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A Story Of Purple, A Story Of Pink

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Purple had always wanted to appease his father, Pink, and now, an opportunity had presented itself! Anytime Pink had a little 'accident' at work, Purple was to clean it up. Purple jumped for joy, ecstatic at the thought of making his father proud! However, once he found out what he was cleaning up, he wasn't jumping anymore...

Other co-workers noticed Purple looking down, and they tried their best to uplift his spirits. They tried watching tv with him, gifting him popcorn lathered with butters of exotic variety, and inviting him to parties! Alas, Purple found himself ignoring his co-workers more and more. After all, it was easier to clean his father's messes if he never knew whose blood was spilled.

One day, Purple was tasked with cleaning up a big mess, in the back room. Upon arriving to the safe room however, the young man found himself taking shuddering breaths. Even though his hands trembled, he focused on his job. Even though his knees felt as though they would give out under him, he focused on his job. Even though the bodies were so, heartbreakingly, small, he focused on his job.

Arriving back home, he decided a night's rest would do him some good. That night though, he had awful dreams, filled with dead children, skin a deathly light-gray, that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Fortunatly, Pink had one last job.

He was tasked to destroy any robots left at the last remaining pizzeria, Freddy Fazbear's.