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I slammed my bedroom door so hard, I began to wonder if the chandelier downstairs was still attached to the ceiling. I wished it was. I was in enough trouble as it is. I turned around and almost had a heart attack to find Dobby sitting on my bed! "Merlin's beard, Dobby!" I exclaimed, "How did you get into my room?"
Since my father had accidentally freed Dobby at the end of my second year, I had unfortunately lost my only friend in the house. He came to visit, but I still missed him terribly. My family, on the other hand, had probably not even noticed that he had gone.
"Dobby was on his way to visit Miss Malfoy and used Elf Magic to get in, Miss. Dobby heard a lot of shouting, Miss. Is everything OK, Miss?" he explained.
"Oh, Dobby," I sighed as I joined him on the bed, "You don't need to worry about me. You know how Mother is sometimes. It was probably my fault anyway." We sat in quiet for a minute or two. Suddenly remembering something very important, I broke the silence, "Oh, I almost forgot!" Reaching down, I pulled a small package from under my bed and passed it to the house elf, "Happy Belated Birthday, Dobby."
He excitedly unwrapped the gift (Dobby rarely got presents.), to find a brand new pair of socks with an expertly sewn picture of him on them. Dobby squealed with excitement. "Made them myself!" I stated proudly, "Oh and," I added as I kicked off my shoes to reveal a matching pair of socks on my own feet, "I made a matching pair!"
Dobby practically threw himself at me before hurriedly putting on the socks. He started to jump and run around my room with happiness, and, for once, I didn't mind. I was just happy to see my best friend happy. It was perfect. Dobby was running with glee; I was watching him with an almost motherly expression on my face. Nothing could have ruined that moment.
Except something did. Someone knocked on the door. Dobby froze. "For the love of..." I said under my breath, "Go away!" Draco entered my room anyway. I hurled a pillow at him, narrowly missing his face but smashing a vase behind him instead. Shit. I hope Mother won't find out. "I said go away!"
"I know what you said," Draco smirked. He looked around the room. How hadn't he noticed Dobby? But then came the double take. "Aaahhh! What's he doing here?"
"I could ask you the same question!" I growled.
"But this is my house! I live here! He isn't meant to be here!"
"But this is my bedroom! I live here! You're not meant to be here!"
"My father will hear about this!"
"He's my father too!" I yelled, "Unfortunately." I added quietly.
Draco looked at me blankly. Satisfied, I shut the door in his face. "Ow, my nose!" I heard him say from the other side. I chuckled to myself, but my face fell. Dobby had gone. He must have left so I wouldn't have got into any more trouble. I said a silent thank you and goodbye to him. I wasn't sad anymore, though. Hogwarts started again soon, so I had the chance to start afresh. It was time for a new Serpentina Malfoy.