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Pup on the preserve

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Stiles woke up as they left the car. His eyes blinked and he instinctively held onto liam more. Liam rocked him as they went into the house and he turned back waving to theo as he drove down the street to his own house.

"Daddy?" Stiles eyes slowly opened and liam smiled.

"What do you need love?"

"Water" Liam nodded getting him a plastic cup settling him down in a chair. Stiles drank it and then motioned wanting to be held.

"you feeling cuddly after your nap"

"daddy's warm" Liam chuckled and nodded.

"Yup, nice and warm for my little boy" they sat for awhile but eventually stiles felt something in his stomach, then he felt himself pee. Without any input.

"Daddy? I-i" stiles eyes watered and liam looked down shocked. "You said I could use the potty-"

"I know. This is a side effect, remember the doctor said they couldn't use the new one on you because of your blood type" stiles nodded, listening to reason instead of crying outright."You have to get that shot if you live with werewolfs full time, but the issue is it can make boys have leaky bladders. Daddy would never give you anything without you knowing, but this isn't a big deal, you can just wear your pull ups. Everything else feels fine right?" Stiles nodded. He still had control of everything else."It's okay. Let's get you changed." Stiles nodded and liam brought him up to the loft smiling. "Daddy was going to give you a tour once you woke up, but I guess you get to see the bedroom right now" stiles looked around. It was a loft, it made sense the house wasn't gaint, but it was probably twice the size of alot of tiny houses. The roof was tall and they could definety stand up on the second floor.

Stiles was layed back onto the edge of the bed. Liam took off his pants and underwear at the same time getting a towel and what must had been his cages key. After he unlocked it stiles blushed then got confused about it not growing.

"Luckily you only need one dose of that shot. After a few months we can play. Okay?" Stiles nodded as liam cleaned everything and then gave him a pull up "everything will wear off in a few months. It's gunna match up to when you can watch more movies. Maybe stay up a bit later. It's also when we're gunna move in with Theo and Scott" stiles smiled and liam nodded. "Yeah you and Scotty will get to spend so much time together. And by then he's gunna be a good doggy and little just like you" Liam smiled handing stiles his sweatpants. Stiles steadied himself on liam as he put then on. Liam held onto him and stiles smiled. Then liam took off his shirt and replaced the pale blue color with a softer black and gray baseball tee. He rolled up the sleeves and stiles smiled. Stiles kept his slippers and looked down again. "Do you like them?"

"Yeah" stiles smiled hugging liam. "Your the best daddy" Liam smiled holding stiles for a minute then Turning him around.

"Daddy wasn't sure if you wanted your own little bed at first, so your gunna sleep with daddy until we move, okay?"

"okay" stiles held onto liam until they went downstairs and went through the tiny house then liam started to make dinner. At dinner stiles sat next to liam and he cut up stiles food before giving him a smaller fork.

"Don't eat too fast love, we don't want you getting sick." Stiles nodded biting into the chicken humming. "You like it?" Stiles nodded and leaned against liam before taking a bite of the pasta. Stiles wasn't in a high chair exactly but wolf furniture was slightly bigger than anything humans had. His feet could connect to the floor but he could stiles kick his legs when he wanted to. After dinner stiles went to the bathroom which was timed perfectly as he avoided peeing himself in the pull ups. Liam walked in after showing stiles the shower and asking if he wanted his daddy to wash him off. Stiles blushed and nodded and liam kissed his cheek.

"Okay, let's get your clothes off. After stiles was naked liam got the shower water hot and stiles got in. Liam washed his head and body with something that smelt vaugly of oranges. He liked the smell. After stiles was dried off and liam asked him to wait on the couch in his towel.  Stiles did until liam walked out naked. Stiles tensed up seeing Liams dick. It was almost the size of a small arm, with foreskin covering it. "Don't worry love" Liam sat next to him. "When your ready, we'll  take it slow." Liam couldn't stop looking down at it. "Do you want to do anything now? I figured with yours not working you wouldn't want to"

"No... Daddy's just really big"

"wolf's are big. I'm sure we can have fun once your ready"

"okay daddy" Liam smiled and the two put on pajamas resting on the couch. Stiles was tired, he had grown used to the schedule. It was eight thirty and liam was absently petting stiles hair as he looked at the TV, it was a cooking show. Stiles remembered seeing ads for it before he went to the center.

Theo parked the car looking back at Scott slowly waking up.

"Have a good nap pup?" He moved I to the back taking Scott out who nodded. "Good" Theo smiled kissing Scott's cheek. "We can eat dinner in a little bit, but let's get you in some new clothes and talk a bit about your schedule"

"okay" Scott turned into theos arms more. "Daddy's so strong" Scott smilled with his eyes just open looking at theo hold him like it was nothing.

"That's because daddy's an alpha" Scott nodded resting into theos shoulder and neck. "Someone's sleepy still?"

"Didn't like shots"

"I'm sorry baby. That one hurts alot I know. Luckily any shot you get in the future is gunna be numbing, it means that you don't even feel it" Scott looked up curiously. "I'll explain once your changed" Scott was led into his room and he smiled. "It's not what will always be here but I'm thinking I'll knock out this wall when Liam moves in and you and stiles can share a nice big bed and have a nice play room" Scott.looked over and theo nodded. "Yeah we talked a bit and stiles is gunna be here after your settled." Scott cmiled as theo picked out new clothes for him, Scott was relieved that the underwear wasn't so tight, he soon his cage and theo chuckled. "That stays on until your done, your going to want to get off really bad once we start but you can't for a whole month" Scott nodded

"then we have fun?" Theo nodded and Scott got changed into some pants and a hooded shirt. Then they went downstairs where theo took out a small book.

"So let's go over whats gunna happen. Stiles and liam are gunna come over for breakfast tomorrow and dinner Sunday, then Monday Dr dragons gunna come and your going to get.your tounge numbed for one month, after that your gunna have to go on formula for a month, that formula helps with your doggy training. That's gunna be what you fall asleep to every night. Then one month later your tongue is gunna regain feeling and you can start to talk again. Then one week every month your going to get your tongue numbed and we'll have some puppy time, how does that sound?"

"Good daddy, does it hurt?"

"No baby, the stuff numb your tongue before it can send the pain to your head. Oh and your going to be so cute when your tongues numb. You'll drool alittle and it's adorable." Scott nodded and theo moved kissing him. "After it all stiles will move in and then we can have some fun" Theo moved flicking one of Scott's nipples and Scott for the first time realized of pent up he already was. Scott chuckled with Theo and Scott moved into a living room and theo let Scott rest on his chest. After awhile he found himself grinding against theo. "You already pent up love?" He nodded letting out a whine. "Well we can't do too much yet but I can get some of the pressure down. You want me to do that?" Scott nodded and theo nodded bringing him to the bathroom and then theos bedroom theo layed down the blanket and put Scott facing down. He looked up curious and theo smiled.

"Daddy? How do I?"

"I'm gunna press up against your p-spot. It's gunna feel really good and it's gunna get rid of the pressure. You still wanna do it love?"

"Yes please daddy" Theo nodded pulling Scott's pants down and letting him rest against the towel. Then with some lube he rests his fingers around Scotts hole.

"Just take some deep breaths for me" Scott nodded taking them and slowly he felt a finger enter him.. Eventually that single finger became two and theo moved finding Scott prostate. The massage was quick but Scott could feel his balls tighten and eventually he came. Although he only felt like there was half of an orgasm.  Theos fingers left theo started to wipe off his fingers.

"Daddy I'm not done"

"I know baby but you can't be too empty when you start or else we have to restart another month and i know you don't want that" Scott nodded and the two moved back downstairs after cleaning up. There Scott Sat back down on theos chest feeling his chest rise and fall.

"Thank you daddy, I feel better now" Theo smiled kissing Scott's forehead.

"Your welcome love. Why don't we eat some dinner?"

"Yes please" Theo and Scott ate some sandwiches outside and watched as the sun set. "Are we eating late daddy?"

"A bit later, it's going to get darker earlier now." Theo moved holding Scott."Your such a good boy being up for what I want" Scott snuggled into theo smiling.

The next morning stiles woke up early with liam, liam had to do a little bit of work, stiles played a game on Liams laptop while he waited. Nothing crazy, Just the Sims. Liam explained that he used it to get a theme when he was designing a new building. After a few minutes stiles got bored and watched liam draw.

"Can I take a shower by myself daddy?"

"Sure love, I'm almost done" stiles nodded going into the bathroom and washing off. Liam walked in smiling as he finished getting dried off by liam. Stiles went upstairs into the loft and layed back on the bed in his pull ups. He's managed to only miss it twice. Both while he's sleeping. Otherwise he has just enough time to get to the toilet. Liam tells him it's nothing to be ashamed of but stiles couldn't help but blush up when he was getting changed. But now he just waited for liam to pick out his clothes.

After a few minutes liam emerged naked and he layed back next to stiles.

"How do you feel love?"

"I'm hungry"

"okay let's get dressed" stiles nodded and liam pulled out some clothes simular to what he wore to bed and some lace less vans. Once stiles was dressed liam quickly put on clothes and the two left. Liam insisted that stiles hold his hand especially at the beginning. They don't cross any streets but he doesn't smell like liam too much. It's not a good thing apparently to smell human.

At breakfast Scott and theo told stiles about Scott's training and how they would probably only see eachother a few times because Scott's going to be busy. That led to liam promising that they could stay for lunch. Stiles and Scott played with some stuffed animals theo got him while liam and theo cleaned the dishes.

"How's stiles?"

"He's older than I thought. Bad thing is I overheard him swear when he bumped his toe."

"You punish him?"

"Not yet. I'm giving him some time"

"I'd pick a number, if he's still swearing after that number you gotta do something"

"ugh, I hate it when your right"

"I'm just saying, when his tongues numbed up a bit of regression formula would do wonders for him"

"you think" stiles looked over and liam smiled.stiles quickly went back to Scott.

"100%" Theo moved his hand resting it on theos waist. "Just keep an eye on it" Liam nodded and the two joined their new boys.

The rest of the day was like every day now. It was peaceful and calm. Both of them did so little and so much at the same time. The next morning stiles wanted to see Scott at breakfast. Even though liam told him that they had to deal with seeing them later on only. Liam finally brought up the swearing that stiles thought he was getting away with. Liam left out that after ten, he was already at four, he'd be getting his tongue numbed until Scott's time was up. Stiles was overall being fussy and normally liam would cancel the play date. But since Scott wouldn't be able to see him during the first week he kept it on putting stiles in a time out.

"Stiles can you come over here" stiles turned rubbing hid sleeve against his eyes walking over. "Can you tell me why daddy had to give you corner time?"

"Cuz I swore"

"Because you were being fussy. You get to see Scott later on. Some daddy's don't let their Littles have play dates until they are there for a month. And I feel like I've been giving you alotof freedoms. Can you give me a bit of trust so I know you can handle big boy things" stiles nodded still teary eyed. "Now come here" his lip quivered as liam held him.

"I don't want to make daddy mad"

"I'm not mad. Just trying to get you adjusting is more difficult than we thought. That's all."

Stiles was somewhat more well behaved until he swore after hitting his little toe. Liam considered sparing it from the count but he had to it wouldn't be fair to stiles otherwise. After stiles got a change, he said that corner time made him forget he had water. Liam didn't buy it at all.

"Stiles im going to take a shower and then we can head over" it was around five, even with stiles having a mood swing he did deserve some play time.

"Okay daddy" stiles was focused on his game so liam stripped getting in the shower. Stiles looked up, last night he went to be at nine. He needed to see Scott because he wasn't alot to see him all this week. It was unfair that he couldn't go...

Stiles stood up grabbing his shoes and getting them on. Then he slid open the door and slid out walking down to theos house.

Liam emerged in his new clothes seeing stiles gone. Panic couldn't describe what rushed through him.

"Stiles!" Liam quickly went upstairs seeing the bed empty. The yard, which stiles wasn't supposed to be out in alone, was empty, and his shoes were gone. Liam grabbed their night bag just in case, it had essentials in it, and ran following the broken scent trails. He saw stiles turn a corner, he was about a city block away and liam sprinted, relieved. But pissed off. He caught up to stiles turning one eighty before his eyes slipped. Stiles jolted back a step looking up.


"No" Liam said firmly forcing his eyes back to normal. "Why did you do it? Your in trouble stiles, and alot of it, so just tell me why?"

"It's cuz I don't get to see Scott this week. And you did nothing all day and we could have gone over" Liam rubbed his eyes groaning.

"Stiles, theo asked me not to bring you by too early because he needed time to do things alone with scott." Stiles tilted his head and liam sighed. "Not those things, he needed Scott to be relitivly calm because he had to be measure and weight and if he was gitty and excited that wouldn't work.... And if we didn't have an empty fridge we would be turning right back around and going home."

"No daddy please- I'm sorry!"

"Stiles... Someone could have hurt you. Not recognized that you were mine"

"I-i" stiles looked down.

"Tomorrow Scott is going to the doctors for his first shots. I'm bringing you and we are going to have a talk with Dr. Deaton about some fourm of mobility disablement."

"But I'm not a little baby!" Stiles stomped his feet and liam shook his head.

"I don't care stiles, you broke a rule that standing in a corner won't fix. I've decided it" stiles looked down starting to cry and liam took a breath. "Come here" the command was a simple test. If stiles followed it he would spare him the vocal reduction like Scott was getting. He'd keep it to the swear rule.

Stiles walked over holding out his hands. "Good boy, see if you waited we would probably be there by now."

"I'm sorr-"

"shhh" Liam stoped him walking the rest of the way.

Scott was a bit tired for stiles liking. The measurements were extensive and long but after theo showed Scott the full body suit that was being made he seemed to know it would be worth it.

"Wow. What are you thinking" Theo sipped a glass of wine as liam chugged his.

"Something to make it difficult for him to walk. Not full disablement. Maybe just something that makes it difficult."

"I think deaton will find a way. But be careful, he's already on edge with the pull ups. Adding anything more than making him a it clumsy will be another step. And seeing that he isn't getting better with swearing... Have you thought about the formula?"

"The regression kind... Or the puppy kind mixed in with regular." Theo nodded.

"Both do the simpler mindset, puppy won't change him as much though" Liam nodded.

"I wish I didn't have to change him at all"

"think about it, Sox months from now. Every morning they get to play together, stiles comes to your for daddy time and Scott and I go for a walk. He says that he's sorry for being a bad baby at the beginning because he will regret it after awhile. You accept the apology and hold him tight telling him hes done so much better" Liam nodded smiling as stiles and Scott slowly grew bored with what their stuffed animals were doing swapping to legos.

"What about us. We send our kids to bed and collapse because they can be a handful. I kiss your cheek and you hold me until we fall asleep?"

"Asleep as?" Theo smiled and liam kissed him.

"I wouldn't want anything big"

"we don't even have to do anything. The laws standered we've been married since we built your place" Liam chuckled remembering the year of theo helping him build it. The slow love they developed. Liam leaned over kissing theo and stiles walked in asking for a changing.

"duty calls" Liam chuckled picking up stiles and bringing him another room getting his giggling little boy happy again.