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Shoma's Adventures in Purgatory

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Episode 3: The exact moment Shoma knew his peace was over.


Classes were about to start and Shoma had already gone over his schedule at least 63 times. He had counted.

It wasn’t that bad, he had barely any free time during the day and that meant he didn’t have to socialize. It was perfect for him.

The only thing that had kind of bothering him, had been the teachers themselves. He still remembered how Mikhail had cringed at every single teacher he had named during one of their daily hangouts. Mikhail’s major had nothing to do with Computer Sciences, yet he seemed to know every single professor on campus. It was creepy, but like always Shoma didn’t ask questions.

The first one to be thrown under the bus by the senior had been the Digital Systems professor, Tatsuki Machida. According to Mikhail, he was pretty dramatic and had once started singing in the middle of a class about coding and the beauty of the digital era.

It promised to be a quite fun class, and besides his theater skills, he apparently liked to wear very fashionable outfits, since to this day people still wondered if one of his shirts was made out of some bird remains or fake feathers. The teacher never tried to explain it so the rumors were obviously true.

Just like the fact that Professor Machida was in a relationship with Professor Takahashi from the Arts Department.

Nobody had real proof of such a thing, yet everyone had apparently just gone with it since it made sense and Professor Takahashi had a similar fashion sense anyway.

‘These people need to get a life.’

‘Or just stop being idiots, that would work too.’

And then you had Professor Kostner and her Algebra class, which for Shoma sounded spooky but everyone told him that it was the easiest class ever. Shoma asked if the teacher was really so good that everyone had good grades?

The answer was no, the teacher was just so nice that everyone just made cheat sheets.

‘Lovely. Can’t wait.’

Shoma still in awe at how by the end of the day all of his friends had already chosen for which sport’s clubs they would try out and other free time occupations, while he just dreaded the day he wouldn’t be alone in his room anymore.

He hated group projects in high school and any kind of social gatherings, so the inevitable doom was stressing the hell out of him. He wished that his roommate would just arrive and take him out of his misery. If it turned out to be a murderer at least he wouldn’t have to suffer for long.

He looked at his phone just in case his mother had called him and sure enough he had a text message from both her and Itsuki.









Shoma’s amazing first day of school started with the sound of a really loud thud inside his bathroom at 6 am.

What the fuck?’

His brain automatically thought that Itsuki had dropped something but then he looked around and took in his surroundings.

‘I’m definitely not home and I’m alone.’

‘At least I was until now.’

Perhaps it could be his new roommate, but then again they wouldn’t arrive at 6 in the morning and creep into the bathroom.

So it was obviously a thief.

‘Time to man up Shoma.’

He grabbed his shoe and made his way for the bathroom. Shoma wouldn’t let the thief get away with this, he would-


Did he just…hear the burglar swear…in Japanese?

Well, that didn’t make a difference. He carefully turned the bathroom’s doorknob and counted to 3.




‘What the...?’

On the other side of the door, he found a boy not much older than him, holding a toothbrush and still dressed in his pajamas. He looked…quite at home?

If he was at least a bit surprised to see Shoma holding a shoe, he didn't show it.

“Hi! Are you my roommate? Nice to meet you! I’m Yuzuru Hanyu but you can call me Yuzu. Did I wake you up?” Shoma’s brain had decided to take a holiday the second he saw the big smile on his apparent new roommate's face, “I’m a Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences major, second year.”

Shoma gulped, inwardly panicking as he tried to remember how to form words.

Words? What are those?

‘Breathe Shoma, breathe.’

‘Who even needs air anyway?’

“Shoma Uno. Computer Sciences. First year. I think.”

The older one cocked his head to the side and Shoma squealed inside. He was so adorable. Could he really be his senior?

‘No he’s not adorable, he’s just here to make your life worse and-’

"You think?"

‘Nice one Uno, nice one.’

"I mean...yes I'm sure. I'm a first year. Sorry, I just..." he gestured vaguely with his hands and Yuzuru only laughed at him.

‘How creepy would it be if I asked him to never stop laughing?’

“You’re sleepy, I get it! Well, nice to meet you, Shoma.”

Yuzuru smiled at him one last time, before turning away and getting out of the bathroom. On top of the twin bed sat a pile of boxes, no doubt belonging to Yuzuru, the once clean desk now hosted some scary mountains of paper sheets and books.

And the school year had barely started yet.

Shoma did the most rational thing he could think of after that, and hurriedly grabbed his toiletries and towel and locked himself inside the bathroom. He turned the shower on, undressed and jumped in.

He let his head rest on the wall with a loud thud that was muffled by the sound of the shower. Or so he hoped. It would be a terrible first impression if his roommate had to barge in thinking Shoma was trying to break his skull on his first day.

He was fucked.

‘Am I getting sick? Why do I feel funny out of a sudden?’