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I hated the Daily Prophet. It always exaggerated its stories and never heard from both sides of the argument. Despite all that, I still had an owl deliver it every day. Mainly just so I could see how stupid it is. As I sat at the table, eating my breakfast, a large, barn owl flew in through the window and dropped the newspaper next to my toast. I put a Knut into its pouch before it flew off again. I unfolded it, read the headline and I almost choked on my food. I turned to page 3 and continued to read the article.
The rich, pure-blooded Malfoy family have been disgraced to the whole of the wizarding country. The man of the house, Lucius Malfoy, 39, who helps out with The Ministry Of Magic, has been arrested and put into Azkaban after breaking into the Department of Mysteries and attempting to steal one of its prophecies. He and his fellow comrades battled the one and only Harry Potter and his friends in June and were responsible for the death of Azkaban escapee, Sirius Black. The dramatic battle concluded with many injuries to the heroic Harry Potter and his friends. The whole group of Death Eaters, with the exception of Bellatrix LeStrange, were arrested at the scene. There have been rumours that Lucius's own daughter, Serpentina Malfoy, was part of the battle, fighting for good and against her father. There is no evidence of who fought alongside Potter. Lucius's comrades have also been put into Azkaban, some, for the second time.
I stared at the newspaper with my mouth wide open. It was true, I had been at the battle, fighting with Harry and my friends, but who had leaked it? Also, Father was in Azkaban? I didn't know how to react. I was happy that I wouldn't have to put up with him. I was laughing about how he would cope without all his little luxuries. But I was also a little sad. Did I miss him? Why would I? I chucked the newspaper at Draco, who had been sitting there quietly the whole time.
"Hey!" he shouted.
"Oh, grow up! Read it!" I groaned. He read the news story and his eyes grew wider and wider until I thought they would fall out of their sockets. He looked at me, then at the newspaper and back to me again.
"Did you...? Were you...?" he stuttered.
"Yup. I was there." I whispered, "I even disarmed Father." I smirked.
He obviously didn't believe me. "You're lying." I shook my head. He gaped at me. In his moment of doubt, I whacked him on the back of the head. "Oi!" he rubbed where he had been hit, "What was that for?"
I was getting rather frustrated now. "Oh, come on! Why would I be lying? You know that I hate Father! Why is that so hard to believe?" Draco just looked at me, putting the pieces together. I knew had scored a point. With a look of triumph on my face, I strode out of the room, leaving my stunned my brother to process what had told him.