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Pup on the preserve

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Scott woke up to theo rubbing his back.

"Morning love"

"morning daddy"

"you ready for today?" Theo lifted him from bed getting Scott to slowly wrap around him.

"Hmmhmm just sleepy still"

"you can take a nap in the car, but you can't have breakfast before the shot so I made the appointment really early" Scott nodded looking over. 5 am.

"Not that hungry daddy, just sleepy"

"okay, let's go get stiles and liam."

"Is stiles in trouble?"

"No... Well kinda. He broke a rule so Liam has to make sure he can't."

"I think he's sorry" Scott shifted and theo nodded.

"I know he is too. But he broke a rule, and you are being more talkative than normal."


"No love. I'm going to miss your voice, but once your through the month it's going to be so good. You can relearn if you have too"

"I'm gunna forget?"

"Your tongue might" Scott nodded and theo grabbed a bag going twards the garage.

"Daddy no!" Stiles stomped his foot down. "I-i sorry daddy, please I don't wanna be a baby"

"that's why we're just going to talk to deaton first. I'm not going to make you a baby, but you have to learn that you can't run away"

"b-but daddy" stiles eyes watered and liam picked him up.

"Stiles, calm down honey, you gotta be there for Scott too." Stiles moved back nodding."He's got alot to do in a little bit of time, so we have to behave."

"Okay daddy" stiles curled tears still flowing.

"It's okay, your emotional" Liam held him feeling stiles wet himself. "Let's get you changed and then you can go to the doctors" stiles nodded moving into Liams shoulder more as he pissed. "Let it out baby" stiles nodded whining.

Ten minutes later they were driving down to deaton office. Scott was sleeping on stiles mumbling about how he wished they could hang out but he has to do this first.

Scott went in first. He sat on the bed looking over at the tray covered in some paper towel. Theo held Scott while they waited whispering about how good he was being.

"When we get home you can have a Bottle and tonight I'll make you a milkshake" Scott looked up smiling.


"Yes baby, I know this is scary and I know you don't love the idea of not eating real food for a month. I know I'm going to be teasing you by eating everyday so you get some treats for being a good boy."

"Thank you daddy"

"your welcome" Theo smiled and then messed with Scott's hair as deaton walked in. "Doctor" Theo nodded and he smiled.

"Hellow alpha, Scott, how are you two doing?"

"Good, Scott's settled in at home a bit and it's time he's brought out his doggie side" Scott nodded and deaton went to his eye level.

"Now Scott you understand that this is a bigger procedure, it means you have to sign some papers" Scott nodded and deaton pulled them out.

"Why can't daddy?" He looked up as he finished signing and theo smiled.

"After the six month review I can" Scott nodded.

"Alright, ready whenever you two are." Theo nodded looking down to Scott.

"you ready love?"

"Yeah daddy." Theo nodded and deaton layed Scott back placing the fabric over him. Theos let one hand stay around his face and the other hold his hand. Deaton took out a marker and placed a couple of dots down.

"One month correct, zero verbal support"


"Alright, Scott you aren't going to fell any of it. I know that most people lie when they say that but Kanima venom numbs the nerves so fast that you won't feel it at all, it's just scary"

"I'm right here buddy, take a big deep breath and close your eyes" Theo looked as scott followed the instructions and deaton numbed up Scott's tongue. A minute later Scott peaked open one eye and theo smiled. "All done baby" deaton released Scott's tongue and it went back in as he started poking it. "Scott don't do that" Scott nodded looking up.

"Da'da" Theo smiled picking up Scott.

"You are adorable" Theo turned. "Thanks deaton"

"not a problem, that being said for the one week doses in the future I'll teach you how to administer it yourself"

"That would be great" Theo smiled down at Scott rubb around his mouth catching some drool on his sleeve. "Common pup" Scott smiled kissing theo's shoulder before waving to deaton. Outside liam smiled as scott came back out without tears in his eyes.

"Looks like someone did really well" Liam smiled as scott nodded.

"I think someone didn't believe us when we talked about Kanima venom, don't feel anything right?" Scott nodded smiling."I did also bribe him with a milkshake later on" Scott smirked and theo kissed his forehead. "But Scott's gunna have a hell of a day when he gets back"

"well let's not hold you for too long, common stiles" stiles huffed but let liam pick him up and bring him into the other room.  Deaton was cleaning up a few things but let liam set stiles down and he quickly turned with stiles paperwork.

"So you would like to impede stiles' walking"

"if possible only a bit. I know he's very against being a baby, so I was wondering if there's a way to maybe only partially numb it so it's hard to run. Like he needs to hold my hand to walk faster, but still allow him stand and get around by himself if he has to" Liam moved sitting next to stiles feeling stiles wrap around him.

"I think-" deaton started flipping through some pages. "There is a procedure done where" he scanned it smiling. "Yes, it's numbing the bottom of one foot. It makes it extremely difficult to run and I makes walking speed a bit slower" Liam looked to stiles and he gave his best puppy eyes.

"Stiles... I think that's your best bet"

"b- but- daddy please?"

"Love I think that this is a fair thing to do" he quickly turned to deaton. "How long does it last?"

"A month" Liam nodded.

"See what if you did this so Scotty isn't all alone. It would solve a problem and Scott wouldn't feel like he's being kept away from you. Your both getting some stuff done this month" stiles bit his lip nodding.

"I'll get everything" stiles hoped deaton would leave the room but it was only a trip to the cabinet in the corner. Then stiles right shoe and sock were taken off and stiles started getting nervous. Before deaton could even use the sharpie to mark the spots on stiles foot stiles tugged on Liams shirt.

"Daddy I can't I'm wet" stiles pleaded trying to force himself to pee before liam would check.

"Stiles your not, Scott said it didn't hurt, I'm right here"

"Daddy" stiles whined and swapped around liam. "The needles too big"

"it only goes in a bit" Liam nodded to deaton who poked stiles with the sharpie. "You won't even feel that" stiles whined as deaton did the whole procedure wiping off stiles foot before he even realized it. "See love nothing to worry about" stiles got down and was wobbly.

"The permanent solution is a bit more intense. Kanima venom in the balancing portions of the ear. It makes it so he can walk fine but his balance is bad. I think that this one is much better" stiles reached grabbing for liam looking up.

"Daddy, carry me?"

"Of course" Liam smiled picking stiles up

The drive back was quiet. Stiles tapped his foot against the ground feeling nothing and Scott's tongue had gone totally numb.the two were still close. Stiles had asked for Scotts water along with his own about halfway back. Then as they pulled in he hugged Scott telling him he'd see him soon. Then stiles and Liam walked in only for stiles to pee and almost fall.

When Scott and theo returned home theo placed Scott on the couch getting out a box.

"So everything starts today pup. You ready?"Scott nodded and theo smiled. "First lesson. Puppy's are sensitive, especially their little puppy dicks and nipples. So we are getting your dick sensitive by denying it for a really long time, but your nipples need to get a bit bigger for them to be sensitive" Scott looked down and then back at theo. He opened his mouth and theo smiled. "Can't make any words right?" He nodded."It's working perfectly love, your gunna use these a couple times a day. You get to put them on, they shouldn't hurt too much and I'll make sure to keep you on for fifteen minutes only" Theo opened the box showing off black rubber nipple suckers. "Your going to put them on First,then your going to show me how many times I squeeze them." Scott nodded and theo took off his shirt. "Okay baby" Scott nodded fitting the first one on letting out a moan. "They feel good right?"

"Uhuh" Scott smiled and theo played with them. "Da'da" Theo smirked.

"I know I'm teasing you. But you have to endure a bit of it" Scott smiled putting on the other sucker. Theo set a timer on his phone and sat next to Scott. "Tomorrow after your first bottle you'll wear a plug for an hour. Then another size up, two times over the next three hours. Then a late lunch and another cleaning. Then a vibrator for two hours. Your goal will be to not orgasm from it." Scott nodded and theo smiled. "Then you get a day off. Just these" Theo flicked Scott's nipples getting a moan.

After stiles got situated he finally fully calmed down.

"You feeling better?" Liam moved sitting on the floor with stiles who just nodded.

"It's hard to get up" stiles poked his foot. "And it's weird... But it's better than being a baby"

"exactly love. I don't want you dropping any deeper than you are right now. In a month you'll know to walk with me and you'll be able to go to the bathroom by yourself" stiles nodded moving into Liams lap.

"And then we have fun?"

"Yeah. Once your dick works again we can have fun" stiles chuckled and liam moved petting his head. "Common let's watch a movie" stiles smiled kissing Liams cheek as he tried getting up only to ask to be held.