put up some posters by bus stops and stuff and a lot of girls in the school take pictures with him—it.”

Chloé hums putting the pheasant diffuser back on the shelf, “you don’t seem like you care all that much.”

“What? O-Of course I do! Adrien Agreste is the perfect package. I care. I keep up with his modeling schedule just like every other girl—”

“Uh-huh. That wasn’t convincing in the slightest.” Sabrina pouts. “Look. I get it.” Chloé points to her headband, “my parents hate this part of me and my home life certainly hasn’t been secure with me telling them about my interest in other girls. I never wanna make anyone feel uncomfortable... or be in danger because of what they’re into...” She takes a deep breath, “just... I know we just met today but if you ever need a safe place to vent about how icky and loud boys are? I’m here.”

Sabrina cracks a smile, “girls can be just as icky and loud as boys, Chloé.”

“Loud, sure but icky?” The blonde shakes her head, “I don’t think so.”

“I—thanks, Chloé. That means a lot.”

“No problem. But I can’t believe that Ice Cream Guy just casually outed out like that!”

Sabrina blushes, “h-he meant well.”

“He meant to meddle. What if some bigot overheard him?” Chloé shakes her head, “but I don’t wanna talk about him or frozen desserts anymore.”

“Right...” Sabrina blinks at the smiling old man, “o-oh no. I’m sorry, sir.” She grimaces, “we—uh—”

“Oh no. It’s no trouble. It’s good seeing young people care so strongly for each other. You have a very big heart, young lady.”

Chloé points to herself, “me? No way, man. You must be mistaken.”

“Nah. I don’t think so.” Sabrina nudges her, “you’re secretly a big ol’ softie.”

The old man chuckles, “you know, I have just the thing for you.”


“André!” His headache thumps with every clack of Audrey’s heels down the corridor. Audrey pushes open the double doors of his home office with Jean following close behind. “Have you seen your daughter today?”

“Honey, we took her to school—”

“And the bitch pulled a fast one on us. Do you remember seeing the headband or purse she was wearing?”

“Headband? Chloé didn’t have on a headband. She had her hair in a ponytail and as for her purse, it was the lip-shaped one Emilie got her for her birthday a few years back.”

“And the implications of that should’ve given her a red flag.” André pops open the bottle of ibuprofen and dry swallows two pills. “She tells the four of us she likes girls and Emilie praises her for it. Rewards her. I loved Em like a sister but sometimes she just didn’t use her big brain.”

“Speaking of that?”


“No. Well, I guess Emilie in a sense but I meant a sibling type of love.” Audrey raises an eyebrow. “Adrien...” André clears his throat, “Adrien told me he was bisexual. And he said that Gabriel knew.”

“What? No. No way he can be anything remotely close to like her.” Audrey slams her hand down on the table, “she... she must’ve done something! Said something to him!”

“He said she had nothing to do with it.”

“And you believed him? Think, André!”

“I don’t even think it works that way! Besides, they’re best friends. They’ve been best friends since they were three-years-old! You don’t think he’d be at all curious?”

“You’re basically agreeing with me.”

“What?! What are you talking about?”

“She influenced him. She had to! Buzzing around in his ear like a fucking insect. We should’ve left her at that camp.”

“It didn’t work! In fact, I think it had the reverse effect and Adrien was this close—” He brings his pointer finger and thumb a millimeter apart, “to causing a ruckus to join her.” Audrey scowls, folding her arms over her chest. “Maybe she influenced him? Maybe he influenced her? We don’t know! But think about it. The fashion world is full of people like Chloé. Both in the closet and out. We could’ve very well had a hand in her turning out this way.”

“Are you saying exposure to beautiful people turned our only child gay? And our godchild bisexual? We’re the monster to blame?”

“All I’m saying is variables.”

Audrey rolls her eyes, “whatever. All I’m saying is we never should’ve hired that male nanny. I never wanted either of them to turn out so... fucked up. They turned the strictest reform school in America inside out and they were merely guests! I can’t imagine what they’ll do to the school they’re in now.”

“Right. Back on that subject. The headband?”

“Did you know there’s a lesbian flag?”

“I know now?”

“Yeah. Well, apparently Chloé went shopping.” Audrey slides her phone onto the desk in front of André. Chloé and the police chief’s daughter are getting ice cream at the promenade.

It’s definitely not the purse she had on when she was in the car and with her hair out you can see all the colors (wait, did she add more?!) of her hair.

“Wait. That Ice Cream Guy. They say his ice cream brings people together. Like romantically.” Audrey’s eyes widen. “I told Roger to tell his daughter to show Chloé around—”

“You really think that was wise, André? Given our daughter’s... inclinations?”

“I just wanted him to shut up about losing Adrien that time so I gave him a new task, indirectly.”

“When did he lose Adrien!?”

“Before you two arrived in Paris. It got him akumatized. I got tossed out of a helicopter.” He waves her off. “It’s not important.”

“Speaking of all this akuma nonsense I’m still not certain I understand all of it.”

“I’ll tell you all about it later.” Audrey snarls. “We need to talk to Chloé now. Talk some sense into that girl...” André clicks his tongue, “on the other hand, if she’s openly flaunting around a lesbian flag that’ll make me appear more approachable to those people.”

“Might as well use her to help your campaign. She’s not good for much else.”

“I don’t agree with that second statement.”

“And I will ignore your disagreement.” André sighs. “You’ll have to bribe her with something more meaningful than bath bombs.”

“Bath bombs were a great bribe; you didn’t hear the squeal she let out. What was wrong was the timing. I’ll simply have to bribe her without Adrien interfering.”

“Use him too. Bribe them both. If he puts himself on the same level as Chloé, we’ll treat him like we treat her. C’mon, let’s go.”

When the driver takes them to the Agreste manor, Nathalie opens the door. She doesn’t look pleased to see them, then again she kinda always looks pissed. (But working for Gabriel for over ten years would do that to anyone.) “Good evening.”

They latch onto each other and smile, “good evening! We came to see Chloé.” They say in unison.

“No. Gabriel told me you’re not allowed to see her.”

The smile slips off Audrey’s face. “Are you telling me I can’t see my own kid?”

“And since when has that been a bad thing, Audrey?”

Audrey’s eyes narrow and André pats her arm, “we need to talk to her about this lesbian flag headband she wore to school? To school, Nathalie! Where did she even get it from?”

“Gabriel put it together. She has an entire ensemble and she’s going to model it in his next show.”

“The hell she is! If you think we’re gonna let her publicly humiliate us by strutting down a runway in a flag—”

Nathalie holds up a hand, “to be perfectly honest, we don’t care what you think.”

“You’d damn well better because she’s our daughter and we’re her legal guardians!”

“But not her only legal guardians. Eight years ago you filed for guardianship of Adrien while Emilie and Gabriel filed for guardianship of Chloé. Or did you forget? He is just as in the right making decisions about her as you are. But given that you two haven’t, I’d say he—”

“Chloé has you wrapped around her pinkie finger. You should be careful, Nathalie, or people might get the wrong idea.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Am I? You seem awfully invested in the life of a fourteen-year-old girl you have no familial relationship to. Call security or do what you need to do but we’re not leaving until we see Chloé. And André has way more influence around the city than Gabriel does.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” Gabriel announces approaching the door.

“How could you betray me like this, Gabriel? I discovered you! I introduced you to Emilie! You owe me your fucking life and you encourage my daughter—”

“To be true to herself? What a terrible person I am.”

“Encouraging this? Does nothing.”

“Neither does antagonizing or ostracizing her because she isn’t what you want her to be.”

“And I suppose you’re just one-hundred percent happy about how your son turned out?”

“You leave my son out of this, Audrey.”

“Why? Touchy subject, Gabriel? Are you really okay with your son liking boys?”

“Of course I am. I’ll love my son no matter who or what he likes. Just because that’s a concept you can’t seem to grasp doesn’t mean it’s one I won’t understand.” Audrey scoffs, “I’m aware the relationship we have with our children is nothing like the relationship our parents had with us—”

“Oh, don’t even go there. My mother is perfectly fine with Chloé—”

“She is?! Your mother doesn’t approve of me, yet she’s fine with our daughter liking other girls!?” They both stare at André who mutters to himself folding his arms over his chest.

“Why do you even want to see Chloé?”

“The headband you so generously bestowed upon her? It’s ‘trending’ or whatever the kids say. Do you know what this will do to André’s career? To mine?”

“I’m sorry you two are still stuck in the dark ages but the fact that you’re more concerned about your reputations than your daughter’s happiness is exactly why you two can’t see her. Go back to the hotel. We can talk about this again when you’ve cooled off.”

“My opinion won’t change.”

“Neither will mine.” Then he closes the door in their faces.

“Gabriel Francis Agreste, you don’t want to be my enemy!”

“And you don’t want to be mine!”

They hear Audrey screaming from the other side of the door but Gabriel walks away. Nathalie takes one last look at the door before following after him.

“What did I tell you, Nathalie? Predictable. Down to the last word.” She puts the butterfly brooch in his hands, and he closes his fist around it. “You’ve done well yesterday. I’ll need you to fill in again but I’ll take over tonight.” She nods, “keep an eye on Adrien and Chloé.”

“I—I have an idea. It’s risky but I believe it’ll help.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“Akumatize me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Akumatize me, Gabriel. Help me make you more powerful. The more people you akumatize the more powerful your subsequent akumas become. At the rate you’re going you can barely squeeze out two akumas a day without Nooroo burning out. How long do you think it’ll take to have enough power to send out as many akumas as there are members of Team Miraculous? Especially with how many keep cropping up?”

“You said a teenager laughed out an akuma.”

“She wasn’t just any teenager. It was Tomoe’s daughter. She even resisted briefly.”

Gabriel stops walking to turn to Nathalie who also stops walking, “did she?”

“Not only her but Chloé as well.”

“You tried akumatizing Chloé? She hasn’t found the brooch yet, Nathalie!”

“I didn’t try to akumatize her, Gabriel. I had an akuma patrolling the city, like I did yesterday, when it found Chloé. She was pissed, I felt it, but the akuma never touched her.”


“I don’t know. It hovered. Circled her. Never touched her.”

“Chloé’s spent years learning to manipulate or downright shut off her emotions in public. Akumas take over your most prevalent emotion, right? If all of her emotions are fighting each other there’s nothing to control. It’s as reckless as it is effective. But tell me more about the Tsurugi girl.”


Adrien presses himself against the wall, as he hears the footsteps retreating. He came downstairs to find out what the hell all the yelling was about but he didn’t expect to find this!

His dad and Nathalie are Hawkmoth? Nathalie must’ve akumatized Kagami and Lila yesterday, respectively, if they heard a woman’s voice in their head. When Adrien was briefly akumatized it was talking directly to Nooroo. But like Team Miraculous told him, that’s likely not gonna happen again. Especially now that they’re both taking turns terrorizing people.

He really should’ve known she’d be involved. Nathalie would follow his parents to hell and back.

Audrey’s already volatile and easy to piss off why are they deliberately trying to provoke her? And have Chloé find the brooch?

If what Nathalie passed over to his dad was Nooroo’s Miraculous then either his dad has more than just the two or he’s trying to pass off the damaged one to Chloé.

Oh no. Oh hell no.

He has to find the brooch before Chloé does!

And if they think they’re gonna re-akumatize Kagami into some super akumatization they have another thing coming!


Audrey had been angrily pacing the front lobby of the hotel when an akuma flew into her wedding ring. But it wasn’t the typical purplish black akuma it was a silver one. André tried calling Chloé and Gabriel to warn them that Audrey was more than likely coming after one if not both of them but neither were picking up the phone.

So he ran in the kitchen and hid in the cupboards.


The second Sabrina stepped foot in her house the akuma app alerted her that a giant glowing glittery grey ghost woman was floating through the city.

Mèlodie was right about the cops always getting in the way but that didn’t stop her dad from becoming the first victim. Turned into a puddle of glittery grey goo.

She goes to her room and dumps out her bag when she finds a black and red hexagonal box among its contents. Curious, she picks up the box and opens it. There’s a blinding yellow-orange flash that disappears as quickly as it appears. Inside the box is a silver ring. “Ooh.”

“Hi there!” A cheery voice greets.


Sabrina looks up and gasps at the yellow-orange rooster floating in front of her face. “I’m Orikko, you must’ve been chosen to wield me. Congratulations!”

“Thanks, I guess? I’m sorry... what are you?”

“Oh, I can tell by just looking at you that you’re about ready to molt!”

Sabrina looks around. “Uh...?”

“Ah! Forgive me. I’ve gotten ahead of myself. You asked what I was. I’m a kwami. I guess I’m your kwami. I’m Orikko, as I’ve stated, kwami of motion which is a little vague I know but calling me the kwami of acceleration or deceleration wouldn’t fit as I can do both so they just stuck with motion.” The rooster—Orikko—shrugs their shoulders. “Anyway, the deal is: you and I are partners. Together we’ll help keep the world a little bit safer from bad guys.”

“Like akumas?”

“Yes, like—” Orikko does a double take, “akumas? Oh no. Nooroo is being used for evil again? Poor guy can’t catch a break and I’m not by his side to help him.” They clap their hands together. “Alright. Then there’s no time to lose. You must choose a transformation phrase so we can merge and become a superhero.”



Orikko gestures to her and she nods. “R-Right. Alright then. Orikko, let’s fly!”


As soon as Nathalie lets Chloé in the manor, Adrien grabs her and they run upstairs to her room. “What’s up Adrikins?”

“So, uh, yeah...” He rubs the back of his neck, “your mom’s been akumatized.” Chloé’s jaw drops, “what’s worse is there’s a fifty-fifty chance she’s gunning for you.”

Once Chloé snaps out of her stupor, she puts her hands on her hips. “And the other fifty-fifty chance?”

“My dad.”

Chloé groans, “it’s about the headband, isn’t it?” Adrien nods. “She’s so...” Chloé balls up her fists, “frustratingly—” She screams. “I don’t have words!”

“We gotta get you to safety.”

“Oh no. I’ve deal with an akuma before. And I’ve dealt with my mother’s tantrums before, she never needed a magical butterfly to hit me in the past.”

“That woman is a monster no matter what she gets transformed into. I-I just don’t want you to be in a situation Ladybug’s Lucky Charm can’t reverse.”

“There’s a ladybug superhero called Ladybug?”

“I’ll fill you in when this is over.”

“I’ll hold you to that. If my mother wants to deal with me, she’s gonna have to work for it. You should let your dad know.”

“I get the feeling he already does.” Adrien sighs, “but enough about him. Nathalie will watch his back so I’m watching yours. I won’t bother trying to talk you out of whatever scheme you’re planning so let’s hear it.”

Chloé tsks him, “I don’t scheme, Adrikins, I improvise.” She opens her closet and Adrien gasps behind her.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed!?”

She looks over her shoulders at him beaming. “I’m trying to get my mother’s attention.”

Adrien grimaces, “and you are certainly gonna get it.”

“That’s the plan. I need you to help zip me up.”


“Whoa. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing but what the hell?” Is Roi Singe’s greeting when he touches down on the roof of the toy store. They don’t have any toys of him yet but this is only his fourth time out. And three days in a row too.

“Glad you could make it.” Ladybug says shaking his hand.

“No, no. I’m glad I finally get to work with you.”

“Same here. Let’s make this one to remember.”

“So...” Carapace touches down on Roi Singe’s other side, “apparently this glittery ghost woman is shooting bits of herself at people, which is honestly a little gross and she’s going around shouting how things are ‘utterly ridiculous.’ Also, she’s taken extreme exception to anything LGBT+ related.”

“A homophobic glitter monster? Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

“Back up.” Rena Rouge pusher herself off the railing, “did you say utterly ridiculous? Isn’t that what Audrey Bourgeois is always calling everything? I remember her shouting that and threatening to fire people in her viral video.”

“Hey, yeah.” Carapace agrees. “You’re right.” She gasps, “aw hell, she was heading toward the pier and Anarka Couffaine’s houseboat has the bisexual and lesbian flags on it.”

“Then let’s head her off and deal with this shit. Any word from Chat?”

“Not yet, Boss, but we got four. Do we need ‘em?”

“I have a feeling we’re gonna need all hands on deck for this one.”

Carapace salutes, “I’ll keep trying to contact him.”

By the time they get to the pier, the water, the sidewalk, and half the boats docked are covered in grey goo. As the glittery hovers over Anarka’s houseboat she screams and it rocks the boat.

“Great, hypersonic screams can be added to the list of crap we gotta deal with.” Carapace runs a hand down her helmet.

Anarka comes out the front door of her boat and looks up, “what the—”

“Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.” The glittery woman chastises, “how could you proudly flaunt these for the world to see?”

“One for each of me kids, what’s it to ya?”

As she picks up the lesbian flag, Anarka’s kids come out of the boat and look up. “You—” She picks up Juleka in her other hand and Anarka screams but the woman screams back knocking Anarka in the water. Luka immediately dives in after her.

Carapace lobs her shell at the woman who flinches but doesn’t drop the flag or Juleka, “let her go, Lady! Before I get pissed!”

“Team Miraculous. How cute.” She drops the flag into the water but keeps her hand on Juleka.

“This chick’s like almost two meters tall, I assume we have a plan?” Roi Singe whispers.

“I’ll get your Miraculouses in a minute. I need to send a message to my ungrateful daughter—”

“Why wait? I’m right here!” Everyone looks over trying to find the source of the outburst when they see Chloé and Adrien standing in the middle of a rooster and rabbit on the goo covered pier. But what Chloé’s wearing draws their attention. In addition to the headband her entire jumpsuit is one giant lesbian flag.

“What the hell is going on here?” Roi Singe asks.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Rena mutters. “But that outfit is cute.”

The woman almost immediately drops Juleka, who Carapace dashes over to save from hitting the water or pier, and charges at the Chloé and the others. The rabbit steps in front of them and opens an umbrella then the four of them disappear when the akumatized woman gets to where they were standing. “What the hell!?”

“Let’s end this. Lucky Charm!” Ladybug throws her yo-yo in the air and it transforms into a bottle of perfume. “W-Wait—wha?”

“And I thought my ruyi jingu bang was temperamental.”

“While you’re figuring it out, we’ll go on the offensive.” Carapace says. Ladybug nods then the others charge toward the glittery woman.

Out of context, it would’ve been hilarious watching a two-and-a-half meter tall glittery glowing grey ghost akumatization swat away her teammates like they were meddlesome flies. But this was just pissing her off, especially when she couldn’t figure out the lucky charm.


“I got it! I need to see the Guardian!”

“Oh man. You’d better be right about this LB.” Carapace urges, getting to her feet.

“Trust me. Keep her here I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


Kagami walks into the herbal shop, side-stepping around several chatting people walking out.

“Oh.” Fù blinks at her as Tikki comes out of her jacket, “is something the matter?”

“No. Well, yes. We believe Audrey Bourgeois was akumatized into a grey glittery giant glowing ghost woman with homophobic tendencies.”

“I see.”

“My lucky charm was a perfume bottle I remember seeing here the last time I was here.”

Fù nods, “ah, then you’ve come for help.”

“I’ve also come to talk about Roi Singe and now there’s a rooster out in the field.”

“Yes. You wish to know who they are?”

“No. Admittedly, it is difficult for me to leave things up to other people but what good is being the next Guardian if I can’t trust my mentor’s judgment? Hawkmoth is getting more relentless which means we’ll need all the help we can get, temporary or permanent.” Fù nods. “But, Master, the rabbit Miraculous is also active. They were with the rooster.”

“I-I don’t know what to say. If the rabbit Miraculous is damaged and used, either the owner doesn’t know or they do and are using it anyway—” He frowns, “and the latter is far worse than the former.”

“There’s a good chance it’s Alix. She reappeared in school today then all of a sudden we have a rabbit hero. And maybe she used the Miraculous before which was why she was gone. She even said she was in a coma.”

“Kagami, we cannot allow her to continue wielding that Miraculous.”

“Understood. I’ll get it.”

“But first...” Fù jerks his head back and Kagami follows him to the other room. He takes out the Miracle Box and opens it. “Kagami Tsurugi, you must choose a Miraculous you believe will best help you defeat your foe.”

Kagami looks into the box. Pretty soon there will be more empty spaces than filled ones. “How will I know which to choose?”

“Trust your instincts. They lead you here, did they not?” Kagami frowns. She hadn’t started training yet. She has no idea what half of these Miraculouses do! However, that black choker is calling out to her somehow. Maybe because it’s quite catching? Her hand hovers over it briefly before she grabs it. A red dragon kwami whishes into existence before her.

“Ooh.” They crack their neck, “first time out of the box is always the hardest.” She could swear she met all the kwamis at least once but she doesn’t remember ever seeing this one. After they finished stretching, they float over to Kagami. “Greetings, young one. I am Longg.”

“Hello, Longg. I am Kagami.” Longg extends their hand and Kagami shakes it with her pointer finger.

Oh. You must be the one the other kwamis spoke of. Yes, yes. I see it now. I look forward to working with you. My abilities include control over three forms of elements: water, wind, and lightning. You must choose a transformation phrase to help us get going.”

“Wait a second. I didn’t choose the Miraculous for myself, Master.”

“No but I believe Longg has chosen you.”

“Do kwamis get to choose their partners?”

“Not normally, no. However, there has been only one case that I have been told of where it happened. Tikki and her first ever partner.” Kagami nods slowly. “Furthermore, I believe Longg’s aura and yours fit perfectly.”

“Plagg won’t be happy to hear that.”

“Plagg is active in this cycle? Oh dear. Incurring his ire is never pleasant, and it does get so tiresome after countless cycles. He can hold a grudge, you see.”

“I don’t doubt that.”

“Though I am curious as to why this would matter to him? He’s never cared much about his partners after Kuro.”

“Plagg and Kagami’s auras match but that is not good for either of them.”

“Makes sense, it’s like matching Roarr or Xuppu with their equals.”

Fù clears his throat. “Master...” He blinks at Kagami, “I have heard from the kwamis themselves putting Xuppu with a match is a bad idea. Worse than Plagg.”

“So far they have worked out well.”

“‘So far?’” Longg and Kagami repeat incredulously.

“We’ll discuss this more once the mission is complete.”

“Yes.” Kagami puts the choker on and it flashes momentarily. “We will.” She looks up at Longg. “You’re the kwami of elements?”

“Weather, I don’t have control over fire. That’s Roarr.” He rubs the back of his neck, “she’s a volatile one. Hence her not needing a match but an opposite. Although I must say I’m rather used to getting paired with matches myself but no time like the present to try something new.”

“Here’s to trying something new.” They shake hands again. “You said you control weather?” Longg nods. “Okay. I can work with that. Longg, bring the storm.” Grinning, Longg flies into her choker then Kagami’s body starts glowing. Once she’s done glowing and transforming, Kagami is standing there in a red and black outfit and her helmet has tiny horns on it similar to Longg’s. She admires her outfit then glances at Tikki. “Master, how do I merge Miraculouses? I’m afraid no one explained it to me.”

“No worries.” Tikki assures her. “I’ll tell you. You just say my transformation phrase, as you’re already transformed with Longg, then say unify.”

Kagami nods. “Got it. Spots on, Tikki. Unify.”

Tikki phases through her helmet and merges into the right earring. Kagami looks at her hands as her body starts glowing brighter than ever before.

Her body is overtaken by dragon scales and ladybug spots yet somehow they don’t clash horribly. “Which of these is Roarr, Longg?” Instead of replying, Kagami feels herself inching toward the panjas bracelet. Well, that’s new.

“You are planning to fuse again?”

Kagami shakes her head, “no, Master. I...” She takes a deep breath, “I can’t shake the feeling we’re going to need this.”

Fù nods then hands her a miniature Miracle Box labeled combustion then puts the panjas bracelet inside. “Always trust your instincts. Go. Do what you need to do. And be careful.”

Kagami looks over her shoulder. “Always, Master.”