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Making my way to you

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Alec is barely finished hugging his mom when Lydia Branwell breezes into Maryse’s office, heels clicking with almost military precision.Their head of human resources is briskly efficient, not to mention a firm believer in maintaining appropriate office boundaries, so it’s a bit of a shock when she shoots him an enthusiastic thumbs up from behind his mom’s back and mouths “ Magnus?” while pretending to swoon. 

The blatant sign of approval is disconcerting to say the least but her genuine enthusiasm goes a long way toward easing the last of his tension surrounding how the rest of the company might react.

He can't help but beam back at her, knowing the true depth of his happiness is fully on display, and the amused smirk on her lips slips, her gaze softening into something more sincere. 

"Good for you, Alec," she says under her breath, leaning close to drop a stack of papers in front of him for signature. "We all think it's great."

He inclines his head in thanks, already planning to ask Magnus if they should invite Lydia out for drinks some time, wanting to return this strange friendship olive branch that she's extended. Lydia doesn't say anything more, merely returns her attention to Maryse with a toss of her blonde hair. Between one blink and the next, she's back to being the no nonsense professional badass that Alec has known all these years except now he knows she's a total romantic under those well-cut blazers.

Alec speeds his way through the papers, scribbling his name on each page that Lydia has flagged, barely stopping to read the words. He doesn't notice the insistent tap of his toes until his mom glances up sharply, her eyes discerning behind her reading glasses. "Go see your boyfriend, mijo. All you're doing here is distracting us."

An argument lingers on the tip of his tongue but Lydia sweeps it away with another of her disconcertingly gentle smiles and waves her arm at the door. "Seriously, we're good here. I need your mom to approve the employee communication but everything else is done."

When he still doesn’t move, his mom clucks her tongue and moves to push him lightly toward the door. "Go."

Alec tries protesting as he's pushed out the door but his half-hearted attempts are met with lilting laughter from his mom and a pat on his cheek, motherly and sweet, as she warns, "I'll expect Magnus at our next family dinner. No excuses."

"He'll be there," Alec promises with one last squeeze of his mom's hand before she gives him a gentle shove and slams her door, leaving him alone in the hallway. 

Alec debates heading back to his office to get some actual work done but dismisses the idea almost immediately, the urge to see his boyfriend a veritable itch beneath his skin that he caves to without hesitation.

He thumbs his phone screen active and lets out a laugh when he finds a picture from Maia of Jace and Izzy sprawled on his office couch accompanied by six eye rolling emojis and a simple SOS

He shoots back a You got this text before opening his text thread with Magnus, a gentle thrum of pleasure coursing through him at the sight of his boyfriend's last text. He'd been right, Alec didn't need luck when he had Magnus.


I just got done with my mom. Meet in my office? Or meet in yours? I think mine has been taken over by Lightwoods.


Just walking into a pitch meeting with my associates. I'll find you after?

I did receive a rather suspicious invitation from Isabelle so I'd gird your loins, darling.

Things with your mom went well?


Better than well.

Pretty sure my mom likes you more than me which was… tough to hear. :P

I'll tell you all about it later.

Hurry up with your meeting. I miss you. 


Miss you too. 

Have Maia call me with a fake emergency if I'm not done in 30 min.


I'll try. Hope you're okay with giving up our first born. She's a natural extortionist.

It's not until those three little dots appear and disappear multiple times that Alec realizes what he sent. The casual way he'd mentioned children. Their child. Relationships may not be his strong suit but he’s pretty sure that bringing up kids before you've even seen each other fully naked is one of those things that will make Izzy sigh with despair and call him hopeless. 


I didn't mean it like that.

Well I did

Sort of.

I like the idea of kids with you.

Not that I think we should be talking about stuff like that right now.

Although we could. If you want to.

I'm not opposed.

I'm shutting up now.


Breathe, darling. Your pretty face is much too gorgeous for frown lines.

You don't scare me.

And a future with you definitely doesn't scare me.

But maybe we should agree to not bargain away our hypothetical future children to Maia no matter how devious and evil genius-y she may be. ;)

Alec is helpless against the sharp tug of joy that curls his lips and leaves him standing in the middle of a deserted hallway, feeling emotionally split open and more than a little bit loved. They may not have said the words yet but Alec is suddenly sure, deep down in his bones, that Magnus shares his feelings.  


It's the same for me. 

About not being scared of a future with you.


I'll see you in 30, Alexander. I'm suddenly desperate to kiss that face


Only fair since I'm always desperate to kiss yours.

His phone lights up with a single kissy face emoji as Alec walks into his office and his face must be doing something sappy and strange because Jace throws a crumpled up ball of paper at him and grins, "Did you just get finished being blown in the bathroom or something? You look way too happy for a guy who spent the afternoon with his mom."

"Don't be ridiculous, that smile is like over-the-pants-hand job level tops." Izzy says, shooting Jace a superior look even as she makes grabby hands at the open, chilled champagne bottle in his hands.

Some people might be surprised to find their siblings and assistant drinking in their office on a Friday afternoon, but Alec merely side-eyes the second open bottle of champagne that Maia attempts to surreptitiously push beneath his desk and lets out a sigh.

"Do you people not work?"

Jace and Iz beam at him with matching guileless smiles, seemingly immune to the chastisement in his tone, while Maia, at least, has the decency to look nervous before hiccuping gracelessly and pointing at his siblings. "I would like to state for the record that this was not my idea. I tried to kick them out."

“We’re celebrating!”

"Yeah," Iz chimes in after Jace, waving her phone around in the air, "Plus we invited Magnus so you can't be mad at us."

Alec pinches the bridge of his nose - in exasperation or reluctant amusement, he's not quite sure. "I don't think that's how this works." 

On any other day, Alec would probably refuse to be a party to this mess of terrible decision making, but he's just been given the all clear to love his boyfriend as openly as he wants and, if that doesn’t deserve a celebratory drink, he doesn’t know what does. 

Alec gestures for the open bottle and Maia fishes it out from beneath his desk, handing it over with a sheepish grin. 

Maia cocks her head and regards him silently for a long moment before her lips curve up in a genuine smile. “Happiness looks good on you, Alec.” 

"Thanks," he says, ducking his head to hide the worst of his besotted smile although, judging by the wide, proud smiles on Jace and Izzy, he's pretty confident he isn't managing to hide a damn thing.

"We're happy for you, bud." 

Jace claps him on the shoulder, all dude bro level affection, and it reminds Alec of spending weeks agonizing over coming out to him just to be met with that easy smile, a back-clapping hug, and Jace whispering That's cool, buddy in his ears. 

Izzy pulls him down on the couch between her and Jace, her fingers smoothing over the disarray of his hair, tugging the strands back into place with gentle insistence before they slip down to tug playfully at the collar of his button-down, revealing a blossoming bruise that she pokes at with a teasing jab. “Magnus has a thing for your neck, huh?”

He levels his sister with a flat stare, pointedly choosing not to respond to her comment, even as he resists the urge to run a wondering finger over the mark. Alec has never particularly enjoyed having a hickey before but there’s something about knowing that it was Magnus who sucked the bruise into his skin, hot and wet with just a graze of teeth, that makes him shiver with a residual thrum of desire. 

The fact that he knows Magnus has a matching dark bruise on his right hip bone doesn’t help matters.

Izzy eyes him with a knowing smirk, but lets him off the hook with nothing more than a fond nudge of her shoulder and redirects the conversation. “So you and Magnus have mom’s stamp of approval?”

"Mom is going to be the direct report for the marketing and development teams so that I don't have direct oversight over Magnus' team anymore. It's not a perfect solution but at least no one is quitting." 

The fact that the thing he's agonized about for months managed to work itself out within a day, taking little more than a short conversation with his mom isn't lost on Alec. He wants to regret the wasted time, the lost moments, but something in him is glad that this is the route they took. They're both stepping into this relationship with the knowledge that it's their last, at least Alec is, and the certainty of their feelings is something that he doesn't regret waiting for. 

"I'm happy for you, big bro." Izzy sneaks another sip of champagne before handing the bottle back to him. Alec can tell the exact moment that his words fully sink in because her eyes go wide and she chokes on her champagne. "You let mom take back my team too?! My entire performance review is just going to be one long lecture about not making out with Simon in my office."

"You could try not making out with Simon in your office," Jace suggests, scooting out of range when Izzy attempts to swat him.

Iz swings her gaze his way and Alec shrugs, "The man has a point."

"You'd better never make out with Magnus in your office," Izzy threatens, "Because I'll throw you right under the bus."

Alec shrugs again, letting his lips quirk up in a sly smirk. “I’m the boss, I can make out with whomever I want. Wherever I want."

The teasing words make Maia’s mouth drop open in shock, “Who are you and what have you done with Alec No Fun at Work Lightwood? Does this new Alec believe in only working half days on Fridays? How about a fancy espresso machine that’s just for us?”

Alec grins. “No to Friday half days and a solid maybe to that espresso machine.”

"I swear to the angel, Alec, if you start being adorable and fun at work I'm never going to get any work done so you need to dial this new fun side way down."

"I'll do my best," he solemnly promises, taking a swig out of the open wine bottle, before eyeing it with mild disgust. "You could at least use glasses, you heathens.” 

"Oh my God," Maia cries suddenly, pointing an accusatory finger at him, "It was Magnus!"

Alec bats her finger out of his face and takes another long drink before asking, "What was Magnus?"

"The constant takeout containers! The wine opener! You've been romancing Magnus right under our noses and none of us knew!" 

Jace looks exceedingly proud of himself as he leans forward to announce, "I knew."

Izzy and Maia both level unimpressed looks his way, neither of which seems to affect Jace in the least. 

"Don't give me those looks, I can't help it that you two aren't as observant as me."

"I swear to the Angel, Jace, there are days I could happily murder you," Izzy says, crossing her arms across her chest.

Maia leans forward, eyes gleaming, "I'd help."

Jace looks unconcerned by both comments. "You could try."

“You Lightwoods are a bloodthirsty bunch.”

Alec's body automatically turns toward the sound of his boyfriend's voice, a Pavlovian response that Izzy finds amusing judging by her stifled giggles.

Magnus stands framed in the doorway, watching them bicker with barely concealed amusement, and he’s so utterly, mind-numbingly right that Alec is momentarily struck dumb by the idea that this man is his. 

His feet are moving before he knows what's happening and it's less than three long strides before Alec is in range to do the only thing he wants to do. The only thing he ever wants to do.

Kiss Magnus.

He yanks him in by the lapels and seals their lips together, licking into Magnus' mouth without warning, swallowing the surprised gasp that quickly morphs into a moan. Magnus' fingers flutter against his side before gripping firmly on Alec's hips, tugging him closer as he tilts his head, chasing after the perfect angle. 

Alec vaguely registers Maia's shocked gasp and his siblings' raucous cheering but it's hard to care when the warm, solid weight of his boyfriend is pressed against his chest, those clever fingers tickling along his sides. Alec feels the slide of his shirt as Magnus gently tugs the fabric enough to allow his hand to slip up beneath, stroking lightly at the bare skin of Alec's hip.

They kiss longer than strictly appropriate, especially in front of an audience, before they ease apart, Alec leaning in to steal another taste when he pulls away to find Magnus' eyes closed and a flush riding high on those gorgeous cheekbones. 

Magnus' eyes finally blink open, looking both surprised and pleased by the unexpectedly thorough greeting. So beautiful Alec thinks, cupping Magnus' cheek and pulling him forward for one last, long press of their lips. A chaste touch that somehow feels as intimate as anything that came before. 

Maia coughs behind them, her tone making it clear Alec should expect to hear more about this later, "Still here, guys."

"Forty-five seconds,' Izzy murmurs, loud enough to be heard across the room. "It literally took him forty-five seconds to make out with Magnus in here."

"Wild as hell," Jace says proudly.

Magnus laces their fingers together and Alec's protests die in his throat. If being with Magnus is the end result, Alec is perfectly fine with being just a little bit wild.