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Pup on the preserve

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6 month review

"Stiles, has liam ever hurt you, or done something that you didn't want him to do?" Stiles shifted, he hated the review, he hated that he was wearing adult clothes, that he couldn't have a nap. "Stiles?"

"No. Daddy doesn't do anything I don't want"

"I see that he numbed your tongue, any reason why?"

"I kept on swearing"

"and your foot?"

"I ran to theos house" stiles cringed at the thought. He hadn't called theo by his name in three months, since he asked liam to marry him.

"And disabling you was punishment"

"No, I could still walk, I was just slow. And it made us closer"

"and liam and you have sex?"

"Yeah" stiles blushed looking down.

"Did you want it? Every time?"

"Uh huh, he asks every time"

"okay stiles, one last question, will you continue for another six months or sign over perminant care to liam."

"I want daddy to keep me forever"

"okay then. Let's sign some papers."

Stiles was in a horrible mood after the interview.

"they weren't nice daddy" stiles turned into Liams side more getting a pat on his back from liam.

"They never are. They think that were always mean to you because their humans who don't understand how we work" stiles nodded shifting.

"I don't like adult things"

"Why would you, your my little boy" stiles smiled and liam pet his face. "How do I get you in a better mood?"

"A pull up and a nap with my daddies"

"okay. Can Scott come too?" Stiles nodded.

When they returned home liam knew that it was going to be a rough day. Construction on the second floor led the four of them to sleep in the basement, which wasn't bad. It meant that movie nights were almost every night and it fully accustomed the group to a larger bed, which was part of the construction upstairs, a remodel from two large bedrooms  into a singular massive bedroom. The bed was planned out to be about two wolf kings, which were already about the size of a California King mattress.

Liam knew that it was worth the over stimulated worry stricken stiles right now to have him be happier for longer.

"They're being too loud" Theo growled looking down. Scott had opted for headphones with music while stiles preferred something to completely block out the noise. "I mean they are on their last step of treatment in one month, their ears are developing to our level" Theos eyes glowed and Scott turned back laying on him, it instantly brought theo back to where he was. "Sorry" he looked around the other three, the littles not even hearing the words.

"I know your under stress. And this isn't helping. But. They are doing fine. Scott is well on his way to being this way forever and stiles can really start now."

About five months in a new treatment was brought out. Usually littles would fall out of the headspace as their bodies aged normally. But the treatment accessed some genes that werewolfs innately had built in. The age stopping gene. Now fully available for littles, with a minor regressent it provided a perminant solution, with the side effects being the senses and attributes that were native to a werewolf also being unlocked. Not making them real werewolfs but making them more resilient.

"Daddy" stiles whined turning to theo. "When are they done?" He looked up and the two shook their heads.

"We don't know when. But they should be wrapping up for tonight soon" stiles nodded putting back in the headphones and moving closer to Scott. The two rested they're foreheads together slowly dosing off as liam pet stiles neck. His wolf onzie became his go to anxiety relief garment. Scott would simply need layers in comparison. Now he was wrapped in about two blankets with a third around the entire group.

After another half hour the construction stopped. Stiles complained about a headache and Liam asked him what he wanted to do to deal with it, he could take a pill that might work or something a bit stronger if that would work better.

"Daddy can I have a special bottle" Liam nodded.

"Of course, bottles always help with your headaches though. Do you want a special one because of the interview?" Stiles nodded and Liam stood leaving stiles to turn into Theos arm petting his back.

"You look so good in that wolf onzie" Theo smiled placing the hood up more. "My little wolf, and my little pup" Theo leaned down kissing Scott's head.

"I love you daddy" Theo smiled as stiles turned more into his hand. "I'm sorry I messed things up before"

"you didn't mess anything up stiles, that was something for adults to deal with"

"and I'm not a adult" stiles smiled laying back.

"Exactly, your our baby"

"mmmhm" stiles smiled.

"How's your head?"

"It hurts but not that bad" stiles looked up as Liam can back in with the bottle.

"You know how they work baby, you get little little for a few hours and then back to normal" stiles KS nodded accepting the bottle, Liam equated the look in his eyes as a sort of drunk state. He mostly went to sleep. But sometimes he would talk gibberish to Liam. Other times he would simply look at the ceiling and find a simpler mindset.

Once the bottle was done and stiles was in a new pull up he was truly little. Curled into Liam with Scott and Theo there he finally felt something he never felt before, love, love that wouldn't leave him.

"I love you Scotty, I love you daddies" he smiled as he drifted off.

"We love you too stiles" Liam whispered