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Pup on the preserve

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Scott let out a whine as theo turned the vibrator up.

"Your doing great" Theo smiled. Scott's ass had taken the smaller vibrator just like his fingers the other day. Now it's rocking around in his ass rubbing against his prostate. Scott took his first few bottles without any fussing. They didn't really have a taste but theo could see what the effects already were, some would only last with the bottle but some were going to become perminant. Scott's chest hair grew in a bit thicker than before, it wasn't by much but it did leave an effect. His become more distracted when he's alone. He's nipples now are extremely sensitive and his balls are growing. Parts of that were the formula, but his mind was also on the files. He could bark on command roll around sit all while wearing a plug that waved his tail around.

Right now was his edge training. Keeping Scott on the edge of an orgasm was important. It would make him more dependedent. Day five was going well. Scott was exuasted and theo was too being completely honest. The next two days he'd have the vibrator in almost constantly, but never Cumming. "Such a good boy"

Stiles turned up looking at liam.

"Daddy, how's Scott?" Stiles hadn't seen him in so long... And they still had so long to go.

"Scotty is doing great. Theo says that it's intense but what they are getting done is about three months of long work in one"

"So we can move in?"

"Yeah" Liam smiled and stiles got up trying to get to the bathroom only to fail.

"Daddy I need a change"

"Okay" Liam picked up stiles rubbing his back. "You seem tense love"

"I don't like wetting"

"I know, hopefully it goes away soon" stiles nodded "but I think your a bit tense because you've been penned up in here all week. Let's go out"

"Where?" Stiles perked up and liam smiled.

"We can go to a park and then the store on the way back." Stiles smiled nodding and liam packed up a bag and the two took a drive down to the park.

Scott looked up as theo turned down the vibrator putting scotts hands into the paw mitts. "Look at that leaky nub" Theo chuckled. "How's your head pup" Scott smiled under the hood rubbing against theos chest. "I know you love feeling dumb like this. One more week of that formula." Theo chuckled. He didn't have to say anything Scott barely understood theo at this point. Now he'd slowly add less and less of the puppy formula until he just got the nutrients and nothing else. Theos phone dinged and he turned back to Scott "Oh puppies nips can come out" Theo moved flicking the suckers

"aroo" Scott looked up at theo giving a grumpy face

"I know I'm evil. Now let's see those big nips" Theo lightly tugged getting them pulled more but nothing more. "Ohhh there really stuck on" Scott nodded and whined. "How about after you suck my dick, you want your bone?" Scott nodded. Theo smiled tugging in the nipple suckers even more they popped off and Scott whined. Theo smiled at the throbing puffy red buds. Theo moved his fingers flicking and squeezing them until Scott tugged away. "Ohhh, puppy sit" Scott moved kneeling again. "Good pup" Theo moved tugging then again. "Puppies obey their masters right?" Scott nodded. Theo pressed Scott's nipples in again smiling. "This and the beta therapy is doing amazing things for you love" Scotts slowly been gaining muscle in his chest and legs mainly. His ass has grown and theo had to get him a larger cage. "I think stiles should go on it. Maybe a lower dose" Scott nodded. He felt amazing. As much as the sexual energy was too much currently the muscle growth had been amazing. "Now let's get the puppy his bone"

Stiles had gotten slightly tired from the park. He was still walking with Liams hand massaging his neck. They went down the little Isle and stiles saw the huge wall of formula.  Some branded for pups other regression some for building up muscle and others for weakening the legs. Stiles looked up at liam worried.

"Scotts on the puppy one" Liam grabbed the package with the dog picture on it "see it just promotes regression and gives a bit more of a energetic attitude. But Scott only gets this one once a day. Every other bottle is just the base formula.

"So Scott's younger when he's a puppy?" Stiles looked up and liam shook his head.

"It makes him think more simplely. Like when your ADD gets really bad, when you get a little cranky" stiles nodded. "He's going to be fine after a few days off of it. Theo's only ever getting the non perminant kind" stiles nodded. "Common we need more pull ups" stiles nodded following liam.

That night liam and stiles spent the night outside, eating dinner outside and then having a fire with smores. "So can time alone with daddy be good?"

"Yeah" stiles turned kissing Liams shirt. "Your the best daddy, even if my foot is numb"

"you still get around just fine" Liam kissed stiles head trying to keep the small voice in the back of his head silent. Stiles was at seven swearing mess ups. "Love can we talk for a minute"

"Daddy we have been talking"

"I mean a talk about something that you keep slipping up on" stiles turns back.

"Daddy I'm sorry, it's hard to tell when I'm wetting I don't feel it, it's like my foot"

"not that love, if you wet yourself I don't care. But you keep on saying bad words" stiles looked down. Unlike the small mess ups that aren't stiles fault this was, he was silent. "I have a number. If you cross that number... We are going to numb your tongue for the amount of time Scott has left."

"B-but daddy- I- it's." Stiles looked down starting to cry.

"Love you've  been doing so good recently and then there was the accident and I'm proud of you behaving all this week.... What if I took off one from the number. Maybe if you tried really hard"

"b-but daddy I- I'd need bottles. You'd make me a baby!" Stiles tugged away crossing his arms. Liam sighed, this was going downhill fast.

"I would only buy the base formula. Nothing else. And- stiles. It was hard for me. I made some rough adjustments to my plan- I was looking for a baby but you were so perfect that I figured I could handle it better. But love I'm tired of you swearing. Theo said I should have done it after one. But I don't think that's fair especially now with your foot" Liam held his face in frustration.

"Daddy..?" Stiles moved holding Liams arm. "Daddy are you okay?- I I'm sorry" stiles was being genuine. Liam could feel it.

"There's nothing to be sorry about love. I expected you to change more but I could learn to adjust more myself." Stiles moved hugging liam.

"Daddy don't be mad...I'll try not to say bad words- b-but I sometimes slip"

"I know love... I know I'm keeping my number in mind though. Okay?"

"Okay daddy. I won't swear anymore"