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"Go to your room, now!" my mum shouted.
I looked up from my magazine, "What did I do this time?"
"Nothing, for a change! I have a visitor coming round in 5 minutes and I don't want you there!" she turned to Draco, "You as well, Draco, dear," she called.
"How come he gets called 'dear' and I don't?" I asked, slamming my edition of The Quibbler shut. I knew it was babyish, but it was just to annoy Mother. I don't know where this sudden courage came from for me to stand up to her like this. Maybe it was just the effect being cooped up in this house for so long had on me. Or maybe it was because Father wasn't here. Mother was never as bad as him.
"Room! Now!" she screamed.
"OK, fine. Take a chill pill, geez." I muttered under my breath as Draco and I made our way up the stairs. "Come on, if we stay here we can hear what they're saying," I whispered, crouching at the top of the stairs.
"Why? Do you know who it is?" he questioned suspiciously.
"If I'm right then it should be Snape. I called him over to help with your little 'problem'." I replied while watching the door for the visitor.
"Really?" he sounded surprised.
I turned to him, "Surprise! Now shush!" Mother re-entered the room, followed swiftly by Snape, who was as greasy-haired as ever. But I was definitely not expecting anyone else to come through the door, but someone did. None other than my aunt Bellatrix LeStrange!
I hated Bellatrix with a passion. Like, a really, deep hate. Now, I know that 'hate' is a strong word, but, I mean, come on! This is Bellatrix LeStrange we're talking about, people! She's mean and insane for that matter. I had never got on with her, and I didn't plan to. But what really confused me was how she had escaped the Ministry but the others hadn't!
"Psst, Draco!"
"You know that Bellatrix got away? Well, the rest of the Death Eaters were caught at the scene. How come she escaped?"
"Oh, yeah! Maybe You-Know-Who was there or something?" he suggested.
"Maybe. I need to ask Harry next week!" I decided.
"Wait, you're seeing him?"
"Yes. Is that a problem?"
"Yes. He's Harry Potter! Of course, he's a problem!" Draco complained.
"Only for you! No. Please don't tell that this is about that rejected handshake in our first year!"
"Seriously? Now, shut up and let's get a move on! Unless you don't want to hear what Snape has to say?"
"Fine," he mumbled. We gave each other a knowing look before quietly following the adults. We hid behind either side of the door frame leading to the dining room and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation. Unfortunately, Mother shut the doors. It was at times like these when I wished that I had bought some Extendable Ears form Fred and George when I had the chance. We tried to make out as much of the conversation as we could.
"So, how are you going to help?" Mother began.
"I suppose you got some smart idea then? You better do." Bellatrix muttered darkly.
"As a matter of fact, I do." Snape shot back, glaring at her.
"This better be good."
"Don't worry, it will be," Mother assured her sister, trying to settle the argument, "Won't it, Severus?"
"Yes. I wish to assist Draco in his mission. And I am willing to perform it if he fails." he explained.
"How do we know that we can trust you? You have been spending rather a lot of time with Dumbledore-"
Snape cut her off, "How many times do I have to explain this? I was spying for the Dark Lord! OK?"
"Cut it out! Both of you!" Mother pleaded, "How about this? We will make an unbreakable vow. Is that good enough for you, Bellatrix?"
"Fine." she said under her breath, "Well come on then, are we doing this unbreakable vow or not?"
Mother and Severus clutched each other's wrists as Bellatrix performed the spell. A string of red fire-like magic circled itself around the pair's wrists.
"Will you, Severus, watch over my son, Draco, as he attempts to fulfil the Dark Lord's wishes?" began Mother.
"I will," promised Snape. The string extended and wrapped itself around their wrists again.
"And will you, to the best of your ability, protect him from harm?" she continued.
"I will." The magic became longer yet again.
"And should it prove necessary... if it seems Draco will fail... will you carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?"
"I will," he concluded, the tie wrapped around three times now.
With a wave of Bellatrix's wand, the tie disappeared, leaving a mark on their hands and wrists. The pair let go quickly and the three looked ready to leave. I made a run for it and Draco followed suit, sprinting all the way up the stairs. We didn't stop until we reached his bedroom.
"That was close." Draco panted.
"And dramatic!" I exclaimed. We both flopped on his bed, still processing the new information. Draco turned to face me.
"So, what do we do now?"
"Now we wait, Draco," I also turned over, "Now we wait."