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Pup on the preserve

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Stiles lifted his head happy to see ana getting his slippers out. Ana and edger were always the ones to help Scott and stiles, stiles figured that they worked more closely with either new people or their "age" group. stiles hadn't figured out if he had truly accepted his "age" yet. Edger treated him like he was younger. Called him young, even though stiles is suspicious about edger real age being younger than stiles. But, stiles tired not to think about that sort of thing. It really didn't matter in The end. Stiles would fall into whatever age he needed to be. He knows it's been at least four days, everyone told him Friday was the days wolf's came. Scott Cynthia and stiles all weren't aloud to be adopted just yet. They were taken off to the side and told that it probably wouldn't happen after only a few days and that they shouldn't get worked up if no one chooses them. But it was also up to the wolf's still, they weren't being excluded of any activities either. After stiles had his slippers on he waited for Scott to fully wake up and get his slippers on and they walked together to the showers, Scott was more comfortable taking a shower if he was next to stiles, even if he did grow in his cage alittle. After their showers they got their breakfast and stiles saw the first wolf.

"Woah. He's so tall" stiles tugged Scott as someone walked in dipping under the door frame.  He had on a black suit and walked around with a a following behind him. She smiled talking to him. He seemed nice... But stiles was trying not to think about it too much.

"He's too tall" Scott walked with him as they got more water from the fountain. He was led over to gabe and he held him like all the other wolf's could. "You think he wants gabe" they sat back down and stiles looked over.

"Don't know" jade sat down and smiled.

"He comes in every Friday. Doesn't ever get anyone tho" She smiled at the French toast infront of her while edger cut it up for her. After a quick thank you he moved and she started eating, then she pointed her fork at stiles and scott. "You guys should ask the wolf's of they want two baby's" She looked at how Scott and stiles were close. Scott had a blush over his face and stiles looked down smiling. Even though he hated being called a baby it was nice to think that someone could keep Scott and him together, or at least so they could see each other.

Eventually an aid brought everyone outside. Edger hung back talking to the wolf's so Scott stiles and Nolan couldn't go in the water, but they could climb the trees as long as it was the ones marked with white chalk, they were the strong living trees. The three played for awhile bracing themselves when a gust of wind came by and all laughing after. Eventually edger asked if Nolan wanted to talk to someone. He climbed down smiling at Scott and stiles before walking away with a wolf, Scott made stiles hung from a tree as Nolan jumped up and down hugging the wolf after only a few minutes of talking.

"Maybe next week?" Scott looked to stiles and he nodded they laced their hands together and sighed though. They saw people talking to the wolf's but no one from their little group.

Nolan came back hugging Scott and stiles, who went down the tree to say goodbye, before running over to jade and Cynthia. Their little group shrunk by one already.

After lunch they realized that Cynthia and ten others were getting adopted. The rooms were alot more empty now jade read out loud like usual. Today it was a regular young adult novel, only with a werewolf protagonist. But today there was only five people around her. She usually had ten or so, as long as the book was appropriate for the littler kids. At the end of the day the dining hall was more quiet and less lively. They saw Nolan leave, he was wrapped around the wolf with a thumb hanging in his mouth, garret, who held him as his legs hung loosely around him, like they might have been numb. He seemed happy in his sleep, like it was from exustion instead of sedation. It was a bittersweet night and the aids were trying everything. Edger sat with them trying to get them to have their normal level of conversation.

"Jade didn't two wolf's come and talk to you this time?"

"they wanted a baby baby, like gabe. I don't think people want older Littles. We're not fun"

"You are fun and it's okay. Those wolf's had wanted them for awhile. Next week there will be more. And I bet there are some that want older Littles who are okay because think, Gabe can't hear loud noises without getting cranky. And with all the baby's gone you can read your books without worrying right?"

"Yeah I guess" jade smiled. She loved reading to everyone, like she was the older sister to everyone knew or old.

"why don't we go outside. Ten more minutes tonight" edger quickly looked to ana she nodded clapping her hands together.

"Yes, everyone can bring their treat outside tonight" outside there was a fire pit with a small fire going in it, if they had waited they might have gotten smores but pudding was fine, the extra time was nice too. After pudding Scott and stiles held hands walking around with edger a few feet behind in case they needed something and to make sure they didn't go too far.

"What if only one of us gets adopted?" Stiles looked over to Scott. He'd only knew him for four days but they were closer than stiles was with his past two relationships.

"I won't go unless I can see you... I don't care if I'm here for longer, as long as your here with me " Scott smiled and stiles nodded.

"I won't leave without you either" they hugged and edger reassured them that they would find someone who could love them.

The next two days were uneventful. A few new Littles joined and quickly regressed like some of the others, but not like jade stiles and Scott. They still laughed when adults made dirty jokes. They were the ones who could read whatever they wanted because jade made a point that they were the ones to read real books compared to the little picture books the other kids read. That's when, on a walk jade looked up to edger, who held her hand as they walked be sure she was jelious that Scott and stiles always hold hands, if wolf's wouldn't get them because they were 'older', which was starting to feel what it was like, stiles figured they were closer to pre-teens. They weren't bubbly all the time, they were easier to manage... But all they wanted was to fit in.

Edger sighed and took them to a spot away from the others.

"It's not that wolf's don't want your ages, it's that we had too many baby's for too long. So we called wolf's who liked having baby's. Don't worry, last Friday was diffrent because... Honestly your ages are easier to take care of. It made everything a bit easier. Like... There are two kids to the other aids and they have to find two that are close. Where as I can watch you guys all my myself. Baby's need someone constantly. Which is why we like to call wolf's to adopt... It's nothing with you three. Your all wonderful and I think your perfect with how you've regressed" he smiled hugging the trio. "Nolan was the youngest person you like to be with right?" She nodded."He's going to be a bit younger for awhile now. He said that he wanted it but his natural regression didn't take him there. And we weren't ready to handle so many this young... Now things go back to normal. Next Friday I'm sure you'll all get offers" the three smiled and cheered and edger had to calm them down because it was supposed to be quiet outdoor time.

Monday was the one diffrent day. The Littles would help tidy things up. Scott and stiles were putting back books, which jade helped since she knew where everyone went. They cleaned out cubys from people who left and then they could have lunch. Stiles felt teary eyed when he took away Nolans name tag but edger told him that they heard that he's liking everything already.

Nolan slowly opened his eyes in what must had been his new bed. It was a mix of a crib and a bed. He could feel his legs still numb from the shots. His daddy said he could crawl with them but he didn't want a baby who could move too much at first. He turned wiping away drool from his mouth stretching his back too.

"How's my love doing?" He picked up Nolan kissing his cheek. "I was worried one of your shots was the sedative. I told them you didn't need it though. We're you just tired?"

"Hmhmm" Nolan wrapped around garret which got a smile. Then Nolan tensed as he slowly peed himself. He pulled back lip quivering and garret pet his hair.

"It's okay. I know you were already so tired I had them just do pee though. I know your a big enough boy to use the potty sometimes. But with you crawling I figured this was easier. Besides baby. We need time for your tongue to forget all those big boy words for me. Then we can have fun in a few month" Nolan was placed down on the floor and changed he noticed his dick was out of the cage but it didn't get hard even with garret being very liberal with powder and ointment."Again baby. A month and then we get to have all the fun we want okay?"

"O-" Nolan tried to say okay but it soured to barely recognizable speech. He pouted and garret chuckled.

"I know you liked to talk love. After the month your going to be so much bigger, I just want to enjoy having a baby baby for a bit. Then you can go one walks with me and we can play in any way you want" garret smirked playing with Nolan's perked nipples under his clothes. He giggled giving his best "daddy" and garret smiled. "Come on nolly. It's a great day out" Nolan smiled resting his head on garret.

He knew somewhere that he'd rather get to the next month already but he also knew that it was good for him because his daddy was there for him. And after that month Nolan didn't even want his own bed. They talked about it. And he'd spend every night in daddy's bed. Whether they did anything or not was up to Nolan. That's what he liked. After the month was up everything was what his daddy's little boy wanted.